look how precious he is i hate him


No matter what, I will never stop laughing at this scene


Top 5 klayley moments by @there-are-wolves-in-my-head

#2 “NOTHING TRUE”. I’ll repeat “NOTHING TRUE” (1x20) !!! SO DAMN IMPORTANT!!! Hayley finally saw a bit of how much Klaus suffered at the hands of Mikael. She saw how much Klaus was hated by his own “father”, and she realized that he was not just a monster, like she may have once thought. The look on Klaus’ face was priceless. He was so, so so happy!! I think it meant the world for him knowing that Hayley didn’t saw him like Mikael did. Srsly too precious to put into words really. (also the whole nursery thing… ugh not even going there! lmaooo)

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hi! i'm absolutely in love with your demigod au! could you please write headcanons for oikawa and akaashi (perhaps suga too if it's not too much of a bother?) with a close friend who's their half-sister (so basically a daughter of aphrodite)? like, headcanons of them sort of being cute & brotherly i guess? thank youu omgomg (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

  • Your brothers are fiercely protective of you, keenly aware that someone could be wanting to take advantage of their precious sister just because of how attractive you were.
  • Honestly, they are amazing brothers, always looking out for you whenever possible. Oikawa is the embarrassing one, Suga is more mother-like than anything, and Akaashi is the dependable one.
  • You can go to them with any problems and they’ll solve it. They hate seeing you upset.
  • Oikawa has a flashy way of showing you off. Whenever you’re with him he has a habit of saying, “Move! My gorgeous sister is coming through and if any of you stare for more than three seconds I’ll have your head.” And he says it all with a smile.
  • When they found out that you had a date, most of them were excited. Akaashi and Suga were the ones who helped you get ready and gave advice when you needed while Oikawa griped and complained that no one was worthy of his sister.
  • Let’s be real, they all followed you on your date. It was mainly Oikawa’s idea, but Akaashi and Suga didn’t stop him. If you’re going to date someone, they have to earn your brothers’s approval.


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Kei looks up at the scent of omega distress, and frowns when he sees Tadashi sitting across the table at him, gnawing at his lower lip nervously, homework not even touched. He raises an eyebrow and hums in acknowledgement.

“W- Well, you know how I– I’ve been going out with I- Ikejiri for a while?..”

How could he not? He remembers every aching moment of when Tadashi told him, shyly, that he was dating someone (an older alpha that had snatched him up before Kei could propose courtship), remembers all the cancelled plans because Tadashi was going out on a last-minute date with his precious “Ikeji-kun”, remembers hating himself for not making a movewhen he smells another alpha on Tadashi’s clothing “Yeah?..”

“W- Well, uh– he said that he…he doesn’t like it when I hang out with you…” Tadashi pulls at his sleeve, not looking Kei in the face, and Kei has to steel himself, sucking in a breath secretly before speaking. he thinks he knows what comes next. 

“Is that so?”

“I– I told him that you were a great guy, and he said– he said that’s exactly why he didn’t like it. He thinks I’ll fall for you, or you me. I– I told him that’s impossible, you couldn’t fall for me, you wouldn’t want an omega like me, right, and that wouldn’t happen. But then he asked me if it would be possible that I may have already fallen for you, and…” Tadashi is starting to tear up, and Kei watches with wide eyes on an otherwise seemingly disinterested face, panic pooling in his chest. This isn’t what he’d thought would happen. What is he going to say? “And I couldn’t answer that. I couldn’t. And Ikeiji-kun, he– he got mad, and–”

Tadashi’s scent of distress fills the room, and he sobs. Kei panics, moving across the table swiftly and grabbing Tadashi by the waist and pulling him into his lap, scared this would turn into a full-blown panic attack. What the fuck did Ikejiri do?

Kei whispers, fearfully as he pets Tadashi’s hair, “What did Ikejiri say?”

“N- Not what he said…” Tadashi mumbles, and Kei feels his stomach drop.

“What did Ikejiri…do?..”

Tadashi shakes like a leaf in Kei’s hold, and Kei knows exact;e what happened.

Kei’s calm mask drops and he growls, standing and setting the still-shaking Tadashi back on the floor. He’s about to stride away and find Ikejiri and snap his fucking neck when Tadashi grabs his wrist, pleading look on his face. “N- No, Tsukki! Please don’t confront him! I- It’s fine, really…”

“Like hell it is,” Kei snaps, and breaks free.Tadashi flinches at Kei’s rough voice, and Kei feels bad, but he’s fucking pissed. “I’m gonna teach that little prick a lesson.”

Kei hadn’t liked Tadashi’s alpha before. Mainly because he had a position that should be his, but now – now – he has a reason.

“Please,” Tadashi begs, and Kei freezes; Tadashi looks so small, so– so helpless… “Please.”

Kei sighs, and walks over to Tadashi, falling heavily onto the bed next to him. “If you don’t want me talking to him, why did you tell me?..”

“I– I need someone to help me figure out how to break up with him. I don’t want to hurt him, that would be stooping down to his level, Tsukki. I– I don’t–” Tadashi swallows hard, and begins to gnaw his lip once more. “I just– I thought he– I thought he loved me, Tsukki.”

Kei reaches out to grab Tadashi’s hand, and when he flinches, Kei absolutely wants to murder Ikejiri.

“I really thought I was…I was worth his time, but the words he said…th- the look in his eyes when he…” Tadashi starts to sob again, and Kei runs a thumb over the back of his hand calmly. “I– I’m like nothing to him, Tsukki.”

“You are not nothing–”

“To him I am,” Tadashi’s voice shakes as he speaks, and Kei is so totally and utterly helpless in this situation, he doesn’t know what to do– he wants to keep Tadashi away from Ikejiri, he knows that much, but he also knows that Tadashi is stubborn as a bull, and that he won’t just stay away from him, even though he had hit him. God, Kei doesn’t even know the extent at which he hit him. “I’m nothing.”

“Don’t you dare say that.” Kei whispers. He’s shaking now. Shaking, and near-tears, and absolutely filled with rage. “Don’t say that, you’re not nothing. You’re everything to me. Ikejiri is just stupid.”

Tadashi just shakes his head, and Kei shifts to pull Tadashi into his lap once again, allowing him to sob into his shoulder. Once he settles down, Kei pulls away and tugs at Tadashi’s sleeve, a silent question answered with red-rimmed eyes blinking once, twice, and then a nod. Carefully, Kei rolls up Tadashi’s sweater sleeve, growling lowly at the sight of blooming purple and blue on his best friend’s arms, yellow on the edges.

“When– When did he?..” Kei struggles to find the fright words.

“H- He does it when he’s mad. Th- The other day, he w- went too far, a- and…” Tadashi gulps. “I haven’t sp- spoken to him since then, but…He wants to meet after practice tomorrow. Will– Will you come with me? I don’t think I want to see him alone.”

It’s not even a question. “Of course.”

The next day is anxiety-ridden for both Tadashi and Kei, the thought of seeing the guy that hurt Tadashi, but time seems to fly by and Kei finds himself in front of the main school building a five o’clock, glaring Ikejiri down from beside Tadashi.

“Tadashi.” Ikejiri sounds breathless and guilt-ridden. A good sign, one that means he probably won’t try to hurt Tadashi again. “Tadashi, I am so– I am so, so sorry. I don’t know what came over me, it…it’ll never happen again, I swear,”

“I– I know it won’t. It won’t– It won’t because I– I’m…” Tadashi bites his lip. “I’m– Oh, I forgive you, I’m sorry–”

Tadashi goes to hug Ikejiri, but Kei grabs him by the collar and glares at Ikejiri. “Tadashi, he hit you. He’s no better than your father, and you know that. Do what you said you were coming here for.” 

Tadashi looks like he wants to cry. Ikejiri looks like he wants to punch someone. Kei steps between the two, and nods to Tadashi. Tadashi nods back. 

“Ikeiji-kun, I– I shouldn’t have accepted your confession when you proposed a courtship with me. Not only would my mother disagree with our relationship, but you used submission tactics to get me to agree, and I should have reported you. You treated me nicely until you felt bad, and then I was nothing but a punching bag, and I’m not going to let you hurt me anymore. Our courtship is nothing. I’m breaking up with you.” 

Ikejiri is fuming now, and he takes a step forward, so Kei steps fully in front of Tadashi. He hears Tadashi whimper behind him, and growls when Ikejiri gets even closer. 

Ikejiri scoffs. “What? Are you Tadashi’s new alpha or something? did that little bitch replace me before we were even broken up? Ha, I knew he was a whore.” 

“Shut up,” Kei growls, and Ikejiri growls right back, stepping into Kei’s space. 

“What, don’t wanna hear about how slutty your new plaything is? You don’t want to hear how that little omega slut sucked my cock for me and probably a whole bunch of other guys? Huh? You don’t want to hear about how I fucked him hard and–” 

Kei cuts Ikejiri off with a punch to the jaw, and as he falls to the ground, he scoops a crying Tadashi into his arms and stalks off. When they’re far away from where Kei had left Ikejiri, he sits down and cradles Tadashi in his arms, rocking the whimpering omega in his arms. He whispers sweet nothings into his ears, promising him things will be ok. 

“I– I never– He never– Tsukki, he l- lied! I– I would never d- do something like– like that w- with someone l- like– like him! Wh- What if he spreads rumors a- about me?!” 

“If he does,” Kei says, holding Tadashi closer, “I’ll kill him.” 

“Tsukki! Y- You shouldn’t– D- Don’t kill a- anyone–” 

“If he hurts you ever again, I will.” 


No one is hurting my omega ever again,” Kei growls, and they both freeze. Kei carefully sets Tadashi down on the ground and scoots away from him. “I- I mean– I…” 

“…I’d like to go out with you, if you’d like?..” Tadashi looks up at Kei shyly. “I- I’ve liked you for a long time…” 

“I– I would like that a lot. I’ve liked you for a long time as well…” Kei bites his lip and pulls Tadashi back into his lap, pressing a kiss to his omega’s head. “I’ll never let anyone ever hurt you ever again. I promise.” 

“Y- You p- promise?” 

“I promise.” 

No one is going to hurt Yamaguchi ever again. 

25 problems fangirls at their early 20s understand: based on personal experience

“please let them be older than 18 please let them be older that 18″

*always falls for the maknae line*

“sTAY in YOUR LANEs you pieces of shit!”

*has earned a “full benefits” spot at a psychiatric clinic or jail*

*will probably die screaming*

“look at how beautiful and perfect he is…he’s such an ass, I hate him”

*melts into jelly with high notes*

*bias hipthrusts* ,me: *pterodactyl shrieks*


*is younger that bias* my sweet baby too precious for this world, protect him

“what am I doing with my life”

*has a crush on every girl group out there*

“i need to stop stanning more groups”

new groups: *coughs* ,me: *has an aneurysm*



“he is prettier than me and im weirdly ok with that”

*cries daily*

“i need more holy water”

*feeling the urge to dance to a choreo you just saw and failing epicly*

*realizing your neighbors saw you a little too late*

*knows bios better than her parents’ names*

“I will go to Korea! There are so many things i want to do!”

*is broke af*

Boruto manga chapter 3!


Sand sibs

Kazekage and Kankuro 

Those kids look super edgy

Metal has a picture of Gai and his daddy!!!

Metal lee!!!!

Look at my little angry bean, how can you hate him, he’s precious!

Team Konohamaru and Team Moegi 

Sai (Sai looks fab to me lol)

Team Konohamaru 

My sad bean

Cutie pies 

My freaking sassy bean ( love this so much OMG!! He’s just “say some stupid shit and i’ll fucking slap you”)

Team Moegi. ChouChou outfit has butterflies on them!!!

Good job Metal

It’s okay Metal

Sarada has on shorts but they’re just really short.

My cinnamon roll child! 

TenTen looks adorable!! Plus Shino

Bonus: My smol cinnamon roll!!

Peter Parker ~ Gotta Thank You Somehow

Warnings: Fluff, smut 

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“You understand how I got that?” 

You sigh in annoyance with yourself as you tap your pencil against your notebook, trying to figure out the algebraic equation that Peter was trying to explain to you. It irritated you that he was taking his precious time explaining how to do each problem and you just weren’t understanding it. School really pissed you off. 

“Are you gonna hate me if I say no?” You attempt a sad smile but refuse to look at him, embarrassment heating up your cheeks as you prevent yourself from stabbing your pencil through your brain. 

He chuckles, “no, of course not. We can work on it some more - don’t worry though y/n, sometimes it just takes time for you to fully grasp the concept. We’ll work through this together.” 

It pleased you that Peter was your tutor, he was always patient with you and never once made fun of you for not understanding something so simple. Sure he knew how embarrassed you were, but he honestly tried his best to calm your nerves and get you to simmer down a little. He was a wonderful tutor, better than your teachers. 

“Peter I really need to start paying you.” You shake your head as you start to pack your books and binders back in your bag. “

It was already going on eight o’clock, usually your tutor sessions would only last from six - to - eight because of school but on Friday’s and/or Saturday’s they would last until ten. 

“What are you doing?” He hadn’t realized it was already ten. 

“Looks like our session is up Peter, thank you for taking your time to help me with all of this bullshit. It means a lot.” 

A simple ‘thank you’ wouldn’t be enough to truly show how grateful you were to have him help you.

“Goodnight Peter.” 

You look at him just as your about to leave his room and offer him a genuine smile, trying to show appreciation. 

“Goodnight y/n, I don’t need you to pay me. If I didn’t enjoy helping you, then I wouldn’t take my time too.”

He enjoyed it? 

… … … … … … .

“Hey Peter!” He was startled by your sudden cheerfulness. 

It was lunchtime and he was used to sitting by himself, not that he minded of course - he was always working on some sort of project anyways - but today you managed to skip one of your study halls just to pay him a visit. 

“Oh, um hey y/n. W-What are you doing in here?” He wipes at the corner of his mouth although all he was eating was some grapes. 

“Okay so I know today isn’t one of the tutor session days, but do you think we could study some tonight? My stupid ass of a teacher said that tomorrow we’re gonna have a quiz and I’m so nervous about it!” 

The way your brows furrowed and your lips twitched slightly made Peter squirm in his seat a little. He had already made plans to do some dumpster diving to find some more useable electronics but the look you had on your face made him feel a sort of sorrow for you. 

“Yeah, we can study tonight.” He gives you a reassuring smile and pops another grape in his mouth. 

You felt bad for lying to him, but for the past month he has been helping you so much and he deserves more than just a ‘thank you’ but knowing how shy and awkward he is, you couldn’t just tell him flat out that you wanted to just ‘hang out’ with him. 

Peter thought of you as a friend but he wasn’t sure if you felt the same way and he sure as hell wasn’t going to ask you. You were too pretty and popular that he felt you didn’t want to be friends with someone like him. The funny part was that you weren’t even popular, you didn’t like to befriend popular people because you didn’t want to have that sort of ‘image’ - you wished Peter was more than just your ‘tutor’. 

He wasn’t in any of your classes, you had been paired with him by the principal. Your parents were tricked and when they realized you were failing math, they flipped shit and called literally every single school contact they had. It was so annoying and embarrassing but at least you were paired with Peter. 

You were a little nervous because you weren’t sure how Peter would react to how you plan on ‘thanking’ him, but judging how Peter was - he probably wouldn’t mind too much. 

Whatever happens just happens…

To your surprise (and advantage), Peter’s Aunt wasn’t home. You had come at your normal time, but you weren’t exactly sure if you would need the whole session or not. 

“Hey so what did you need to- mmph!” 

As soon as you entered Peter’s room, you took no time before locking the door and then pushing him onto his bed. Sure you felt slightly bad for cutting him off with a sudden kiss, but he wasn’t going to complain about it. 

You weren’t gentle with the kiss either, your lips met his eagerly. He was too shocked to respond which you had expected to happen anyways, so it wasn’t going to be a big deal if you had to take control for a little bit. Your hands weaved their way into his hair as you continued to kiss him, he was kissing you back but you could tell his kissing was out of nervousness - he wasn’t sure what to do. His hands managed to find your sides, - he was shaking - and he was trying to keep up with you. 

“Y/n - 

He was trying to get you to stop, not because he didn’t like it but because he was so shocked and startled by it all that he needed time to catch up and take a deep breath. Unfortunately he had to admit, he wasn’t used to this.

“Hmmm?” You draw back and look at him, your eyes wide and a faint of a smile across your lips. 

He just stares back at you blankly, his mouth at loss for words. Now that he had your attention he wasn’t quite sure what to do. 

Well he did catch up…

You giggle before leaning back in and kissing him once more, but this time he grips your hips tightly and kisses you back. He was a bit sloppy and you could tell he hadn’t much experience, but it didn’t bother you one bit. Either way it was still hot. 

Yeah it was hot and not romantic, you weren’t longing for something romantic. How you prepared to thank him wasn’t meant to be romantic and lovely, goddammit he was your tutor and this was going to be hot as hell. 

You were feeling a bit naughty.

The way his tongue felt inside your mouth was odd since he was a sloppy kisser, but for some weird reason it was quite… pleasing? Perhaps it’s because he’s on the verge of being a good kisser which makes it so erotic. He definitely wasn’t experienced because he didn’t know what to do with his hands so he kind of just grazed at your hips not even daring to reach your breasts - which wasn’t such a terrible thing since you weren’t planning on having sex with him. 

Your lips left his just to rail kissed from his jawline to his neck. I just want to thank you Peter…” Your voice was barely audible but yet seductive to his ear. Your soft lips left teasing kisses against his exposed skin but you weren’t going to leave a mark on him, it’s too risky. 

“You already thanked me?” He mumbles with a nervous laugh as you got off his lap and onto your knees. It was obvious what you wanted to do to him and although no one has ever gone down on him before - there was no way in hell he was going to prevent you of all people from doing so. 

He wasn’t all confident about revealing himself though. 

“U-Um, y/n I- 

You unzip his jeans and give him a reassuring smile, “don’t worry, I can do it without you having to remove anything.” 

He wasn’t sure how you were able to read his mind, perhaps it was because of how trembly his body was. 


Once you got his pants unbuttoned and unzipped, luckily he was wearing boxes so all you had to do was unbutton those as well. The way his hardened member pressed up against your palm as you fumbled with the buttons gave you the hint that he wasn’t as small as you thought he may have been. You felt bad for thinking that of him, but in all honesty come on…  

“Shit…” He mumbles to himself once he feels your hand grasp his member. It felt much different than when he would grab it with his own hand. 

You began to stroke him steadily, not too fast and not too slow since he was new to this. By the way he was squirming and mumble incoherently under his breath let you know that he was indeed enjoying this. 

You stroked him some more before allowing your head to dip lower and your tongue to graze the tip gently - you wanted to see how he would react to it. As soon as he felt your tongue, one of his hands buried itself in your hair and his free hand gripped at his blanket. 

“You liked that?” 

“Y-yeah, keep going.” He hated to sound somewhat demanding but it felt good. 

You tease him some more with your tongue, enjoying the groans coming out of him, but then you decide to take it a step further and take him partially in your mouth. Blowjobs weren’t something you were new to but you hadn’t had much experience either and you had a really bad gag reflex so you had hoped he didn’t mind if you didn’t take him too far.


You push your hair to one side and start to bob your head slowly, the taste wasn’t very pleasing but you were pretty sure that anyone who gives head isn’t going to enjoy the taste of it all too much. After all this is over, you were;t sure what was going to happen between the two of you… hopefully you could still study with him but maybe this could turn into a sort of ‘tutor with benefits’ sort of thing? 

This was definitely going to boost Peter’s confidence and ego no questions asked, whenever you receive head for the first time you also gain some sort of confidence. 

Besides, Peter was already feeling special that you of all people was doing this to him. 

Oh shit…” 

You had to surprise your giggle, the words that were coming out of his mouth definitely told you that he’s not used to anything sexual like this. He was freaking out really, but at least he was enjoying himself. 

He deserved it after all…



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I remember how i used to hate Fushimi in season 1 and now look at me being a sobbing mess for his happiness. Feels like it’s been such a long time ;; v ;;

I’m very satisfied with the overall chapter. We get to see Fushimi finally admitting Reishi as his king while being a tsundere at the same time (so cute unf///) and then Yata yet again scored a perfect point by telling him that he’s not like his father. SERIOUSLY DID YOU SEE FUSHIMI’S FACE WHEN YATA TOLD HIM THAT HE HAS A SENSE OF GUILT UNLIKE HIS ASSHOLE DAD. OF COURSE YOU ARE A MILLION TIMES BETTER HUMAN BEING THAN YOUR DAD, FUSHIMI.




Now please excuse me while i cry my heart out some more for Fushimi.

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apparently reiji tries to fit in and act nice to make up for his brothers' less than stellar school rep. he even went to tutor a girl and came home late at night much to yui's chagrin. i feel like if you look past the whipping, he really is the best boy. he even prepared a meal for yui when she stayed up waiting for him to come home. this was the after story after the first game i think

I can’t remember if I ever read the after story but lols I’ve played all the games bc my Rage Thirst is REAL

Ragesan I will be your 先生 just u wait

I feel like people who hate Reiji haven’t spent time to try and understand his behavior and just think he has a stick up his bum. Like. Look how precious he is. Look at those precious glasses.

V; Early, Late

❝Because Taehyung is a precious fanboy and he doesn’t deserve anything just because he’s singing his favorite song—and I like connecting BTS to BIGBANG so…aha… //awkwardly shifts away
►840 words || mini scenario, fluff

At first you thought it was your mind playing tricks on you—and by tricks, literally, tricks—backflips and shit but then upon opening your eyes, eyeing the bedside table with your phone screen lit up and vibrating vigorously, turns out it’s not a bunch of tricks. There’s a low groan behind you and his arms are protectively around your waist, clinging onto your back and he’s huffing into the space between your neck and shoulder, “Who’s that…?”

“I don’t know,” You grumble back a response, wiggling slowly out of his grip and feeling his slender arms around your bare waist shift just so you could stretch for your phone easier. Upon having it in your hands, it was obvious that the ringtone Crooked was playing and Taehyung stiffen for a bit—it’s his favorite song.

“It’s Jiyong,” You mumble, sliding the screen to the right before you placed the phone by your ear, now lying on your back and the pillow aiding you to look up to the ceiling. Taehyung wrapped his arms by your side, cuddling into the warmth of your body and the blanket still engulfed both of your bodies in.


“I’m really sorry to be calling you at this hour,” He explains, and Taehyung is listening despite not wanting to but being this close to you, he hears everything.

“Mm…” You hum back, stroking Tae’s forearm draped around your waist, “What’s the problem…?”

“W-We’re having some sort of problem in contacting the actress for our music video—we have a feeling she bailed out on us on the last minute so… we sort of…”

“Need a replacement?” You finished his guess and normally, you’d be subtle but being called in three in the damned morning gave you no leeway to not be blunt.

He’s laughing nervously and you could tell he’s nodding, “Y-Yeah…i-if it’s okay with you… or Hyungie,”

“Just go,” You hear Taehyung mumble into your skin, his lips by your neck and it almost feels like he’s dozing off already. You sigh and struggle to sit up on the bed, clutching onto the blanket over your chest because hey, the blanket is the only thing that could cover you up as of now, it was a natural instinct and it leaves Taehyung huffing because you’re taking all the cover away.

“I’ll be there in thirty—possibly… could you film the other scenes first?”

“S-Sure! Thanks so much, you’re a lifesaver,”

“You’re buying us lunch, and by us, I mean—“

“I got it, you and Tae,” He’s chuckling, ending the call on a short note on the details and address before you put your phone aside, feeling Taehyung slide behind your back and placing his arms around your waist before hooking his chin to your shoulder. His uncovered chest pressed delicately against your back and he’s loving the skin to skin contact but he’s dreading for you to leave without anyone to warm the bed beside him—and he was hoping for something extra in the morning to finish off last night, too…

“Are you going now?” He whispers, faint disappointment in his tone but all you can do is sigh because Taehyung is only a morning person when you’re in bed with him and Jiyong is your friend—either way, you had to help Jiyong but you didn’t want to leave Taehyung alone.

“How about you come with me? Plus, you’re always talking about wanting to see how they capture the emotions through their music videos,”

You could feel his arms gripping your waist tighter, the excitement already bubbling up as he croaked, “R-Really?”

You lightly turned your head over your shoulder, smiling at him, “Of course, they need my help so it’s not wrong if I bring you along,” Then you inched closer to nuzzle your noses with his, just the slightest move of affection shook his heart, “And you’re my boyfriend,”

He’s grinning like a five year old and then pushing you off the bed to stand up so he can get up behind you, almost forcefully shoving you into the bathroom, “Then what are we waiting for?! Let’s get ready!”

You’re a laughing mess once he closes the bathroom door. He’s leading you into the shower place and then closing the curtains shut before he flips on the tap to allow the water to drench on the both of you. Upon feeling water on your skin, the temperature of the water slowly increasing, it seems like that’s not the only thing when he makes you face away from the shower head as he slyly maneuvered himself behind you and his back is shielding you from the water. His hands slide up higher and higher and then there’s something growing harder and harder against your lower back. Then his voice is lower and raspier and it makes everything much more difficult to focus on, “Before that, I’m going to get my share of what I’m supposed to get in the morning.”

The both of you show up thirty minutes later at the shooting.


I just watched a video of Rap Monster’s cute moments, and I’m smiling through teary eyes. As I watched it, I started wondering how anyone could hate him. Especially by supposed “A.R.M.Y.s.” 

The first time I noticed Joonie (a nickname he likes), he looked intimidating. He has a chill image and is freaking tall, but after I learned about him, watched his videos, listened to his music, I fell for his beautiful smol personality, and later, his handsome features.

I hate to think that his smile is taken away when uglies judge him on petty things. I love his dimpled smile. It automatically makes me smile as bright as he does. His smile always makes me feel like putting my fingers on his dimples and then squeeze his cheeks. His smile makes my day shine brighter. It makes any negative feeling I have disappear. STOP TAKING AWAY HIS SMILE.

To anyone that dislikes/hates Rap Monster, know this…without Rap Monster, there wouldn’t have been BTS. It started with him, and it will surely end with him. He unhesitatingly chose BTS over going solo, even if it was a prank. He chose his brothers. Appreciate our leader. Appreciate this beautiful human that gives us music that we can relate to, music we cry together with, music that motivates us to fight and keep going forward. Appreciate Kim Namjoon!

rant over.

Latest Naruto filler- Ep445

I saw this and this shit is so cute man.

Like so cute.

Hidan is so unwanted by everyone in the Akatsuki and it makes me sad. he’s so reasonable and hates Deidara and everyone plays favorites with Deidara just cause he started the Akatsuki. (In this filler. AU-verse. Jirayha wrote this Au as fanfiction and it cracks me up.

Hidan is actually being a reasonable and mature one. And it’s so precious how he’s jealous of Deidara because he takes away all of Kakuzu-senpai’s attention. (Yeah I exagerate a bit, but just look at him)

Like Hidan is abused by everyone in this episode and it makes me so sad. Why is everyone so unnecessarily cruel to him when he hasn’t done anything (yet) Like Kakuzu slamming the door on his face was hardly necessary. Seriously, I’d be pissed off like Hidan too. Forever complains this guy, but as always his actions are always valid.

I really like the animation of Hidan on this filler. Cause it incorporates one of my favorite HCs. “Hidan talks with his hands.”

Also, this is what I want to happen desperately in the filler.

Hidan goes to Konan and casually is like: “hey, ya know, Deidara killed Yahiko right?”

Then all hell breaks lose