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idek why but for some reason the line that sells it for me that theyre going for transfem marco that episode is "how do i look?" Then "super pretty." like... that was a genuine question with a genuine answer? and not a joke at all? in any other show that right there... putting on makeup while wearing a dress and fake ponytail would have been where the jokes kicked in and it just wasnt. marco wanted to know she looked pretty and star was like "yea sis" im?

Important things that happen in Heinous:

  • Marco’s parents don’t bat an eye that Ms. Heinous refers to Marco with she/her pronouns or that he goes on camera wearing a dress, even proceeding to have family game night with Princess Marco.
  • Star does Marco’s blush and she asks how he looks and she says he’s super pretty.
  • Marco is suuuuuper sorry that he told people to resist their oppressors.
  • Marco is a famous resistance icon who gets royalty checks for his likeness being used in merchandise.

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Okay but can we talk about Star applying Marco's makeup and the whole "How do I look?" "Super pretty!!" because let me tell you I died

Honestly this episode killed me. I woke up early this morning to my favourite thing (breastforce freaking out at me over the chat), watched the episode, freaked out, missed the BIGGEST IMPLICATIONS, posted the evidence post and then went to uni. I’ve been super busy all day and haven’t had time to freak the fuck out with you all so bear with me for a few hours.

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herc and lafs daughter calls maria 'auntie maria' and plays with marias hair all the time,, once she found marias lipstick and boy oh boy laf had a heart attack, maria and herc were in the corner laughing so hard they cried


there was lipstick everywhere,,, it ruined laf’s favourite throw pillows, there were lipstick hearts drawn on the walls, and there was so much lipstick around their daughter’s lil mouth that it looked like she ate it,, ,, buT neither of them were mad because she asked each of them how pretty she looked, and they had to be honest: she was the prettiest thing either of them had ever seen

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I love how navi looked in shed!!! Her black was a pretty pastel blue and the orange was so soft.... with the rainbow iridescence she looked so beautiful!

Right??? I honestly wouldn’t be against having those be her actual colors :P


Sebastian Stan behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War (2016)