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Victor’s eyes stared back from the mirror.

Victor’s hair. Victor’s lips. Victor’s shoulders. Victor’s pink cheeks. Victor’s sharp jawline. Victor’s pale skin – all Victor, in every aspect, every detail perfect and exact. Except for the fear that shimmered in his gaze, eyes watering with unshed, salty tears. The usual cerulean blue of his irises was ice chipped with panic, eyes blown wide as a gasp bolted through his barely parted lips. Yuuri imagined that was how Victor must have looked when it had happened. He’d never know for sure.

Red blossomed over the front of Victor’s crisp white shirt in the mirror’s reflection. Yuuri couldn’t tell if it was real or not. It looked real.

But he more than most knew that things weren’t always as simple as they appeared.

The reflection blurred.

Skin bubbled. Hair moved. Bones shifted. Cell by cell, Victor disappeared in the mirror, replaced with dark hair, tan skin, and round cheeks. The eyes were last to go; the clear blue darkened like an ink drop in water, black spilling from the pupils like the darkest pitch.

Wrath stared back where Victor had once stood just a moment ago. Narrowed black eyes glared down his reflection, shoulders tense, tendon jumping in the side of his neck with barely contained fury. Dark obsidian claws tipped his fingers in place of Victor’s perfectly manicured nails, black glistening with dark promise in the moonlight spilling through the window.

Wrath, in the form of Yuuri Katsuki.

A door shut somewhere in the house.

He was home.

Yuuri stood up from his chair, casting one last glance at the mirror as if Victor might suddenly just be there, like he might get one last glimpse of his lover before he set the world on fire. There was no Victor though. There was only Yuuri, stood alone and bitter in the reflection.

Victor was gone.

And he wasn’t coming back.

Anger bubbled up inside Yuuri, hands curling until the tips of his razor sharp claws dug into his palms. He barely flinched as they pierced the skin, didn’t blink at the blood dripping off his fingertips.

Victor was gone.

And Yuuri wasn’t going to rest until he’d slain every last hunter for stealing his love away.

A trail of blood followed him as he turned on his heel, silent as he slipped through the house like a shadow. The hunter’s scream was piercing. It was almost too easy. So easy that Yuuri’s blood still burned fierce with rage and blood lust by the time it was done, barely sated. Red dripped through the floorboards - just as it had done in that warehouse where Yuuri had finally found Victor only a few days ago, knife still buried deep in his heart.  

The pain hadn’t gone away. Yuuri wasn’t sure if it would ever go away. He would never see Victor again, save for the shift of his own skin into the form his lover had once held.

It wasn’t enough.

The night ran red with blood.

when i say i’ve stopped believing and lost faith
in finding perfect people in my life
i think it’s a lot less
of learning how to be alone
and a lot more of it feeling like a lie
when they say that humans
are social animals;

because i’m not,
and i’ve stopped feeling like
the only time i’m not dying
is when i’m dying with some;

aren’t we all trying to look pretty
in this broken world?
aren’t we all trying to find someone
to look pretty with?
we’ll paint all over their scars
for them to fit better with our edges;

and trim off our parts grey and dull
with a scalpel turning to rust with our fingers
and when they stop being who we want them to be
we’ll retreat to our caves and miss the pieces
that used to be us, the ones
we so carelessly tossed away;

you see, the thing is when i’ve downed
more than two shots, i start taking names
of a list of people
with whom could i never cross paths
and i start writing poetry about girls in blue frocks;

you see i used to love too once
it’s just that it always, always comes to naught.


drinking problem


So, because I was bored, decided to take a crack at the floor plan of how Tweek’s room probably looks like given all the pictures we’ve seen of it. It’s not perfect given the fact that assets grow and shrink (like the bookcase by the door and the wall where Tweek’s bed, two dressers, and closet should be) but this is probably the general layout of how it should look. I included one of the Yaoi fanarts from the game because the background is lifted from the show.

I didn’t take the place where Tweek was using the computer in account in the Warcraft episode because believe that is another room entirely. The walls are a darker red and there are two windows behind him. Given the actual placement of the two windows in his room, it would be impossible for his computer to be there. 

·  ⋆   *   ✦ +      . ·  ✵        .   * .  ✫    .  *  .    *  ✺  ˚ ✷    *     . *   ✷     * ˚   ✵ *   ✵ .  ✫  .  *  .  +   ✫  *  ⋆  Harry Styles ·  ⋆   *   ✦ +      . ·  ·   ✷   ✵ .  ✫  .      *  .    *  ✺  ˚ ✷        *    ✷     * ˚   ✵      .  ✫  .  * + .    *

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...I have never heard of that band you linked, and I regret I just now found them.

AAAAH YES studio killers are AMAZING!! i really love their music…. here is a cherry amethyst for you *o*  


-meeting at school and he thinks you’re so cute right off the bat

-he would try the whole ‘play it cool’ thing but you’re just so gosh darn cute he finds himself falling head over heals in love with all the cute little things you do

-once you’re together he’s just so happy


-he loves telling you how much he loves you and hearing how much you love him


-he loves touching you. hand holding. arm over your shoulder. hugs. everything.

-he’s constantly smiling when you’re around

-him telling you about the Upside-down

-protecting the shit out of each other

-just ultimate power couple

-getting matching nail-bats

-the kids looking up to you

-being the mom just like Steve’s the dad

-”did we just sort of adopt six kids?

-Steve giving advice to your ‘kids’ and you immediately debunking his terrible dating advice

-the kids looking up to you guys and you’re perfect relationship thats built on love, trust and friendship

-stealing his shirts or sun-glasses

-matching Halloween costumes

-Dustin telling you all the cute things Steve says about you while you’re not around

-but Dustin also telling Steve all the cute things you say about him when he’s not around

-movie cuddle dates

-dates where you drive around and talk

-kisses where you both just end up smiling and giggling because you’re so in love

-never ever ever down playing how in love with each other you are

-studying together

-long phone calls on your land line that make your parents upset because they want to use the phone

-making a couple cassette tape of all your couple songs 

-sharing ear phones on your walkman

-being so in sync

-like you’ll both be listening to one of your kids and he’ll pull out a cigarette and you pull out a lighter and while still looking at the kids you’ll light his cigarette for him

-long make out sesh’s in his car

-constantly complimenting each other and there’s just so much positivity it kind of grosses everyone out 

-Max coming to you about having a crush on Lucas

-Lucas going to Steve about having a crush on Max

-totally setting them up together and then you and Steve watch them be cute like proud parents

-him leaving you little thoughtful gifts

-driving the kids around in his car and you blast music and sin duets together that make the kids sort of uncomfortable

-he holds your hand while he drives and the kids in the back are like “Steve! both hands on the wheel!”

-king of chivalry, if you’re ever cold, his jacket becomes your jacket

-you guys cant go 24 hours without seeing each other

-honestly, he’s my squishy little love boi


“Can you believe it? We are such hot shit sometimes!”

come out, come out, where ever you are, marky’s gonna find you

a redraw/reimagining of this from a year ago! (and a different universe where dark is a demon capable of possession, rather than having his own body)


Valmont: Isn’t it a pity that our agreement does not relate to the task you set me, rather than the task I set myself?

Merteuil: I am grateful, of course. But that would have been almost insultingly simple… One does not applaud the tenor for clearing his throat.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Evolution

Bromide Scans - Nekoma

Takeshi Naoki - Kai Nobuyuki
Gotou Takeru - Yaku Morisuke
Kawasumi Bishin - Yamamoto Taketora
Kajihara Hayate - Fukunaga Shouhei
Ishikura Noah - Haiba Lev

Please do not repost scans

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Mimi, do you know why #랩몬스터 is trending on twitter?

Korean ARMYs trended the hashtag of Rap Monster (171102) to show him their gratefulness.

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And of course, we should appreciate this man too. Did you hear how even Google Korea manager said he wanted to learn leadership from BTS’ Namjoon? Cho Yong Min said“Rap Monster is the leader of BTS. He doesn’t know me but I know him. I want to learn leadership from him; learn how one can lead a group so well.” (Source X) #Even leaders look up to him #Born to rule # #A KING

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AND YES NAMJOON IS JUST THAT WONDROUS. He is a transcendent leader. When it’s good news he shares the honors with the boys and ARMYs but when it’s bad news, he takes all the criticism by himself. So we should too, shield this man from the people bashing him for his looks (because yes some people are just that ignoble) but Namjoon is way up there for them to reach. 

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And IDK about them but using my TWO eyes all I see is a perfect specimen! 

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There will never be BTS without Monie. If BTS was a miracle it’s Namjoon who started it. As a man, as an artist, as a leader, and as a human, he is always trying to become better in all of those. We always talk about how the other members grew up but Namjoon did too. He is the kind who learns from his mistakes. The kind who is willing to help the world. The kind who made both BTS and ARMY closer. My respect and love for this man can’t be expressed with words. You know this humble man said he is not taking anything he is given by ARMY for granted so let’s support him and never take his greatness as given neither.

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Both Tyr and Freyr appears to have been immensely important in Scandinavia because so many places are named after them. The only story we have left where Tyr plays a major part is how he lost his hand to the Fenrir wolf, and the only story that has Freyr as a main character is how he fell in love with the jotun woman Gerd.

It is however implied in the story Lokasenna that they are close friends. When Loki verbally attacks Freyr, Tyr jumps in basically saying “How can you hate on Freyr!? He is the most perfect and soft and gentle person who looks amazing and is a better man than any of us will ever be because he loves peace!!” Like damn Tyr, contain your boner.

Loki then says Tyr can only make humans fight, which seems to genuinely upset Tyr. It’s all kinds of sweet that a god of war would idolize the god of peace.

Then again, it does make some sense. Thor is god of brute battle in war, Odin is god of war tactics, Freya is goddess of war with compassion, and Tyr is god of lawful war. He’s the one to call upon if you want things to be fair and by the rules (That’s why he put his hand in Fenrir’s mouth. They made a contract, and when Fenrir realized it had been cheated it rightfully bit Tyr’s hand off) so of course he also loves peace.

BTS Reaction - sex while camping

A/N: Here’s for that anon that requested this! You also requested something else, which I’m going to write as well so I hope you look forward to that! I love you.

Warning: mature themes below 

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Together forever and never to part
Together forever we two
And don’t you know
I would move heaven and earth
To be together forever with you.❤

Happy Nalu Day. 07.26.17

green-eyed monster

request: Could you do a Steve x reader where Billy hits on her and it forces Steve to admit his felling for the reader? Maybe some like cute fluff??

warning: some cursing

word count: 1,534

“Damn, look at the legs on that one.”

Steve couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the guy standing a few feet away from him. Billy Hargrove was the resident bad boy at Hawkins High School. He was obnoxious and a total asshole.

The two of them clashed on multiple occasions. It was clear that they would never ever be friends and Steve was perfectly okay with that. He didn’t want to associate himself with a guy like Billy.

“The things that I would do to that beauty.” Billy whistled making a couple of guys around him laugh.

Steve had been tying his shoes and trying to ignore the stupid shit coming from Billy’s mouth. He looked up to see the poor girl that had gotten Billy’s current attention.

He was shocked when he saw that it was you.

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