look how productive i am when i stay in


I find sometimes that i can’t get out of bed because i’m so tired and lazy, and just really not in the mood to open up a textbook. And lets be honest sitting and doing nothing makes you even more depressed, like you can actually feel the pressure of the undone job suffocating you slowly.

These are a few tips that have actually worked for me:

  1. Cleaning your room: so i may sound like your mum right now but honestly guys clear space= clear mind. I find that when my room is tidy and everything is in place that i actually am more willing to work and be productive, especially if i had just cleaned it myself
  2. Take care of you: I find washing my face and brushing my teeth helps me feel less oily and icky (usually feeling like shit is like feeling oily, foggy, heavy and icky idk why but that’s how i feel) and just freshening up gives me a push towards being productive. You can stay in your pajamas, but also making your hair look decent (combing it, a bun or ponytail) really helps clear your mind and i’m gonna have to say that when my hair is messy i feel as though it gets in my way. Last tip on this step is putting your bra on. I don’t know if anyone else feels like i do but putting on my bra means business.
  3. Set up your desk: by this i mean like try to make your desk look like an office desk. I personally like to go for the organised/slightly messy desk look. I find that this keeps me going when i feel like i’m too tired to continue working cause i just keep looking around my desk and feeling professional. it like sets the tone for success not even lying.
  4. Make Coffee/Tea : you can drink whatever floats your boat but i find that drinking my coffee while working helps me get the feeling that I’ve got my shit together even when i haven’t gotten a clue. Also Coffee has this strong yet soothing scent that calms me down when i’m under stress. Using your favorite/cute mug is the key.
  5. Open studyblr: I have to be honest that sometimes what keeps me studying is watching other people do it too. I’d be writing and memorizing while at the same time looking at pictures of people’s desks and perfectly designed notes with their cups of coffee on the side. It’s inspiring and motivating you’d feel like you’re not alone and it would help you last longer.

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top 5 mclennon moments

Okay. So everyone knows the main moments like them meeting in Woolton and going off the Paris, so let’s go for some smaller stuff.

1. Since I was thinking about it yesterday, I’ll start with this gif. John’s eyes following Paul like that, it’s amazing.

2. Also I’ll stick this one in here too. The way John looks at Paul’s lips… I love it. It looks like he wants to lean in and kiss him.

3. One of my favourite John/Paul things is when they make each other laugh, especially with in-jokes where they’re play-acting or doing something stupid. So I’ve got to put some session recording here. Since tumblr won’t let me link audio directly I’ll just post links to the pages. Let’s go with this one where Paul’s pretending John is ruining his am-dram production.

4. Also this one where they’re singing one of the songs they obviously wrote when they were kids in a horribly strong scouse accent.

5. And finally, I’ll stick some pictures of 1967 in because that year is just amazing. Look how happy they are. Staying at Paul house all day, walking Martha together and then working together in the studio. Then staying at Paul’s house at night too. I just love how they finally got some freedom to do what they wanted after they quit touring and they just spent it together.

Well that’s it, thanks for the ask, I enjoyed that! hopefully the links work lol

Q & A with Urahara

As requested by anon. :)

Once again, it is time for a Bleach character to answer you the readers questions! This week, Urahara is up!

1. candy-sweet-ashes said: Urahara, does your hat get jealous if you wear other hats?

Urahara: To me, there are no other hats in the world. Only my hat.

2. nerdactusaur said: What do you think of tessai’s cooking?

Urahara: It’s great! Except when he tries to use expired products.

Urahara: Then I am sad.

3. firebyfire said: Do you shower with your hat on your head?

Urahara: Of course! How else would it stay clean?

4. corrupted-spirit said: Are you actually trying to have your look remind people of raccoons?

Urahara: No, that would be insane!

Urahara: It’s my hat that likes raccoons. That’s why it’s always casting those shadows on my face, no matter where the sun is. 

5. nonochuu said: Urahara-san.. what made you want to be friends with Yoruichi-san? When is your first encounter with her? 

Urahara: We grew up together, actually! Tessai, Yoruichi and I, in the Shihoin mansion.

6. lilvest said: How did you have hat hair before you had a hat?

Urahara: My hat was always a part of me.

Urahara: Even before it was.

Urahara: My hat is eternal.

7. princessbenihime said: Have you ever thought of going back to soul society? If yes, would you like to become a captain again? And if not why not?

Urahara: I suppose I can’t help but think about it, now that so many of the exiled have gone back! 

Urahara: But in my heart, I am just a simple shopkeer! I never really wanted to be captain. Yoruichi thought I would make a good captain, and she sorta pushed me into it. And don’t get me wrong, creating the Department of Research and Development was very rewarding!

Urahara: But now I’d prefer to stay in retirement, as it were. Just run my shop, create the occasional hero, save the day every now and then. You know, a normal life!

Urahara: Well as normal as I can manage. 

8. claudysummergroove said: You’re the evil master mind of everything that’s happening, aren’t you?


Urahara: ….

Urahara: No?

9. shershahk said: How come you just happen to appear in places where something major is happening and just happens to be crucial to the plot?

Urahara: I’m just lucky, I guess!

10. alienbeing
 said: Did you ever pay Rukia back for hiding the hogyuko in her? Perhaps with free chappy products from your shop?

ask-ichigo-and-rukia said: Did you ever formally apologize to Rukia for the “Hogyoku incubator” thing? And why did you pick her anyway?

Urahara: I apologized to her, yes! I did promise Kurosaki-san that I would.

Urahara: We had a good conversation. Well, I say conversation. I said “I’m very sorry” and she said “I hope you die in a fire” and I said “No very sorry” and she said “fine.” Or possibly she said “fire” again it was a little unclear.

Urahara: So I think we’re good!

11. otaku-lovee said:
 Yo, Urahara-san! Do you like Yourichi better in cat form or woman form?

Urahara: Yoruichi is my best friend, no matter her form!

Urahara: I am happy with whatever she wants to be!


Urahara: Although I have to say I like the purring.

12. saori-kichi answered: 
What’s the story behind the hat / samgetsu said: Why the green hat? / kliudom said: where did you get your hat? / balloondude2 said: Where did you find your hat? / aricifer said: Where did you get your hat? / kuroshini2412 said: What’s so special about that striped hat of yours, given that you always wear it?

Urahara: S-so much interest in my hat!

Urahara: Well, you see, when I was exiled I realized that I needed to get clothes that would allow me to blend into the human world! But I didn’t exactly have much money.

Urahara: I - acquired this outfit, but it felt in my soul like something when was still missing. Then I saw…the hat. There, in the window of a store. We gazed at each other. Our souls connected. I realized - this was what I had been missing all my life. It matched my clothing. My hair was already in its shape. It was though I had been waiting for this hat my whole life. 


Urahara: Or at least, that sound way better than “I found it in a trashcan.”

13. ninjagirl015 said:
 Hey Kisuke-san, if you had to wear a different color other than green for a week, what color would you wear?

Urahara: Hmmm….red, I think!

Urahara: I’ve always been fond of ‘crimson.’

14. darknasch said:
 What’s your favorite prank of all time?

Urahara: I thought hiding that kido bomb in Aizen was pretty good!

15. tiberiusfox said: where do you get your merchandise?

Urahara: Tooooooootally legitimate suppliers! Heh.

16. trunkai said: How many times has a human walked into your store, and how many times have you accidentally given them Gikongan?

Urahara: Selling a gikongan to a human would be completely irresponsible!

Urahara: …

Urahara: Only about five times.

17. razzamaaz said: Who are your favourite customers?

Urahara: I am fond of all of my customers, of course!

Urahara: But I am especially fond of Abarai. He is always so helpful with chores!

18. kurintowoka said:
 Why won’t you just go bankai already, man?

Urahara: Oh, nobody wants to see my bankai!

Urahara: …

Urahara: No, but seriously. It’s a little - dark. 

19 shinsohaineko said: when will you marry yoruichi?

Urahara: Oh, gosh, I guess that depends on whether she plans on proposing to me!

20. ichi-berry99
 said: Do you see Ichigo as an experiment sometimes?

Urahara: …


Urahara: Sometimes? 

Time Management: Getting Things Done Without Losing Yourself

As we get closer to Step 1 my fellow M2s are starting to become crazy people. They are clearly not sleeping enough, are eating a lot of takeout and are starting to look disheveled. Not to sound cliché, but medical school is a long arduous process and I cannot afford to ignore my physical and mental health for the next few months.

When life gets busy and stressful I create schedules. These are not schedules that have every minute planned out, more like rough goals for what to accomplish for the day. Thursday’s schedule included lecture, a lunchtime radiology talk, reviewing the day’s lectures, preparing for small group, cooking a large quantity of food, calling my mom, and attending a suturing lab. By 11pm I had finished all of my goals and was able to relax. Friday’s goals included class, Step 1 study group, going to the gym, and relaxing in the evening. I try to keep my goals realistic and to account for the fact that sometimes I am just not that productive. At the same time, I work very hard to meet my daily goals even if it means staying up a little later than I intended.

I encourage everyone, particularly those who feel stretched too thin, to examine how you are spending your time. If you are only sleeping 4-5 hours a night or constantly feel overwhelmed take a close look at why that is.

Do you waste hours online when you could be doing work? Try to limit yourself. I recently decided to only check FB once a day, drastically reducing the time I waste online. I also use a program called “Self Control” when I really need to limit online distractions.

Have you taken on too many extracurricular activities? Examine what activities are really important to you and consider letting others ones go. It is better to be fully committed to one or two activities than to find yourself overstretched.

Are you studying inefficiently? Last year my friends teased me because I never used pictures for anatomy. I would read the notes and go to lab, but Netter’s did nothing for me so I stopped using it. Determine what study techniques work for you and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. If you are a visual learner draw out pathway maps. If you like learning through proactive questions get ahold of review books. Do you like to talk things though? Create a study group. Or do all 3 of those things IF it helps. If something works keep doing it. If not, stop wasting your time doing something because you think you should.


Whats Underneath

This is a work of fan fiction.  Although the characters are real, the events that follow are not.  This is for pure entertainment.  This is for the anon who requested a birthday fic.  I hope you like it.


There’s a lot of things that happen on your birthday. 

Everyone greets you, sends you well wishes and hopes for a prosperous life.  Your phone dings and vibrates uncontrollably throughout the day from text messages, missed phone calls, and notifications from every social media forum you’re attached to.

You’re grateful for it but in a way, just completely flabbergasted by it.  It’s quite fascinating.  Everyone is more excited about you getting a year older.  As for me, it’s just another year, another notch in the belt.  For me, it’s no biggie.

We’re meeting at the local pub for celebratory drinks, a place just outside the downtown area, scouted by our security and public relations team.  I had left the set a little bit later than the rest, trying my hardest to dodge the attention and anxious about the night waiting for me ahead.  Working on a cold and wet day is hard, nursing a hangover on a cold and wet day is even harder. 

I walk in to the place to a hail of cheers, the dim lighting causing my eyes to squint a bit before allowing it to focus to my surroundings.  I receive slaps on the backs and begin my trek around the room shaking hands, trying my best to slow down before getting really started.  I know it’ll be impossible, though, because drinking is customary on your birthday and I don’t make it pass the third handshake before a tumbler is in my hand and sipping my first toast of many.

There’s something to be said about someone taking your breath away.  It’s the small tightness in your chest where your heart skips a beat, your blood momentarily stops flowing and everything goes cold.  It’s not as fleeting as you would hope for- the feeling.  For me, watching her in a room feels like an eternity.

I notice her immediately.  It’s quite hard not to, especially when she’s surrounded by men I do not recognize; it’s possible they are friends of the crew.  The excitement I originally felt when I saw her turns instantaneously to jealousy and honestly I am taken aback by it.  She isn’t doing anything to give me reason to be, other than how I wanted to be the one beside her.  I wanted to be the one carrying the conversation with her, to feel the warmth of her smile as she laughs, to brush against her without having her notice.  I wanted to do be the one. 

I am surrounded by an onslaught of the production crew, conversing about nothing in particular.  I can’t help but stay half focused because the other half, is on her.  She looks up to meet my eyes, her smiling the way the devil does when he knows what you want but cannot have.  He’s hiding behind long lashes and steely blue eyes, tempting you to leave the crowd and find a way to escape with her.

She makes her way across the room, opposite of where I stand when I realize what she’s wearing.  Caitriona Balfe is a beautiful woman- anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.  She is exceptionally more beautiful when she lets her guard down, hair loose with those damn crazy curls going every which way, no makeup, freckle faced, and long legs that stretch on for miles and miles.     

I can barely see her when she finds a place to settle but the laughter I hear is undeniably hers.  My ears strain to hear what is being said but all I hear is white noise, a mixture of voices bouncing off the walls. 

I continue to sit, trying my hardest to give them a reason to leave and find my way to her.  But it’s damn near impossible without letting anyone know. 

It’s her who I want.  It’s her who I always wanted.

She comes into view and I tip my glass to her to which she returns, both eyebrows rising up, making a slight funny face as she notices the people beside me yapping away.  I turn to the men beside me, pretending to be interested and I see her move, head leaning forward to hear to the individual talking, giving him her full attention. 

I swallow hard, transfixed by the events unfolding before me.  I have the scenario played out in my mind, a kind word or two, a touch here and there, a smile shared between Cait and whoever this man is.

I get up from my seat, wanting to leave the pub, even just momentarily.  I mention the room getting stuffy, touching the already opened collar.  It’s all the smoke in the air I tell them.  Someone jokes about how I’m not a real Scotsman- they live for the smell of pipe and cigar smoke.  We are in Scotland you know he tells me, making my way through the tables, trying my hardest to avoid the laughter shared at my expense. 

I don’t dare go near her.  It’s too tempting and I don’t know if I’m ready to face the consequences.  Instead, I find the nearest exit to me and sneak out as best I can without stumbling and falling over a chair.

The air outside is cold and crisp but it’s refreshing.  It allows me to take a needed breather before I can condemn myself into returning to the mayhem in the pub.  I stand close to a heater, a much provided refuge of warmth and comfort.  I’m grateful for what the night brings- the dark swallows me whole, only the red hues from the heated elements providing color.

“There you are,” I turn around to find her standing behind me.

I smile, easily forgetting how startled I really was to have someone sneak up so quietly on me. 

She walks up beside me, ferociously rubbing her hands against the heat.

I stop to look at her.  She’s only about five inches shorter than I am but with the heels she’s had on, she can look at me dead on.  She finally turns her head and finds me staring at her.  Her right eyebrow rises up, silently asking me her own questions.

I admit the amount of liquor in me is making me feel brave.  I wouldn’t be able to ask or talk about the things I want to with her.  I can’t decide to either seriously ask her a question or tease her a bit, letting her believe whatever truth coming out of my mouth is half-truth, half lie.  Instead, I just look at her and follow the shadows running across her face.

“I didn’t tell you happy birthday,” she finally tells me, breaking the silence growing between us.

“You did,” I remind her, removing my phone out of my jacket to show her.

She chuckles.  “Not the same and you know it.”

“Nope, you’re right,” I smile, teasing her, “not the same.”

The crowd inside lets out a raucous yell, causing both Cait and I to turn toward the door, expecting someone to burst through. 

I really don’t want to go back in.  I like being out here in silence, the only sound coming from the wind blowing against the leaves and the buzzing from the heater.

“I guess I should be getting back inside,” she moves away from me, adding, “People will start wondering.”

I don’t let her get too far away before I grab hold of her wrist and pull her close to my body.  She bumps into me, one hand locked in my grip, the other up against my chest.  She lets out a huge breath before she finds the courage to look straight into my face.  I look down slightly, focusing my attention on her red lips, slightly open, a wisp of steam escaping from her mouth.

“What are you wearing?” I ask her then watch as she turns to me confused.

It’s an insignificant question, its only reason was to bide time to keep her close, maybe to distract myself from doing something crazy.  She doesn’t pull away but instead, moves her hand on my chest to grab hold of my jacket, rubbing her fingers against the fabric. 

“Your birthday present,” her answer unexpected. 

I tilt my head to the side and give her a large grin, tempted again to look up and down, “I like.  Did anyone tell you how beautiful you are?”

She nodded then shakes her head, whispering, “It’s not what I meant.  The outfit is not your present per se but I do have your birthday gift.  It’s on my person.”

I swallow hard and pull back slightly, taking in what she’s told me.  She continues on and my heart stops for a brief moment, “You just have to find it.”

She tugs away and I let go, too stunned by what she’s told me, hoping it wasn’t something that I misheard.  She moves slowly in the direction of the door, her heels clicking over the wooden planks of the deck.  Before she grabs hold of the knob, she pauses and looks my way, the lamp post behind her giving a soft glow, providing an almost angelic silhouette. 

“Happy Birthday Sam,” her voice almost cracking.  “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

I step forward, hoping to get a little bit more time alone with her.  “What if I don’t find what I’m looking for?” 

I had hoped the question would give her a sense of what I was really asking.  She was giving off dangerous signals and I didn’t want anything she said to be misconstrued.  I was really curious about if she did have something in store for me in regards to a birthday gift and if that something was her. 

“I have no doubt you will find it,” she giggled, a playful Caitriona emerging, “besides, we’ll have all night to find it, eh?”

“All night?” I asked, swallowing hard once again.

She nodded and for the second time that night took my breath away, staring at me, a small smile forming, “All night.  I expect that you’ll be especially nice and slow about it too.  Wouldn’t want you to miss anything.  It is your birthday after all.”

Happy Birthday to me indeed.