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IS Daehyun V?

Well it’s possibly still too early to tell, but here are some hints we already have.

These are the solo teasers we have so far and already I spot some differences. Notice how Jongup is holding his rose, Daehyun, on the other hand has his rose in a vase beside him. In V for Vendetta, V placed a red rose on the chest of those he killed to commemorate their death. Jongup holding his rose could mean that he is killed by V. There is also a difference in background. Jongup is in some sort of alley, Dae is inside of a house…..one that looks sort of familiar.

The gray colored wall paper looks quite similar to the one behind Daehyun, perhaps this is his house? Daehyun’s picture is also cropped a bit, there’s a lamp peaking in the side of his photo but you can’t see it because of the cropping.

Daehyun was kind enough to post the uncropped image on his instagram! As you can see the lamp in his photo is also similar to the lamp in the puzzle, and what’s that? Is that a mask? Well it seems as though the V for Vendetta theme is indeed confirmed, but is Daehyun V? I believe so, but we’ll see what other teasers might tell us.

In loving memory of Kim Seokjin. He ain’t dead, y’all just keep sleeping on him.

i’ll never forget when a woman on bill maher’s show (i think it was mona eltahawy or gloria) that mentioned how in islam the financier of the spreading of islam was actually Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) wife hazrat Khadija (AS). and maher looked to the audience and he was like 

“ohhhh really??? well i’ll just have to confirm that myself” looking to the audience who was laughing with him with an expression like “yeah right that’s true!! as if islam!! could do that!!” 

and like. it was so embarrassing for me to watch because maher, alongside his audience of young white “enlightened” men were so CONFIDENT that such a simple and basic and Level 1 fact that basically everyone knows to be true couldn’t ever exist. 

and that’s bill maher’s audience in a nutshell: people who have this huge, ugly, total superiority complex about social issues but are 100% uninformed about anything they say. 

Like basically anyone who knows even a smidge about islam knows it was the Prophet’s wife who first propagated the religion and that she was an incredibly successful and independent business woman. but bill maher, who white atheists look to as a source LMAO, isn’t even aware of this kindergarten level fact. 

this man knows nothing. is an expert on nothing. he is simply a balding racist transphobic sexist pro-israel subpar comedian who simply says he’s “pro social justice” but actually has no clue. that’s all it is lmao. 

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just discovered your writing and it's so inspiring oml. may I make a request please? s/o trying to take care of Iggy since poor guy's always taking care of everyone else? sweetpea needs a day off ;;

“Ignis,” you glared at him, your expression stern. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Ignis popped his head out from the depths of your fridge. He looked confused. “Trying to find something so I can cook us dinner?” He replied, as if he was answering a trick question. You sighed and walked over to him, closing the fridge door.

“Love, how many times have I told you, you don’t have to cook for me every day?” You took his hands in yours and looked up at him with a pout. “You always take care of everyone else before yourself. Let me help out once in a while.”

Ignis blinked slowly. “But if I don’t cook, we might starve.”

You let go of his hands and smacked him playfully on the arm. “Give me a little credit. I can cook.”

He blinked again. Slower, this time.

You folded your arms across your chest. “I am very good at calling other restaurants for takeout.”

Ignis chuckled at that. “That is a talent that you do possess, I cannot take that away from you.”

You laughed and looped your arms around his neck, his coming up to gently rest on your waist. “It’s okay to take a break every once in a while, you know? Why don’t you come relax on the couch with me and I’ll order your favourite dinner.”

He pondered for a moment. “I can’t argue, can I?”

“Nope, you agreed, tugging him over to the couch. He sat down beside you as you dialled the number and spoke to the restaurant over the phone. As soon as you placed the order, you hung up and tapped his shoulder, motioning for him to turn his back to you.

You placed your hands along his trapezius muscles and worked your thumbs in small circles, massaging out the knots that had built up. Ignis groaned and his head hung low, savouring the feeling of your hands on his aching body. Your fingers kept moving, rubbing lower against the planes of his back, the large expanse of muscle relaxing under your ministrations.

“Darling, that feels amazing,” Ignis sighed, rolling his shoulders back momentarily as you worked your way a little lower. When your hands dipped to the dimples at his waistline, he turned his head slightly. “I wasn’t aware that this was the type of massage you wanted to engage.”

You shrugged innocently, moving back up to his shoulders. “I admit nothing.”

His shoulders shook gently with his laugh, and you leaned forward to press a kiss to the base of his neck. You took a second to lean against him, exhaling and feeling his sensitive skin pebble under the warmth of your breath.

“I love you,” you told him, rubbing his arms through his dress shirt. “But sometimes I wish you’d remember to put yourself first sometimes. Even before me.” He tried to turn to protest, but you kept him firmly in place. “You are the most selfless person I have ever met. And it is so admirable and you are so, so kind. But sometimes you just have to be reminded to take care of yourself. And I’m not always with you on the road to remind you that sometimes you need to rest.”

He was silent for a moment, and you let him turn to face you. His eyes searched yours, and saw how concerned you were for him. He’d come home so many times on the brink of passing out from exhaustion, and saw how his brow furrowed when he had to help yet another person with a menial task. It broke your heart when you’d see him in his study with his hands clasped together, with his forehead resting on them, too tired and too stressed to want to talk about how he was feeling.

Ignis’ lips on yours broke you out of your reverie. Your eyes fluttered shut and he deepened the kiss, his thumb grazing your jawline as he cradled your head, his other hand guiding you into his lap. His tongue caressed yours slowly, and you were glad that you were sitting down because you were positive that had you been standing, your knees would have buckled.

He poured all his love and devotion into the kiss, and you whimpered against his lips slightly as he held you flush against him.

When he finally pulled away, he was trying to catch his breath, his lips just barely touching yours. “As my first act of selfishness,” he said, a small grin tugging at the corners of his mouth, “I intend to take you over and over on every surface of this apartment until you beg me to stop.”

You let out a breathy laugh, already feeling yourself getting warm under his touch. You were about to respond when your buzzer went off, and you nearly jumped out of his lap.

“That must be dinner,” you grumbled. “Perfect timing.”

“It’s alright,” he shrugged, and then winked at you. “I’ve already decided what I want for dessert.”

One Sided Tickle fight

summary: Nursey and Dex being dorks. Nursey finds Dex feeling bad, and he tries to cheer him up a little. Maybe a little ooc but I don’t have a beta reader to check it out for me and I just felt like writing this. 

 Nursey was not good at noticing when people around him were feeling sad or annoyed. Anger was easier to notice and to react to; yelling, gripped hands, wide eyes were easy to identify. Eyes that looked away, hands that hid themselves in pockets, a posture that leaned downwards were vague. They could mean anxiety, sadness, distress, exhaustion, grogginess. This is what Nursey tells himself when he walks into the attic in his third year and sees Dex sitting on the floor eating valentines clearance chocolate two days after valentines ignoring Bitty’s yelling for him to come down stairs for pie.

Dex looks up and rolls his eyes when Nursey walks in. Nursey thinks about how Dex has been avoiding him for the last two days and he feels nervous. He doesn’t know if he did something wrong.

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Submitted by my love @chaos-and-the-calm67 (I know you were excited for this so I hope I did it justice!!)

You knew that look. 

You would know that look just about anywhere. 

That’s the look Jensen always gave you when he would watch you get dressed in the morning. You always felt beautiful under his gaze and you would never get tired of seeing that sparkle in his eye telling you that he meant it. 

However, right now, watching him give that look to the new babysitter broke your heart. You watched from the other side of the kitchen, where he hadn’t noticed you yet, as he looked her up and down the moment she turned to put dinner into the oven. 

How could he do this to you? Was there something going on between the two already and you didn’t know about it? Or was he thinking it? 

When Abbie, the babysitter, turned around and leaned against the granite counter top smiling over at Jensen, you tried not to mess up your makeup. It was date night tonight and there was no way you were going to let this ruin it. You were just going to have to remind Jensen why he married you in the first place. 

You cleared your throat and Abbie immediately retracted and Jensen stood up, walking over to you and wrapping his arms around your waist, “There’s my beautiful wife. You ready for date night?” 

Giving him a tight smile you wiggled your way out of his grasp and headed for the door with him in tow. After you got him out the door and into the truck you said you forgot something inside. He told you to hurry and said he’d wait for you in the truck. 

You took your time walking back up the steps, walked past Abbie and your two year old daughter and into your bedroom to grab something so it didn’t look like you went back inside for nothing. Because what you told Jensen was a lie, you forgot nothing. 

Right as you passed by Abbie again, you stopped and turned to her with a fake smile. “Thank you for coming tonight on such short notice.”

“Oh you’re welcome Y/N, it’s really no problem at all.”

Nodding your head you made your way back towards the front door and went to reach out for the doorknob, “Oh and Abbie!”

She peered her head around the corner, raising her brow thinking you had something important to say, “ Yes ma’am?”

“You’re fired.”

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Siri, imagine Aaron and Robert wanting to be intimate during a visit but being unable to. Someone sees and then Aarons attacked and Robert feels guilty about it. I wont be able to handle it.


oh god no but picture it

Robert gets the phonecall when he’s in a meeting.

He answers it because it’s usually Liv’s school. Chas’ number pops up on the screen and Robert curses inwardly. No matter how much she’s missing her brother, Liv’s acting out is starting to grate on his nerves. Robert doesn’t want to lose his temper, but he doesn’t know what else to do.

“I have to take this,” he says, looking apologetic. The couple he’s trying to schmooze into a contract don’t look best pleased, until he tells them his sister needs him. He slips off to a corner, hitting the answer button. “What is it this time?”

“Robert,” Chas says, her voice wavering, and Robert panics. His fingers tighten around the phone as Chas says, “It’s Aaron.”

Time seems to crawl to a stop, and Robert presses the palm of his hand to his eyes. “What?”

“There’s been a fight, love, and Aaron-”

“I’ll be right home.” Robert hangs up, knows Chas will kill him later, but he can’t think about that now. Thankfully he begs off the meeting, and agrees to meet up the next day, but he’s so distracted he doesn’t really know what he’s said. The trip home seems to take too long, even longer for him to actually push open the door to the pub.

Chas is there, eyes red, her hands clutching her phone. “He’s in hospital.”

“Why didn’t you tell me to meet you there,” Robert says, and then remembers; Aaron’s a prisoner, still, even in hospital. “What’s going to happen?”

“There’s a process,” Chas explains, leading Robert to the sofa. They sit down, Chas taking Robert’s hand. “Jason’s helping, seeing if he can’t help out. I promise we’ll get to see him.”

“Why was he attacked?” Robert asks, the hand on his knee is still shaking, and he clenches it into a fist.

Chas looks down at their linked hands. “Some of his cellmates found out he was gay.”

Robert’s heart skips. “He wouldn’t tell them, and we’re always so-”

Trailing off, Robert remembers his last visit; remembers taking Aaron’s hand, thumb rubbing over the skin of his thumb. It has been a fraction of a second, a blink and you miss it gesture, but someone must have seen.

“This is because of me,” Robert says, eyes wide, panic and guilt warring in his chest. “I took his hand, I was trying to help, but they must have seen.”

“Robert,” Chas says, other hand touching his face. “This isn’t you, love, this could have happened anytime.”

“But it didn’t.” Robert wrenches away from her, paces the length of the sofa. “This happened after my visit, because of what I did. This is my fault.”

Chas looks a step away from crying, her eyes red and wet. “Robert, love, I-”

Robert needs to know if Aaron’s okay, he needs to know if he’s - Robert’s ruined it, he couldn’t even stand not to touch Aaron for months, and now Aaron’s paying for it, will continue to pay for it. “I can’t go and see him again,” he says, quickly, certain. “If I stay away maybe they’ll think we’ve ended it and he’ll be safe.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Chas says, frowning. “Listen to yourself, that’ll hurt Aaron more!”

“No, Chas,” Robert shakes his head. “I’m hurting Aaron. If I stay away, he’ll be fine. Just - I need to know if he’s okay.”

Chas looks like she wants to say something else.

“Please, Chas,” Robert says, sagging a little. He just feels guilty, awful. “Can you let me know if they call back? I can’t do this, I can’t be responsible for this.”

“You’re not, love, I promise.”

“I am, though,” Robert says. “If I hadn’t touched him, they wouldn’t know.”

Chas doesn’t say anything to that, can’t, and Robert feels his stomach drop. He offers her a small smile, hopes it’s enough to persuade her he’ll be okay.

“Thanks,” he mumbles, slipping past her and up the stairs. The bedroom door - his now, not Aaron’s now - looms above him and every step feels like it’s taking forever. Robert’s heart clenches painfully. He doesn’t know how he’ll cope not seeing Aaron for months on end, but he can’t risk it, he can’t be the reason Aaron gets beaten.

He won’t be the reason.

hahaha i‘m fine
BTS Reaction When You Ask Them To Call You Noona

Request: “Can I request a reaction of BTS when you ask them to call you Noona because you’re older even though you don’t look the part? Thank you!”  

Thank you for requesting! I’m a little late with this, but I hope you like it :)


Originally posted by boguming

He’d be really surprised that you were is Noona. I think it would take some time for him to get used to it, but when he finally did he’d be full of questions, like why didn’t you tell him before and how can you look so young.

“Noona please tell me what’s your secret to looking young like that?”


Originally posted by nnochu

He would be confused. He spent all that time thinking he was your Oppa only to find out that you were his Noona. He wouldn’t thibk you were being serious at first so he’d stare at you for a few seconds waiting for you to say you weren’t serious, but that didn’t happen.

“Well, but can you at least still call me Oppa?”


Originally posted by bangthebae

I think he’d just be a little surprised, but wouldn’t have any problems calling you Noona. I think he’d actually like that very much. I think you being his Noona would kinda bust his ego and make him feel way cooler.

“So, Noona wanna come to the studio later?”


Originally posted by chimneytaels

I think he also wouldn’t have problems calling you Noona. But of course he would take some time for him to get used to it. So at first he’e be calling you by your name and then correcting himself the next second.

“Y/N-ah! Oh sorry, Noona!”


Originally posted by yoonmin

He would be very surprised and probably would laugh in embarassement because he called you by your name so many times before thinking you were younger than him, based on your looks.

“Noona! Why didn’t you tell me before?!”


Originally posted by taehanstic-baby

Nope. He wouldn’t accept this fact, he would be stubborn and tell you that because he looks older than you he’s clearly your Oppa. If you insisted he’d pretend he didn’t understand what you said. But after a while you’d be noticing him calling you Noona.

“Y/N Noona, let’s go eat.”


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

Not surprised at all, also would hve no problems clling you Noona, but would still tease you because you looked younger than him.

“Noona? Okay, but I still need to check your ID!”

Can we talk about how sweet and gentle Thomas Hamilton is though…

Like the way he waited for James to lean in to him before he kissed him.

Or how he waited for James to turn and look at him, to meet his gaze before bumping their foreheads together.

Or how he cut himself off from reading to smile when he realises James was looking at him.

Or how even after his father was rude and insulted him and his friends he was the one who broke the silence first and was amused that James had told his father to leave his own house.

Or how apparently he forgave Peter for his betrayal.

Thomas Hamilton is a literal angel and it’s unfair that he had to suffer for the sake of plot.

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How would rung, roddy, Drift, UltraMagnus, and Tfp Bee react to their So putting magnets on them?


Rung thinks it’s adorable. He lets you put them on him as long as they’re in a place he can reach. He enjoys wearing them, but prefers to look professional during his time with patients. Anywhere else he’ll gladly keep them on.

Rodimus loves it. He likes the one with goofy sayings and will go magnet shopping with you. He’s such a fashionista.

Drift also thinks it’s cute. He often forgets that they’re there and gets a lot of snickers and odd looks. Not that he minds; how could he be embarrassed by something his s/o gave him?

Ultra Magnus might complain. He tells you not to put anything inappropriate on him (not that he could see it past his chest), and please remove them when you’re done playing. As long as he doesn’t have a meeting that day he’ll let you decorate him, though.


Bumblebee loves it, and it tickles him when you put them on. He likes the ones that are bees and butterflies. You get him one that says “bee-utiful” and he’s ecstatic. He even wears them into battle. If there are any rules against it, Optimus isn’t saying.

Can we please admire Touka’s strength after Ayato left? She literally raised him, he was way younger than her when Arata left. She took care of him, carried him on her back so he wouldn’t have to walk, probably hunted some humans for him to eat because he was too little to even kill a fly. She held him during chilly nights when there was no bed and forced on a smile to make him feel safe even if she was breaking inside. She was his older sister but at the same time she fulfilled the role of a mother, and that’s something impossible to forget. I also had to take care of my nieces many times and although I know they’re not my children, I know they’re like little siblings more than my very own kids, but sometimes it feels like it. Touka looked a lot like Hikari so imagine how it is for Ayato to look at her, even if he was very young when his mom died. To have all those memories of her taking care of him, working her ass off so he would have a place to sleep, something to eat, someone to hold, a smile when he missed daddy… Touka was extremely brave to let him go and still carry on with her life with a smile. I wouldn’t be able to keep going knowing that he’s out there, on his own, alone, and not needing her at all. What shocks me the most is that Kaneki also left, Hinami too, and she never said: “I had enough of this shit, always waiting for people who leave me behind, I had enough with Ayato, I’m not gonna do this anymore”… she never did that, she had faith that he would come back, and I think a part of her always knew that Ayato would come back to her as well. I just have so much respect for Touka as a person, she went through a lot of shit, and she still tried to move on and keep studying and not give up in life. She’s an inspiration. 

  • Robert: It's a mess!
  • Vic: Not exactly classy chic, no.
  • Liv: People keep sticking up any old tat. I'll fix it, though. Get rid of her and I'll get rid of the nettles.
  • Adam: Babe, the groom's gone awol. Oi people, listen up. The groom's on the losse.
  • Chas: How?
  • Adam: He's a slippery guy. Look, we tried our best. Paddy, tell her.
  • Chas: You lost him?
  • Paddy: Not on purpose.
  • Robert: Sure you didn't!
  • Chas: You had one job, Paddy!
  • Vic: He's not answering.
  • Robert: Do you think he knows?
  • Paddy: No, he doesn't know.
  • Chas: Right, okay, what do we do next? We should go and look for him.
  • Faith: We could post sentries. I'll cover the back.
  • Robert: Sentries. Yeah, great idea.
  • Faith: Well, just let me know when he's found and I'll erm... I'll roll back up to the farm out of the way.
  • Robert: No, no, you're his gran. He'll want you here. (gets slapped by Chas)
  • Faith: Oh, well, if you insist. Young, buff Adam, push a sick old woman to her post.