look how pretty my friends are aw

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1. Who are you named after?
This is funny because almost all of my cousins’ and siblings’ names have a deep reference and my nAME WAS SIMPLY CHOSEN BECAUSE MY PARENTS LIKED HOW IT SOUNDED? My middle name is the same as my mother’s tho

2. Last time you cried?
Last weekend, I was having an awful day + horrible cramps

3. Do you like your handwriting?
It does look pretty sometimes, unless I’m in a rush

4. What is your favorite lunch meat?
I live for serrano ham

5. Do you have kids?
No I’m waaaaay too young, If I ever have children I’d like to be 25+ yo at least

6. Do you use sarcasm?
Depends on whose company I’m in! Conversations with a couple of friends truly demand the use of sarcasm hahah

7. Do you still have your tonsils?

8. Would you bungee jump?
GIVE ME THAT SHIT I’D LOVE TO oh my god maybe I’d die a couple times but I’m so curious of what it feels like you have no idea

9. What is your favorite kind of cereal?
Frosted flakes!

10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
No unless I reeeally can’t take them off without untying them

11. Do you think you’re strong?
Physically not at all, I used to practice martial arts but that was years ago, so right now I’ve got like zero physical strenght. Emotionally I’m a mess. Mentally I think I am? I try to be as consistent as possible with the goals I set.

12. What is your favorite ice cream?

13. What is the first thing you notice about someone?
ERR, if they make eye contact while talking to you

14. Football or Baseball?
Baseball all the way, though my favorite sport has to be voleyball

15. What is the least favorite thing about yourself?
My anxiety (leading to recurrent panic attacks and severe hyperhidrosis) and also my low self esteem sometimes gets the worst out of me

16. What color pants are you wearing?
grey sweatpants

17. Favorite smell?
Idk if it’s kind of weird but gasoline, I remember being on roadtrips and I loved the smell of gasoline when we stopped at the gas station

18. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
My dad

19. Favorite sport to watch on tv?
I don’t really watch much sports but during the olympics I enjoy watching voleyball

20. Hair color?

21. Eye color?
light brown

22. Favorite food to eat?
Tacos al pastor, I’ve lots of mexican family and I grew up eating mexican food which I loveeeeeee

23. Scary or funny movies?

24. Last movie you watched?
I was having a Star Wars marathon last weekend with my siblings, but we ended just watching A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and then I fell asleep halfway through Return Of The Jedi (But it was because I was tired af, the original trilogy is actually one of my all time favorites ;__; )

25. What color shirt are you wearing?
White t-shirt

26. Favorite holiday?
Patriotic days over here, I usually spend them at the beach and that really makes me happy

27. Wine or Beer?
Beer all the way

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Not all love is romantic, and sometimes that’s the best. Relationships with people that do not want to kiss you or make love are sometimes the most magical.

One of my best friends walks into college every day and a simple daily “hey!” will put a smile on my face, the way she smirks at me when i make an awful joke or how pretty she looks just doing simple things like tying her hair up. Her ray of sunshine on my day makes every day easier, but I’d never tell her. Maybe I should but silent gratitude is often the best gratitude. She’s my daily sunshine and I owe her the world, and she deserves it.

Sometimes, she can’t shine on me like the sun and that’s okay. Then it’s my turn to make her smile, then it’s my journey to turn her mid-day moon mood into that afternoon sunshine that I love so dearly. Gentle harmless compliments that might lighten her mood or something as simple as buying her some chocolate, there’s so much love I have for her. But never romantic, and that means the world to me.

—  Letters to my bestfriend #1

I feel like The Ace Discourse is like if someone begged to come to your party that you and your friends hosted because you were exhausted and just wanted to have a lil bit of time of not being in awful fear and anxiety, and they show up like “Ugh yeah aren’t we all So Tired of how it is out there? by the way, I don’t like your food and this music has Bad Words in it and honestly I think you should leave because this is supposed to be for people that are having a hard time and you look pretty happy so :/ by the way can we change the venue? and also I invited 2576 of my friends”

How’m I doin’?  Well, I’ve actually been havin’ a great time bustin’ moves on my skatin’ board, thank ya’ll very much!  Heck, th’ only trouble I’ve had with skatin’ was findin’ a helmet that wouldn’t ruin my flawless white hair, heh-hoo…

An’ did you see how those awful boys were treatin’ me?  You act like I’m some kind’f monster for wantin’ backup ‘gainst them grimy lil’ weasels!  Nah, trust me—what I’m doin’ is far from evil!  Lettin’ my prison friends showcase their talents ‘n all that?  That sounds like a pretty good deed t’me!  

After all, who’m I t’keep ‘em from followin’ their dreams…of…y’know…beatin’ up delinquents?  Specifically delinquents who mess with me? I dunno ‘bout you, but I think that sounds like a real noble cause.

Hehe, look at me, turnin’ over a new leaf n’ all that!

As for befriendin’ the Pines twins, well…we have our ups’n downs, a’course!  I mean, th’ last few days’f summer we hung out a bit—Mabel’s still a stickler for personal space (She’s warmin’ up t’me though, I know it!) an’ Dipper still gives me th’ side-eye every now and again, but we did end the week with a rousin’ game’f mini-golf, which we all seemed t’enjoy!

Loser had t’buy the winner a milkshake…so I ended up buyin’ a milkshake for my marshmallow!  Isn’t that th’ sweetest thing?

I’m not gonna lie…I’m sorta lookin’ forward t’seein’ em again next summer.  

But—but don’t tell ‘em that or nothin’!  We wouldn’t wanna have t’get Ghosteyes involved on your behalf, now would we?

*~*~Lil Gideon~*~*

Guess who I just met?

So, today happened something I’ve waiting for a long time now: I finally got to meet my waifu, esthellar. We’ve known each other for years and today we got to see each other in person. Go check out her blog: she’s an amazing artist.  ♥

I think that aside from a few people, she is the most hardcore gruvian I know!
Look how pretty she is! She’s also very sweet and funny!

And to celebrate our meeting, I handwrote her a drabble (sorry again for the awful handwriting!) and she gave me a drawing (she’s sooooo talented!) and I. JUST. CAN’T

Yeah, that’s Juvia, me and Gray.


I seriously lost the ability to can. Almost had a heart attack right at the airport.

Anyway, I just wanted to share it with you because we met after she read my stories and found out I was brazilian as well. From then on, we became friends. ♥

P.S. I hate you

*you and Niall hate each other until you finally end up having some rough sex* 

“God Niall you’re such a prick!”

 I yell at him as I’m walking down the hallway of the university where we both attended. Niall horan, the campus jerk and asshole. Truth is, Niall and I used to be the best of friends in high school. We used to hang out all the time and do everything together. Now here we are, our sophomore year of college and he continues to make it a living hell. He knows so much about me and uses it against me. I pretty much just hate him and how he acts now. 

“Aw come on (y/n), don’t be like that.”

 He grabs onto my arm and looks at me.

 “You know you like me. No wait, love me. Isn’t that right? Isn’t that what you told me when we were in high school?”

 He chuckled and so did his little followers.

 “Why does that matter Niall? Did you forget that you said it right back to me?”

 My arms were now folded as I waited for his response.

 “Pfft, I didn’t mean it. I only said it cause you did and I felt bad.” 

“Wow Niall, you’re an even bigger asshole than I thought.”

 I rolled my eyes and walked away, leaving him standing there and he watched me walked down the hallway. I had only 3 classes that day so now I was leaving to head back to my dorm. As I walked out one of Nialls friends, Harry, stopped me. He didn’t really like how Niall was towards me.

 “Hey (y/n), there’s a party tonight and I was wondering if you’d come?” 

I thought about it, wondering if I actually even wanted to be in the same place as Niall. Then I guess I could just to get him jealous. Cause deep down I knew he still had a thing for me.

 “Of course I’ll be there Harry, what time?”


“Sounds good, see ya then.”

 I continued my walk to my dorm, getting my key and unlocking the door and seeing my roommate on the couch making out with none other than Niall. I took my bag off and cleared my throat.

 “Oh..um..hey (y/n).”

 Tabitha, my room says quietly, looking slightly embarrassed.

 “Im just gonna um..go to my room.”

 She had got up by now and went down the hall to her room.

 “Way to be a cock block (y/n)”

 Niall stands up rolling his eyes.

 “Me? If you wanted to fuck her then you could have taken her back to your dorm. Why did you stop here hm?”

 He folded his arms and just stood there.

 “No reason.” 

“Really Niall? Pretty sure the reason you’re here Is to try and get at me.”

 “What don’t you get (y/n)? I don’t want you. I wanted to fuck your friend. Do you not want me fucking her and fucking you instead? I’m sure it is.”

I just rolled my eyes and scoffed, trying to walk past him but my arm was grabbed.

“Cause if I fucked you, I would have you screaming. You know that?”

“Fuck off Niall. You know I hate you. Also, I’ll be at the party you’re having tonight. Harry invited me.”

He seemed taken aback by that, his muscles tensing.

“Alright, be sure to bring your friend.”

Those were his last words before he left. I just sat on my couch, running my fingers through my hair. After doing some homework for my class I had told Tabitha about how Niall wanted her at the party tonight and hours later we were both getting ready and were leaving to head to their fraternity house.

Of course it was already loud and once we got there I was greeted by Harry.

“Hey (y/n), glad you could make it.”

I smiled at him and he let us both in ans Tabitha went to find Niall.“

“Would you like a drink?”

Harry asked me and I nodded my head and he brought back two beers. I guess I wanted to have fun tonight so I told Harry to keep bringing the drinks and by my third one I was a bit tipsy. My friends always told me I was a bit of a light weight.

Harry was laughing at me and he took my hand as he lead me to the floor where everyone was dancing and I started dancing with him. Of course Niall had to be sitting on the couch, staring at me with a drink in his hand. I smirked to myself and turned around, pressing my ass against Harry and started grinding on him and I swear I saw Nialls jaw tense up and he grabbed onto his beer bottle tighter.

I ignored his evil stares and continued dancing. After another song passed I looked around and Niall wasn’t at the couch any more. Harry whispered in my ear how he had to go use the bathroom and right when he left my hand was grabbed and I was being dragged upstairs to an empty room, the door being shut and locked. Of course, it was Niall.

“What the fuck Niall!? I was having fun!”

I spat at him and folded my arms and he just moved closer to me.

“Yeah I saw, you grinding your perfect little ass against Harry. I knew what you were doing. Trying to make me jealous, weren’t you princess?”

“N-no, I wasn’t.”

I lied of course, I really was and I guess it seemed to work.

“You’re a bad liar (y/n).”

He smirked and moved even closer until my back was pressed against a wall.

“You know, you look really good tonight.”

I looked away, not really wanting to speak. Deep down I still hated him for how he treats me but the other part of me was getting slightly turned on.

“Why you ignoring me babe?”

His fingertips ran down my arm and I got chills, his hand coming to rest on my hip. I again didn’t say anything and his lips came to my neck, kissing and kissing until I let out a gasp as he found my sweet spot.

“N-niall, what are you doing?”

I managed to say and he looked at me.

“Something I’ve been wanting to do. If you want me to stop, just say it.”

His lips came to attack my neck once more and I wanted to push him away but didn’t. This time he started sucking hard and a low moan escaped my lips at the way his lips moved against my skin. His body was now pressed against mine and his boner was growing against my thigh and I started moving my hips to give us some friction cause I couldn’t deny it was hot.

“God I hate you so much.” I groaned and pushed him off of me, but not to push him away, pushed him until he was back on the bed and I was straddling his waist. The alcohol that was going through my system gave me a serious boost of confidence. My hips grinding onto him hard and I heard the most animalistic moan come from his lips and I my panties were probably soaked.

He didn’t like the teasing obviously and he flipped us over fast, pulling my skirt and panties down in one swift motion and lifting my shirt off my head, pulling my bra down with his hand until my breasts were hanging out. He attacked my right nipple, licking and sucking and then bit down slightly, my back arching off the bed. His hand roughly kneaded the other and his lower region came down to rub against me once more.

The hand that was kneading my breast went down to my heat and he started to rub my clit in circles.

“You hate me so much (y/n)? Then why is your pussy so fucking wet huh? So wet for me.”

He bit down on his lip and kissed me with such force. We were both basically drunk and angry I guess you could say. I think we both also just had some serious built up sexual tension.

“No more teasing. I wanna fuck you, now.”

He growled and flipped me over. Getting his sweatpants off as fast as he could, me helping him get his shirt off.

“Fuck, you have such a nice little ass.”

His hand came down and gave my right cheek a smack, making me bite my lip and whimper.

“Tell me how bad you want it baby.”

He groaned and rubbed his cock at my entrance.

“Fuck, Niall, I want it so bad..fuck me.”

He continued the torture, grabbing a fist full of my hair and yanking it back and bringing his lips to my ear.

“What was that (y/n)?”

He heard me, he just wanted me to say it again.

“I want your cock Niall, please.”

I of course gave in and begged, him letting go of my hair and rammed into me, grabbing onto my hips and pounding into me, making me scream out, but no one could hear since the music was so loud.

 “How does my cock feel in that pussy of yours huh?”

 “God Niall, so fucking good.”

 My head fell into the pillows, his fingers digging into my hips as he continued going in and out of me, his hand finding my cheek again and smacking it hard. The pleasure was so overwhelming and I ended up coming with no warning, my body convulsing at the sudden action. Niall slowed down and pulled my back to his chest.

 “I know you can come again sweetheart.” He said and starts sucking on his neck as I started moving on him again, this time slow but his hips started thrusting up slightly.

 “Oh my fuck.”

 I groan from the pleasure of him inside me and his assault on my neck which I’m sure will have a hickey the next day. 

“God…you drive me so crazy, you know that? Fuck.”

 Niall has picked up speed after his honest words he just said and I couldn’t even respond. I just kept moaning. 

“Truth is..shit..I still love you.” 

He was getting sloppy now and his hands entangled with mine as he picked up more speed and we both came together, his warm liquids shooting right through me. I laid my head back against his shoulder as I kissed his cheek.

 “So, you still love me huh?”

 “Yes (y/n), I do. Do you still hate me?”

 I smirked and looked at him.

 “Yes, I still hate you, but I also love you asshole.” We kissed once more and laid down on the bed and basically just stayed there until the party ended.


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