look how much they're having fun

minjoon moment….ft. hobi^^


When the king brands us pirates, he doesn’t mean to make us adversaries. He doesn’t mean to make us criminals. He means to make us monsters. When I say there’s a war coming, I don’t mean with the Scarborough, I don’t mean with King George or England. Civilization is coming. And it means to exterminate us.


and I separated them so I can credittttt and bc i’m weird

friggen love this guy Soul- @amber-acrylic

Idk I guess he got caught ok I thought it was cuTEEE Sansta- @crowfry/ @the-holiday-viruses

lazy flower dad- @lavender-sans

I love them- I literally cannot express how mucH I ADOrE ThEMm Cherry- @ask-the-candy-skull Span- @underloadhell

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Omggggg!!! I freaking love you future!verse au, I love the pairings and that everything its really healthy I just love it, and the kids I freaking love the kids <3 btw i didn't know there could be twins from diferent fathers (but i alredy did my research and its really interesting). My only question (hope it doesnt bother you a lot, if so im so sorry), how do they all 5 sleep....? Do they have a master king size bed or something?? I hope they're all little cuddlers. Lots of love to your au :D

Eyy, I’m glad you’re enjoying it :’D It’s my first time going this far into developing OCs (I tend to prefer to build up on minor characters that don’t get as much screen time in canon media), but it’s fun to imagine how their family interacts <3

(and lol yep, probably very rare/unlikely to occur for certain reasons, but fraternal twins with different fathers is technically possible ^ ^;; The fact they look near identical is coincidence + natural resemblances between Victor and Yurio)

Everyone has their own private room with a bed bc privacy and having your own space is important no matter how much you love your family, but there’s also a giant “master bedroom” where they tend to prefer to sleep. One of my fav ABO tropes is nests, and this is where that appears :’D The master bedroom bed is more accurately a nest, and is circular and sorta shaped like a shallow heavily cushioned bowl piled with pillows and comforters. Given the nature of the family it’s not uncommon where one or members is away traveling abroad, but the others cuddle pile ^ ^ The kids like sleeping in the nest too.

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I love how shinee have totally dropped those stupid stage personas that sm gave them since the beginning and now they're much more themselves. It's particulary noticeable with onjongho. Jong went from "manly sexy fuckboi" to "sensitive intellectual artist", Minho from "stoic cool guy" to Choi Tenderheart and Onew from "soft clumsy leader" to "sexy, buff, flirty hunk". I love it tbh.

i know i love how as a band gains more seniority theyre able to look back and make fun of sm and their personas they used to have to deal with, it’s so refreshing and kinda rewarding lol. and yeah why bother w/ those images when the real ppl behind them are always 203948 times more interesting? real… people… imagine that @ sm. 

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Roadhog and Tracer

[Submission by an anonymous bean] 

Look how cute Roadhog is in that bomber jacket! I really enjoyed doing this because I haven’t drawn anyone really sitting yet - and they both happened to have seated victory poses. Tracer is definitely one of my favourite of the crew to draw, so there’s that, too. 




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How do the nordics look when they're are really mad at there s/o, or vise versa? (hopefully I said that correctly!)

100% gotcha Anon. Reaction gif time!! I have just as much fun looking for these as I do finding the right ones XD  Both the Nordics and their S/O’s below


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Sweden’s S/O:

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Finland’s S/O:

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Iceland’s S/O:

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Norway and his S/O:

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Denmark’s S/O:

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okay so i just finished watching free! starting days so this is heavily based on it but: how would the rfa + v and saeran react to the male!mc just suddenly passing out from low blood sugar(can be bc he hasn't been eating much lately or something)? like they're just having fun or having a race/etc and he just faints out of nowhere?? :0


  • Panic! At the FunDay
  • ends up trying to find someone to help him
  • half drags half carries MC to the nearest resting spot
  • calls an ambulance
  • most likely to not notice MC looks a little pale
  • he is panicking


  • he’s run off somewhere to get ice cream before he notices MC is on the ground 
  • ice scream? more like iscREAM
  • that was him when he saw MC 
  • he was going to surprise him with ice cream
  • he ends up trying to get him to wake up 
  • ends up cradling MC in his arms as he calls Saeyoung to figure out what to do


  • she immediately knows what happend
  • she waits for MC to wake up before anything 
  • once MC wakes up she scolds ‘im
  • “MC you should be eating well”
  • promptly makes him something to eat so he can regain some energy 
  • questions him about this 


  • as soon as this happens he calls one of his doctors 
  • once he knows what it is 
  • he gets the chef to prepare a meal fit for a king 
  • (aka. MC)
  • probably pampers him into eating more 
  • will personally feed MC so he doesnt miss a meal


  • he will see when MC is gonna fall
  • he dives to catch him
  • barely manages to catch him
  • tries to shake hm awake 
  • is panicking and ends up callin g someone for help
  • afterwards he ends up treating MC to some real food 


  • he’s the one that panics the most
  • he’s going to be shedding tears over MC until he wakes up
  • most likely to fall asleep crying on MC until he wakes up 
  • then Yoosung is going to cook up a storm 
  • MC is going to eat a good meal to regain his strengths


  • he caught MC flawlessly 
  • if it were possible to take a picture it would’ve been sparkling 
  • but he immediately starts worrying once he realizes MC isnt messing around 
  • tries to figure out what’s wrong with MC 
  • ends up holding him tightly for a bit to see if they’ll wake up 
  • once he does Zen will kiss MC a lot 
  • he cooks MC a big meal once he finds out the cause of this 

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Hey there man, I love your art and your animations are always so much fun and have so much life to them, they're really fantastic! I just got myself a copy of tv paint 10 and was wondering a couple things, first, what brush settings you use, and also I was wondering how you learned to use the software, and if there were any good tutorials you could recommend/ link me to. anyway, keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to seeing what else you make!!

i started out with this video, by Aaron Blaise.
it’s a bit on the lengthy side, but it covers a good base of features to get started right away with.

as for brushes, i just have four different sizes of the same airbrush tool (at 2, 2.5, 9, and 15 px, respectively) and a pressure-sized eraser brush.

btw you can set up a custom Quick Bar by going to
Windows>Custom Panels>New Tool Bar.

some other starting tips i can give aaare
TV Paint isn’t like Flash, where you’ve got a defined Stage and then infinite drawing space around it, so you can’t draw beyond the project space.
to be able to draw off-camera, I set up my project like this:

and then i use the Camera tool (default C) to mark the “Stage”.

also, you can set up multiple shots within a project using the Project tab on the Timeline.

from here, you can playback, rearrange, and group all the shots in your project together.

and thanks a bunch, bro! o/

Pokemon Sun and Moon Controversy
  • Some hard-ass who can't have fun: How dare Game-Freak make it easier to know the type match-ups!
  • People who just want to have fun: We don't really care, plus it'll probably be an option and/or unavailable competitively online. Game Freak started appealing to the competitive scene in X&Y and from how easy it is to check EV's even in the S&M demo, it doesn't look like they're stopping anytime soon.
  • Some hard-ass who can't have fun: Well if it isn't, then what?!?
  • People who just want to have fun: Then whatever, before everyone either had it memorized or had a type chart on hand. It's not changing that much besides accessibility. If you're that worried about some new player beating you just because they know what types have an advantage, maybe you should train more so you don't have to instead of whining.
Don't Starve {Sentence Starters}
  • "There's a lot going on underground."
  • "It's not warm enough for my liking."
  • "That fire is getting out of hand!"
  • "But destruction is so much more fun!"
  • "Even I don't know everything, yet."
  • "It's dark and stuffy down here."
  • "I feel kinda bad for that."
  • "How long is this going to take?"
  • "I get crazy when I don't sleep."
  • "The stinging means that it's working."
  • "It makes me hungry just to look at it."
  • "No-one would care if this burned down."
  • "I have harnessed the power of cold!"
  • "I am one heck of a scientist."
  • "Maybe I should just leave that one alone."
  • "I hope there are no bugs in this."
  • "They're cute when they're sleeping."
  • "Ooh, this one explodes when it goes in fire!"
  • "Uh oh, I don't like the look of that."
  • "It's not the most exciting weapon."
  • "Come ON! I know you're home!"
  • "He's so condescending."
  • "Is that supposed to be something?"
  • "This seems like a bad idea."
  • "I don't think I could really relax down here."
  • "What a wonderfully flammable home."
  • "I feel like I could have prevented that."
  • "Why does everyone have a nicer house than me?"
  • "There's definitely something inside there."
  • "OW! Something bit me!"
  • "I'd better not be here when he wakes up."