look how happy taemin is

Fav 5 Ontae moments

For this anon

1. Look how bright and happy and beaming Taemin’s smile is 

2. Look how Jinki is so soft….. his baby duckling wanted a hug, hes gonna give him one

and what really hurts me about this is, they were behind everyone, that was just because Taemin wanted a hug…. you can’t say it’s fanservice at all even if you wanted to. 

3. Baby taem is Jinkis koala tbh

belly touches ;;; so lovely

4. Ontae are kind of like Koalas… cling cling

5. The little finger on Jinki’s hand

and honorable mention, the fact he called Jinki when he was in Switzerland… when he was literally just with him and forgets to call his parents a lot.