look how he can't expression emotions

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I just love how expressive Genos is when his stoic face drops away. Emotion is just in full force on his face as if he's giving 100% in expressing it like he does everything else because chill is the only thing he can't do XD. Like his smug look when he earned his spot as Saitama's student, his sass at Child Emperor in the OVA, that halarious "What the fuck" face he made when Tastsumaki was call him and the other S Class insults, and of course the happy puppy face at the end of the last episode.

If I can be honest, anon…I think it’s because Genos is very much coming back into himself as a person. /

This is Genos at his introduction. \

Stoic. Calculating. Very much the mechanical combat cyborg he aimed to become for the kind of power needed in his revenge hunt. The most emotion he showed was shock at witnessing great strength, either from monsters or from seeing Saitama’s one punch. If he could cut off any ties to his former life, including his personality prior to the mad cyborg attack, then that’s all the more focus he can put into his pursuit.

Now, here’s the Genos you brought up. ///

Genos missed out on 4 years of growing into himself. The time he’s spent being a pro hero, the time he’s spent with Saitama, living peacefully instead of pushing himself toward a revenge fueled future that would probably cut off short…it’s given him time to kind of recover who he would have been if the mad cyborg had never attacked his home…….

Of course, he can’t change what’s already happened, I’m sure Genos is aware of that. But at least now, the person he had been along with the experiences he’s had up til’ now to change him along the way have like…led to this? New, growing Genos?? And he’s come so far????? And will only continue to progress with time???????????? / / /

TLDR Genos has pretty much done a partial speedrun of the kind of development he should have needed 4 years of just growing up normally for, and there’s still so much room for him to keep going he’s becoming such a great person…………I hope Saitama’s noticed and is proud of him………./ / / / /

Thank you for reminding me of this good expressive borg, anon ;;;;;;; /////

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Sorry, I'm feeling really down, and whenever you have the time, could you please write Dazai with an S/O that doesn't really feel like a person? They just feel so empty inside with the rare emotion sadness coming and going, and they feel scared that they can't connect with anyone because they don't even know how to try and begin to.

((I did my best with this, and I hope it helps to cheer you up a bit. If ever you need someone to talk to, my doors are open.))

There it was again, the sad look that occasionally crossed your face. Just barely there, but there nonetheless. Others may not notice it, but Dazai definitely did.

You two were on a walk when he noticed the slight shift in your expression. Upon taking notice he wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you close as he walked and making numerous jokes in an attempt to see if it would go away, but it was all to no avail. And while he had decided it was best to put off asking, as it could make you uncomfortable…..

“Say, (Y/N),” he said, looking down at you with a bright smile. How was it that he managed to be so happy all the time? “I’m going to ask you something, you don’t have to answer me if you don’t want to but…”

His voice grew slightly more serious as he spoke, and when you looked at him again you found he was no longer smiling but instead looking at you with a somewhat puzzled expression you couldn’t decipher. “(Y/N), why are you sad?”

“W-what do you mean?” You stammered, surprised by the question. You werent quite sure what you had expected him to ask, but that wasn’t it. “I’m…I’m not.”

“Like I said, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to,” he said, smile back. “But if you ever do want to, I’ll listen.”

You two walked quietly for a bit before you finally decided to speak again. “Is it that obvious?”

“You know,” you shrugged.

“Not really,” he responded sincerely.

“Then how did you notice?”

“Because I know that expression all too well,” was his only reply.

You two resumed back into silence, but you knew well he was just waiting for you to open up more.

“It’s…hard to explain,” you finally began, wringing your hands nervously. “It’s just, I can’t…I can’t connect with anyone. I try but I can’t, I don’t know how. It all just…I just feel so…empty.”

It was hard getting the words out and explaining while ignoring the burn behind your eyes, instantly regretting having spoken.

“I understand,” Dazai said, to your surprise. “I used to feel that way quite often. I still do at times.”

You could tell by the expression on his face he was being sincere. “The reason I had joined the mafia was to try and get rid of that emptiness, afterall…”

“Did it work?”

“No, but I did meet someone there who helped a bit,” he answered, once again an unreadable expression crossing his face. “The feeling never went away entirely, but I guess you could say I became less apathetic. I learned to understand those around me.”

He stopped walked for a moment, turning you around to face him. “As much as I’d like to, I can’t just snap my fingers and suddenly fix everything up, I cant. As a matter a fact, I can’t fix it at all. But I can stay by your side to pick you up when you fall, and to at least try and guide you. And I promise I’ll do just that, alright?”

You nodded, and as soon as you did Dazai’s smile returned, his arm around your shoulder once again. “How about we go prank Kunikada? That always cheers me up when I’m upset.”


When children’s book authors are trying to teach Winner how to express emotions through art and they’re so extra Namdiva had to drag their asses for insisting on looking cool


Ask me again why this pairing irritates me so much?

You stood before your laid back boyfriend, a beer in his hand as he watched tv. “What the hell is this, Yoongi?” You hold up your phone in front of his face, yielding the article and picture of him with a girl in Tokyo.

He sighs, sitting up. “It’s nothing, (Y/N). Ignore the press,”

“How can I ignore it? I haven’t seen you in months, then you come back and I see this? How long ago were you in Tokyo, hm? A couple weeks?” You slap his feet off of the coffee table, “You couldn’t hold out a couple weeks to see me?” You turn your phone back to your face, swiping to the related articles. “And these girls? Who are they, and why are you with them?” He stares straight to your stomach, sipping the bottle. “You’re cheating?” It came out weaker than you planned.

“Yah, yah,” He stood up, “I’ll take as much as you throw at me, but as soon as you even think I’ll cheat is when I speak.”

“Well?” You scoff, raising you hands. “What’s the lame excuse for your cheating?”

“(Y/N), don’t-”

“Let’s see if I believe this.” You cross your arms over your chest. He just stood there, speechless. “Come on.” You motioned your hand.

He closed his mouth, smiling in disbelief, then slammed his beer down. “Don’t even think I’m cheating,” He said lowly, pointing in your face. “You know I would never-”

“No, apparently everything I knew about you was wrong.”

“Let me speak-”

“There’s no explanation for this: You were caught cheating, at least own up to it.”

He looking up towards the ceiling, then lowered his head to be the same height as your. “I’m not cheating, believe me or not.” He said through gritted teeth, turning back and picking up his beer. He walked back to the couch, then dawned the same position as he did previously when you approached him.

You clenched your fist, trying to hold back the urge to yell. “Tell me I’m the only one!” You break, shaking as you felt the tears welling up in your eyes. “Tell me I’m the only one, Yoongi. Please!” You beg, dropping your phone and falling to your knees. You couldn’t control the frustrated written tears, and cupped your face in your hands.

He gets up, kneeling next to you. “Jagi, I’d never cheat..” He says in a softer voice than before. “You have to believe me..”

“How could I?” You lift your head, “You never call.”

“I can’t.”

“You don’t have a minute to speak to your girlfriend on the phone, but you magically have your whole schedule clear for some girl—right?”

“You got it wrong-”

“Yeah, I did.” You stood up, “Girls, right? Multiple.” You walked to the front door with his incoherent screaming behind you. You left you feet to take you where ever they wanted, leaving you wandering to a nearby bridge. You sigh, sitting down with your feet dangling above the cold rushing water. You look out, a chill running up your spine for the cool wind blowing. Your hands loosely hold the edge of the plywood, and you continue watching the water wash over the rocks. You stay there, reminiscing on when things worked out perfectly between yourself and Yoongi.

“Why’d you leave?” Yoongi’s voice came behind you.

You look straight, never breaking your stare on the reflection of the moon. He caves, sitting next to you. Instead of staring where you are, he stares at your profile. “I’m done.” You say, still not looking at him. There’s a gust of wind that blows your hair gently. “I can’t be with you if rumors keep coming up of you with someone else.”

You see him nod slowly while looking down, “I understand.”

“I’m not even sure if we care about each other anymore with how busy you are.” You confess, “I don’t even know if I love you anymore.”

He bites his lip, and you’re seeing all this through the corner of your eye. “I won’t hold you back, but do know those are all rumors and do know I still love you with all my heart. Just ask any one of the boys,” He licks his lips, standing up. “Let me get you home at least, you’ll catch a cold.” You shake your head, still looking down. “Get up jagi-” He goes to grab your arm but you push him.

“How can you treat it like its nothing—like we’re nothing?” You stood up, beginning to get angry at his suddenly calm tone. “Huh?” You shove him roughly with both of you hands. “How many more rumors are gonna pop up, huh?” You keep pushing him, “Why don’t you fight? Why am I the only one fighting for this relationship to stay alive? Why can’t you just feel something for once? Feel my hurt, feel my love—give me back the love.”

“What am I supposed to do?” He gets louder, “Say I fucking love you all the times you do? I do! I tell you even when you’re mad! Because I do love you, (Y/N)! I love you so much you won’t even know! But when I come home from tour, you pick at me instead! I work hard to give us—no, you—good things in life.” He breathed harshly, “Have you ever looked in the closet? How many things have I gotten for you?”

“Oh, so a bag is supposed to show me you love me? I’m you’re girlfriend, not some prostitute you pay off when you’re done.”

“How do I say it besides I love you? I can't—that’s why. You know how hard it is for me to tell you shit-”

“Then get over it.” You say slowly.

“Get over it? You want me to learn how to express my emotions? Want me to do the things you do? Fine.” He takes his hat off, “All this could be gone, but without you I’m not anything.” He threw it into the water, “See? Here take this too!” He yelled, throwing his chain in there. “I don’t need that to be happy when I have you. I don’t need my music, I don’t need anything besides you being next to me. Why don’t you open up your eyes and see? I hate not being able to be with you, I hate the idea of some dude trying to get you naked and I’m not here to stop it! While I’m away the only thing I think about is what you’re doing, if you’re okay, and if I have enough time to call you. I worry about you every second of everyday. Is that better?” He stood with his arms out.

“Just show me you love me..” You felt your tears coming again.

“I need you..” He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. “I need you, so much..” Your hair muffled his voice as he buried his face in your neck. “Those girls weren’t anything—they were the makeup women there. They’re stylists that took me out to show me what to wear, and they all hit on me; I won’t deny that. But I am not going to cheat on you,” He pulled away, holding your arms. “They meant nothing, and they asked for my number. Want me to tell you exactly everything that happened?” You nodded, wiping your cheeks. “They told me that our manager had told them to take me out to get a couple of things at the store, and I was gullible enough to believe them. I didn’t want to take the chance for it to be true, and me to get in trouble. I have a girl to provide for,” He played with your hair lightly, “They touched me, flirted, and did everything they could to try to change my mind after I repeatedly told them I have someone. You know how mean I can be if I really wanted to,”

You look down and laugh lightly, “Yeah, I know.”

“I was being like that to them, and eventually they gave up and called me a—what was it?” He pretended to think, “Ah! A ‘rude asshole’, yeah.”

“Because of the way you acted?”

“Why else? Also, a funny thing,” He covered his mouth, “They tried to make me buy them all this expensive shit, too.”

“What’d you say?” You asked, smiling at his gummy cutesy smile.

“My girlfriend has a better taste,” He smirked, “They wanted trashy things.”

“What’d they do?” You wrap your arms around his waist.

“They got pissed.” He laughed, hugging you back. “Like I said: they don’t mean shit to me. You’re the only girl in my life,” You felt the top of your head being kissed, “I’m sorry I made you go through that.”

“I’m sorry I lied about not loving you or caring,”

“As long as you really do, I’m fine.” He rubbed your back.

“I love you.” You looked up at him.

“I love you, (Y/N)..” He looked down at you.

But consider this. Throughout all TAB, Sherlock goes deeper and deeper into his mind. At the garden house scene, they are not yet so deep, so when John asks all those questions about Sherlock’s past, desires, impulses, he seems annoyed and not willing to open up (but bear with me we are into his mind palace, so it is the John inside his head asking those questions, which means: Sherlock wants him to be interested, he WANTS him to dig deeper).

But then that delicious waterfall scene. He is as deep as he’s ever been into his own mind. And then there is John saving him, the whole ‘how is the other me in the other place’ dialogue, the elope suggestion, the smiles, the looks…

That is: only very deep inside his mind Sherlock allows himself to show his feelings for John, to express his emotions. And also deep inside he knows/wants John to love him back.


“Laurent had appeared beneath an archway. Damen’s breath left him in a rush as he took him in: Laurent stood beneath the smooth white stone, the tangle of vines and wisteria matching the laurel that was balanced delicately atop his head, the rich green leaves gold-tipped. His hair was woven into a long braid that went diagonally across the back of his head and ended resting over his bare left shoulder, elegant as spun gold. He wore a white chiton with gold embroidery that resembled Damen’s, neither garment more elaborate than the other, though Laurent’s had a long overfold that flowed from the clasp of royal vermilion at his shoulder down to the backs of his knees. The soft twilight made him breathtaking, his pale limbs bare.

When Damen met his gaze, Laurent smiled, a genuine, joyful expression, nothing repressed or held back, and Damen’s heart moved in his chest. Laurent’s blue eyes were shining and looked nowhere but at him. Damen felt a little stunned.

Laurent came to stand before him and Damen thought, he will always be mine. Laurent’s smile had softened, the expression startlingly gentle, and his hands came up to cup Damen’s cheeks, thumbs brushing away the wetness there. If not for the emotion in his chest, Damen might’ve flushed. He hadn’t noticed that tears had come.”

A Firm Hold of My Heart - punktius

ok but like 

  • really embarrassed akaashi who sucks with gushy emotions trying to confess to bokuto, but ending up only mumbling, “i think i like you, bokuto-san” as he looks away 
  • bokuto having to repeat, “huh?” over and over again because he genuinely can’t hear/understand what akaashi is saying
  • akaashi eventually giving up and saying, “never mind,” which, of course, sends bokuto into a sulking mood bc is akaashi mad at me what did i do ;^;

  • time passing and the whole thing blowing over until one day bokuto has this epiphany of OH MY GOD I REALLY LIKE AKAASHI

  • so that day he gets akaashi alone and just confesses flat out like, “akaashi, i think i’m in love with you”

  • and akaashi stares at him

  • then turns red as a fucking beet


  • but he’s still embarrassed about expressing these kinds of emotions, so he looks away and says, “i’m in love with you, too, bokuto-san”

  • and since he’s covering his mouth with his hand, bokuto can’t hear him

  • and is like, “huh?”

Like I can’t comprehend just how brilliant of an actor Colin is.

That sneak peek? It’s just 2 minutes worth of this episode and I already know Colin’s performance will WRECK US.

When Nemo says “family” and Killian’s entire face drops… his smirking, devil-may-care attitude disappears and you see the weight of his suffering and the years and years of pain and loss come crashing down on him. Colin conveys all of that just with his eyes and his facial expression. It takes my breath away. He says so much with just a look.

I just get really emotional about Killian Jones and how Colin effortlessly portrays this amazing character. We are so lucky to have such a talented actor playing our beloved pirate.

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I can't help but notice that in Parrish's "sexy" visions, Lydia's face is completely and creepily devoid of emotion. Its off-putting. In Stiles' dream her eyes were sparkling and she looked happy to be with him. In Parrish's she's like a sociopath.

Yes, that’s so true. She has a complete blank expression in his hallucinations while she’s so loving and comforting in Stiles’ dream. I think this shows how both really see her, Parrish doesn’t really care about her feelings,he only sees her as a naked, sexy “ghost” that he can sleep with/make out with while Stiles saw her like he always does as the supporting,loving friend who cares about him. Also when Stiles hallucinated/dreamed about Lydia he immediately asked her what she was doing in his bed and when Parrish hallucincated/dreamed about her he immediately ripped off her shirt and shoved his tongue into her mouth.

We have Stiles dreaming about the girl he loves…

VS Pervish dreaming about the girl he wants to sleep with.