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endless list of favorite characters + Mary Stuart

“ I will let no one, not Elizabeth, not any usurper, take my country from me. Since I was a babe, I have been a Queen. Since a child, I have been alone on foreign soil. I know how to keep my life, my crown and I will. “

Today I went to an anime con and it inspired me to do this, so many cool cosplays out there *^* At first I wasn’t planning to make AJ cosplay, but then I remembered how much she looks like BoW Link and I couldn’t not draw it, now I can die in peace. Rarity cosplays as Mami from Madoka Magica. This idea is so silly but still possible because Rarity watching Madoka Magica and showing off a cosplay (totally made by her of course) seems pretty legit. And AJ? Just accompanying her girlfriend, but Rares convinced her to wear a cosplay too because the more outfits she gets to show, the best (and besides AJ totally rocked it and caused a sensation and everyone ended up asking her for a pic, so everything was pretty great and fun for both at the end)

Ladrien June Day 13

(screw the rules and catching up, I don’t got time so I’m picking the ones I had really good ideas for)

#13: “Wait, I can explain!”

“Plagg, this isn’t going to work.”

“Look, all you need is a little more practice. Next time you try to tell her how you feel, you’ll be a lot more comfortable, promise!”

“Not like… this,” Adrien muttered, gesturing to the Ladybug poster the kwami had plucked off the wall of his closet and now held up in front of him.

“Why not? If you practice what you’ll say, then there’s no way you’ll fail,” Plagg egged on while floating closer with the poster, as if Ladybug was actually approaching Adrien, “so what would you say to her?”

The kwami was unusually persistent today - normally he’d gag at the first mention of Ladybug - but maybe Plagg was in one of his rare charitable moods. Adrien couldn’t find a catch in this, so he decided to humor the cat.

“Well, I’d greet her like always,” Adrien started, getting up from his seat in his computer chair and walking up to the floating poster. “Then I’d take her hand, tell her how she looked even lovelier than usual today.”

Adrien bowed and mimed out the actions, watching as Plagg tilted the poster a little to make Ladybug watch his movements.

Adrien straightened up and took his hand back. “Then she’d say something witty in return if we weren’t looking for an akuma, maybe tease or even flirt back a little if she was in a good mood.”

(Sometimes she does - though it’s always light-hearted fun, his heart still goes in a flurry whenever she gives him that coy smile and an affectionate touch.)

“I’d say something like, ‘I really think we’ve met before, my lady,’” Adrien continued, leaning closer to Ladybug’s face on the poster.

“Oh, and where’s that? I think I’d know my kitten when I see him,” Plagg answered in a high-pitched voice as he tilted the poster from side to side.

“Where? In a dream, of course!”

Plagg groaned loudly. “Really?”

Adrien held onto the sides of the poster, spinning around in a circle and beginning to sing, “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…”

“In your dreams, princess!” Plagg called out, but his partner ignored him and continued singing the song. Plagg let go of the poster and floated off to the bed, knowing there was no rescuing this practice session.

(And maybe that was true. Adrien didn’t actually know what to say if it was demanded of him, or maybe he was a little scared he’d practice so much how to say one thing and it wouldn’t be the right thing for that moment. He trusted that the words would come organically if the perfect chance came up - or even more hopefully so, if she gave him the opening. Falling for her was so natural to do, so conveying that had to be the same, right?)

Adrien kept the poster at arms length, waltzing around in a circle but not taking his eyes off of Ladybug’s on the poster.

“…but if I know you, I’ll know what you’ll do - you’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.”

He ended the song there, dipping his imaginary partner. He held up the poster at eye level, foolishly mirroring Ladybug’s warm and confident smile.

“What am I even doing?” He asked himself finally, sighing and lowering the poster to find the real Ladybug standing at his open window.

“Sing, pretty, you! I, uh, I mean-” The heroine babbled as she flailed the bag in her hands around until her eyes landed on the face of the poster, “-wait, is that… me?”

She began to emit some kind of high-pitched noise as her face grew red.

Adrien looked at the incriminating evidence in his hand and stuck it behind his back. “Wait, I can explain!”


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101 Thing I Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA

#12: Azula’s “you were never even a player” speech as she seizes control of Ba Sing Se.

Azula, bless her heart, conquers the entire Earth Kingdom capital with no army, no drill, no siege weapons.  After the Fire Nation hammered away at the city’s walls with little progress for one hundred years, Azula took over the city with two friends, her cunning, and her strength of will.

Long Feng thinks he’s double-crossing the Fire Nation princess:

But Azula is too awesome and conniving for him.  She reads him like an open book and asserts her will over him:

Azula: I can see your whole history in your eyes. You were born with nothing. So you had to struggle and connive and claw your way to power. But true power…the divine right to rule…is something you’re born with. The fact is, they don’t know which one of us is going to be sitting on that throne and which one is going to be bowing down. 

Just look at how FIERCE she is here:

In contrast to Long Feng, whose face is full of self-doubt and sweat:

She is supremely confident.  AS SHE SHOULD BE.

Azula: But I know. And you know. Well? 

Long Feng: You’ve beaten me at my own game.
Azula: Don’t flatter yourself. You were never even a player.

All hail Azula!  

Happy Anniversary

“Aww look how handsome you look!” Dani cooed as she adjusted the black bow tie collar around her service dogs neck. It was the collar that had a matching leash that she used to their date nights and she was very excited about this one. Tonight they were celebrating their anniversary and Dani spent a lot of time trying to plan the perfect date but she didn’t feel like going anywhere fancy, she wanted to have fun tonight and that’s what they were going to do. Dani switched out a fancy restaurant for a restaurant attacked to a huge arcade filled with all of the best arcade games, and she switched out her fancy outfit for a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt and her new leather jacket. Running down the stairs she knocked on the door of the bathroom before walking in to see her girlfriend getting her make up on. “How did I get so lucky.” Dani cooed into Santana’s ear while wrapping her arms around her waist from behind and kissing her neck. She was very excited for their date this evening.

Remember One’s Roots

Okay, so this is for day 4 (is it day 4? I don’t even know) of soma week which is Dragon. It’s a part of a Pirate AU that I am planning on writing, that started with a three sentence fic which can be found Here.

Huge thank you’s to khaleesimaka and l0chn3ss for looking over this and being such wonderful betas. Y’all made this so much better, you’re both amazing!

Her hair was combed gently by the wind, revealing the smooth skin of her neck tainted with battle scars, as she stared out at the open sea. She looked serene as she leaned on the dragon figurehead, with only the moonshine illuminating her form. Soul knew that he should not have fallen for the captain of the ship; he reminded himself of that fact every day. But it was times like these that made him truly realise that there was no way he was getting over her.

Maka Albarn was the best damn pirate that currently sailed the seas. She was a  better swordsman than all the members of every crew they had encountered on their adventures, and equally skilled - not to mention terrifying - in a fist fight. In addition, she was the one person no one wanted to mess with, and those who knew her were aware that falling in love with her was a form of messing with her. Those who tried anything were most likely to end up in the brig, possibly with some nasty cuts, courtesy of her cutlass, which is why Soul tried his hardest to ignore his feelings for her at all times.

But times like these- late at night when he caught her staring out to at the ocean, the moon shining a dim light down on her with the stars adding a sparkle to her hair - those were the times when he forgot about any warnings he had received about developing feelings for her; any stories he had heard about men confessing their undying love for her and getting a brisk punch to the gut were gone from his mind. The only thing he thought of at times like this was the curve of her neck as she rested her head on the dragon at the bow of the ship, and how she looked so peaceful and happy.

“Eater, aren’t you stationed at the stern tonight?” A voice cut through his thoughts and he focused his vision on Captain Maka. She hadn’t moved but it was definitely her voice that spoke out, with her signature calmness and minimal emotion.

“Actually no,” he answered, taking a step toward her. “Star’s on that, I am free to do as I please, so long as it still holds within the boundaries set by the captain’s orders.”

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Touch - KBTBB Oneshot

Pairing: Mamoru Kishi x MC

Notes: I may or may not have made myself cry writing this dfghjk. This was 100% totally inspired by this post by voltagechris (YOU’RE AWESOME), and once the idea was in my head i couldn’t stop it until i’d finished writing~~~~ forgive me for any mistakes/ooc-ness!

Mamoru could feel the lump form in his throat as he gazed at her through the open door of the hospital room. She was sat up in bed, her back ramrod straight and hands clasped together in her lap as she stared straight ahead at the wall, her face totally and utterly void of any emotion.

From what the doctors had told him, she had been like this since they had told her the news upon her regaining consciousness, and explained what had happened – she had been lucky to live, they told her, the force of the explosion from the bomb that had been planted at Mamoru’s apartment should have killed her, had it not malfunctioned and caused only a fraction of the damage it had been designed to do.

Her life had been saved, they said. Her vision, however, had not.

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Vernon As A Dad...
  • Naturally you’d think he would be good with children, since he’s close to his younger sister, but that all changes when it’s his own child…
  • When the baby is born, he’s all smiles and proud
  • “Hey guys, look” Vernon takes his new child to meet the group, “I made this!”
  • When it starts to cry, Vernon raps to calm the child, but it only makes it cry worse
  • “Babe…the baby…something is wrong with the baby…” As he hands the baby to his wife
  • “Vernon, I’ve told you, he/she doesn’t like your rapping.”
  • “How is that? Everyone else likes it?” As he begins to pout
  • If Vernon has a boy, be prepared to see lots of bandanas
  • He would even match his son’s outfit
  • If he has a girl, I see Vernon being a bow lover
  • “Awe, look how cute she looks with that little bow!” As Vernon ties the bow in her hair.
  • When the child gets to be about toddler age, this is when he loses his cool
  • “Babe, I can’t find the baby…” Vernon frantically calls his wife
  • “What do you mean you can’t find the baby?” His wife is frantic
  • “Never mind, I found him..” Vernon sighs with relief finding his child alone in his room, playing with toys
  • He’s the type to write songs around the things his toddler says
  • They might not make any sense, but this is the Gospel to Vernon, and he’ll beg to put the raps on the new album
  • “C’mon guys, this is a hit!” Vernon tells Woozi.
  • “Vernon, this isn’t even a language. It’s gibberish. We can’t use this.” Woozi laughs with frustration
  • “But my child helped me write it…”
  • There’s a sigh of relief knowing his can let his child listen to his raps
  • Lotto excluded of course
  • Vernon only let’s Mingyu watch the baby
  • The fact that Mingyu can feed the child is the only reason he has babysitting privileges
  • Because we all know Vernon can’t cook to save his life, and Mingyu is what keeps Seventeen alive
  • So naturally, Mingyu is the perfect choice
  • He also lets Joshua spend a lot of time around the baby, so his pureness is always influential
  • When the child is hyper, and Vernon needs to work, he leaves it with Jeonghan, knowing that he can make any child want to take a nap
  • The rest of Seventeen act like Grandparents spoiling the child and showering it with gifts
  • “Coups I told you no more candy!” Vernon says as he has to clean up the chocolate bomb that exploded all over his child.
  • “One can never have too much chocolate.” Coups smiles.
  • “Then you give him/her a bath.” Vernon hands the child to Coups.
  • Be prepared for a lot of laughing
  • Vernon will look at his child doing something cute, and then laugh
  • The child will look at Vernon and laugh because he’s laughing
  • Then Vernon will laugh even harder
  • Memesol now has a Memesol JR. 

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🎀 (Nina)

The little neko giggled as she squirmed in Shadow’s lap, letting him put a ribbon in ber hair. She loved how pretty Shadow made the bows look, and loved showing them off at school. But today was a Saturday and Tomas had left for work so now it was time to play!

Chapter 12/? of Order Up, Cupcake
Rating: teen and up
Ch.1 | Ch.2 | Ch.3 | Ch.4 | Ch.5 | Ch.6 | Ch.7 | Ch.8 | Ch.9 | Ch. 10 | Ch. 11 |
can also be read on AO3.

For as long as Carmilla could remember, she had kept a diary.

It started off when she was just a kid, when she wouldn’t have anyone to talk to, so she wouldwrite down everything that happened to her that day and read it over and over again, as if maybe it would sound like she was talking to someone else. Ever since then, it’s just been habit. She has about twelve of them, if she bothered counting, and most of the pages were full of uninteresting garbage, seeing as “I went to school”, and “I ate a poptart” were the most prevalent phrases inside books 1-5. Book thirteen, though… Book thirteen was something else entirely.

There’s this girl named Laura” was written a little over a year ago, and Carmilla’s sure that the name Laura has occupied every page since.

Today was no different.

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