look how happy he looks to be having a snowball fight


My @not-haikyuu secret santa gift for @blueberrytier ! I hope you like this! Happy holidays, and happy New Year! Sorry this got finished so late.

six children, three friendships, two snowmen, and one snow alien.

a/n: i headcanon that kenma was a cheerful child until he got into middle school where he discovered that life sucks. thanks again to @thejunbox for betaing! and another friend who doesn’t have a tumblr!

Kenma bounced up and down on his heels, waiting impatiently for Tetsurou to come downstairs. Tetsurou’s mother looked on with fondness. She gently maneuvered him into a kitchen chair, and reassured, “Just sit here and wait. You know how slow Tetsurou can be sometimes, and you wouldn’t want to be tired when he finally comes down!” She smiled winningly at the young boy, who looked up with big eyes.

“Yeah,” he agreed readily, eyes shining. “I can’t wait until we can go out and play! Do you think Tetsu will want to build a snowman with me? Or maybe even snow forts! We can have a snowball fight!” Kenma chattered on, waving his hands in grand motions as he described just how cool their adventures would be. Tetsurou’s mother wasn’t fazed at all, and continued to make awed noises when appropriate. Kenma’s story grew more and more passionate until he was cut off by Tetsurou bounding down the stairs.

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