look how precious he is oh god

but like how would parents!Victor and Yuuri react to their precious child going on his first dates with Otabek?
Both Victor and Yuuri being very supportive but also very weary
“So…this guy you’re seeing uh?” “yurio stop texting that guy, we’re having dinner!!” “but WHO is he?? can we meet him??” “He drives a motorbike? Is that safe?” “Aww Yurio! you look SO happy!! that guy again??”
And Yurio being like “daDS STOP OH MY GOD” “I already told you he’s just a friend!!!” “I text whoever I want whenever I want!” “OF COURSE YOU CAN’T MEET HIM” “yeah totally safe” “dads stoP ASKING THESE QUESTIONS”
Victor and Yuuri freaking out and panicking when Otabek randomly steals their child with his shiny badass motorbike
Yuuri: * already calling the police *
And Yuuri getting all “isn’t he a bit too young???” “maybe we should give him the talk” “what do you mean HE ALREADY KNOWS?? I didn’t know until I was like 18” “VICTOR STOP LAUGHING.”
And Victor getting all emotional “our baby is all grown up and he doesn’t need us anymore. he only needs badass manly guys.” “he’s such a little rebel, isn’t he?” “OMG IS HE GONNA BECOME A CRIMINAL???” “YUURI WE’VE GOT TO STOP HIM”
Victor and Yuuri calling Yurio during his dates with Otabek from different telephone numbers each time because otherwise Yurio won’t answer to their calls


cute hob with his portable fan alskjdskdfl 😭💞💞

Awww Jared looked so happy and precious talking about how much his life has changed since Supernatural started and then announcing he and Gen are having another kid with such a casual “Father of three in March” I’m so emotional oh my god

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RFA+ Minor trio reacting to Mc being really good with makeup? both special effects and "normal" makeup, and always looking like a goddess because of it?^-^

I know next to nothing about makeup and I don’t wear any irl, but oh my god does that stuff take talent

-He has never seen somebody with such perfect makeup
-The only way he can describe you is a God(dess)
-Your special effects makeup would be great for cosplaying, if you’d ever be up for that
-Whenever Zen sends a selfie in chat and  brags about his looks, Yoosung will send a selfie of you
-Zen would shut up because god damn your eyeliner could not be more on point
-Yoosung does get jealous if there is too much attention on your selfie though
-How precious

-The first time he sees you he freezes
-You’re so beautiful, more beautiful than he is!
-Perfect eyeliner, perfect eyebrows, perfect highlight
-Your makeup is actually flawless
-His heart is going 100mph
-He can just tell that you do better work than the professional makeup artists he’s worked with
-Zen would ask you to be his makeup artist
-He could put in a good word about you with his manager and even see about getting you into doing it as a career if you’re interested
-He would love to be able to see you at work, and see the amazing special effect makeup you can do

-Just wow
-She’s never seen makeup that flawless
-And this girl keeps up with celebrities, none of their looks come close to yours
-(I headcanon that Jaehee is super into beauty channels on YouTube so)
-Even the most popular beauty channels can’t pull off the work you can do
-Once you guys begin getting close and begin dating, she’d ask if you’d be okay with giving her a makeover
-You happily oblige
-She loves the heck out of it and can barely recognize herself in the mirror afterwards

-Okay, he has seen a lot of faces because he’s a businessman and all
-But holy shit
-Even the people he’s seen that have had professionals do their makeup look like middle schoolers compared to you
-He has no idea how someone could be so good at doing makeup
-It’s such an underrated talent
-He could be able to afford the really good makeup palettes and beauty products for you as gifts
-He could help you launch a career out of it if you wanted to

-When he first checks out the CCTV
-There is a literal angel in Rika’s apartment
-He can see your bomb ass highlight from the CCTV camera alone
-And these are not the nicest cameras ever
-Then he finds your social media accounts
-Holy mother of god
-He sees all the makeup you’ve done on yourself, and on other people, and he is speechless
-He thought he was good at changing his appearance, but you can literally make somebody into a mythical creature if you wanted to
-He’d be completely up for teaming up with you to use your amazing makeup abilities to prank Yoosung

-Forget taking photos of nature let me photograph your contour like damn
-He calls you nicknames like God(dess) or angel
-He takes millions and millions of photos of you
-He’ll also take photos of your special effects makeup or any other projects you do on other people
-So amazed by how you can use all these powders and liquids to make something so gorgeous

-He knows nothing about makeup and he doesn’t see the big deal about it
-So he doesn’t think too much about your daily makeup and never pays attention because you look fine with or without it
-He doesn’t at all care what you look like
-But when he sees you do special effects makeup on other people
-He’s so impressed
-Like you can change a human being into a monster
-Or you can give somebody completely new bone structure
-What kind of sorcery
-He’s curious as to how you manage to create different looks like that
-If you offered to let him watch you do somebody’s makeup or even your own, he would like to
-He’s too nervous to ask though


Can we just talk about Ryan Kelley for a second??

So I happened to find a bunch of these pictures of him behind the scenes of Teen Wolf and oh my god…

It seems like he enjoys being Parrish even off camera


and sometimes he’s good cop

sometimes he’s bad cop

sometimes he’s angry cop

(notice how under sex it says YES)

sometimes he’s sneaky cop

sometimes he’s proud cop

sometimes he’s funny cop

but let’s be honest

he’s always funny cop

oh my god

he’s also sometimes cutie cop :}

look at him


but most of all

he’s sexy advertisement cop :D

I hope you all realize how much Ryan Kelley is a precious dork

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What is your favourite season 7 Shefani moment? Like the one where, when you were watching, you thought "I ship it" or at least "if they were single that could work"? I love s7 Shefani and I'm dying for your take on it

Oh god, that depends. If you mean interactions that occurred because they were both on the voice, then for sure the Buzzfeed Panel and the Lip Sync Battle. The Ellen interview and the ice bucket challenge are also precious. 

But if you mean on the show, there’s so many omg. It’s so small but I love these looks in knockouts: 

And, also in knockouts, this statement by gwen: “I want to make you look how I would want you to look if I was gonna make out with you. A perfect example: Blake. He had a mullet! But he changed his look and now he’s SO handsome!“

But actually at the time the scene I noticed their chemistry was when she was pointing out that she was the only female judge. She goes down the line of chairs and goes “boy, boy,” then Blake interrupts with “man,” and she echoes him and calls him a man instead. She’s so cute. I was like omg my babe has a crush.

Hyunuk once again proving what a sweetheart he is

So there was a Jinkyu fansite on one of Boys24 events in Hong Kong and Hyunuk saw them so he told Jinkyu and pointed in their direction so Jinkyu could see them too.

Look at how happy Jinkyu is!


Han Hyunuk is truly a blessing.

So like, on the one hand, OH MY GOD.

On the other hand, I totally called the Soma thing happening and I’m so happy that they’re going to make the most of this. 

But let’s also go back to the first hand again and OH MY GOD. 


hob is the cutest thing ever 😣💞

Yeah, maybe Little Pudding pranked Fragile Little Bean more than once

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good Joe looks in the morning

“Turn that camera off, babe, and I’ll show you”

“Fuck you or let me do it rather

Joe: This morning Caspar was sleeping on his back, which is very rare for Caspar because he usually sleeps on his side

Yes, Joe, tell us more about Caspar’s sleeping habits, you are suspiciously well informed

What exactly are you grabbing at, Caspar?

Joe teaching us how to look at your “best friend” when you want to wake him for a prank

It is also important to smile fondly, but not because you are helplessly in love or anything



He looks at Caspar like he is the most precious thing he has ever seen, oh god, someone save my poor little soul

I love our fandom, because our reaction to literally anything Ed does is just to love him more:
  • Seriously though, examples.
  • Ed *has long hair*: oh God it's so sexy and rough and dear God he just looks so wild and untamed.
  • Ed *has short hair*: aww, he looks so little and I just wanna ruffle it, it looks so fuzzy and cute!
  • Ed *loses weight*: aww baby, we're so proud you look so good oh my God how you're so amazing!
  • Ed *gains weight*: aww precious Teddy Bear don't be sad, you're so beautiful and cuddly and everyone loves you so much aww I just wanna hug you!
  • Ed *has loads of tattoos*: God, they look so good and so colourful I just wanna touch them wow!
  • Ed *posts old pic with no tattoos*: oh my God, such foetus feels, he's such a baby aww!
  • Ed *tries to be cute*: AWWW you're literally the most adorable creature in creation I want to hug you so much!
  • Ed *tries to be sexy*: dear sweet Jesus Christ don't do this to me you're literally the God of sex stop, I can't!
  • Ed *makes millions of snap chats*: wow guys look at this Ed's so cool and he loves us so much, look at him talking to us!
  • Ed *goes on long hiatus*: aww Ed, we're so proud of you, you deserve this so much, we're all here for you we love you Ed!
  • So if Edward Christopher Sheeran thinks for one second we're not going to be here when he gets back then by God he's got another thing coming!
  • Keep being amazing, fandom : 3
EXO REACTION: When Find His Girlfriend Sleeping On His Bed.

       Thank you for your request, lovely>. <I hope you like and enjoy down there, okay? Fighting!

BAEKHYUN: *Lies down on top of you and starts kissing your neck until you wake up*

SUHO: Haha, this is a good reward for a long day of training.

SEHUN: My beautifull Jagiya, my t-shirt and a sexy position. *Looks to his pants* Yeah, i know, a good “Welcome Home”

D.O: *Wakes you up with his precious smile*

LAY: *adorably watches her sleep and think about how much he missed she*

KAI: *At one point, something dirty will go through your head but it will find it very cute to have those thoughts. In the end, he’ll be shy and cute when you wake.*

CHANYEOL: It’s she? Oh my Godness, is really she!

KRIS: My love, you can’t stay like this close to me. Do you know it, right?

LUHAN: *Freaks out* Someone broke into my house!

*Looks again for the girl* Oh, is just y/n.

CHEN: *You are the plush puppies*

TAO: *Hiding behind his Omma when sees a stranger in her bed*

XIUMIN: *Run for the mirror and fix his hear* My Jagiya is back home, so i need to look the most perfect i can. 

Me when one of my co-workers shows me their new baby:

Co-worker: [proud] Look at my new baby!
Me: [tries to act interested but couldn’t care any less] Aww, how cute.

Me when my OTP’s baby is revealed:

Me: [screams and falls to hands and knees with gross crying] OHHHH MYYY GAAAWD [x10] Oh my sweet BEAUTIFUL BABY! My sweet, beautiful SON! Look at this beautiful masterpiece PRECIOUS gift from above with a gene pool full of absolute PERFECTION oh my dear GOD his eyes he has his daddy’s eyes oh my sweet JESUS


I really love him, he’s a great duelist, and better person. I want to say a lot of things about him…

He’s my favorite character for the next reasons:

1. How he fights for what he loves, her sister Serenity and his friends. Most loyal person ever.

2. His relationship with Mai is just precious, look at them

 (my babieeees)

3. He doesn’t have a Pharaoh helping him, doesn’t have a cards shop and he isn’t multimillionaire. He’s just Joey, and he achieves so many important things just being Joey, with no advantage.

4. He fucking survived an egyptian God attack. Strongest duelist ever.

5. Look at him and tell me he’s not adorable, I dare you

6. And of course he is sexy too

7. Don’t forget his creepy chin

I still hope he makes an appearance in the upcoming movie ‘cause I need more of him.


Sincerely, a Joey Wheeler’s fangirl (wish there were more fangirls of him, he really deserves it).