look how nice this bathroom is

The first time Ronan comes to visit Adam at college, his roommate watches him climb into a car with this tattooed, shaved head, rich boy punk
And he is absolutely appalled
Because how dare Adam Parrish cheat on his nice farmer boyfriend with this guy
So he follows them like, all day
As they go get lunch so he follows them in and claims a little table in the corner
Tries to look discreet
But Ronan notices
Of course he does
So Adam goes to the bathroom and Ronan stands up all casual and walks over and slams his hands down on the table
“You’ve been following us all day who tf are you”
And he’s terrified
Bc Ronan looks like he could kill him right now
But he figures he has to defend the farmer boy’s honor
So he stands up out of his chair all like
“I’m Adam’s roommate and do you know he has a boyfriend how dare u”
And Ronan just stares at him like…
Wtf is happening…
“I am his boyfriend”
His boyfriend is a farmer?
And has a kid??
U don’t look like a farmer or a dad
And then Adam comes out and sees this and he just walks over like
“Oh hey what are u doing here I see you’ve met my boyfriend, Ronan”
And kid’s still all ???
You’re a farmer??
And Ronan’s just like
Adam ur roommate just accused u of cheating on your boyfriend do you really not have any pictures of me
Like, at all

random caryl headcanons because reasons

Once Daryl’s confident enough in their relationship that he feels comfortable voicing out loud the compliments that have always swirled through his brain the second she walks into a room, he literally can’t shut the hell up. “Mmm, your hair smells so good” when he’s got his face pressed against her, bargaining for five more minutes in bed. “That color looks great on you” when she walks out of the bathroom in the morning, blinking awake while she runs a brush through her hair. “This pie’s even better than the last one” when she had to scramble to find a weird combo of allspice and nutmeg. “I told you you’re her favorite babysitter,” when he tries to take Judith out of Carol’s arms and she starts crying. “Nice ass,” mumbled under his breath while he stretches out on the bed and watches her wiggle out of her jeans at the end of a long day. But no matter how many times he compliments her, she smiles (or turns pink, or both) at single every one.

At least a few times a week, Daryl wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. Maybe a nightmare, maybe a coyote howling beyond the walls, maybe just stress-induced insomnia. At first he tries to deal with it alone, quietly pushing away the covers and tiptoeing toward the door. But Carol’s way too light a sleeper for that. “Going somewhere?” she’ll say, a touch of laughter behind the concern in her voice. She never fails to wake up seconds after he does on the rough nights – it’s kind of uncanny. It takes a little time, but after a few episodes he learns to accept that she’s just there, small soft hands smoothing over his shoulder, warm quiet voice soothing in the sleepy darkness. Sometimes he talks to her, tries to make words out of the mess he’s feeling. Other times he just smiles and smushes his face into her neck, plays with the ends of her hair, and relaxes to the feel of her breathing in and out, wrapped tight in his arms.

He loves being a guinea pig when she’s trying out new stuff in the kitchen. Available ingredients are always a constraint on what she can manage to create, but he’s forever in awe of her creativity. Most of the time, her bizarre substitutions work, and the look of appreciation on his face when she slides the spoon into his mouth is 100% genuine. But every now and then, there’s just no way to pretend the beet juice bread or sweet potato/cabbage soup isn’t a train wreck. When the inevitable happens, he fights his hardest to school his face at least into neutrality, but she’s way too smart for him. “That bad, hm?” she’ll laugh, licking some from the spoon she just took out of his mouth. Then, “Oh shit, that’s awful.” He shrugs. Kisses her. (The soup tastes four hundred percent better on her tongue). Eats it anyway.

The first time Daryl mentions Glenn in her presence, her heart cracks wide open. He’s showing her how to make sure the car’s safely up on the jack before she starts changing the tire. Reaching into the toolbox, he mutters without thinking, “Shit, I should clean these wrenches. Glenn would kick-” He stops; the hand that’s twisting the bolt is shaking. She reaches out, puts her own hand over his. “Glenn would what?” she whispers. Daryl’s quiet for a long beat, his eyes staring down at the damp dirt. He scrubs the back of his hand across his eyes and says, voice rough and gravelly around the words, “He’d kick my ass for not taking care of his tools. Was always in Aaron’s garage with some fuckin’ cloth, polishing the damn things. Think he wanted to keep ‘em like Dale did.” She swallows past her own tears and gives his hand a final squeeze, cherishing the fact that he spoke the words at all. She knows that tonight, she’ll finish drying the dishes alone, even though he almost always helps her. She’ll grab a jacket and step into the late fall bite of the evening air. And she’ll walk toward the light in Aaron and Eric’s garage, where she’ll find Daryl on a bench with the entire contents of the toolbox spread before him on a towel, polishing them one by one with the ragged, stained cloth clutched in his hands.

It turns out that he’s actually amazing at massages. She got a tiny taste on top of the bus at the prison, but that’s nothing in comparison to what he has to offer once he finally gets comfortable with touching her skin for more than three seconds at a time. When she steps out of the bathroom after a tiring shift on watch followed by a steaming shower, he’ll give her towel-clad body a lingering look before he says, “Want me to rub your back for a minute?” At first she thinks it’s an excuse to get her naked (as if he needs one), but when she stretches out on the sheets, he carefully refrains from touching anything except her back and shoulders. (Eventually, with her express encouragement and when they’re both in the right mood, he winds up massaging other places as well, until she’s flushed and breathless, whispering that she wants more.)

One of Carol’s favorite weekly rituals is taking the kids so Rick and Michonne can have a ‘date night.’ Carl grumbled a little at first, but now he’s on such a mission to beat Carol at Scrabble that he looks forward to it as much as she does. Her favorite part of the evening is always Judith’s bedtime. For whatever reason, Daryl is Judy’s favorite reading buddy – the child bounces and claps her hands when he heads toward her special corner of the bookshelf, asking which one she wants to read. Once she’s had her bath and is all cuddled up in fresh pajamas with her favorite stuffed animal (a tattered penguin Michonne named Harold as a joke, but the damn name stuck) and her pacifier, she climbs right into Daryl’s lap and snuggles into the crook of his arm, pudgy fingers patting the pages of her chosen book. Carol’s always watching from the table where she and Carl continue their Scrabble war (Carl’s still pissed she actually played “quixotic” in their last game, straight through a triple word with the x on a triple letter), and there are few things she loves more than hearing Daryl say, “Asskicker, I swear if you make me read this goddamn book again-” followed three seconds later by, “Little Nutbrown Hare, who was going to bed, held on tight to Big Nutbrown Hare’s very long ears…”


‘Sophie tried to corner me, yes’, Violet repeated. ‘Why are you so surprised? She’s a harpy, and it’s obvious at first sight. Even her nails look like claws. I wonder how she manages to play that piano. And I bet she even has some scary harpy wings somewhere in her closet, among the skeletons of men she drained physically and emotionally. What? Stop looking at me like this; police officers need their powerful imagination. Anyway, she trapped me in the bathroom half an hour ago. Like in the movies, you know, except for a dirty bar setting. So, she’s kinda nice in the beginning, she said she’s fascinated with my work and she’s grateful that we’re trying to help you find your painting and so on. But then she gave me an unwanted but clearly pretty wise advice concerning you. According to her, being ‘the police trash’, and I’m quoting her here, I have no place in your world and I should get out of here before ‘they’ make me regret my decision to stay next to you. As I already regret it, I considered her advice very useful. I didn’t inform her about that, though. But I felt the need to announce that I had my Beretta in my thigh holster, which I usually used on people trying to make me do something, regrets included. So we kinda parted being friends with your ex, I guess’.


I woke up and looked over at Raven’s bed, it was empty and untouched. I squinted my eyes and waddled out of the bedroom yawning and still fairly out of it. As I went to turn the corner I heard a sniffle, causing me to spin around and as I did I saw Raven slouched against the counter, her head in her knees with an envelope next to her. I grew with concern, “Raven?”. She looked up at me and shook her head. “Don’t. Okay? Just don’t.” “Are you o-” “Look, I know you’re trying to be nice to me but please.. please for the love of everything just leave me alone.” I backed away and slowly walked into the bathroom. I closed the door and slid down against it. I just want to stay in here and never come out. I don’t do well in situations I have no idea how to handle..

I washed my face, brushed my teeth and walked back out, completely unsure of what was to come. Raven was in the same position.. walking into the kitchen I glared at her. “Do you want me to make you something to eat?” She looked up at me and shook her head, “No. I don’t need your pity.” I rolled my eyes and threw her a dirty look. “I’m not giving you pity Raven, I’m trying to be a nice roommate.” She stood up and grabbed the envelope as she started to walk away. “When I ask for you to leave me alone.. please listen okay? I don’t need your sympathy. You’re not my friend, you’re my roommate.” 


Cosmos - 8B00-0039-FA9D


This town was so freaking adorable. My secondary character Yin went to the town and I really liked how she was able to walk around in between trees and not be constantly stuck in some spot or have to backtrack to a main path a lot. I like more open towns where you can wander on and off the paths and this one delivered really well in that regard. 

The fireplace being placed in the middle of the room actually gave me a really nice idea for one of the houses in my town. Yin looks rather evil in the shot with the light bulb above her head as if she’s plotting something sinister. 

That. Freaking. Bathroom. …..(loved it)

I’m guessing due to the hacks made in the town the bridge was able to be placed horizontally and holy crap did it make that little area look amazing. Yin played a lot in that area. I think it’s one of the better picturesque areas of the town.

The beach was also really well done. I normally skip beaches in towns, but this one was very nice and fun to be on. I actually went to the beach first and spent a fair amount of time there. 

I honestly think this is the first town I’ve visited that’s made me *almost* wish I could do hacks. But I am lazy and and know I never will, but it’s rather impressive that town made me want to consider it. Usually I just admire what hacks have been done and that’s that. 

All in all it was beautiful and fun and it played 6 am music, which is the best. 


grandmother said that one day i would grow up
and marry a nice boy, and i said okay.
i used to daydream about this nice boy,
about a nice family, about nice kids 
and a nice house. i never asked myself
whether that was what i wanted, because
that never mattered. it was what i should want.

the first time i noticed a girl, i sat down
and questioned it for years. i thought
‘this can’t be right,’ i thought ‘this is
not what i should be,’ i thought
‘this is not possible.’

i thought of boys touching me and i
felt sick. grandmother said that one day
she would find me a nice boy to marry
and i smiled and then went and threw
up in the bathroom when no one was looking.

i thought ‘maybe this will go away,’
and when it didn’t i thought ‘maybe everyone
feels this way at first.’ 

this is the story of how i put my love for
girls under the microscope. did everything
i could to convince myself it wasn’t real.
this is the story of how i swallowed my
lack of love for boys like a pill,
as though if i never questioned it i could
will it to become a reality.

years later and again, grandmother
says she’ll find me a nice boy. i can’t
say anything to her face but in my mind
i amend the sentence. think ‘one day
there’ll be a girl, and one day, i’ll find
her myself.’ think ‘there is a freedom
in knowing i do not have to love boys,
and i have found it at last.’

i think ‘this is enough,’ and then, at last,
‘i am enough.’

Art Students - Taekook Oneshot

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Jungkook enters his fine arts class a little too late, and gets opposed with the question of how he defines beauty. What is beauty to you? What is beauty to the new transfer student?

genre: fluff?

words: 2936

inspired by this post


It was one of those mornings where it was just a little too nice under the warmth of the blanket to get out of bed on time. The black-haired, young man flinched as his feet touched the cold linoleum covered floor of his dorm room at Busan Arts College.

Jungkook stumbled into the bathroom, his hair sticking out in every possible direction, and, looking in the mirror, he tried to tame it. He gave up just a second later, though, because he considered it impossible. With a loud sigh, he dropped his hands to his sides, taking a second, he actually didn’t have, to wake up. He lightly slapped his cheeks and blinked a bunch of times, but it was no help. There wasn’t anything Jungkook wished more than to just dive back into the comfort of his bed.

As he was done getting ready, he returned to his room, grabbed random items of clothing and slipped into them. His mess of hair was soon covered by a bright red beanie, and before he exited through the door, he slung his worn-out backpack over his shoulder.

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Epic Fail-BTS React(Requested)

//BTS’s reaction to you failing at trying to sexy dance for them//

Jin- When Jin spots you swinging your hips in front of the bathroom mirror, no rhythm to your movements whatsoever, he’d cover up a laugh and grip your waist to still your movements. 

“Were you trying to imitate how I look when I dance, jagi? That’s not very nice.”

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Suga- Would literally just look at you for twenty minutes, until you caught on that he wasn’t feeling it and would smile at you amusedly when you give him a mean look. 

“Since I love you I’m supposed to be honest with you and tell you to not do that again. Just… no.”

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Rap Monster- Namjoon would immediately begin to think of ways to get you to stop, using his famously known way with words to think of something.

“You don’t need to try and be sexy, you nearly kill me when you’re just standing doing nothing.” smooth rapmon is smooth 

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J-Hope-  He’d find it endearing that you were trying to be sexy for him, but would just wave you over and kiss you lightly when he sees you stub your toe on the table for the tenth time. 

“Just come sit with me, love, that’s enough.” 

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Jimin- Sees how bad you’re failing at trying to dance sexily, but is turned on a little anyways. 

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Taehyung- Would think you’re being funny and run over to dance with you, confused when he notices your pouting face, trying to make you luagh by dancing more and making funny faces.  

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Jungkook- When Mr. Maknae comes back in the practice room from a break, he’d freeze when he saw you bent over, attempting to twerk in the air and failing miserably. Laughing when a blush crawled over your face as you saw him watching you, he’d cross over and shake his head. 

“No, no, no. Let me show you how it’s done.” because maknae knows best 

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//this took longer than I expected, omg. Hope you enjoyed!//

Shower Time (Taehyung x Reader)

Requested by anon: Can you make a shower sexy time with Taehyung? :^) (Involving a lot of looking into the mirror while doing do, pressed against window

[[A/N: If you don’t like smuts, please don’t read this]]


Everyday you came home from work hearing the shower running in the bathroom following by your boyfriend’s deep voice humming to a soothing tune. Usually you would just walk straight past the bathroom but today you felt as though you couldn’t permit yourself to do that. You felt almost obligated to join him as he was all you could think about during your time at work. Yes, your time at work consisted of thinking about how nice it would feel to have his hands roaming around the perimeter of your body - occasionally letting his hands slip in places that shouldn’t be touched in public. Your greatest fantasy involved Taehyung coming to your workplace, in your office. Slowly shutting all the blinds before moving on to working out every movement that made you whimper and squirm all under his control. That never really happened, but you would have loved for it to be more than a fantasy of the imagination. 

You entered the bathroom, hearing the water ceasing to patter down to ground. You saw the glass door of the shower cubicle slide open as his head popped out to peek at you. “Jagiya, hurry up. The water is going to get cold.”

You smiled at him whilst slowly removing the layers of clothes which prevented your bare skin to exposure, Taehyung seemed to be enjoying the little show you were putting on until you started pulling down on your pencil skirt - seeing that you were wearing stockings instead of tights. His lips parted at the sight of the stockings, for some odd reason it always drove him crazy to see you wearing that outside of the house - especially if you were wearing them at work. His eyes widened when he realised that you were teasing him by slowly pulling them off your legs. You then moved on to letting your bra straps fall off your shoulders which enabled his eyes to darken as his pupils started dilating,

 “_____” he said in almost a whisper but couldn’t bring himself to be heard because his mind was completely elsewhere. 

He imagined having his wet hands teasing at your womanhood until you were soaking in your own juices - only leaving the water on to purify the filth you were about to get up to in the shower cubicle … And suddenly, he saw that he didn’t have to imagine it because that was exactly what he was planning to do to you.

You unhooked your bra, letting it fall with the pile of clothing that was gradually forming itself on the floor. Lastly, you pulled down your panties at such an unhurried pace that you could hear Taehyung softly whining at the amount of time you were wasting. Finally getting into the cubicle you slid the glass door shut, immediately regretting the fact that you had teased Taehyung beyond his limit. He grabbed your waist, yanking you closer to his wet body as you felt the sensation of the blood underneath your skin boiling as your temperature kept rising. You felt slightly intimidated by his intense gaze. His gaze alone managed to weaken your knees, yet, it also managed to make you extremely turned on with a simple blink. He kept pressing his body close to yours to ensure there was no space between your bare bodies and also primarily because he wanted to invade your space. 

“Do you think it’s funny to tease me like that?” his voice became husky clearly hinting that he was going to show you no mercy, he held your chin upwards so that your eyes were leveled to his own. 

You were anticipating a heated kiss under the temperature of the water increasing, though, that’s not exactly what happened. Actually what Taehyung did startled you a bit as it was a first. He ran his tongue against your lips causing him to laugh at the fact that you pursed your lips expecting him to kiss you. 

“What the hell?” you furrowed your eyebrows still unsure of what just happened. 

“Why so serious?” his rectangular smile appeared before he repeated what he had done but this time he did kiss you, allowing his lips to interlock with your own as his tongue came in to contact with yours - battling for dominance. Of course, he ended up winning somehow.

To his advantage the bathroom wasn’t foggy yet, therefore the both of your views had access to the mirror opposite to the shower cubicle. He positioned you in front of him indicating that he wanted you to watch everything he was doing. He brushed the tip of his nose along the length of your neck as his warm breath tickled the surface of your skin. You tried shutting your eyes to savour his every touch 

“Open your eyes” he whispered in your ear as you lightly shook your head “Why would I do that? I can already feel you”

His teeth tugged on your earlobe sending waves of chill down your back despite the fact that the water emitted from the shower jet 

“I want you to see me punish you … Every time you close your eyes I get to tease you more until I have you begging, but, if you keep looking in the reflection then I’ll do everything you want me to, okay?” 

You hummed in response already knowing you were going to lose. How on earth did he expect you to keep looking at your reflection? His lips started marking their territory all over your body with the use of love bites that weren’t going to be easy to hide.

He wrapped his arms around you, letting his left hand grab on to your breast, massaging it in exaggerated circular motions sending a tingling sensation to the end of your nipples. Meanwhile, his right hand had moved on to your throbbing core as his finger worked on rubbing your labia which made your thighs twitch quite a lot, your body was now fully out of your control - sadly enough, he was quicker to realise that before you could even try to figure out how he had worked it out. You trapped his hand inbetween your thighs, usually he would do something about it but this time he let you trap his hand. His other hand that was placed on your breast loosened its grip to allow his finger to outline your areola thus swiftly moving on to teasing your nipple with his thumb and index finger - alternating between the two. 

You tilted your head back on to his chest at the amount of pressure he was adding on to your nipple, just as he had expected you had shut your eyes once again. Biting on your bottom lip as his right hand managed to relax your thigh muscles to ensure his hand was free from doing whatever it wanted to do to you. Truthfully he was done trying to see whether or not you were still looking at the reflection, he was too focused on how he would get you to crack. His middle finger started rapidly rubbing against your clit making your breath tremble, 

“Taehyung please” 

He started kissing the crook of your neck before sticking a finger in your entrance “Please what?” 

Considering you weren’t replying he stuck a second finger slightly expanding your opening - reaching further than before “Fuck me.” 

He still didn’t stop and he was about to enter a third finger, so with a sense of aggression you shouted “FUCK ME!” Startling him for a few seconds. 

He released his fingers from your core, lightly shoving you on to the glass window which was now full of fog so that you were leaning against the window, steam moved all around the bathroom only adding more excitement to the tense atmosphere. 

He sucked the two fingers which had previously been inside you, groaning “Mmh you taste so good baby.” 

You could feel your cheeks beginning to get hot … Until now, you seriously wished that you hadn’t teased him because this felt like torture. Having to wait on his command, being manipulated by his touch - all things which turned you on yet made you so impatient. He sucked on your bottom lip as his hand lifted your leg up, ensuring that your knee was placed at the crook of his elbow. Readying himself to penetrate inside you. Once he was inside you, you felt the need to hold on to his shoulders for support. Your clutch on his shoulders was so tight that he was slightly wincing with a combination of pleasure and pain so bearable that he couldn’t really feel your grip hardening, more or less it just took him by surprise. 

For a prolonged amount of time, Taehyung moved in and out of you. He was mainly focusing on what he was doing to you. With one of your hands that rested on his shoulders, you moved your finger upwards until you reached his wet hair - gently pulling his hair so that he would focus more on you than anything else. As soon as you did so, Taehyung caught on and pressed his body into you more as physically as possible to reach further into you - transitioning his secure pace at a quicker speed … Barely permitting you to catch your breath. Your nails started digging into his skin, turning him on more as you could gradually feel your muscles clenching against his length. Knots tying at the pit of your stomach. 

“Baby, I’m so close.” 

He nodded telling you to let it out as he repetitively pounded the spot that made your body endorphins increase. With one last thrust he removed himself out of you - not letting you time to re-adjust yourself, he pushed you down on to your knees “Open up, princess.” 

He pumped himself a few times to encourage his releases to fall inside your mouth so you could properly taste him. He gently cursed under his breath at the chills you were sending him by merely keeping eye contact. 

After all that was done, you and Taehyung washed properly before getting out. Both wrapped in your towels you made your way to the bedroom to get dressed but unexpectedly, Taehyung held your wrist. 

“Yah! Are you ever going to tease me again?” 

You giggled slightly at his comment “Don’t worry, I’ve learnt my lesson for today.” 

He smirked at you, pecking your lips “Good. But … I wasn’t done yet.” 

He laid you on the bed, winking at you “I swear I’ll be really quick. I’ll make you cum so quickly that you won’t have time to process it.” 

He unwrapped you from your towel, commencing with butterfly kisses at your stomach - carefully trailing to the inner part of your thighs, placing his face close to your core. Either of his hands were holding on to your thighs as they were quivering he wanted to make sure you that he could spread you legs for easier access. At first, his tongue felt cold against your pussy lips but then within a few seconds, his tongue was at a comfortable temperature for you. He started off with a few shy licks before moving up to your clit, widening his tongue to give you long licks that made you move your hips closer towards him. He was driving you insane with all the different ways he was manipulating his tongue, within a short amount of time he had nipped and nibbled at your clit causing you to writhe in pleasure. At last, he started hastily flicking his tongue at your clit making you scream in gratification and immense satisfaction.

Finally content with your reaction, Taehyung left you to catch your breath on the bed as he snuggled close to you - his nose resting at the crook of your neck “You did well, baby. I’m proud of you.” 

With the little energy you let out a feeble laugh “You’re going to be in so much trouble when I regain my energy.”

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I am AU trash

R27 probably. College (?) AU, with supernatural stuff thrown in. Incubus!Reborn.

“Let’s summon a demon!” Tsuna’s stupid roommate suggested eagerly.

“Let’s not do that,” Tsuna replied flatly, warily eying the Ominous Black Book in his roommate’s hands. Why was he friends with his roommate again? Oh right, because his roommate was one of the only people in the school who didn’t look at Tsuna with disdain.

Sometimes, Tsuna felt that the nice company his roommate occasionally provided really wasn’t worth the trouble that came with it.

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Chapter Three

A Conflicted New Home

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Ship: Kylo Ren x Reader

Rating: M

You hadn’t slept. How could you knowing that you would be treating Darth Vader’s grandson in a few hours? Around 5 am you finally rolled yourself out of bed and rubbed your tired eyes. You’d spent the majority of the night rolling around in bed and thinking of how you could treat a man that knew how to penetrate your thoughts or could kill you so quickly and easily without any remorse that you wouldn’t even know you were about to die. 

You had slept a total of 45 minutes - not consecutively. You sat at the edge of your bunk and looked around the room. It wasn’t a bad little room, you thought to yourself. It was much like your dorm room at the Academy with the addition of a nice bathroom that wasn’t shared by a group of reckless young adults. 

You stood up and walk into the bathroom, hearing the ground beneath your bare feet creak. As you walk past the dresser, you glance at the letter of your reassignment and the sheet of paper with Master Ren’s information. Would you call him Master Ren? Did he prefer to be called something else? Your fingers graze over the Death Star’s shrapnel that was acting as a paperweight.

Your stomach churned a little bit more.

In the bathroom, you looked at yourself in the mirror. You touched your hair, combing your fingers through the knots before sighing heavily to yourself. Your father would be getting up soon. You could almost feel his heart breaking as he would read your letter left on the kitchen table. What would he think? Would he even accept the money you send back to them? 

The Order had left you a newly polished off uniform that had instructions for you to wear during every meeting with Kylo. You grabbed the uniform off the dresser right outside the bathroom door and lifted your shirt off. In the mirror, your reflection seemed distant. It didn’t feel like you standing on the other side of this mirror. You looked at your skin, brushing your fingers down your arm. You shook your head and clothed yourself in the First Order uniform. What would Papa think of this? you think to yourself.  

You skipped breakfast for your stomach could barely handle drinking water. You skimmed through some of your old text books you had stuffed in your already packed suitcase to review. You were unsure of what to expect. Treating someone who was a master of the Force wasn’t new territory for you, but nonetheless it was still intimidating.

At quarter to 8, you found yourself searching the halls for room 232. It wasn’t far from where your bunk was located and you stood in front of the cold metal door for a few seconds before knocking. Your knuckles stung against the cool steel. 

A moment later, the door slid open to reveal a room full of controls, all dipped in a metallic luster. All the lights in the room were dimmed and it took a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dark environment. You look around, feeling uneasy that no one was standing before you. You poked your head in, looking around. You could see a room attached to the one you were standing in and inside were two seats, one of which was already occupied.

“I’m assuming you’re my shrink.” A deep voice spat from the other room. The hair on the back of your neck stood up as you put a face to the voice. 

Kylo Ren sat in the chair furthest from where you were standing, his gaze was out the clear window that showcased the galaxy. He wore a mask dipped with silver accents that distorted his voice and amplified his breathing. You stood there for a moment, the beeping sounds of the machinery deaf to your ringing ears. Looking at him, his limbs barely fit properly in the chair. HIs fingers were crossed at his stomach and his legs stretched out before him, all of which were cloaked in black. He turned his head to face you and you suddenly could feel his body stiffen at the sight of you. He didn’t speak.

You cleared your throat, regaining your composure. “Hello. I’m [y/n]. General Hux must have spoken to you about our meeting, yes?” 

He looked away, “Unfortunately.” 

You tried to crack a nervous smile, “You don’t have to be so gloom and doom about it, Master Ren.” 

He was silent for a moment before turning his head back to you. 

“I wasn’t expecting a woman.” He sneered through his mask. 

You bowed your head, “I apologize. I hope you can look past my gender and we can learn some things together. May I sit?” You motioned to the seat across from him. He nodded his head, adjusting himself uncomfortably in his seat.

“I have plenty of other things to attend to right now.” His voice fumed. “If these weren’t orders from Supreme Leader Snoke, I wouldn’t have agreed to this nonsense.”

“It’s not nonsense, Master Ren.” You speak softly to him. “I just want to know a little about you. Do you mind if we do that?”

“I don’t really have a choice, do I?” He gripped the side of his leather chair.

You noticed he wouldn’t look at you. 

“You do have a choice.” You reminded him, tapping your pen against your clipboard. He didn’t respond.

“Tell me about yourself. What was your life like before the First Order?”
Ren scoffed, and you could almost hear the sarcastic smile behind his mask. 

“That was no life. Training to be a Jedi. I never wanted such a thing. Solo knew this, but he didn’t stop my mother from sending me away.”

“So your relationship with your parents was rather - frail?”

He turned to look at you. “They were weak and spineless.”

You thought about the small piece of metal in your back pocket. You became hyper aware of it, thinking of all those in the Resistance that sacrificed their lives to bring the Empire down. The legend that is Han Solo was anything but weak. And yet, here his son was before you speaking ill of his accomplishments.

“So you do not feel any sort of connection to your parents?” You ask.

“None.” He replied. “That part of me is dead.” 

You nod your head, “you don’t identify with your old self then? The man before Kylo Ren?” 

“I don’t wish to talk about my old self. He was foolish. He no longer exists.” He stood to his feet, walking closer to the grand window. You watch him, his height much more than you expected. He folded his hands behind his back and you watch his fingers flex in their leather bounds. 

“He doesn’t?” You inquire. Ren turned to face you. You can sense his disgust in you for questioning him. Although you couldn’t see his face, you were positive his eyes were locked on you. You stare back at him, holding your ground. 

After a moment, he turned back around to face the window. You wait, hoping he will have something to say. The only sounds filling your ears are those of the machinery in the room behind you. You remain silent, pausing in hopes he will speak. But he doesn’t.

“I think that man is still in you, Master Ren.” You offer hesitantly, your heart pounding in your ears. 

The words had just left your mouth when your body was suddenly ridged and Kylo was facing you. His long gloved fingers were reaching out towards you, holding your body completely still. You could suddenly feel his rage.

You tried to move, feeling yourself begin to panic. A chill of raw fear ran down your spine and you could feel your body shaking under his force. Sweat immediately began flowing from your pores. His eyes lock with yours, taking in your fear. What felt like minutes passing could have been only seconds. What is he going to do to me? You think. Am I going to die?

Suddenly, his head tilted and all at once you watch his hand fall back to his side. You felt yourself regaining movement in your body. 

You watch as he turned back around, holding his hands behind his back again. 

“This meeting is over.” His voice betrayed his words, sounding softer than you would have expected. He almost sounded ashamed. You stare down at the sheet of paper before you with only two notes written down. Silently, you gather your things and stand from your seat. For a moment you watch him stare out at the stars, his posture stiff and you know he can feel you watching him. 

“I will see you tomorrow, Master Ren.” You turn to leave the room, holding your clipboard tightly to your chest.

“[y/n].” You felt your heart leap into your throat. You turn to face him but he is still looking away. 

“I do not wish to hurt you.” His distorted low voice spoke. “I hope you understand this.”

You swallow and give a soft nod in his direction. 

“Of course, Master Ren.” You reply quietly, unsure as to what to think of his comment. You watch him for a moment more, not knowing if you should say something further. When he doesn’t acknowledge you, you finally turn to leave the room. 

With the sounds of the beeping machinery behind you, you let out a long sigh as the door slides closed behind you. This was certainly going to be more difficult than expected. 

Hot...Jon Version...

Imagine Jon’s reaction to seeing you wearing something sexy for the first time

((It feels nice to write Jon as a blushing, Stark looking bby again <3 <3 :D))

“Well, how do I look?” you snickered, taking in the bright pink coloring in his cheeks as he stood there in the doorway of the bathroom dressed in nothing but a towel still wet from his shower. You were dressed in a two piece lingerie set you had gotten on a dare, and from the look on Jon’s face he was either really turned on or he had just realized after a year that you were a member of the opposite sex.

“Y/n…” he managed to say, clearing his throat, your name fell once more from his lips hoarsely as he asked “What are…where did…” you watched fondly as his cheeks turned a darker shade of red “When did you buy…that?”

“This afternoon, do you not like it?” you asked with a mock pout

He shook his head quickly “No I like it! I….I like it alot.”

You grinned and asked “Then why am I still wearing it?” and through the blush on his cheeks you caught the smirk of mischief begin to spread on his lips.

Exo Reaction Where They Accidentally Walk In On You Getting Out Of The Shower(Current Members)

I could not stop laughing because I could honestly just picture their shocked faces in my head. Hope you guys enjoy!

I do not own any of the gifs in this post.

-Admin Min

Suho- “Why didn’t you say anything before I came in!” Suho’s first response would be to yell at you for being so careless, but you would be able to tell how obviously embarrassed he was because he would be holding in giggles and blushing really hard.

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Baekhyun-“Nice legs jagi” He’d be initially shocked upon opening the door and seeing you naked but he’d then he’d just start laughing since you looked funny trying so hard to cover up.

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Chanyeol- “Uhhhh sorry” Chanyeol would just stare at you before doing that little smile he does when he feels awkward and then try to quickly shuffle back out the bathroom.

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Kyungsoo- *Does nothing but silently stare at you* As soon as he walked in and saw you naked, he would stare at you and then quietly ease back out the door like it never happened.

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Kai- “ I should have knocked” Awkwardly staring at you and then quickly at the ground, he’d chuckle to himself and shut the door.

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Sehun- “Don’t be mad at me, you’re the one who didn’t lock the door” He wouldn’t be too embarrassed about seeing you like that and he would probably just laugh at how shocked you were, you would have to kick him out or else he woulda just stood there laughing forever.

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Chen- “Nothing I haven’t seen before” Chen would scoff at your attempts at covering up and jokingly tease you about how he’s seen it all already, making you way more embarrassed than you should have been.

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Xuimin- “Well hello there” He would be shocked at first since he wasn’t expecting that, but would eventually just grin and give you a quick look over before walking back out.

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Lay- “Jagi you should lock the door more often” Lay would blush and chuckle as soon as he saw you and would quickly turn around and cover his eyes, telling you that it’s good to lock the door sometimes.

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|Daysea| 7200 - 5723 - 1289

I decided to update Daysea’s dream address to show you how it looks in the summer which is the season I’m currently playin in right now.

There’s a new villager,a few new pwps and you’re now able to see the mermaid bathroom and Rainee’s gardening shop!

I hope you have a nice time in my town and if you visit and take pictures please tag the post with mooncakecrossing so I can see  ☆

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Tsukki, Kags and Bokuto's reaction if the boys walked in when their partner was changing their clothes


Tsukishima would smirk and take this as an opportunity to tease them, both/either verbally and/or physically. Sure, he’d be a little embarrassed by it, but more…frisky than that.

Kageyama would blush like crazy, immediately looking away. He’d stutter out an apology and leave the room, possibly going to the hide in the bathroom until he could calm down again. 

Bokuto probably wouldn’t even know what to do for at least a few moments. Blushing and stuttering are a definite reaction, and similar to Kageyama, he’d probably apologize quickly after and leave the room. Though he might bring up how nice their body looked later wink wonk

Don’t Leave me: Kylo Ren Imagine

I laid on my large bed with silk sheet underneath me. There was a large window that didn’t open but I could see the galaxy from it, but I could never step foot to the outside world. I stood up slowly walking over to the window,the cold marble floors seemed like ice at my bare feet. The planets seemed so close, but yet they were far.

How I wished to be out there then to be suck in this makeshift prison cell. It looked nothing like a prison cell, it was actually nice. A huge king sized bed with dark silk sheets and too many pillows. The floor was a beautiful marble that looked almost like the galaxy itself. The walls where a deep maroon color, with one large window that almost took up the whole wall. There was a dresser filled with beautiful clothes and a door to a small bathroom. There was a large bookshelf that took up most of my wall space. There were too many book to fit on the shelves so there were bunches of stacks of books around the room.This breathtaking room was my prison cell. I’ve seen nothing but there four walls for the last few years. 

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#108 Your kid walks in on a heated moment (requested)

Dan: You were both in the bedroom, waiting for the babysitter to come so you could go on a date. You’d both dressed up really nice, which wasn’t very common after you had your son.

“Wow. You look really, really hot.” He walked out of the bathroom and grabbed his socks.

“Not too shabby yourself, Howell.” You slipped on one heel.

“What do you say when we get back home, we see how good you look out of that dress?” He came over and wrapped his arm around your lower back.

You blushed. “I’m pretty curious about how hot you’ll look tonight too.” You said into his ear.

He pulled back to kiss you. The kiss deepened, and your arms were wrapped around his neck. At that exact moment, you heard the bedroom door open.

“The babysitters… What are you doing?” Your six year old asked in a naive tone.

You pushed away from each other and brushed your clothes. “Oh, I was just, uh, giving daddy a hug!”

Phil: When your daughter was napping, you both usually took a short nap. A four year old was draining.

You were in your bedroom cuddled up, watching whatever program was on TV. A heated scene started up, making things a little awkward.

Suddenly, Phil rolled over so he was hovering on top of you. “Wanna outdo them?” He purred in your ear.

“You know I do,” you grinned.

He began kissing your neck. He started moving down a little when the door creaked open.

You both froze. After a few moments, Phil quickly rolled off of you and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Yes princess?” He coughed.

“What are you doing?” She titled her head.

“Uh… Big kid hugs!” You piped up. “Yeah, only the coolest big kids know how to do these special hugs.”

My Teacher: Chapter 1

Protagonists: Park Jin-young/Reader

Genre: Romance

     You were a little frustrating by how your hair looked messing up in the early morning. You were getting ready for your first day of high school and of course, you wanted to look nice, but you had one problem with your hair. Your hair looked horrible as usual. Your bangs were swept up from side which you didn’t want to look like that so you decided to use your mother’s straighten. Sadly, you didn’t have one for your own. You seemed struggling to make your bangs straight where it hid your eyebrows until your mother got in the bathroom, watched you what you did. 

     ”Need help?”

     ”As much as I do.”

      The mother chuckled as she went behind you and she took her straighten to fix your hair. 

      “Someone seems excited for the first day of school.”

      “Well I am! Besides, this is going to be my last year for school which means I’m going to graduate then off to college!” 

       The mother chuckled again as she continued finishing your hair. 

       ”Okay. All done.”

       You looked yourself in the mirror as you smiled at how your mother made your hair looking perfect as always. She was a real professional. She used to be one of a Kpop company’s stylist, but a few years later, she quit because she didn’t get enough money and she wasn’t happy with that. And after that, she made her own hair salon near your home which was really cool. You went there every time you asked your mother to trim your hair to keep your hair short. 

       You thanked her and you gave a kiss on her cheek. You ran into the kitchen to grab your toasted bread and your school bag. You exhaled as you opened the door to go outside. You felt the sun warming you and you smell the flowers scent from your garden you and mother created during summer. You smiled at how beautiful your first day of August. 

        You began walking on the path as you thought of yourself walking in the school happily and learn something you don’t know yet. You had always loved school ever since you were young. You loved to read so much. You seemed you read almost each of book from the library in your home area. You found this a bit odd that you were only one who seemed loving to go to school every single day which wasn’t usual for kids because they always whined over school stuffs. You couldn’t blame them because it was how it was. 

        You already turned eighteen years old back in June. You developed having the feelings of becoming an adult. The kids in your school could tell you really didn’t have any friends. Yet. Because you always studied with whole of your life. You were left alone to do things to keep you happy. You thought you didn’t need any friends to make you happy. It wasn’t that you were bad at making friends. You were really happy what you had. 

        You couldn’t help thinking about the college you recently applied. For your career, you really wanted to become a novelist. You loved to write anything. Anything. It could be anything that you create a story with feelings. There were some stories that you finished during your junior year in your laptop. They might be not the best, but at least, you tried and you enjoyed it. You weren’t confident to show people your story until you had to be more comfortable and being aware it was okay to show your story. 

        You stopped by your view of your own high school. You smiled while you looked at it.  It felt like it was your second home. it had been a long time since the last day of your junior year and here you were. You were being silly thinking of it. You shook your head and you built several of motivations inside of you. As soon as you entered the school. You took out of your paper with schedule for your classes. You checked your first class which was your most favorite thing in the world, literature class. You walked faster as you searched your classroom before the bell rang. You noticed plenty of students in the class. You found your comfortable desk where it was near the window in the second row. It was the only desk you had been sitting since you were freshman. People found it obviously that you only wanted to sit there and studied crazily, but you didn’t mind though. 

        Suddenly, the bell rang as the students went back to their desks. The class was waiting for their teacher for a while. It seemed the silence was still going on. You furrowed your brows, not sure what to do. There was no teacher in the class. It was only you and the students in the classroom. It was awkward because no one said anything so you didn’t bother yourself taking out your book and began reading until the teacher come. If nothing happen, then you would have to see the principle to tell about your first class teacher not showing up. You bit your nail as you kept reading your book until you heard a door creaking. You immediately lifted your head. 

        Whoa. Why all of a sudden this feeling? You were shocked when this just happened. But why did it happen? Why did you happen feeling your face red when you saw this young and handsomest gentleman in this planet? This man was so beautiful than anyone thought. His lovely black hair and side bang. His cute little puffy lips. His nice and lovely skin. His eyes. Everything about him was so beautiful. How could every of his features that perfect? You couldn’t believe you called your own teacher “perfection.” You were embarrassed when you caught him seeing your red face. You immediately looked away to hide your red face. You looked down at your desk and you wanted to stop this feeling. You didn’t want to let this happen. You wanted to believe that you could make this go away forever and never let it come back again. You wanted to take a final look at this lovely man, but you ended up him seeing him smirked at how your face was.