look how pretty he is when he talks though

okay but soccer player Calum would be that kid at school. the one who got all the girls, the one who everyone wanted to be friends with, the one who never seemed to study at all but still managed to make it through school. he was popular, and broke hearts every here and there. he was the opposite of you, who sat quiet in the back of class, always taking notes and never, ever, talking to anyone except that nice old lady who worked at the school library.
and even though Calum never had said a word to that pretty girl at the back of his English class, he still craved her more than anything. he didn’t know why, but he needed her. he knew that she wasn’t like the other girls, and maybe he just liked the way you always seemed to chew at your bottom lip when you got nervous, or how happy you looked even though you had to eat your lunch all alone in the library.
he made it his mission to get to know you, which meant running over to the library every day after practice, just to walk around and pretending to look through the bookshelves, when he actually was looking at you. and maybe he finally managed to awkwardly approach you, and maybe he had to try for weeks before he was able to make you giggle at his jokes, but maybe then he found himself sitting across you from the table, smiling while listening to you as you’re telling him about your favourite book during lunch, and maybe, in that moment, he realised that he had managed to fall for you.

So I’ve brought up this head canon in various places but I don’t think I’ve posted about it here.

I think that when they were younger, it was Lewis not Arthur that had problems with being bullied. I mean imagine a middle school age boy that likes things like sailor moon and wears “girly” colors like purple and pink. He probably got picked on a lot for that. I also think before he hit puberty pretty late and was relatively small for his age, and couldn’t defend himself for the longest time. So Arthur ended up looking out for Lewis, even though Lewis worried about people starting to shit talk about Arthur too.(spreading rumors about them and such) until lewis hit puberty and got huge, then the teasing mostly stopped because his size made him intimidating. Though Lewis wouldn’t really have done much to defend himself if anybody did say anything, he doesn’t like fighting and has always been uncomfortable with how big he got cause he worries about accidentally hurting someone.

So when their roles are reversed and it ends up being Lewis saving Arthur from trouble, he thinks nothing of it and is just happy to be able to return the favor. But Arthur starts to think of it more like “Lewis doesn’t need me around anymore” cause he’s not helping Lewis and is just getting into trouble all the time.

Though this really isnt this case and at least once someone has said something nasty about lewis (cause of still dressing in “girly” colors, and they drive through some really conservative towns) and Arthur completely flew of the handle and was about to start getting in the guys face when, a very confused, Vivi had to intervene. Since she didn’t meet Lewis until later when the bullies had stopped being a problem she had never seen this sort of thing out of them. Lewis had completely shut down at the insult, and Arthur had jumped to the defense before even SHE had been able to say anything.

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Nordic 5 reacting to falling in love at first sight please? ♡

Tino (Finland)- Tino would be idly searching through the grocery store he visits pretty often when someone at the end of an aisle made him stop almost completely. To him, they must have been the loveliest person on Earth, and he couldn’t help but stare. He’d catch himself pretty quickly though and he’d look away, blushing furiously. He wouldn’t know quite how to approach them, and he’d be pretty adamant not to because he wouldn’t want to bother them. He might relent eventually and try and exchange really polite small talk with them, but that’d be about as far as he’d go if the other person didn’t reciprocate. He’d be pretty disappointed if they weren’t, but he wouldn’t necessarily do anything to try and change their mind. 

Lukas (Norway)- Lukas always enjoys going out to parks, because he likes to spend a good deal of his time in quiet places. He’d be passing his time there sitting on a bench and reading. He’d be completely absorbed in his book until he looked up and noticed someone sitting on the bench that was across from his. He’d quickly look down as to hide how shocked he was. The most beautiful person he had ever seen was sitting across from him, and he’d be mainly trying not to panic as he tried to figure out how to approach them. He’d definitely try and start up a casual conversation with them if they didn’t look too busy, and he wouldn’t hesitate to tell them how gorgeous he thought they were, in hopes that they would feel the same way about him.

Berwald (Sweden)- As odd as it might sound, Berwald spends a good amount of his time in furniture stores like IKEA, checking out the newly imported furniture. He’d basically just be meandering around when he caught sight of what could possibly be the most loveliest person he’s ever seen. He’d be pretty embarrassed instantly, and wouldn’t immediately want to talk to them in fear of intimidating or creeping them out. He would eventually decide to at least try, because if he made a fool of himself it wasn’t likely he’d see them again anyway. When he tried to casually walk up to them it wouldn’t look like he was nervous,but he’d be a little anxious when he first started talking to them. He might come across as a bit awkward while talking to them, so hopefully whoever it was would make the first move. 

Abel (Denmark)- Abel’s always out and about in popular places with large crowds so he usually spends his time in whatever city he lives closest to. He’d be enjoying the sights and popping into different shops as he went along. Suddenly, just as he’d been peering into a shop window to look at something that caught his eye, he saw someone else who managed to steal his attention. They were gorgeous, and he was instantly interested in them. He’s an extrovert and extremely good at talking to people, so he give himself a little pep talk and then go right up to talk to them. He’d be super cheerful and sweet, and after a few minutes of conversation, he’d shyly tell them how he felt about them, and while mentioning it, he’d also say it would be perfectly understandable if they didn’t feel the same way, as they had literally just met. If they were interested in him, he’d be overjoyed and couldn’t wait to start getting to know them better. 

Emil (Iceland)- Although Emil likes to mostly stay inside, once and awhile he actually enjoys going outside to hike so he can enjoy the quiet and scenery that usually accompanies  a hiking path. As he was walking along, he would notice someone else walking up on the path ahead. He’d be practically enchanted by them, and he’d be in almost a daze for a few seconds before he shook himself out of it. He’d be little confused as to why he was so interested in them, as it usually takes a really long time for him to develope feelings for someone, but he’d eventually just ignore that confusion to come up with a plan to talk to them. He’d speed up a little so he could be a bit closer to them, then would try to politely strike up a conversation on how beautiful the trail was. He’d be a little nervous to make some kind of first move, and he’d be uncommonly blushy, so he’d mostly be hoping whoever it was eventually got the idea and would address his affections. 

i talk about how real jikook is a lot, but ya know what’s also real?


yoongi fuckin’ loves hoseok so much, it’s unbelievable. like yoongi is generally pretty closed-off and quiet, but he really Lights Up around hoseok, you know? he can’t help but laugh at his stupid jokes and he just looks so much more comfortable when hoseok is touching him or he’s touching hoseok. and then hoseok just thinks yoongi is a damn genius and finds his quietness endearing. he reads yoongi so well and knows when it’s a good time to mess around and when to give him quiet time…like..they’re so compatible..amazing. 

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Optimus snuggling with his human s/o? ty ty fam

This request is so cute I love it!! <3

TFP Optimus Prime:

  • He’s not really one for snuggling or cuddling, to be honest. He’s usually always too busy to indulge in these things with you. Sometimes though, if it’s quiet, he’ll take a step back to spend time with you
  • He doesn’t talk much, if at all, while you’re cuddling with him - he doesn’t want to disturb the peace, though his engine is rumbling pretty loudly
  • He’ll run his digits through your hair and down your back, which helps you relax against his chest. He /loves/ how cute you look when you fall asleep on him
  • Sometimes, he’ll nuzzle his helm against your neck and pepper it with little kisses, and he absolutely adores when you do the same
#101 Talking to your baby bump (requested)

Dan: You awoke to something tickling your stomach. You looked at the clock- 2:36 AM. Down at your large stomach was Dan.

“… So yeah, daddy is pretty cool, right? He isn’t as cool as mommy, though. I mean, she’s given you a free ride for the past almost nine months. Plus when she found out you were a boy, she went on and on about how you’re gonna look just like her. Hopefully you do, mommy is much prettier.”

You’d kept still the entire time, afraid he was going to stop.

“But I mean, who knows. Maybe you’ll look like me. Maybe you’ll look like the postman.” Dan laughed at himself.

You’d tried not to, but you loud out a loud laugh, blowing your cover.

Phil: You were sat on opposite ends of the couch, doing your own things when Phil asked, “Can the baby hear things yet?”

“That was out of the blue,” you chuckled.

“I want to talk to her! Can she hear me?” He repeated, laughing with you.

“I think so,” you got closer to him so he could easily get to your belly.

“Okay. So, little princess, what’s up in there? I bet it’s warm. I bet you have a nice bed, a little sofa, and a fancy lamp. That’s what I’d want if I were in mommy’s belly. You’ve got it pretty easy. I mean, you tell your mom that you want random food and she just gives it to you! You only have two months left in there, though. So hurry up and come see me!”

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Russia,China,and America finding love at first sight? Like how would it play out? Would they become embarrassed?

Ivan (Russia)- As soon as Ivan saw what he thought is the most gorgeous person in the world at the small bookstore he was currently in, he was instantly smitten. He would go dark red with a blush and would be pretty embarrassed at how quickly he fell for them. He would try and come up with a way to have a conversation with them, such as trying to nonchalantly look at whatever they were thinking of buying, but even if he came up with something, he’d still be a blushing mess  while trying to talk with them, so he might come across as a bit awkward. If he and the person hit it off though, he might shyly suggest going to a cafe so they could talk more. 

Yao (China)- When Yao caught sight of someone so perfect he had to stop what he was doing and stare.He was currently window shopping, but once he saw them he became completely distracted. However, he would quickly catch himself and look away, surprised and mentally berating himself at the fact that he had never even talked to this person and he was already falling for them hard. He would try to ignore this feeling at first, bu eventually he would decide he just had to go and talk to them. He’d be a bit embarrassed at first, but would quickly get over it as he made small talk with them. He would be extremely polite through the conversation, and if they warmed up to him quickly he’d ask if they’d like to grab dinner with him. 

Alfred (America)- Alfred’s petty clumsy, so chances are if he was in public and got distracted he’d end up running into someone. He’d quickly apologize and help the person if they dropped anything and would pick their things up. Once he looked up to hand them their things he’d be blown away by how beautiful they are. He’d blush a bit once he realized he’d said that out loud, but he wouldn’t try to cover up what he said. He would be very kind and would apologize several times for running into them, and would ask to make up for it by taking them out for coffee or lunch. It wouldn’t be entirely for making it up to them, but he  just didn’t want to just leave without learning more about someone so lovely. 

Kai is hanging around a bunch of guys, and they’re all talking about things they like in girls. Everyone is mostly saying they like things like long, flowy hair and bright blue or green eyes. Then when they ask Kai, he thinks for a little bit and talks about how he likes brown eyes, and he thinks short hair is nice. They all start giving him these smug looks because he’s the only one who doesn’t quite realize he’s describing Jinora.

and Jinora overhears him because she’s around the area reading a book, and she gets really happy because even though she doesn’t care that much about looks, it’s nice that Kai thinks she’s pretty.

Ok so hear me out alright

Does anyone want a funhaus theatre au as bad as I do

Like please talk to me about up-and-coming actor Joel and a pining stagehand Adam.

Or maybe follow-spot operator Sean who can’t get over how pretty Joel looks with the lights shining on his face, highlighting his striking features.
He also gets really flustered whenever Joel looks like he’s staring at him, even though he knows the only reason why Joel’s tilting his head up is so he can project out.

Or a not-so-secret romance between set designer Bruce and fly crew member James.

Or even an OT7 love nest where all of their coworkers are confused about why people from such varying departments hang around each other so much.

Lawrence would be the stage manager, and Matt would be the production crew leader, not always appreciated for what he does, but the shows wouldn’t be possible without the work he puts in.

Just—i have feelings about a potential theatre au

Okay, so as I sit at school, angry that I discovered my class was cancelled after getting here I saw that Jason tweeted something (from someone else, I don’t follow him) and I am angry so here I am to angrily break down the article he shared which justified what he did essentially. [the article]

Okay, so the article starts off listing what happened, pretty simple. It explains that Lexa died, that the fans are angry by her death, by its context, how it happened, when it happened and by the lack of response from its creator. He notes Alycia being on another show and then dives in. They explain their initial thoughts, but I’m going to be more looking at his thoughts after he realized the fandoms response.

“People seemed to be treating Lexa as though she were the only queer girl on the show. As if Clarke, the bisexual protagonist of the show, didn’t count. But no one was talking about the queer girl who’s still alive. The queer girl whose story this show ultimately is.” First of all, we’re not saying that Lexa is the only queer girl on the show, where the hell have you seen people disregarding Clarke’s bisexuality? We love that Clarke is the lead character and bisexual, but at the same time in an industry where the number of LGBT+ characters, the death of one impacts everyone.

“But we also shouldn’t ignore the ways in which representation has changed for the better…” We’re not, but we simply can’t ignore the horrible way that LGBT, mainly lesbians, are treated on TV. Yes, representation has changed and come a long way but at the same time with this death happening, it’s showing that not a lot has really changed at all, all at the same time. 

“Yet in the context of this particular show? A show in which there are, like, zero completely happy relationships that don’t end in tragedy ever? I don’t see this as an instance of LGBTQ+-specific tropes.” Talking about the dead lesbian trope, this was said. I don’t understand how someone cannot see this as anything but. It doesn’t matter that her being gay didn’t contribute to her death, it matters that she had a romance built up, her and Clarke, and then she died, she was was happy - WE were happy and it was ripped from underneath us.

The article says in the paragraph afterwards, that Titus didn’t shot Lexa because she loved her, and yes, I partly agree, however it has been seen that in general, Titus doesn’t like her relationship with Lexa. He notes that he disproves Lexa’s relationship with Clarke, citing her past relationship with Lexa as an example. These are just the facts.

“Lexa’s death also didn’t come suddenly. Sex is not the only thing that determines a romantic relationship. Did Lexa’s death come soon after her love scene with Clarke? Yes, and that probably could have been spaced better. However, these characters have had a romantic relationship since their first kiss in Season Two.” Yes, everyone was expecting Lexa to die, we’ve been expecting it since it was announced that she was back. However, yes they kissed in Season 2, it doesn’t mean they’ve had a romantic relationship since then. Considering that Lexa left them at the mountain shortly after making Clarke angry at her, I don’t see that a romantic relationship. Their romantic relationship began this episode, for around 3-4 minutes. They had buildup to it, but they weren’t in a relationship. 

I will partly agree however, when the writer states that Lexa basically died to further Clarke’s storyline. Though I don’t agree with the statement as a whole, Clarke’s character development after coming back after three months will be utterly changed (as will Clarke) and wrecked. 

I do want to note, I don’t wish to slander the writer of the article (she herself is queer), I just wish to point out my anger with the article and how it proves that Jason can’t seem to tweet anything criticizing his decision.