look how natural they act around each other


“It’s a film about heroism and the right to love, told without stirring speeches. Instead, it unfolds movingly in the tiny moments between Richard and Mildred, two people who have, quite simply, found a home in each other.”

“Watch how Edgerton’s Richard, a stoic man of few words, puts an arm around Mildred without seeming to think about it, naturally wanting her near; watch how Negga lets her performance speak through her expressive eyes, always looking for Richard.”

–  ‘Seattle Times’ review of 'Loving’

I know this probably doesn’t mean anything and what happened has happened, but I just wanted to point this out.

Yeah, Shuuichi blushes at Kumiko and stuff like that, but look at the way he’s looking at Hazuki (btw I know he rejected her and stuff but this caught my attention.) He has such a soft and loving look in his eyes compared to how he’s looking at Kumiko.

And I know Shuuichi likes Kumiko, but he is SO much better with Hazuki. The two of them are friends and if there ever is a season 2 I want to see more of them together. Hazuki and Shuuichi don’t act all weird around each other like Kumiko and Shuuichi. Kumiko and Shuuichi are close childhood friends, they don’t even use honorifics for each other, and that’s probably all I’ll see them as, friends. Hazuki and Shuuichi interact more…naturally, I guess? It’s not forced.

tl;dr I think Shuuichi and Hazuki have potential. Just the look in his eyes is really sweet and cute. I want season 2 or a movie!

Also…we all know someone who looks at Kumiko with loving and compassionate eyes

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