look how precious he is oh god

Who is Lay?

♡ Zhang Yixing

where to start i love him so much

♡ Every exo-l is soft for this boy

♡ The most hardworking person on earth


♡ King of China

He is the china line

I wanna cry while hugging him my ot12 feels

♡ “Healing unicorn”

♡ Suho’s precious kid

♡ I’m pretty sure sm hates him

Dance line

♡ Visual

♡ Actor

♡ Basically perfect


♡ Has a separate fan base called Xingmis

♡ Yi(Xing) + Nai(mi)

♡ Yixing’s name + My name

Chanyeol is the biggest xingmi

♡ As you can tell from the name 

♡ He is S O F T

♡ His softness is nothing like ksoo’s softness

♡ We call him unicorn because he is literally unreal

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♡ He is the softest member

♡ He is just pure fluff

♡ Is cute

♡ Really cute

♡ Even if he just stands there doing nothing but existing

♡ he is cute

♡ When he is breathing

♡ When he is smiling

♡ When he’s confused

♡ Is the type of person who would fix the plushie’s bangs when a plushie’s eyes are closed and say

♡ “now you can see”

♡ he is literally an angel

♡ He would do anything for his fans

♡ Literally anything

♡ Reads all the fan letters at the airport

♡ Males sure he performs well otherwise thinks that people’s money go to waste

♡ makes sure everyone has a pic with him before leaving the conference he was on

♡ gives handwritten invitations in chinese and english which he wrote for his bd

♡ translated his album “Lose Control” to japanese,english and chinese

♡ chinese—->cantonese+mandarin

♡ Gives members special bags called “hope bags”so that they won’t meet any troubles

♡ His pureness can’t be explained with words

♡ While we’re talking about how soft he is

♡ I wonder if the blindfold he uses while he’s dancing to artificial love is also soft


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♡ I ain’t joking i’m serious

♡ I feel like he has a dark past coz those moves are pure sin

♡ He often likes to kill exo-ls with kai

♡ As a soft unicorn,he can also turn into a wild stripper on the stage

♡ I see hip thrusts

♡ Once he was performing Lose Control,his belt opened


♡ I mean he is so rude

♡ Has solo’s like Lose control,what u need? and monodrama

♡ Lose control is basically hip thrusts

♡ Along with lay’s heavy gaze and soft voice

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♡ It’s just rude


♡ We ain’t complaining

♡ His looks are everything

♡ He is the visual king

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I have found so many rude gifs u guys have no idea

♡ His smile is everything

♡ When he smiles

♡ The world just stops for a minute 

♡ It becomes a better world

♡ the sun shines a bit brighter

♡ the birds sing a bit happier

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This boy is srsly killing me SOMEONE SEND HELP PLS

♡ As he also works and promotes in china he has lots of photo shoots

♡ He is beautiful

♡ King of serving looks

I’m just gonna put this here coz this is art

♡ He is literally so handsome

♡ I mean he’s breathtaking

♡ Every pic that he has no matter with or without make up

♡ is so precious cause he looks so freaking good in all of them

♡ I S  E T H E R E A L

♡ I really dunno how to express this handsomeness


♡ Also an actor

♡ Played a cutie pie in his movie kung fu yoga w jackie chan

♡ Has a movie where he and his gay husband have a baby from the future lesbians called oh my god


i dunno what to say anymore

♡ Also Operation love where he is a character full of regrets

♡ but returns to the past and tries his best


♡ As i mentioned before,he has his own solo career 

♡ His last album lose control killed all of exo-ls

♡ Has a studio in china

♡ His voice is so soothing

His singing makes me want to punch myself

♡ Sings in many languages

♡ While we mention about languages

♡ His korean is just

♡ bootiful

♡ His korean teacher told him to get a gf


♡ Often makes pronunciation mistakes

♡ “Members wet their pants”

♡ “Jurazil park”

♡ Said penis instead of pepper 

♡ chanyeol was shook

♡ cameraman was shook

♡ exo-l were shook

♡ But its ok since we love him the way he is

♡ and baek often helps and explains him 

♡ There’s a precious friendship called

♡ Baekxing

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♡ Baek often explains him anything in korean

♡ They’re super cute

♡ Precious af

♡ Yixing just loves him so much

♡ Yixing just loves every member so much

♡ Baek is yixing’s nr.1 fan

♡ He also has a super confused side

♡ Always confused

♡ Bbh is his life saver

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♡ Fangirl bbh mode on

♡ You can actually ship lay with any member since he’s a fluff ball

♡ —->sulay

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♡ He is suho’s most precious kid since he’s innocent and easygoing

♡ —–>xiulay

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♡ —>Layhan

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♡ Even tough they’re former members he still keeps in touch with his brothers from china

♡ And supports them and their movies,music..etc

♡ also meets them in china


♡ also teaches sehun chinese

♡ Since he’s really kind and considerate towards people he’s loved by everyone

♡ His dance is everything you want in your life

♡ He is really passionate about dancing

♡ he is a choreographer

♡ What u need?’s choreo

♡ Lose contol’s choreo

♡ also helped they never know’s choreo

♡ Is close with 1m dance studio’s Kasper

U can actually spot kasper in every sm dance practice video

♡ His moves are so smooth yet delicate

♡ he is an angel dancing

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♡ He also ended saesang fans

♡ “as saesang fans have every information about us including our phone numbers,i’m expecting them to know teacher lee so man’s number too”


♡ He is really hardworking

♡ produced an album in china

♡ Shot 2 movies,one w jackie chan

♡ shot a drama

♡ Promoted exo

♡ promoted his work

♡ performed his solo work

♡ sometimes danced sometimes sang

♡ Joined his brothers for the comeback


♡ Did all those things in half a year

♡ As we can tell

♡ overworks himself

♡ fainted twice

♡ The photos taken today at the airport was showing how tired he was

♡ he works nonstop 

♡ he gotta rest

♡ he was working all the time when the rest of the members had time to rest

I fucking hate sm

♡ He is the most precious kid i’ve ever seen


♡ I swear if they comeback without lay i’ll fly to korea and let the sm building on fire after stabbing lee soo man 384737 times

♡ He is the cutest pls protect him

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Being Peter Parker’s lab partner would include..

- the angel is as awkward as always

- look at his lil face in this gif asdfghj he’s so precious

- a lot of spilling chemicals

- along with confusion

- ‘wait where do i put the iodine do i put it next to the sulfide or the sodium carbonate’

- ‘peter speak english’

- being paired up because you two were the most quiet people in class

- actually being the most shy babies during your first assignment

- ‘hi i’m parker peter, wait no-’


- anyways

- being so shy that you don’t make eye contact for a good two days

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Concept: you know how flustered Victor gets whenever Yuri, who's usually so cute/precious, goes into eros mode? That's exactly how flustered Yuri gets whenever Victor, who they both know is a two-time GQ's Sexiest Man Alive winner, does something totally innocuously adorable. A shy little smile when he thinks Yuri's not looking. Dancing while he vacuums and then getting embarrassed about it. Oh my god, Yuri loves that fucking man so much.



♤ actual soft ball of fluff
♤ fluffier than a pomeranian okay
♤ smiley kyungsoo makes everyone happier
♤ like he’s a little kid omg
♤ don’t tell me you don’t love smiley kyungsoo
♤ only satan hates smiley kyungsoo and you ain’t satan
♤ if you are satan hi how are you jUST KIDDING you better love him
♤ he looks so cuddly for once like
♤ i just wanna hug the life out of him he’s that cute
♤ fight me if you think he ain’t a cutie

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♤ don’t piss him off
♤ literally split personalities right there
♤ one minute he’ll be all happy but then
♤ when chanyeol happens
♤ room. evacuation. ROOM. EVACUATION.
♤ the world didn’t end on saturday 23 it’ll end when ksoo wants it to
♤ fucking angel devil hybrid in a tiny human body
♤ tbh he’s still cute af when he’s pissed
♤ constantly in bitch fight me mode

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♤ his gummy smile
♤ i swear it’s too omg
♤ i die inside whenever he does that
♤ like don’t tell me you don’t or else i’m just weird which i’m not
♤ it probably cures depression that smile
♤ honestly though it’s precious
♤ i would fucking kill for that smile it’s so cute
♤ you know when babies giggle and everyone is like aw so cute
♤ well i do that when ksoo smiles okay

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♤ his eyes are the like omg
♤ will be the death of me
♤ how they gradually widen without him knowing
♤ like could you not i’m trying to live here
♤ oh fuck it i’ll lose anyways
♤ always looks shook
♤ or he looks like he remembered that he forgot to turn off the bathroom lights
♤ either way shook
♤ actually that’s really cute compared to shook beagle line lol
♤ god i love those eyes awWWW

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♤ his vocals are actually god’s blessing to us
♤ like they could be drugs i wouldn’t know ????????
♤ also he’s literally the rap line
♤ it’s a beautiful sight
♤ stfu exo you ain’t got shit on ksoo’s rapping okay
♤ but in all seriousness his vocals are a blessing
♤ like i shit you not if he released a solo album i’d die a little 
♤ also when he sang in miracles in december my mum started crying okay

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♤ probably wants to kill chanyeol lets be honest
♤ but then gets giggly and pissed at the same time
♤ make up your mind dude
♤ also he’s like dON’T FUCK WITH ME BITCH
♤ sexual tension
♤ honestly if there was a film abt him and yeol killing eachother i’d be dead
♤ wouldn’t we all
♤ probably wants to poison chanyeol’s drink but junmyeon be like kids chill
♤ honestly i think he just enjoys witnessing other people’s misery 

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♤ i feel like one day he won’t have enough hair to cut
♤ like he cuts his hair so much are you okay bro
♤ literally looked like an egg for a few months
♤ still a hot egg
♤ would cook that egg
♤ also glitches out a lot
♤ making those hot ksoo edits for the dash indeed
♤ but actually he’s high quality meme material
♤ esp the times he wants to murder exo 
♤ tbh he’d look good in any given scenario lol esp smut

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♤ kinda looks like a member of satan’s cult
♤ probably will sacrifice exo’s poor bodies to satan (excluding yixing n jongin)
♤ chanyeol goodbye
♤ always looks angry or sexually frustrated
♤ 37% of the time looks cute
♤ cherish cute kyungsoo
♤ also when he was like the same height as sehun that was funny
♤ nice joke thanks
♤ really not that short
♤ who am i kidding lmao he’s short af compared to chanyeol it’s so cute

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♤ cutie
♤ but his aegyo is kinda
♤ looks like satan wanting to pet a kitten
♤ cute and unsettling
♤ isn’t he just wonderful
♤ especially in smut
♤ what oh yeah he’s sexy man
♤ sexy when eating food yum
♤ kinda looks either clueless or regretful when he’s with exo tbh
♤ “being famous means putting up with basic bitches like baekhyun”

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♤ his existence is a blessing 
♤ but a punishment to chanyeol lol
♤ cute tiny angel demon
♤ how does he even manage
♤ oh yeah he likes harassing exo without them knowing
♤ what a sweetheart
♤ aww his cute lips great for licking things
♤ like ice cream cones of course
♤ i wonder how fast he could eat ice cream
♤ what a nice thought eh ?????

dad!yoong + contentment 

Yoongi was a highly intolerable person to be around. He was grouchy, precise about his work, wasn’t fond of people waking him up before three in the afternoon, didn’t like animals or small children, or people in general for that matter —however, all of that had changed when he met you. Don’t misunderstand, he was still a relatively prickly guy to be around, pretty much the only thing that had changed was your involvement to his life, even his friends had a hard time understanding what he had done to warrant your addition.

To Yoongi, the two of you were polar opposites, he was brash and blunt where you shied away from hurting people’s feelings, instead preferring to comfort and console —your field of expertise. He was hard where you were soft, cold where you warm, selfish where you were all too giving (something that annoyed the living shit out of him at times). And to his complete and utter surprise, and the surprise of literally everyone around him, it was you who had pursued him. An agonizing six months of insults and rejections hadn’t put off your warm smiles or offers for coffee and tea, your treat, until he had finally relented, deciding the best way to get rid of the annoying girl who kept showing up to his job and asking him out was to actually go out with her and be an ass —a simple feat really, all he had to do was be himself.

Only he hadn’t anticipated falling in love with you, or your moony eyes, or the way you stupidly seemed to always space out at the most inconvenient of times like at crosswalks to do the most unnecessary things like stare at a big star, which he had pointed out was not in fact a star it was probably a satellite because you two were in the city. Later that night he would convince himself he had grabbed your hand out of sheer obligation, so you wouldn’t get hit by a stupid car and he wouldn’t have to spend his night at the ER instead of watching Castle reruns and not because of the way your dumb face had lit up like a thousand Christmas lights just ‘cause he had grabbed your hand to pull you out of traffic.

Two days later he had decided he would take you out on another date because he couldn’t possibly let someone with so many stars in their eyes wander around the cruel streets of Seoul by themselves, you would probably take two wrong turns and get eaten by a shark or something. And it was definitely not because he liked you or the way you couldn’t stop staring at him when he talked about music or how you were so soft and pliable, or the way you had told him that Hawaii couldn’t be an island and a state it had to pick one. No, it was just his civil duty, he was too altruistic for his own good.

Three and half years later he had begrudgingly shoved a black velvet box in your hand, and it wasn’t because he liked you or anything it was only because it was too late to turn back now and he would look like a major ass if he like broke up with you this far down the road, and you were totally in love with him, because he had that affect on people (he had told you so too). To which you giggled and wiped at a stray tear asking if he would include that in his wedding vows.

It definitely was not because he was so desperately in love with you it almost hurt and the thought of not having you binded to him even by some stupid court document when you possessed every piece of his heart and soul made it hard to sleep at night and sometimes he would stay awake just to watch you sleep and that was saying a lot because he loved sleep more than anything but now he loved you more than anything. And it’s not that he thought that you would leave him because, hey, if you didn’t realize how much of an ass he was by now, there was no hope for you, but because you deserved the world and then some and some stupid big fancy wedding with an ugly cake and people fawning over the two of you even if Yoongi hated it and kept tugging at his tie because it was choking him….. and that still wasn’t enough.

And he had drunkenly told you so on your honey moon, as you stood before, cheeks flushed and looking like a fucking a fairy, he couldn’t help but spill over, pouring out years worth of affection. He told you it wasn’t enough, not for the girl who had come into his life like a whirlwind, who he thought hung the moon and stars for him every fucking night, who made his heart balloon, who made him feel, just feel so much at once his entire being felt like it was vibrating with the sheer amount of energy. It would never be enough, but he wouldn’t stop until it was, he would never stop loving you until he met you at the top of the moon. You grinned at him like an idiot, because there was no response that was not of the physical nature that would be suitable.

Two years later he was here, in a grocery store looking very domestic as you wandered down some aisle doing God knows what and he muttered obscenities to his otherwise incapacitated passengers.

“Oh! Look at how precious they are!”

Min Yoongi was a highly intolerable person to be around. He was grouchy, precise about his work, wasn’t fond of people waking him up before three in the afternoon, and he hated when people crowded his children —

Yoongi blinked expectantly at the middle aged woman preening over the carrier, leaning in far too close for his liking, so close her obnoxiously scented perfume was choking him and he felt his blood pressure spike to an unreasonably high level. He cleared his throat, sending her a curt nod, to which she chose to ignore, instead taking it upon herself to rub a filthy hand over his child’s cheek. Min Yoongi reached in the baby bag for pocket bac—

“Babe?” Your voice caused a sense of euphoria he wasn’t yet willing to admit to and you smiled softly, “I was looking for you.”

You took note of Yoongi, who was so tense, you were sure if he were a cat his hackles would be risen and frowned in concern. All it took was one look at the woman with copious amounts of makeup leaning over the baby carrier to put two and two together. You sighed in understanding before letting out a tinkling laugh at his grimace.

You rubbed a hand soothingly over the small of his back and he loosened his muscles, leaning into your touch begrudgingly. He was always so grumpy.

“Are they twins?” The woman cooed and you didn’t miss the way Yoongi was currently disinfecting one of your children as you bit back a laugh.

“Triplets actually. I’m the third.” He sneered and you pinched his side so hard he actually yelped.

The woman coughed uncomfortably before smiling at you, a smudge of red lipstick staining her teeth, “You have a beautiful family.”

“Thank you.” You smiled, rubbing a hand over your already protruding stomach.

“They’re alright.” He shrugged and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“Your husband has a very peculiar sense of humor.” She laughed awkwardly, but you were so used to Yoongi’s brash personality by now that you just sighed and waited.

“Husband? Oh no, I’m her brother.” He began.

You felt a hand on the back of your neck and you glanced up to see Yoongi staring at you with that look in his eye that meant—

He was kissing you, far too deeply, and far too passionately for broad daylight and in the middle of the feminine hygiene aisle at a grocery store, but you didn’t pull back because it was Yoongi and he was sweet. He tasted like mint gum and the Strawberry Apple baby puffs that he insisted he wasn’t sneaking when you weren’t looking and you felt a grin split your lips at the thought. There was distant mutterings of an excuse from Yoongi’s earlier companion but all you were focused on was the gentle way his thumbs coursed over your cheeks, and how as the kiss came to a close he kept placing gentle pecks against your own lips like he wasn’t ready to separate yet.

So as you took in your husband of going on two years, your partner of longer, the father of your children, Min Yoongi, in his black dad cap and distressed jeans with a baby bag strapped over chest and sporting a cat got the canary expression at you, you couldn’t help but grin. His actions were always so contradictory to his words, it was what made you fall in love with him all those years ago when you were but teens and he was working at a tech store. Min Yoongi was brash and blunt, could sometimes be cold but when it came to you and when it came to his children he was unbelievably soft hearted.

“Let’s go pay.” He sighed, gripping your hand, while using the other to steer the baby carrier, “Did you remember to pick up your prenatal pills?”

“Yes Yoongi.” You murmured.

“How about Gatorade,” he muttered, “the doctor said that you were getting dehydrated a lot quicker during this term.”

“Yes Yoongi.” You smiled to yourself.

“And don’t forget—”

You leaned up on your toes to press a peck on his check, “I love you, Yoongi.”

He froze for a moment, hating the way he cheeks flushed like a teenager as though he hadn’t just made out with you five minutes ago. He glared at you, “Let’s go home.”

Mini Aaliyah

Dad!Shawn and Brother!Shawn. Honestly super excited about this one.

It’s been a long, agonizing 14 hours. 

But she’s here. You’re babygirl you have been waiting nine months to meet is here. 

But there was a small issue, you had lost too much blood and were being checked on. So you haven’t met her yet.

“I’m staying with you.” Shawn says holding eye contact.

“No Shawn, go with her.” You say shaking your head.

“No, I’ll meet her when you meet her.” He says holding your hand tighter.

“Shawn, I’m okay. Be with her.” 

“No Y/n, I need to make sure you are okay.” He says, voice shaking.

“Shawn,” You sigh.

“Fight me on it if you want but I’m staying with you. She has to go to the nursery anyway.” He argues.

“I hate how stubborn you are.” You close your eyes, leaning your head back. 

“I love you too.” He smirks kissing your forehead.


Finally you get to meet her, you’ve gone through your check ups and you are fine. 

“Are you ready?” The nurse asks, rolling her in.

“So ready.” You smile at her. She smiles and picks her up, adjusting her pink blanket. 

“Look at that hair.” Shawn says as shes handed to you. 

He’s right, her hair is covered in brown curls. They mimic Shawn’s, she looks so much like him. 

“Explains the heart burn.” You whisper as she is set in your arms. 

“She looks so much like Aaliyah.” He tears up. You look up at him, smiling at how he stares at her like she’s the most precious thing in the world. 

“She looks like you.” You say looking back at your babygirl.

“Ohh look she’s opening her eyes.” He says sitting next to you on the bed. 

“Oh my god, another set of brown eyes I’m gonna have to fight off.” You laugh quietly.

“I really hope she got your brains.” He says combing her hair softly, like he barely even touches her. Almost as if he does then she’ll break in his hands.

“Here, hold her.”

“No you got her.”

“Shawn, hold your daughter.” You giggle. He looks at you with a scared look.

You move and set her into his arms.

“Support the head.” You whisper, just reminding him. 

“She’s so small, like is she supposed to be this small?” He says staring at you with wide eyes.

“Yes Shawn, she is actually pretty big.” You say staring at her. 

You can’t help but stare at her. She looks so much like her dad, it’s adorable. Her brown curly hair, brown doe eyes, the same nose. It’s incredible. 

“I love you.” He says looking over at you. 

“I love you too.” You say back.

“You just gave me the most amazing thing in the world. You put yourself through the worst pain to give us a baby, and I can’t thank you enough for that.” He says tearing up again.

“Don’t cry.” You say wiping his eyes. “If you cry I’ll cry, my hormones are all sorts of crazy and I don’t need to cry right now.” 

“Sorry, she’s just so precious.”

“Hi, sorry to interrupt. But a young woman is out front, claiming shes the Aunt.” The nurse walks in. 

“Aaliyah is here.” Shawn says sniffing. 

“Go get her.” You say. He nods and hands you your baby. 

“Still set on the name?” He asks standing up.

“Seeing her now, I’m more sure than ever.” You smile at him.

He smiles and nods, walking out of the room to go get his sister. 

Manny and Karen are out of town. They wanted to be here for the birth, and they can’t get back until next week. But Aaliyah is home from school and did what ever she could to get here. 

“She’s lucky, if she looks like me.” Aaliyah says walking in, patting her brothers shoulder.

“Hey there.” You smile as she walks in.

“Hi there Mom.” She smiles walking over giving you a side hug. “There she is. You were right Shawn, she looks just like me. You got lucky kid.” She says combing her hair.

“You wanna hold her?” You ask.

“Can I?” 

“Here.” You say as Aaliyah sets her purse down so she can take your babygirl. 

“She’s so small.” She says looking at Shawn.

“I know, that’s what I said.”

“Her curls.” Aaliyah says rocking her slowly. “What’s her name?” She asks.

“Go ahead.” Shawn says looking at you.

“No you tell her.” 

“What is it?” Aaliyah says looking at her brother.

“Kathrine Aaliyah Mendes.” He says with a big smile.

“Wait, are you joking?” She says looking over at you.

“Kathrine Aaliyah Mendes, has a nice ring to it.” You say with a smile.

“Oh my god.”

“Well I mean she should be named after her god mother right?” You say looking from Shawn to Aaliyah.

“God Mother?” Aaliyah asks, at a loss for words.

“If thats okay.” Shawn says shrugging.

“That’s perfectly okay.” Aaliyah says tearing up.

“Man you Mendes’ cry a lot don’t you.” You say laughing.

“Leave me alone, that’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Aaliyah says handing her back to you so she could hug Shawn. 


You woke up slowly, hearing someone sing a lullaby. You open your eyes and they land on Shawn first. Asleep, uncomfortably in a chair.

Then you find Aaliyah, singing softly to Kathrine. 

Kathrine is holding Aaliyah’s finger and staring up at Aaliyah. Aaliyah is singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ softly.

“I thought Shawn would be the one to sing to her first.” You whisper sitting up.

“Hey there.” Aaliyah says looking over at you.


“Sorry, did I wake you? She looked like she was about to get fussy so I thought singing would distract her.”

“Thanks, it looks like it worked.” You say smiling as Aaliyah picks her up handing her to you. 

“I um just wanted to say thank you. You did not have to name her after me, or ask me to be the god mother. It means so much.”

“I couldn’t think of anyone else. When the conversation came up when I was pregnant my first thought was you. I wanted someone I knew would raise her the way I want to. I knew you would respect that, and I also wanted to the person I trust the most. Obviously that’s Shawn, but next in line comes you.” 

“You’re going to make me cry again.” Aaliyah says wiping her eyes.

“Awe don’t cry.” You say rubbing her arm.

“I love you Y/n. Thank you for meeting my brother and coming into our lives.”

“Awe I love you too Aaliyah.” You say holding her hand. 

“He loves you so much, and I couldn’t be happier to call you my sister.” 

“That is so sweet, it means the world Aaliyah.” You say smiling. 




OK, I’M GETTING SICK OF THIS, STOP TORMENTING MY BOY! WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU SO GODDAMN SCARY???? (side note- this is the closest we’ve gotten to the horseman so far, and it’s unsettling how similar his build is to that of Jack… plus, his eyes are a similar shape.)

JESUS BOY (in all seriousness, this scene was PAINFUL to watch)

I’ve gotta be honest with you- the scene with this guy was amazingly horrific. I’d be shaking in my boots if I wasn’t barefoot. The way he moved, his unnaturally twisted expressions, euuugh.

OH MY LORD HOW ARE YOU ALIVE!?! (if the story of the wolf truly parallels Jack’s, I’d say this is a good omen)



“Burp!” “Urrrp!”


“i halp.” “Wait stop-” “i HALP.”

sweet jesus. i stand corrected. this is the cutest goddamn thing. look at his face. he is so happy, my tired boy. lord give me strength


hoe don’t do it

oh my god


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Words: 2015

Archie Andrews x Reader

Requested by Anonymous: Can you do an imagine with Archie where the reader gets pregnant but with everything going on she decides to leave Riverdale, without telling Archie anything, and when things finally quiet down she comes back with the baby and Archie freaks out they make up and it’s cute?

Note: Whoever requested this, I’m so glad you did! Anytime I get to write happy Archie stuff, I will gladly take the opportunity. It’s a little sappy, but I  hope this is what you were looking for.

You had held the pregnancy test in your shaking hands, unable to breathe. Positive. No. It couldn’t be. You couldn’t be… pregnant. Riverdale wasn’t safe anymore, especially not for a baby. Archie’s dad was in the hospital, people were still recovering from Jason’s murder, Riverdale wasn’t the innocent town that you had grown to love. It was dark and full of secrets, and with Hiram getting out of prison, who knew what kind of mayhem they would have to face.

That’s why you made the decision to leave. As much as it hurt to say goodbye to everything you knew, it was the only option to keep your child safe. But there was one thing that hurt the most. Archie. How could you leave him now that his dad was in the hospital and he needed you more than ever. If you told him about the baby, he would tell you to stay, that you could figure it out together. How you wished that was true.

You knew that you wouldn’t be able to make it on your own. You had no family, no money, and nowhere to go. Taking a deep breath, you waited in a booth at Pop’s for the person you knew you could trust. Veronica slid into the seat in front of you.

“What’s going on? Are you okay? You said you needed my help.” She rambled, looking at you as if you were going to shatter at any second. It felt like you might.

“I have to leave Riverdale.” You blurted. Her eyes grew wide.

“What? Why?” She moved around the table so she was sitting next to year, holding your face in her hands. “Did something happen.” You looked down at your lap and nodded.

“Vee I’m…” You sucked in a breath. “I’m pregnant.” Her jaw dropped and she covered her mouth with her hand.

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hiii this is the same anon who asked about proposal hcs cause i need to see space dad happy™ if it's not too much for u could we get shiro holding his newborn daughter for the first time?? and also some s/o pregnancy hc and how he'll handle it if it's ok with you 💕 ur blog is ameze and i lovelove ur writing style 💗

Round 3 of the pregnant S/O series!!!

Let’s go along with my HC of Shiro having twins because maximum feels. Also I’m weak for dad!Shiro

“That’s it, Y/n! One more push! You can do this!” Shiro’s grip on your hand tightened as your doctor continued to urge you to push. He was shaking; excited and nervous to be a father but most of all, desperate to hold his children in his arms. He licked his lips and pressed a clammy kiss your forehead as you screamed in pain with the final push, “That’s it sweetheart, you can do this.”

Then silence. The only sounds in the room came from your labored breathing as the doctor assessed the small form in his hands.

“It’s a girl!” Shiro sobbed as the doctor motioned him over, “Would you like to cut the cord?” He nodded vigorously and willed his hands to stop shaking as he took the scissors. He could see the small foot of his daughter in the hands of the nurse who would be cleaning her up. He gulped, cut the cord and the nurse whisked his daughter away, leaving Shiro with just a lump in his throat and a mad desire to snatch his baby.

You sudden gasp of pain brought him back to reality and he rushed back to your side, “I’m here baby, I’m here. One more, you can do this. You’re so strong….” He kissed your temple and continued to murmur sweet words of encouragement as another contraction ripped through you.

“You’re doing great Y/n, just a few more pushes. I can already see the head.” 

The cry of your first daughter sounded along with yours and Shiro thought his heart would burst. His baby! His baby was here! But he had to wait. There was another coming and you needed him. “Breathe, baby. In. Out. In. Out. That’s it, you’re doing wonderful, baby. I’m so proud of you.” His grip tightened on your hand as you arched in pain, hoping that this would be the last. It was exhausting birthing one child, let alone two.

“Another girl!” The doctor smiled as Shiro looked at him in disbelief. Two girls. Girls! Two sweet little angels!

The doctor wordlessly handed him the scissors again, the beginnings of a soft smile visible just under his mask. Shiro’s hand was still this time as he cut the second cord, but inside he was a mess. It was over. Finally.

You had already slumped over in exhaustion, dozing lightly and unaware as the doctor finished up. Shiro, unprepared to see you so still, rushed back to your head, nervously brushing your sweat-slicked hair from your face, “Y/n? Y/n? Are you ok? Y/n?”

You lazily swatted his hand away, mumbling, “M’tired…”. Shiro huffed and kissed you again, content to let you rest so long as you weren’t dying. In hindsight, he supposed the doctor would have been involved if you were in any danger. Damn his anxiety.

“Mr. Shirogane?”, one of the nurses walked to Shiro’s side, a petite bundle in his arms as he smiled brilliantly, “Since your partner is out cold, would you like to hold your baby?” This was it. Holy shit, this was it!

Shiro felt is throat close up as the nurse oh so gently passed Shiro the pink bundle with a pat on the back. “Just support her whole body with your arm…that’s it! Babies can’t support their own heads, so be mindful! And always keep a hand under it…You’re doing wonderful, pops!”

And as he looked down at his first daughter, Shiro felt his heart swell and his eyes burn as he started to cry. She was perfect! Absolutely perfect! She was more beautiful than he could have imagined, with her little button nose, long black eyelashes, and soft wispy black hair. She was so tiny in his hands, so small and so fragile that she literally fit in one hand. Very, very gently Shiro touched her face with his organic hand, gasping softly to himself as she nuzzled towards the warm digit, instinctively seeking out his warmth. She was so soft! How were babies this soft???!

“Ready for number two?” Shiro looked up at the second nurse with wide eyes. Oh god, how was he going to protect these little precious angels? The nurse laughed at his fearful expression and instructed him to sit down and he did so with a solid thump, immediately cursing himself as he jostled number one in his hands.

“It’s ok, she’s pretty bundled up! Now just adjust her a bit…there and now let me just place this one here. There! Congrats, Poppa!” She ruffled his mused hair and went to do whatever it was nurses do between the birthing room and the first checkup. 

Shiro just stared at his second daughter in awe. She was just as perfect. Not quite her sister’s copy, he liked that her monolid was more pronounced and her little lips were pursed, like she was upset about her situation. He wondered if it said anything about her personality.

Their little heads were just small enough that he could rub his thumbs along their fat cheeks while cradling them. Number two made a tiny little sound and Shiro felt his heart flutter again for the millionth time. Oh god, they owned his heart and they were only 10 minutes old! They both shifted as he continued stroking their cheeks and he was absolutely fascinated by them. The way they moved, their faces, the little noises they made as they tried to find their voices…

He was in love again.

“…Mr. Shirogane? Mr. Shirogane?”

“Huh? Wha-?” Shiro’s attention was regretfully dragged away from his daughters as the first nurse (Was his name Mark? He couldn’t remember…).

“Sorry sir, but I was asking if you folks had chosen their names? It’s ok if you need more time–”

“Astrid!,” Shiro’s voice was loud and startled the nurse into taking a step back, “Sorry! I’m excited. Uhm, Astrid, after my mother for the first born aaaand…” He looked to your sleepy form and saw that you were awake, watching him with a profound look of love in your eyes. You smiled at him, recognizing that he was letting you choose, “Well, I was hoping for a boy but I think Hayden makes a fine girls name too.”

Astrid and Hayden. Hayden and Astrid. His two beautiful girls.He felt another wave of tears as a sob escaped his throat as he tried the names out loud. “Astrid…”, he kissed her gently on the forehead, “…and Hayd-den.” He kissed her as well, pretending that he didn’t just choke on her name. 

The nurse congratulated you two again before it was time to move your happy new family into your recovery room where the Paladins, Allura, and Coran were waiting with baited breath. 

You reached out for your babies, desperate to see them but Shiro seemed reluctant to give up their tiny forms. Eventually he gave in with a teary groan and placed them on either side of your chest the way the nursed had instructed him, to give them skin-to-skin contact. And as he looked at you, his glorious and perfect partner, with your two beautiful daughters, he felt his heart clench again. He was screwed. So so screwed. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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oh god, tony who used to be so cocky and confident around steve and now is fidgety and keeps playing with his fingers! rhodey would see it and be at his side in a second, he knows damn well how tony looks like when he's nervous and how he looks like when he's scared and now he sees the signs of both and he won't have it! tony is precious and he won't be treated like trash by steve.

Oh god, Rhodey would be in Obsessive, Violent, Protective Momma Bear Mode immediately. Can you imagine the carnage???

Because you see, Rhodey is already beyond pissed off by the time Team Cap comes swaggering back into the compound. He’s had to live through seven hours of no contact from Tony, not knowing whether he was alive or dead, had to watch Tony coming back only half alive, with wounds that have been caused by Captain fucking America. He’s watched Tony struggling to recover, unable to get the peace he needed, constantly stressed because of the public pressure and the amount of work it took to get these assholes back into the country.

So when Rogers has the nerve to contradict Tony within their first reconciliation meeting, all stubbornness and indignation–and he can’t believe that he used to find this inspiring–and Tony’s hands begin to twitch, rolling around the pen between his fingers again and again, until the skin is coloured an angry red, Rhodey snaps.

The Wrath of War Machine, christened by the newest, young members of the Avengers, will forever be remembered with both fear and reverence.

I just need to keep talking about Urie/Saiko because when she tells him “I am looking, I’ve been looking all this time" I just feel like she acknowledged his strength and ability as a leader? because Urie was saying "I’m strong, I’m strong, look at me”, that’s his biggest insecurity, to not be strong enough, to not be good enough, and he fought to gain his spot so much. I feel like Saiko’s words meant “yes, Saiko knows how hard you’ve worked, how strong you are” it’s like she’s validating his strength and his power. Haise always got all the attention from everyone (especially Saiko) and Urie felt like nobody was ever looking at him, but Saiko was. She knew. I love Saiko so much, such an amazing character oh my god

I’m always late. I’m fired

170222 Gaon Chart Awards

The only pretty picture that’ll be in this post

Everything is gifs. Oh my god, but hey. Gifs are good

Sitting together from the beginning~

So it’s normal at first, Chanyeol’s just closing his water bottle and then suddenly! He finds that his wrist smells or something.

“eyo baek, smell dis”

“ugh wtf man, what did you do to dat thing?”

“I think da wata was poisoned.”

So yeah, this was during a fan choice award and of course we need the Baek speech, and we have Chanyeol gently pushing Baekhyun towards the front~ I think he’s trying to emphasize his support ^^

Can you believe these two are grown men? I love how these two are always playing around with each other in their own little worlds~ They always make each other laugh and have fun with each other and it’s great. Their happiness is contagious.

Mhhmmmmm Baekuhen I see ya there. But besides the random gentle caress (can you tell I write fanfic?) look at how fast pulled his hand way XD honestly he just wanted the moment then had to act that nothing had happened. Maybe that girl had caught on, ohohohohohohohohohoo

Oh how precious ;-; Mum Suho always be showing his love for his childen

Ok who is this cameraman because I needa give him/her a hug. I love hi fives

“Oh look a flower, what shall I do with it?”

“Of courseeeeee! I shall give it to meh luv Bun Bakuhen. Here, accept my love”

Pork Chan: “TAKE IT.”

Bakuhen: “Nah son, I got my own flower here.”

Pork Chan: “O my god, fine. I neva loved u anyway.”

How rude.


Never mind the beautiful shoulder caress and thigh stroke, is Baekhyun ok? I think he’s dying. (Also Park Chanyeol why must you play with my feels?)

Yasss touching. I love touching. Innocently. 




Lee Byung-Hun and Ethan Hawke discuss how many ideas they had about their Mag7 characters (well, honestly, it’s just Hawke doing the talk and LBH being precious)

x & x

Let’s Play Pretend

Title: Let’s Play Pretend
Characters: Dean x Reader
Warning: Hella angsty
A/N: No fucking clue where this came from

“Dean! Dean, pick up!”

It had been 38 hours and 45 minutes since you’d last heard from Dean.
He went out on a hunt before you’d gotten back from your work trip, so you hadn’t been able to say goodbye. The two of you had a routine before each hunt.

Once the bags were packed, and Baby was gassed up, the ritual began.

Each of you would stare into the other’s eyes for at least 10 minutes, taking the time to re-memorize the others face in great detail. Each time you found a new laugh line or freckle on his perfect face.

Next, your song, the one that played at your wedding when you first danced as man and wife. It would slowly float around you as you spun, dipped, and held each other tight, melting into the music.

Vows. The dusty frame on the wall would be removed gingerly. You always sneezed when Dean blew the dust in your face. Silently the two of you would sit side-by-side and reflect on the promises made that day.

After a nice meal, you’d walk him to the door. He’d hold you in his arms, and you’d breathe in his deep scent.

Placing a kiss in his hand, he brought it to his heart. The stubble on his face always tickled your palm before he brought your hand to your heart.

“A kiss for the road.”

“A kiss for the road,” you smiled back. “I’ll see you soon.”

“I’ll see you in heaven.” Dean pressed a long kiss into your trembling lips, brushed the tip of his nose across yours, and rested his lips on your forehead.

Heaven was when Dean came home. It was the moment when he would return, your eyes locked once again, and each of you saw heaven, because you were together.

“Dean! Dean you need to call me. Please, you know you can’t do this. You know you can’t just not respond. Dean!”

Falling to your knees in the garage, your shoulders shook as you cried.

The soft opening of the door to the house made you wipe away your tears as you sniffled and tried to regain your composure.


“Yes love?”

“Let’s play!”

“Of course.” Looking at the phone in your hand as you rise to your feet, the words catch in your throat. Swooping your precious child into your arms, you carry them inside.

Let’s play pretend, so then I don’t have to think about reality.

“Dean! Dean!” Alastair mocks as he plays the voicemails again and again. “Good god man, how do you put up with that whiny bitches voice?”

“Don’t. You dare. Talk about her. Like. That.” Dean managed to get out past gritted teeth. “You…you will be sorry.”

“Oh, I highly doubt that,” Alastair smiled as his blade plunged through Dean’s bloody torso.

Dean screamed out in pain and anger, as you screamed out in delight as your little one chased you through the house.

Dean would see you in heaven, only you wouldn’t be there with him.

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BTS reaction to a younger western artist crushing on them

A/N: Can you please write an bts reaction to getting the news that a western younger artist has a crush on them? Thank youuuu💗💗

Jin / Kim Seokjin

Being a guest at variety shows quite often, Jin can enjoy talking freely, knowing how to handle the situation without the other members around. Especially since they are always a great opportunity for him to show off his newest dad jokes. Currently being at a show that got popular very lately, Jin gives his best to show all his good qualities and ends up being questioned by the MC, who tries to compliment Jin on his good looks, “Jin is very handsome, right? Did you know there’s a western artist who has a crush on you?”. As he hears that Jin raises his brows as he looks over to the MC. “What, really? Who is it?” he curiously asks. The MC chuckles, taking a look on his card “In a recent interview Y/N was asked what singer she’d like to have a date with. And apparently she answered with your name!”. As your name is mentioned Jin starts grinning while saying “Woah, I’m really worldwide handsome, aren’t I?” while sending his typical flying kiss to the camera with a wink.

Suga / Min Yoongi

Sitting at the rounded desk in the the recording room of the radio show, Yoongi feels very comfortable. Since they’ve been there before quite often they all know the MC’s and can talk very casually about their comeback, the latest gossip and some personal stuff. “Your comeback with the new album was a huge success! A lot of western artists also congratulated you on your album and that they personally really like it.” one of the MC states and all of the members mumble something in agreement. They read out some fanquestions regarding the topic of western artists and what they think about collaborationg and growing friendships. Following the questions shown on the screen infront of him, Yoongis mind trails off. “Y/N just recently revealed that she has a crush on Suga during an Interview, and would love to collab on the next Cypher with you guys.” the MC suddenly states and Yoongi looks up rather surpised. Namjoon and Jimin start to whistle while Yoongi is not sure what to say, startled by the idea of you rapping with him. “Yah, Suga! I’ve never seen you this quiet before, cat got your tounge?” the MC teases as everyone starts to laugh. Still uncertain Yoongi clears his throat acting confident “What are you talking about. I just had an idea for the beat we would rap to.”.

J Hope / Jung Hoseok

“Hoseok look at this!” Jimin runs towards him, giggling excited with a tablet in his hand. He was just casually relaxing in their shared room dozing off, thoughts wandering around nothing certain as Jimin bursted in. With a beaming smile he drops next to Hoseok onto the bed “You always watch reaction videos to our MV’s right? I swear to god, you will love this one!” Jimin nearly screams in excitement. Suspicious about Jimins words, Hoseok leans closer to him to have a better look at the screen of the tablet. With nothing more to say Jimin taps on the screen starting the YouTube video and Hoseok crooks a brow as he catches a glimpse of the title ‘Western Artists Reacting to BTS’ MV’. A lot of different artists are shown reacting during the MV but during the transition scene to Hoseok your face is shown. You jump up in excitement as you see Hoseok dancing and rapping “Oh my god, this shot is so beautiful. Look at J Hope! He is so beautiful, how can you not crush on him?” you blurt out, unaware of how red your face gets. Right after that Jimin stops the video and looks at Hoseok with anticipation “Y/N has a crush on you hyung! Look at you, you’re beaming like the sun!”. Laughing at Hoseoks precious smile he rolls up on the bed and “Yah, Jimin! Shut up!” is all he can say before having to grin again, not able to hold back.

Rap Monster / Kim Namjoon

Since BTS is having a new Interview with Billboard, Namjoon is taking the lead with answering the questions and translating for the others. They mostly understand the interviewer but Namjoon translates it nevertheless, used to being the one to overcome the language barrier. “Since you collabed on a song with the chainsmokers, what are other artists you would like to work with? It’s been quite some time, since I asked you that, so maybe there are some new artist you’re interested in?” the interviewer asks with an eager smile on her face. And just as everyone expected Namjoon to turn around and repeat the question in korean he blurts out “Y/N! She gained a lot of popularity during the past months, and her style of producing music is really unique. I would love to collab with her one time.”. After noticing what he just did he laughs shyly, not turning to see the faces of the members, knowing well all of them are just smirking at him. The interviewer chuckles at his cute outburst “I actually interviewed her just a couple of days ago, and she said exactly the same about you guys. She also revealed that she has a little crush on you, Rap Monster.” she says and winks at him. Shocked from the news he embarrassingly smiles, showing off his dimples and lowers his fast reddening head. All the other members start laughing at him, hitting him on the arm as he hides his face behind his hands, too shy to handle the situation.

Jimin / Park Jimin

Scrolling through his phone while laying on the couch in the living room, Jimin ended up on Twitter reading comments. Chuckling at the memes and fan edits under every post, he shows the funniest ones to Jungkook who sits next to him. “Have you seen the Tweet literally everone tagged us in?” Jungkook asks while laughing at one of the comments. “Huh, no. What Tweet do you mean?” Jimin asks giving Jungkook a confused look. “You just have to look at the comments of your selfies. You will find it in an instant.” he replies grinning at his hyung. Getting curious, Jimin scrolls through the shared Twitter account to his latest posted selfie and opens up the comment box. To his suprise it was full with the same link, all redirecting to the same Tweet, added with heart emojis and hashtags that look like a weird name. Jungkook next to him scoots closer, eager to see his reaction as Jimin clicks on the link, showing him the Tweet everyone talks about. With a huge suprise he notices that the Tweet is from you, who he met at the last Billboard Music Awards, since you were both nominated for the same category. He starts reading it out loud “I just watched the new MV from Jimins solo song and I have to say, my crush is real. Watch it, it’s beyond heavenly!”. Turning red he locks the screen of his phone and throws it in the corner of the sofa. “Aaaw, hyung! You’re blushing, you can’t deny how happy that makes you. Everyone saw you staring at her on stage!” Jungkook teasingly says as Jimin tries to escape the situation.

V / Kim Taehyung

During the comeback promotion they have a lot of shows with a little talk section in between the dance performances and prepared videos. So after they performed the choreography to their latest title track the staff brought some chairs up the stage and everyone takes a seat. As they talk about the choreography Hoseok takes the lead of explaining “Gladly a lot of people seem to like the choreohraphy so far.” as the crowd cheers in agreement. And Jimin takes the opportunity to tease his best friend “I saw a lot of social media posts saying it’s great. Females seem to really like Taehyung’s part though!”. Taehyung tries to playfully hit Jimin, but he quickly runs away smiling at his success to fluster Taehyung. “I’ve been reading that too!” Jungkook joins in “Y/N even posted on her personal social media, how much she likes you!”. As everyone starts to grin, the crowd screams as Taehyung gives up on trying to hit Jimin but Jungkook instead. “Yah, what are saying? Stop it!” Taehyung says, not sure how to talk himself out of this. “Show us the dance move again!” Jimin teasingly adds, wiggling his eyebrows in anticipation. Embarassed, Taehyung can’t hold back showing off his boxy smile, as he lowers his gaze and shyly shakes his head.

Jungkook / Jeon Jungkook

After an exciting concert overseas Jungkook feels way too energized to sleep yet, so he logs in to V LIVE and starts a live stream in his hotel room, laying on the bed. “Hello everyone. I just came back from the concert. Did you miss me?” just as usual he starts off with fan service, killing some time as A.R.M.Y’s join watching in the speed of light. “I’m not tired yet, so I thought I’d take some questions. Yes, I’m going to eat soon, don’t worry.” he says, directly answering the first one. As he watches the questions, answering one by one, he soon notices many comments about one particular western artist. “I heard rumors about Y/N having a crush on you.” one fan wrote. Trying to ignore it he scrolls past that comment, but ends up finding more. “Lately Y/N often talks about you on her social network. People think you’re dating lol” another comment says. Not being able to avoid the topic Jungkook starts to blush and cover his smiling mouth with one hand “What are you saying… Please ask me something instead”. Fans calm down until a question related to the western singer pops up: What do you think about Y/N? Jungkook hesitantly answers “I really like her music. I bet Y/N is a nice person. Not saying we’re dating tho.” while trying not to blush again.

Spencer reid dating plus size reader Head cannons part 2

AN: Hey guys, so you guys loved the first set of these, and I can make Spencer Reid head cannons for years, so these are the second round, I love you all, and you are all beautiful, skinny, plus size, tall, short, if you have natural hair or permed, straight hair or curly hair, dark skin or pale skin, you guys are perfection and Spencer Reid would look at you and just fall in love. 

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Originally posted by stallingdemons

-Smile. Oh my god Spencer loves your smile, like he loves how when you really smile, like full face smile, like he loves seeing it go to your eyes, and how when you fully smile you look like the most precious, beautiful art piece, he just finds himself staring at you in awe at how someone so beautiful, so truly amazing, hides her smile.

-He loves your laugh, like if he can make you fully laugh to the point of snorting, *we all do it, don’t lie about that one time you laughed so hard you snorted* he feels as if he just saved sick kids holding even sicker puppies from a burning building. like he loves seeing you laugh. Like if that was all he could listen to, he’d be so happy.

-He loves to watch you do your makeup, simply because he loves to see the process and he finds it true magic, that you can go from beautiful to even more beautiful, like just sits behind you and his face is just in wonderment like ‘How…did…wow’ 

-He loves to like surprise kiss you, like he’s not one for PDA but he at random point while you guys are walking around and just stops and pulls you in and kisses you because he just really needs to make sure you are real. 

-He hates seeing you sad because of clothe shopping, being a profiler he can always tell when you are upset, even if you try to hide it, he just takes your hand and squeezes it to let you know he’s there, because he knows its been a life time of these feelings and him simply saying the opposite won’t fix it instantly. 

-He takes no shit from people, like if you guys are out eating, and the waitress/waiter decides to just be the biggest of cunts like “so the check or…are you and your sister getting dessert?” and not just that they said sister, but also the tone of voice when speaking drives him to go full like angry Reid.

-Super hot to you though, also makes you blush at how he calls you beautiful and funny and far more attractive because you don’t make assumptions or judgments based of the soul outer body of a person. 

-He buys you sexy bedroom clothes, like things he knows you would never buy because of how much it shows off. 

-He has such a kink for seeing you in a plaid shirt and white burrow down. Like calling him professor/Dr. Reid…lets just say you’re real happy you let him talk you into wearing his little gift. 

-He is a sucker for cute couple type things, like matching Christmas sweaters to Rossi’s holiday party. 

-When JJ gets married he is in awe at how beautiful you look all dressed up, like thats when he knows, ‘yep i’ma marry her…’

-When he finds you criticizing yourself in the mirror he will stand behind you and trace his fingers over every part of you, and tell you facts about ancient times and how a woman of your beauty would have men battling in the street for your hand in courtship, or how the goddess of beauty and love herself has hips and curves. How the stretch marks are simply your warrior battle paint. 

-He sends you messages every day of little things, just ‘you are beautiful, in every way’ ‘man sure you remember to eat,’ ‘people’s words are nothing but anger that their soul is ugly and yours is perfect’ 

-He likes to have underwear dance parties on weekends he has off, just music on, both of you dancing in undies, like he doesn’t dance in clubs but he can move his hips, let me tell you. 

-He likes to keep his hands on your hips, like anywhere just his arm around you hand on your hip, to keep you close to him

-He will grab your butt to make you yelp and blush.

-Is a butt and boob guy. but what he loves the most…out of all of you. THIGHS! 

-He loves to kiss them, touch them, see them in jeans, leggings, shorts. 

-Thigh high socks are his weakness, like you just sitting on the couch reading, in shorts and a sweater and thigh highs, he just drops everything and pulls you off the couch and well you don’t leave the bedroom for a bit. 

-King of oral. Just….yes

-He gets off making you get off.

-Loves to kiss and bite down your body, 

-Has memorized every curve and dip of you, like he knows every freckle and scar, every dip and curve, everything on you. 

-Loves you, and every inch of it. 

-He brags about you, a lot….like…wow…like he has beat Morgan for how much he brags about you.

-Will leave marks on you so people know, you’re taken. 

-if a mark shows up on him, if someone see’s okay, he’s not ashamed to have it. 

-Likes to read to you, like your head in his lap, reading to you in a soft calm voice. 

-He will kill anyone who hurts you, or tries to take you from him.