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Wicked Game ~ Peter Parker, Part 2

Summary: Dealing with the aftermath of heartbreak and not talking to Peter for 2 weeks causes the reader to not want to go to homecoming, but MJ forces her to go and the events that happen there may turn the worst 2 weeks to the best 2 weeks of her life.

Warnings: Minor swearing, angst, make out

Word count: 2,589… I got a little carried away whoops

It’s been two weeks since the incident on the rooftop. I haven’t talked to Peter since then. At this point, I could barely look at him without bursting into tears. The truth is beside Peter I didn’t have any friends besides Michelle. I didn’t exactly tell her what happened, but I’m pretty sure she figured out it had to do with Peter. Ignoring Peter wasn’t incredibly hard since we lived in the same apartment. Just because I didn’t want to talk didn’t mean he didn’t. For the first week, he followed me around trying to talk to me. Of course, I had headphones and turned them up as loud as my ears could handle so I couldn’t hear his voice. At least he took the hint and stopped trying to start a conversation. Now he just stares at me. All of the time. I swear he keeps playing this game. Doesn’t he get he already won? The more he looks at me the more my heart breaks. At this point I’m numb. Why the hell did I fall in love with him? I’m such a fool.

“Are you going to tell me what happened between you and Peter or are you just going to sit staring out the window looking like you’re about to cry everyday” I heard Michelle say nonchalantly.

“It’s a long story MJ” I replied

“Good thing this homework we are working on isn’t due tomorrow,” She said putting the books aside.

“I don’t really want t-”

“You can’t keep this to yourself any more Y/N I’m seriously getting worried, I’m not a doctor, but I know hiding something that made you this upset for too long isn’t smart,” she said interrupting me

“He broke my heart” I whispered, tears beginning to fill my eyes as my mind replayed the events of the worst night of my life.

“He doesn’t deserve you Y/N, if he doesn’t see how amazing you are he’s blind, and a fucking idiot to be honest, Do you want me to beat him up for you because I’m totally willing to do that because I hate assholes”

“Oh my god, thank you MJ” I laughed, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve laughed in the past 2 weeks. MJ may be very shy and unsocial, but once you get to know her she’s amazing. To be completely honest her attitude, in general, is enough to cheer me up. She’s so different and honestly an inspiration. I’m so grateful for her because without her I know this whole Peter thing would be much worse.

“I’ll beat him up in front of the whole school during homecoming” MJ giggled clenching her fists and holding them up like she was going to fight someone.

“You know I’m now going to homecoming, right”?

“Excuse me yes you are, you will not let Peter Parker ruin some of the best moments you’ll ever have in high school. You shouldn’t let him have that power over you, and even if he does don’t let him see that”

“But I can’t bear to see him dancing wi-”

“So don’t look at them, find your own boy to dance with, there will be tons of handsome lonely boys looking for a beautiful girl like you to dance with, you are a strong independent girl and you don’t need Peter Parker to make your life complete, and come on if I agreed to go to homecoming that says a lot since I’m probably the most unsocial person on the planet and I need a friend to come with me so I’m not alone, please come Y/N I’m practically on my knees begging you” MJ blurted. She was right, I can’t let Peter control my life.

“Fine I guess I’ll go but for you,” I said

“Yay! I’m so excited” she exclaimed giving me a hug, good thing I had bought a dress. I would have to wear my one from last years homecoming and to be honest, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit.

For the rest of the night, we ate ice cream and watched funny chick flicks and I forgot all about Peter until she had to leave. As much as I don’t want Peter to control my life, but I can’t bear to see Peter dancing with Liz. I think my heart would shatter into a million pieces. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I looked at myself, I honestly looked like a mess. I had bags under my eyes, my eyes were puffy from crying so much. Why was I letting Peter Parker ruin my life? I should never let a boy ruin my life. I have so much more than Peter Parker. If this game was to break my heart. I shouldn’t let him win. I have to stop moping 24/7 and actually live. Even if I don’t have a date to homecoming it doesn’t mean I won’t find a lonely boy to dance with. After all, it’s completely possible to fall in love more than once. I’m not going to let Peter win. Somehow I managed to find some confidence. It’s time to be my old self again I thought walking from the bathroom. I walked into my room and jumped into my bed and swiftly pulled the covers over me. Tomorrow is a new day, a new me. No more crying over Peter Parker I thought as I drifted into a nice well-needed slumber.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, scaring the shit out of me like it always does. I groaned turning off my alarm clock and getting up to walk to my closet to find clothes. Lately, i’ve been wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt to school every day, but that was going to change. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a nice shirt and skipped to the bathroom.

“Why are you so cheerful today honey” I heard my mom say as I skipped past the kitchen to get to the bathroom.

“Homecoming is today, and you know how much I love to dance mom” I practically sung as I closed the bathroom door. Today I needed to show confidence. I needed Peter to know I wasn’t going to mope over him forever. I caught him staring at me countless times this week. I hope showing him I’m getting over him will make him jealous. Wait. no that’s not the point of this I mentally yelled at myself as I grabbed eyeliner and mascara. After I finished putting on makeup, I slipped on my clothes and grabbed my pair of black converse.

“You look cute today Y/N” my mom pointed out.

“Thanks, mom” I answering grabbing my backpack and giving my mom a kiss on the cheek.

“Your father and I aren’t going to be home for a couple of days, we have to go on a business trip, but make sure to send us pictures, I’m sorry we won’t be here,” she said, she obviously felt bad, but they did this all of the time.

“It’s fine” I lied as I walked out the door. A sigh left my mouth. I don’t know why they are always traveling I wish they could actually be home for one special event of mine. No wonder I’m closer to May than my parents, but I can’t see her without seeing Peter. Peter was usually the person who always comforted me when my parents would leave. I felt tears start to sting my eyes. No. I promised myself I would stop crying over him. I blinked away the tears and began walking to school. I walked kind of slow so when I walked in most people were at their lockers. What happened next was pretty weird. It felt like I was in a movie. Everything was going in slow motion and basically, everyone was staring at me. I mean I’m pretty sure it’s because the past two weeks I’ve acted like actual death and looked it too, but then again I didn’t think people noticed.

“Nice ass Y/L/N” I heard Flash say from behind me

“Shut it Flash” I warned, as he put both his hands up laughing. I right as I turned around I ran into someone which knocked me over making me land right on my butt.

“I’m so sor-” I cut myself off as my eyes met with the brown sparkling orbs of
Peter Parker. He was holding out his hand offering to help me up. For some reason, I actually took his hand. I could feel my whole body tingling just from him grabbing my hand. He pulled me up, and I immediately let go of his hand brushing off my pants. I brushed the hair that was in my face behind my ear and stood up straight.

“I’m really sorry about that” I mumble looking down at my feet

“It’s okay” he insisted, I looked up at his face to see a bruise on his face that I hadn’t noticed.

“Oh my god Peter the bruise on your face, who did that to you”I whispered yelled

“It doesn’t matter, the bad guy just got a swing at my face” he stated

“You have to be more careful Peter” I cautioned.

“I am careful you don’t have to worry about me Y/N” he insisted

“Well I do,” I said louder than I wanted to. “I-I h-have to class” I interjected bowing my head and pushing past him to get to class trying to hide the tint of red on my cheeks. That was actually the first semi-normal interaction I had with him in 2 weeks and I barely embarrassed myself. The rest of the day went by pretty fast and MJ and I literally ran home so we could get ready. I went into the bath reapplying and putting more makeup on. I quickly stripped my clothes off and slipped into my dress. I looked into the mirror and I was actually happy with what I saw. I walked out to see Michelle in a beautiful blue dress.

“Dang M, how did you not get a date,” I said

“Well besides from the fact I don’t talk to people, I have no idea” she laughed

“Are you ready to go?” I asked

“Yep, it’s funny how both are always gone for the important things,” She said obviously upset her parents weren’t here too. I gave her a small hug and soft smile and we walked out.


We arrived at the school and walked into the gym. There were balloons everywhere the lights were dim and kids were dancing. MJ and I met up with Ned. I saw Liz walk in without Peter and I raised my eyebrow. I heard the doors open shortly after MJ and I made eye contact with his brown whiskey eyes. I felt like I was staring him for years until MJ pulled me away as Liz grabbed his hand. MJ grabbed my arm and pulled me over to a circle of basically the whole decathlon team dancing, but I still looked towards Peter who surprisingly still has his eyes on me. and I eventually I started to let go and dance to the beat. I felt good the music was upbeat and I was actually having a great time. I took a mental note that I owe MJ Starbucks for making me come to this. There were a couple songs and I dance one dance with Ned, and I even danced with Flash even though I hate him. There was only about 30 minutes left of the dance, and a boy named Isaac who I had couple classes with timidly walked up to me

“Y/N would you like to dance with me,” he asked shyly

“Of course” I replied grabbing his hand and pulling him to the center of the gym. I put my arms around his neck and he put his on my hips and we danced for 2 songs, but I could see and feel Peter’s eyes on me but he was jealous. I knew he was because I’ve known him my whole life and I definitely know when that boy is jealous. He has Liz so why he so bothered by me dancing with someone else.

“You’re distracted by something” he blurted out leaving me a little shocked.

“No, I’m just tired” I insisted

“Hey, look I’m pretty observant, but I’m pretty sure anyone could tell you like Peter Parker a lot more than a friend, and I’m 99.9% positive he feels the same way” He explained

“He is with Liz, he likes Liz, and I already told him how I felt”

“If you haven’t noticed he’s been staring at this whole dance right”

“So what that doesn’t mean anything” I signed looking at my feet.

“Like I said I’m very observant, and the way Peter looks at you is different than he looks at anyone else even Liz” he argued, and I laughed

“You should ask MJ to dance, you guys are very similar” I sighed, still looking at my feet. Soon the song Waves by Dean Lewis came on.

“I’m about to be proven right,” he said triumphantly  

“Wait, what do yo-”

“You mind if I steal her for a dance” I looked to see Peter holding out his hand

“Absolutely” he replied winking at me. I mouthed “I hate you” and he put his hands up in defense walking away. Peter put his hands on my hips and I put mine on his shoulders. I couldn’t face him, I had no idea why he was dancing with me, or how Liz allowed him to do it. I was staring at his tie.

“You look really beautiful tonight Y/N” he commented quietly. Seriously is this boy trying to lead me on? What the hell does he want from me? I pushed him away.

“What kind of game are you playing Parker because I’m seriously sick of th-” I was cut off by him slamming his lips into mine, making my eyes open wider than humanly possible. My arms were at my side clenched and my whole body went tense. To be honest I could not comprehend what was happening, but eventually, my body relaxed and I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer and savoring the way his soft lips felt on mine. We pulled away for air.

“Why did you do that” I whispered.

“Just because I was going to homecoming with didn’t mean I didn’t have the same feelings for you” He revealed bowing his head down. “I asked Liz to homecoming because I thought you didn’t feel the same way, I was going to tell you after that night, but you never really gave me the chance”. I was speechless, honestly, I didn’t know how to react to this, so I just hugged him engulfing his.

“I love you, Peter Parker”

“I love you too”

I guess this wicked game came out with both of us winning.


I hope you guys liked it! Feedback is seriously appreciated

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Archie rummaged through the old cardboard boxes in the corners of the garage. A deflated football and a few children’s books were all the young Andrews had found so far. Until his thin fingers brushed against a book. He pulled out the dust covered object and brushed it gently. The familiar logo of the school was printed on the front. This could only be his father’s yearbook. Archie opened the hardback eagerly. Searching for familiar faces. 

He saw Hermione, Alice, FP and even Hal until his eyes finally spotted Fred Andrews, with a full mop of hair and eyes that glistened even through a photograph. Next to his father, however, was a girl with a name he recognized but not a face. Blossom.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 541 Review

Wow, it took a while for this chapter to come out. Well, lets see if it was worth it…

Our cover page is the Tartaros arc, the last arc of Fairy Tail many can say was overall good. But y’know, given a certain development this chapter, this is a very fitting cover page.

We open on the DS in the space between time, and they’re ready to take Acnologia. I joked on another post that Wendy’s spell, “Deus Eques”, sounded like deus ex and that it was just a matter of time before we an enchantment called that. But honestly I saw the fight going this way, with Wendy just enchanting them and it’s not a bad strategy. So we’ve got Sting, Rogue and Gajeel charging Acnologia…

And Acnologia knocks them on their ass… Hey there’s still Cobra and Laxus!

And Acnologia knocks them on their ass…

Yes Acnologia you’re the strongest. We’ve had so many chapter of just posturing can we actually have a fight here?

We cut back to Magnolia and we see everyone trying to discuss how to beat Acnologia and…

The best thing in the chapter happens…

Yep Lucy has taken charge of the guild and given an actual strategy. You don’t know how happy I was to see this, because this is finally rectifying a problem I’ve had with this arc and that’s the major misuse of all the main characters. Lucy this arc has gotten nothing, either related to her character development or progression. She has been sitting on the sidelines majority this arc either being used as a tool for other character’s development or just made to stand there and look sad. But this, this right here is something that is relative t her own character development. She’s always been the “heart” of the guild, the person who embodies the ideas of fairy tail and will never lose it, so it makes sense for in the time of need she is able to finally take control of the guild and lead them in the direction they need. Also this plan, well already Lucy is a better fairy tactician than Mavis because Lucy’s actually using established things from the series to come up with her plan, unlike Mavis who seems to just pull it out of her ass.

If I had one complaint, and it’s minor, it really seems like Lucy should be leading but what undercuts all this is she doesn’t. She ends just leaving with Levy and Freed to look for the fairy sphere, but what we’ll see is she it not really needed for it. It feels like with this being her plan she should probably oversee it. I guess what I’m to say is, you have really cool moment for Lucy, go all the way with it. Have her have total control, what we get is good I’m not denying it, but it feel like there could be more extension with this scene. Or if she is going to leave, have like a line of dialogue saying she wants Erza or Gray or whoever to take the reigns. I know this sound minor but it’s only because there could be more of this moment with Lucy.

So we go back to the Space between time.

We see that Acnologia is solely motivated by destruction…. Hmm… Look some people would be okay with this as all Acnologia has been is a giant force of destruction since his intro, so this is really just keeping to character. But then there are others who would hate this saying that if you bother giving human shape and personality to this character you want to have more dimension than solely craving destruction. So is something that comes down preference on how you stand with this reveal.

But I do know something I’m going to get angry at.

Natsu… Shut up… No! I refuse to here “the world is stronger than that” speech from you of all people, why? Because your own damn creator said the difference between you and Haru is, Haru fought for the world since the begining, Natsu only cares about his guild not the world. When your own creator says that, then I’m not in the mood for you to act like Haru.

So we cut to Hargeon

This page pisses me off… Oh not the Gray and Juvia stuff, though I find it funny how see’s going gaga over teleporting with Gray (and Mest) like it’s so romantic when back in tartaros, the two rode on the back of a tiger beast together (with no Mest) while clutching hands. I don’t know, that seems a little more romantic to me.

But what pisses me off is Lamia scale right here. “I thought the fighting was over” first, where did you here that? Did Warren send a signal out? Second, are you so oblivious that you pissed the eternal flare coming down and laying waste? Magnoia and Hargeon aren’t that far away so if people were noticing destruction from there why aren’t you noticing it? Third, why didn’t you go to Magnolia? All the guilds went there. It couldn’t be to hold down the fort after the liberation of hargeon because universe one scrambled all of you, and even being fair, saying that everyone went back to where they were before universe one was activated, Mermaid Heel was in that fight in Hargeon, if all of them went back to hargeon after universe one wore off and went to magnolia, why didn’t Lamia follow? There’s no reason for this

so we cut to team Minerva ready to lead Acnologia to Hargeon…

Well let’s see how can you lead him there? Well, you have territory which if you open a big enough space bubble you could just keep teleporting him. Use Orga’s pinpoint blasts to get Acnologia’s attention, then use Racer has slowing magic to mess with his perception of time. Midnight could just keep reflecting his blasts getting him to just get angry and keep trying. This doesn’t seem to hard.

We cut to the guild library…

Oh boy… See I said Lucy really doesn’t have to be here, and see really doesn’t. Freed and Levy make sense as letter pages, magic books stand in their profession. Whereas, I know Lucy likes books, and she had that moment way back in daybreak figuring out the letter magic spell, but that hasn’t really been apart of her character outside of wanting to write a book (All that crap with END not withstanding). So I think Freed and Levy could manage with out her, and she could still be actively leading.

Also this goddamn book. I like Lucy’s plan, especially since it actually uses established things from the series, but to fully execute the fairy sphere she needs this book that has never been mentioned till now. Whereas they are actually 2 great solutions to this, to make this scene make sense…

The first is, Hiro should’ve introduced the book before this point. Because it’s not crazy to believe that a book exists containing 3 magic that were pioneered by this guild. But maybe you could’ve introduced when Mavis wanted out of the crystal. Instead of Mavis just loaning Cana the power of fairy glitter, break out the spell book and give Cana the power permanently. We saw she used Fairy glitter against August, so she had not just for breaking the sealing lacrima.

And the second, Mavis knows all the 3 fairy magic, and we’ve seen with Cana that she can transfer the magic, how about having the reason Makarov came back, is Mavis’s magic flowed through him giving him all the three magic to carry it on to the next generation and not have them be lost.

It just seems like this could’ve been fixed so easily.

Post Chapter Follow Up: As you could probably guess I thought this was a good chapter. But first I want to talk about the negatives. First off is scenes like the Acmnologia posturing, the lamia scale in hargeon, and the book of spells are these moments that weigh down the story. It’s over all solid but these scenes feel very disconnected from what’s really going on and don’t make sense in context.

Another thing, is something that I didn’t get into but it is a problem, Acnologia is still unbeatable! Hiro has this great setup where he can have his cake and eat it too, you have Acnologia in the real world who we know on physical terms the guilds are not going to stand a chance, but we also have spirit Acnologia, and while i’m not saying he should be weak, but you have him in a position where he has to exert extra power to help control the magic for his real body, use that as a way for the DS to get equal footing with him. I seems like you have this great opportunity to have unbeatable Acnologia and vulnerable acnologia.

But on to the positives, Tartaros was a fitting cover because, god damn, like in Tartaros, Lucy gets this badass character moment. Even the minor problem I had with it is still minor and that clearly many were satisfied with what they got. I know there are those who don’t like Lucy and that’s understandable but what I will give her, is she one of the few characters to progress in terms of character. She’s different now from when she started.

Also the fight with Acnologia from what we get is honestly what I expected so I can’t really fault it for that. Wish there was more equal footing but hey we still have 5 chapters to go.

This is a chapter I thought should be really good, and for the most part, it is. But it’s just weighed down by these stupid, disjointed moments, and minor fumbles.

Final Verdict: 6/10

  • Solid Chapter
  • Good character bits
  • Weighed down by some stupid moments
Secret Relations - Stiles Stilinski/ Pack imagine

Y/n and Stiles had started off as best friends but their relationship quickly became more than just just friends. They both thought the world of each other and wished they could express their love for one another in public. But they couldn’t. Not unless they wanted to be constantly teased about their relationship also because if they were to ever break up they wouldn’t want the pack to have to choose between them and cause a rift. —— It was another summers night within the Stilinski household and Stiles was waiting for Y/n to arrive for the pack meeting. They decided the night before that Y/n should arrive about an hour earlier so they could spend some alone time before the rest of the pack came. Hearing a knock at the door, Stiles rushed to open it; “Hey bab-boys and girls, bffs woo” he said as he caught himself mid sentence, whilst throwing a fist in the air. Shooting him confused glances, the pack quickly made their way inside mumbling their greetings and finding a seat for the up coming meeting. “Sorry we’re early Stiles, we thought that if we came now then we could all have some extra time to hang out! I tried to call Y/n but she didn’t pick up so we’ll just wait for her before we start” Scott apologetically said to Stiles. “T-that’s okay Scott” spoke a nervous Stiles Lydia raised an eye-brow, “Are you okay Stiles? You’re shaking” “Pfft what? No I’m not” “Yes, yo-” “Let’s just put a movie on while we wait! Yeah good, great idea!” Stiles cut Lydia off. —- Whilst that was happening inside, Y/n, who was now making her way up the drive way, had no idea that the pack was inside seen as though she was too engrossed with her phone to notice the packs cars. Entering Stiles’ house, Y/n shouted, “Stiles? Babe? The store had no ice-cream like I know it’s like 7pm but what store has no ice-cream? It’s like one of the most popular foods!” She found him in the door way to his living room wide eyed and rapidly shaking his head at her. Walking up to him and giving him a quick peck on the lips she asked, “Baby? What’s wrong?” She looked over his shoulder and finally noticed the rest of their friends staring at them, some opened mouthed, some with massive grins. “Oh” “Yep” Stiles sighed Suddenly the rest of the pack burst, shouting over each other, “YOU TWO?” “NO WAY” “I KNEW IT” “IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS” “I CANT BELIEVE IT” “How did Stilinski get someone like Y/n” “OH SHUT UP, THEY ARE SO CUTE ” “Guys” Stiles tried to get the attention of his friends but to no avail. “Guys!” He tried again but still the pack kept blasting their thoughts out loud. “HEY!” Finally he managed to catch their attention as the pack grew silent. He continued, “Right so let’s get this over with” “Why didn’t you tell us?” Scott questioned Y/n sighed, “We’re so sorry Scott, but we didn’t want to tell anyone yet incase our relationship didn’t work out. The last thing we would want to do would be to cause a spilt in the pack” “We forgive you guys but we want the details!” Lydia excitedly said. “Yes! I’m postponing this meeting until tomorrow, now this night is just a normal pack bonding night!” Scott decided “Now please start at the beginning and don’t miss anything out” Lydia eagerly said, beckoning them over to the couch . Stiles and Y/n looked at each other and sighed. This was going to be a long night.

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Test Drive

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: After 4.15.
Genre: Smut

A/N: I got so many mixed answers, and I know somebody wanted fluff to brighten up the dreary-weathered Sunday, but @allenting wanted smut, so here you go. At least you won’t be too cold.

If this gets notes, you might be getting a special surprise tomorrow. Just saying. S1 fluff from my 50tl series. x2.

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Heaven Help The Fool Who Falls In Love Pt. 9 (James Madison x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9,  Part 10

Word Count: 1,279

Warnings: None. 

A/N: HOLY MOLY I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR A LONG TIME. That, however, was due to the craaazy 4am-noon shift I had been working. Ack. Ew. I hated it. Luckily, I will no longer be doing that. Thank you all so much for your patience and I truly appreciate you for sticking around. Without further adieu, enjoy part nine.

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“James Madison, huh?” You were standing in line at the coffee shop when you heard Peggy Schuyler behind you. 

You turned around and saw her with her arms across her chest and her eyebrows raised. A lump formed in your throat as you stared at your friend. “Alex told you. Pegs, let me explain–”

Peggy’s demeanor broke as she let out a giggle. “I’m just kidding, (Y/N)!” She bounced up on her toes and gave you a hug. “I’ve missed you so much.” 

“I know.” You returned her embrace. “I’ve missed you, too. I just can’t bring myself to–”

“Face everyone?” When you nodded, Peggy pulled away, but kept her hands on your shoulders. “I understand. But I’m happy that you’re happy.” 

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Red & Silver (Part 8)

Summary:Reader befriends Natasha Romanoff in the Red Room, but Natasha has a lucky escape. She manages to join the Avengers, leaving the reader to be recruited by HYDRA and turned into an ultimate weapon to replace the one they lost.

Warnings: swearing, fluff (if that’s a warning?)

Word count: 1589

Italics is Bucky’s POV

Catch up here.

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fic: the trace of pleasure or regret, (5/5)

Previous: One - Two - Three - Four


When Rose had agreed to come to Shareen’s wedding, she was excited - not just for her friend, and to see her old mates, but for where the evening reception might lead. She’d considered that maybe she’d get the Doctor flirting with her, get him up dancing, show him off a bit to her mates. She’d hoped that maybe, when they got home, he’d give her a kiss goodnight again.

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"I wanted to say "I love you" for the first time without stuttering but I failed" for nalu❤️

Olive Juice

word count: 853

Lucy groaned in relief as she took off her shoes, thankful the long work day was done. She had worked for ten hours today, and it was finally over. Dealing with customers all day at her bookshop wasn’t her favorite way to pass the time at work, but she was glad that the day had come to a close.

Going to the bathroom and stripping off her clothing, she drew water for a bath and poured in some lavender salts and bergamont oils to help soothe her pain in her feet and back. Sinking into the tub, she sighed as she instantly felt relaxed.

It was at that moment that Natsu decided to burst into the bathroom.

“Hey, Luce! Watcha doing? It smells weird in here.” Natsu said, sniffing around. He liked the smell of mint more than anything, and the citrus and flowery scents threatened to make him sneeze.

“Get out!” Lucy yelled, thanking her past self that she had drawn the shower curtain before Natsu made the decision to come in and ruin her private bath time.

“Aww, but I wanna spend time with you!” Natsu whined, and Lucy fought back a growl in protest. It was bad enough that she liked him, but when he said things like that it was harder than ever not to jump into his arms.

“Not right now, you won’t,” Lucy pulled back the shower curtain and glared at him. A shock went up Natsu’s spine as he stared into her eyes. Usually they were so happy, but today it seemed like something was off.

“What’s wrong, Lucy?” Natsu asked, his voice becoming concerned as he tilted his head to the side.

Lucy blushed and hoped he wouldn’t see it, but it was evident he could when he came closer and touched his forehead to hers that he did see.

If only he could see that she loved him.

“Nothing, Natsu.” Lucy sighed, pushing the shower curtain back to where he couldn’t see her and sinking into the tub again. The warm water only sufficed to make her face redden as the heat rose, leaving her feeling more exposed than before. Moments of silence passed as Natsu stood next to the shower, completely still. It was strange for the man who was always moving around to be as motionless as she.

Quietly, Natsu sat down on the toilet seat next to the shower and said not a word as the two spent time in each other’s company. It wasn’t long after that when Natsu had an idea of something that would cheer Lucy up.

He really hated seeing her sad. Natsu hated seeing anyone sad, but the girl he loved wasn’t just anyone. She was special to him, and that was evident ever since they met. Of course, he didn’t fall in love with her right away. Over a series of months, he had saved her from people that had tried to hurt her. She had lifted him up when he was down and built him up when he felt worthless. She was his saving grace, and he was her stronghold.

“Luce?” he asked, “You wanna go get coffee?”

“Why? I’m in the bathtub right now,” Lucy said, lifting her foot up in the air to inspect it. Hm. She needed a pedicure.

“Why not? It always cheers you up. And I like seeing you happy,” Natsu said with a grin, thinking of Lucy’s smile. Her eyes would light up, and when she smiled and her eyes did that thing he liked, even the most beautiful of sunsets wouldn’t compare to how gorgeous she looked.

Yep, he was in over his head, alright.

“Well, I’m not happy right now, to be honest,” Lucy replied, pushing her foot back down and chasing thoughts of pedicures out of her head.

“But I always wanna make you happy, Luce. You make me happy when you’re happy, and I kinda like that. And I think–I think I wanna take you out for coffee.” Natsu scratched the back of his neck, thankful that she couldn’t see him.

Lucy’s eyes widened, and she pulled back the shower curtain just enough so she could look him in the eyes. Her flush was even brighter now, and her eyebrows were raised. “Natsu, what are you saying?”

Natsu took a breath. “I’m saying that–Iloveyou.”

Lucy was shocked silent for a moment. Did–Did Natsu just say he loved her?

Then, she laughed.

“Did you say olive juice?” Lucy said through her laughter, holding up her hand to cover up her smile.

“Gah, I wanted to say I love you for the first time without messing it up!” Natsu yelled to himself, and Lucy gasped.

“W-Well,” Lucy said, “I guess you could take me out for coffee, then. Hand me the towel on the rack, please.”

“Aye,” Natsu said with a smile, handing her the towel she specified. Lucy grabbed it from his hands and thanked him before wrapping the towel around herself and stepping out out of the tub.

“For what it’s worth, Natsu,” Lucy said before her lips pressed onto his, “Olive juice, too.”

There you go, anon! Thank you for waiting, I appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed <3

If anyone is confused: if you mouth or say the word “olive juice” it sounds like “I love you” hehe

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Liar liar - pants on fire

“Urrrgh! No! Not you!” Sansa groaned as she leant forward dejectedly, letting her forehead touch the sticky pub table.

“Charming! Nice to see you too Stark!” Jon responds with a chuckle before surveying the vast amount of empty shot glasses in front of the tipsy redhead.

Sansa grunted and blindly waved a hand in the air dismissively . “It'sss all your fault anyway” she hiccuped. Jon frowned.

“What’s my fault?”

She let out a long huff of air before slurring out a jumble of words into the dark wood of the table her head was still pressed against “me an’…whassssisface have hic…um…broken up…or something.”

“Broken up?” He repeats, trying not to sound too happy about it. “You’ve broken up with Harry?”

“Yep” she slurs, letting her lips pop around the ‘p’ as she raises her head from the table to look at him.

“Sorry Sans” Jon offers, with a small smile and a gentle pat to her shoulder. Sansa shrugs.

“It was never gonna last anyway.

Jon ruminates on that thought for a while before interrupting Sansa’s drink induced hazy stare into oblivion. “So how come it’s ‘all my fault’ then?”

Sansa laughs mirthlessly and flops her head onto his shoulder. “Because Harry accused me of being hic in love with you” she yawns. Jon stiffens, his pulse begins to pound in his ears.

“…..And…..and what did you say?”

Jon gulps, awaiting her answer. The weight of her against him seems to increase as she gives a sleepy mumble. “San?” He asks, jostling his shoulder slightly to wake her and get that important answer. The movement causes her head to slide down his chest and onto his lap. Sansa blinks up at him sleepily.

“Hi Jon-Jon-Jonny-boy” she grins, reaching up to boop him on the nose.

Jon can’t help but smile down at her. “Hi Sans” he clears his throat “so, um…Harry accused you of being in love with me and you said-?”

“I told him that I wasn’t” she shrugged and Jon felt a keen ache start to gnaw a hole in the pit of his stomach. “But…hic…it turnsssout I’m no good at lying” she sighs with her eyes closed and her face nuzzling into his thigh.

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117 please!

She’s 6, how can she scare you?

“Robert she’s six, how can she scare you?” Aaron couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing.

Pausing in his typing Robert looked at Aaron over his laptop, before replying, “you’ve met April, right? She’s not a normal six-year-old Aaron, she knows things.”

Aaron couldn’t help but laugh at the look of utter terror on his husband’s face, “you make her sound like she’s a kid from a horror movie or something. She’s not going to hurt you, you know.” He gave him a playful smack on the arm as he walked past on his way to the kitchen. “Besides, what the hell do you mean by she knows things? I think you might be getting her mixed up with Faith there mate.”

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Bromo you’ve got issues.....Recap of last night’s meltdown

Oh man it looks like I missed the fun last night…So here I am catching up and it looks like the noisy fandom known as the 1D fandom found out last night that Harry had registered a new company probably for touring and oh boy Bromance wasn’t happy…It’s true performance art:

Ahhh and the truth is revealed….Harry Styles owes everything to her…..Dude you need to chill…..

Here is her sidekick Bulletproof chiming in the conversation… When is she gonna free herself and delete???

Back to Bromo…

Now look at how she acts when confronted….Bromo thinks she knows better…

Yep Bromo you are always just ‘critiquing’ or a ‘concerned fan’

After getting blasted by people for her comments….Bromo tries to prove that she is a ‘true Harry stan’

All I’ve got to say Bromo:

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Twisted Desires Chapter Nineteen

A/N - There’s a lot of stuff coming up that is dark. It’s just the path the story took. All chapters will have specific warnings when needed.

Quick Info - JJ’s birthday party. Jensen brings someone home
Word Count - 1763
Warnings - language, angst, mention of smut

Part nineteen of twenty five. Hope you enjoy this series as much as i enjoyed writing it.

This is my first Jensen series. I mean no disrespect toward Jensen or Danneel. This is purely a fictitious story that I tried with Dean but it didn’t work as well. Thank you to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @tankcupcakes and @atc74 for their beta and encouragement with this series.

Twisted Desires Masterlist

My Masterlist

Twisted Desires Chapter Nineteen

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Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Seven

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!

        ***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***

Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (FYI this is total fiction, as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. Because of this, for this work of fiction, they don’t exist. Jeffrey’s been a typical actor playboy dating fellow stars etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature

Aria pulled off her chef coat and dug through the closet in her office for a change of clothes. Her shirt was sweaty and she felt overall disgusting from being behind a stove all day. Jeffrey was going to be there any moment and she would rather wear a potato sack than the t-shirt sticking to her back. 

“Ah hah!” She exclaimed finding a fairly unwrinkled shirt with her restaurant’s logo on it. Yanking off her shirt, she washed up quickly in the staff bathroom and changed into the fresh tee. She couldn’t do anything about her black chef pants, the splash of something on her thigh making her grimace. 

“All well.” She muttered, heading into the kitchen to whip them up some leftovers from the service. Spooning the last of the carrot soup into a shallow bowl, topping it off with smoked duck and chopped herbs, Aria heard the knock on the front door. Smiling widely, she set the dish down on the counter and headed out to let Jeffrey in. 

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He stood with his hands in his pockets, a black hoodie over an old misfits t-shirt. Aria smirked at the beanie he wore and decided Jeffrey out of leather was just as fucking handsome. 

“Hey there beautiful.” He rasped before kissing temple and pulling her into a body warming hug. Aria took in a deep breath as he rocked them back and forth while nuzzling it her hair. 

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Rumors - part 18


It was around early morning when I woke up still in Kol’s arms and I tried to get out off bed and not wake him up. I succeeded in that and got in the bathroom for shower. When I got out of the bathroom I saw that Kol was awake, but still laying on the bed.

 - Look who is in towel now; “Kol said smirking”.

I rolled my eyes and wanted to get clothes and dress up, but he vamp speed in front of me not letting me to take the clothes.

 - I want to get dress Kol; “I said to him”.

 - There is no need for that; “Kol said and vamp speed us to the bed”.

We started kissing intense and heated. He started kissing my neck intensively and stroked his hand up and down my thigh roughly, yet passionately. I let out a little moan and when he started kissing me on the lips again I felt the prick of his fangs. We knew how to kiss around fangs, so we kept going.

Then he almost touched me between my legs with his fingers, but few seconds later my phone started ringing, I took it somehow from the nightstand and saw that Rebekah is calling me.

 - Hey, hey stop it’s Rebekah; “I told Kol through kiss”.

Kol annoyed stopped kissing me and we sat on the bed.

I answered her call putting her on the speaker.

 - What the hell are you two doing in San Francisco? “Rebekah asked us”.

 - You picked the wrong timing to call; “Kol said”.

 - Well sorry for interrupting you, Kol; “Rebekah said”.

 - And where the hell have you been? Why didn’t you answered your phone? “I asked Rebekah”.

 - I was in the bloody box, daggered; “Rebekah said angry”.

 - What? Who daggered you? “I asked”.

 - Who do you think; “Rebekah said angry”.

 - Nik; “Kol said, not surprised”.

 - Omg and he told us that he didn’t see you since dinner; “I told her”.

 - And you believed him; “Rebekah said”.

 - Well..sorry Bekah; “I said”.

 - It’s okay, I know you didn’t want anything to ruin you honeymoon; “Rebekah said”.

 - What? This is not a honeymoon; “I said smiling”.

 - Whatever. Kol you remember The Five right? Well before I could tell you two about them Klaus daggered me; “Rebekah said”.

 - I didn’t know who they are, but Kol seemed very upset and I asked;  And who are they? and before anyone could answer me I told them; No don’t tell me. Let me guess. They want to kill vampires?

 - Yes and they want to find cure for vampirism; “Rebekah told me”.

 - That exist? “I asked”.

 - I’ve heard stories. They want to find the cure and Silas, but if they do that and free Silas he will unleash hell on earth; “Kol told me”.

 - And who is that Silas guy? “I asked”.

 - First immortal being; “Kol said”.

 - And I thought that you guys are the first immortals; “I told them”.

 - Silas does not exist. He is a fairy tale made up to scare children into eating their vegetables; “Rebekah said”.

 - Silas is very much real sister and he will kill us all, we can’t let anyone to find the cure; “Kol said upset”.

 - Okay, calm down, we won’t; “I said to him touching his chest”.

 - Well Klaus has a hunter and they all want to find a cure for Elena; “Rebekah said”.

 - Oh God, can something not involve her; “I said”.

 - Stop them; Kol said and stand up, then added; We are coming back today.

When I hung up on Rebekah and put my phone on the night stand, I looked at Kol and asked him; You won’t finish what you started? Then I take off the towel and laid naked on the bed.

 - Kol smiled at me and said; Only if you want me to, darling.

He laid on me and kissed my lips, then down my breasts and stomach. When he was all the way down he put his finger inside of me and started kissing and licking my clit. I closed my eyes and let out a small moan, arching my back so I can get closer to him. Then few minutes later he kissed my inner thigh and bite it. I felt orgasm going through my whole body. Kol made his way up to my breasts and kissed them, asking; Do you want more darling?

 - I breathed out; Mhmm.

 - Then he smiled and stopped everything he was doing and said; Well we are going to finish this, when we are back in Mystic Falls.

 - I opened my eyes to look at him and said; You just enjoy in torturing me; He smiled and I rolled my eyes, saying; I’m going to do the same to you, maybe even worse.

 - Can’t wait to see if you could succeed in resisting me; “Kol said smirking”.

 - Just wait and you’ll see and get that smirk of off your face; “I said”.

Then I get up from the bed and went to the bathroom to take one more shower.

An hour later we checked out of the hotel and got in the car to take us to the airport. Kol and I already had private plane waiting us on the airport and we wanted to get back to the Mystic Falls as soon as we can.

 - Well it was good till it last; “I said”.

 - I know darling. But we are going to come back and have a proper vacation; “Kol said”.

 - Ugh, as soon as this drama in Mystic Falls is over; I said and asked; So is Silas that bad?

 - Yes; “Kol answered quickly”.

 - Why? “I asked”.

 - He is even more powerful than any Original vampire; Kol said and added; Hunters of the five were made so that they can find him, give him the cure and kill him. I didn’t heard of the Five since Klaus killed them like nine hundred years ago.

 - That was a long time ago, how are they back? “I asked”.

 - I don’t know. A few hundred years back, I came across a group that worshiped Silas. His followers told me that he would rise again and when he did, he would trigger the end of all time, so I murdered all of them; “Kol said”.

 - Well I guess you’ll need to kill those in Mystic Fall as well; “I said”.

 - With pleasure; “Kol said and smiled”.

 - I smiled back and said; Wake me up when we arrive in Mystic Falls; Then I put my head on his shoulder and slowly drifted asleep.

When we were almost in Mystic Falls Kol waked me up and I said; Oh, already; I felt Kol’s smile against my forehead when I said that. Then he called a girl that was serving us to come closer and he bite her wrist.

 - You want some, darling? “Kol asked me”.

I opened my eyes and take her hand, then bite her. I couldn’t stop myself so Kol said; Easy.

I smiled and withdrawn my fangs from her wrist. Then turned to look at Kol and he kissed me. When we broke the kiss he bite his wrist and give the girl his blood, then he compelled she to forget that we bite her.

We went home as soon as we could, but Rebekah wasn’t there so I called her.

 - Where are you? “I asked Rebekah”.

 - I’m in school; “Rebekah said”.

 - Okay, we are coming there; “I said and hung up”.

When I opened the door of the library all people that were there looked at Kol and me.

 - You two came back from your honeymoon; “Rebekah said as we entered the room”.

 - Ugh; “Elena said and rolled her eyes”.

 - What was that? I asked looking at Elena and added; Someone is not happy that we are back and Rebekah don’t tell me you started without me.

 - Don’t worry I just find out who knows about the cure; “Rebekah said”.

 - The town was better without you two; “Elena said”.

 - Haha, I’ve missed you too; “I said sarcastically though laugh to Elena”.

 - How many people did you two kill on you honeymoon? “Elena said”.

 - Just five, right? “I told her looking at Kol”.

 - Yep, that’s right; “Kol said”.

Then Rebekah called Kol to come in front of the classroom so she can tell him something and I was still talking with Elena.

 - And two of them were hunters so I don’t count that, so three it is; “I said”.

 - Why you don’t count them? “Elena asked”.

 - Because they want to kill vampires, so it’s kill or be killed. You’ll learn that soon enough; “I said”.

 - Elena why don’t you tell her what you did a few days ago; “Rebekah said coming back into the room”.

I looked at Rebekah and then at Elena wondering what she did, when Elena didn’t answered Rebekah compelled her to tell us.

 - I, I killed someone; “Elena said with tears in her eyes”.

 - You did? Nice job, you’re a killer now; “I said looking at her and smiling”.

 - He was one of the hunters; “Rebekah said”.

 - I’ve made a mistake; “Elena said though tears”.

 - Oh, that’s why you asked me why I don’t count them. Well now you know and wipe those tears, we have one hunter less on this world. You didn’t make a mistake; “I said to Elena”.

 - I’ll never kill again; “Elena said”.

 - Oh honey, you’re a vampire now, you’ll kill eventually again and again and again or you think Salvatore brothers will always be there to protect you and kill for you; “I told her”.

 - I would rather die; “Elena said”.

 - You are crazy; “I said to her rolling my eyes”.

 - No, you’re. You kill innocent people; “Elena said”.

 - Well I usually feed from the blood bags, but that get’s boring and I need a little fun; “I said to her remembering what Kol and I did while we were away”.

 - It’s not fun killing people; “Elena said”.

 - Then I sat in front of Elena and said to her; You have no idea how much it is fun when you chase someone and they run like hell while their heartbeat goes so fast like their heart will go out of their chest. And they don’t have any idea that you are already waiting them on the other side of the street, woods or whatever and when they see you, they turn around because they think they’re hallucinating. Then you come closer to them and when they turn around to face you, you hear their heart skip a beat and then without them expecting you sank your fangs into their neck.

 - And kill them? “Elena said”.

 - Well yeah, but not always I spear life. Sometimes; “I said”.

 - You don’t get to decide who lives and who dies; “Elena said a little angry”.

 - I do and stop annoying me; “I said and hit the table where she was sitting, Rebekah was behind me listening our conversation”.

 - Bekah please compel her to shut her mouth or I’ll shut her up; “I said”.

 - I’ll shut her up; “Rebekah said and compelled everyone that they can talk just when they need to answer our question”.

 - Great; I said and smiled at Rebekah adding; So what else happened while I wasn’t in town?

 - Elena slept with Damon; “Rebekah said”.

 - Omg, did she? “I said looking at Elena”.

 - Yes, poor Stefan she broke his heart; “Rebekah said pretending to be sad”.

 - Why did you do it Elena? “I asked looking at her”.

 - Because I’m in love with him; “Elena said”.

 - But not just that, she is sired to Damon; “Rebekah said”.

 - Oh, a sire bond. That’s why you are in love with him? “I asked Elena”.

 - I’m not in love with him just because of the sire bond; “Elena answered”.

 - Auch, that hurt; “I said to Stefan”.

Then I stand up from a chair and walked over to Stefan putting my hand on his shoulders and looking at Elena, before Rebekah said something Kol walked in.

 - Kol smiled and said; You two are even worse then Klaus.

 - Kol, finally. Did you bring what I asked for? “Rebekah said”. Then Kol shoves some guy into the library.

 - You must be Shane; “Rebekah said looking at him”.

Kol was standing behind that guy, smiling and looking at me. No matter how long we’re together I still feel butterflies in my stomach every time we look at each other.

 - Kol, did you heard me? “Rebekah said waving her hand in front of his face”.

 - Then Kol looked at her asking; What did you say, sister?

 - I said we are taking him to custodial closet; “Rebekah said”.

 - Kol looked at me again and said; See you later, darling.

I smiled and then Rebekah and Kol went to question that guy, so I asked Elena; Is that the guy who knows where cure is?

 - Yes; “Elena answered”. 

Then Rebekah walked back to the library and I said; This is so cool when you can compel vampires, I would love if I could do that.

 - Well you’ll always have me to do it for you; Rebekah said smiling and added; Now where did we left of?

 - Rebekah looked at Elena and asked her; Truth or dare, Elena?    

 - What are you waiting for answer; “I said to Elena”.

 - Dare; “Elena said”.

 - I dare you to tell Stefan the truth about Damon; “Rebekah said to Elena”.

 - Seriously? “Caroline said”.

 - I looked at Caroline saying; Who said you can talk?

 - And Rebekah looked at Elena then Elena said; Being with Damon makes me happy.

 - Makes you happy? Clowns make you happy, Elena. Dig a little deeper; “Rebekah said”.

 - When I’m with him it feels unpredictable, like I’m free; “Elena said”.

 - And how do you feel when you’re with Stefan? “I asked Elena”.

 - Lately, I feel like I’m a problem that needs to be fixed. I think I make him sad, and I can’t be with someone like that, because when he looks at me, all he sees is a broken toy; “Elena said”.

 - Now that’s an answer; “I said smiling”.

 - Do you still love Stefan? “Rebekah asked her”.

 - Yes; “Elena answered”.

 - Are you still in love with Stefan? “Rebekah asked her”.

 - No; “Elena answered”.

 - When Elena said that I tapped Stefan on the shoulder and asked him; Did that hurt?

 - Rebekah adding; Having someone you love drive a dagger through your heart?

 - Yes; “Stefan said”.

 - Welcome to the last 900 years of my life; Rebekah said adding; And just so you know Elena, your boyfriends liked me once, actually a lot more than once.

Elena rolled her eyes on that, she would probably say something but she can’t. Rebekah took Caroline’s phone and called Tyler and said to him to come to high school.

 - Then we hear Kol yelling; Where is the cure? and Rebekah walked over there to help.

After a while Rebekah came back a little angry so I came to her and asked; What happened?

 - Well Kol was angry and he killed Shane, now we don’t know where cure is; She said to me and added when she saw Tyler; Oh look who arrived.

 - Where is he now? “I asked”.

 - I don’t know, he just left; “Rebekah said”.

 - Okay, I’m going find him and to talk with him; “I said to Rebekah”.

 - Go. I’m gonna deal with this; “She said looking at Elena, Stefan, Caroline and Tyler”.

I tried to find Kol but he was nowhere to be found nor did he answer his phone, instead I leave him a voicemail saying; Where did you go Kol? Call me when you hear this.  

Then I thought maybe he went home so I got there but he wasn’t there either. I was sitting in the living room for some time and then Rebekah came back asking; Did you find him?

 - No; I said and added; So now that Shane is dead, is it over?

 - I don’t think so and Kol won’t stop until he makes sure that no one will get the cure; “Rebekah said”.

 - Well maybe that’s for the best; I said and Rebekah didn’t look so happy so I added; Kol told me how he killed some group of people that worshiped Silas.

 - Well he becomes even more crazy when someone mention him; “Rebekah said”.

 - If he is right, maybe we should just kill Elena again; “I said”.

 - And what then? “Rebekah asked”.

 - Then they won’t need to find the cure; “I said and stood up going towards the door”.

 - Where are you going? “Rebekah asked”.

 - I’ll be right back; “I said and before Rebekah could stop me I left”.

I went to Elena’s house but no body was home, that ruined my plans so I went to the Grill where I saw Tyler and Caroline I approached them and said; Just the people I need to talk to.

 - What do you want again? “Caroline asked”.

 - Where is Elena? “I asked”.

 - Why are you interested in her? “Tyler asked”.

 - Does it matter? I asked and added; Tell me where she is or I’m going to kill all the people in here.

 - Are you mad? “Caroline said”.

 - Yes; I said and vamp speed to some guy grabbing him around his neck and saying; Starting with this one; but before I snapped his neck Rebekah came and snapped my neck, then took me home.


Your Savor - 9

Link to Chapter 8

Hello loves! Sorry for the delay in getting this chapter out, it’s mostly plot development and I honestly had a hard time writing it! I hope you all enjoy it more than I do, as you are often less critical of my work!

Warnings: Swearing

Chapter 9

You awoke to someone banging on the clinic door. You carefully rose from the bed, letting the world stop spinning before making your way to the door where the banging continued. “Alright, alright, I’m coming! Jesus!” Mornings had never been your strong suit, and you were very groggy from the sedatives that Dr. Carson had given you. You threw the door open and grumbled “Christ Negan, you could have just…OH!”

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Pack Mom - Part 11

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Request 1//  Derek and Y/n lets Liam babysit Talia and he’s nervous so she gives him a list to do with her. Once they come home from a movie they see Liam playing with her

Request 2//  Part 11 to pack mom where the pack find out that not only does Liam call the reader mom but he now calls Derek dad and they’re slightly weirded out and obviously Stiles is the one to say something against it but then Derek gets super protective over Liam saying he’s part of the family and later that night the couple surprise Liam with adoption papers wanting to make it official and Derek even tells him if he wants to change his last name to hale please

A/N// Sorry, But This Part Is A Bit Longer Than The Other Parts But I Hope You Don’t Mind

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8  Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 13  Part 14

Well, I don’t believe that Liam didn’t know anything about looking after a baby because he was so good at it. When he and Talia were both together they were both laughing, smiling and having fun. Talia might only be 7 months old but I would always catch Liam reading books to her and play with toys to keep her entertained. But the one thing he has never done is look after Talia alone, Derek or I have been with him. So we had to put him to the test. Derek and I had the best Idea how we could do that too. When Liam was out one night having a games night around Masons house and Talia was fast asleep tucked into bed, we talked about adopting Liam. 

We both thought it was a great Idea he was part of the family and we both saw him as our son, so why not make it official. So we wanted to surprise him, so we planned for him to look after Talia for a few hours on his own and we would lie and tell him we would be going to the movies, but we were actually going to get the adoption forms.

The only problem was that we could have to get permission from his parents and they would have to sign the adoption forms. We had no idea of what they were going to say, but we kept our fingers crossed and hoped for the best.

We planned to go out around 6 pm so, in the meantime, the pack was around, just chilling out. The pack arrived around 11 o’clock, and as soon as Lydia stepped through the door she was straight over to Talia and picking her up cuddling her. Everyone took a seat and were chatting and having a good laugh. Everyone was in deep conversation when Liam came out of his room.

“Mom, Where’s Dad?” He asked making the room go silent. I could have heard a pin drop. 

“He’s in the kitchen, sweetie” Liam looked around the room, while everyone just stared at him. He just gave me a nod in return and went to find Derek. No one said a word, they just stared at each other,  not only that he called me mom but shocked that now Liam called Derek dad.

Derek and Liam came back into the living room. No one said a word, as they didn’t know what to say. The only noise that could be heard was from Talia. That’s only until Stiles had to say something. Come on it’s Stiles obviously he had to say something.

“Dad? You call Derek Dad? That is so weird!” Stiles exclaimed,  speaking what everyone was speaking. When I looked over at Liam, he was looking down at the floor avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room.

“Yes he does Stiles if you have a problem with that leave, he’s family so if he wants to call me dad, then he can,” Derek said getting super protective over Liam and putting his arm around his shoulder. “So do you have anything else to say?” Derek asked

“Nope,” Stiles said simply not wanting to get on the wrong side of Derek. Nothing else was said about the situation. The pack left around 5 o’clock so Derek and I could get ready to go to the “Movies”. 

When I finished getting ready I went down to Liam as Derek went to get ready. Liam had a nervous look on his face.

“You alright sweetheart?” I asked pulling him into a hug.

“What if something happens when you are out?” Liam said

“Just ring us, but nothing will happen, I have seen you look after your sister so many time and you do a great job of it. She is lucky to have a big brother like you” I told him hugging him tighter. 

“But I’m nervous, I don’t know what to do” Liam informed you.

“Would it make you feel better if I wrote you a list of what to do?” I asked. His smile grew wider and he gave me a nod. I let him go and went to get a piece of paper and a pen. 

   To Do List

 6:00// Keep her entertained

 6:30// Feed her. Food, bowls and spoons are in the cupboard

 7:00// Give her a bath, toys are all in the cupboard. Get everything you need before you put her in the bath. DO NOT LEAVE HER BY HERSELF!

 7:30// Play with her a bit, then get her settled for bed. You know her bottles are, fill it up with her milk and warm it up. MAKE SURE IT ISN’T TO HOT!

 8:00// Bedtime. Her not you

 P.S// You will be fine baby, you have nothing to worry about. Love you. Ring if you need anything.

I handed Liam the piece of paper. 

“I put where everything is in case you forgot where it was, I put till her bedtime but we might be back before that but if not you have everything you need to do” Liam looked up at you and smiled. Derek came downstairs ready to go. 

“Right, Talia is asleep so she will wake up soon, so have fun,“ Derek told Liam walking towards the door. I gave Liam one last hug before I left.

"If you need us just ring, I love you,” I said kissing him on his head.

“Okay I love you too and have fun,” Liam said and we headed out of the door, ready to make Liam officially our son.

Liam’s P.O.V

I was so nervous to look after Talia by myself. But before I could think of anything else I heard her crying. I went to her room and picked her up out of her crib. As soon as I did that she stopped. I rocked her a bit then I went downstairs and looked at the list what mom left me. “Keep her entertained” . I got out all her toys and placed them on the floor and I sat down with her. I loved her laughter so much. It was the cutest thing ever. We played with puzzles and teddy’s. 

It turned 6:30 and ready to feed Talia. I picked her up off the floor and took her into the kitchen and sat her in her high chair and got her some food. I sat down in front of her and started feeding her. She was defiantly a messy eat. Talia got it everywhere. She definitely needed a bath. So that is the thing I did next. 

When I read the list, mom told me not to leave her alone, so before I ran the bath, I got everything she would need and took her into the bathroom. I ran the bath and grabbed all her toys. I took all her clothes of ready to bath her. I made sure the bath wasn’t to hot then placed her in. She loved the bubbles so much. I gave her all her toys and kneeled down next to the bath not taking my eyes off her. She started splashing and getting water and bubbles everywhere.

“What do you think you are doing?” I said sweetly, causing her to laugh. I let her play with her toys for around 10  minutes they I got her washed then got her out and wrapped her in her pink fluffy towel. I got her dressed and took her back downstairs.

Y/N’s P.O.V

We had the adoption papers in our hands. We just need Liam’s parents to sign them. And that is where we are headed right now. When we pulled up outside I began to get really nervous. Derek grabbed my hand.

“Stop worrying, they will probably do it anyway, when have they ever called to see if he was okay? He as lived with us for over a year now” He told me, and it was true they never called to check on him.

I knocked on the door and Liam’s mom answered. 

“What do you two want?” She asked sounding rude

“We want to ask you something,” I told her

“Go ahead then,” She said sound annoyed. I couldn’t get the words out, but before I could say anything Derek spoke.

“We want you to sigh these papers" 

"What are they?” She asked snatching them off him.

“Adoption papers, We want to adopt Liam,” Derek told her.

“You want to adopt that little brat, the one who ruined this family because of his anger, go ahead I will be happy to sign them” How dare she talk about Liam like that. She hasn’t even spoke to him in ages. His anger has got a lot better. Derek could sense my anger and told me to go and wait in the car, and that is what I did. I couldn’t listen to her talk about my baby like that.

I watched her hand the papers back and practically slam the door into his face. He got into the car looking shocked.

“Did she sign them?” I question

“Yep, he is officially our son,” Derek told me. I hug him so tight, I couldn’t wait to tell Liam.

Getting Home//

When we got home we walked into the loft and Liam was sat with Talia on his knee, she was drinking her Milk and he was reading a book to her. 

“Hey, sweetie did everything go okay,” I asked kissing his head.

“Yeah she was good as gold,” He told me

“Come here princess,” Derek said and took Talia to bed. I wanted to wait till Derek to tell Liam.

I sat on the sofa and pulled Liam into my lap and hugged him tight. 

“So she was good?” I asked

“Yeah she was, we had fun, I fed her and she is such a messy eater,” Liam told me laughing. 

“Glad you had fun sweetie,” I said, then Derek came downstairs.

“I’m going to go bed and leave you to alone,” Liam told us, but I pulled him back into my lap.

“Liam we have something to tell you,” Derek said.

“Have I done something wrong?” Liam asked 

“No, Liam, we didn’t go to the movies tonight,” I said, earning a confused look.

“Where did you go?” He questioned. Derek handed him the papers. He opened them up and his smile grew wider and wider.

“Ar…Are they real?” Liam asked with his eyes filling up with tears

“Yeah they are, Liam you are officially our son now,” I told him with tears in my eyes. Liam didn’t know what to say he just hugged me then got up and hugged Derek.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. This is the best surprise ever” We ended up having a big family hug.

“And Liam if you want to you change your surname to Hale, only if you want to, You don’t have to,” Derek asked

“Liam Hale, I like it”

Part 12?

Request: Make things right

Request: One shot where I’m jax daughter and he like thew me out and one year I become successful with singing and they come see me in my singing and listen to the song I sing you don’t own me by grace and colors by halesy and the WHOLE (i.e.) like tara and gemma is there club is shocked and they try to talk to me but security doesn’t let them so they follow me into my Manson and they are shocked I have a huge house and a baby girl but they tell me they need help with money and I help them and happy ending BTW the baby girl is happy’s 

Song reader is singing, HERE

It was hard to write this one. I’m writing the request, but I don’t believe Jax would not want a child, it doesn’t matter who is the mother, but I wrote it and I’m sorry if this offend anyone, somehow. 

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of sex, rejection, depression

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The leather kutte was missing, but I could easily see him as a Son. I was finishing my beer when he entered the bar. Nobody else paid attention to him, but I couldn’t look away. He noticed, locking his brown eyes with mine and licking his lips. He got closer and we started to talk as we drank. I had stopped in that place, on Charming’s city limits, just for a beer before hit the road, but there I was, spending hours with that mysterious man. Booze made me bold and next thing I knew we were in the back of my car, having sex. I scratched his tattooed scalp and moaned as we both came. I sat next to him, trying to catch my breath. He put his jeans on again and hopped off the car, just like that, no names asked, no cuddles after the sex.

I sighed and jumped to the driver’s seat, pulling my skirt down my thighs again. He leaned on my window and I glared at him.

“New in town?”, he motioned to my suitcase on the passenger’s seat.

“No”, I hissed and started the car, “I’m leaving”


3 years later…

I closed the blinds when we got closer to Charming. We wouldn’t stop, just pass through the little town, but I didn’t want to see it. I had left a while ago, but it still hurt to think about my life there.

I had avoided SAMCRO, the famous motorcycle club, my entire life, but it was kinda hard to do it when my father was the VP. My mother had been one of his one-night-stands and he didn’t want to be father, not when he was so young. Jackson Teller, my father, was trying to forget his girlfriend, who had left him, so he was drinking and having sex with random girls. We didn’t have a good relationship, actually he practically ignored me, unless club was going through a lockdown because one of his enemies. Then he would send someone to pick me up and I would hide somewhere at the clubhouse and wait for the lockdown to be over. I was invisible.

One day, someone finally noticed me and I had the chance to leave that place and I did it. I hadn’t been close to Charming in years, I thought in gave it just a quick look, but before I could open the blinds a child crying got my attention. She was more important than Charming and its people.

Happy’s POV

Jax had been acting strange all day, nervous and smoking one cigarette after another. Club wasn’t going through any trouble as far as Happy knew, so it must be personal. Gemma arrived at TM, mother and son had been locked inside her office since then. When SAMCRO’s president finally entered the clubhouse again, he looked at his brothers and announced they would go for a ride that night. He thought it would be some club business, but Happy found himself in a concert, looking at the stage, waiting for the singer.

“How you never told me you had a daughter man?”, Happy inquired, turning to at Jax, who was standing next to him. Tara, Jax’s old lady, and Gemma were there too.

“We never had a good relationship”, his brother sighed, pinching his nose, “I was lost, it was just one night, but… I couldn’t be a father, I was too young and I hated that child and her mother for awhile… I was wrong, I should have been a better father. You have no idea how much I regret this. I don’t know what I am doing here, but maybe I get the chance to make things right”

He didn’t know how Jax would do that, but Happy would be there for his friend. He never had thought about being father, he didn’t do relationships, but Happy would never give up on his child, he would want to be the father he never had.

The lights and a man announcing the singer caught his attention. Happy turned his look to the stage again and there she was, Jax’s daughter…And the girl he had sex with on his first night visiting Charming.


Happy felt a lump on his throat. How that had happened? He had had sex with his president’s daughter, a girl that should be completely off limits for him. However, they had met each other in a bar, he didn’t know who she was, they hadn’t said their names. It had been a random, half naked, quick and incredible hot fuck in the back of her car.

Y/N was singing and she was good. The lyrics said “You don’t own me, don’t try to change me in any way” and Y/N was pouring her heart out, he could see it. SAMCRO family was watching the show in awe, people singing Y/N’s songs with her; in a short time, she had conquered fame and it would only grows.

“Come on”, Jax called his brothers as soon as the show ended. They tried to get close to the stage, but security wouldn’t let them pass. Happy saw Y/N from afar and she turned her head in their direction when Jax yelled her name. She got pale and someone pushed her inside a car.

“Let’s go brother”, Happy pushed Jax back to where their bikes were, “We can think about this at the clubhouse”


“Are you sure?”, Jax asked as they parked the bikes in front of a house in Los Angeles.

“Yep”, Juice nodded, admiring the place too, “What’s the plan?”

All the Sons looked at their president. Jax took a deep breath and just walked to the gate. They waited as he talked on the intercom; it took a while but someone was finally coming from the house. Happy put his sunglasses up and saw Y/N there. She didn’t look pleased to see them.

“What are you doing here?”, she barked, “How did you find me?”

“Y/N please”, Jax begged to his daughter, “We need to talk”

“I don’t think so”, Y/N shook her head and turned her back on them. Jax was about to yell, call her back when a little girl came running, a woman chasing her.

“Mommy!”, the girl giggled and Y/N glanced at the bikers outside her gate. She lifted the little girl on her arms and walked away, but not before Happy could notice the girl’s big brown eyes, just like his.


A couple of days had passed and the atmosphere around the clubhouse couldn’t be worse. Jax was disappointed his daughter didn’t want to see or listen him; and now the club was going through financial problems. Happy couldn’t bear that situation anymore, so he hopped onto his bike and drove to Los Angeles, only stopping at Y/N’s gate. He asked to talk with her on behalf of Jackson Teller.

“Could you please tell my father I don’t want to speak with him?”, Y/N barked on the intercom, “If he insists, I will call the police”

“I need to talk to you Y/N. This is Happy Lowman, the guy you fucked on the back of your car years ago”, he blurted and she gasped on the other side.

“I don’t wanna talk to you or any Son. Leave me alone”, she said after a minute of silence.

“No”, Happy clenched his jaw, leaning closer to the microphone, “I saw your little girl. How old is she? Two years old maybe? Who is her father?”

“It’s not your business”, Y/N hissed.

“Yes, it is, because I think she is mine!”, Happy heard her gasp again, “I won’t hurt you or my daughter. I won’t take her from you, but I want her to know me, I want to be a part of her life… Listen, I know you don’t want to know about us, but… Your father is really sorry, he wants to apologize and… This is too much, but we could use your help, financial problems… Think about it. You know where to find us”

Days later…

SAMCRO had done some business in the last few days, but it wasn’t enough, they were barely keeping their heads above water. They needed a big deal soon. Happy was outside the clubhouse, trying to think and come up with a plan, when a car entered the parking lot. Y/N hopped off the car, surprising him. She looked at Happy and opened the back door, lifting her little girl from the car seat. He walked toward them, looking at the girl on Y/N arms. She looked up at him and he could see the resemblance.

“Do you wanna hold her?”, Y/N whispered. He raised an eyebrow, not sure if he had the right to do it. She smiled and nodded, “She is your daughter”

“Y/N?”, they both turned around at the sound of Jax’s voice.

“Hi father”, Y/N started to tear up and grabbed an envelope from her purse, handing it to Jax, “I heard you guys needed help with money”

“Darling…”, Jax sighed and pulled his daughter to his arms, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I should have tried harder, I should have… I don’t have to help us, especially after everything I put you through”

“I won’t lie to you father, it still hurts, but…”, she pulled back and wiped the tears, “We should try it and… Maybe she is our second chance”

Y/N looked to her daughter and Happy walked closer to them. Jax looked from the little girl to Y/N, “Is…Is she my granddaughter?”, he was crying too, “Jesus!”

“Yes, she is”, Y/N answered, looking at Happy, who nodded, “She is your granddaughter and Happy’s child”

“What?”, Jax asked as Happy let him hold the little girl.

“Long story”, Y/N grimaced, “We should go inside to talk about this”

As everybody walked back inside the clubhouse, Y/N stayed behind with Happy. “Thank you”, she whispered.

“No”, he held her arm, making Y/N look at him, “Thank YOU, for helping us and let me see my daughter”

“This won’t be easy Happy”, she sighed, “And after my own experience, I expect you to be a great father”

Happy Lowman had never imagined he would be a father someday, but was sure he would do his best to be a good one, “Yes, I will”

k.hanbin -- jealous? who? me?

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‘’I’m free today, baby.’’ Hanbin called out as soon as his girlfriend picked up the phone. A soft smile crossed the female’s lips; finally she’d spend some time with her boyfriend. She wasn’t sure just how many weeks it has been since she got to be with him for longer than a couple hours he managed to find free in his schedule; she couldn’t blame him as after all, he did have a busy life; he wanted his dream to come true therefore, he’d have to work hard in order to succeed and she gave her full support to him.

‘’Yah, Jaewon, be quiet.’’ the female chuckled over the phone as she tried to talk to her boyfriend, to answer him she’d be looking forward for the day they got to spend together. Hanbin didn’t like the way Jaewon’s name (he was also known as One, he was from the same company as Hanbin therefore, he knew who he was) rolled off his girlfriend’s lips - it sounded way too playful and friendly for him to be happy about it. He thought his girlfriend only talked that softly to him but apparently, he wasn’t the only one.

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Lost In The City

Calum Hood Imagine

Today was the day! You were finally going to see your boyfriend after months and months of missing him and you couldn’t be more excited. You and Calum had been dating for almost a year. In fact, next week was your one year anniversary, which was the reason you were flying out to go and see him. You had been saving for the trip for about a month and even though Calum had offered to pay for your plane ticket you wanted to pay for it yourself instead. You had been completely packed since last week, but had repacked at least four times since. But now, it was three hours until your flight took off. The U.S part of their tour began in Las Vegas so that’s where you had decided you would meet him. You would then stay with him and the boys on tour for another two weeks before you flew back home. Calum wanted you to stay through the entire rest of the tour but due to different credits you needed at school you unfortunately couldn’t afford to stay any longer than two weeks. But that wasn’t going to stop you from seeing him completely. You were tired of only being able to hear his voice through static filled phone calls and see his face through your laptop screen. You wanted to feel his arms around you and hear him whisper in your ear how much he loves you. You missed him so much it hurt and you were ready to have him back again even if it was only for a short while.

The sound of a shrill car horn brought you back from your thoughts. Excitedly, you slung your duffel bag over your shoulder and hurried out the door to the awaiting taxi. Two hours later, you were seated on the airplane that would take you to Las Vegas, headphones in and ready to sit through the long flight, having opted to wear a comfy tee shirt and leggings for the trip, wanting to avoid discomfort on the plane ride. The chime of the seat belt sign went off signaling that the plane was about to start moving so quickly before you would lose a signal you texted Calum to let him know you were taking off.

Hey babe, just taking off. Be there soon! :)x

Nestling further back in your seat, you closed your eyes and let the rhythm of the music in your headphones take you away.


You were jolted awake by the sound of the captain’s voice.

“Good afternoon everyone and thank you for flying with us. On behalf of all the crew here we hope you have a fantastic stay in Las Vegas.”

Once the plane came to a complete stop and the seatbelt light was off, you gathered your belongings and made your way off the plane. You took a breath of fresh air as you exited and followed the signs to pick up your bags. Switching your phone back on, you saw that you had a text from Calum.

Do you want me to pick you up?

Looking around you saw that a small group of girls had begun to notice your presence. Being the girlfriend of a band member had its perks, but you never really liked all the attention. You knew that the moment Calum arrived here it would be mayhem, so you decided you would call for a taxi instead of subjecting both him and you to mobbing. Dialing the number to the yellow cab service, you requested that someone be here to pick you up and he said he would be here in fifteen minutes. Heading out to grab your bag, you noticed a small pack of girls trailing after you, some with their phones out and obviously taking pictures. You were just about to call Calum when you felt someone tap your shoulder. Turning around, you saw a girl who looked to be about fifteen.

“You’re Y/N right?”
“Uh, yeah I am.” You smiled at the girl.
“Aren’t you Calum Hood’s girlfriend?”
“I guess you could say that, yeah.” You chuckled.
“Is he here?”
“No, he’s busy with all the tour and album stuff you know.”
“Is the album coming out soon?”
“I keep telling him to kick it in high gear, but it’s not my decision. I know it’s going to be good though.” You told her.
“I know it will be too” The girl beamed. “Can I, uh, maybe get a picture with you?”
“Sure thing!” The girl snapped pulled out her phone and you leaned in, smiling as she snapped a picture.
“Thank you so much! And uh, could you tell Calum I said hi and his music inspires me?” The girl looked down shyly.
“Of course I will! I know he loves hearing about how much people love his music.”
“Thank you!” You smiled at her before walking away and pulling your phone back out to call Calum. It rang four times before he answered, meaning he must be busy.
“Y/N! Have you landed?” He sounded excited, which made you even more happy to see him.

“Yep, just landed and I’m at the airport!”

“Oh my God I cannot wait to see you. Can I come pick you up?”

“It’s okay, I called for a taxi and they’re supposed to be here any minute.”

“Babe! Why’d you do that? I thought I would pick you up!” You could practically hear his frown.

“Because there are already a bunch of fans here and I know you don’t have the energy to fight through a crowd right now.”

“But I miss you.”

“And I’ll be there in like twenty minutes babe, don’t worry! I’m a big girl.”

“Alright but you better hurry. We’re almost finished recording for the day which means we’ll have the rest of the day to spend time with each other.”

“Ugh I can’t wait to see you! But I have to hang up now, I see my bags on the belt.”

“Okay, I love you and I’ll see you soon.”

“I love you too Cal.” You hung up, grabbed your bag, and found the taxi you had been looking for.

The driver looked to be about forty. His hair was slicked back and fit the Vegas cab driver pretty much to a tee. His nametag read ‘Bernie’ and he looked like driving a cab was the last thing he wanted to do. “Where you goin’ hon?” He asked in a gruff voice. Where were you going? You had completely forgotten to ask Calum which hotel he was staying at. You tried to remember the arena he was playing thinking that maybe the driver could take you there and Calum could pick you up but you blanked on the name.

“Uh, what’s the name of the arena here.”
“There are a lot of arenas here sweetheart, this is Vegas not Kansas.” Bernie spoke in an irritated tone.
“Um, what about a recording studio.” You spoke shakily.
“Well which one?” He rolled his eyes.
“Uh, can you just take me to the closest one.” Maybe you would get lucky and it would be the same one. Or maybe Calum could pick you up at whichever one you were dropped at.
“You got it.” Before you even had a chance to buckle in, the cab lurched forward and you and all of your belongings were thrown forward.
“Could you please put your seatbelt on?” Bernie huffed.
“Yeah sorry.” Your cheeks turned red as you scrambled to strap yourself and all your stuff in, which you were glad you did because the ride wasn’t the smoothest.

Ten minutes later, the cab pulled up to a dilapidated building with a plastic sign stuck in the dead grass reading “Lyncher Records”. You were sure this couldn’t be the place.

“Are you paying with cash or card? Bernie looked at you expectantly.

“Uh, cash I think, hang on.” You fumbled through your purse looking for your wallet.

“I don’t have all day hon.”

“I’m sorry, I’m looking, uh…” Your wallet wasn’t in your purse. How could it not be here? You had it in the airport, there’s no way you had lost it.  

“Don’t tell me you’re broke.”

“I’m not broke, I just think I lost my wallet.”

“Get out.” He spoke bluntly.

“My boyfriend will be able to pay you when I see him, please can you take me to the next recording studio?”

“No money means no ride sweetcheeks, now get out of my cab.”

Sighing in defeat, you slung your bag over your shoulder and got out of Bernie’s cab before he sped away leaving you behind in his wake. You could feel tears come to your eyes as you realized that you were all alone in a really sketchy part of Las Vegas with no ride and no money. Pulling out your cell phone, you clicked on his contact to try and reach him for help.

“Call cannot be completed as dialed.” The monotone voice of the operator rang out. No service. Of course. Your last option was to go inside the rickety old recording studio and see if you could borrow a phone. Cautiously, you stepped up to the door and tried to turn the handle, but it was locked, so you precariously knocked on the door. Immediately it swung open and you were faced with a tall, muscular man with an unkempt beard and bloodshot eyes.

“Who are you?” His grizzly voice asked.

“Um, is Calum Hood here?” You tried to keep your voice strong, but this man made you uneasy.

“I’m the only one that lives here baby.” You cringed at the nickname.

“Wait, you live here? I thought this was a recording studio.” You were thoroughly confused that’s for sure.

“Honey, this stopped being a recording studio a long time ago. But if you’re looking to make some noise I’m sure I could be of service.” He looked you up and down and gave you a smirk and you began to back away from the door.

“N-no that’s okay, I was meeting my boyfriend at a recording studio and I guess I’m at the wrong one. Thanks, bye.” You turned around and took off down the dirt road in the direction that Bernie had gone, mentally cursing him for taking you to a “recording studio” that didn’t even exist anymore.

Finally, after about a half hour of walking you made it back to civilization, well if you could call it that. It was almost dark now, and it seemed you were in the shadier area of Vegas. Holding your head high, you continued through the city trying to ignore the awful noises coming from the dingy alleyways. All of a sudden you felt a presence behind you. Out of the corner of your eye you saw two figures that seemed to be following you, but at enough of a distance that they thought you wouldn’t notice. Terrified, you reached into your pocket to see if you had enough bars on your phone to call Calum and have him come to your rescue. Switching it on, you saw that you had nine new texts and six missed calls all from Calum.

Babe, it’s almost 7, where r u?
I thought you said your plane had landed???
babe c’mon i miss you!!!!  
seriously y/n you’re scaring me where are you?
please tell me you’re okay
baby please respond
I swear to god if you’re hurt…
i’m coming to the airport to find you.

At least he was looking for you, but in a city this big it was unlikely that he would ever find you unless you called him. Since those texts had come in, it was clear your phone was finally able to call him. The men behind you lingered on, and you were praying that it was just a coincidence. If they tried something it was unlikely you would be able to fight off both of them at once and equally unlikely that Calum would get here in time.

The phone buzzed in your ear as you waited for Calum to pick up.

“Y/N oh my god! Are you okay? Where have you been! We’ve looked everywhere where are you?” His voice was filled with panic.

“I’m sorry Cal, I wasn’t sure where to meet you and so I told the cab driver to take me to the nearest recording studio but I lost my wallet and so he left me at this awful place and I didn’t have service and I had to walk all the way here and it’s getting dark and there are really creepy men behind me and I think they might be following me and I don’t know where I am and…”

He cut you off. “Okay tell me what you’re next to, I’m coming to get you.” His voice was calmer now, but had a firm edge to it that calmed you a little as well.

“Um, I see a bar on the left, and…I think it’s a strip club on the right.” You tried to remain composure while you were on the phone with him, but the presence of the men behind you was flipping you out and you just wanted Calum here.

“Darling, I need you to be a little more specific.”

“It’s Al’s Bar to my left and…”

“Okay I know right where you are. The tour bus drove through there last night. Stay right where you are okay baby?” HIs voice sounded through the phone.

“Cal, what about the men following me?” You whispered so they wouldn’t hear and you heard Calum take a sharp breath.

“Baby listen to me, I want you to keep walking forward okay? But cross the street and speed up a little and see if they follow you. Stay calm baby, you’re so brave and you’re going to be okay. I’ll be there soon okay.” His voice was soothing and you immediately did as he told you, looking both ways and briskly crossing over to the other side of the sidewalk.

“Calum will you please stay on the line with me? I just…I need to hear your voice right now.” You choked out.

“Of course baby, just keep walking forward and I’ll be there soon.”

Suddenly, you heard a loud whistle come from close behind you.

“Hey baby, no need to run away. Does the kitten wanna come over and play?”

You whipped your head around and saw that the two men had crossed the street and were now only about ten feet away from you.

“I don’t have any money and my boyfriend will be here soon. Leave me alone.” You told them in a firm voice and you could hear Calum beginning to panic on the other line.

“Aw don’t be like that baby. We just want to have some fun.” The other man slurred. Clearly they were drunk, but a few other men had joined them making you even more uneasy.

“Don’t come near me.” You spat, trying to appear strong.

“I’m almost there baby, just a little longer. Run if you need to okay?” Calum’s voice whispered.

“Don’t be a bitch.” The men spat as they advanced towards you.

“Baby, run!” Calum yelled, as he was able to hear the commotion. Immediately you turn tail and ran down the street, forward so that Calum would be able to find you. “I’m almost there, oh my god please be safe, I’m almost there.”

You ran as fast as you could, but your bag on your back was slowing you down tremendously. You could hear sound of the men running and shouting obscenities at you. Luckily most of them were intoxicated, but you could feel them gaining. You didn’t think you had ever been so terrified in your life, but you did as Calum told you and ran forward, praying that he would get here soon, but the click on the other end of the line made your heart sink. The call had disconnected.

“Aye, kitten wait up!” The men shouted behind you. You craned your neck to look behind you and saw that luckily only the one guy was sprinting after you and that the rest were far behind, much too drunk to run.  

Up ahead you could see there was a dead end and you panicked. If you weren’t running forward, how would Calum find you? Hoping for the best, you made a hard turn at the next  intersection. Rounding the corner blindly, you ran smack into a hard chest. Arms reached out to steady you, and when you caught your breath and looked up you were met with a pair of warm, chocolate eyes.

“Calum!” You cried, throwing your arms around his neck. His strong arms encompassed your whole body and pulled you impossibly close to him.

“You’re safe now baby, I’m here it’s okay.”

“I-Is that man still chasing me.” You stuttered.

“No, he’s gone baby. He saw your big strong boyfriend and figured he shouldn’t fuck with me. Or you.” He teased.

“Okay good. How did you find me?”

“I had to retrace some steps, but I knew where the bar was and I was already almost here. You should’ve just let me pick you up.” He furrowed his eyebrows together, giving you an ‘I told you so’ look.

“Alright, alright you were right. But just this once.” You chuckled and Calum kissed the top of your head.

“Let’s get you to the car, okay?” Calum grabbed your bag from your shoulders, heaving it onto his own and kept his arm around your waist, holding you close. He helped you inside the black SUV that he had driven to come a find you before buckling himself in and driving away from the nightmare you were in mere moments before.

“I was so worried about you. All alone in sin city, my poor little girl.” He confessed.

“You sounded pretty calm over the phone. Honestly, it made me calm too. You’re my rock Cal.” You leaned over and kissed his shoulder that was exposed under the tank top he was wearing.

“I’ll always protect you baby girl. I love you so much and whenever you need me I will be here for you. I love you so much and I would die if anything happened to you.”

“I love you Calum.”

“I love you more.”

As the light turned red, he leaned over and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips. “I’ve missed those lips. We’ve got a long night ahead of us babe.” He winked at you and you playfully shoved his arm before entwining your fingers with his and kissing his hand.
“This is going to be an amazing week.”