look how much he's filled out!

Why didn’t anyone tell me BTTF #16 was this Mammet-filled. Look at this. Just look.

Hey it’s fine, I platonically cradle my KO’d friends when we’re surrounded by enemies too.

How was this comfortable? The door is like 1 foot away. 

Good idea Marty, shield him from the giant hungry tigers with your body.

Yeah, I don’t think hugging is making you faster as you run from those giant hungry tigers.

Emmett touched him and he’s freaking out too much to swim.

What is??? that look? ??? ?? 

And I had to cut a few things.

This has been a PSA, go read these. All of ‘Who is Marty McFly’ has been great; I could make a post like this for each installment.


I just absolutely adore how happy Victor is and how much in love he is with Yuri
He’s literally just out there, gazing at the ring, admiring it, and thinking about the feelings that Yuri evokes in both himself and in those who surround him

It’s just so perfect

Got7 Preferences:Things he’d do as your boyfriend/you’d do as a couple.

>>The same preference but with BTS <<

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  • both being very supportive of each other
  • lots of make out sessions
  • a restricted amount of public affection,except for holding hands and hugging
  • small and very thoughtful gestures ,like preparing dinner for the other after a stressful day or filling the bathtub
  • you forcing him to do aegyo
  • him getting jealous easily and that either leading to a fight or an eventful night (yup rough sex)
  • him buying you oversized sweaters because he thinks you look cute all small and comfy
  • movie marathons with ice cream sundaes
  • him always trying to show off/be sexy
  • you showing him fanart because you know how much he likes them
  • you making him laugh when he feels bummed (ha jaebum,get it?ok I’ll stop)

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  • dancing together + close/intimate dancing
  • cheek pinching and him unexpectedly sweeping you off your feet
  • him showing you his appreciation for you by randomly kissing you passionately or cupping your face in his hands and telling you that you’re beautiful
  • lots of joking and play-fighting
  • making playlists for each other
  • tearful embraces when leaving/seeing each other again after being away
  • listening to Chris Brown whilst .. making love (tmi ha)
  • +you buying him tickets to one of Chris’ concerts and him thanking you a million times
  • you taking pictures of him all the time,because I mean look at him how can you not
  • him teasing you for being short

Originally posted by markjin


  • dabbing 24/7
  • pranks 
  • you forcing him to eat more (yes please)
  • always looking fashionable together 
  • jamming out to Wiz Khalifa whilst cleaning and him occasionally even rapping in thai 
  • plenty of dirty jokes
  • neck kisses and lots of hickeys
  • teasing,lots of it (both kind)
  • watching vines and youtube videos together
  • tons of selfies and him making you take photos of him for his Instagram
  • him finding your clumsiness/awkwardness adorable
  • cheeky Bambam 
  • exploring cities together
  • him treating you like a queen

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  • taking a while to feel completely comfortable around you
  • him sending you cute pictures/videos of him when you’re away
  • low-key very protective/possessive 
  • having cute nicknames of each other 
  • star gazing
  • road trips
  • horror movie marathons and kfc (somebody sign me up)
  • late night walks along the beach 
  • photo bombs with coco 
  • lots of pouting and lip biting
  • him touching/slapping your butt every chance he gets

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  • him being savage and roasting people to make you laugh but also because that boy has no chill
  • you helping him with choreographies
  • dinner dates 
  • babysitting everybody’s children and getting compliments on how good parents you make 
  • him playing the piano for you
  • a real gentleman
  • you being obsessed with his butt
  • secret kinks 
  • him making you do aegyo
  • matching necklaces/bracelets

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  • you calling him joy instead of choi (the reason for the nickname is self-explanatory just look at him)
  • sings for you whenever you’re sad/sings you to sleep
  • loads of cuddling feat. coco
  • goofy youngjae
  • using I’m out whenever both of you possibly can and laughing about it afterwards
  • you having a strict no-diet rule for him because he is perfect the way he is
  • both of you clinging to one another 24/7 
  • him also being your best friend
  • ‘’totally accidental and unintentional’’ touching because he’s very shy
  • can also become the total opposite in bed though 
  • always boosting each others self-esteem 

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  • going from wang puppy to daddy jackson real quick
  • caring Jackson that always wants you to eat well and gets you like ten blankets whenever you’re cold
  • him trying to get you into fitness and getting you to work out with him,you stopping after 5 push ups 
  • motivating him when he’s working out:
  • ‘’Slayy Jackson that’s my boyfriend’’
  • ‘’Y/N please stop I can’t concentrate’’
  • ‘’You look so good baby,work it yaas’’
  • Jackson laughs causing his arms to give in and face plants
  • learning languages together
  • you stealing 80% of his hoodies
  • bootylicious couple 
  • him socializing you and encouraging you to try new things


I hope you guys enjoyed reading these preferences as much as I enjoyed writing them.Thanks for reading,have a wonderful day xx

Much love,i.l.

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Ok puppyshipping lovers!
Let’s talk about how kaiba is trying to resist gazing at Joey’s freaking ass. I mean JUST LOOK AT HOW GOOD JOEY LOOKS! OF CORSE KAIBA IS TRYING HIS HARDEST NOT TO SHOW ANY AFFECTION TOWARDS JOEY IN PUBLIC!

But Joey on the other hand… HOHOHOH!
He ain’t afraid of gazing at kaiba~
Nooooooo not at all because he loves him wayyyy to much to be able to get his eyes off him, so what Joey does to tease Kaiba is to have his ass freaking out towards him~
And no. He’s not gazing at him with hate. Those eyes is filled with lust and that lust is all to kaiba. That’s why his ass is out. Because he wanna make Kaiba go crazy for him~


Newt Imagine:

Summary: Modern!AU Newt has been insisting on visiting the muggle world, so Y/N invites him to stay over on the holidays. He developed a particular taste for photography, and ends up filling your SD card with pictures.

(gif not mine)

 *     *     *

A Picture: 

 When you arrived to Platform 9 ¾, you and Newt walked out of the train, as you looked for your parents. You hadn’t told them yet, you invited over your friend Newt. He had been begging you to take him to meet the muggle world, and decided to take him with you for a month to Devon, where you lived with your parents. 

 When you found them, Newt and you walked towards them. You quickly hugged them both, as they told you how much they missed you. Then, they proceeded to greet Newt, since they always saw him when you left and arrived from Hogwarts and you mentioned him pretty much in every letter you sent them. 

 "Mum, do you think Newt can stay with us for a few weeks? He wants to see how we live, and has been crying about it for a long time now…“ You giggled awkwardly, as Newt chuckled. 

 "I haven’t been crying about it!” Newt laughed. “You made me sound like a cry baby!" 

 "Sure, honey. Newt can stay with us” your dad said. “I just hope you don’t mind sleeping on one of the couches”

 "Don’t worry, the couches are so comfy, I’m always falling asleep while watching movies" You assured him, as he smiled at you.

 "Y/N you fall asleep everywhere" he joked, making you laugh.

 *     *     * 

 Once home, you gave Newt a small tour around the house. You saved your room for the end, wanting to show him one of the things you liked and missed the most from the muggle world. You once told him how muggle pictures didn’t move, which he found fascinating. You told him you liked taking pictures of things and people. 

 When it was time to see your room, you let Newt walk first, and take a look around. You heard him mutter in fascination. You walked inside your room, and found him staring at the wall you had all covered in pictures. Pictures you took when you were home. Of all sorts. You had your parents, your neighbours, their pets, things.

 You grabbed your camera from a small desk you had in your room, turning it on and taking a picture of Newt while he wasn’t noticing. The camera clicked, catching his attention. He looked at you, and blushed. 

 "Hey" he said, as you took another picture of him. “Are you taking pictures of me?” He smiled shyly, looking away.

 "Probably" you laughed gently and gave him the camera.

 The next week you spent teaching him what you knew about photography, gave him a few tips. Newt soon became as absorbed as you were. He practically took over your camera and took pictures of everything he saw. By the third week he was there, he had used up all of your memory. 

Your SD card was small, but for the time you were home, it had enough space for the summer or the Christmas holidays. But apparently 8 GB weren’t enough for Newt. 

 After spending an entire weekend choosing which fotos he wanted to print and keep, you got them printed and let him keep them. There was a picture in particular of you. You two were at the park, and you were laughing. You never seemed so happy in a picture before. Even though Newt loved the picture, he gave it to you. Just like the first pictures you took of him, you gave him one and pasted the other one on your wall. 

 After you printed the pictures, and deleted everything else, you had your SD card as good as new.

 That night,my our parents went out to have dinner with some friends, and left you and Newt at home.

 You were in your room, watching movies in your lap top. Newt was busy looking attentively at each and every picture on your wall. You on the other hand sat on the floor, in front of your lap top. 

 He looked so absorbed, his green eyes fixed on the wall, his mouth slightly open, and his messy hair falling softly on his forehead. You grabbed you camera and took a picture of him. He heard the click and looked at you. 

“What?” You giggled.

 "What she asks" Newt chuckled and sat on the floor next to you. 

 "What? I think you’re photogenic" you shrugged taking another picture of him, as he shyly looked down, letting his hair cover his face. 

 "What is that supposed to mean?“ He giggled.

 "That means that you look good in pictures. The three or four pictures I have of you, you look really good. 

 "So, you think I look good in pictures, is that what you’re saying?” He laughed, looking at you and trying to take your camera as you stretched your arm away from him. 

 "Yes, I do" you laughed, noticing how he was blushing lightly. “I think you’re good looking, but you suck at flirting and that’s why you haven’t found yourself a girlfriend”

 "Whoa, thanks friend" he said faking indignation. “Thank you for your honesty”

 "That’s what friends do" you laughed as Newt kept trying to take your camera.

 You managed to point your camera at Newt and clicked the button, taking another picture of him. 

 "I think" he said, tickling you, as you began laughing, hesitantly moving your arms close to you, in an attempt to protect yourself. “I think you’re blind” he said, as he kept tickling you.

 You fell on the floor, laughing as Newt finally got a hold of your camera, and took a picture of you. You sat back and tried to take your camera back, but Newt stretched his arm. 

 "Oh, don’t be like that" you chuckled “I really think you’re attractive. If you let me take a picture of you, you might be able to see it" 

 "And I really think you need glasses” he joked giving your camera back. 

 You took a few shots of him, as he blushed bright red, with the shyest of smiles, and his eyes shut. After a few pictures, you waited for him to open his eyes and take another one. He laughed, covering his face with his hoodie.

 "This is so awkward" he laughed.

 "Come on, let me see your eyes! I love your eyes!“ You said, as he reluctantly took,off his hoodie and looked at you. 

You took a close shot of his eyes, and looked at the pictures. You leaned against your bed, as Newt snuggled next to you so he could see the pictures too. 

 "You have really beautiful eyes” you muttered, as the small screen in the camera showed the pictures of his green eyes with his light brown eyebrows and several freckles all around them. 

 The next pictures, he was smiling shyly, feeling awkward. You found him terribly adorable in those pictures. And finally, the picture you took of him while he was staring at your other pictures. The weak light from the lamp lighting one side of his face, made his cheekbones and jawline look much more pointy and sharp. His eyes looked crustal clear, and his hair seemed to be lighter on the contour of his hair. 

 "This is a great picture" you whispered. 

 "I still think you have a serious problem in your silly head" he said poking the back of your head. You looked at him with a sarcastic stare, as he laughed. He giggled and looked away bashfully. After a few seconds, he looked back at you, and stared into your eyes. He leaned his forehead against yours. Without a previous warning, he began tickling you, as you laughed loudly, falling on the floor. He sat on top of you, with his legs on your sides as he kept tickling you, while you begged him to stop. 

 "Okay, I’ll stop" he giggled, resting his hands in the floor. “But answer me this, because I’m really eager to know” he said, still sitting on top of you. “Why do you think I’m good looking?" 

 "Well…” You began. “Besides the fact that you have really beautiful eyes, I like the shape of your nose, and your cheekbones. I think your jawline is on point. And I, just a really big fan of freckles, and you happen to have more freckles than anything else…” You shrugged. He moved away, and sat on the floor, thoughtfully. “Why?” You asked sitting next to him. 

 "Is just that…“ He was avoiding your stare, and grabbed your camera, looking at his pictures. "No one ever told me that before, that’s all” he said. 

 His eyes remained fixed on the camera, but he was well aware that you were staring at him. You felt bad for asking, you didn’t want to make him feel bad or something. You stared at him, noticing every single detail on his face, and stretched your hand towards his chin. 

 "Newt, look at me" you purred gently. 

 His green eyes finally met yours, as you kept scanning every inch of his face, focusing on his thick pale lips. Without thinking what you were doing, you leaned forward, pecking him gently. 

Newt looked at you, confused, but he didn’t take long to realise what was happening. He leaned forward, pressing his lips against yours. You kissed him back almost instantly, as the two of you awkwardly locked kiss, trying to figure out how to sync with the other.

And after a few seconds, you found out how to do so. Newt broke the kiss, resting his forehead on yours. 

 "There’s definitely something wrong with you" he whispered before he leaned forward, kissing you again.

Chris&Eva #9 (Skam)

“I think it’s about time we stop avoiding the obvious.”

Eva had never done drugs, but alcohol mixed with kisses from Christoffer Schistad certainly made her feel  high. One minute his hands were in her hair and the next they were gripping her hips and lifting her onto kitchen counter. She wraps her legs around his waist and tugs him closer so that their bodies are flush against each other. Not close enough, she thinks.

For a while only their heavy breathing filled kitchen, that and occasional curse out of Chris’s mouth.  Then she heard footsteps heading for the kitchen, Eva didn’t get time to push Chris away before Eskild came into the kitchen, looked at them and headed for the fridge. He took out a  carton of juice, poured himself a glass of juice, looking unbothered by just walking in on them making out.

“You know, no matter how much William and Noora loved each other, I never once walked on them making out. But you two… For two people who are not in a relationship, you two seem to be crazy about each other,” Eskild said with a smirk and walked out of kitchen. Eva was 100% sure he was on his way to tell Noora about his, who in return  was going to pester Eva with question about her and Chris as soon as she gets the chance to do so.
Eva was so lost in thought, that she didn’t notice Chris planting a  soft  and slow kiss on her cheek, jaw, neck. She didn’t notice how his hands went from groping her hips and ass to softly caressing her face.

“I think it’s about time we stop avoiding the obvious,” Chris said barely loud enough for Eva to hear. For the first time she didn’t see lust in his eyes, that cocky smile, that she adored and loathed at the same time, was gone. He looked almost…uncertain.
“What do you mean?” She asked. Eva had a feeling she knew where he was going with this, but she didn’t want to push him.’

“Eskild is right,” Chris said averting his eyes to the ground,”I am crazy about you, Eva Kviig Mohn, have been for a while now. I have never admitted it to anyone, not even myself. But Eskild sees it, so I am sure everyone else does too,” his voice was barely  above whisper now and his hands were fiddling with his T-shirt. Eva was little taken back by his words. Never in million years she thought that she would hear “Penetrator” Chris confessing his feelings to anyone, least of all to her. She knew that she should probably say something, but nothing came out. She didn’t want to ruin this moment, she wanted to savour it. She took his face into her hands and made his eyes meet hers, it seemed like it was the first time she had ever looked into them and saw him, saw the real Christoffer Schistad. There was not a hint of his usual bravado, only sincere vulnerability. She wondered if she was the only one who got to see this side of him.
She hoped she was.  


Hello, lovely readers! I know I promised to post a request on New Year’s day, but I felt really uninspired and just wasn’t in a good place mentally. I wasn’t requested to write this, but I really wanted to write something… So, I hope you enjoy this. I don’t know when I am going to write the requested material, but sooner or later I will. 

I hope your New Year’s celebration went well! Cheers to 2017! * lifts a coffee mug*


twangcat  asked:

Imagine Phil and Clint crushing on each other in high school and selling flowers for valentines day together

First post for ImagineClintCoulson! I hope all of y’all and enjoy. I know I am looking forward to filling all these amazing prompts. 

Phil had just pulled out the cash box for the sale when he caught sight of Principal Fury stalking toward the table, dragging Clint Barton with him. Barton was arguing with Fury as they walked and it was only when they were a few feet away that Phil was able to hear what Barton was whining about.

“Come on, Fury. He totally deserved it.”

Fury grimaced and from where Phil was sitting he could tell, this was not the first time he’d heard this from Barton. “It doesn’t matter how much he deserved it. Rules are rules and punching someone is automatic detention. Now you can sit here and sell carnations with Coulson or you can miss practice this afternoon and sit with Ms. Hill instead.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll sell the flowers.” Clint shrugged Fury off and followed him sullenly.

They’d reached the table and Fury pointed at the chair next to Phil. “Good choice. Now sit.”

Clint took a seat and crossed his arms over his chest. Phil looked up at Fury. “Sir? What’s going on?”

“Mr. Barton thought it was a good idea to punch Grant Ward after class. So now he is going to sit here and help you sell carnations and we’re going to consider this whole mess dealt with.”

Once he was sure nothing else was going to happen, Fury left muttering something about idiot teenagers. Phil bristled and busied himself getting all the delivery slips and pens ready. He would have preferred selling the carnations by himself rather than with someone who didn’t want to be there.

They still had a few minutes before the bell was going to ring and as Phil finished seting up their supplies, Clint asked. “So what are we doing here?”

“It’s the annual carnation sale for Valentine’s Day. All the money goes to the student council and we use it to pay for events like prom.”

Clint scooched his chair closer to Phil’s and leaned into Phil’s space. “Cool. So what do you need me to do?”

Phil lost all ability to think with Clint so close. He’d been harboring a small crush on him since they’d been partnered for a project during Trigonometry last year. Clint had proven to be much smarter than he let on and he and Phil had worked well together and when the project had finished, Phil had found himself wanting to know more about the other boy.

Clint had revived the school’s archery team and with his skill and that of Kate Bishop, they’d quickly made it a champion team. Phil had seen Clint practicing one afternoon after a student council meeting and the sight of toned, muscular arms pulling back the string and the way that Clint’s hair had turned more golden in the sun had left Phil speechless. Clint had waved, and Phil had felt himself turn bright red before waving shyly back and hurrying to his car.

“Coulson? You still with me?” Clint waved a hand in front of Phil’s face before sing-songing. “Hello?”

“Sorry. What was the question again?”

“What do you need me to do?” Clint nudged Phil with his elbow. “Everything alright, Phil? You seem a little out of it.”

“I’m fine. If you could handle the delivery sheets that would be great. People will give me the money and then pick which color carnation they want to send and fill out the sheet. They can leave their names off them if they want, but we do need the name of who they want it delivered to.”

“What are the colors for?”

“White for friendship, pink for a crush, and red for love.”

“Cool. I think I got it.”

Clint moved his chair back from Phil and started spreading the pens out in front of him. Phil felt the loss of the other boy keenly. He’d liked having Clint so close.

He was in the midst of checking the change in the cashbox when Clint asked. “How much do these things cost?”

“Three dollars.”

The bell rang and Clint held up a hand for a high five. Once Phil gave him the high five, Clint beamed and winked. “I got this, Phil. I won’t let you down.”

“I know you won’t, Clint.” Before he could say more, students started approaching the table and buying carnations.

Business was a little slow since it was just the first day, so Phil when there was a lull, he asked, “why’d you punch Ward?”

Clint smirked. “He wouldn’t leave that new girl alone. You know her, right? I saw you showing her around.”

Phil did know her. Daisy had just moved to town and while she was a bit of a loner, she’d been friendly and nice enough. “Yeah, I know her.”

“We have a couple classes together and she’s like me, a foster kid, so we stick together. We were talking after class and that jerk, Ward would not go away. I asked Daisy and she said he’d been like that for a few days now and when he came back, she said go away and he wouldn’t, so I punched him. Unfortunately, Fury saw and you know the rest.”

“He definitely had it coming.”

“Thanks, Phil.”

Since the bell was about to ring, Phil made a note of how much they’d made and was about to start packing up himself when Clint handed him three singles.


“I wanna buy one, but you can’t look. Okay?”

“Sure.” Phil took the money and looked away while Clint filled out his slip and shuffled it in amongst the others.

When the bell rang, they parted to go to their separate classes and Phil continued to feel warm all day after his conversation with Clint.

***A Week Later: Valentine’s Day***

Phil was sitting in his U.S. History class trying to pay attention and not think about the fact that it was Valentine’s day when Stark passed him a note.

When do the carnations get delivered?

Phil took a peek up at Mr. Sitwell who was still lecturing and wrote back.

This period like 20 min

Tony nodded and started watching the clock. Phil went back to trying to pay attention while checking the clock every so often.

When 20 minutes had finally gone by, both Tony and Phil looked up when there was a knock at the door. Natasha, one of Phil’s fellow council member had a handful of carnations and came to pass them out. Natasha took her time and left Tony and Phil until last.

“Two red carnations for Stark.” She leaned in and whispered. “Steve was very pleased with his. He was sketching it when I left”

Tony blushed and whispered, “thank you.”

Natasha came to Phil and held out a pink carnation. “Looks like someone’s got a crush, Coulson.”

Phil took the carnation and read the note. He recognized Clint’s spiky handwriting and felt his heart start to race.

Phil I really liked working with you and would like to take you on a date. I’ll be at the range after these are delivered.


Phil looked up at Natasha, who nodded and Phil grabbed his books and dashed out of class. He ran all the way to the range and when he got there, he found Clint standing there one red rose in his hand and a nervous smile on his face. He looked good too. Dark skinny jeans and tight purple t-shirt and Phil had to force himself to remember to breathe as he stared.


“Hey, Phil. Got my carnation, I see.”

Phil looked at the flower in his hand and nodded. “Is that rose for me as well?”

“It is, but to get it, there’s a catch.”

Phil took a few steps closer to Clint. “And what’s that?”

“You gotta go on a date with me. Tonight.”

“Is that all?”

Clint’s brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”

Phil shrugged. “It’s not much of a catch. I’ve wanted to go out with you for a while now.”


Phil got even closer, so he and Clint were only a few inches away. “Really.”

Clint smiled again and there was a spark of mischief in his eye. “So if I added a kiss to my demands, how would that go?”

Phil closed the distance between them and pressed his lips to Clint’s. “Very well.”

Clint kissed Phil this time and hummed into the contact. “I like kissing you.”

“I like it too. We can do more tonight, if you want? Pick me up at 7?”


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: b1a4 actually thought people would forget about them after being away for a year and they ended up writing a song (called 10 years later) expressing their feelings about it and at their guerrilla concert sandeul was so apologetic for having such thoughts that he started crying and then the others teared up too and they realised how dedicated their fans are since they filled up the whole place with about 2000 people and even exceeded the designated area for the concert by just handing out flyers and promoting it literally hours before and idk i just don't get how people don't absolutely cherish b1a4 because look at how much passion they have in what they do and how much they care about their fans and their career i love them so much please cherish them forever and never let them forget how important they are

Decisions Decisions *Requested* (Part 2/2)

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Angst/Drama

Words: 1,200

“I ain’t just letting you walk out of here.” Daryl said firmly, placing his hand over the doorknob. You grabbed his arm with all your strength and tried to drag him away from the door. “Let me the fuck go!” You screamed at him, starting to hit his chest, which didn’t hurt him at all. He let you vent and take it out on him, he knew he deserved it. The more you hit him the weaker you became, this was too much. As soon as you stopped hitting him, he pulled you into his arms. “How could you say that to me?” You asked, not hugging him back. Your arms were still at your sides, as his strong arms wrapped around your waist. He pulled back a little, looking into your tear filled eyes for a few moments. “I’ll, I’ll bring ya back in the mornin’.” Daryl said, looking down. His chest tightened as soon as those words let his mouth. He couldn’t live without you, but he would do whatever he had to, to make you happy again.

Daryl turned around, opening the door and shutting it behind him, letting you have the room to yourself. You stood there looking at the door with your mouth hanging open. Daryl sat down outside the door, leaning up against it and you did the same thing. “No one’s gonna care about you like I do little brother, always remember that.” Merles voice echoed through Daryl’s mind.


When you woke up you realized you were in the same position that you were in last night, still leaning against the door. It was still dark outside, but it had to be early morning. The events of yesterday flooded your mind and you let out an exhausted sigh. You stood up, grabbing your bag and opened the bedroom door, to see Daryl laying on the floor fast asleep in the hallway.You carefully stepped over him and made your way into the kitchen/living room. “Good mornin’ sunshine.” Merle said from the couch, startling you a bit because you hadn’t seen him. “Morning.” You said, taking a seat on one of the big chairs. “Wanna explain to me why my little brother is sleepin’ on the floor?” Merle asked and you shook your head. He scoffed in response. Unbeknownst to you he was happy that something went on between the two of you last night, he was scared shitless that his brother was going to leave him for you. “Yea fuckin’ right, we’re blood.” Merle thought to himself.

A few minutes later and Daryl stepped into the room and your eyes snapped towards him. “Um, we should get goin’.” Daryl said, slinging his crossbow over his shoulder. “What’s the rush?” Merle asked. “Waistin’ daylight.” Daryl stated matter of factly. Daryl didn’t wan’t to tell Merle that he was bringing you back to the prison, because he wouldn’t hear the end of it. Merle would find out soon enough and he wanted to delay that as long as possible.


You were only walking for five minutes when you fell into step next to Daryl. You needed to speak to him before things went any further. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” You said grabbing Daryl’s hand. I shouldn’t have treated you like that.. It wasn’t all your fault. I understand why you left.” You admitted to him. “Mm sorry too, I was an asshole.” He said making you chuckle a little and nod your head in agreement. You cupped his face and brought him down for a kiss. “I’ll follow you anywhere, Daryl Dixon.” You whispered against his lips. “Alright enough! Fuckin’ matin’ goin’ on here.” Merle grumbled, rushing ahead. You rolled your and kissed Daryl again, thankful that you were able to clear the air. Even if you did go back to the prison, you knew you wouldn’t be the same without him there with you.


“We can’t just leave ‘em like that.” Daryl said to Merle. There was a family stuck in a car, with walkers surrounding it. “They gotta learn the hard way, it’s every man for himself nowadays.” Merle stated matter of factly. “You’re such a coward.” You told Merle and took off towards the family in need, with Daryl following closely behind you. You quickly took your knife out of its sheath and killed two walkers that were about to a grab a man. Daryl shot the rest with his crossbow, while Merle just stood there and watched. Daryl went towards the front of the car and saw a woman holding a little baby who was crying. “Yer gonna be alrigh’.” Daryl told them, nodding his head.

Daryl turned around when he heard yelling coming from the two men. He then noticed Merle trying to take some things out of their car. “Leave it.” Daryl said sternly to Merle. “They were bein’ rude they owe us, we just saved their lives.” Merle said rolling his eyes. “They don’t owe us nothin’.” Daryl seethed raising his crossbow and pointing it at Merle. “Get out of here.” Daryl told them and the men rushed into the car, immediately driving off. “The shit you doin’, pointin’ that thing at me?” Merle asked and Daryl slowly lowered his crossbow. “You helpin’ people out of the goodness of yer heart now? Is that somethin’ Sheriff Rick taught ya hm? ” Merle asked. “There was a baby!” Daryl yelled at him. “Oh, otherwise you would have left them to the biters, then?” Merle asked. “Man, I went back for ya! You weren’t there. I didn’t cut of yer hand neither. You did that. Way before they locked you up on that roof. Ya asked for it.” Daryl said pointing his finger at him.

“Ya know what’s funny to me? I bet you didn’t tell all your new friends that we were gonna rob that camp blind.” Merle said, making your eyes widen. What? “It didn’t happen!” Daryl defended himself. “Yeah, it didn’t. ‘Cause I wasn’t there to help ya!” Merle retaliated. “What, like when we were kids huh!? Who left who then?” Daryl shouted. “What?! Is that why I lost my hand?” Merle asked. “You lost yer hand ‘cause yer a simple-minded piece of shit!” Daryl yelled turning around and walking away from his brother. Merle grabbed the back of Daryl’s shirt ripping it off his back.

“Please stop!” You shouted at him, but he wasn’t going to listen to you. Merle tore Daryl’s shirt and his expression immediately changed to a horrified look. He saw the scars that littered Daryl’s back from years of childhood abuse. “I.. I didn’t know he was..” Merle began to say. “Yeah, ya did.” Daryl said, trying hastily to cover up his back with his backpack. “He did the same to you. That’s why ya left first.” Daryl muttered. “I can’t go with you, I.. damn near killed that Chinese kid.” Merle said. “He’s Korean.” Daryl stated. “Whatever. It doesn’t matter man I just can’t go with ya. “I might be the one walking away, but yer the one who’s leavin.’ Again.” Daryl said looking Merle in the eye.

Daryl took your hand in his. “We’re goin’ home.”

Hi guys! This will be the last part of the short series. Thank you for all the feedback! Please comment and let me know if you’d like more stories like this. xoxo


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Thinking about Draco those first few weeks back gives me feels

Every August Draco get a little excited about the possibility of running into Granger in Diagon Alley. Him spending hours on end waiting for her in Florish and Blots just to possibly run into her accidentally on purpose. Getting excited to see what she wears on the train because she puts in a little more effort each year. Him smiling the first time he sees her hand shoot up in class again. Secretly checking out how much better she fills out the uniform. Catching her reading in positions that look wildly uncomfortable all over the castle (mostly the library) and having to hold back his smile. Blaise’s annual “so Granger looks good this year” comment that sets Draco into a jealous fit and Blaise into a laughing fit. Scheduling his Hogsmead trip so he can see her the most. Making sure he’s at the Three Broomsticks when she is because every time she licks the butterbeer foam of her lip and he can’t miss it. Draco falling for her all over again each fall. Yeah all the feels..



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Casting reasoning:

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Hero Gone Wrong

Summary: Flirting with 40s!Bucky goes wrong when a drunk soldier thinks he’s doing the right thing…

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mention of alcohol, swearing

A/N: First time writing! Send requests or let me know if you’d like more.

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“Kitty you know how much I hate going out..” I said as the smell of old wood and bourbon filled my senses.

“Oh come on Y/N don’t be so stuck up! Don’t you wanna see all the soldiers in their uniforms before they’re shipped off?”

“I guess…” I trailed off looking down at my painted nails. Kitty scoffed and flipped her hair; turning around, she went off to find a man to attach to. She always liked to do this; drag me out to a bar all dolled up and find a soldier before they would be sent out. She thought since they would leave the next day it wouldn’t ruin her reputation.

The poor boys she was targeting tonight were those of the 107th. I could see one guy already wrapping his arm around her as she smiled at him with red painted lips.

With a sigh I brought myself over to the bar, asking the bartender for the strongest drink he could give me.

“What’s a pretty dame like you doing in a bar like this?” A smooth voice said. Turning to my right I made contact with the clearest blue eyes. The voice belonged to a soldier with dark hair and a charming smile.

“My friend brought me here. She’s more social than me I’m afraid.” I said nodding over to Kitty who had a crowd around her.

Mystery man scoffed lightly before answering, “Doesn’t seem like much of a friend to me. Seems more like she ditched you.”

I awkwardly nodded and sipped at my drink. He seemed to notice my discomfort and introduced himself.

“My names James Barnes by the way but, you can call me Bucky,” He said with a wink.

I blushed, “Y/N L/N.”

“Y/N… hmm pretty name for a pretty girl. I like it.”

“Thank you, so are you boys leaving tomorrow?”

“Yes unfortunately, if I had met you earlier I wouldn’t be leaving.”

I could practically feel my cheeks burning as I blushed yet again. I sent him a shy smile as I looked down at my glass. When I looked back up he still had the most charming smirk on his lips.

“Tell me Y/N, have you ever kissed a soldier?” He whispered.

I hadn’t noticed how close our faces were until I felt his breath on my lips. Before our lips could touch, Bucky was suddenly pulled away.

“Alright Barnes stop harassing the dame, I’m sure she doesn’t want your lips all over her. I’m sorry about that honey, just can’t seem to control this one.”

The man who rudely interrupted our moment seemed to be one of his commanding officers. He also seemed to think he did me a favor by butting in.
He was now leaning against the bar in between Bucky and I.

“Now don’t you think your hero deserves the kiss? Unlike this Brooklyn low life?” He said, already leaning in. As he got closer I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

I closed my eyes shut, preparing for the disgusting impact but it never came. I opened my eyes to see Bucky standing over the unconscious officer with his fists clenched. When he saw me looking he ran his fingers through his hair and sat back down on the bar stool.

“Sorry about him doll. Some men just have no respect.”

I giggled lightly, “Well I think this makes you my real hero.”

“Oh well then how bout that kiss?”

Low self esteem is a bitch...

You finally get a good looking guy that’s into you and then the questions and doubt fill your head.

Does he really like me and why?

He’s dated people so much better looking than me, why me?

How could he think I’m attractive when I don’t think I’m attractive?

Will he cheat on me?

Is he playing games with my heart?

Could I make him happy?

I should probably just end this before it gets too deep.

*sigh* the shit that I put myself through…

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The reaction pic of adam, vic and Bernice could be them cheering Robert drinking from the welly!!! kinda looks like ittt!! AHH!


I can’t breathe he’s gonna be fully accepted into the dingle family?? oh my god??????

imagine if they change their names to dingle-sugden and rob does the whole drinking out the welly thing, and then liv just pipes up saying how she wants to change her name to that too and everyone is shocked into silence cos rob and aaron are filled with so much happiness and pride for their little fam and rob goes “well if I had to drink out of a welly, you’re doing it too” and so she just immediately downs a welly full of orange juice

“Does it hurt, knowing that he doesn’t feel the same?”

“Like hell. Do you wanna know what unrequited love feels like?” she asks, then goes on without waiting for an answer.
“It’s looking into his beautiful icy blue eyes right as the sun hits them and watching them melt into oceans that you know you’ll never be able to see up close. It’s brushing your arm against his on accident and feeling chills run down your body as he feels nothing. It’s feeling something you can’t explain every time you see him, as he’s not even giving you a second glance.”

“But the worst part?” she chokes out, tears filling her throat.
“It’s knowing that no matter how much you wanted him, he chose her, he chose her, he chose her.”

—  Excerpts of a book I’ll never write

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Could you do one where anthony watches jas perform at the superbowl and hes super proud and amazed + just fluff

hope this is okay :)

Anthony stands on the sidelines in Houston as Jasmine waits to walk out to sing with the other girls, feeling like his crazy weekend of travel was more than worth it. Leaving Chicago to be with her and support her in the blink of an eye had just seemed like the right thing to do more than anything, realizing how much it meant to Jasmine that he was there as well.

She leaves him with one last good luck kiss before she walks out with the girls, Anthony filming everything for the memories. He can’t help but be filled with pride at how she looks and how she’s going to kill it, shoving his phone in his pocket when they begin singing, wanting to take it all in and just remember the moment forever.

The cheers in the stadium as they finish are deafening, the smile on Anthony’s face unable to wipe the smile off of it. She walks back over to him and falls into his arms, leaning up to kiss him a few times.

“You killed it, baby girl. Damn, I could stand here and watch you sing that forever!” He smiles as they walk off the field to go up to the suite and watch the game, Jasmine giggling as she falls into his side. “I never thought that I would be watching you kill it at the Super Bowl!” He exclaims, Jasmine laughing.

“I’m really glad you were here. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through it without you,” She confesses as they stand in the elevator waiting to go upstairs, almost as if no one else was with them. Anthony brings her forward to leave a kiss against her forehead, lacing their fingers together as they walk down the hall.

“I am so proud of you, baby. You could’ve done that without me here. You know you could’ve,” He smiles, leading her into the suite where they would be watching the game. “I don’t think you realize how proud I am of you. You just killed it in front of millions of people.” Jasmine feels like she’s blushing permanently, kissing him again as a thank you for supporting her.

She finds herself on his lap under an hour later, the two of them watching the game together as Anthony still felt pride for what Jasmine had done. The memories he had taken would last a lifetime, and as he sits there with the love of his life on his lap and the two of them taking in every moment, he knows that he could never be prouder of her for killing it pregame if he tried.

It made all the travel and lack of sleep totally worth it to him, Jasmine reminding him multiple times how grateful she was that he had found a way to make it all work, needing his constant love and support there more than anything else.

And in the end, that’s all that really matters to either of them.

fun facts about henry


  • When Henry first started working for the Chicago Tribune, and when his articles first got published in the newspaper, Henry would point it out all excited to Nancy, like “HEYYY LOOK AT THISSSS LOOOOOOOOK AT THIS AIN’T THIS JUST NEAT LOOK LOOK IT’S ME I WROTE THAT!!”
  • Henry’s final seconds were filled with probably some of the strongest feelings of fear, sadness, and guilt you could ever imagine. He was so afraid of dying because of how much he loved life. Instead of h is initial reaction being disgust directed at Nancy for killing him, it was guilt in himself for trying to abandon Nancy like that in the first place. Of course, he didn’t have much time to think about it before passing on, but the little time he had left was filled with very, very, very strong emotions. Just wanna remind you guys of that.
  • Henry’s a rather clumsy person, and his workspace is pretty messy and covered with papers of all sorts
  • He probably accidentally stapled his finger at one point. 
  • He can’t tie his own tie. Nancy has to do that for him.
  • He DOES know how to tie his own shoes though. He can do that.
  • As a child, henry would take apart small appliances like clocks, radios, and lamps to see what was inside them. he was too young to know the general idea of how electronics worked, and he thought they ran on magic. 
  • Similarly, when he first heard of Nancy’s synesthesia, he thought she had magical powers. Since Nancy didn’t know what she  had was synesthesia, she played along and thought she was magical as well. Later on in the relationship, once it started to get bit closer than “just friends”, even though they knew she didn’t have magical powers, Henry would still describe her as “magical” to compliment her. 
  • Nancy and Henry probably carved their  names into a tree at some point
  • They’re QPPS (queer platonic partners), meaning their relationship is somewhere between best friends and romantic-asexual partners. Kinda like the love you feel for your pet. You LOVE your pet but you wouldn’t wanna date your pet, y’know? 
  • Frances was very strongly atheist, but Henry is more agnostic since he has a lot more hope in the universe and a more imaginative mind than his mom does. Nancy’s family was Catholic, but she, too, leaned more towards the agnostic side, because listening to church sermons produced some really boring and disgusting colors, so religion was always a drag for  her.
  • Henry had one close friend at work; the coworker quoted in the newspaper article from “HOUSEWIFE RADIO”’s description. Henry is the type who, when around strangers, is rather shy and timid, but around his friend (and Nancy) he’s goofy as hell.
  • Henry liked rock and roll and would jokingly sing popular love songs around Nancy - it was slightly out of key, though. He wasn’t the best at singing. 
  • Henry got in the habit of wearing shoes inside because of how dark it was kept in Frances’ home, and because of how Henry would accidentally step on objects (sometimes even dangerous, sharp things) when living there. Because Nancy grew up in a family that didn’t want people to leave their shoes on in the house, she was kind of annoyed that Henry didn’t wanna take his shoes off when they moved in together. Especially ‘cause she’s gotta clean the floor n shit like what the FUck henry