look how messed up the lab is gosh

PLL 6X06 - my brief thoughts...
  • SMART & DUMB = Spencer (the smart one) is jumping to conclusions again. Hanna (the dumb one) is actually really intuitive. Making Spencer eternally frustrating & suspicious and Hanna my fave.
  • RELATIONSHIPS = It feels like they are trying to jamb in some love stories but they don’t really have time for it. Like Dean all of a sudden being attracted to Spencer is probably just away to write him back out of the show again, cause he is no longer needed cause Spencer’s little drug fling is over already. AND Emily & Sara ARGGHHH Come on how lame… Wouldn’t it be better if she is bad and Emily is falling for a trap. It would be heartbreaking but it would be a better twist. I also feel like it will be the same story between Ezra and Nicole. All these quick flings are just distractions that waste time which would be better spent giving clues about -A The only romance worth while this episode was Haleb - shucks, I’m not a shipper but they are so enjoyable to watch, they represent what a teenage relationship whould be IMO.
  • SARA = What was that bull crap about being hit by a car, which conveniently looked like Leslies? GOSH AGAIN - I really hope she is a baddie!
  • MONA = Did Mona follow the girls to the lab or did she know where they were because she was tracking their chips? I love how mysterious her character is, but it is messing with my head cause I can’t figure her out. I really hope she ends up being the hero for the girls and not -A team.
  • CHARLES = So apparently he escaped Radley that night too, I guess this is what that phone call Mrs D had was about! It is importnt to note that Leslie only heard his name and didn’t actually meet him. Meanwhile Kenneth was trying everyone that worked there for clues and none of them would talk. Charles must have some serious dirt on all of them.
  • ENDING SCENE = If Charles want’s to kill Kenneth then why didn’t he do it there and then. Also if Charles is going to kill kenneth in revenge then why is he tormenting the girls and not just killing them. Something about this seems mismatched.