look how great my acne looks

Let me list some of its features:

  • Accurate beak shadow casting!
  • It’s acne-treated!
  • It doesn’t know how to swim!
  • It goes away when you go away!
  • It has a 90% performance rating!

Just over a year ago, I failed horribly at creating shadows that looked good and didn’t suck up my graphics card. Now it works great, and it definitely complements the visual style!

The graphics are pretty advanced for running off of a 2D game framework!

anonymous asked:

hey there! hope you are doing great :) i have a non astrology related question if you don't mind ☺️ i noticed that on every single selfie you post your skin looks so pretty and healthy so i was wondering if you could maybe share how you take care of it? thanks


Well, the only reason why my skin looks good now is because I actually had really, really terrible acne back in middle school… I’m also pretty much done with puberty also. I do take good care of my skin though to prevent breakouts. I usually make sure to wash my face with an oil-free face wash before I go to bed, or use it while taking a shower.

If I have money, I like to spend money on really cheap Korean sheet masks. They’re A+ if you want to make your face feel nice

And thank you so much! I’m actually really happy you think my skin’s nice, because honestly, people used to say the opposite about my skin and it was traumatizing for a long while.