look how long their hands linger on one another

Honestly though, my ideal romantic drama idea would be lupita and oscar isaac as Recently Married Royals, and boyega as their thinly veiled sir lancelot recently hired director of security

because then you could get lupita and john boyega looking at one another with all that frustrated passion and touching each other’s trembling hands and “I want—” and “We can’t” whispered and lots of rich draping and shadows falling on their faces

and then you also get oscar isaac doing his best Anguished Longing with unshed tears in his eyes and frustrated attempts to win queen lupita’s affection despite the inability to figure how and lingering shots of him sitting alone and hunched over in the midst of terribly beautiful staged rooms

there is a lot of exquisite crying and eiko ishioka does the costume design and I die, repeatedly, watching it