look how precious he is oh god




OK, I’M GETTING SICK OF THIS, STOP TORMENTING MY BOY! WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU SO GODDAMN SCARY???? (side note- this is the closest we’ve gotten to the horseman so far, and it’s unsettling how similar his build is to that of Jack… plus, his eyes are a similar shape.)

JESUS BOY (in all seriousness, this scene was PAINFUL to watch)

I’ve gotta be honest with you- the scene with this guy was amazingly horrific. I’d be shaking in my boots if I wasn’t barefoot. The way he moved, his unnaturally twisted expressions, euuugh.

OH MY LORD HOW ARE YOU ALIVE!?! (if the story of the wolf truly parallels Jack’s, I’d say this is a good omen)



“Burp!” “Urrrp!”


“i halp.” “Wait stop-” “i HALP.”

sweet jesus. i stand corrected. this is the cutest goddamn thing. look at his face. he is so happy, my tired boy. lord give me strength


hoe don’t do it

oh my god

over the moon

a/n: surprise! my therapy is going well so i wrote this!! why cant I stop writing Yoongi fluff? ): he makes me so soft. also this gif/outfit is very dad!yoongi don’t you think?

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Yoongi was a highly intolerable person to be around. He was grouchy, precise about his work, wasn’t fond of people waking him up before three in the afternoon, didn’t like animals or small children, or people in general for that matter —however, all of that had changed when he met you. Don’t misunderstand, he was still a relatively prickly guy to be around, pretty much the only thing that had changed was your involvement to his life, even his friends had a hard time understanding what he had done to warrant your addition.

To Yoongi, the two of you were polar opposites, he was brash and blunt where you shied away from hurting people’s feelings, instead preferring to comfort and console —your field of expertise. He was hard where you were soft, cold where you warm, selfish where you were all too giving (something that annoyed the living shit out of him at times). And to his complete and utter surprise, and the surprise of literally everyone around him, it was you who had pursued him. An agonizing six months of insults and rejections hadn’t put off your warm smiles or offers for coffee and tea, your treat, until he had finally relented, deciding the best way to get rid of the annoying girl who kept showing up to his job and asking him out was to actually go out with her and be an ass —a simple feat really, all he had to do was be himself.

Only he hadn’t anticipated falling in love with you, or your moony eyes, or the way you stupidly seemed to always space out at the most inconvenient of times like at crosswalks to do the most unnecessary things like stare at a big star, which he had pointed out was not in fact a star it was probably a satellite because you two were in the city. Later that night he would convince himself he had grabbed your hand out of sheer obligation, so you wouldn’t get hit by a stupid car and he wouldn’t have to spend his night at the ER instead of watching Castle reruns and not because of the way your dumb face had lit up like a thousand Christmas lights just ‘cause he had grabbed your hand to pull you out of traffic.

Two days later he had decided he would take you out on another date because he couldn’t possibly let someone with so many stars in their eyes wander around the cruel streets of Seoul by themselves, you would probably take two wrong turns and get eaten by a shark or something. And it was definitely not because he liked you or the way you couldn’t stop staring at him when he talked about music or how you were so soft and pliable, or the way you had told him that Hawaii couldn’t be an island and a state it had to pick one. No, it was just his civil duty, he was too altruistic for his own good.

Three and half years later he had begrudgingly shoved a black velvet box in your hand, and it wasn’t because he liked you or anything it was only because it was too late to turn back now and he would look like a major ass if he like broke up with you this far down the road, and you were totally in love with him, because he had that affect on people (he had told you so too). To which you giggled and wiped at a stray tear asking if he would include that in his wedding vows. 

It definitely was not because he was so desperately in love with you it almost hurt and the thought of not having you binded to him even by some stupid court document when you possessed every piece of his heart and soul made it hard to sleep at night and sometimes he would stay awake just to watch you sleep and that was saying a lot because he loved sleep more than anything but now he loved you more than anything. And it’s not that he thought that you would leave him because, hey, if you didn’t realize how much of an ass he was by now, there was no hope for you, but because you deserved the world and then some and some stupid big fancy wedding with an ugly cake and people fawning over the two of you even if Yoongi hated it and kept tugging at his tie because it was choking him….. and that still wasn’t enough. 

And he had drunkenly told you so on your honey moon, as you stood before, cheeks flushed and looking like a fucking a fairy, he couldn’t help but spill over, pouring out years worth of affection. He told you it wasn’t enough, not for the girl who had come into his life like a whirlwind, who he thought hung the moon and stars for him every fucking night, who made his heart balloon, who made him feel, just feel so much at once his entire being felt like it was vibrating with the sheer amount of energy. It would never be enough, but he wouldn’t stop until it was, he would never stop loving you until he met you at the top of the moon. You grinned at him like an idiot, because there was no response that was not of the physical nature that would be suitable. 

Two years later he was here, in a grocery store looking very domestic as you wandered down some aisle doing God knows what and he muttered obscenities to his otherwise incapacitated passengers.

“Oh! Look at how precious they are!”

Min Yoongi was a highly intolerable person to be around. He was grouchy, precise about his work, wasn’t fond of people waking him up before three in the afternoon, and he hated when people crowded his children —

Yoongi blinked expectantly at the middle aged woman preening over the carrier, leaning in far too close for his liking, so close her obnoxiously scented perfume was choking him and he felt his blood pressure spike to an unreasonably high level. He cleared his throat, sending her a curt nod, to which she chose to ignore, instead taking it upon herself to rub a filthy hand over his child’s cheek. Min Yoongi reached in the baby bag for pocket bac—

“Babe?” Your voice caused a sense of euphoria he wasn’t yet willing to admit to and you smiled softly, “I was looking for you.”

You took note of Yoongi, who was so tense, you were sure if he were a cat his hackles would be risen and frowned in concern. All it took was one look at the woman with copious amounts of makeup leaning over the baby carrier to put two and two together. You sighed in understanding before letting out a tinkling laugh at his grimace. 

You rubbed a hand soothingly over the small of his back and he loosened his muscles, leaning into your touch begrudgingly. He was always so grumpy.

“Are they twins?” The woman cooed and you didn’t miss the way Yoongi was currently disinfecting one of your children as you bit back a laugh.

“Triplets actually. I’m the third.” He sneered and you pinched his side so hard he actually yelped.

The woman coughed uncomfortably before smiling at you, a smudge of red lipstick staining her teeth, “You have a beautiful family.”

“Thank you.” You smiled, rubbing a hand over your already protruding stomach.

“They’re alright.” He shrugged and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“Your husband has a very peculiar sense of humor.” She laughed awkwardly, but you were so used to Yoongi’s brash personality by now that you just sighed and waited.

“Husband? Oh no, I’m her brother.” He began.

You felt a hand on the back of your neck and you glanced up to see Yoongi staring at you with that look in his eye that meant—

He was kissing you, far too deeply, and far too passionately for broad daylight and in the middle of the feminine hygiene aisle at a grocery store, but you didn’t pull back because it was Yoongi and he was sweet. He tasted like mint gum and the Strawberry Apple baby puffs that he insisted he wasn’t sneaking when you weren’t looking and you felt a grin split your lips at the thought. There was distant mutterings of an excuse from Yoongi’s earlier companion but all you were focused on was the gentle way his thumbs coursed over your cheeks, and how as the kiss came to a close he kept placing gentle pecks against your own lips like he wasn’t ready to separate yet.

So as you took in your husband of going on two years, your partner of longer, the father of your children, Min Yoongi, in his black dad cap and distressed jeans with a baby bag strapped over chest and sporting a cat got the canary expression at you, you couldn’t help but grin. His actions were always so contradictory to his words, it was what made you fall in love with him all those years ago when you were but teens and he was working at a tech store. Min Yoongi was brash and blunt, could sometimes be cold but when it came to you and when it came to his children he was unbelievably soft hearted.

“Let’s go pay.” He sighed, gripping your hand, while using the other to steer the baby carrier, “Did you remember to pick up your prenatal pills?”

“Yes Yoongi.” You murmured.

“How about Gatorade,” he muttered, “the doctor said that you were getting dehydrated a lot quicker during this term.”

“Yes Yoongi.” You smiled to yourself.

“And don’t forget—”

You leaned up on your toes to press a peck on his check, “I love you, Yoongi.”

He froze for a moment, hating the way he cheeks flushed like a teenager as though he hadn’t just made out with you five minutes ago. He glared at you, “Let’s go home.”

and time goes on.

summary: Lin is a single father and Y/N is a single mother. They quickly become friends and then more but as time goes on things begin to happen, things begin to fall apart.

a/n: lin is the loml; 4.2k words babes.

He wasn’t the one to complain. He took things as is, so when his wife left him and left their son with him, he didn’t complain. He looked for the positive. He looked for someone who would love him even with his busy schedule and his young son. He waited years for someone just right to come into his life and change it for the better.

He was waiting for you.

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cute hob with his portable fan alskjdskdfl 😭💞💞

I just need to keep talking about Urie/Saiko because when she tells him “I am looking, I’ve been looking all this time" I just feel like she acknowledged his strength and ability as a leader? because Urie was saying "I’m strong, I’m strong, look at me”, that’s his biggest insecurity, to not be strong enough, to not be good enough, and he fought to gain his spot so much. I feel like Saiko’s words meant “yes, Saiko knows how hard you’ve worked, how strong you are” it’s like she’s validating his strength and his power. Haise always got all the attention from everyone (especially Saiko) and Urie felt like nobody was ever looking at him, but Saiko was. She knew. I love Saiko so much, such an amazing character oh my god

I’m always late. I’m fired

170222 Gaon Chart Awards

The only pretty picture that’ll be in this post

Everything is gifs. Oh my god, but hey. Gifs are good

Sitting together from the beginning~

So it’s normal at first, Chanyeol’s just closing his water bottle and then suddenly! He finds that his wrist smells or something.

“eyo baek, smell dis”

“ugh wtf man, what did you do to dat thing?”

“I think da wata was poisoned.”

So yeah, this was during a fan choice award and of course we need the Baek speech, and we have Chanyeol gently pushing Baekhyun towards the front~ I think he’s trying to emphasize his support ^^

Can you believe these two are grown men? I love how these two are always playing around with each other in their own little worlds~ They always make each other laugh and have fun with each other and it’s great. Their happiness is contagious.

Mhhmmmmm Baekuhen I see ya there. But besides the random gentle caress (can you tell I write fanfic?) look at how fast pulled his hand way XD honestly he just wanted the moment then had to act that nothing had happened. Maybe that girl had caught on, ohohohohohohohohohoo

Oh how precious ;-; Mum Suho always be showing his love for his childen

Ok who is this cameraman because I needa give him/her a hug. I love hi fives

“Oh look a flower, what shall I do with it?”

“Of courseeeeee! I shall give it to meh luv Bun Bakuhen. Here, accept my love”

Pork Chan: “TAKE IT.”

Bakuhen: “Nah son, I got my own flower here.”

Pork Chan: “O my god, fine. I neva loved u anyway.”

How rude.


Never mind the beautiful shoulder caress and thigh stroke, is Baekhyun ok? I think he’s dying. (Also Park Chanyeol why must you play with my feels?)

Yasss touching. I love touching. Innocently. 



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oh god, tony who used to be so cocky and confident around steve and now is fidgety and keeps playing with his fingers! rhodey would see it and be at his side in a second, he knows damn well how tony looks like when he's nervous and how he looks like when he's scared and now he sees the signs of both and he won't have it! tony is precious and he won't be treated like trash by steve.

Oh god, Rhodey would be in Obsessive, Violent, Protective Momma Bear Mode immediately. Can you imagine the carnage???

Because you see, Rhodey is already beyond pissed off by the time Team Cap comes swaggering back into the compound. He’s had to live through seven hours of no contact from Tony, not knowing whether he was alive or dead, had to watch Tony coming back only half alive, with wounds that have been caused by Captain fucking America. He’s watched Tony struggling to recover, unable to get the peace he needed, constantly stressed because of the public pressure and the amount of work it took to get these assholes back into the country.

So when Rogers has the nerve to contradict Tony within their first reconciliation meeting, all stubbornness and indignation–and he can’t believe that he used to find this inspiring–and Tony’s hands begin to twitch, rolling around the pen between his fingers again and again, until the skin is coloured an angry red, Rhodey snaps.

The Wrath of War Machine, christened by the newest, young members of the Avengers, will forever be remembered with both fear and reverence.

  • what i said: i'm totally fine
  • what i meant: you know i just really really love mark lee so much he's the most precious thing in my life he deserves all the love and respect for he's so generous, nice and has this leadership within him i mean look at how he looks after his members in nct dream and how he cherish them and also the same with the other units he's just this very kind person he's literally an angel i'm telling yall an angel with that kind of smile that brings so much shine giving the members a vibe of positivity throughout the day and oh my god also his laugh that makes me laugh as well his happiness is just so precious he's just i really love him with all my heart i'm-

“Okay..And done.” Connor pulled away from Evans face, putting down the mascara on a side table, giving a satisfied smile. A painful 2 hours of work and it turned out just perfect. Evan smiled softly, looking at the mirror next to them, chuckling quietly. “It looks great Connor. But why’d you do /this/ much? Seems like a lot.” Evan questions, turning back to the taller. “Oh nothing, Ev, I just wanted to make you look extra great today.” Connor winked and grabbed a rose from the side table and put it behind Evan’s ear. “W-Well Okay” Evan responds, having a swell time. “Well it’s about time for you to go to work and I can see Zoe pacing around so you should probably get to work.” Connor states, looking out the window as Zoe walks into the flower shop and flipping the sign near the front to OPEN.“Ah, Yeah I probably should get going. Thanks a lot Connor, and keep up the good work!!” Evan got up, kissed Connor’s cheek, leaving a very faint lipstick mark, and left.{Connor and Evan have a good friendship,,they r good bros mkay,}

 Once he walked into the flower shop, nearly tripping on the mat on at the entrance again, Zoe looked at him and threw him a bouquet of various flowers,  a few iris’ and dandelions, and requested him to sort them out and to go ask Jared and Alana, at the Lush across from the shop, if they want any flowers to decorate the place. He nodded, making his way towards the door. “Also, nice makeup. I’m guessing Connor is still using you as his model.” Zoe teased, Evan laughing softly. “Y-Yeah, I don’t know exactly why he d-dolled me up so much this time but it looks great so I r-really don’t mind.” Evan explained, with hand gestures of course. Zoe just chuckled and turned to go to her small office. “Alright, don’t forget to come back and please tell Alana I said she looks quite pretty today.” Zoe mentioned before closing the door. “Okay so you want me to tell her all of you gay ramblings with that?” Evan teased back, Zoe flipping him off pass the door.

 Evan quickly crossed over to the Lush, doors opened, and walking up to the counter that Jared was cleaning the surface of. “H-Hey Jared, I uh have a q-question!” Evan exclaimed stuttering a slight. As long as he doesn’t notice it, it won’t get worse. “Oh?What’s up Ev-” Jared went to pause his cleaning and answer Evan but instead he went wide eyed, his cheeks flushing quick. Evan wasn’t paying attention to Jared, just looking around the store, but he was talking and Jared couldn’t hear. While Evan was asking his questions and talking a bit, Jared was trying not to have a damn stroke on the spot. One thing Jared did hear was the bell ringing from the front of the store, Connor walking in with a shit eating smirk as he walked in with his hair in one messy ass bun and went over to Alana and they fist bumped.


What the fuck? Did they plan this shit? Suddenly Jared was brought back to reality by Evan waving his hand in front of his face. “H-Hello? Earth to J-Jared? Are you l-listening?” Jared just shook his head, cleared his throat, and fixed his glasses. “S-Sorry bout that Hansen, I kinda dazed out.” Jared tried to save himself. ‘I was totally thinking about how gay I am for someone as perfect as you. no not at all.’ Evan chuckled softly, placing a Jonquil flower behind Jared’s ear. Jared was about to die. Someone as perfect as Evan was being so precious and being so delicate right before his eyes. Being a Jewish man this makes him question God if he sent him and Angel. . “D-Did I even make a sound? Am i truly t-that boring?” Evan nervously chuckled. Jared just tried to stand as straight as a gay man can, and just tried to keep his cool. “Honestly I wasn’t listening because you’re such an adorable dork that rambles about the stupidest things. Not that I don’t mind, I just don’t care as much as you may think.” It was physically painful to say that but if you don’t be vulnerable you can’t be hurt- wait. Evan’s blushing and Alana n Connor are giggling. Wait-  "Y-You think I’m a-adorable?“ Evan teases a slight, he was mostly flustered but he wanted to hide it. Vulnerability. Jared going to respond but was cut off by a finger pressing his lips. "As much as I l-love talking to you, I should really get going.” Evan walking over to Alana and Connor, leaving Jared a blushing dork.

 "Oh my god Al I’m so gay what the fuck he’s so cute and precious and just perfect god is real because he obviously sent me a fucking angel what the fuck he’s just too great I’m so out of his league. did you see his fucking make up?? that was so fucking adorable and perfect too?? what ?? the hell?? he was being so cute and i zoned out while he was talking because i was shot in the heart by his beauty and how soft and red his lips look and how much i wanna kiss him oh my god you have no clue he put a flower in my hair d he touched my lips but i want him to kiss my lips not just touch them oh my god the flower smells so nice and it makes me think of him have i mentioned how nice he smells??? i love hugging him because he’s a great hugger and he smells so nice and is just so soft i can’t handle it Alana oh my god I’m so gay what the hell i wanna marry him i wanna kisses his face i want him to be mine i want to be with him but i feel like it can’t happen ever were just friends to him and i-“ Alana pressed his nose, making Jared stop rambling, and give a weird reaction expression. "Okay Mr. pretend you’re not gay when he’s there but spill your heart out to your coworker about how gay you are for a boy that works in a flower shop.” She teased, Jared rolling his eyes and crossing his arms. “Okay, Kleinman. If you love him so much, why don’t you go for him?” She asks, Jared scoffing and pinching his nose. “ Because Al, he’s too angelic and out of my league. Or at least I’m out of his league, jeez.” Jared retorts, raising his brows and looking at Alana.

“How about this, you go and buy some flowers like you’re getting them for our shop and then ask him if he wants to hangout and, hopefully, if he says yes you two can go hangout, you’ll give him the flowers, he’ll probably ask why or something but then just answer by kissing him.” She suggests, Jared giving a thoughtful look. “Sounds not to shabby, but what if he doesn’t like me back and I kiss him? Won’t that be fucking weird? Ruin our friendship?” Jared worries, Alana face palming. “You two are both so clueless of how helplessly in love you both are for each other. Look, were getting customers so grow a pair and ask the boy out already. ” Jared snorts, waking out of their office with a grin “Okay Mrs. Murphy.” Jared teases, getting a flick on the nose from Alana. “So w-who are these for again?” Evan asked, delicately taking some white carnations, jonquils, and a few roses of sorts.“Like I told you, they’re just a few for the shop and for my mother.” God he hates lying to Evan but he needs to be as slick as possible for this to work. “Is her birthday coming up or..?” Evan questioned, Jared nodding and winking. “That and I have somebody I wanna give some flowers to.” Evan was brought back. Did Jared have a girlfriend- no no he came out why would he have a girlfriend? Then does he have a boyfriend??


i totally didnt write this at 5am bc i couldnt sleep

itsaconquestofimagination  asked:

Mod Renne, could you possibly bless us with a part 2 to that mermaid!Kylo story you did. Cause it was fantastic 😊

Thanks Sara! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Kylo returned to the cave everyday after that, hoping that’d he see you again. Day after day he’d wait for hours until he grew frustrated and gave up, swimming away to carry on with business. He just couldn’t get you out of his head; he was almost beginning to regret not stealing you away.

What a beautiful human He thought wistfully, smiling to himself. Maybe if he kept on coming to the cave, you’d return one day. But, as his patience was wearing thin, Kylo decided to use a much more powerful mechanism to attract you to him.

It was thundering out when you finally fell asleep, mind so occupied that nothing but pure exhaustion could turn it off. Even though it had been a few weeks you just couldn’t stop thinking about the merman. Afterwards, you had even doubted whether or not it was real, or if it was just a memory of a dream. Though you swore you could still feel your lips faintly tingling, from the last kiss that he left you with.

Those thoughts melted away into a sea of impulses, and your body finally felt the relief of sleep. Eventually you dreamed, so vividly that it felt real.

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@devilangel657 mentioned you in a post “*inspired by that Obi Wan’s false sense of superiority post* What we…”

What if Yoda just has all the blackmail… Aka photos of every jedis childhood or growing up. He loves the creche and is there a lot so … He has photos of every Jedi that passed through the creche and is going over them to the documentary.

*tiny sob* Oh my God this is actually precious though?? Like he’s sort of embarrassing them but he’s also just like a secretly SUPER PROUD GRANDPA LOOK AT HOW CUTE ALL HIS KIDS ARE AND NOW THEY’RE ALL SUPERHEROES. He doesn’t really know how to do feelings, but now suddenly all this stuff he’s never shared with them is coming out. 

Obi-Wan’s going to die when he realizes that Yoda saved a picture of him from his 6th birthday when he’d lost both his front teeth (”cute, and bright, he was…but a troublemaker, yes, always a troublemaker” Yoda says fondly to the camera) or something and Obi-Wan’s going to have to leave the room because he doesn’t want the show to catch him getting all misty. The fangirl squeeing over Baby-Wan’s photos is audible. It’s a highlight of the season.

The Jedi Order is going to be brought way closer as a result of all of this, because people are going to confess things to the camera that they’ve never told their colleagues to their faces.

…Goddamnit, now I just want this to be what actually happened. THEY ALL COULD HAVE BEEN A HAPPY DYSFUNCTIONAL SOCERER FAMILY. 


Lee Byung-Hun and Ethan Hawke discuss how many ideas they had about their Mag7 characters (well, honestly, it’s just Hawke doing the talk and LBH being precious)

x & x

Bughead spoiler junkie.

Me: Alright enough is enough. NO MORE BUGHEAD SPOILERS.

Also me: *Scouring the internet like a bloodthirsty lamprey looking for something to latch onto*

OH MY GOD THEY’RE SO PRECIOUS MY HEART MY LIFE *rolling around on fire Bughead trash*

BUT SERIOUSLY How much does Mama Coop love Jughead because I NEED TO KNOW THE DEETS. Is that boy gonna stoop with the Coops? Yeah I have officially lost my fucking mind to this show, why God?

Betty: Mom, can we keep him forever?

Mama Coop: That boy can have your room if he wants. Just saying.

bransii  asked:

Hi! I'm a new reader and I just wanted to say I absolutely love your writing n_n Could you do some headcanons on Seven, Yoosung, and Zen with an animator MC? Maybe with them trying to help her with her work with their own talents and whatnot? Thank you!

Awwww! boo … Those words are precious to me Thank you!


You came from art school very tired.You got home and throw your stuff on the floor, then you jump to the couch and then gave a big sigh.

-”What happened?” Seven said

-”Oh my god!” You jumped out of the couch from the big scared that seven give you.

-”…” He look at you surprised

-”I didn´t see you there” you said.

-He smiled and said “sorry”

-You sat again on the couch and then saw how your boyfriend sat next to you and stared at you

-”Are you ok?”

-”Kinda…” you were lying

- “Do you need a hug, HBC, a bath, a good joke, a bad joke, do you want me to show you my best memes?” he said very woride for you.

- “I think a hug just for now”

-He imminently took you into your favorite cuddle position “What happened?”

-You sigh “Is just that I have a project and I have to do an animation of a free topic”


-”but I have an art block and I don´t know what to do, plus The date of the presentation is getting closer and soon I have to deliver my work…I think I would do it of some cliche story”

-Seven got up and then came back with all your favorite thing (food, movies, games, books,etc.) and he shows you all the thing that he got

-”What’s all this?”

-”Defender of justice, come to rescue you from the evil villain called an ART Block”

You just laugh and open your arms waiting for him to left all the thing out of his hands and then to hug you.

Originally posted by relationshipaims

You past like 5 hrs. talking, doing your favorite things (not related to art) and obviously searching for memes.You were so happy to spend so much time with your boyfriend that lately you two don´t get BUT the out of nowhere he grabs you by the hand and takes you to one of his babies (cars).You question him but he just responds with a smile. 

In the car was just silence but a good one,He has grabbed your hand and kissing it from time to time.

Originally posted by karlafqblog

Then you arrived at your secret place.The place where you knew that animating was what you wanted to do…

-”why are we here?” you said.

-”Sometimes you have to remember where you come from…and then you will see te progress that you made…” 

-”thank you”


-”What you mean by saying that you are doing the NEW  LOLOL trailer animation ?!!” *Internal fangirl screaming* 

-”I´m saying that I´m doing LOLOL´s new trailer animation…”

-Yoosung is like:

Originally posted by tandoresuperskull

-”yoosung calm down!” you said to yoosung with a smile.He is so cute when he gets excited by something literally anything  LOLOL related.

-”Sorry…”He tried to calm down  “Can you show me?” He puts his puppy eyes(This little bastard knew that You are vulnerable to his puppy eyes)

-”I´m sorry but can´t..” You tried so hard to be strong 

-”Oww…It´s ok” Yoosung said and then the light of his eyes wear off and he looks down.

Puppy face < SAD puppy face 

-You can´t do this to this beautiful baby, Are you a monster or what? ”Well…” When you said that you could see Yoosung´s eyes started to glow up“A peek wouldn’t hurt, right?” You are so weak 

-He gives you a big smile accompanied with a big eyes full of sparkle and he proceeds to hug you and thank you.

He saw the bit of clip that you had *Breathe deeply*You were blindness by the cuteness of your boyfriend.It was like seeing a child watching a new episode of their favorite series (like pepa pig or my little pony or whatever these kids watch nowadays) 

He always was worried because sometimes you get too much into your work and you sometimes forget to eat.So what he does is.

  • Gives you food.
  • Healthy snacks.
  • Back massages.
  • All that good stuff 


- “Hey! Zen…” you said with a little blush in your cheeks.

- “Yes..” he looks at you.

-”Do you remember that time I said that I had an Idea for a mini animated series…”

-”Of course”

-”Well …since I don´t have a big budget …I don´t have money for voice actors and I have 3 friends that will help me but I don´t have the main male actor voice…” 

-He knew where you were going so he immediately said ”I will do it.”

-”Are you sure? … I won´t pay you” you feel bad to not pay him because he is a good actor and he puts his heart to all of his work.

-”Mhm…What a bummer but maybe you can´t pay me with kisses” he looks at you with a smirk.

Originally posted by thevampire-diaires

-”Realy? and how many kisses would I have to give you?” You said with a naughty smile

-”Well,I´m a very busy actor.” He was getting closer to you “You know? so…It will be a very high number”  he then grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him. 

-”…” You just stared at him like What are you going to do you dirty man 

-”I think you should start now If you want to pay it all by this week…” he grab your chin in an attempted to kiss you

- But you place your finger in his soft lips and stop him from kissing you“First work and then I will pay you”

-”Ok…” He said with obvious sadness

-“Here is the mic and the script”

-”What? now?”

-”You want those kisses?” you said with a smirk in your face.


-”In the closet”


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-”I invested a ton of money on a good mic…” It was really good mic …ok?

Let´s goes say that your animated series got pretty viral and not just for Zen´s sexy and totally fuckable voice… 

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Prompt: Family Now Complete



“That’s it,” she whispers, nose to nose with the little thing. “We’re done.”

Rick chuckles, his hand at her back where she’s bent over in the bed. “We’re done, huh? Just like that?”

Kate can’t take her eyes of the baby. Perfect sweet face. Lashes dark on pink cheeks. The strain of birth, the exhaustion of a hard night’s work. “Just like that?” she whispers. “As if it didn’t take nineteen hours of labor.”

“Oh no, not a criticism,” he answers. A kiss to her temple, another at her forehead. “Are you going to share?”

“No.” She smiles to see that little nose scrunch, lips purse, a perfect bow. “Not sharing. All mine.”

“Ka-ate,” he sings softly. “Everyone will be here soon. Can I at least-”

“No.” She kisses the baby, not her husband. That tiny mouth, cracking open with a yawn. “Oh my God, look how precious.”

“I wish I was recording this. You sound inane with the baby talk. Who knew.”

“My baby,” she answers. Feels his lips bump her cheek. He’s bending in close, he’s practically in the bed with her, and she finally lifts her head and unbends from the baby. 

Her heart flips at how he looks at her. How he’s looking at her right now, despite how amused his words sounded, how relaxed and confident.

“Our baby,” she amends, though it’s not that. She knows it’s not that; he’s stunned by love too. For all his been there done that routine throughout this pregnancy, he feels just as bewildered and disoriented and in love as she does. “What are we going to do with a fourth?”

He laughs and shifts her over, settling his hips against hers and sliding his arms under and between her and the baby. “We’ll figure it out.” Their newest little boy. He cradles his son, and she leans against his arm to watch.

Bright morning sunlight plays over the baby’s face. Catches his hair and gilds his eyelids. She reaches across and lightly runs a finger down his exposed arm. “He doesn’t look a thing like the boys.”

“Lily was exactly this as a newborn, remember?” His voice has dropped to keep from disturbing the little guy, but it sends a shiver through her, makes her press her cheek harder into his shoulder. He glances at her, then back to the baby. “He’ll have your features, like she does. Thin nose, that mouth.”

She smiles. Her thumb unfolds the baby’s tiny fist. The boy squirms and his face twists in another yawn.

He bends over the boy and touches his lips to the wrinkled forehead. “Are you our last baby?” he whispers. “Huh? Mommy might be right, but we certainly said that about the twins. What do you think, little thing?”

“Now who’s the baby-talk fool?” she whispers.

He chuckles and lifts his head to her, grins widely. Old man. Beautiful man. He’ll never be old, not his heart, while she feels every minute of every day of every year. But at least she has him to keep her young.

“Thank you for my son,” he says then. “For one last baby.”

She smiles back and cranes her neck to kiss him, a touch of lips and breath. “Thanks for indulging me when I drunkenly jumped your bones and said won’t one more be so perfect?”

He laughs so hard he startles the baby awake, but it’s worth it. He cups her face for a better kiss than the one she tried to get away with, finds herself breathless as he hums his joy at her ear and the baby fusses in his arms. 

“Indulging you. Is that what the cool kids are calling it these days?”


Promises (Hades!Jinyoung AU)

Mother, I’ll never wake up from him,
I have already travelled too far. 
My mouth is the color of his mouth
and his arms are no longer his arms;
they’re mute as smoke, as my first white dress,
and the spear of his name, once ferocious, 
dissolves on my tongue.
like sugar, like birdsong, I whisper it:
-Cecilia Woloch

Your fingers traced over the intricately carved and blackened stone that made up the window before you. You gingerly sat upon the plush navy cushions decorating the seat just underneath the sill and sighed, looking down to your fingers folded on your lap. The bedroom held a hallow cold that seemed to cut through you, no matter how many layers you dressed your skin with. 

You missed your mother, a deep longing ached in your heart for her that you had never experienced before. She had tried to rescue you, but you just couldn’t hold on long enough. You were so hungry, desperate for any sustenance to quiet your stomach. What you had considered as such a simple and heartfelt gesture before, you now realized was just a mask to keep you locked away. 

Your fate remained the same for the rest of eternity. Six pomegranate seeds. Six seeds that would symbolize the six months of each year you were left to spend with your husband. 

The world knew him as Hades or Pluto, but you knew him as Jinyoung. God of precious metals, king of darkness, and lord of the underworld. 

You looked up from your hands and finally glanced out of the glass separating you from outside. Jinyoung’s mansion had been erected in a time before you were even thought of, placed directly along the edge of the Asphodel Meadows with a stunning view of Elysium. 

You gazed over countless wandering souls in the distance, but your sight was immediately commanded to look toward your spouse, busy in the front lawn. 

Oh, how you held such distain for him. No matter how handsome or charming he appeared to be, he was a kidnapper, a liar, and a fraud. You had been in his care for two months of your six month sentence, and he would never win your heart. 

You had promised yourself that much. 

You bit your lip, tilting your head as you stared at him. His frame was busy, dressed in casual clothes that weren’t his normal style. He wore dress slacks and a button down of course, but his feet were bare and his sleeves were pushed up to the elbows. His black tie, which was usually stiff against his neck was loosened, and he hurried to the edge of the bramble garden directly beneath your window. 

You stood slightly, attempting to catch his movements as he disappeared. As you searched for him, you jumped, a loud and deep bark echoing across the land. You looked up again to see Cerberus, Jinyoung’s massive, multi-headed dog, bounding across the lawn. Jinyoung reappeared, a wide smile on his attractive face. He reached up, scratching Cerberus underneath his large jaw and shouted something to him that you couldn’t quite make out. As soon as the words had left his mouth, he broke out into a full sprint, running across the yard. Cerberus chased after him, his multiple snake-like tales wagging behind him. 

Cerberus didn’t take long to catch up with JInyoung’s quick strides, eventually overtaking him and pushing him to the ground with a large paw. You gasped as the large dog stood over him, saliva dripping off of his large teeth. You winced just as you thought he was about to take Jinyoung by the throat, but decided to lick him instead. 

“Yah! Cerberus!” Jinyoung chuckled, loud enough to be heard. He pushed at the large dog’s chest as he attempted to lay on top of him. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself at the sight. Surely if a dog as large and hateful as Cerberus could love Jinyoung, maybe you could as well. 

Promises were made to be broken after all. 

You sighed, adjusting the strap to the light blue gown you were wearing. Jinyoung had gifted it to you on your first night in the underworld, hoping it would appease you. He had left it with a small note, “to remind you of the sky.” The effect didn’t necessarily go over as he desired, making you more infuriated than anything. 

You closed your eyes, took a deep breath, and gripped the sterling handle of your bedroom door. You pushed it gently, allowing it to spring open for the first time in weeks, and slowly eased into the hallway. 

Light R&B music drifted down the hall. You couldn’t help but smirk as you walked toward the sound. The hall was much longer than you had anticipated, furrowing your brows as you continued down it for what had to have been more than just a few minutes. Just as you thought you had decided to give up all hope, you finally saw a dim light peaking out from an open doorway. You nodded to yourself, readjusting your skirt one last time as you moved forward. 

The music remained low as you entered the study, greeted by the sight of the back of Jinyoung’s head, pouring over a novel in his right hand. He held a glass of a deep red liquid, you presumed to be ambrosia, in his left. Before you even had a chance to clear your throat, Jinyoung sighed, his back becoming rigid. 

“Hello darling,” he growled. He closed the book and placed his glass on the small table before him. He looked over his shoulder, giving you a kind smile. “It’s about time you came around.”

“Don’t test me…Hades,” you grumbled, your voice stern, you eased around the side of the lounge he was sitting on and sat beside him., keeping at least a two foot barrier of silk between you. 

“Now, now,” Jinyoung cooed. “No need for that…

…I noticed you’re wearing the dress I selected for you.”

“It reminds me of my mother,” you nodded. “Of living things, of the sky.”

Jinyoung bit his lip, nodding to himself. “Your mother can visit whenever she desires, I-”

“She wouldn’t visit this place if you begged,” you sighed. “Because I know I have.”

“Is it too late to send her flowers?” Jinyoung chuckled bitterly. “Curry a bit of favor?”

“Much too late,” you muttered. “You probably should have thought of that after your foray into abduction.” 

He nodded, remaining silent. His eyes slowly lifted, searching your face for any emotion, when your gazes met. It was the first time you had looked at him. Really looked at him. 

He was breathtaking. Dressed in an evening shirt and signature black slacks. His hair was carefully styled, pushed away from his face to better highlight his cheekbones and strong jaw. His focus never left you, his breathing growing shallow as he continued to stare. He looked at you as if you were the night sky, as if you were the only star. 

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly, looking away. “I…I’ve never been the best at expressing myself…”

“No kidding,” you whispered, looking away as well. He was too handsome to look at. If you looked too long it felt as if you were committing a sin. 

He took a deep breath, glaring at you through his lashes. The look was enough to cause a shiver to run down your spine and tie your tongue in knots. 

“I thought…I thought I was going insane,” he whispered. “As soon as my eyes had graced you…you never left my thoughts. No matter how deep I pushed you back…you kept surfacing. I knew you had to be mine.”

You bit your lip, surprised that his words had caused your heart to flutter. This whole situation was unhealthy and you wouldn’t condone it in anyway. 

But maybe, maybe there was something human in this God. Maybe there was something salvageable. 

“I know…I’m asking a lot,” he continued. “I’m not asking you to love me…I would be surprised if you ever could…but I want to make this pleasant for you.”

He reached out slowly, his hand shaking with nerves. He placed it lightly on your knee before looking up to your face again. “Please…let me do something for you.”

You furrowed your brow, unsure if you were even capable of speaking. Steadily you nodded your head. If you had to be here, maybe you could both make the best of it. 

“This doesn’t happen often,” Jinyoung grumbled, opening a black umbrella. 

“Don’t you think you’re being a smidge dramatic,” you sighed, closing your eyes and basking in the sunlight. You were just outside of the Underworld, having travelled the river sticks for countless moments to arrive here. Passing the figures of grief, anxiety, disease, and old age, you were exhausted by the time you had reached the outer gates. The entrance of the underworld lay on the outer bounds of the ocean, but it didn’t take long for Hades to lead you to dry land.

You had missed the warmth of the human world. 

“I have sensitive skin,” he muttered, lifting his elbow for you to grasp. You nodded, tucking your hand over his rolled sleeves. You had realized that this was the first bodily contact you had ever made with the God and you nearly retreated. His skin was cold, similar to marble as your fingers glided along it. He looked to you in surprise as you gripped tightly to him. 

“You’re so warm,” he whispered, blinking slowly. 

“Living has that effect,” you chuckled. He nodded to himself, taking a cautious step onto the beach he had led you to. “Jinyoung?”


“Thank you.”

His eyebrows raised at the two simple words that floated from your lips. He stopped, turning to you in surprise. “What for?”

“For trying,” you nodded. “I know what you did…is completely unjustifiable. But we’re in an non retractable situation at this point…and I’m too selfish to live miserably.”

He nodded along as you spoke, his face easing a bit. “Thank you.”

“Now what are you thanking me for?” you laughed, looking down. Jinyoung’s slender fingers reached up, grasping your chin gently. You nearly shivered from his cold touch, contrasting the sunshine around you. He tilted your head back up, forcing you to look at him. 

“For trying,” he whispered. “Eternity is an awful long time to be alone…but I think I can manage it with you as my wife.”

You let a small smile play across your lips, allowing for your eyes to close. You soon felt a soft pair of lips lightly on top of yours, taking heed as they pressed gently. Jinyoung took great care with you, as if you were made of porcelain. His lips were stiff from years without touch, a cautious wanting behind every movement. You sighed into his mouth just as he pulled away, admittedly too soon for your liking. 

Maybe…just maybe you weren’t hungry that day. 

Maybe…just maybe Jinyoung was the reason that you had decided to stay. 

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Mccoy walks up to the bridge to scold everyone (jim) about skipping medical exams but when he sees chekov, he walks over to him and cover the precious little boy's ears and continue scolding everyone

The doors swished open quietly as Leonard stomped his way onto the bridge, looking red faced.

“Bones, what are you doing here?” Jim asked as he looked up at Leonard, not entirely surprised to see him irate.

“You know damned well why I’m up here Jim!” Leonard started to yell out, stalking toward Jim, finger pointing. Leonard glanced over and saw Chekov having a particularly worried expression as he watched the exchange. Leonard rolled his eyes slightly and made his way over towards Chekov.

Chekov’s expression continued to get more and more worried as he fidgeted in his seat as Leonard continued to get closer. Chekov looked back and forth between Leonard and Jim, wondering what was going on, but stayed at the helm.

Leonard strolled behind Chekov and placed his hands over his ears and shook his head down at Chekov, who was trying to lean out of Leonard’s grasp. Chekov froze as he continued to glance up at Leonard who was getting increasingly red faced, to Jim who was only rolling his eyes at what the doctor was saying.

“You can’t skip your physicals, Jim!” Chekov could hear Leonard’s muffled yells through his hands. Jim replied something, but he couldn’t hear his reply. He couldn’t read lips, but he assumed it wasn’t pleasant by the loud growl he could hear coming from Leonard, through his hands.

“Don’t you dare laugh, Sulu!” You’re just as guilty!“ Leonard shouted once more as he jerked Chekov’s head around with his body as he went to face Sulu, making Chekov give a tiny “Aye!” as his chair swiveled.

Leonard stopped ranting at Chekov’s tiny cry, and he looked down at the poor terrified looking helmsman. Leonard dropped his hands from Chekov’s ears slowly.

“Sorry Chekov, didn’t want you to hear and got carried away.” Leonard grumbled out lowly, continuing to glare at everyone else on the bridge.

“It’s ok.” Chekov stuttered out quickly, nodding his head, afraid to look Leonard in the eye.

“I expect to see every single one of you in my Medbay by the end of the day. No excuses!” Leonard shouted as he stalked off the bridge, giving Jim and the others hard glances on his way out. Jim just rolled his eyes as Leonard gave him one final glance before leaving.

“You alright there, Chekov? You look a little shaken up.” Jim looked down at Chekov with a tiny smile

“Aye, sir.” Chekov said quietly, still trying to gather his bearings, while punching in numbers.

“Good. Mr. Sulu, please continue our course.”

“Yes sir.” Sulu replied, pushing up on the throttle.