look how happy the boy is omg :3

1. I need someone to draw this
2. That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking when making that post. How do you know these thing bunny?
3. I also headcannon that the two couples got engaged at the exact same time. So Beerus and Champa would be looking (glaring) at each other trying to figure out if one brother was stalking the other while Whis and Vados would be super happy that this happened and would be laughing about it cause what are the chances of that happening?



Okay, so I saw that last bangtan bomb where jungkook tries justifying his love for baggy pants and  there was that moment in the video where Jimin was like : ‘’ Would you give them up for your fans?’’ and jungkook actually thought about it  and had that serious facial expression before saying ‘’If it’s for army–’’ and he got cut off by his joking hyungs pointing the lights in his face. Jungkook almost said that he’d give up on his favorite pants for the fandom.

Don’t put that kind of pressure on him guys. You know how much he’s hardworking and he’s just wanting to keep it real. Fashion has a sense of expression and Jungkook has the right to express himself through it.Don’t invade his preferences or try telling him what to do about his style.Let’s be real guys. Jungkook has a style that and that style is White oversized Shirt, Baggy Pants and Timberlands. This is his trademark Jungkook Style. Don’t take it away from him. That style is what makes the fandom look at him and recognize him as our bunny Jeon Jungkook. 

He has 24 white shirts because he likes them and extra baggy pants cause’ they’re comfy. He feels confident when he wears his timberlands, let him be. If you can’t accept the boy the way he is, then don’t stan him, cause’ he deserves better fans.Why do we like Jungkook in the first place? Because he is Jungkook. If he starts changing for the fandom then all the magic is vanishing.

Jungkook may have turned into a gentlemen who wears slacks and dress shirts for the past few weeks, but he still enjoys wearing his old stuff. Imagine if someone came up to you and told you to wear dresses everyday instead of wearing your casual leggings? How does that feel now? Baggy pants for Jeon are the same as Leggings for girls ;)

Anyways Here’s the appreciation :)


Look at how happy he looks?! <3

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The fact that they’re baggy makes you expect what’s hiding underneath. I’m talking about how amazing his thighs still look through baggy pants.

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If you don’t agree on how sexy he looks while wearing them,ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN?!

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Look at how comfy he looks <333

He has that swag

He even wears them at home.

They’re his faves to wear at the airport

How laid back and chill he looks <3 ( Off topic : OMG HIS BLONDE HAIR <3333)

Hope you guys enjoyed this short Appreciation of Jungkook in baggy pants.

Tell me what you think in the comments :)

I asked them to look angry at the camera, and afterward Patrick told me he didn’t know if he looked angry enough.