look how manly

“I hope the human likes this puzzle! I worked so hard on it!”
“I’m sure they will bro.”

I drew this a little bit ago and had forgotten to post it with my move going on and all. We’ve also been pretty slow here lately, so here you go! Skelebros! Aren’t they just adorable?

I have some mini-comics that answer an ask we got a bit ago coming out for RB soon! They are almost done and I hope you guys like it. It’s just coming along slowly due to life currently. Thank you for your patience~

I wish we could push comics out faster but we don’t draw super fast sadly. And we’ve tried doing less detailed or colorless comics but we can never seem to be happy with them. We gotta make them all pretty and detailed and it takes longer because of that. I swear we need clones!

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Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto [2016.07]
└ #SummerDatingGoals (2/?) ♥

I think the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, was a comment about how girls shouldn’t have short hair because it makes them look manly, and how any girl who cuts her hair wants to be a man.

Why are we gendering hair? Why are sooo many people coming for my natural women of color with short styles? Why should any of us (gay, straight or otherwise), be made to feel less than because we don’t fit conventional beauty standards??? HAIR. IS. JUST. HAIR.

To all of my ladies rocking short styles:

Your hair length does not determine how much of a woman you are
You are beautiful
You are courageous
You are EXACTLY. What. The. World. Needs.

jeongguk's google search history

— white t shirts

— white oversized t shirts

— shirts

— just white shirts

— timberlands for a decent price

— girl wearing timberlands wallpaper

— how to get your best friend to stop acting gay

— jikook

— how to stop jikook from being real because jimin just omg pls google i’m so desperate

— how to look manly when you’re just a cinnamon roll

— how to become a polygot and basically do everything else to make you golden

— exercise workouts for the arms

— exercise workouts for the stomach

— workouts

— jeon jungkook wikipedia

— how to avoid park jimin

— restrainingorders.com

— is taehyung’s ideal type me (jeongguk)?

— g-dragon tumblr

— g-dragon abs

— g-dragon smiling

— g-dragon cute

— big bang

— cute puppy videos

— g-dragon updates

stop forcing your “straight manly male” standards on sungjong, stop trying to prove how “manly” he is, start encouraging him and telling him it’s okay to be himself, that its okay to be the happy kid he used to be, that he can be whatever he wants to be and that you’ll be here for him

Exo Reaction to you be taller/same height as them when you wear heels

Xiumin-“WOOOW! Your so tall!”

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Luhan-“I’m sorry to say this baobei, but I burned all of your high heels. I need to look manly”

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Kris-“How tall are you………………..”

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Suho-“So tall…… time to buy insoles

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Lay- “You look pretty and tall baobei!”

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Chen-* He is totally not thinking of inappropriate thought right now* Yes he is

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Baekhyun-Y/N- “Baekkie! Where are my heels?”

“Ummm… I sort of…..maybe…..broke them all”

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Chanyeol-“When did u get so tall?”

“I’m wearing Heels you idiot”

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D.O-‘Well then"

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Tao"I’ll give you candy if you don’t wear heels!“

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Kai-"I already tried so hard to be tall!”

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Sehun-“Lets stay home today”

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exo reaction to there gf being the same height or taller than them in heels?



  • Kyungsoo: Kim Jongin is not for you,
  • Kyungsoo: In case you do not have a clue.
  • Baekhyun: 'Kkaebsong' is my favorite phrase,
  • Baekhyun: It's as cute as my puppy face.
  • Chanyeol: I may be tall, clumsy and silly,
  • Chanyeol: But my voice is going to drive you crazy.
  • Luhan: I do not look like a baby!
  • Luhan: Look how manly I... well, I guess, maybe...
  • Sehun: Luhan-hyung is my all time favorite,
  • Sehun: I like my bubble tea in sweet, creamy chocolate.
  • Minseok: I am a baozi and I'm very tiny,
  • Minseok: Despite that fact, I'm still pretty sexy.
  • Joonmyeon: I have someone that I really miss,
  • Joonmyeon: It's my ex-husband, his name is Kris.
  • Yixing: Haha what
  • Yixing: I like weed and I smoke weed,
  • Yixing: Don't touch my weed or I'll make you bleed.
  • Yixing: ?????Did I do it right???

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anon from last night: yes i definitely would read that and im betting a lot of other people would. like i absolutely adore how luhan looks like ~pretty~ but combats that by the personality he has and proof would be so much fun to read/view ok

aight i hope you enjoy this… also let me tag tumblr user dawnlus here bc this is my revenge since i can’t send gifs in asks, i hope you enjoy this snezhi :-) i can be a great friend too :-) see :-)

warning: long post full of luhan’s manliness, maybe yall start believing me now when i agree with luhan, he is manly ok!!! not only his appearance but also his personality and eksjnfdskjng ok under the cut

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