look how nervous both of you haha

Boyfriend Taeyong

this is for you @freakydeakytaeyonq HAHA

  • this is going to be very fluffy because taeyong’s so soft omg
  • who can resist this guy though seriously
  • he was my first bias and im so happy and proud of him okay let’s start
  • you probably met him through another member
  • probably johnny because he’d be the first one to notice how nervous you get whenever you look at taeyong
  • and being the asshole he is, he’d purposely set both of you up
  • he’ll invite both of you for dinner but back out at the last minute so it’s only left with the both of you
  • and you’d be very nervous and awkward and think that taeyong didn’t like you because of his very cold expression
  • but who knew this guy was trying to keep his cool and not blush because he was as equally nervous as you
  • but after some time though , he’d slowly open up .
  • he’d ask you questions and try to keep the conversation going
  • he’d make you feel more comfortable by smiling at every word you say and listening attentively
  • and being the gentleman he is , he’d offer to walk you home and pay for your meal
  • and just like that both of you clicked and hung out more often
  • after some time it was obvious that both of you liked each other but didn’t dare to confess
  • until johnny and ten dragged him to your place because they couldn’t stand the awkwardness between both of you anymore
  • “ I…I-uh have feelings for you ”
  • “ Gdi taeyong you can do better than that ”
  • “ i agree with johnny hyung ”
  • and you’d stare at them in awe because you didn’t know what to say or do
  • “ ilikeyouwouldyoubemygirlfriend ”
  • then johnny and ten would facepalm
  • but you’d laugh and pull him into a hug while saying yes
  • probably lots of lazy hugs and late night deep conversations
  • he’d wake you up with a big smile and a warm hug every morning without fail because it gives him enough energy to sustain for the day .
  • when he gets too emotional during the talks though , he’ll cry and tear up
  • and your heart will soften because it’s just too pure
  • he’d hold your hand tightly for support
  • and he’ll hug you tightly while crying on your shoulder and you’d be patting him on the back ensuring that everything will be okay
  • be prepared for homecooked meals 24/7
  • he’d pack lunch for you everyday , with different menus and recipes
  • and you’d be so fascinated by his cooking skills and abilities like how ??
  • when you volunteer to help him cook though ,
  • he’d be watching over you every minute and make sure you’re not hurt by the knifes and tools
  • “ Tae.. it’s only a pair of scissors i need it to cut open the package ? ”
  • while he rushes over to snatch the scissors and packet away from your hands
  • and you’d give up because he wouldn’t let you touch anything because he’s afraid it may hurt you
  • so you’d frown and pout with your arms resting on the counter staring at his back cooking
  • after a while he’d notice and you’d see his expression change
  • because he thought you were really pissed
  • but you’d give him an assuring smile and he’ll quickly run over to you to give you a small peck on your cheeks then running back to cook
  • on days when you feel very lazy and want to have breakfast in bed , you’d try your best to persuade him but he’d be persistent and say no
  • “ please babe , im lazy to get up , just let me eat on the bed ? ”
  • “ No do you know how unhygienic it may get , all the fallen pieces of food - omg no baby ”
  • “ Pleaseeee ”
  • “ climb on my back i’d carry you out since you’re lazy ”
  • and you cant doing anything because febreeze taeyong has the say in everything
  • he’d probably be the very supportive boyfriend , encouraging and cheering you on whenever you had activities
  • when you’re sad though , softie and cuddly taeyong would appear
  • he’d try to make you smile while joking with you but when he saw it wasn’t working ,
  • he’d get all serious and talk to you about your problems , giving you good and honest advice
  • when you’re out and someone else gets too close or tries to flirt with you he’d get all manly and cold , firmly putting his hands on your waist and purposefully saying “ Let’s go now BABE ”
  • he’d most probably glare at the person
  • until you told him it’s okay , his expression would soften and he’ll become all warm again , smiling at you
  • he’d treat you like a princess on dates
  • okay maybe everywhere anywhere not only on dates
  • he’ll plan dates according to all your likings and favourites
  • and he always looked forward to seeing you smile brightly when you were contented with his plans
  • if couple fights do occur though , taeyong would apologise right after he calmed down and try comforting you
  • and of course you seeing him so broken tore your heart apart too so you forgive him , sobbing in each others’ arms
  • he wouldn’t be afraid to show everyone the relationship you guys had ,
  • and he’d be open with skinship
  • lots of kisses and hugs
  • from random pecks on the lips when you’re about to sleep ,
  • to him kissing you passionately after a long and tiring day of work
  • yall would probably be the parents of the younger members
  • to the point where jisung accidentally called you ’ umma ’ instead of ’ noona ’ once
  • because you’re always helping them with their school work ,
  • giving them advice ,
  • making sure their well fed
  • and making sure they have enough sleep
  • at the end of every day taeyong would thank you because he’s grateful for your existence
  • and you’d blush because even after so many months he still gave you that fuzzy feeling ,
  • the same one you felt when he was nothing more than a crush
  • and you love lee taeyong so much you want to protect him with all your heart
  • i’m dead after writing this
  • why am i blushing
  • hope yall liked it !!
Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari - Miyasaka Haruki

This series is an R18 drama CD (not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot.
T/N: Here’s my translation to the 3rd volume of Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari. Please do not repost on tumblr or copy to any other site. If you want to share this translation please reblog or link to this post  

Summary: You meet a gentle kindergarten teacher when you were looking for your fallen button and the relationship between you two starts to develop.
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke

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Singer At The Nightclub

A/N: I don’t know the names of any of Leafy’s friends so I’m just going to make some up and just go along with it. Lol.

Calvin’s POV

Another Saturday night me and the guys go off the club to drink and dance. I heard a knock at the door and rushed to answer. “Hey Jacob. Hey Seth,” I said bro hugging them. “Dude I am SO excited for tonight!” Seth said excitedly. I raised an eyebrow. “What’s so special this time? We go there almost every Saturday night,” I said grabbing my phone and jacket. We all walked out the door. “Don’t you know that one youtuber who sing Y/N?” Jacob asked as we all got in the car. “Uh…no why?” I asked confused. “What!?! How do you not know her!?! You’re also a youtuber for christ sakes. She’s hella popular and has the voice of a fucking goddess,” Jacob exclaimed. “Well I don’t usually pay attention to the singers of Youtube so…yea,” I said still confused as to why they were both excited about her. “Well Y/N is a well known rock/metal singer on Youtube and she’s coming to the club tonight to perform,” Seth said. “Oh. Sweet. I like rock,” I said nodding my head in approval. This should be fun. There hasn’t really been any live performances at the club in awhile so I was a little excited to see something else other than a DJ looking like he was spazzing out on fucking drugs. When we got to the club, it was packed. “Damn, I’ve never seen this place so full before,” I said trying to squeeze through the crowd. “That’s probably because most of them are here to see Y/N,” Seth said. All 3 of us eventually made our to the front. This was almost like being at a concert but a much smaller space. The owner of the nightclub walked out onto the stage with the mic. “Hello ladies and gentleman. I’d like to thank you all for coming down here tonight. As some of you may know, we have a special performance from musical Youtube sensation Y/N!” he announced. The whole club went wild when he said her name. Damn, she must be a big deal. “LET’S GIVE IT UP FOR Y/N!!!!” he said as he walked off stage. People started to chant her name and red lights beam. A silhouette of a well endowed female started walking on stage. As she made her way more into the light I was able to get a better look at her. She was….gorgoeus. She waved at the audience as she walked over to grab the electric guitar leaning on the wall near her. The music began and the crowd went wild. “Oh my fucking god i love this song!” Jacob said having a mini fanboy moment. She began to sing. Her voice blew me the fuck away like holy shit. Her voice was angelic yet sexy rock vixen…ish at the same time. She was fucking incredible. She looked like she was having a good time being up there and playing. It was obvious that music is her passion and up on stage is where she belonged. I was lost in a trans to her beautiful voice and great rock music. The crowd was jumping and first pumping and having a good time as well. Sadly, she only sang three songs. “Alright folks that was the last song for tonight,” she said. She smiled as her eyes scanned the applauding crowd. “I just want to thank…” Our eyes met and she trailed off looking at me for a moment. She shook her a head little and looked away. “Sorry my brain went on commercial break for a second you guys,” she said making the whole audience laugh. “I just wanted to thank you guys for coming out here to see me tonight. It really means a lot. I will be having more upcoming shows in the future so be sure to keep checking my social media for updates. Thank you all for your love and support. I will for sure be back here again to perform because you guys are just such an amazing crowd. So yea I just wanted to say thank you and goodnight,” she said moving the mic stand aside a little walking off and waving goodbye. My jaw was dropped. “So Calvin what did you think?” Jacob asked. “She was so fucking good!” I said. She has gained a new fan that’s for sure. “See we told ya,” Seth said nudging my side. I felt my phone vibrate. My mom was calling me. If i missed her call I would never hear the end of it even though I’m a goddamn fucking adult. I went out the side door and leaned up against the wall. “Hello? Hey mom. Yes. Yes I did. Mhmm. Yes mom. Mom I’m a grown adult I’m fine. oh my god mom no. mhmm. ok. ok. OK! Bye mom!,” I said hanging up a bit frustrated. Just then I heard someone giggle. “Mom checkin up on ya,” said a female voice. I turned around. It was Y/N. “Oh uh ya. you know how moms can be,” i said scratching the back of my head nervously. Oh my god. I was face to face with Y/N. There are fucking bombs going off in my stomach and now I’m getting nervous as fuck. What the fuck Leafy pull yourself to fucking gether!!!! She laughed a little and nodded. “Yep. Some mom’s just can’t help but worry no matter how old you are,” she said looking up at the stars. “Well…uh…I know how some people take this as rude but if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?” i asked expecting to be slapped across the face. She smiled. “Nah I don’t mind. I’m 21. Honestly I don’t see why some people get so upset when you ask their age. I’m just one of those people who won’t.” she said turning to look at me.”Oh thank god i was expecting you to slap me or something haha. I’m 21 too,” i said smiling. She held out her hand, “I’m Y/N,” she said. “Calvin,” I said shaking her hand. “You had quite an amazing performance tonight. I didn’t know who you were until tonight. You have got yourself a new fan,” I said. A wide grin spread across her face. “I’m so glad you like my music,” she said. “Ya know, I’m a youtuber as well,” I said. I had no idea why I was acting so nervous around her. Maybe because she’s so pretty. Maybe because I feel so talent-less next to her. All I know is, that I might be crushing and if I am I’m crushing hard. “Oh really? What’s your youtube channel? I’ll be sure to check it out,” she said. “Leafyishere,” I said. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped a little. “Oh my god i knew you looked familiar! oh my god Leafy! I love watching your videos. You are so hilarious! You have the same fucked up humor as me,” She said beaming with excitement. I chuckled. “Haha it’s nice to not be called a pathetic asshole for once,” I joked. She laughed. “I think every single person is at least a little bit of an asshole. Just some are better at hiding their asshole side than others,” she said. “Agreed.”  Y/N put her hands in her pocket and rocked back and forth on her feet looking down at the ground. “Sooooo um…would you maybe like to hang out some time?” she asked with a bit of a nervous tone. I smiled. “How about we make it a date,” I suggested. She looked up a me as her cheeks turned a slight tint of red. “R-really? You want to make it a date with me?” she said shocked. I chuckled. “Haha. Yea why not? You seem like a super cool gal and we obviously both have a little something going on here so yea,” I said casually putting my arm around her. “Wow. I can’t believe my favorite youtuber wants to go on a date with me. That’s usually stuff you can only dream of in fanfictions,” she said giggling. We swapped numbers and eventually parted ways. But we texted all night long and I couldn’t wait to see her again.<3

You And Me Both - Shadowhunters (Alec Lightwood)

Pairing: Alec x Female!Reader

Requested by: smoaksgreenarrow 

Request: Hey I love your writing ! Would you be up for a Alec imagine where the reader and him are like dating for only a short time and some day they talk about Sex? Like both are virgins and they talk about doing it . Just a fluffy cute one and a little awkward maybe . Haha I always imagine Alec being really nervous about this

Warnings: Mention of sex, awkwardness 

A/N: I hope you like it, darling<3 ENJOY!

Originally posted by aleclightwoodssexyass

*gif not mine* 

You were sitting with your feet crossed, with Alec in front of you in the same position on your bed, Honestly it almost looked comical how weird that posture looked on Alec, but you had seen him in enough weird poses to find it funny anymore. 

 You two had been just sitting around talking about random things as you so often did, although since you two recently started dating, Isabelle and Jace thought you were doing something quiet different. Which was what you two were talking about now, sex. 

 «When do you think it’s… ehm… normal to do it the first time in a relationship?» Alec stuttered a little as he said so, a blush creeping up on his face as he struggled to hold eye contact with you. 

 «I-I don’t know.» You stuttered back, looking down on your fumbling fingers. 

«Is anything normal with that?» You added, looking up at him with a cheeky grin. 

 «I guess not.» He seemed to relax from your grin. You both relapsed into silence, the awkward kind, both of you looking anywhere but at each other. 

«When do you think it’s right for us to…» Alec trailed off, looking up at you unsure while scratching his neck. 

 «I don’t really know, it will be my first time so…» You trailed off as well, biting your lip as you looked up at him. 

 «You and me both, babe.» You giggled at his choice of words, breaking the tension in the air a little. 

 «Let’s not talk more about this, I’m sure it will come natural.» You said with a sigh, releasing your feet from it’s position to crawl over to Alec. 

You positioned yourself in Alec’s lap, who still had his legs crossed over each other in a almost meditating position, face to face with him, so your own legs went around him to his back. 

 «I’m sure you’re right.» He smiled at you, but you still had to look up at him from where you sat. 

 He leaned down and captured your lips with his, his hand gripping your hair gently, twirling it between his fingers. His other hand ran up and down from your hip to your thigh. A soft moan left your lips, but this was as far as you two got. 

«I knew it!» Your bedroom door flew open and Jace jumped into the room, pointing a accusing fingers towards you and Alec, Isabelle following him suit peering over his shoulder. 

Unrequited Love - KBTBB Headcannon

@tresspadesmaid @pretty-ladybird01 @obiwanmcprobie It’s been a while since I last wrote a headcannon, but I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if I made you hate a bidder hahaha and sorry if there’s any English mistakes. xx ~Gabi

Cold, brilliant, handsome, these are the three words that best suits Eisuke. At lest for most of the people. But you would add the word ‘Cruel’ to describe him. The night you confessed your truth feelings for him, he simply mocked about it and left you alone in the middle of the sidewalk, drenched because of the heavy rain. The only advantage of the rain was that it could mask the tears that escaped nonstop from your eyes. You’ve trying your best not to show your broken heart. Today is you night shift at the penthouse, you dressed up your maid uniform and headed straight to work. You still feel empty inside but you managed to put a smile on your face. The place was deserted, at least it looked empty. But the moaning noises coming from Eisuke’s room told you the opposite. Why he keep the fake girls that only want his money? Why can’t he notice that what you feel for him is real? Does he thinks I’m not good enough because you’re a maid? You sighed. You can’t stand it anymore. You left a letter on the table, saying that your sorry, that you weren’t happy anymore, but I wasn’t their fault. You felt bad for leaving the other guys, but it was the right thing. “Goodbye Eisuke, I hope you’re happy with your gold diggers. Until never more.” And you left the penthouse.

You at the beach with your mobster boyfriend, both of you looked happy. Smiling at each other, reading and watching the sunset at a beautiful and dessert beach. When you were about to kiss him, a loud noise take you out of your perfect fantasy. It was already 7:30am and you needed to get ready to spend the weekend with the bidders. You were wearing your favorite dress, your hair had waves, a little bit of mascara and you were ready. Everyone was sitting at the table having a delicious breakfast, except Soryu. Baba and Soryu knew your feelings, at that the Baba looked uneasy as if something was bothering him. Before you could and Soryu arrived with Mei Ling at his side. Both had bright smiles on their faces, I guess that was the first time that the others saw the mobster smiling like that. “What’s with that smile Sor? Haha I thought that you didn’t know how to smile.” Ota said and before Soryu could put his gun out, Mei Ling interrupted “We have news…” They looked at each other and you looked to Baba, he had a sad expression on his face and it only made you even more nervous. “We’re waiting your our little prince!” The moment you heard those words your heart broke into pieces. Everyone looked happy with the news but you. You simply got up from your sit and headed to your room. “Princess…” You heard Baba calling you, but you didn’t care about each the world anymore, all you did was cry. “Why, Soryu?… I only hope both of you have a happy family.” And you cried until felt asleep.

When you told him your feelings he simply replied “I like you, as a friend. But I can’t have someone like you beside me, it would ruin my reputation.” Those words turned into your nightmare for days. Yet you have to attend to his galleries and watch him playing with your feelings. He was always hugging a fan or kissing and taking a new model home every night. Your heart has already into pieces and now he was stomping it with his feet. Although his cruelty, the other bidders was always there to cheer you up or at least try to. You only wanted to disappear so that he couldn’t play with you anymore and that was what you did. While he was having a little fun with a model on his studio, you packed your things and left him. If he didn’t know how much you were worth it, then you didn’t need to stay anymore.

Since you were bought at the auction Baba have been treating you like a princess, his princess. He may have never asked you to be his girlfriend, but he always treated you as if you were. Since that day he didn’t slept with another woman like he was used to. He changed, for real. And you had developed feelings for him, but the day you tried to take your relationship with him to another level… Your world went upside down. When you told him, he looked at you and said “(y/n)… I don’t feel the same for you, I mean… I already have someone else that I love.” “Wait, what?! So… All this time, all those words meant nothing?You used me!” “I’m sorry (y/n).” “You know what?” You said nodding your head while a single tear escaped your left brown eye. “Fine, be happy with her.” With that you walked away brokenhearted, hoping to never cross his way again.

You were at the penthouse, there was no sign of the others, but Mamoru. He was where he always stays, in front of the penthouse terrace smoking as his grey eyes appreciated the night view of Tokyo. Every time you saw him your heart skipped a beat. “Hey…” You said but no response. “Mamoru, can I talk to you for a minute?” “One minute.” You walked toward him and stopped next to him. “It’s been a while since I wanted to tell you, but…” You took a deep breath and said “I felt for you, Mamo. I love you.” You felt your cheeks getting hotter and what happened next surprised you. He laughed. You looked at him confused. “I can’t believe it! A kid saying those things. And really? Look at ya, ya look like a high school girl. Sorry (y/n), but if I need someone beside me… I’d choose a woman, but a kid like you.” You were speechless. How could he be so cruel? You eyes was filled with tears and you ran away from him. You bumped into something and felt on the ground. You felt arms closing around your fragile body, helping you to get up. Yet it didn’t set you free. “Don’t care about him, (y/n). I couldn’t be the best person to give you advice, but I know I can make you happy. Would you stay with me instead?” You heard Soryu’s deep voice talking to you. You couldn’t believe your ears, but you simply embraced him back. You knew that the mobster would never hurt you like the detective did.

youremakingmehowell  asked:

How did that stunt not hurt?? It looked like your face literally hit the windshield. Maybe you just can't get hurt by cars. God bless👏🏻

Hahah I just kinda leaned into it, and let the car take me! That shot we ended up using, the car was definitely going faster than the other takes, and so I fell more into the window than I previously had. Jonah and Lindsy (the driver) were both a little nervous damage had been caused, but it was pretty fun, not gonna lie haha. Again, DON’T TRY IT AT HOME, KIDS.