look how natural they act around each other

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I was rewatching old vlives with jikook moments, and not even pointing out specific moments, but their vibe is just... they look and act like they mean the universe to one another. it makes me so warm and soft to see, and who knows, maybe they are just close friends, but you cant deny how much they love one another. (bonus: how jungkook acts around jimin now and before reminds me of how i act around my crush, who ive been best friends with for a little over 2 years.. we're both a mess but happy)

yes!!! Like, even if everything between them is completely, 100% platonic, they still seem to be really really close and love each other a lot, they have a great connection and everything. “they look and act like they mean the universe to one another.” honestly, couldn’t have put it better. that’s a very accurate depiction of jikook. especially after this new bv ep, where we can see them naturally, just the two of them, chilling, giggling, looking all in love and shit. ahhh, my heart hurts whenever i see them. (and omg, really?? i think that jungkook acts like someone who has a crush on their friend, so it’s funny that you mention that.)

monsta x as boyfriends


  • the boyfriend who loves to buy you stuff bc he’s always thinking of you but gets a size too small and didn’t ask for a gift receipt
  • constantly bickers with you over the tiniest things but in a playful way, he likes that you’re not afraid to tell him what you’re thinking
  • has a bunch of inside jokes with you, will literally say one word and you’ll burst out laughing. the members just think he’s super-upped his variety game
  • sends you lots of blurry selfies and texts with typos


  • willing to wake up with a “bloated” face so he can have late-night ramen parties with you
  • takes a while to open up to you about deeper, more personal/emotional problems but will immediately go to you once you two have reached that level of closeness
  • he laughs so much when he’s with you that the other guys tell him to shut up and he goes “mmm nope” and squishes your face
  • enjoys just spending time with you. sometimes you’ll come over and read a book while he messes around on the keyboard


  • probably the most cliché bf out of mx, he wants to protect you and take you on cute coffee shop dates and hold you when you cry
  • almost always holding your hand, he doesn’t even really think about it but his hand reaches for yours
  • your #1 fan. he screams hysterically over everything you do and it’s nice but surprising sometimes so you’ve learned to tune him out
  • never gets tired of hearing you say that you love him.
  • likes to ask you hypothetical questions about your relationship under different circumstances (“if we were in the hunger games but we weren’t from the same district, would you kill me or would you save me so we could both be victors” “minhyuk go to sleep”)


  • likes to listen to you complain about your week, the little stories you tell him spice up his (quite lonely) idol life
  • will do all he can to take care of you so he absolutely loves it when you baby him and do the same
  • sings sweet songs to you when you’re cooking together and will throw you the occasional wink over his shoulder
  • if y'all aren’t cooking, he’ll take you out  to eat good food and photographs the food and your beautiful self :)
  • sends you all his selcas to look over before he posts them on social media


  • the one boyfriend who changes five months into the relationship bc he’s comfortable now and unleashes his inner meme
  • likes to wrap an arm around your shoulders or waist and tuck you into his side
  • teases you in every way possible. want a kiss? cuddles? a bite of his food? you gotta work for it
  • thinks you are the cutest bun in the world and talks to minhyuk about you nonstop. minhyuk’s like “i love them too but why are you telling me how they like their bagels again”


  • has you saved as “my honey🍯” on his phone
  • isn’t great about responding to texts but is very routine about late-night phone and video calls
  • so easy to tease and he’ll pretend not to get worked up but start talking very loudly in his grandpa voice w lots of hand gestures
  • somehow manages to bring you up in every single conversation he has with anyone who’s willing to listen
  • gives such nice/thoughtful/expensive gifts that he makes you look bad when you tell your friends


  • sending each other memes/gifs is a must. if he’s smiling at his phone someone might think you sent him a cutesy text that made his heart flutter but no it’s a meme
  • prob asks you to look over his lyrics sometimes if he’s stuck or thinks something sounds awkward (“babe, what’s a synonym for ‘love’?”)
  • totally calls you babe. sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes he’s squealing on the inside as he says it
  • on that note, he bounces between greasy “fresh out of the fryer, must be drained before consumption” and “wikihow: how to act cool around your crush”
  • most dates are spent snuggling together in bed, talking about the future, and eating snacks/getting crumbs everywhere

A/N: whew i cranked this out super fast and got really excited about it so i posted it!! i’ll be opening requests in 2 weeks if anyone’s wondering~ also thank you to everyone who’s followed me and a HUGE thank you for 1000+ notes on the “sleeping w monsta x” post!? that’s amazing holy crap thank you so much

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do you guys have any tips for developing realistic group dynamics with characters?

Great question! We each took the time to answer below. 

Gabi: This was is a tough one. It’s one of my favorite things about my writing when I get it right. I do have some tips but what works for me may not always work for you.

First of all, I think understanding each character is one of the most important things you can do. Spend a lot of time working on each character’s backstory, personality, habits, pet peeves, family, and anything else you can think of. Really understand each character before putting them in a group situation.

Secondly, I think reflecting on reality can really help. How are you with family and friends, how do you speak to each other, what’s your humor like, how do you interact and what not. You want to breathe as much reality as you can into the story.

Next, write a lot with them. Before putting them in a plotted out story or book, it might do some good to write a bit of dialogue between some or all of the characters. Write little pieces of them doing something mundane together like getting ice cream or sitting down to watch a movie. Another thing is really letting everything flow. What I mean by this is not forcing any character or relationship be a certain way: that can be disastrous. Let your characters think for themselves as if they were a real person rather than your own personal robot.

Lastly, I say to make sure you have enough people who are different and similar. Don’t make two characters completely alike or so opposite they would never get along. In real life in real friend groups, people are usually mixed up, and they usually have some similar world views (but not exactly the same) and some people will have interests that maybe none else in the group has. For example, you may have five characters in a friend group and two of them may be really really different but they have three others between them to keep everything balanced.

Alright, that’s all I have for you guys. I definitely think understanding your characters and writing with the group a lot are the two most important ones. I really liked this question, and it really made me think about each group of friends I write about and whether they work or not and how I got them to where they are. I hope this helps someone and feel free to talk to us about anything we’ve said or ask if you’re curious or in need of help. Love you guys! 😘

Sarah: I’ve found this to be one of the most difficult (and most rewarding) aspects of writing stories with numerous main characters.

Firstly, I think it’s really important to go really in depth with each of the characters separately. Get to know them, map out what their likes and dislikes are, what they look for in friends and partners, etc. Once you know all of these things, start writing pieces with all of the characters together. It, however, is equally important to not build the characters around each other. They must be their own people outside of this group.

Next, practice dialogue and natural reactions. These are key. If you characters speak how people speak in real life, it will feel more natural. If you include their natural reactions and physical actions in their interactions, it will feel more natural. It is also worth remembering how real people act in groups of friends. What types of people generally group together?

Finally, making letting the group develop on its own throughout the fiction without any preset agenda of romantic interests, etc. will allow the relationships to develop naturally and ultimately feel more realistic. This also means not creating a single character and then building an empty social circle around them of one-dimensional side characters. That’s not really a group dynamic.

Alright, thanks for asking this! I’m really glad I got to go into this topic. Hopefully, you found this helpful!

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so i suddenly thought about this because i always think about sanji but like, i’ve said before that i love usopp and sanji together because it feels like usopp is the guy that sanji can act natural around without putting up some sort of front, but also, i just realized, usopp is the only guy who sanji can naturally be snark bros with. either they snark at each other or they team up and use their snark powers on someone else, nobody else on the crew quite has that regular snarking personality i feel like, or they happen to be ladies in which case sanji is nothing but a shithead

going along further with that, i think it’s really tempting to look at how sanji and zoro fight and say that that’s like how it was at baratie and so zoro is the closest thing to baratie for sanji. but, from what i can recall, even if the cooks brawled with customers and also cursed each other out, nobody seemed to regularly actually fistfight? like everybody will take their lumps from zeff just because he’s the boss. but every time any of the cooks actually physically fought with each other seemed like an exception rather than the rule. thinking specifically about right before sanji left and patty and carne jumped him with built-up resentment, like it was their last chance to pound him good and they took it. or something. so if the baratie cooks fight other people and mostly just snipe at each other with bad language, then i feel like usopp is actually the closest to baratie for sanji. anyways, please more people ship them.

Lucien will end up with Vassa.

I’ve been seeing lots of people claiming that there will be a love triangle between Azriel, Elain, and Lucien. I’m going to have to disagree. Although Lucien and Elain are mates, Maas has made clear that people (faeries) can reject the mating bond. There are also a lot of clues that hints towards Lucien ending up with Vassa, or as I will name them: Lassa. (Or Vucien, or Lussa, but I like Lassa better so there. *sticks out tongue*)

““The human queens are still out there,” I said. Maybe I’d hunt them down.
“Not for long–not if Vassa has anything to do with it.”
“You sound like an acolyte.”
Lucien blushed, glancing at Elain. “She’s got a foul temper and a fouler mouth.” He cut me a wry look. “You’ll get along just fine.””

The hints Maas drops in the book are very subtle. And I know I’m probably reaching, here. But Lucien talks admiringly of Vassa–so much so, that Feyre notes it. Lucien also blushes when it is pointed out, and glances at his mate. My guess is that he’s slowly falling for her, and this time it’s based off of personality and the things that really matter, not a mating bond. But he feels like it betrays the bond with Elain, hence the glance in her direction. Not to mention he still probably really likes Elain because she’s amazing. Remember in the first book, when Alis told Feyre that someone who would snap back at him or something would do him some good? And when Feyre did that, he smiled, and that helped fuel their friendship? Now we see that Vassa is cut from the same stone; she has a foul temper, most likely no tolerance for bullshit. And that’s what Lucien likes.

“Indeed, Vassa still remained inside, chatting with Lucien animatedly. I supposed that if she only had until dawn before turning back into that firebird, she wanted to make every minute count. Lucien, surprisingly, was chuckling, his shoulders loose and his head angled while he listened.”

Lucien is absent for the majority of this book. That means he and Elain have virtually no time to bond and get to know each other. On the contrary, Lucien and Vassa took a trip around the world. Vassa was found by Lucien, who also found Feyre’s father, and they raced back to the battle. In the midst of such a tense atmosphere, where they didn’t know if they were going to live or die, they became friends. It is so much more natural for them to become a couple rather than Lucien and Elain. They know each other well and make each other laugh. Elain and Lucien are still awkward around each other. They don’t know how to act.

“Elain fell into step beside me, peering at Lucien. He noticed it. “I heard you made the killing blow,” he said.

Elain studied the trees ahead. “Nesta did. I just stabbed him.”

Lucien seemed to fumble for a response.”

Look! They are still so awkward around each other. People may say that it’s because they have feelings for each other, but NO!!!! It’s because they don’t know each other at all yet!!!!!! Which is why them suddenly becoming a couple would be unnatural!!!!!!! I mean the entire infatuation the Lucien had with Elain in the beginning is literally only because of the mating bond and/or her beauty. Literally nothing else.

And yes I know Vassa is a mortal queen, but I have a feeling that breaking her curs is going to be faarrrrr more complicated. I mean, she turns into some completely different species every day, it obviously is going to have some effect on her when it’s broken.

And also can we just appreciate that Lucien’s power is fire and Vassa turns into a firebird every day my babiesssssss :) <3

A story about my favorite SC, Eva

It was a hot day in May at the private high school where I taught; the school was buzzing with noise, and students. It was to be their last day before the summer and for some of them, it was their last day as high school students. Now that the school year was ending, a part of me was excited about sleeping in, vacations and more time with my friends and family but I was also sad to see my favorite students leave the high school for good.

It was my third year teaching and the students who I had taught my first year, were graduating in a few days. I had grown quite fond of a select few students who worked their way to my heart. My absolute favorite one, Eva, was moments away from walking into my door to do a make-up test. It was hard to believe three years had gone by with Eva in my life. I never had her as a student, thank the gods (she would have driven me insane). Regardless, we still formed a unique and special bond. I would surely miss her the most: my Student Crush.

I can’t really put into words what Eva is like…her eyes are like the rain on the parched ground in Autumn. Her smile and laugh are like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day in January. Even though she is short, she’s built like an Amazon goddess…her skin: soft like flowers in the Spring…

While in my daydream, I hear a knock on my classroom door and the door swings open. Normally, my door would be wide-open, beckoning fellow teachers and students to come and hang out or chat but because of finals week, my door was ajar with a note outside of the door indicating finals and make-up tests were being conducted. I wasn’t expecting my students until much later but I had agreed to help Mrs. G, the French teacher, with make-up tests because she had to attend her daughter’s middle school graduation. Seeing Eva was like poetry in motion. The sun was to her back which made her appearance even more celestial. I could see every strand of hair, every fiber on her clothes and most obvious, her beautiful smile. I stood up to greet her as she walked towards my small and awkward desk. As she approached, I immediately noticed she was wearing every bit of article of clothing that I liked on her; everything from her white Lacoste shoes, to the short gray-blue cotton skirt, teal tank stop and a thin, white cardigan. Ugh why is she torturing me, I thought.

“Good morning Eva! Please come in.” I said, casually. It was hard for me to hide my emotions from her. She was grinning. I couldn’t help but smile. She had a mischievous look on her face.

“Hi M! Am I the only one from Mrs. G’s class that needs to make up a test?” she said, looking around as she approached me. I both loved and hated how she would refer to me by my first name.

“Mrs. G was expecting a few more students to show up. Are you excited to be done with your Senior year and high school in general?” I try and act natural but don’t know what to say. Normally our conversations consisted of personal topics but it was in a public setting and with her graduation pending, we didn’t really know how to act around each other. Instead of answering, she hugged me. Eva had the best hugs ever. Her embraces were meaningful and intimate. I hugged her back holding her close thinking how much I will miss her, until I could feel my private parts start to awaken with lust. I think she felt it too. Immediately, I chose to end the moment and awkwardly moved away trying to hide my inappropriate bulge. She giggled and turned to sit down.

“Duh! Of course I’m excited to be done! I can’t wait to graduate and start college.” She says enthusiastically. Eva will be attending a prestigious university in the east coast in the fall. While I am excited for her, I can’t help but feel selfish in wanting her to stay forever.

I had arranged the chairs in a certain way but in true Eva fashion, she picks one and moves it over right in front of my desk. I begin to object when Eva knowingly bent over her desk to pull out her pencil and an eraser. The first thing I notice is her lovely hands and wrist. She always managed to keep her skin olive bronze color even in the winter. But I quickly notice her cotton skirt has purposefully risen on her waist to the point where her butt was slightly exposed. It was enough for me to see gorgeous round ass. Eva played soccer and lacrosse so she had an athletic build and a stunning body. As I am taken-back by the scene, I become aware of the small lady parts covered by her teal thong. It was almost too much to witness. It was incredible how her lips bulged out. How was that tiny thong holding that delicious mound in place? And do I detect the faintest hint of a wet spot forming in the center of her thong? I can do nothing other than gawk. I manage to shift noticeable in my chair which creaks loudly. Eva laughs. “Oh my god, at least try to conceal the fact that you’re staring, perv.”

I looked away immediately. I was ashamed and frustrated that she had that kind of control over me and the situation. I could feel my face flush with heat along with my throbbing member who was aching to be released. Nevertheless, I looked up again hoping to see the wonderful sight of her forbidden regions.

“I thought you had a test to take unless of course you want to come back next year.” I said quickly. I thought I was being cute but my comment didn’t have the desired effect.  She promptly adjusted herself and the moment was over. I try to recover but I had nothing to say at the moment. Eva began writing rigorously while I tried to comprehend want just happened.

After an hour, Eva looked like she was wrapping up her test. She flipped through the pages of her test, quickly reviewing her answers then she stood up. I looked up not knowing how to react. A part of me wanted to make a bold move but it was bad enough we were pushing the boundaries. I had to remind myself that my purpose as a teacher was to help mold minds, cultivate a safe environment for learning. I smiled as Eva approached my desk. She was smiling too.

“All done?” I tried hiding my disappointment.

“Yup! You can check but I’m pretty sure I aced this test.” she said coolly. She knows I can’t read French. She’s toying with me. How is she so calm right now? I can barely contain myself right now. I’m about to get up but I notice that my throbbing member is still fully erect and leaking. Thank goodness I wore my dark blue slacks. I take her test and look over it.

“Hmm, B/B+ at best. Are you sure you’re happy with what you wrote? I see a few errors.” I said, jokingly. I’m stalling. I don’t want her to leave but I don’t know what to say to make her stay. Nevertheless, she laughs her loud and rich laugh that I’ve grown to love.

“Oh please! If you want to see me bend over again, all you have to do is ask.” She said, laughing hysterically. Ugh she did it again. I’m blushing once more. An awkward silence starts to form and once again, I don’t know what to say even though my mind is racing. She shifts uncomfortably.

“Ok well M, as much as I loved to stand here uncomfortably while your class comes in for their final, I need to get going. I need to get my cap and gown. Come and give me a hug…please.” That’s it? After 3 years, that’s all that she has to say? Of course it isn’t but this isn’t the place or time to have our ‘good bye’ moment. I look up at her, terrified. I’m partially concerned about saying one of our final farewells but I am mainly worried about my painfully swelling lump in my pants. I decided to drop the act and talk to her, frankly.

“Dammit Eva, after your brief strip tease, I’ve got this huge boner that won’t go away!” I interject. She lets out a laugh that could be heard down the hall. She covers her mouth as he stifles her laugh and blushes.

“Oh geez, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before. Come on. Quickly, before anyone sees.” she said in a knowing voice. As I tentatively get up, she makes her way around to where I sit. I brace myself for her sly comments but instead she hugs me close. I tried to maneuver my body so that she doesn’t feel my knob but she presses her body close to where we’re touching completely. My heart starts racing and I try to act calm but I’m a mess. I can feel that Eva is tense too. Her breathing was interrupted as if she was trying to fight back tears. I give in and let my true feeling take over. I bring her in even closer and press my full body to hers, whispering in her ear, “Thank you for being the wonderful light in my life here. I will truly miss you. Best of luck in college. You deserve wonderful things in life.” It was cheesey but I didn’t know what else to say. Eva started to sob lightly and I began to tear up as well. There was no way to summarize the up’s and down’s we endured the last 3 years. It was difficult to say good bye. Just then, Eva started to chuckle.

“Oh my god, you really are HARD!” She laughs, breaking the tension. She quickly wipes the tears away and turns to leave. I grabbed her arm and pull her in for one last hug. Just then, she pressed the front of her woman parts to my knob and gave it a meaningful but gentle thrust. I swear, I blacked out for a second. It was almost too much. I gasp uncontrollably. Eva giggled and turned around so her back was facing me.

“Grab it.” She said. What? I thought to myself. “Grab it, now!” she said more urgently this time. At any minute my students could be walking into my classroom. I reach under her skirt and lightly squeezed her left cheek. It was heavenly. Her ass was luscious and firm yet soft. I was convinced I had exploded in my pants. She giggled again, shook her butt and just like that, she moved away and the moment was over. As she collected her things, students were making their way down the hall. I could make out a few voices: Alexandra and Lisa, my other sc’s. Eva was turning to leave when she said, “I’ll see you in a few days at my graduation and you better show up to my grad party afterwards!” Before I had the chance to replied, my students start walking in. Their chatter sounded much like the buzzing of bees and in the confusion, Eva was gone.

Why do I ship hunhan?

Maybe it’s because of the way Sehun looks at Luhan…

Or the way Luhan looks at Sehun….

Or because Sehun never really got annoyed when Luhan did anything to him…

Maybe it’s because of their special moments…

Or maybe it’s because of the way they hold hands, how their fingers automatically interlock with each other, how they perfectly fit…

Maybe they’ve had their final moments together, in-front of cameras…

But I know that they’ll always be watching over each other…. 

Even from a distance….

I know that this special ship will last…. 

For ages and ages to come ♥

Hunhan have this special bond between them. An unbreakable bond, that can’t easily be broken off by distance. The way they act around each other is so natural and they always look so comfortable around each other and I feel like they don’t really need to hide anything from each other because of their level of trust. Their relationship is so special and cute and sweet and every moment they share with us is so special and precious, they’re like treasures to us, Hunhan shippers. Every moment of theirs leaves me almost crying. 

There are a lot of things our eyes can not see. We do not know what happens behind cameras, we can only see those moments which the cameras captured. 

I miss seeing Hunhan together so much, and I hope that faith can bring them together once again. 

Hunhan is special, Hunhan is treasure. Hunhan makes me happy and I’m glad I ship this precious ship.

I hope Hunhan keeps on sailing even if there is some distance between them. I hope this royal ship continues to sail. 

I love them, Sehun and Luhan, so much.

All I know, is that I’ll continue to ship Hunhan for as long as I can. :)

Just Between Us (Part 2)


Part 1

Warnings: Smut, swearing

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I know this probably doesn’t mean anything and what happened has happened, but I just wanted to point this out.

Yeah, Shuuichi blushes at Kumiko and stuff like that, but look at the way he’s looking at Hazuki (btw I know he rejected her and stuff but this caught my attention.) He has such a soft and loving look in his eyes compared to how he’s looking at Kumiko.

And I know Shuuichi likes Kumiko, but he is SO much better with Hazuki. The two of them are friends and if there ever is a season 2 I want to see more of them together. Hazuki and Shuuichi don’t act all weird around each other like Kumiko and Shuuichi. Kumiko and Shuuichi are close childhood friends, they don’t even use honorifics for each other, and that’s probably all I’ll see them as, friends. Hazuki and Shuuichi interact more…naturally, I guess? It’s not forced.

tl;dr I think Shuuichi and Hazuki have potential. Just the look in his eyes is really sweet and cute. I want season 2 or a movie!

Also…we all know someone who looks at Kumiko with loving and compassionate eyes

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“It’s a film about heroism and the right to love, told without stirring speeches. Instead, it unfolds movingly in the tiny moments between Richard and Mildred, two people who have, quite simply, found a home in each other.”

“Watch how Edgerton’s Richard, a stoic man of few words, puts an arm around Mildred without seeming to think about it, naturally wanting her near; watch how Negga lets her performance speak through her expressive eyes, always looking for Richard.”

–  ‘Seattle Times’ review of 'Loving’

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Sehun and Kai both do very similar actions with the other members that they do with each-other. What makes their actions together special I guess is what I'm trying to ask? No hate intended, as a fellow sekai shipper I'd like to hear your opinion! :-)

hi ~~~ ;’) i know you didn’t have any bad intention so only a curiousity right ?? ^^

to me,  ppl may ship sekai with their various reasons but if you are asking for my opinion, what makes sekai look more special compare with other otps it is the way they interact with each other. sekai always look so naturally comparable when they are together, acting so nonchalant to ppl around them whenever they fall into their little own world, not caring about fanservice. also, not to mention how they being so adorable and sweet together and the way they always be there for each other, always taking care of each other. i think sekai’s friendship is so real and beautiful and i believe no one can force them to act like this since they always look so nonchalant toward ppl’s thoughts.

here the below are the examples of what makes sekai special in my opinion lol~ :

sekai at the airport :




happy sekai ;’)





caring sekai






the way they hold and touch each other :









even in the official sekai still look so naturally adorable together :



you can actually find more sekai moments in sekai tag or in my blog or other sekai shipper’s blog :)))


To all the sad and confused teenagers out there...

To all the sad and confused teenagers out there….

It is okay to not be okay. We ignore our sadness, our desires and things we fear to blindly conform to this idea of happiness. We want to be happy so bad that we are willing to trick ourselves into believing we are. We as a society have developed this idea that anything but a coke and a smile is inhumane. That anything that spews off this idea other than pure happiness is ugly,wrong and in needs of being treated. Any signs of sadness makes you suicidal. Any signs of confusion makes you a misguided teenager. That the natural up and down road of learning to accept yourself deems you as crazy.

It’s not crazy. You’re not crazy. You’re not anything but human.

I will be the first to tell you I am sad a lot. I fear so much in my life. I don’t know if I’m going to be successful in life. I don’t know if I’ll live to see a nice age. I am fearful of messing things up. I am a sad teen who is dealing with a break up who naturally cares too much about everyone around me. I’m under so much pressure between family and friends and I’ve set the bar so damn high for myself I don’t know if ill ever reach it. I always want more out of myself.

And we always act like these things don’t happen. We act like these things aren’t real. Like each and everyone one of us aren’t going through our own things. We all brush these things off in order to look “happy and satisfied” for other people knowing deep down how we really feel.

And because of hiding our real emotions to express fake ones, it’s stopping us from being who we really are. How can you be you if you can’t be real with yourself. People are so afraid of being exposed as being human and having flaws. There is no need to be afraid of doing what humans do and that is make mistakes and learn from them. There is no reason to be afraid of being vulnerable. If people were more open and honest about their life, their intentions, their goals, their passions(doesn’t mean reveal everything)..then maybe we’d all feel less alone and feel as we deserve to feel.

We deserve to feel emotions and not be ashamed for feeling those emotions.


To the sad teenager afraid of life..its okay, because you are not the only one.

To the depressed teenager who wonders if anyone ever gives a shit about them..you’re not the only one.

To the teenager with the weight of the world on their shoulders afraid of ruining everything..you’re not the only one.

To the heart broken teenager who is afraid of dying alone, you’re not the only one.

To the teenager that feels alone in a room full of people..you’re not the only one.

And if you feel like you are…I’m with you and even if no one else on this damn site wants to admit it in public…they’re with you too. 

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Now that Trump's the president elect, just how fucked are we exactly? (I'm thinking especially of his stance on global warming when I write this)

First off, of the two civilizational threats, nukes are probably fine in the sense that they’re going to say at the 1% chance per year-ish they’ve been at since 1949. Trump’s probably going to get treated with kid gloves by his advisors, like Nixon was. Go through the Nixon tapes and he’ll be like “Hey, can we use nukes on these uppity Vietnamese?” and the advisor will respond “I will look into the possibility of that, Mein Fu- I mean, Mister President” and then they never end up doing it. I imagine it’ll basically be the same thing for Trump.

Global warming though, we’re more fucked than we were on Nov 7, definitely. In the last year, it kinda looked like we were moving to a general international consensus that investment in “green” tech was going to make a lot of billionaires rich and please a lot of people in Asia who have to go to work in smog-filled cities and don’t like it, so we should co-ordinate some plan. Trump’s going to push that plan back by at least 4 years. While we were never going to manage to limit emissions to the point that we’d only get a 2 degree rise by 2100, because that was absurd optimism, we were probably going to not go much worse than 3 or 4. Now we’re definitely going above 4. Recent studies have pointed to 7 being a decent estimate. (celsius, you goddamn american)

As for things that might fuck us in the next few years rather than our lifetime, Trump’s platform focuses on initiating a cycle of primitive accumulation in which small businesses can benefit. New techniques in which monetary gains can be made to flow to fewer people and be taken from greater amounts of people, but with the fewer people generally being petit bourgeois rather than grand bourgeois. It’s basically what Nigel Farage would have implemented in the UK had he been elected. Lets look at what he says he’ll do immediately. A shitton of these points are about regulations. Regulations have the primary purpose of disallowing corporations from externalizing costs onto consumers. For instance, one of Trump’s positions is that the FDA’s regulations are too onerous. Rather than having to pay to check whether a drug is going to kill you, the drug should just be released out onto the market. This will raise the short term profits of the drug-maker, but increase the long-term costs because the drug-maker will have to deal with the negative publicity and the associated costs of a lawsuit. See Thalidomide. There’s another major part to regulations. They tend to increase the operating costs and thus decrease the profits of anybody working in a specific industry. For big businesses this is alright, because economies of scale allow them to absorb the costs and soldier on. For small businesses, profit margins tend to be thin, so new regulations often put them out of business. Famous example is the New Deal, which Roosevelt passed with the support of big businesses through Congress but against small business opposition, because even though it extended the lifespan of capitalism by assuaging the anxieties of the working class who didn’t like human fingers in their sausages and such, it also put a lot of Southern small businesses into bankruptcy. Trump’s campaign is predicated on the idea that the working class should bear the costs of finding out whether a new product is going to seriously harm them or not, not small businesses. This sort of short-term thinking is going to bite Trump in the ass should he actually manage to get this passed through the big business-dominated Congress, because people will pretty easily see the connection between the bodies in the streets and the defanging of the regulatory apparatus. Carter-Reagan already gutted the FDA. There were basically no major salmonella outbreaks between when the New Deal was passed and 1978. If Trump ends up cutting the FDA’s regulatory abilities even further, something’s gonna go down and provoke a hell of a reaction.

Or look at the fucking school voucher thing. The belief is pure Neoliberalism. We need to force schools to compete with each other in a market so that they drop all the dead weight that they naturally have by being a state institution and learn how to perform the very best they can monetarily. Except what ends up happening, as in every Neoliberalized institution, is that you transform the workplace into an actually existing version of the prisoner’s dilemma model in game theory, 24/7. The workers are more stressed out because they constantly have to act like everybody around them has a knife at their throat, and the school ends up bringing on a bunch of highly paid “consultants” or “market analysts” or whatever they want to call them who tell them nothing new or interesting and act like parasites on the system. It’s like the parable of the factory that stops hiring workers in 1980 and starts expanding the suits, and by 2000 they go bankrupt and close down and all the experts are wondering “Where did we go wrong?”.

We’re kinda fortunate that everything that Trump’s base wants is inherently opposed to everything the Republican Party’s base wants. It’s a marriage of convenience that probably won’t survive even the first crackup. What’s scary is that the Democrats may assist Trump in passing the sections of his platform that appeal to his base, leaving the Republicans in Congress to take the blame for the other parts. Trump’s contributed vast amounts of money to incoming Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer’s campaign, because both were New York Democrats up until a short while ago. Trump could work with Schumer on passing their $500 billion infrastructure plan, which would honestly be what the country needs in the short term but would also significantly assist Trump’s electoral chances in 2020, and then let the Republicans pass the massive tax cuts that are unfunded and leave the hard work of raising taxes until after the election like Ronald Reagan tried to do.

Most of Trump’s policies basically function like this. Lets make the workers pay more, and lets make sure corporations have to do less, for the benefit of short term profit, ignoring the long term completely. Prognosis isn’t good. Fortunately, short term pain usually means short term reaction, so there’s a decent chance of a serious electoral realignment occurring in 2020. Trump doesn’t at all have the capacity to make it stick. If his party isn’t breathing down his neck for all the fuckups he’s going to cause in 4 years, i’d be surprised.

Cutting down TPP and NAFTA at least would be pretty good. The immediate effect would be to break down trade relations in North America, which would harm corporate bottom lines and lead to a significant negative impact in the short term. Long term though, international trade has to decrease. It’s an overall inefficiency designed and financed by a massive corporate effort to break unions by moving production to countries where unionization is nonexistent. The good thing about Trump abandoning these agreements is that the pain will all come during his presidency, meaning the left doesn’t have to bear the electoral costs of that. Not that it’s good that the working class will have to bear the economic costs, but that’s the nature of these agreements. They were built in such a manner that the working class would suffer long term if they were implemented, and suffer immediately if they were broken, to ward off the chance that all but the most determined of siege economies would ever even try, thus cementing neoliberalism for good. If the right populist ends up being the one who breaks that, so much the better for us.

Once in a Lifetime (Chapter 3)

Author: geeklove97
Word Count: 1,515 words
Warnings: Definitely a lot of swearing. Some sexual references, and smut in later chapters. A bit of angst in this chapter as well.
Summary: Band AU. Gavin has a major crush on Michael, but he’s completely oblivious. Based on this beautiful fanart, here and here. Also, I love Lindsay to death, and ship Juggey hardcore. But I also ship Mavin. For the purposes of this AU, they don’t know each other. Also Turnfree. Same there.

Pairing: Mavin

Author’s Note: I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this AU. I’m eternally grateful to the amazing artist that drew that fanart. Because fuck, man. It is super inspiring. If you are looking for something else I’ve written, you can find all my other fanfictions here. I am currently working on a Mavin High School AU, and just started a Joelay AU that is rather dark science fiction. This is my life. And I don’t regret any of it.

Chapters: (1), (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)

Chapter Three

The flirting began almost immediately. At first, Gavin tried to resist, but there was something about Michael that was so interesting, so intriguing, that he physically couldn’t resist.

The entire group had gathered for an interview - their very first since their almost overnight success. Gavin sat down on the couch, crossing his fingers in the hope that Michael wouldn’t come and sit next to him. However, his wishes were denied, and the other man did indeed throw himself onto the couch, so close that their legs were practically touching.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of the arguments circling around that state that Astrid/Hiccup aren't a good match, and that Astrid isn't well developed? Also that Astrid and Heather had more friendship/romantic bonding/more in common than Astrid/Hiccup?

Once upon a time I believed Astrid was a stale, underdeveloped, cardboard action girl. That was back in the day I first saw How to Train Your Dragon and did not look at her in depth. My opinion now is that she is enormously complex and can be seen to be a developed factor even if one only looks at her within one film - say, HTTYD or HTTYD 2.

As far as people saying Hiccstrid isn’t a good match, I personally disagree, but I respect everyone’s opinions regarding Hiccstrid. But as I see it, the opening of How to Train Your Dragon 2 makes it perfectly clear that their relationship does work. They are acting very naturally around each other in a very healthy relationship. It works very well, which is why they are so comfortable around each other, supportive of each other, understanding of each other, capable of keeping each other in check, and able to both joke around and speak seriously with each other. A healthy relationship is the only necessary condition for being a well-matched couple. Astrid and Hiccup may be very different personalities, but that means nothing about whether or not they are ill or well-matched.

And really, Astrid and Hiccup share a lot in common. Astrid is not just “some warrior lady” and Hiccup is not just “some nerd” who are strangely clumped into a couple. Astrid and Hiccup both understand the need to feel validated. They both relate to each other on deep levels. They both are intelligent individuals who love dragons. They can find enjoyment together exploring, competing with one another on dragons, and much, much more. 

As far as arguments that say Hiccstrid is not a good match because Astrid is violent towards Hiccup, I do not believe Astrid is abusively rough towards Hiccup once they become a couple. She is violent towards him when she is angry at him in HTTYD before she really falls in love… and that is the last time what she does is unjustly rough. That is all I want to say on the matter here.

As far as if Heather and Astrid have more bonding time than Astrid and Hiccup, it depends what you are talking about: just Race to the Edge, or the franchise as a whole? The franchise as a whole shows Astrid and Hiccup in a far more developed, deep, and wholesome relationship than Heatstrid. And while Astrid and Heather have much in common, that does not negate how Hiccstrid can relate and bond. Now as far as RTTE on its own is concerned with Heatstrid and Hiccstrid representation, we have 75% of the episodes unaired, and to say that Heatstrid is shown more than Hiccstrid is a premature, jump-the-gun assessment. Race to the Edge has much more in store for us.

Heather and Astrid do definitely bond (and I love it). They do have reasons to connect. And that can build into a deep friendship… over time. They have not had that extensive time yet, but Hiccup and Astrid have. What we see are small blips of time within Race to the Edge; Hiccup and Astrid have had a lot more bonding time and personal experiences together with which to relate and draw close. Theirs is the more stable, the more secure, the more enduring, and the more deep relationship.

anonymous asked:

I love what you said about the dynamic of O'Morrison's bond really shining through these days. It's quite a beautiful thing to watch, now that I pay closer attention to every tiny moment. They each put so much into their own characters and into the relationship with each other's. Their chemistry is just UGH and knowing that they are incredible friends off-screen and that they genuinely enjoy acting together and bringing our OTP to life - there are no words to describe how much I appreciate it.

They get to be so sweet with each other now and their friendship and trust in each other just really comes through, and every time they’re looking at each other with affection and enjoyment, there nothing fake about it. Even moments like the sweet little cheek kiss with Killian leaning in, and the natural way Emma pulled his arm around her. They have a beautiful chemistry and trust and happiness with each other both onscreen and off, and it’s just really special.

Agents { AU closed with agent--xavier }


He’d never worked with a partner before and wasn’t keen on the idea of doing so now. After his time spent running errands for SHIELD and doing their dirty work, he would have expected a bit more respect. There was a level 7 babbling at him about protocol and consequences for previous actions and Erik could do little more than grit his teeth and listen to it–he was only level 6 after all. Obedience to higher level agents was implied as well as enforced. He’d quickly made a name for himself amoung the ranks with the unique nature of his gift, but apparently that was not enough for the Director. Previous run-ins with local authorities and his somewhat ruthless nature when it came to unruly targets was a “cause for concern.” Despite how effective it happened to be. All Erik gathered from his little pep-talk was that he would now need a baby sitter to come along with him and make sure he didn’t act “in a way which refects badly on SHIELD.”

His unwanted companion was ushered in moments later and Erik looked at him from top to bottom and back. Sizing up the shorter man. He could remember seeing him around–they had passed each other in the offices or happened upon the same elevator. After a cursory admiring glance, Erik had dismissed him and they had never spoken a word to one another. Now they were expected to trust each other enough to complete a mission together.

“I don’t need supervision,” Erik reminded them, as if the other man–Charles, he had learned–had never entered.

{ wasn’t sure how long to make it.. I can drag on for ages so.. Anyway, here you go agent–xavier }

Forgetting the Planting - 4

Part 1 is here

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The baby had woken, and Snow left to tend to him. Emma looked over to Killian, unsure of what to say. There was obviously way more to the story, but just the fact that she’d chosen to lock him into that mirror for eternity had her questioning everything she thought she knew about her – about them.

As usual, he read her emotions. “We’ll get the rest of the tale, love, and then we can delve into what it means.”

David had run out to get everyone sandwiches and to pick up Henry from school, so they had some time while her mother and Belle laughed over something Neal was doing. Emma looked up at Killian, but found she was unable to meet his gaze. He was trying to reassure her, and all she could think about was that she had betrayed him.

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