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Trying to draw my buff home girl in all her salty glory. I love her and I feel bad for all the shit I’m putting her through rn. She’s gorgeous and beefy and has no patience left for the world. Her boys love her to death and everyone knows that she’s the most badass babe there is and people would line up just to get their butts handed to them by her. 



Date a girl who’s so cute that you don’t know how she’s even a real person. Who tells embarrassing stories voluntarily from the back seat just to get your attention so she can stare at you and stumbles though asking for your number with a bullshit excuse that you completely buy because you’re sure she’s too cool for you to even look at, and don’t see how red she gets when she smiles as you gives it to you.

Date a girl who is crazy enough to wait though two months of you being oblivious to her flirting before she spells out to you she want you to ask her out rather than waiting a week and asking you out herself like she expected you to originally

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could i request tracer and sombra with a gf who blushes a lot ?? c:

if you meant poly im sorry in advance and feel free to resend the request but if not enjoy,


  • Tracer loves blinking by you and giving you little cheek kisses or just regular lips kisses, seeing how flustered you get when she blinks by and you can’t stop her. You just can’t. Tracer loves how cute you look when you blush. She does it a lot, sometimes giving you hugs and telling you how much she loves you.
  • She loves to shower you in affection! She’s very busy, but loves to cuddle you a lot, and tries to get you gifts or do little things for you that show how much she loves you. Like, she’s tried to make pancakes, omelets, waffles, you name it, in the shape of a heart. It works sometimes, but seeing her grin at you and hold it out to you is the cutest thing ever. Your heart melts.
  • When in bed or on the couch, she really loves to hug you from behind. She really enjoys seeing how you get all blushy when it comes to her expressing her affection, especially because she has so much love to give you. Her favorite, though, is when she compliments how you look. She’ll sometimes even leave comments on your posts or pictures about how cute you look, even when she’s right next to you, just to see how blushy you get.


  • Sombra is a huge tease in general, and loves being super cocky. She often gives you winks across the room or bites her lip when she’s right in front of you, making you want to die but she does it because she likes seeing how flustered you get, and how cute you are when your face is all red.
  • She loves sending you messages that say how much she loves you. One time, she wouldn’t stop taking a picture every time you blushed, and it was starting to get annoying (particularly because she had the flash on and you hadn’t been expecting it). When you asked her why she kept doing that, she told you that she “wanted to see you blush in every shade of red”. You didn’t ask again after that.
  • She’s a huge fan of gently lifting your chin and leaning in close. She likes seeing how shy or surprised you look, as well as how red your face gets when she starts to lean in. Sometimes she stops just before kissing you, admiring your face for a moment. When you open your eyes and ask her what’s wrong, she kisses you. what’s wrong is how cute you two are. it’s illegal

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You set us up. You’re in on this with Lucas Henry. This was a trap for Mulder because he helped put you away.


Allison Janney’s 2015

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awww, i love Wanda in your style, can you draw more of her?


and thanks a ton!!! ;v;

Snow Day (Ichigo/Orihime)

Christmas Prompt: Snow Day
Pairings: Ichigo/Orihime
Word Count:
 T in general

Ichigo had taken another glimpse outside. He had to admit, it was very pretty to look at. And yet, the weatherman on TV wasn’t being shy in pronouncing it was probably the worse in a decade.

For @saintorihime

Warning: Post!Canon, set during the few years in between the timeskip

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MMFD fic: “Awake?” part 5 (final part!)

Well, boys and girls, this strange little Fanfic That Could has come to an end. It started as a fun prompt (everyone say “Thank you, borntosik!”) and was supposed to be short one-off, but it took on a life of its own, while you all stood in the sidelines encouraging it!

So, everyone say “Thank you, me!” and congratulate yourselves, because your amazing feedback, your demands to know what happened next, your crazy insistence that it is funny (weirdos) - and how-ardently who wanted all the words, even if it was just the dialogue with nothing in between - is what got us here today.

And of course, a huge “Thank you, madfatty“, cheerleader and beta-reader and wonderful friend to this story. She kept demanding more!
I love you all.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

“Awake?” Part 5

Rae lets the pub door slam after her, takes a few steps and stops. She literally has no idea where she’s going or what to do next. She can’t go home; all her stuff is still inside. And she defo can’t go back in there after all that.

“AAAaarrgggh why are boys so confusing!?” she yells, since there’s no one around to hear her. She leans against the beer garden fence, hugging herself. Seriously, what is he playing at? Why would he do that to her? She’s been on the receiving end of some pretty humiliating practical jokes in her short life , but she has to admit, Finn is really going the extra mile. When she thinks how cute she’s found it, him sending her seemingly-drunk messages in the middle of the night…

She sighs. She just doesn’t get it and she wishes she wasn’t so fucking disappointed in him for turning out to be that guy.

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Phil Coulson in 2x14