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Dialogue 4 for Oikawa ❤❤❤

“How long have you been standing there?”
“Longer than you’d like.”

Iwaizumi isn’t an openly affectionate person. He’s not shut off either, but he’d much rather show his love with actions rather than with words or physical touch and it’s something Oikawa’s grown to understand and appreciate. Yeah, sometimes he’d like to be tackled and manhandled into a spooning position but coming home to clean dishes and the bath drawn after a hard day is just as nice. 

Coming home to Iwaizumi sprawled out on the couch doing school work and looking beautiful and comfortable is even better.  Oikawa takes a moment to appreciate how hot his boyfriend is and he’s about to spoon the fuck out of him but notices that he’s on the phone.

“Honestly, I didn’t think you and Oikawa would last this long.” Matsukawa’s tinny voice echoes from the phone that’s placed next to Iwaizumi’s laptop.

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Oh my god. Nothing was funnier than Zayn and Louis trying to sing Stockholm Syndrome that first day 💀 You'd literally think they'd never heard it before. Zayns "ajgshakflajjdksaj stockholmmmmmm BEIN HELD BY YOU" not their most professional choice for that trip probably lmao but all that's in the past now and totally funny

But look at how much they’ve both grown and how far they’ve both come, huh?? HUH???

Oh, boys.

The Five Times Mike Called And The One Time Ginny Picked Up

Five Voicemails can say a lot, and for Mike and Ginny, that couldn’t be more true.

Hey Baker. It’s Lawson, thought I’d let you know they changed the number on the back on my Rookie card. No point sitting around thinking about the game, we lost, sucks. The guys are going out, and who knows, between you, me, and Blip we’ll be able to keep the idiots at bay. Just, try not to incite another riot, alright? Beep.

In the sixteen years he’d been in the game, Mike had never grown completely comfortable in front of the camera. Sure, he could fake it, just like his high pain threshold and small talk the morning after. But, there was some moments, where his smile looked as forced as it felt, that it was clear how much he’d rather be anywhere else.

This was one of those days.

“Guys,” Mike cried, throwing his hands up, eyes narrowing as the cameras flashed, “her first game was rough but she’s more than proved she can handle the mound.”

“And tonight’s game against the Giants?”

Dragging a thumb along his chin, he glowered in the general direction of the question. “You want to ask me about the swings I missed? Or the catches that slipped through Sanders mitt? Baker’s not a team all on her own, so like I’ve said time and time again, I’m done talking about her. You want to ask me about the weather, fine. You want to talk about how I got my ass looking so damn fine in my uniform, I’m all for it. But I’m telling you know, anyone else asks me about Baker and we’re done here.”

“But Mike…”

He leaned forward. “We’re done here.”

He walked into the bar an hour later, shooting Blip a dark look when he came up to him with a beer. “Don’t say a thing.”

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Bad Dream (pt 2)

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader (and some Roman Reigns x Reader)

Word Count: 5580

A/N: I had some requests to finish Bad Dream, so here it is! SMUT is in here, so don’t read this at work. :-) I merged two prompts that I got for this as a recommendation on how to finish it. Enjoy!

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Do you seriously think I'd act like this if I was still that scared of girls? I'm not that little boy anymore Hanana, in fact I'm sure you'd love to see just how much I've grown up Noona~ -Big Boy Jungkook

Holy GUACAMOLY. Look at you acting all grown up on me, when you barely turned legal a few Months ago 😱😱😱This is why I’m saying you should be illegal jeon jungkook. This is why. What else do you have to show jungkook? You’re grown aren’t you?Then prove it. I guess you’re not afraid anymore. Let’s see how ‘much’ you’ve grown through those years 😏😏😏

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Brooklyn: “So, do you mind if I sit?”

At first Kinleigh was a bit annoyed by this girl calling her a kid, but hearing she was only 14 and seeing how grown up she was had her intrigued.

“Sure, Why not…. You’re only 14?” 

Brooklyn: “Yep”

“Wow, You look so much older!”

Brooklyn laughed

Brooklyn: “I’m sure you could look a little older than you are too if you put on some make up and maybe…”

Kinleigh: “Maybe what?”

Brooklyn: “Ditched the pigtails?”

Kinleigh: “Yeah, I guess I’m getting a bit old for these now, aren’t I?”

: “Almost 13?… So you’d be in high school soon then too?” 

Kinleigh: “Yeah… Only a couple of months away now..” 

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How would you feel if Jyn surrendered herself to the Empire, just so she could see you again?

Terrible, of course. And also highly confused; I can’t imagine Jyn bowing to anyone for such a thing, much less to simply see me. If she’s grown to be anything like Lyra, then she’d rather kick the doors down and demand to see me than grovel permission. 

“I’m rather looking forward to the day she does.” 

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What if Dan crosses paths with D again? Dan is older. How would the conversation go?

I can see D rolling up on their farm rather than Dan finding him away from their home. D is traveler so I don’t see Dan trying to hunter down like, “I miss you so much that I will find you myself!” If Dan ever did see D again, a man he looked up to and the one who saved his sister’s life, he’d be stocked as fucking shit. Plus I think D would like to see the little cinnamon roll to have grown up to be a strapping young fellow who’s likely even more of a badass. To be honest, imagining Dan kind of grown and seeing D again then giving him a big hug is adorable as hell!

Conversation wise, Dan would do most of the talking. He’d be all up in his Kool-Aid. Its would just be them catching up and stuff, like you do. 

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Being the official leader of a bunch of immature girls was among the things that Yoona admired but did not envy about Taeyeon. Even now that they had all grown more independent and were doing fine with their solo activities, whenever the younger really wanted to whine and ask for advice she’d still turn to her leader—much like right now. “Unnie, how do you even manage to not look tired?! I feel like a walking zombie and even got a decent amount of sleep…..there must be a secret. Shouldn’t you tell your dongsaeng after all those years?”

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The Viridian Labyrinth and Coatl?

The Viridian Labyrinth - Do you have a favorite familiar?

This is a lil hard for me, since I don’t actually like familiars that much! I try to not like them because then….. i’d want to collect them, probably. because of that i actually don’t know most of the familiars… out of what i know, i guess, I really like the clouddancers and the wendigos (per my recent obsession with them).

Coatl - Which dragon breed has your favorite lore, regardless of how much you like/dislike how they look?

I adore the pearlcatcher lore, but guess who has a whole one (1) in their lair… it’s me. Although their looks have grown on me, my lair space won’t let me do anything about getting more…

The Goldfinch

favourite characters Kitsey Barbour
“Oh, you’re completely soaked”, she was saying, holding me out at arm’s lenght. “Look at you. How on earth did you get here? Did you swim?” She had Mr. Barbour’s long fine nose and his bright, almost goofy clarity of gaze - much the same as when she was a straggle-haired nine year old in school uniform, flushed and struggeling with her backpack - only now, when she looked at me, I went bank to see how coldly, impersonally beautiful she’d grown.

Just because you’re not the person you wished you’d be 5 years ago doesn’t mean you haven’t blossomed into an amazing person. And just because you didn’t accomplish the goals you set for yourself 5 years ago doesn’t mean you haven’t accomplished other amazing things. My god, give yourself a fucking break. Look at how much you’ve actually grown. Look at all the things you’ve learned and the people you’ve helped. Look at how differently - in the best way possible - you view the world now compared to those 5 years ago. Just because it’s not going the way you hoped it would doesn’t mean it’s going the wrong way. Give yourself a little credit every once in a while, you’re doing okay.
—  Note to self

The other day someone in my class went into the field with a small plastic bag to give their two horses a treat and all i could do was stand there and laugh as Rudi trailed right behind like “I like treats too you know. look what a good pon i am. You are my best friend.” 

Earlier that day i went in to fetch her for a lesson and i was wearing my thermal overalls for the first time and she was terrified of me :’) Suddenly i’d grown two sizes and she did not approve. 

I love how much of a personality she has. 

I have no words. Person Of Interest has brought all of us on an emotional rollercoaster, but in the best possible way. I honestly don’t believe anything will top this show in terms of writers, characters, cast, plot, everything. The best crew we all were able to get a look in, emotional bonds with television characters, new friends, inspiration. This is so damn cheesy but I love this show so goddamn much. I never thought I’d be so invested in this. In Root and Shaw. Seeing how they’ve grown together and an actual relationship representation of two women who care so much for each other that was never disrespectful. Seeing Reese reach where he got and his bond with Finch, an amazing pair those two. And Fusco’s character growth is an admirable one to say the least. Thank you, Person Of Interest for the past 5 years.


My Life in Books

This tag was created by the lovely bookishmadness​ :) And I was tagged by the awesome pollyandbooks thank you :D x 
Rules post a photo taken at the beginning of the year & another one taken at the end.

I couldn’t find any pictures from the beginning of this year. So I have a picture of my favourite bookshelf with mostly YA books I took a few months ago, and how it looks like right now. My Ya book collection has grown so much :3

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New Do || Bellamy&Open

          “So what do you think?” Bellamy asked, looking up from her seat in the hair salon. Bellamy knew in a day or so it would be all gone but when Bella had called to make reservations for herself and her mother she had grown nervous. Talking to Iann had really made her think about a lot, not just about how her mother had moulded her but how stubborn she had always been. So much of her teenage life was missing from her mind, who knew what she’d done to her mother that made her give up. If Bella threw ice-cream at girls when she was drunk at the mall what would she do to her mother when she was totally shit faced?

         Pulling the towel off her shoulders Bellamy turned in the salon chair, looking at the person beside her. “Be honest, I haven’t had brown hair since I was like…fourteen? I think? Fuck,” Bellamy commented, thinking aloud. Had it really been that long? How had her hair survived the constant bleaching…did her roots constantly grow out. Thank god she’d died with a recent bleaching done to her hair. Bellamy’s fingers came up, pushing the styled brown hair behind her ear. It was slightly lighter than her hair when she shifted to the darkest part of herself but her interaction with Ephram made her aware she needed to not be frightened of simple things like that and really Bella thought her Mum would like to see her with the brown hair, her little girl again.

He takes you out for dinner for your first date


He smiles whenever you speak and maintains eye contact with you the whole night. He was nervous that you would say no and was incredibly happy when you said yes.


All you two do is talk. About everything. Even after the food arrives and the waitress gives you a obvious odd look, he continues the conversation. 


He would act goofy the whole night, specifically to make you smile and laugh as the liked both so much. Despite the childish behavior, you would have quite a grown-up date. Taking you to a fancy restaurant and giving you flowers when he picked you up, his funny actions did nothing to confuse you on how serious he was about this date.


He gets shy after watching you try to eat gracefully and failing, dying inside of your cuteness.


Doesn’t stop staring at you all night.


*After you offer him some of your food and he tries it*


He would become super attentive whenever you spoke.


Your waitress makes a snide comment towards you and upsets you. Luhan doesn’t stand for it.


*doesn’t know what to order*


He would tell you to order what ever you wanted.


He would finish his meal and then eat yours.


Would look up from his menu and towards you, watching as you figured out what you wanted to order.

American education is a strange thing. Not only its contents, but the social aspects of it, as well. Look at bullying, for example. 

You keep seeing people (including actual American friends of mine) talking about how bad it is, how teachers would do nothing and how it’s just a fact of life. 

At my school, bullying pretty much stopped after 10th grade, I feel like that was the point where people had finally grown out of it and started getting along and interact in a mature way. Other than people who actively isolated themselves, no one was really an outcast anymore. We never had any groups hostile to each other anymore, either. People of course still had their group of friends they’d usually hang out with, but they got along with everyone else just fine and would still interact with them. 

Meanwhile, my impression of high school in America is that in many places there’s some kind of social hierarchy, with those at the top asserting their dominance over those at the bottom. 

Why are things so different? I can assume a few things, at least. 

Perhaps one of the reason school lacks such hierarchies here is because it’s a smaller part of people’s lives. High schools in the US seem to be focused a lot on extracurricular activities - clubs, sports teams representing the school with their members being the “elite”, which is something we lack here. We do have a few clubs and a sports team, but not many people participate - for most of them, school ends for the day when they go home at 1pm.

So when you have a school elite of athletes that are constantly reminded of the fact that they’re considered the elite might lead to a certain condescending mindset. 

Also, US highschools tend to be a lot bigger than schools here. The ones in this place have <1000 students, my grade consists of a mere four classes. This also leads me to my next point: 

High school in America is pretty much for everyone, whereas over here, we have (depending on state), two or ideally three types of secondary school, kids are separated based on skill at the end of elementary school after the fourth grade. This leads to kids sharing a class with people of comparable skill in a school that specializes in teaching these kids instead of forcing everyone into the same school.

Also, not necessarily related to bullying, but schools here trust the kids more and don’t have the need for an overbearing yet ineffective authority. Kids don’t have to eat in the cafeteria but can use lunch break to head into the city and eat there (we even went to a proper restaurant once), no CCTV anywhere or things like hall passes that seem downright orwellian from a non-american perspective. 

I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting at here, other than that there are huge differences that seem to lead to a social climate that doesn’t exist here at all. 

But feel free to add your own experience and tell me about it, I’d love to hear more thoughts regarding this.