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minjoon moment….ft. hobi^^


When the king brands us pirates, he doesn’t mean to make us adversaries. He doesn’t mean to make us criminals. He means to make us monsters. When I say there’s a war coming, I don’t mean with the Scarborough, I don’t mean with King George or England. Civilization is coming. And it means to exterminate us.

@rabbitpietale suggested that I doodle some kiddins in light-up shoes, so I doodled some kiddins in light-up shoes.

Maybe these shoes went out of style really fast and a ton ended up in the garbage dump… and eventually landed in the hands (and on the feet) of many excited monster children.

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Consider: a group going to a haunted house and everyone teasing each other about how chicken they are and making fun of the special effects. And this one character in the group has a cold but no one's thought much of it...until eventually they realize how much the sickie's shaking and start teasing them about what a chicken they are, and the sickie tells them they're just super cold and oops, looks like they have a fever. (Don't have a specific character in mind but Voltron is always good) 🏫

I know I just wrote Voltron, but I am LITERALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS PROMPT! 

“The second we round this corner, someone’s going to pop out of that coffin.” 

“Pidge,” Hunk starts with a sigh. “If you keep calling out the scares, we aren’t going to get scared.” 

Pidge glares at the actor that pops out of the coffin and shrugs. “I’ll stop calling them out when they stop being predictable,” she calls over her shoulder, prompting Hunk to sigh louder as he picks up his pace. 

“Come on, you babies,” he calls out, glancing back toward Shiro, Keith, and Lance before he rounds the corner, sticking his tongue out at the actor as he catches up with Pidge. 

Shiro reluctantly shuffles forward, and when the actor lunges close to him, he shrieks and carefully inches away from the actor to catch up to Hunk, clutching the back of Hunk’s jacket as Keith and Lance bring up the back. 

Lance smiles at Shiro despite the piercing throb pushing against his forehead. He’s been fighting off a cold for the better part of two days, but he still wanted to come tonight. And, he’s been doing okay, up until twenty minutes ago when the minor thump against his head blew up into a gripping headache, bringing with it a set of chills he can’t seem to shake. 

He crosses his arms as a strong shiver shoots up his spine, and Keith quirks an eyebrow at him. 

“You’re that scared?” Keith questions with a slight huff, yet he leaves no room for answer as he starts forward after his friends, leaving Lance to shuffle after him with a sigh that shoots along a shaky breath.

Lance catches up with the others a few moments later, and the group enter a dim-lit room. Lance tightens his arms around himself as the group glance about the room, and he doesn’t realize someone’s addressing him until a fist knocks into his arm. 

“Jesus, Lance. Are you that scared that you can’t even hear when we’re talking to you?” 

Lance drags a slow, unfocused gaze toward Keith as he digs his fingers into his arms, wishing as if he could squeeze even the slightest ounce of heat back into his limbs. 

“I’m not-” 

“Lance, buddy, it’s all fake, you know,” Hunk says, and Lance pulls a sharp gaze toward his friend. 


“Lance, you are giving my cousin’s chickens a run for their money,” Pidge chirps in with a smirk, and heated anger burns against Lance’s tongue. 

“I’m not scared!” He shouts, wincing as his own voice stabs against his pounding head. “I’m just really cold.” 

“Cold?” Shiro asks with furrowed brows, but before he can step forward to press Lance further, Keith is leaning toward the brunet with an outreached hand. 

Keith brushes the backs of his fingers against Lance’s cheek, and any remark he had pre-planned falls flat at the worrying heat. 

“Lance,” Keith breathes out, voice thick with sudden concern as he steps around to face the brunet. He smooths a palm across Lance’s forehead to confirm what he’s now expecting. 

“I thought you said this is just a cold,” Keith says, almost accusingly, as his hand drops to his side. “You’re burning up.” 

“It wasn’t-” Lance tries, only to be cut off by Hunk’s hand pressing against his cheek. 

“Jeez, Lance. You shouldn’t be here.” Hunk’s voice is masked with concern, and the others crowd around him just as an actor approaches them with a frown. 

“Someone’s sick?” 

“I’m okay-” 

“He is,” Keith motions toward Lance, cutting the brunet off. “He’s running a fever.” 

“We can escort him out.” 

“Wait,” Lance starts, eyes darting to the actor. “I can go through the rest.” He presses, but even as he says it, his words tremble against the strong shivers wracking his slender frame. 

“I’m sorry, bud,” the actor says. “It can be dangerous, especially if you’ve got a fever. We can take you out a back way.” 

Lance physically deflates at this, but he tenses back up, alert, when Keith drapes an arm across his shoulders. 

“I’ll go with you.” 

“Keith,” Lance starts. “You don’t have to-”

“It’s fine,” Keith says. “I can go ahead and take you home.” He keeps his voice casual, yet the strong grip he has around Lance’s shoulders gives way to the concern for the brunet. 

“Then we’ll see you back,” Shiro says, keeping a worried eye on Lance. “Take care of him, Keith.” 

“Will do,” Keith says as he and Lance start after the actor into a hidden room that leads into a bare hallway. 

The three are silent, with only the sound of Lance’s teeth clacking together as he shivers hard. Though, his entire body goes rigid when Keith’s arm tightens further around him as if pulling him closer toward steady warmth. 

Keith’s hand rubs up and down Lance’s arm, and Lance can’t help but lean into Keith’s warmth as much as he can. 

“Thanks for coming with me,” Lance mutters, and Keith nods. 

“Don’t worry about it, Lance. Let’s just get you back home and in bed.” 


besides gold ink I also do highlighters and the effect is so rad ✨✨✨

featuring @shaerahaek‘s best boy Umbra!!! (the tiny moth)


and I separated them so I can credittttt and bc i’m weird

friggen love this guy Soul- @amber-acrylic

Idk I guess he got caught ok I thought it was cuTEEE Sansta- @crowfry/ @the-holiday-viruses

lazy flower dad- @lavender-sans

I love them- I literally cannot express how mucH I ADOrE ThEMm Cherry- @ask-the-candy-skull Span- @underloadhell

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heya lovely!!! i was wondering if i could request a bullet point style old timey werewolf!daniel scenario???? like he loves cats so MUCH i just find such fun irony in him being a big ass dog and looking at house cats like,,,,, wow ,,,,,, but they're still scared of him in human form bc of his dog smell IDK WHAT THIS IS BUT maybe a touch of angst to keep it a lil fresh 😤😤😤 ILY YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THIS ISJSJE

just bc you said i don’t have to do this,,,,i’ll do it (there’s like no angst bc i had no clue how to add it in lmao, hope you still enjoy it!)

  • you love your boyfriend
  • he was practically an oversized dog
  • well, correction, he’s a werewolf, but they’re pretty much the same thing
  • one quirk about Daniel was that he was an avid cat lover
  • a v i d
  • tbh his mugs and tea cozies all have lil cats on them or paw prints
  • it lowkey freaked you out when the two of you started dating, but not so much now
  • “hey, do you think one day cats will love me as much as I love them?”
  • “Daniel, I swear to god, it’s 3 am right now. I’ll smother you with my pillow if you don’t shut up”
  • “but will they?”
  • “considering you’re part canine, no, never”
  • he ignored you for a week because of that lmao
  • once you guys were late for a dinner reservation bc he refused to move away from the animal shelter’s window
  • “look at that little kitten, Y/N! She’s just too cute!”
  • “it’s a boy, babe, and it’s name is Jerry.”
  • “oh,,,,,,,,,,it looks like an Elsa”
  • for your anniversary you got him a cat
  • from that point on, you never felt loved again lmAO
  • jkjk
  • but tbh the cat loves you, you love daniel, and daniel love you the cat
  • it’s just a messed up love triangle
  • “Rooney, why won’t you give me love”
  • “because you’re part wolf, now come here so we can cuddle”
  • “but I want to cuddle with Rooney”
  • he slept on the couch that night
  • Daniel enters room with puppy dog eyes: “Can I please sleep with you tonight?”
  • you, glaring from the bed petting Rooney: “No”
  • you cave in anyways, so the three of you from that day onward share one bed
  • and Rooney even begins to tolerate your oversized pup of a bf

Just hit 100 followers! Thanks for sticking around these last couple months and welcome (to the madness) if you just started following me! Have a silly doodle before I go to bed :P

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Omggggg!!! I freaking love you future!verse au, I love the pairings and that everything its really healthy I just love it, and the kids I freaking love the kids <3 btw i didn't know there could be twins from diferent fathers (but i alredy did my research and its really interesting). My only question (hope it doesnt bother you a lot, if so im so sorry), how do they all 5 sleep....? Do they have a master king size bed or something?? I hope they're all little cuddlers. Lots of love to your au :D

Eyy, I’m glad you’re enjoying it :’D It’s my first time going this far into developing OCs (I tend to prefer to build up on minor characters that don’t get as much screen time in canon media), but it’s fun to imagine how their family interacts <3

(and lol yep, probably very rare/unlikely to occur for certain reasons, but fraternal twins with different fathers is technically possible ^ ^;; The fact they look near identical is coincidence + natural resemblances between Victor and Yurio)

Everyone has their own private room with a bed bc privacy and having your own space is important no matter how much you love your family, but there’s also a giant “master bedroom” where they tend to prefer to sleep. One of my fav ABO tropes is nests, and this is where that appears :’D The master bedroom bed is more accurately a nest, and is circular and sorta shaped like a shallow heavily cushioned bowl piled with pillows and comforters. Given the nature of the family it’s not uncommon where one or members is away traveling abroad, but the others cuddle pile ^ ^ The kids like sleeping in the nest too.

things i hear the types (my friends) say most:
  • infj: *doesn't talk much, but whenever she does it's on point*
  • infp: i want to go home
  • intj: that's incorrect
  • intp: i read this book once and...
  • isfj: *tells stories/inside jokes from years ago that no one else remembers in such detail (except esfj)*
  • isfp: how do i look?
  • istj: i'd rather not
  • istp: *usually quiet, but when they talk they're funny*
  • enfj: are you okay?
  • enfp: imagine if...*insert something very random*
  • entj: *always talks about herself and how organised and busy she is*
  • entp: fun fact...*insert random fact*
  • esfj: have you heard about *insert person's name*?
  • esfp: *planning the next party*
  • estj: how is that possible?
  • estp: *talks about all the funny shit he did the previous day*

watching everyone screaming and playing the Overwatch event together while I’m stuck at school / don’t even have the game in the first place so even if I was home it wouldn’t matter

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I never had a homstuck phase, but I did have an Undertale and Percy Jackson phase (both of which the actual stories are AMAZING but the fandoms r really cringey) and I still regret every decision made. I can't even look back at my posts due to how cringey they were.

// I never had a PJO phase but I did read the books and I LOVE THEM! (I can’t wait to finally read the Heroes of Olympus books tho) but I never felt like,,, strongly attached to it fandom wise… But undertale?? HOO boy that was like… My Homestuck phase part 2

Finally got around to doodling some Sammy! :DI’m pretty sure they never got an official design (or at least I don’t think so???) so I tried my hand at a design!

Not too sure how I feel about the whole thing (I might actually make the hair a little longer but at the same time it looks pretty cute short ;w;) but I’m gonna leave it as is for now :3 I also have a mini comic/fic coming up too for Jack’s gang so that’ll be soon.

As for now I’ve got a b-day gift to work on :3 I hope you like it~!

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Hey Natsu! I really love all the information you say about your AU. You don't know how much I love it. And I was wondering if you could tell us what things Viktuuri do now that they're married and have a teenager kid; like do they go out on dates? Or how regularly do they have sex? 🌚 do they still skate just for fun?

oh thank you so much ♥ 

I am pretty sure they still do couple-like things, and they do have sex regularly (and it looks like they still like to have fun, as it’s shown in the first panels here), but maybe not as much as they used to do it before. Aside the fact that they are older now, I think sex drive would lower a lot as you age…… ahaha, well not anyone’s fault.
victor is mamoru’s coach and he choreographs for other skaters as well while yuuri is a teacher so there are moments when they are both pretty busy but often they try to go and have dinner together outside just the two of them or just do a walk by the sea and be as lovey-dovey as they were when they were younger
mamoru loves their relationship very much

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First things first, i absolutely love your videos and your servamp age au I think they're the best (especially little baby Tsubaki)😊 Now then, have you ever noticed how Sakuya's sister looks like Shion and Mion from the Higurashi series?? The comic where you made her do the "yandere" face to make fun of Sakuya made me think about it a lot

Thank you very much! Hahah~ baby Tsubaki is my favorite for this au. :3 

And yes actually! I was a bit into Higurashi a couple years ago but never finished it cause the violence was too much for me at the time, I was pretty young then. Haaa (now it wouldn’t really be a problem) I read some of the manga too, the violence is only more graphic there. 

lol so yeah, when I first watched Servamp I quickly joked to myself. 

“Hey! When did one of the Sonozaki sisters get here???” 

That’s kinda the reason I joked “Hey what if Sakuya’s sister was yandere too???” cause I was thinking of Shion or…. was it Mion… Idk I mixed them up a lot. I wasn’t gonna make the reference because I didn’t think anyone would get it, cause Higurashi is pretty old.

lol But really what’s with green haired siblings and one of them being Yandere? Well, tbh Sakuya isn’t really that yandere, truthfully he just has “yandere tendencies” rather than actually being one imo. HE IS NOWHERE NEAR SONOZAKI LEVEL. 

also they scream “LIAR!” A LOT in Higurashi.

  • so green hair
  • has a sibling
  • “yandere”
  • yells “liar” a lot.

huh… anyway on a funnier note. Someone awhile ago, when I was first starting in the fandom, said Sakuya’s sis looked like MIdori Gurin from Yandere Simulator. HA

Maybe she’s a fusion lol

Haha thanks for the message anon! Fun post indeed. 

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I love how shinee have totally dropped those stupid stage personas that sm gave them since the beginning and now they're much more themselves. It's particulary noticeable with onjongho. Jong went from "manly sexy fuckboi" to "sensitive intellectual artist", Minho from "stoic cool guy" to Choi Tenderheart and Onew from "soft clumsy leader" to "sexy, buff, flirty hunk". I love it tbh.

i know i love how as a band gains more seniority theyre able to look back and make fun of sm and their personas they used to have to deal with, it’s so refreshing and kinda rewarding lol. and yeah why bother w/ those images when the real ppl behind them are always 203948 times more interesting? real… people… imagine that @ sm. 

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Roadhog and Tracer

[Submission by an anonymous bean] 

Look how cute Roadhog is in that bomber jacket! I really enjoyed doing this because I haven’t drawn anyone really sitting yet - and they both happened to have seated victory poses. Tracer is definitely one of my favourite of the crew to draw, so there’s that, too. 

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okay so i just finished watching free! starting days so this is heavily based on it but: how would the rfa + v and saeran react to the male!mc just suddenly passing out from low blood sugar(can be bc he hasn't been eating much lately or something)? like they're just having fun or having a race/etc and he just faints out of nowhere?? :0


  • Panic! At the FunDay
  • ends up trying to find someone to help him
  • half drags half carries MC to the nearest resting spot
  • calls an ambulance
  • most likely to not notice MC looks a little pale
  • he is panicking


  • he’s run off somewhere to get ice cream before he notices MC is on the ground 
  • ice scream? more like iscREAM
  • that was him when he saw MC 
  • he was going to surprise him with ice cream
  • he ends up trying to get him to wake up 
  • ends up cradling MC in his arms as he calls Saeyoung to figure out what to do


  • she immediately knows what happend
  • she waits for MC to wake up before anything 
  • once MC wakes up she scolds ‘im
  • “MC you should be eating well”
  • promptly makes him something to eat so he can regain some energy 
  • questions him about this 


  • as soon as this happens he calls one of his doctors 
  • once he knows what it is 
  • he gets the chef to prepare a meal fit for a king 
  • (aka. MC)
  • probably pampers him into eating more 
  • will personally feed MC so he doesnt miss a meal


  • he will see when MC is gonna fall
  • he dives to catch him
  • barely manages to catch him
  • tries to shake hm awake 
  • is panicking and ends up callin g someone for help
  • afterwards he ends up treating MC to some real food 


  • he’s the one that panics the most
  • he’s going to be shedding tears over MC until he wakes up
  • most likely to fall asleep crying on MC until he wakes up 
  • then Yoosung is going to cook up a storm 
  • MC is going to eat a good meal to regain his strengths


  • he caught MC flawlessly 
  • if it were possible to take a picture it would’ve been sparkling 
  • but he immediately starts worrying once he realizes MC isnt messing around 
  • tries to figure out what’s wrong with MC 
  • ends up holding him tightly for a bit to see if they’ll wake up 
  • once he does Zen will kiss MC a lot 
  • he cooks MC a big meal once he finds out the cause of this