look how pretty my friends are aw

i talked to him on a wednesday. he sighed on my bed. i was skyping my sister, who was trying to teach me how to knit. i told him i needed to go to bed early, i had a test in the morning. he said he had things to discuss and i’m a patient person so i listened.

this is, i learn, how our “friendship” works. hours of my life become his sanctuary. he texts me constantly. his problems fill up every space in my planner. often he demands my attention rather than asking. i feel bad, because i’m the type to feel bad, so i listen. i offer advice that goes ignored, i sit in contemplative silence even though i should be studying, i nod my head and support him. 

he doesn’t notice i start drinking wine as soon as he shows up. a few times i make the mistake of trying to bring my own problems up. they are always overshadowed by his own, or else i am given an odd supply of uncomfortable comments. “i don’t feel good lately” is met with “a girl as pretty as you isn’t supposed to feel sad.” i say “i don’t like my writing recently” and he spends forty seconds saying i’m beautiful and intelligent and a perfect girlfriend before saying “unlike me, i’m awful” and before i know it, i’m comforting him again. we don’t have real conversations. once, as an experiment, i spend two hours completely silent, just to see if he’ll notice. he doesn’t. 

once he bursts into my room while i’m scheduling my week. he’s taken aback by how much i’m doing. “you look so busy!” he says, “where’s all the time you’re planning on spending with me?” he doesn’t ask about any of my other activities. he knows nothing about my life except that i’m good at listening. i feel myself under a rolling pin. he flattens me out to use me. he punishes me if i don’t give him attention - all i hear is how he is useless without me, how he’s barely holding on, how he doesn’t know what he’d do if one day i was gone. he doesn’t know my middle name. he misses my birthday.

it’s wednesday again. i’ve been drinking. he took some of my wine without asking. he lounges on my couch with his arm casually around me. my actual friends know i don’t like touching. i asked him to move but he just laughed and said “you’re so funny.” he’s too heavy for me to move physically so i just let him lay there, complaining. i stare into space, thinking about the news i got that day. about how my life has changed.

he looks up to me. “can i ask you a personal question?”  

i don’t say “that would be a first,” because my mother raised me to respond politely. i tell him go ahead, as always, i’m listening.

“why do girls like you date jerks?” he asks me.

i stare at him, uncomprehending. he is a runaway train, his mouth still moving. “I just mean,” he says, “you’re all always going after the worst guys like you don’t even see people like me. like i’m always being friend-zoned, even you did it, and you’re one of the only people who is nice to me. but girls like you never say yes to boys like me.”

i don’t know what he’s saying. i’m dating a girl, and he would know that, if he knew anything about me; a clever and talented girl who means everything to me. 

he sighs and sits back when i’m not immediate in responding. “this,” he says, “is what i mean.” looks up with puppy dog eyes at me, “i mean could you ever date someone as awful as me? am i just a friend? am i doomed to be nothing more than the friend to pretty girls?”

we aren’t friends. we aren’t friends. we aren’t friends. 

he moves the topic before i can reply, back to his problems. i text my girlfriend, “men are animals” and she sends me back a poem about how much she loves me. he tries to kiss me when he leaves, and when i duck out of it, i later get sixteen texts on how scared i am of sex. his facebook posts are all about how women don’t know how to find the right men. how we’re blind to the good things. how we don’t see fate when it’s happening. 

he says, “i wrote you something.”

it’s a poem about him.

Too Soon - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Jeff Atkins x reader

Request: Hi i was wondering if i could request 13 reasons why imagine where the reader and Jeff have been dating for a couple months or an year…maybe have smut like they made love and then where Jeff passes away and maybe have the reader visit the grave with clay and tony to tell Jeff..that he was a dad.

WARNINGS: Fluff, smut, small swearing

“Atkins!” I scream when I see my boyfriend in the hallway. I jump in his arms wrap my legs around his torso and kiss him as if I didn’t see him in months when in reality is was literally two periods ago. I’m cheesy like that. We’ve been dating for over a year now, but everyday feels like we started dating yesterday. He never seizes to amaze me. He surprises me with flowers and I still get anxious and excited like a little girl when we go out on dates. He still does things like climb through my window even though my parents basically forced a key on him. He even does things like come over at 2am when I joke about being scared. He’s just the best boyfriend in the world.

“Hey baby” he laughs as he kisses me back. “You ready to go”

“Yes, it’s Friday and I’ve never been happier” I slide my hand in his as we walk out the school building earning a ‘bye’ or ‘what up’ from people.

As we walked to my house, Jeff kept telling me corny jokes and pick-up lines he found online last night trying to make me laugh.

“Babe, knock knock?”

“Not another one J.”

“Baaabe knock knock, come on last one I promise.”

“You said that three jokes ago” I whine.

“Oh. Knock knock?”

“Who’s there?” I sigh.

“A broken pencil” he smiles.

“A broken pencil who” I sigh, already knowing the joke.

“Never mind it’s poin-”

“Pointless” I say as I laugh dramatically. He looks at me seriously for interrupting his corny joke. 

“Sorry baby, love you!” I try to kiss him the rest of the way home as he pretends to be mad at me.  

As we walk in, he stills pretend to be mad when he stomps into my room and close the door. He closes me out my room. My room.

“Babe really” I laugh.

“Do a knock knock joke then you can come in.”



“Noo babe”

“Well then I’m going to go take a nap”

“No!” I roll my eyes as if he can see it. “Fine babe…knock knock”

“Who’s there” he cooed.

“Al.” I smirk.

“Al who?” 

“Al strip for you if you open this door” I smirk biting my lip. As soon as I said that, the door swung open and I’m met with Jeff’s lips as he pulls me inside. He shuts the door and pushes me up against it. 

“No need to do that” he whispers in my ear. He starts kissing and sucking on my neck and pulls up the dress I’m wearing. He slides his hands under my underwear to my butt and pulls me to him.

“J-Jeff” I moan. He looks at me and bit his lip as he throws the dress off, leaving me in just my bra and panties. He scans my body as I turn my head, feeling nervous all of a sudden. He moves my head to face him and I see such admiration in his eyes.

“You’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” When he said that I wanted nothing more than to feel him on me. I throw my arms around his neck and hungrily kiss him. He grabs my legs and I jump on him as he moves us to the bed. He hovers over me as he deepens the kiss. He puts his hand behind my neck to pull me closer to him. He rubs my thigh up and down as he slowly peppers kisses all over my neck and chest. He’s painfully teasing and I can’t take it.

“Jeff” I whisper.

“Yes y/n?”

“I need you” he looks at me and simply smiles.

He continues to kiss my neck as he unclasp my bra. He starts sucking my breast and massaging the other as I run my hands through his hair. He does the same to the other and I’m a moaning mess.

“Jeff please” I moan.

“We’re almost there baby” he whispers.

He kisses down my stomach and thigh slowly, never breaking his stare from me. I whine again as he comes back and goes back to sweetly kissing me. I groan from the friction of my almost bare core against his jeans and wiggle for him to get the idea. He does and pulls off his jeans and I hastily pull off his shirt.

“Someone is ready” he giggles. I roll my eyes and roughly palm his member through his boxers making him grunt.

“Someone is hard” I mimic smirking. He tries to keep his groans in until I full on grab him and he does a full moan. Now he’s the frantic one as he rips my underwear off of me. Literally.

“Jeff!” I scream.

“Sorry baby, I’ll get you another one” he smirks. He slides his hands all over my body, making me shiver.

“You like that?” he asks. I nod as he slips a finger in me and goes back to kissing. I  whimper from his touch and go for his underwear. I push them down and his member springs out. He kicks them off and slides two fingers in this time. I moan into his mouth as he goes at a fast pace. I let out more moans as I start to get close.

“Jeff baby, I’m abou-” when I said that, Jeff pulled his fingers away and I frown. 

“I want to feel you cum, not with my fingers” he smirks.

He grabs a condom out his wallet from his pocket and slide it on. He gives me a look for confirmation and I nod, just wanting to feel him already. He pushes his length into me. At first it hurt, but it always does when we have sex because of his huge size. The longer he’s in me, the more I get used to it. He pushes in slowly and draws out a little. I start to moan as I connect my lips with his. As he picks up his pace, I dig my nails into his back. He hooks my legs over his shoulder and I scream a little.

“Je-OH My fuck!” he’s directly hitting my g-spot and I can’t even think. I moan louder as I grab the pillow under my head, arching my back. 

“Fuck princess! you feel good” he moans. 

“H-harder J-Jeff!” He goes harder and I start almost full on screaming. As we both are climaxing, Jeff pulls out and puts me on all fours. He pushes back in and grabs my breast from behind. I lean back as he kisses my neck while pounding into me. He moans into my ear as I hold the back of his neck. I can’t control my moans and screams and neither can he. They come out louder as he hits the right spot over and over again. As we get closer, I fall onto my hands and Jeff holds my waist. He roughly rubs me with his fingers as I scream to let go of my release.

“J-JEFF!” I scream.

He cums shortly after I do and collapse next to me. We lay there in a comfortable silence while I rest my head on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around me. Both still out of breath, he looks over to me.

“Knock knock?”

“Who’s there” I laugh. 

“I love”

“I love who?” I say, letting him finish it this time for his sake.

“I love you” He smiles as he kisses me.

“My corny boyfriend” I laugh.

*Tomorrow Night*

“You guys have been inseparable all night my gosh” Jessica drunkenly laughs. Me and Jeff look at each other and chuckle, knowing exactly why. We have been at Jessica’s party for a while now and have been sitting on the couch with Jessica, Bryce, and Zach.

“Leave them alone babe, that’s how we are” Justin laughs.

“Oh, you get me flowers?” when Justin doesn’t answer, all of us start cracking up. 

“Well I’m going to get a beer, you guys want one?” Zach asks as he gets up. 

“Nah no thanks man, my girl will kill me cause I’m the driver tonight” I smile when he said that, happy that he cares about his well being. We continue talking to our group of friends and have a pretty good time.

“Where is Clay and Hannah” I whisper in his ear.

“Somewhere around here, probably upstairs, I did my meddling for the night and got them together.”

“Aw how noble of you” I giggle, pinching his cheeks. “Thank you ma’am”.

“See! look at them, they are perfect” Jessica playfully whines.

“Shut up!” Justin say as he grabs her face and start full on making out. Everyone starts ewing and shooing them off the couch.

“Get a room!”

“Jess, your room is upstairs!”

“Get it Foley!”

Justin flips us all off, never breaking their kiss and we all laugh. Monty taps Jeff on the shoulder and screams over the loud music.

“Yo bro you still doing the beer run!?”

Jeff got up and nodded his head, “Yeah shit I almost forgot”

I got up with him, frowning and grab his arm before he could go anywhere, “Babe do you have to go? I’m pretty sure there is enough beer, just not enough for every single person to get ass faced drunk.”

He kissed my forehead and smiled, “I’ll be right back babe I promise”. I pick up my bag and turn towards him, “Okay then I’m coming with you”.

“Baby, you have to watch out for Clay and Hannah remember, I’ll be back in 15 minutes then we can leave right after.”

I sigh still not liking this. I know he didn’t drink anything, but I’m still nervous for him to be out this late. What if someone else out there is drunk driving? I tell myself its fine and nod my head.

“Okay fine, just be careful J.”

“I will baby, I love you.”

“I love you too.” he gives me a peck on the lips and I hold onto his hand and let it slide out once he got to far to reach it. I watch him walk out the door and sit back down onto the couch, waiting for his return.

*4 Weeks Later*

Life is unfair. Life is so unfair. Why him? Why Jeff? Why my boyfriend. Such an amazing boyfriend. Is the best. Was the best. I stare down at his tombstone and couldn’t stop my tears from falling. So many tears. I found myself screaming at night. If I wasn’t screaming I was just silent. Completely silent. I mean was there for me to say? He’s gone. Jeff Atkins is gone. Never to hold me again, never to make me feel better, never to get me the flowers, never to throw rocks outside my window. I bend down and touch his stone. 

“I-I m-miss you so much” my voice cracks. “Why d-did you h-have to leave m-me?” I start crying harder. This is my first time being at his grave, due to the fear of seeing him. The fear of seeing reality of this situation. 

“Y-you would b-be so happy right now” I hiccup as I touch my stomach. I felt the little bump and smile through my tears.

“Y-you would have told him knock knock jokes” I laugh to myself, “or her”.

“Y-you would have t-taught baseball terms” I smile.

“You would h-have been the perfect dad” I cried looking down at him, “the best”.

I put the roses he always got me onto his grave and wiped my tears, even though they kept coming down. I kissed my finger and touched them against his stone that read 

Jeff Atkins

World’s greatest son 

world’s best companion

Even a better dad

Gone but never forgotten.

“I love you Jeff”I got up and continued crying as both Tony and Clay stood there respectfully and silent, waiting for me to finish. I smile lazily at them and hooked my arm into both of theirs as we walked out of the graveyard. I look back one more time and thought to myself ‘the love of my life might be gone, but he will forever live on in my heart’

A/N - Omgg!! I cried making this ending. It was so sad to me. I hope you guys liked it and love you guys for all your support. Your imagines are not forgotten.

Ok but consider this. Instead of the friends pretending to be lovers trope: enemies having to pretend to be friends. 

100% platonic shenanigans of ‘ughhh I hate being stuck with them. They’re so annoying, how have I not snapped at them yet.’

‘Their humor is so dumb oh my go-no I didn’t laugh that was a cough! Shut up!’

‘Wow, that was p cool of them- wait. No no no I don’t think they’re nice, I do not. They’re awful, they’re the worst, I hate them with every fiber of my being- but look at them fussing over that kitten that is pretty cute-no, no no, bad thoughts, bad thoughts.’


I’m sorry I can’t give you more than a mere fanart TwT tbh im pretty proud of how Sora looks, but Riku……. eh poor boy.

ANYWAYS @baegerbombtastic thank you so much for being a great and supportive cutie, you’re incredible and i’m always at awe at the fact that you chose to be my friend <3 I hope this year is full of good news and warm hugs for you and that I can accompany you to another year, i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only You

Summary:  The reader and Archie don’t know exactly what they have, but they’re too scared to admit they want more. After a secret Archie kept from the reader is exposed during Jughead’s birthday party, it’s now or never. 

Word Count: 4599

Song Pairing: Do Re Mi by Blackbear https://youtu.be/BL9jY9b2uFg

Author’s note: One word: ANGST!! This is going to make you feel so many fucking things I’m going to warn you right now;) Let me know what you thought…if you survive haha 

From the moment the night had started you knew it was going to be rough. Betty had found out it was Jughead’s birthday, and nearly had a heart attack when she learned he’d never had a party before. From that moment on she was determined to throw him a party, despite what you and Archie told her.

You and Jughead go way back, like best friends since diapers back. Jughead had even been your first kiss. Your families had become close because they’d all grown up in Riverdale together. There had been a lot you’d gone through with him, but it wasn’t all sad things.

It was just that you knew how to be there for the other, more than just a shoulder to cry on. You had always believed that you were soulmates, but not in the romantic sense of the term, best friend soul mates if that was a thing.

If anyone were to be your soulmate IN the romantic sense, it would be Archie Andrews. There was just something about him, he was intoxicating to you. Archie made you feel so many things, whether it was butterflies or shivers down your spine.

You were hooked, but truth be told he felt the exact same way about you. He couldn’t explain it but he knew that when he was with you it just made sense. You were different, and you made him feel alive.

He wasn’t sure if love was real but if it was, you were it. No matter how sure of his feelings he was, part of him was still scared. The last thing Archie wanted to do was mess up and  lose you, but that was all he seemed to be able to do lately.

So Archie didn’t let you know everything he felt for you and just let whatever was happening continue to happen. It was painful because he wanted so much more, but the pain of losing you would be much worse.

You were currently sitting in your car with Jughead, postponing starting the night. Turning to you he asked, “ And you told Betty I hate my birthday?”. You’d told her about a thousand times, but it didn’t matter.

Turning to him as well you replied, “ Juggy I was a broken record, but she set her mind to it and now we have ourselves a…. party”. You didn’t know what exactly to call it because everything had escalated.

Originally it had been strictly inner-circle but due to Riverdale being Riverdale it turned into a classic high school party. Jughead closed his eyes and sighed, “ Just when I thought god couldn’t punish me anymore”.

Laughing you explained, “ Jug it sucks but Betty had good intentions, she cares about you because you’re……what exactly are you guys?”. Jughead sighed again, “ Add that to the list of confusing things that is currently my life (y/n)”.

He added, “ Betty is wonderful but I’m not sure if I’m ready for her…..she’s the type you settle down with and I don’t even know if I’ve been programed to do so”. It made sense, Betty was so perfect and that was intimidating.

Jughead shot back, “ If we’re going to define things, what exactly is your relationship with the ginger stallion”. You instantly smiled thinking about Archie, and how fun tonight would be for you both.

Grinning you answered, “ Let’s just say so far it’s been a fun ride, a really fun ride”. Getting what you were hinting at he stuck out his tongue in fake disgust. He sat up too, “ We’ve known eachother since before we knew how to speak (y/n), and so I know it’s much more than just some fling”.

Shrugging your shoulders you opened your mouth to speak but he cut you off, “ Nope I’m not letting you sarcastic comment your way out of this one, you really care about him maybe even lo-”.

Jughead was cut off when there was knocking on your car window, and it was no other than Archie. When you rolled down the window Archie jokingly said, “ I’m just glad the windows aren’t foggy”.

You face was red but it wasn’t because of his accusation, it was because what Jughead had said. If you were going to be honest with yourself you did love Archie, you loved him bigtime. You just weren’t sure now was the right time, and you didn’t want to ruin what you currently had.

Jughead picked up on how red you face was, but he kept it to himself. You turned your car off and got out, wrapping your arms around Archie. Smirking you said, “ Don’t worry Arch, I know that’s what your car is for”.

Archie wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed you. He could never keep his hands off of you, there was something that just drew him to you. Jughead rolled his eyes, “ I’m right here guys…I’m starting to think you enjoy an audience”.

You just flipped him off and continued to kiss Archie, wanting to push away your bad feelings about tonight. Archie let his hands roam and he not only grabbed your ass, but picked you up and placed you on the hood of your own car.

He started to kiss your neck and you laughed, “ Fuck Archie are you drunk?”. You felt him smile against your skin as he giggled. He spoke softly, “ Not drunk, just buzzed”. You realized the strange taste on his lips had been alcohol.

Laughing you shook your head, “ Archie Andrews what am I going to do with you”. Before he could respond Jughead intervened, “ I’m going to stop you right there, I need you both to walk with me in the valley of despair”.

Archie turned around and you hopped down from the hood, both agreeing to be there for him. Taking Archie’s hand the three of you made your way towards the door, preparing for what ever tonight would bring.

As Jughead knocked on the door Archie stood behind you kissing your neck. He whispered in your ear, “ You look so amazing tonight (y/n)”. Archie was already insanely affectionate sober, but when he was drunk it was much more intense.

Your smile soon faded when you saw Veronica open the door. You wanted to like Veronica but you couldn’t. She clearly wanted Archie despite the fact that he was with you. Archie never fed into it, but it didn’t matter because she was relentless.

Veronica smiled, “ Hey Archiekins, happy birthday Jughead”. She hadn’t even addressed you, how childish could she be? Archie stopped kissing your neck, “Hey Veronica, where’s Betty?”.

Veronica didn’t care about Betty and she just shrugged her shoulders, “Probably somewhere having a heart attack that a streamer is out of place”. Jughead just looked to you and rolled his eyes, and you did the same.

Archie took your hand, “ Come on babe let’s go have fun!”. Your annoyance vanished when you realized how happy Archie was to just be here with you. Entering inside the house you saw just how crazy everything was.

There was random people everywhere, empty bottles, and trash. Jughead sarcastically said, “Wow I can’t believe how many people are here to celebrate my birthday!”. You realized that no one would even know it was a birthday party unless they looked at the decorations.

Veronica crossed her arms, “ There’s also people downstairs, I’m pretty sure Betty wanted to speak with you and (y/n) so Archie and I will wait up here!”. Three seconds ago she had no idea where Betty was, and she suddenly remembered this?

You didn’t buy it, “ Aw what a good “friend” you are Ronnie! Why don’t you stay up here while Betty’s real friends go downstairs”. Taking Archie’s hand you lead him to the basement as Jughead followed.

As you walked down the stairs Archie whispered in your ear, “ Don’t be mad (y/n) the only girl I want is you”. That was true, but it didn’t stop Veronica from getting under your skin. Jughead didn’t know how to feel, “ Looks like we’re walking right into the belly of the beast”.

There sat there on the couch Betty amidst the madness. Cheryl was standing up in front of her audience which included; Reggie, Kevin, Moose, the Pussycats, Chuck, Ethyl, Dilton, and Joaquin.

When Betty saw you guys her eyes lit up, the people she actually cared about were finally here. Cheryl also lit up when she saw you guys, “ Well if it isn’t the birthday boy himself! Since you all are here we can start the game”.

You raised an eyebrow, “ A game?”. Jughead added, “ What are we five again Cheryl, come on”. Archie was down for whatever so he took an open seat and made you sit on his lap. Jughead leaned against the wall, preparing for a fast getaway.

As you heard the sound of heels going down the stairs, you knew it was Veronica. Archie could sense your anger and so his grip around your waist tightened, trying to distract you. Cheryl placed a hand on her hip, “ Alright everyone we’re playing secrets and sins”.

Jughead spoke up, “ Seriously Cheryl that’s what you come up with? Let me guess it’s truth or dare on steroids”. The name of the game made you feel uneasy, you hated games where the main point was to start shit.

Cheryl just grinned, “ We’re starting with Riverdale’s finest, Archie Andrews”. Instantly your stomach started to churn, you didn’t like where this was going. You tried to stop it, “ Cheryl pick someone else”.

She just laughed, “ Oh is poor little (y/n) scared? I mean you have every right to be…especially after that night where Veronica and Archie had a little adventure in a closet”. You heard Archie whisper, “ Fuck” to himself.

You stood up, “ What adventure?”. Veronica came and stood next to Cheryl, the both of them just beaming. Cheryl laughed, “ Guess there’s some trouble in paradise huh? Archie didn’t tell you…”. You felt the anger boiling and you didn’t know whether you wanted to hit Veronica or Cheryl, or both.

Veronica grinned, “ It was after homecoming, Archiekins and I shared an intimate moment…it was very 13 going on 30 of us”. You couldn’t even turn around and face Archie, there’s no way both Veronica and Cheryl would lie about this.

Betty tried to help, “ Come on Cheryl, stop messing with people’s feelings just because you’re sad you lost Jason”. It warmed your heart that Betty was trying to protect you, but you were seeing red.

By now Archie stood up and he kept reassuring you, “ It was nothing, it didn’t mean anything, I didn’t feel a thing”. Nothing Archie said mattered right now, he had lied to you and embarrassed you in front of everyone.

Jughead saw your fists clenched, and he knew you were going to explode. He rushed over to you and held you back. You got in Veronica’s face, “ How fitting that the girl with daddy issues turned into a homewrecker! Keep trying to distract yourself from the joke that is your life Veronica, but no matter what you do you’ll always be empty!!”.

For affect you added, “ I’m not going to hit you either, I don’t feel like ending up like your father…I heard prisons a bitch”. The entire room just cheered, this was the exact entertainment everyone had hoped for.

Veronica didn’t know what to do, she just stood there trying to find the words. Veronica didn’t know you’d act this way, and being confronted like that scared her, not to mention the fact that everything you’d said about her was true.

Cheryl just laughed, “ Shit (y/n) I didn’t know you had it in you”. You just wanted to get out of this damn room and away from all of them. Turning to Jughead you took his hand, “ We need to get out of this room Juggy”.

As you turned to leave Archie reached out for you, but you couldn’t look at him. You were already holding back tears, and if you looked at him you’d fall apart. Jughead went in between you both, “ No Archie, you’ve done enough”.

                                    Yeah, if I could go back to the day we me

                           I probably would just stay in bed

You felt a thousand emotions all at once as you went back upstairs with Jughead. Instantly you went over to the drinks table and downed whatever you saw. You didn’t want to feel anything, you didn’t want to think about anything.

Jughead just leaned against the table, “ You sure you want to do that (y/n) I don’t know if-”. You smiled as you felt the warm liquid wash all over your body. Placing the now empty red cup down you turned to Jughead, “ I know what I want to do, dance”.

               You run your mouth all over town, And this one goes out to the sound

Of breaking glass on my Range Rover, Pay me back or bitch, it’s over

Back downstairs things were just getting worse and worse. After Jughead had stopped Archie from going after you, Veronica had gone over to him. Placing a hand on his chest she said, “ Forget about (y/n), we both know she isn’t worth it”.

Cheryl still wasn’t done, “ You know Archie I’d be more concerned about the fact that your best friend just went off with your girl, screams rebound to me”. Kevin just sat there with his jaw dropped, this was all amazing.

Betty got up, “ Stop Cheryl, and you know what Veronica stop too! You’re both treating everyone like we’re all your puppets!”. Both girl’s didn’t care about anything Betty had to say, they were playing a game, and they were winning.

All the presents I would send, Fuck my friends behind my shoulder

Veronica didn’t skip a beat, “ Archie why don’t we go somewhere and talk you know we can-”. Archie was done, he didn’t want anything to do with Veronica. His worst fear had come true, he’d messed up.

He angrily ran his hands through his hair stepping back, “ Ronnie get out of my face..I need to leave… I can’t”. With that he left through the basement door and vanished into the night. Veronica just stood there, arms crossed and pissed.

She’d thought Archie would want to retaliate with her and that they could finally do something more than kiss for a second. Cheryl sighed, “ Well that was dramatic, anyways who’s next?”.

Betty took off after Archie, hoping she could fix things. She’d been there that night and immediately after it happened Archie had explained to her how things had gone down. So she knew it truly had been nothing.

Betty had still been dealing with her feelings for Archie and so when she’d been dared to go have 7 minutes in heaven with him she declined and Veronica took her place. About a minute in Archie came storming out of the closet pissed off, leaving Veronica standing there annoyed.

Archie had gone outside, and Betty followed him. When Betty asked what happened Archie told her, “ Ronnie started talking bad about (y/n) and then out of nowhere kissed me! I pushed her right off and told her I love (y/n)”.

Betty smiled, “ Woah Arch, you love her?”. Archie hadn’t even realized that’s what he’d said, it had just come out.  He smiled to himself, “ I do Betty…and I don’t want this ruining anything”.

She rested a hand on his shoulder, “ Don’t worry Archie it won’t, Veronica was embarrassed and I’m sure no one will ever bring this up again. I don’t think it’s worth saying something because it really didn’t mean anything”.

Next time I'ma stay asleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, oh

Betty felt she was partly why things were so messed up again, and she wanted to go find Archie and fix things. She had honestly thought what had happened wouldn’t matter and she felt horrible that she’d been wrong.

Back upstairs you’d somehow got Jughead to actually agree to dance with you. Jughead didn’t dance, but tonight was already weird enough that nothing could surprise you anymore.

It had taken some warming up on Jugheads part, at first he had acted as if you were at a school dance. You had to physically put his hands on your hips, and it still took him awhile to get comfortable.

                 And you got me thinking lately, Bitch, you crazy

And nothing’s ever good enough

Laughing you told him, “ You don’t have to keep enough room for jesus Jug”. It caused him to laugh too and so he brought his body even closer to yours. You started to feel whatever you’d drank work it’s magic.

Turning around your back now pressed against his front. To your surprise he put his hands on your hips again, “ Wow is Jughead Jones actually having fun?”. You heard him laugh again and it gave you a brief feeling of happiness.

He whispered into your ear, “ I’m making the best out of it”. Jughead was having fun, by distracting himself. He was focusing on you instead of focusing on the fact that it was his birthday, or the fact that he didn’t know how he felt about Betty.

You moved your hips in a circular motion, going with the beat of the song. You were starting to feel good, whether it was the alcohol or just having fun with Jughead. Jughead moved his hips with yours, dancing better than you thought he ever could.

So fuckin’ done with all the games you play, I ain’t no Tic-tac-toe

Send the X and O’s on another note, I’m do, re, mi, fa, so fuckin’ done with you, baby

So send the X and O’s on another note, I’m ghost

Still swaying with the beat you dragged your hands up your body, as you moved your actual body down. When you moved your body back up, you leaned forward pressing your ass into Jughead’s groin.

For a second you thought you might’ve crossed a line, until Jugheads hands slid down your body. Turning your head to the side you joked, “ Practicing for Betty?”. You watched as he blushed, so something was there.

         If I could go back to the day we met, I probably would’ve stayed in bed

You wake up everyday, And make me feel like I’m incompetent

Betty had caught up with Archie, he had only gone down the street. He sat down on the cirb, his head in between his knees. When he heard footsteps the first thing he said was your name, but he only saw Betty when he looked up.

Sitting down next to him she said, “ It’s going to work out Arch, I promise”. He laughed, but only because that sounded so crazy. Archie shook his head, “ There’s no way I can fix this, Veronica lied in front of EVERYONE!”.

Betty rested a hand on his knee, “ Look drama travels fast in this town which means pretty soon it will be on to the next thing. All that matters is that (y/n) knows the truth, and I can back you up”.

Archie remembered that he’d told Betty what had happened immediately, and he perked up. Finally he picked his head up, “ Shit I’d forgot! Maybe I can fix this!”. Betty smiled, she wanted you and Archie to be happy together.

Getting up she added, “ You’re in love Archie, love always wins”. He got up and they both started walking towards the house again. Archie had never wanted you as bad as he did right know. The thought of losing you, even if it was only for thirty minutes, had been awful.

            I wrote a little song for ya It go like….  Do, re, mi, fa  

so fuckin’ done with you, girl, So fuckin’ done with all the games you play

When Archie walked into the party again all he saw was you dancing with Jughead. You both were smiling while Jughead was a little too handsy. Archie couldn’t help it, he stormed right over to the both of you and pulled you forward.

Immediately you broke your wrist free, “ What the fuck are you doing Archie!”. Archie stepped back for a second, trying to calm down. He just wanted to stop messing up but he couldn’t.

He yelled back, “ What are you doing (y/n)!”. Pushing him back you said, “ I’m dancing with someone who actually gives a fuck about me Archie, that’s what the fuck I’m doing!”. By now a crowd had gathered again, wanting to witness the show.

Archie shot right back, “ You can’t be serious right?! You didn’t even let me explain!”. You started to laugh, oh that was a good one. Raising you hands up in frustration you asked, “What is there to explain Archie? That you let some slut ruin what we had!”.

You were so angry that tears were streaming down your face. With more sadness than anger you added, “ I love you Archie…and you did this to me”. Instantly any anger he had disappeared, he’d never wanted to hurt you.

When everyone had heard you say the word “love” they whole atmosphere of the room changed. Betty stepped forward, “ I was there (y/n) and it was nothing! A minute in Archie stormed out of the closet and he told me what happened”.

Realizing she had your attention she continued, “ Veronica kissed him and Archie immediately left, I thought if he told you it would just make a bigger problem”. Jughead stood behind you and rubbed your shoulder, wanting you to feel better.

Archie stepped forward and took your hands in his, “ I told her that I love you (y/n), that’s why she means nothing to me…I love you”. You couldn’t believe what he’d just said, you just wished the first time you said “ I love you” wasn’t after getting into a fight in front of the entire school.

Wrapping your arms around his neck you replied, “ Then let’s go celebrate”. Smirking he kissed you, wanting everyone to know you were his. Before leaving he yelled, “ Just so all you assholes know I love (y/n) so fuck off otherwise!”.

You started to laugh, “ Shit Archie you’re still somewhat drunk huh?”. Leading you outside he said, “ Drunk in love”. Shaking your head you lead him towards you car, or at least tried to because it’s incredibly hard to move when Archie Andrews has his hands all over you.

You went to go into the driver’s side but he opened your back door and pulled you into the back seat. He smirked, “ I want you (y/n) and I can’t wait any longer”. You were suddenly extremely thankful for your roomy backseat and tinted windows

Now you were straddling him, and he had the biggest smile on his face. Looking down you asked, “ What?”. Pulling you closer to him he kissed you, “ I love you”.  Archie Andrews was much more complex than anyone realized.

Shaking your head grinning you said, “ I love you too, idiot”. He laughed before pulling your body closer to his. By bringing his hands up your thighs he took off the loose dress you’d been wearing.

He had that smug look on his face as he looked you up and down, acting as if it was the first time he’d seen you like this. Before you could ask him why he was looking at you like that Archie bit his lip, “ You always look so damn beautiful”.

Somehow you still blushed, you always thought the affect he still had on you was crazy. Smiling you told him, “ Your turn”. And with a smirk on his face he took of his shirt, shorts, and boxers.

You just giggled at how eager he was but he was still smirking, “ Quit acting like you’re not insanely turned on by what you see”. Sighing with a smile on your face you took off your own bra and panties.

For affect you added, “ I’d say stop acting like you’re not turned on, but I can see for myself” hinting to his fully erect member. Archie just shook his head before crashing his lips into yours.

You felt him pressing against your entrance and you moved your hips forward, grinding against him. Archie began to kiss down your neck, nibbling lightly until he found your sweet spot. As you groaned he massaged your clit with his thumb.

Moaning you begged, “ Archie I need you”. He moved his hand faster and started kissing down the valley of your breasts. You moaned loudly as he began sucking on your nipple, dragging it lightly between his teeth.

After he’d teased you long enough he kissed back up your neck and whispered in your ear, “ You sound so beautiful begging for me (Y/n)”. Whenever you and Archie fooled around, he always loved making you feel good.

To Archie, nothing turned him on more than knowing that you were happy or felt good because something he’d done. Archie thought of it as a way to express how he’d felt about you without really saying anything.

You needed him so badly, “ Please Archie I-”. Archie cut you off by slowly inserting himself inside you, making you moan loudly. To deal with the mixture of pain and pleasure you buried your head in the crook of his neck.

Archie had his hands on your hips, pulling you forward as he deeply thrust inside of you. He started to go faster, “ Tell me who’s making you feel this good baby”. As your bodies moved together you found it hard to process anything but how good it felt.

To your surprise Archie suddenly flipped you over so you were on your back, moving your leg to hook around his own back. This had let him go deeper inside of you, “ Baby I need to hear who’s making you feel so good”.

Wrapping your arms around his neck you told him, “ You Archie, you’re making me feel so fucking good”. A smile formed upon his lips and he leaned down, kissing you passionately. Archie kept going faster and he was hitting all the right spots.

He nibbled on your earlobe again, groaning in your ear. The sound alone wanted to make you cum right then and there. Archie nearly growled, “ Say my name baby”. To get his point further across he started to slightly tweak your nipple.

You moaned out his name but that wasn’t enough, “ Tell me who’s going to make you cum right now”. You were right on the edge, and his words were pushing you over it. You yelled out his name, not caring who heard.

You felt him smile against your skin, “ That’s it baby, cum for me right now”. You were no longer on the edge, you’d just dived head first off of it. It felt like a tsunami had started in your core and washed all over your body.

Wave after wave of pleasure shook through your entire body and all you could do was call out Archie’s name. You knew he was right there with you as you felt him twitch inside of you. Together you rode out your orgasms, both shaking.

When it was over Archie took your face in his hand, “ I love you (y/n), only you”. You kissed him again, wanting to preserve the moment. Archie moved your body so you were laying on your side, pressed against him. Nothing else mattered because Archie finally knew that he’d never lose the love of his life again.

|| Sketched Love ||

[[request prompt: I loved “Our Love Story” And was wondering if you could write something similar with a Peter Parker x reader where they go to school together and the reader is and artist, and she is always drawing sketches of him during class and stuff? Thanks :)]]

time to work on requests ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́) this time I’m all about writing for my main boi, peter parker

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53, , @nekonerdxox , @pepcvina , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none, just pure fluff that comes with experiencing love for the first time ♡

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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  • meet jung wooseok, apparently music major extraordinaire with hella tats and a rep for being a badboy
  • but you personally know him at that lowkey annoying kid who’s Always falling asleep n coming in late in ur creative writing class
  • y’all met that first day when he wandered in and he just tapped ur shoulder mid-exercise to ask what was goin’ on n although u could’ve been a jerk n not said anything u threw the kid a bone n somehow his piece still surpassed everyone else’s a few days afterwards
  • ofc you get it. it’s college so being tired from classes and prolly work is what’s getting him but the little green monster on ur shoulder doesn’t relent bc this is where u learn time management and well
  • you see you love creative writing - you live, breathe, and think it a lot and it’s ur major so why wouldn’t u enjoy the one class that actually specializes in ur own interest???? and you work rlly gosh diddly darn to do it too bc writing really isn’t that easy
  • you’re one of those people that takes ages to get a piece out but bc this is a creative writing class you have weekly assignments and some pieces are hits n some are misses but u deal with it bc part of it is for the grade and another part of it is trying to get more experience in the field
  • anyway, unlike u, wooseok doesn’t seem to rlly try,,, that hard,,, or rlly,,, at,, all n that’s what ticks u off
  • ur the the kind of person who not just hates slackers, u abhor them n u suppose he tries rlly hard with his major since who wouldn’t??? but he doesn’t w/ urs n when ur teacher an english TA named Hui was talking to him abt writing before class he said it was soOoOOOo easy n u were p resolved to disliking the kid immediately
  • u just find ur seat near the back with the 30+ students n out of all the ppl to sit by,,,, he sits by u n u jst don’t try to think abt how much u dislike him n his dumb face tht’s starting to fall asleep AGAIN
  • but ok u sneak a small peek n u have to admit,,,, he’s actually pretty cute like u kno that he seemed p intimidating when u first saw him bc at first glance he’s this flippin’ hulking giant at like 6′2″ with tats up to his neck and sleeve u only get a peek of bc he’s enveloped in a huge jacket 99.9% of the time n he usually has furrowed brows n his lips pulled into a straight line unless he’s talking to hui or some other dude in his large ass group of friends bUT
  • the peaceful look on his face is different than those times n u kinda make a mental note of it even tho u most certainly are Not comparing his eyelashes to fluttering dark angel wings or his peaceful face to something akin to a statue in a museum
  • nope
  • no u r not
  • n- ok fine maybe a little 

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Hold On I

Title: Hold On Part 1 

Author: Juju

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader 

Warnings: Mentions of a car accident, super sad and stressed Shawn and Aaliyah (yes that’s a warning), my horrible attempt at angst (but to be fair I kinda teared up when writing this but I would have full on cried if I was alone), tooth rotting fluff (i.e. my forte). I know a lot of Shawn stans don’t like Camila Cabello, so I’m considering it a warning cause she’s nice in the fic.

Summary: When Shawn finds out that you got into a car accident, he’s too stressed to do anything but write a song. The only thing that calms his nerves, other than you.

Word Count: 1.4 k 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


A/N: So Shawn and Y/N aren’t a couple in the beginning, but they both want to be. And I bet you would never be able to guess what song gave me this idea (sarcasm). This is also kinda very teensy weensy bit based on the James Corden interview

I apologize in advance for the usage of google translate. 

Juro por Dios que te estrangularé = I swear to God I will strangle you

“There’s no way you haven’t made out, you totally have! I don’t believe you!” James said, his face turning red with the anticipation of a new story.

“Well, I don’t care.” Shawn replied, pissed off at the rumors that never left him be. The entire audience went crazy at his sass, and for good reason. 

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Snippets - Yami_noTenshi - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Dedicated to @franeridart
The first scene is inspired from her comic over here so go check it out!

Bakugou Katsuki had spent a good part of his life pushing people away. Yet somehow, once he got into UA, an entire bunch of loud, bubbly teenagers managed to worm their way into his heart. And outside of their hero-ing activities, they have an entire life going on; with worries, problems, dates, nightmares, families, all the good and the bad is a part of their daily lives, and they go through it together, because despite everything, they’re still only teenagers.


Snippets of the Bakusquad’s daily life, bonding, learning and growing together, because through their UA experiences, they lean onto each other for support.

Chapter 1

“Ah, Katsuki!”

Mitsuki Bakugou had never wanted to be an overprotective parent. She had always believed that it was good to let your child learn through experience. Making mistakes was as important as learning to come back from them, that was what she believed, so she had always been more easy-going with her child than most parents she knew.

So she had thought, and for the most part, it had worked well enough. Her child had grown up to be strong and confident.

She had thought that would be good for him. Unfortunately, she had realized too late that those traits had come packaged with a type of single-handed independence and self-assuredness, which turned out to be flaws more than they were strengths.

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Three popular and gorgeous females construct a fail proof plan to transform Bay Valley High’s social loner into playboy Grayson Dolan’s demise.

Originally posted by thedolangifs

^cred to thedolangifs

Chapter 1 | The Plan

If I’ve never looked like a hooker before, I look like one now. Star can pull off the edgy look, but me, not so much. “Come out and let us see!" 

Star is standing behind me, watching my face through the mirror as I scrunch my nose with distaste. I reach over to grab the price tag that is poking a hole into my armpit, the number making me shutter. "No way. This dress is $200 anyway, I can’t afford that." 

Star rolls her eyes before picking another hanger from the rack of clothes, pulling the zipper down my back harshly as she yanks the silky material from my shoulders and across my hips. "Price doesn’t matter, nerd. I’m buying.” My mouth drops in disbelief, ready to shoot down the idea of any such thing before her long manicured fingernail pushes over my lips. “I didn’t ask you, I’m telling you, now shut up and try this on.”

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anonymous asked:

I asked my friend at school why some girls always gossip about their boyfriends and she told me they just need to rant about them sometimes but they still love them and then proceeded to tell me that I will know how it feels when I get one and I just smiled and nodded trying not to tell her I'm not interested in boys

Aw yeah haha unfortunately that happens to us all pretty often, in fact, it happened to me just yesterday.

I choose to look at it like an inside joke, where i know something they don’t and then I have to prevent myself from making all these terrible puns and bad jokes that would cause me to accidentally come out.. If it upsets you though, id recommend doing that, it definitely helps keep the spirits up <3

anonymous asked:

there aren't many writing prompts about dancing and even fewer about ballet so as a ballerina do you have any realistic ideas for writing prompts? i know it isn't exactly what you do here but if you have any ideas would be v greatful. also your blog is very helpful, thanks for running it 💗💗💗

Hi there!

Thank you nonnie, I’m happy you like this blog ^^

Well, I’m not quite sure as to which kind of prompts you would like to see from me, but there are a few details about ballet that I’d love to see in some of you awesome writers’ stories.

Let your dancers use rosin, complain about the fact that that stuff is sticky and stains clothes. Imagine someone has just bought a super cute new leotard and now it’s covered in white rosin stains: absolutely horrifying.

Speaking of leotards, some ballerinas who are obsessed with them. Maybe they could go shopping for a new one or exchange their leotards with their friends, try to dress as fashionably as they can and try out new hairstyles and elaborate chignons for practice.

Usually, dancers receive flowers and gifts from their audience and family/friends after a show. It can be a cute thing to write about: do they like the flowers? Are they better/worse/more/fewer than usual? Did somebody who usually send/brings them flowers suddenly not showed up (or the opposite)?

Dancers also spend a good chunk of their free time sewing and tending to their shoes. Pointe and demipointe shoes usually do not come with attached ribbons and elastics, so you gotta sew them yourself. The whole process of breaking in and personalizing pointe shoes for your own needs is actually a side of ballet that I rarely read about, which is a pity cause it’s pretty fascinating. I plan to write a whole post about this someday, but if you’re interested you could look at some videos like this one and describe the process.

Originally posted by sometimes-im-a-ballerina

Let your characters tease each other because of the role they have been assigned or act in character even out of stage/school for some extra shenanigans. Maybe they are on tour or they just transferred from another city: let them explore this new one and take silly photos together or try new horrendous recipes. Maybe they are from different cultures or speak different languages: how does this affect their relationships and their dancing? Are your characters still in ballet academy? Let them rehearse and practice barre on a balcony with their friends as the sun sets, let them caricature some famous ballet roles (my friends and I used to make fun of Odette all the time for example), let them gossip about teachers, look in awe at the seniors and look down at the juniors.

Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser

Ballet people (and dancers) are usually pretty young, so make them as lively and silly as you want: we usually like to explore and have fun.

I don’t know if this answers your question, shot me another message in case ^^

Hope this helps!

Script Ballerina

Sarcastic Flowers (Feat. KC)

Originally posted by lufreya

So I decided to write about my fave in Kingsglaive, so in honor of @luvleekaotix-imagines ( @thatonedaydream) I wrote this drabble that probably TOTALLY got Nyx’s characterization wrong, but i saw this prompt and i was like YES. So yeah the names Kai, and I think im gonna start writing for ffxv when i have the chance so send in requests!

You first met Nyx when he ran into your flower shop in Insomnia, during one of the few dull hours in the shop. He had a shit eating grin plastered on his face, and his eyes were gleaming with excitement. He sauntered towards the front desk where you stood in surprise, currently asking yourself how far you would get if you ran out the back door towards your apartment. 

He slapped a wad of cash on the counter, and asked “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” His enthusiasm slowly turned into embarrassment, noticing how pretty you were. You burst out into giggles, and he smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, that was a weird request-”

“No!” You cried out, between giggles “It’s okay! That just made my day a whole lot better! But anyway,” you stepped out from behind the counter and walked towards the array of flowers, “You’d need a bouquet of geraniums, which stand for stupidity, foxglove for insincerity, meadowsweet uselessness, yellow carnations literally mean ‘you have disappointed me’, and orange lilies for hatred.” Picking out each flower carefully and wrapping it with cute ribbon that complimented the colors, you turned around proudly and handed it to him.

“I have to ask though, who is it for? Because if it’s for a girl, I’m going to feel super awful about this.” You stated, ringing up the order in the register. He laughed and gave you a dorky smile.

“Naw, I’m not that cruel, It’s a white elephant gift for my buddy Libertus… Do I get a question now?” Nyx asked mischievously. You nodded slowly, and he grinned.

“Can I have your number?”

You laughed, surprised at his bluntness. “That was as smooth as sandpaper man, I don’t even know your name!”

“-It’s Nyx- I’m usually not this desperate, i swear, I just feel like this was super meant to be- You’re like super pretty and amazing and I’d love to-” You interrupted him by handing him a piece of paper with your name and number.

“Here you go, tell me how the White Elephant goes~” Nyx took the paper in awe, with the look of Oh my god that actually worked, said his goodbyes and headed out. As soon as he left, you picked up the phone and called your friend. “Hey KC, you’ll never believe what just happened…”

“ Wait, you actually GAVE your number?!”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a Yousana kinda Au-ish prompt for you: Sana meets Yousef's teenage little sister (she's like a year or two younger than Sana) for the first time since they've started dating and let's say that it's not as easy as Sana thought it would be... hope you decide to write it!

Hey :) I hope you like it! Please let me know :D


Sana arrived at the Acar house earlier than she was expected. She is so nervous that she’d rather wait twenty minutes at the door before ringing the bell instead of there being the smallest chance of her being late.

Yousef and Sana have been dating for about a month now, their parents knew of it of course. Since their parents knew each other anyway, thanks to Elias and Yousef being best friends since their childhood, there was not this weird thing of meeting the parents of your boyfriend for the first time. The conversation of telling them about their relationship was weird, honestly, it was but his parents are both so sweet that it went okay.

The thing now is that Sana has to meet Yousef’s sister, Derya. She can’t believe she never met her. While Sana is always hanging out with her brother, she never does. Maybe because they have a bigger age difference or maybe because she just has completely different interests. Sana really doesn’t know because according to Yousef and his mother Derya and Yousef are very close. Still, she has never met her before. Not properly, at least. Only in passing.

But if it went well with Yousef’s parents, there is a big chance that it’ll go well with his sister.

“Sana?”, someone shouts from the backyard. Sana knows it’s Yousef; she’d be able to identify his voice anywhere.

Instead of ringing the doorbell, 10 minutes early, Sana walks around the house and meets Yousef there. His head stuck into a small cabin that probably is an additional storage room. It’s quite funny seeing Yousef stick is whole upper body in there.

“Hi.”, Sana says.

Yousef quickly turns around and stops in his tracks. His eyes widen and his eyes wander up Sana’s body.

“Wow.”, is all he can say for a few seconds. He knows that Sana is beautiful like no other but today she is especially pretty. He can’t take his eyes off of her and closes the distance between them with two big strides and hugs his girlfriend. When they part he tells her: “You look very beautiful!”

With that he makes Sana blush and look at the ground to try and hide her smile. Yousef loves that he can have an effect like this on her.

“Okay, can I help?”, Sana completely changes the topic of the conversation. Yousef grins to himself and looks back at the small cabin.

“I was searching for the drinks my mom put out here to cool but I can’t find them.”, Yousef says while looking back into the cupboard. Sana looks at Yousef and then at the ground, right next to the door. She laughs which makes Yousef raise his eyebrows at her.

She points at the sodas in their packaging right next to the door: “Do you mean those, right next to you?”

This time Yousef shakes his head a little embarrassed but it doesn’t hold long. He doesn’t care. He picks up most of it because Sana has already a bag in her hand and then Sana takes the rest.

They enter the house and Sana is immediately greeted by the smell of amazing food. Her stomach starts to grumble even though she is not even that hungry. She would marry Yousef right now if it meant she could eat the amazing food his mom or he makes every day.

“Hello, Sana! Dear, how are you? Doing well I hope? How are your mom and dad?”, Yousef’s mother instantly asks Sana, as soon as she enters the kitchen right after Yousef. They put the sodas down on the kitchen counter and while Yousef goes to check what’s in all those pots Sana’s mother walks over to Sana and embraces her in a big hug.

“I’m really well, thank you! And mom and dad are well and told me to say hello from them and also give you this.”, Sana says and hands her the box with M'hanncha* Sana’s mother made.

“Oh, this is so nice of them. Tell them I said thank you, will you?”, she says and hugs Sana close for a moment and then goes back to the stove.

Yousef’s mother is one of the sweetest women Sana has ever met and being around her makes her always happy. 
However, when she turns around, she sees another Acar family member. But this one doesn’t look at all happy.

Derya looks from her mother to Sana and then to her older brother who is stealing some of the dessert for later. She doesn’t look impressed with anything at all and Sana’s stomach sinks. She thought this would be easy but the first look already kills her. Derya looks Sana up and down but doesn’t indicate anything of what she is thinking.

Sana is older, she is the guest in this house, so she steps forward and says: “Hi, Derya! How are you? I haven’t seen you in a long time!”

Derya crosses her arms over her chest and shows Sana a small, not very convincing smile, and answers with as simple: “Hi.”

Sana hears Yousef says: “Derya.”, with a distinctive undertone. Sana knows it too well. It’s the same tone Elias uses when she is supposed to behave better than she wants to. So does this mean that Derya doesn’t like Sana? Before, that was not a big question, they only saw each other in passing. Now it’s important.

“I have to study a bit more. Call me when dinner is ready.”, Yousef’s little sister says and turns around on her heel and leaves the kitchen. All Sana can do is stand there, not knowing what to do. She really wanted his sister to like her. She’s in with Yousef for the long run. His family liking her is very important to her. But this first encounter doesn’t promise much.

“Hey, are you okay?”, Yousef asks Sana and stands in front of her. He is aware that his mother is in the same room and probably has her ears directed at them but he doesn’t care. His mom is very supportive of their relationship, she loves Sana.

Sana looks up at him and smiles. The smile doesn’t convince Yousef, though. Yousef understands what the problem is.

“Sana, don’t worry. Derya needs a bit of time until she gets to know people. And I’m sure she’ll love you once you spend time together.”, his reassuring words help a little but not enough for Sana to relax. She actually thought this would go fine, why was she so sure of herself? “My parents love you, so will she.”

Sana just nods and turns around to Yousef’s mother to ask if she can help in any way.

Yousef coughs: “You can’t cook.”, and is met with a glare from Sana. He lifts his hands defensively and laughs.

While Sana doesn’t say anything to that, his mother does: “Leave the girl alone. You’ll cook for you two.”

See, that’s why Sana loves her so much. She’s just really great. This time Yousef glares at Sana, just playfully of course.

“You can’t just team up on me with my mom.”, he acts really offended and then starts grinning mischievously. “Maybe it’s better if Derya doesn’t like you, then.”

Sana gasps and lightly hits him on his arm: “Don’t even joke about that! That would be awful. You’re best friends with my brother! It would be at least nice if I got along with your sister!”

Not much later Yousef’s father arrives home too and they sit down to eat. The parents at each end of the table. Yousef on one side, Derya across from him. Sana next to him.

“So Sana, how are your studies going?”, Yousef’s father asks. 

Sana looks at him with a small smile. This is probably how Yousef will look when he is his father’s age now. They look so similar, it’s astonishing. 

“Pretty good. I just got back the results for my last exams and am starting to prepare for the last one for this year.”, Sana answers. The Acar family is very friendly. They are all like Yousef, very kind. Even though Sana has not spoken to Derya much and she doesn’t seem to like Sana much, Sana can see Yousef in her mannerisms and the way she listens to people talk. 

“Are you satisfied with your results, then?”, Yousef’s mother asks. 

Yousef watches how Sana nods a little. “Yes, they were pretty good. Some could have been better but overall I’m happy about them.”

Yousef rolls his eyes at Sana’s modesty and takes it upon him to tell his parents how it really is. “Actually, she is just being modest. She passed all of the exams with very good grades and what she means by ‘could have been better’ is getting all points plus bonus points.”

Sana’s head snaps to his direction and she looks at him widening her eyes and shaking her head lightly. He doesn’t have to do that; make her look like an overachiever. She is one, she doesn’t mind that. But she also sees how Derya looks at her with her eyes narrowed and a sceptical look directed at Sana. 

Yousef’s parents laugh about that and his father says: “That’s good! If you still want to be a surgeon like your dad you’ll need every point you can get and from what I’ve heard you study a lot to achieve that.”

Sana smiles with a bashful smile and looks down at her plate, getting shy. Yousef looks at her and can’t help himself and smiles. His parents like her, that’s really important to him. They are in it for the long run, after all. Maybe Sana shouldn’t have dressed this nicely. He can barely keep his eyes off of her. But when he finally manages, he looks at his little sister sitting across from him. Derya eats slowly and looks at Sana from time to time.

Yousef knows why Derya is being like this. Usually she is all rainbows and sunshine. She is just unsure about Sana because she doesn’t want him to get hurt. He told her he is happier with Sana than he ever was but she still had to see it herself. So when he meets his younger sister’s eyes he smiles at her brightly and she smiles back.

“You know, Derya is thinking of going to Nissen next year!”, Yousef says, looking at his sister first and then turning to Sana. 

Sana perks up and turns to Derya: “Really?”

Derya glares at her brother and reluctantly nods at Sana. “Maybe. I’m not sure, yet.”

Derya can see how much her older brother cares for Sana. All this time they were sitting at this table his eyes kept finding her, smiling at whatever she says really fondly, paying attention. Even before she came over he was all giddy and excited and whenever he came back from a date with her or just hanging out at Elias’ house he was super happy. But she has also seen him be really down because of the same girl. Of course he didn’t tell his sister everything but for some time it seemed like Sana was playing with his feelings and that Derya would never understand. How can this one girl make her brother so happy but had made him so miserable before?

She is too perfect, Derya thinks.

Sana is really pretty, apparently very smart, super polite and thanks to Yousef raving about one of Sana’s basketball matches a few days ago, Derya knows how fit Sana is. She can’t be this perfect and not have something about her that could make her older brother hurt. Sana is the first girlfriend Yousef ever introduced to his family. Derya is not sure if she is really the only girl he ever dated but she suspects that. Looking back, Yousef had always mentioned Sana in one way or another.

Derya is so deep in thoughts that she is surprised when Sana answers her. Sana turns completely to Yousef’s sister and seems to be really interested in what she has to say.

“Well, I can tell you that Nissen is really good! But ask someone else at Nissen and they might answer completely different. Which schools did you think of other than that?”, Sana says.

Derya’s very stoic look crumbles a little when Sana shows actual interest in what she has to say.

“Bakka and Steinerskole*. Those three are pretty good and not far from home.”, Derya says. Sana forgets her food for a moment and gives Derya all her attention. It’s not something she chooses to do it just happens naturally. 

While the two girls talk, the rest of the Acar family eats and listens. 

“Well, for Bakka you can ask your brother how it was and someone from my Basketball team goes to Steiner. So I could ask her to give you her opinion on the school. Because the websites are not trustworthy.” Sana knows how hard it is to choose a school. She had so many options because there are so many secondary schools in Oslo but she had Jamilla and Elias tell her of their schools and went to see them herself and decided that way.

Derya starts smiling and leans forward in her seat. Yousef notices it immediately and smiles to himself. He knew it. Once these two girls start talking, they would get along well. 

“You really would do that? That would be great!”, his little sister says excitedly and looks at him for a second: “No offense but I kind of don’t think about Bakka anymore so it’s between the other two schools!”

Yousef acts all offended and dramatically raises his eyebrows at his sister: “What is wrong with Bakka?”

“Abi*, they took you. So I don’t know if that is the best choice.”, Derya challenges her brother. This 14, almost 15, years old girl loves having these small ‘fights’ with her brother because it makes their parents think that they are actually fighting while the siblings know for sure that it’s not to be taken serious.

Yousef shakes his head at his sister and before he can answer, Sana adds in a small voice, unsure if she should say something: “And Elias. So you know.., it’s possible that there’s something wrong with that school.”

Derya looks from Sana to Yousef and grins at him victoriously. “Ha! See! Even your girlfriend says so!”

Sana smiles at Derya and for the first time today she is not answered with a frown but a smile. A small one. But it is a smile. That makes Sana grin immediately and she feels really happy. And she can’t really hide that. Yousef notices how Sana’s smile grows once his sister lets her mask fall. 

“Okay, then don’t go to Bakka. I don’t care. I’m not there anyway.”

“Aww, Yousef. Don’t pout. It’s okay that your sister doesn’t want to go to the school you went to.”, Sana says in an innocent tone.

His parents laugh at that while Derya just smirks. 

Yousef turns in his chair, to be able to look at Sana. “Oh yeah? You should’ve seen Elias when you decided to go to Nissen and not to our school.”

Sana furrows her eyebrows in confusion. Her brother didn’t care which school she went to. It’s not like they would have seen each other often there. He’s in an older grade. 
“He didn’t care about that.”, Sana shrugs her shoulders. 

Yousef laughs and shakes his head. “You think so? He did care. He talked about you choosing Nissen over going to school with him every day for weeks. Weeks!”

Now he was the one having fun teasing someone about their sibling. Yousef watches how Sana shakes her head at first and then stops to think. She really didn’t know that Elias didn’t like her decision? Well, he probably didn’t tell her and the next time Yousef sees his best friend, he will definitely enjoy teasing him about it. 

“Are you serious?”, Sana asks really surprised which makes the whole table laugh. 

After dinner the Acar parents go to sit in the backyard to drink their tea there. Cleaning up is on the teenagers then. Neither of them mind, right now. Yousef doesn’t care, he is just happy that Sana is not going home yet and Derya actually enjoys spending time with Sana. A little bit. She is more fun than Derya wanted her to be. 

“Noo, don’t. Yousef. Don’t..”, Sana says and backs away from him. Nobody should ever give him dish soap, ever. He uses too much of it and then proceeds to rub it all in Sana’s face. She covers her face with her hands and says: “O my God, you spend so much time with children at your work that you have become one again!”

“He never stopped being one!”, Derya comments from her seat at the table. She had managed to get off dishes duty today. To be honest, Yousef and Sana are disgustingly cute with each other and probably didn’t even notice. 

Sana laughs, throwing her head back. Derya sees how Yousef looks at Sana adoringly in one second and how he puts bubbles on her cheek in the next second. 

Derya could see it in Sana’s eyes that she would immediately strike back but she gets a text. She takes her phone out of her pocket, reads it and looks up at Yousef who went back to doing the dishes. 

“It’s Elias. He’ll be here in five minutes.”

“I could’ve walked you home.”

“It’s fine, we’re going to our older brother’s house.”

“I’ll walk you out.”

They both wash their hands; Sana goes to take her stuff and then returns to the kitchen where Derya is still sitting. 

“It was really nice seeing you!”, Sana says to Yousef’s little sister. She really enjoyed it, despite the hard start. Towards the end of the evening they really had fun. “And you should come over some time. Just tag along when your brother comes.”

Derya smiles at the older girl and shakes her head a little: “I don’t want to be a bother.”

Sana quickly shakes her head but Yousef starts to answer faster than she does: “Derya, the Bakkoush house is for the boys and I what our home is to you and your friends.”

Sana looks at Yousef with a smile but rolls her eyes at him. She then looks at his sister and agrees: “They really are there all the time. And you’re welcome, too. Really.”

Yousef and Sana walk out of the house and as soon as Yousef closes the door behind them, he turns to Sana with a wide grin. That makes Sana smile too but she looks at him questioningly. 


“You really teamed up on me with my whole family.”, he says in the most serious tone he can bring himself to use now.

Sana starts laughing and he joins her. He knows that she was worried about Derya but he was right earlier and is really happy about it. 

“What can I say? Apparently I’m likeable.”, Sana says laughingly.

Yousef nods. He has never seen someone like Sana and that she’s likeable is an understatement to him. “You definitely are.”

“Prepare yourself, they’ll love me more than you one day.”, Sana jokes but loves how it sounds. ‘One day’. One day in months, years, decades.

Yousef is too overwhelmed by Sana looking at him so lovingly, being as pretty as ever and joking about that one day in their future together to retort anything sarcastic. Instead he says what he really thinks.

“I don’t doubt it.”


*  M'hanncha - moroccan dessert

* abi - turkish way of saying ‘big brother’

* Steinerskole - a secondary school (I’ve been told that that is unrealistic as an option for Yousef’s sister and I’m sorry about that. I’ll change it when I find a right option- maybe someone can tell me?)

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U write ur trans characters sooo well!! Do u do research or do you have experience?? (If personal u dont have to answer!!)

aw, thank you, i’m really glad you think that, it means i’m doing my job right! and the answer is: a mix of the two, actually!
i myself am agender, and some of my closest friends are trans, so i get a pretty close look at how things are in general. some of them are activists, so they keep me up to date with what’s going on with laws and medical procedures so i’m actually informed about how stuff is going for every kind of trans person! dysphoria is a very personal experience, so i’ve also asked many different people how they live their own!
i also think writing a good trans character isn’t just about their transness, that they shouldn’t defined by just that aspect of themselves. kieren is a big anime nerd and a very kind and enthusiastic person, and evgenia is confident, fun and super competitive, i think that’s what stands out more about these two!

ZevWarden Week, Day 7: Commitment

OKAY this is quite late;;; my apologies. 

For Commitment Day, I’m posting Bésame! 


Allura Mahariel looked up at Zevran Arainai, someone she was currently not on speaking terms with, and noted his surprised, awed expression. He looked the beautiful, charming, mystery woman up and down, and the woman returned his call with a warm smile.

"Zevran! How long has it been?”

Zevran sauntered up to this Isabela, standing annoyingly close to her as they laughed and talked.

“Time has been kind to you, my friend,” Zevran complimented her.

“Such a shame I can’t say the same for you!” Isabela laughed. Even her laugh sounded pretty, Creators.

“Come to think of it,” Zevran began thoughtfully, “the last time I saw you, you were -”

“Don’t bring up old memories, sweet thing,” Isabela interrupted. “I prefer my imagination to what really happened.”

Leliana gasped behind Allura and muttered “Scandalous!” under her breath. Even Wynne tutted disapprovingly. That part didn’t bother Allura; she was fully aware of Zevran’s colorful sexual history before they met. It was what’s happening right now in front of her eyes that was agitating her.

Zevran was flirting with Isabela, right in front of her! Like she wasn’t even there! Why did he volunteer to come with them if he was still annoyed about yesterday? Come to think of it, why did he also sleep in her tent if he was so… disgruntled? That word gave Allura pause; she couldn’t help but think about how furrowed his brow got when he thought she wasn’t looking, or the slight pout when she didn’t make eye contact. She grinned despite herself. Adorable, she thought.

“Oh? Are we quite amusing, my dear Warden?”

That was the second thing he’d said to her all day. She wanted to tell him she was thinking about how cute he looked when he was pouting, how she hated that they weren’t talking. But with Leliana glaring daggers into the back of his skull (which he tactfully ignored), Wynne showing off her best “I told you so” face, and Zevran openly flirting with another woman, Allura decided against being overly sentimental.

“Not at all,” Allura responded nonchalantly. The easy way they flirted, the lack of distance between them as they stood side by side… she put a frustrated hand on her hip, despite herself. “Do you know each other?”

“Indeed; this is Isabela,” Zevran answered with a coy smirk. There was something about the way he said her name that made Allura uneasy. “Queen of the Eastern Seas, and the sharpest blade in Neverra. And Isabela,” he turned to his friend, “you will no doubt be amused to discover that I am traveling with a Grey Warden.”

“A Grey Warden?” Isabela repeated, impressed. “Charmed." 

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Thank you for your additions to the Chloe post. I didn't know how to word my reservations about a redemption arc for her and then you did it.


i’m not saying it can’t be done, but i don’t think ml has the scope or the skill to handle it well — and it really feels like every show lately subverts/plays with their alpha bitch trope? (or at least the ones i’ve seen lately: gravity falls, dude that’s my ghost, spectacular spiderman, ouat, teen wolf, etcetcetc — even bonnie from kim possible and diamond tiara from mlp had their moments, iirc)

idk, at this point i’d really like to see the bitch character played straight, and chloe’s…

tbh chloe’s kind of flat. she does things because the writers want her to do things, and 99% of the time, the writers want someone to get akumatized. that kind of fits her into the narcissist model pretty cleanly — her reasons given don’t need to be any deeper than ‘she wanted to’ and ‘but other people didn’t do what she wanted.’

it’s not that she’s completely incapable of caring — she probably cares about ladybug, andre, sabrina, and adrien to some extent — it’s that their needs and emotions don’t blip on her radar. (they don’t need to, because she’s more of a plot device than a character, but in the context of the argument…)

she’s just a teenage girl, but even as a teenage girl, that’s a huge amount of innate empathy to lack.

teenage girls (all teenagers and young adults, really, in my experience) tend to get wrapped up in their own emotions and problems and do tend to place those emotions and problems as higher priority than anyone else’s, but even then most of them could look at their sobbing best friend and say ‘shit man you’re not feeling so good today, i’d better lay off.’

like. they might not know quite how to lay off, or how they react might not help, but generally seeing someone they care about display a strong emotion tends to garner a reaction of some sort.

chloe, as far as i’ve seen, doesn’t react. as far as i’ve seen, nobody’s ‘human’ to chloe except chloe.

‘well, she could’ve learned that behavior from her mother’ falls really flat to me because i know people who were trained like that — my grandmother and my sister’s bio mother especially were really frickin awful people — and it fucked them up but it didn’t kill their empathy.

now, my brother’s friend — an aspie in a similar situation — was pretty chloe-like.

—right up until he got out of his abusive home life and had the energy and peer pressure to be nice again.

but chloe isn’t being abused. at worst, she’s neglected. she could be looking for validation, but she goes to school (and has been for at least four years) and she’s surrounded by examples of how to get that validation without hurting people, and she seems to neither notice nor use any of them. 

and i’m pretty sure it’s because she doesn’t realize she needs to; nobody’s ‘human’ to chloe except chloe, and that’s… well, i’m pretty sure that’s the definition of narcissism.

(as a side-note: she doesn’t really seem to be looking for validation either — her reactions and self-respect seem to be static no matter how people react to her. she’s the subject of everything from frustration (marinette), tolerance to gentle censure and rejection (adrien), pure rejection (ladybug), coddling and affection (her father), adoration to hatred (kim/dark cupid), pure adoration (sabrina), pure censure (alya) — right down to actual killing intent (evillustrator) — and chloe remains just as sure of herself as she started out.)

TL;DR right now chloe’s a plot device with narcissistic patterns, and i don’t really see how a show like ml could pull off a decent redemption arc in the format that it uses. also i’ve had a void of unabashedly bitchy antagonist characters and would appreciate this one staying that way.
I found his jumper part 7 || D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part,  Fifth Part, Sixth Part

A/N: wow there is a part 7. 

Word Count: 1.8k


“I thought you were smart, Edwards.” Charlotte snarled when I came home after the rain incident.

I wasn’t thinking straight so I didn’t show any reaction. Instead I just walked in and took off my soaked vans. Of course had she heard about Caleb’s wrong accusations.  

My room mate continued with a cold laugh.

“Did you really think Dan would date you?” she asked and acted like it was the funniest thing in the world. ’Yes’ I thought to myself and the thought made my heart race. Dan had basically said it himself only about 10 minutes ago. He would have dated my back in high school. I didn’t know what his opinion on dating me now was. If only Charlotte knew what Dan had confessed to me in the rain she’d probably rip my head off. Instead of telling her I just shrugged my shoulders, seeing no use in fighting with her again now.

“What’s that?” she asked, suspiciously eyeing the sweater I was wearing. I had nearly forgotten that I still had Dan’s jumper on. It was warm against my cold skin. The fabric was soft and it’s smell was to die for.

“It’s nothing.” I answered, trying to sound nonchalant. Her icy blue orbs evilly glared at me.  Of course Dan had to give me his signature sweater. He could have just given me his football jersey with his name on the back, it would have had the same effect.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too big, even for you?” Charlotte snapped.

“I have a thing for oversized sweaters.” I simply stated, before I headed to my room and shut the door behind me.

I had troubles sleeping the next few days. Every time I tried to close my eyes Dan’s image popped into my mind. Has words echoed in my head and my thoughts were racing. I had no idea on what terms Dan and I were. I also had no clue how to continue and I wasn’t sure how to act around him. The fact that I had thrown Dan’s jumper onto a chair right next to my bed didn’t help either. It was the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning and somehow it made me smile a little bit every time. 

When I walked to my classes accompanied by Hayley on Monday I was yet again the centre of attention. Countless of student’s eyes burned holes into my body. Fingers pointed at me and I heard people laugh behind my back. Caleb’s story spread like wild fire. I was pretty certain that Charlotte and her friends made sure that everybody heard that Rose Edwards slept with Dan Howell and was stupid enough to think that they’d date afterwards. According to his story I also bombarded Dan with texts and wouldn’t stop showing up at his dorm. I sounded like a pathetic little girl and nobody but Dan, me and Hayley knew that none of those things actually happened.

“You don’t have to walk next to me.” I whispered. I felt bad for Hayley. She wasn’t involved in any of this, but had to witness all of it. Everybody stared at her as well and she was now officially known as the best friend of the library loser.

“I want to and I will. If those jerks don’t have anything better to do than gossip about some bullshit than that’s their problem.” Hayley angrily raised her voice at the last bit so the students surrounding us could hear her.

“I hate that stupid Howell ass so much.” she groaned as we had finally reached our class room.

“Mhm yeah” I simply agreed although I wasn’t so sure of that anymore. I hadn’t told Hayley what happened on Friday yet, no wonder why she still hated him that much.

After I attended all of my classes that day I put my laptop and notebook back into my bag and headed out of the huge doors of the castle like university building. The sun was out and there were hundreds of people hanging out on campus. I was starving so I decided to head straight back to my room to cook something easy, like spaghetti. On my way across the campus I passed three very familiar looking guys. Phil and Caleb were smoking next to Dan. They were leaning against a big oak tree and the three of them together was definitely a sight that most of the female students couldn’t ignore that easily. My heart rate sped up as soon as I saw Dan stand there. He looked so good with so little effort. It was the first time since Friday that I saw him. I nervously bit my lip as I quickened my pace. Not really sure if I wanted him to notice me or not I started to walk past him and his friends, looking at my feet.

“Hey Edwards.” I heard somebody say, making me turn around. At first I thought I was experiencing a deja vu, but this time at wasn’t Caleb who shouted my name.

“Are you okay? You seemed pretty upset last Friday.” Phil asked me concerned as soon as I faced him. I saw Dan stiffen next to him and Caleb just grinned smugly.

‘What the hell are you doing Philip?! I was trying to avoid you.’ I internally groaned. How could he be the only one to not know what happened? Why must he also be so nice?

“Aw did I make you cry, sweetheart?” Caleb teased and Phil furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion. He looked between me and Caleb as if he was trying to connect invisible dots between us. I felt my blood boil again as I stared back into Caleb’s hazel eyes.

“I thought Dan and you just had another fight?” Phil questioned me, looking more confused than ever. In the corner of my eyes I saw Dan flinch as his name was mentioned, but then he continued to stare at the grass in front of his feet. He was clearly avoiding my gaze and that kind of hurt. Maybe I did want him to notice me after all.

“Don’t worry Phil, it’s obviously forgotten now.” I said more to Dan than to him.

Dan’s head immediately shot up at the comment I made. A little hint of panic in his eyes gave away that he understood what I was secretly accusing him of. I saw his eyes widen as he realized that he might have screwed up again.

When I walked away from the three of them after muttering a bye, I heard Dan ask Caleb for one of his cigarettes.

Back in my room I realized how worked up I actually was. Oh, yes I hated Caleb with passion now and I was also a little bit mad at Phil for being so naïve and oblivious, but most of all I was yet again disappointed in Dan. To be fair I wanted to ignore him at first as well, but after Phil called me over he could’ve said a simple hello, right? I wasn’t asking for him to punch Caleb in the face for being such an asshole. All I wanted was him to acknowledge me. When I entered my room to change into some comfy clothes I immediately noticed Dan’s jumper on my chair. This time though it didn’t make me smile. Instead I felt anger fill my veins.

10 minutes later I had entered the boys dorm again. I walked up three flights of stairs until I reached Dan and Phil’s room. God, why do I always end up here?

I was way too upset to be nervous. I tried to shove away my feelings as I slowly knocked on the door a few times. Phil was the one to answer it seconds later. He smiled at me like always. I didn’t understand why he was friends with Caleb and Dan. Maybe he was just nice to me and a dick to everybody else?

“Hey, I just wan-” I started but Phil interrupted me by inviting me in.

I had a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach when I entered the living room of the flat. I had already been here on Friday and being reminded of that made me feel a bit uneasy.

Dan was sitting on the couch and much to my disliking he was talking to Caleb. Both of them stopped in the middle of their conversation when they noticed me.

“Cal and I can give you two a moment alone if you want.” Phil offered, catching the way Dan and I were staring at each other with intensity.

“It’s alright. I just came to give Dan his jumper back.” I simply stated with zero emotion in my voice.

Dan noticed the dark grey fabric that was slung over my left arm . Horror was written all over his face. He gulped hard and one could see that he was trying to find the right words to say. He repeatedly opened and then closed his mouth without saying something.

“Have you finally given up on him, sweetheart?” Caleb snarled with a smirk plastered across his stupid face. He wasn’t even a part of this mess!

“It took you forever to realize that Dan would never-” he teased me. The story was repeating itself. But shortly before Caleb could tell me that Dan would never date a loser like me ,just like his high school friend had a few years ago, Dan changed the story.

Before Caleb could end his sentence Dan suddenly threw a punch directly to his face. Without a warning his fist forcefully collided with Caleb’s sharp cheekbone. The sound of bones crashing against each other filled the air as well as a loud yelp.

“Fuck, dude.” He winced in pain.

 I just stood there, staring at both of them in shock.

Dan’s cheeks were red in anger and his hands were still formed into fists. There was a dangerous sparkle in his eyes.    

After Caleb had regained his composure he blinked at Dan unbelievingly.

“What the hell was that for?!” he shouted in rage, but Dan completely ignored him. He jumped up from his spot on the couch and walked towards me, guilt was visible in his eyes.

“I don’t want my jumper back, Rose. It’s yours and I want you to keep it.”

anonymous asked:

How do you stay motivated to draw? Obviously you have people that love your art and support you, and whenever someone supports my art it always keeps me super up and ready to go. However I look at amazing artists artwork and I always feel drained... I love to draw but it's hard whenever you feel like you will never be good enough ya know? And when no one knows about your art so no one really cares to help because friends usually just tell you it's great out of fear... how do you stay motivated?

Aw man this is a pretty hard question to answer bc I feel the same a lot ;u; losing motivation sucks, trying to get it back is a struggle for a lot of artists I know so you’re not alone, don’t worry! I find having a place where I save inspirational work that I can look at occasionally helps me, and maybe sparks some ideas. 

It took me a long time to see amazing work as a source of inspiration instead of a source of envy, so that may get better with time ;o; just remember that these people have probably had a lot more experience, and you can get to any level as long as you have dedication to it, so it’s ok! Look at other people’s work and ideas as cool things to help drive you forward and inspire you to do your own cool things. There are so many good artists in the world, and you’ll totally be among them if you keep going. 

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Some of my friends were talking about how they've been catcalled and how awful and dumb it is but "every girl deals with it" and while I definitely don't want to catcalled I'm getting a complex about it bc it's never happened to me? I don't need/want male attention and I hate that it's even bothering me, I know in my head that it's not bad that it's never happened, but I also can't help but think that' it's because I look a lot younger than I am and bc I'm not "pretty". Ughhh why am I like this

This is something a lot of girls go through, we understand catcalling is horrible, predatory, objectifying but we wonder why it hasn’t happened to us. What you need to work on is realising that just because a group of horrible/creepy men don’t want to catcall you doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. Catcalling doesn’t = pretty, catcall is = i want to intimidate you, I want to mess with you, I want to express my entitlement to stare at your body. 

My friend was catcalled in school uniform at 16 not because she was pretty or old looking but because someone decided that they wanted to be creepy towards a school girl.

Catcalling = negative male attention and it’s about realising that you don’t need male attention to see yourself and for others to see you as worthy, lovely etc. 

Positive forms of male attention are probably around you, from male friends to someone thinking about you without you knowing it. The problem is we’ve been taught that overt negative attention is what male attention is and in truth a lot of men aren’t like that, a lot of them try to show you attention in more subtle, nicer ways that maybe you don’t notice and a lot of them are shy. 

As someone with a male best friend whose the latter I can say that there are tones of girls he’s thought are pretty, likes etc. and never talked to, never expressed it. Just because someone doesn’t cat call you doesn’t mean your not pretty.

It’s just about realising you don’t need that attention to feel pretty and that there are better forms of validation than catcalling. 

I understand where you’re coming from, as a girl whose never been catcalled I understand that it can be confusing and weird and you’re not sure how to view it. But trust me when I say that that’s normal and that it’s a good thing you’ve never had that sort of attention and that you don’t need it to be and feel pretty. x