look how he sidles past her


“And here we are, my princess.”

Was the nickname worth the jab in the chest when it made her smile like that? It was absolutely worth the jab in the chest when it made her smile like that.

“Fla—… flatterer,” Ladybug-cum-Marinette yawned as she left his arms and touched down next to the back entrance to their school. “Careful with that mouth of yours. It’s gonna get you in trouble one day.”

“I’ll be careful,” said Chat, much more awake than his partner, who’d just spent the last twelve hours in a self-sustaining time loop. “Only for you, ma belle.”

She rolled her eyes, a fond smile playing around the corners of her mouth, but the sound of skidding footsteps cut off her retort, and they both looked up to find…


The journalist blinked first at Marinette, who, now that he thought about it, looked rather suspiciously tired and sweaty, then at Chat, who was also tired and sweaty, though for much weaker reasons.

Alya’s mouth formed a perfect ‘O’.

Chat could see the cogs click into place. He wondered if it was too late to go back to fighting Timebreaker.

“A-A-Alya?” Marinette asked, interrupting the staring contest as the name falling on the tail end of another yawn. “What are you doing back here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” said the far more alert of the two, and Chat wondered if he should intervene somehow, or if he’d just make it worse.

“Mnnh,” said Marinette, stretching distractingly out of the corner of his eye. “Chat was just… dropping me off.”

Alya’s eyes almost glowed.

Did he save Marinette from their friend’s reporter tendencies and risk giving her the scoop himself, or just leave well enough alone and trust their friend to not pick up the scandal they were almost laying out for her?

“That was nice of him,” said Alya, faux casual as she sidled past him to grab Marinette by the elbow, squinting suspiciously at him as she did so. “How do you know him?”

“Oh,” said Marinette, laughing. “We’re—”

Chat raised his eyebrows at her from behind his mask.

Marinette’s smile froze on her face. “Th-that is, we, um. We just met! Ahaha! He saw me walking here and offered to give me a ride! Nothing like… well. Um. I’ll stop talking now.”

Alya looked from her exhausted mess of a best friend to the exhausted mess of a suspected supervillain, and said, “I… see.”

…Well, it could be worse, mused Chat, slowly dropping his face into his waiting hand so he could press the heel of his palm to his forehead. It could have been raining, too.

Right on cue, thunder rumbled in the distance, a dramatic threat for what would most likely be a quick summer shower.

…Fuck his life.

Fiona remembers a New Year’s Eve party held at her house when she was 13, during which a boy who had flirted with her older sister in the past sidled up to her. He told her how nice she looked in her dress, then let his hand wander down her spine, resting it on her backside. They talked, then sat on a piano bench, and he told her, “You know, I used to think your sister was the pretty one and you were the smart one – but now you’re the pretty one.

Fiona pushed him to the ground.

I got so pissed off,” she explains, making small fists, still angered. “Like, I’m not smart now?” She sighs. “I was so happy for just a brief moment to be an attractive person, but all of a sudden it was like I had to sacrifice everything else that I had been and everything else I was, to be that person. And I hated that that’s the way people look at it.
~ Interview Alternative Press - Oct ‘97 by Randee Dawn

anonymous asked:

Your RobStar fluff is so adorable! Do you think you could write more? Thank you :)

Even Robin would admit he looked rather stupid cooking breakfast this morning. His hair was wrapped tightly in a handkerchief as goggles surrounded his eyes as a surgical mask saved his mouth from the noxious fumes that filed the entirety of the small kitchen. His eyes watered a little, but he pressed forward, flipping the garlic and brown sugar pancake with a bit of a flourish as he added another dash of a cayenne and curry powder mixture he made especially himself.

“It smells awful, Robin.”

Robin turned to look at Cyborg standing in the doorway, holding his nose and glaring at his leader. He just shrugged and piled a stack of the disgusting, overcooked pancakes onto a plate. He slathered them in mustard, and placed the pan into the sink. 

“It’s what she wants.” He sidled past Cyborg and grinned beneath his mask, knowing Cyborg couldn’t see his smile. “I’m just fulfilling her wishes.” As he left the kitchen, he could hear Cyborg muttering ‘whipped’ under his breath. Robin just shrugged and continued walking back to his room, there wasn’t a whole lot that could bring him down… not today anyway.

As he opened the door, Starfire looked up from the book resting in her lap. Her eyes widened as her arms outstretched for the bizarre concoction piled high on the plate. Robin smiled and handed it to her, kissing her cheek. 

“And how are my two favorite girls this morning?”

Starfire just smiled between mouthfuls of her pancakes and placed a hand on her slightly swollen belly, her entire body practically glowing with delight.

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Bones letting Jim and Spock meet Joanna for the first time. Jim is sure hes gonna be her absolute favorite uncle but she latches onto Spock instead. Bones is bewildered. Jim prepares to up his uncle game.

“Now darlin’, before we go in there I gotta explain a few things.” Leonard was kneeling in front of his daughter, preparing her to meet his two dearest friends. Not that he was about to say that out loud. To anyone. Ever.

The San Francisco streets were bustling with activity on the busy Friday afternoon. This week the Enterprise was docked for its annual repairs, freeing up the officers for a good long shore leave. It had taken every trick in the book to persuade Jocelyn to put Joanna on a plane and spend the vacation with her father. Fortunately, Jim had gotten a place in the city a while back so that he could be closer to the Fleet headquarters so they had a place to stay. And it was in front of that very apartment that Leonard and Joanna were having this conference.

“The blonde one is an idiot. He acts smart, but don’t be fooled. If he could, he’d feed you cookies for breakfast and cake for dinner. He’ll make a great playmate for you, he’s a piss poor excuse for an adult. Between you and him, you’re the mature one. You remember that. Out there he’s in charge, but while we’re here you still follow daddy’s rules, you got that?” When Joanna giggles it melts Leonard’s heart into a molten pool of endless affection. She nods and holds out a pinky in a silent promise. “That’s good. That’s my good girl.” He can’t help but pause to brush her long brunette hair back over her ears.

“Now the tall sickly lookin’ one, his ears are not for pullin’ on, so you keep those pretty little hands to yourself. I know you’re not used to seein’ all of these different kinds of aliens back home, but he’s not that different from us. He takes everything literally so he might not understand what you mean sometimes, and that’s okay. Chances are he’ll question every move you make, but he’s a very logical kind of guy so you’ll just have to let him. Oh, one more thing. He doesn’t like to be touched so you make sure you steer clear of his hands. You got all that, firefly?” Leonard beams with pride when his little girl nods.

“Yes daddy, I got it. I ain’t a baby nomore, I can play nice with the big boys.” How she can look sweet and positively mischievous at the same time is beyond Leonard. Must have gotten that from Jocelyn.  

Leonard knocked on the door as he shuffled the duffel bags on his shoulder to a more comfortable position. Jim answered it and he was radiating excitement and warmth. He sank down to his knees to address her face to face. “Hey there Jojo! Come on in, kiddo. Your daddy has been telling us all about you. We were so eager to meet you.”

The small girl sidles past Jim and ambles into the middle of the living room. “Couple things,” she starts, and Leonard knows the poor guy is about to get reamed by a six year old. “I ain’t no kid. I’m a big girl! I’ll have you know I’m in the first grade! And only my parents can call me Jojo. You call me Joanna.”

“I see the resemblance,” Spock perks up from his spot on the couch. He’s grinning with his eyes, loving the way the tiny human just put the high and mighty fully grown Starship captain in his place. “Quite the first impression, Jim.”

Leonard is outright cackling in the doorway. Whatever words he’s trying to get out dies on his lips with the force of his laughter.

Joanna sets her sights on Spock and walks over to him with her small hands clasped behind her back. “I like your ears. You look like the fairies in my storybooks.”

Spock raises a curious brow and considers the comparison. “I suppose my race does bear a striking resemblance to your mythical Terran creatures.” Leonard isn’t sure what surprises him more; that Spock agreed to the assessment or that his daughter has taken an immediate liking to the guy that makes his blood boil. Jim must be having a similar inner monologue because he’s downright gaping at the pair.

Joanna’s smile lights up the room. She hauls herself right up onto Spock’s lap and the Vulcan looks like he’s about ready to piss himself at the contact. Leonard breaks into another fit of laughter. “Don’t look so petrified, hobgoblin.”

“Yeah, daddy already said I’m not s’posed to touch. I’ll be good,” she promises, folding her hands in her lap as a sign of good will. Spock relaxes slightly and tries to ignore the way Jim is glaring at him for stealing his thunder. “Uncle Spock, will you tell me a story about your planet?”  

“Very well. I suppose I—“

Jim interjects before Spock can even get started. “Hey Joanna, I picked up some sweets for you. I thought you might like some goodies after the long shuttle over here. What do you say to sharing some with me?” Leonard is welling up with pride and love for his little girl as she frowns, looking just like him.

“No thank you. Sweets rot your teeth and daddy says I need to take care of my pretty smile.” Jim drops his shoulders and huffs in defeat. Joanna turns away from him and looks up at Spock with interest, encouraging him to continue. He starts off on a long winded explanation of arbitrary things like his pet sehlat, Vulcan schooling, and his mother’s cooking.

Leonard edges up to Jim’s side and slaps a hand on his shoulder, making him frown impossibly harder. “You tried, Jimboy. Who’d’ve guessed she’d like Spock more than you? I don’t much understand it either. Why don’t you make yourself useful and come help me unpack this stuff? Unless you’d rather sit here and listen to the hobgoblin drone on.” Jim concedes and grabs the bags, carrying them down the guest room at the end of the hallway. They take their time unpacking their clothes and belongings. When the pair return to the living room, Joanna is resting heavily on Spock’s chest. The soothing sound of his voice lulled her right to sleep.

Spock is looking down at her with an expression akin to affection on his face. When Leonard makes a move to pick her up, Spock stops him. “It is quite all right. She has an affinity for my higher body temperature. I assure you, she is rather comfortable. There is a high probability that she will wake if moved.” Leonard finds he can’t argue with that logic.

Jim is watching them from the hallway, slowly being consumed by jealousy.   

Notes on a Scandal (1/1)

AN:  Commissioned fic for kacymyth!  1,000 words, Belle is a high school student that gets pregnant–and everyone wants to know who the father is.  Thank you, Kacy!

The rumors about Belle French’s pregnancy had begun to swarm throughout the halls of Storybrooke High.  It was perhaps the hottest piece of gossip the students had heard lately—that the shy, bookish, librarian’s assistant had somehow gotten herself knocked up.  Had her belly not begun to swell, had the school nurse (who was known for bearing a striking resemblance to Nurse Ratchet) not squealed her news to the Principal Mills after Belle had shown her a prescription for prenatal vitamins—no one would’ve believed it.

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