look how grown up she is though

Jokers Daughter Fic: The Outsider Pt. 1

The Joker stood in the doorway of his daughters bedroom watching her fix her hair and get ready for the night. He thought about all the years that had past and how much she had grown up into a woman so much stronger than he is. He remembered when she was a little girl, the girl who came running to him when she fell and hurt her knee, the girl who crawled into bed and snuggled against him when she had a nightmare, the girl who always knew what she wanted and went after it. He looked down at his hands, they were older now and not as strong as they used to be, though he would never admit it, one day he wasn’t going to be able to protect her like he wanted. If having a daughter taught him anything it was that he wasn’t immortal. The Joker always had a plan though, and now watching his princess get ready to celebrate her 21st birthday, he knew his plan was needed now more than ever. He knew she could take care of herself, but he just wanted to make sure someone he could trust would be there when she did need the help.

“Rosie?” he asked her and she turned and saw him in the doorway. “Are you excited for tonight princess?” he walked into her bedroom and sat at the edge of her bed, continuing to watch her at her vanity.

“I am!” she said with glee. “Daddy thank you so much for letting me do this, I don’t know how to thank you.” she stood up and went over to sit next to him.

“You don’t have to thank me.” he reached up and ran his finger tips along the outline of her face. “it’s your birthday and you get whatever you want.”

She smiled wide and him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, “I have to admit I’m nervous.” the joker scoffed when he heard the words leave her mouth.

“Rose Harleen, you know how talented you are. You have no reason to be nervous.” a knock on the door frame took them both by surprise, Harley was standing there all dressed and ready for the night.

“Our baby is finally 21! Ya ready for the night?” she said with a huge smile and jumping up and down. Rosie and Joker smiled at each other before walking over and giving her a hug. Mother and daughter intertwined their arms walking to the purple lamborghini on their way to the club.

Rosie could feel the tension in her chest building up, she had sang for years in front of her parents but never in front of a crowd before. All she asked for her birthday was a chance to show she could do it. But on the drive to her fathers club her anxiety was taking over. She watched her parents reminisce about her as a child and about the years that had passed. She wished she could cackle along with them but her head was racing and goosebumps covered her arms. She just sat back and admired them.

Once she was inside the club and saw all the people she became even more nervous. She tried to remember when she was younger and saw her mother dancing with such confidence, she wished she had that now more than ever. Harley put her arms on her daughters shoulder and gave her a kiss.

“Rose you will be amazing tonight.” she said trying to comfort her. It didn’t help, her parents always told her how amazing she was. It gave her comfort but made her feel like she wasn’t going to live up to all the years of singing lessons her dad got her and all the practice, now it was the big leagues, the time to prove herself.

“Rosie go backstage and get ready, mommy and I will be in our usual booth watching you. Maybe someone else will be here too to help you out.” her fathers words confused her but she did as he said, she was feeling light headed so the dressing room sound like a good place to take refugee. She walked off and her parents stood there watching her walk away.

“Puddin are you sure tonight is right? She seems nervous and maybe having Jerome here will just-”

“Shhh shhh Harls,” Joker cut his queen off and kissed her lips. “We talked about this and agreed, it’s time she met someone who will be there for her. I can’t think of anyone better.” He took her hand and led her to the VIP booth where he popped champagne for them. “Besides, Jerome wants to take over the Joker legacy when I’m gone. Can you think of anyone better for the clown princess than the clown prince?” 

Harley shrugged and looked up at him as he handed her the glass. “You’re still the clown prince Puddin.”

Joker tapped his glass against hers. “Clown King, baby.” they both laughed together and waited to see their daughter perform. 

Frost walked in and started to speak, “Sorry to interrupt boss, but Jerome is here to see you.” Joker threw back his drink and motioned for Frost to let him in. Jerome walked in with a huge grin and shook Jokers hand before taking Harleys and kissing it. He leaned back in the booth like he owned the place. 

“I can’t thank ya enough Mr. J, I’m so excited to watch Rose perform.” he said pushing his red hair out of his face.”

“The pleasure is all ours.” Harley said. Joker poured himself another drink and leaned forward.

“Don’t forget what I said kid, you take good care of her and treat her like a princess. I don’t care how much of a clown you think you are, until I’m dead I’m still the number one clown in her life.” 

“I won’t forget sir. I plan to treat her as well as you treat your Queen.” Jerome winked at Harley causing her to giggle.

Joker threw his head back and laughed. “ooooooh I like this kid, didn’t I tell ya he was perfect Frost?” Joker turned to his right hand man who nodded at him. “He’s so intense!”

Rose sat in her dressing room looking at herself in the mirror. She tried to fix her hair and makeup to help with the nerves but her hands were shaking so bad she couldn’t focus. Frost knocked on the door and peaked his head in.

“2 minutes hun!” he said with a smile “God ya know I remember when you were 4 and made me sit and watch you sing backstreet boys?” she laughed and thanked him for coming to see her. He rushed in and planted a kiss on her forehead before leaving. 

Rose stood up and walked to the side of the stage. She saw the spotlight waiting for her and took a deep breath before walking to the middle of it. She saw the silhouettes of all the people turning to look at her. The empty pit in her stomach grew bigger. She rested her shaking hand on the mic and opened her lips to sing but no words came out. She heard the whispers in the crowd and turned to her parents booth. She saw the blue and pink tipped hair bouncing around cheering her on and the green hair of her father matched with his eyes planted on her, when she looked further she saw him. The red headed boy she had known for years. Her whole body started to shake at this point, she knew what was happening, what this was. What her parents were trying to do The spotlight felt heavier on her and she couldn’t take it anymore. Rose ran off stage back to her dressing room. The Joker stood up confused and went to chase after her. Harley grabbed Jerome’s arm to keep him seated as her husband chased their daughter.

Rose grabbed her jacket and went out the back door into the streets of Gotham. The cool air helped her calm down and regain her senses. She felt a panic attack coming on, she hadn’t had one in months and thought she was over them, but it was building up quickly. She heard her fathers voice yelling for people to get out of the way and darted down the street. She couldn’t be around anyone she knew, she needed to be anonymous if she was going to beat the attack. The Joker stepped out onto the street but he didn’t see his daughter. His chest started to ache and his jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He was supposed to comfort his baby but now he felt like he was scaring her. He stood out in the street clueless as to where she could have gone to.

Rose walked until her heels were killing her feet. She leaned up against the building next to her and put her hands over her face. She was trying desperately to get her mind on something else to help with the anxiety. When she saw the purple light shine through her fingers. She looked up and saw the sign. ‘Oswald’s’. The rain started to pour and she covered her hair with her jacket and ran across the street to the doors. She stepped inside and it was almost completely empty except for a few drunks. She saw a man with pale skin and black hair sitting at the bar. He looked in even worse shape than she did. She turned around when he noticed the last few people leaving the club. He sighed and finished off his drink before noticing her standing there.

When their eyes met Rose felt a wave of warmth wash over her body. It was like she entered into another world. She felt safe somehow with this stranger. Her mouth opened again but before anything could come out the man walked over the his piano on stage and started playing. Rose suddenly became aware of the rain drops dripping down her shoulders and used her jacket to wipe them away. Her brunette hair was frizzy from the weather so she ran her fingers through the strands to fix them. She stopped when she recognized the keys the man was hitting. He was playing the song she was intending to sing that night. The first song she fell in love with as a little girl. She listened closely as he hit every key perfectly. She was completely entranced by how he was playing. She saw him look up back at her with a look of hopelessness, she turned to see that even the bartender was leaving now.

She recognized the look in his eye. It was the look she was all too familiar with, one she had seen every time she looked in the mirror when she thought about singing. That lack of confidence, the lack of hope. In an instant it was like she had forgotten all about her own anxieties. It was like she was losing control of her feet as they marched up to the stage he was sitting on. He looked at her confused with his hands dropped to her side. As she went past him and grabbed the mic she got another flash of memory of her mother dancing on stage, now she felt that confidence. She leaned in to the mic and her lips parted.

“bye bye….. black bird…” the lyrics left her mouth and Oswald lifted his head in total shock. He was taken aback by the woman standing on stage with him. 

His face lit up in a way it hadn’t in years when he heard the song his mom taught him when he was little. He put if fingers back on the piano keys and matched the melody to her words. Their eyes locked as they played together in harmony. For the first time in a while both of them felt not so alone. 

Until the front doors came crashing down.

Okay but imagine Mikoto being an Angsty Dad™ about the prospect of Anna growing up.

  • Mikoto having a minor crisis every time someone mentions how grown up she looks/how tall she’s getting
  • Mikoto having another minor crisis every time they have to buy Anna new clothes bc she’s growing out of her old ones
  • Mikoto having to buy Anna her first bra and being highly uncomfortable the entire time
  • Mikoto finding out that Anna has a male friend her own age and going into Protective Dad mode 
  • Mikoto having to talk to Anna about periods
  • Mikoto buying pads and glaring at the shop assistant as he does so, as though daring them to say something
  • Mikoto having to give Anna “The Talk,” and doing so very badly bc let’s face it he’s a man of few words and would be terrible at explaining the intricacies of protection and consent
  • Mikoto secretly hoping Anna turns out to be gay because the idea of her dating a girl is mildly more bearable than the idea of her dating a boy
  • Mikoto being relieved every time Anna shows signs of not taking after him
  • Mikoto overhearing Anna say a curse word for the first time and needing a minute to collect himself
  • Tatara and Anna being 1000% done with Mikoto’s shit, Tatara having to step in at many points to explain properly the things that Mikoto explained badly

When you see your kids genuinely enjoying themselves

and you’re just like

Jin eomma: “Look at how cute and grown up my babies are”

Namjoon appa: “Oh shit now she probably wants another baby”

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Can you help me? Raven got her brain updated by ALIE during season3? Do you know where it's mentioned? When Jasper said that I felt like I missed something on s3. Tbh when I read it on Tumblr I thought it was speculation or theories.

Well, when she came out of the COL she could read code, even though she never could before, but they made a point of showing how she could read what was happening in the COL by looking at the numbers on the screen. It was a little bit like the guy in The Matrix, I think his name was Mouse? He’d grown up reading the matrix code, so it was like he could see it like it was real. 

That was something she didn’t have before and no one said that ALIE upgraded her brain, but it was implied.

I’m still not sure what “upgrading her brain” entails and I’m a little suspicious of this science fiction. So I’m hoping the explain how that might work at some point. 

But it sounds like it’s going to be a major part of her storyline in season 4. 

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Imagine Bringing a Puppy Back to the Boys

“Look at how skinny she is, and she’s missing patches of fur. Can’t we keep her?” You whined, holding up the golden-furred puppy for the boys, her fur was wiry and had clumps of mud.

Though weak, the puppy continued to wag her tail with her hind legs dangling, seemingly elated at the mere fact that she was amongst people. She sniffed and looked around at the two grown men before her, then back at you.

“The pup’s full of fleas and ticks, you two better not come any closer,” Dean exclaimed before taking a step behind.

Seeing the seeming reluctance in Dean, you turned towards Sam and pushed the puppy towards his direction, hoping that the younger Winchester would see how necessary it is to take in the puppy.

“Saaaaaaaaam,” you urged. “Look at those eyes.”

Sam was silent, but looked dead into the eyes of the puppy, apparently softening up. You knew that had to work. Who could resist those puppy dog eyes?

“Fine, but you have to take care of it yourself,” Sam gave in after a long pause, then looking away towards Dean who gave him a questioning look.

Pleased with his answer, you turned the puppy towards Dean, then said to the puppy, “see, you’re going to be fine here. At least there’s someone else with a heart in this room.”

The puppy wagged her tail even harder and stretched her neck to lick your chin. Despite the dirty fur and strange smells, Sam couldn’t resist but to head towards you for the puppy. You filled his arms with the warm and soft mess, the puppy quickly wanting to scramble up his torso.

“Hey, what’s your name?” he asked softly as if talking to a baby. “I’m going to bring you out for a walk later.”

“I don’t trust dogs this friendly,” Dean remarked as he crossed his arms. “Sam, remember that time a dog came into our motel room and she turned out to be some witch’s familiar?”

All of a sudden, following the familiar flutter of feathers, the puppy tried to wriggle out of Sam’s arms excitedly. Sam, afraid to drop her, let her on the ground and she quickly pranced away.

You turned to follow the puppy’s movements, only to see her hopping by Castiel’s side, scratching and chewing at the end of his coat. The confused angel stared silently at the puppy, then back at you all.

“We have a dog?”


Just watched the new episode. And wow it was amazing! Seven was creepy as hell! And I loved the moments between her and Clyde xD

Anyway, this was probably one of my favorite moments. (And not just because it was one of my fav moments between Sabine and Ezra) Ezra just did what Kanan had done in Call to Action, even though it looks like he knows he’s not going to win. I mean, that’s a big step up since Spark of Rebellion where he was captured by Kallus and expected Zeb to save him. He just risked his life so Sabine would be alright (even though she goes and gets captured anyway…)

When starting to watch the episode I’ve noticed how much Ezra’s grown throughout the series. And I LOVE it.

But the BEST part though for me, was the whole space siblings dynamic. When Sabine went running to Zeb for help and then Zeb straight away began to worry and when Ezra saved Sabine multiple times!! Ugh. I want to see more of this…


She sorted through papers by the window, head tilted in consideration. From this angle, she looked exactly like her mother, compact and athletic and hard to tip over. She was weirdly lovely, even though she had unevenly clipped her dark hair all over her head and wore a shirt she’d attacked with a rototiller. Or perhaps because of these things. When had she gotten so pretty and so grown-up? Without getting any taller? This was probably what happened to girls when they lived on only yogurt.

when did you get so pretty and grown up? hbd, bia. 

Many, myself included, noticed how much Ruslan improved this year. His skating is much more powerful and with bigger range. Do you feel the same?
Elena: Ruslan was my hero last season. Only a real man could go though all he had to last year and it’s admirable. The changes, the failures, growing up… And yes, he improved so much this season as well, not just in his skating, but mentally, he has grown and matured, and..

Elena: He got cuter! [she smiles for the first time in the interview] Sometimes I look at him and think Damn! That’s my partner!