look how gentle he is

Alec repeating ‘I was just kidding” twice as soon as he saw just how hurt and afraid Magnus was when he thought he was leaving him.

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Bruise [ VII ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6.5k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

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Something about winter made the world all seem so much more serene, the frozen flakes that floated through the air taking their time to reach the ground, slowing time to their will. They covered the grassy plains, covered the concrete pavement, concealing the weeds and cracks that stood out amongst them. The beautiful white hid the imperfections, hid the flaws that laid just below the surface a step away from being seen, and in some ways you were jealous you couldn’t be covered by the snow yourself. Your troubles couldn’t be hidden from view with a simple change of the weather; they were in the forefront of your mind and beginning to strain at your muscles. You didn’t want to deal with it, didn’t want to face the reality that things with Chanyeol were making the doubt bubble over in your chest, his quiet pleads for you to not leave him whispering in your ear over and over like a skipping record as you watched the snow fall.

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Do you see this? It’s things like this that keep breaking my heart. Anna knows all about hell, and she goes to touch him and he flinches back, not expecting (even more than usual) that someone might want to touch him with kindness. Why would they, after that happened in hell? He thinks he doesn’t deserve kindness or gentleness in any way. But the way he goes still, blinks and settles into it; look how much he wants this kind of gentle kindness and seriously, this man breaks my heart over and over again. 

Paladins as Cats

He’s a fucking tuxedo and no one can convince me otherwise

Tabby. Don’t fight me on this because I have one and she’s literally Keith as a cat

I’d say calico since she’s pretty rare (1 of a kind sweet bab) and low-key hates everyone

Russian Blue. Look it up it’s beautiful like him

Maine coon. If you look up gentle giant cat you get Maine coon so how is he not one?!

A super fluffy ginger cat

Deaf white cat (minus the deaf) because of her eyes and hair

11 Types of CMBYN fans

1. The angsty location-unlucky fan: I will probably never get to watch this movie where I live, and I’ll never get to go a film festival, why must temptation be so near but so far, someone h e l p m e ,,,


3. The Film Analyst: look at them, look at the way they look at each other, stare into that gentleness and that warmth but also that tension, which is all so meaningful when you consider the dynamics of their relationship shifts such that…[ten pages later] and also i’m going to the next film festival to try to catch this for the seventh time bc I’m already going into withdrawal, I shall continue this then, but wait, actually, let me translate these quotes in the film for you…

4. The Bookworm: Elio’s feelings of fear, love, jealousy, and complexity towards Oliver can be understood through these, these and these excerpts. For example, this particular line has multiple meanings, allow me to break it down with reference to Proust, Italian sociopolitics, Jewish culture, Greek…[3 hours later] and then Oliver just uses that shared academic interest to enlighten his son without seeming pushy, and that father-son relationship is just so heartwarming and I hope that son goes on to live with the love of his life without regret, but ok fine I also just wrote a huge dissertation on he question of whether there is regret between Elio and Oliver so just have your own opinion on it, my hand is cramping from typing for hours i’m sobbin

5. The self-restrained spoiler avoider: I am disciplined and will avoid spoilers until I can appreciate this movie personally in all its perfection, please tag your spoilers

6. The spoiler-hungry fan: screw self control, you never know when death will claim you, giVE mE everything you have on cmbyn. Give me the book, give me every leaked clip, give me gifs, give me the UK TV Ad even if I don’t live in the UK, I thirst for every new bit, GIMME

7. The RPF shipper: Armie x Timmy, RPF, RPF! Armie is married but in an open relationship! Do you want every gif and every gif analysis of every moment where they make eye contact? I have it. Do you want the dialogue with each other, quoted and analysed and screeched over? Cuz I have that too. Now watch me pore over all these like those detectives with cluttered documents pinned to a noticeboard hell yeah

8. The dedicated Armie fan : ok but real talk look at this sweet gentle giant of a man and how well he plays all those shy, repressed roles which somehow work even better when he’s ripped as a lumberjack, but also here let me put a flower crown on him and reblog TMFU gifsets

9. The lonely Timmy fan: my precious bby, look at that angelic smile but also that playful smirk, look at that innocent fanboying expression, he literally wears baggy coats all the time to try hiding the fact that he’s smol, i’m cryin, I need to touch his hAir I bet it’s soft, ugh he’s not in enough movies

10. The still-not-over-it fan: the kisS. h t e  k i s s. Do you not SEE the way elio licked oliver’s upper lip. I want this in monochrome, in leaked clip form, in HD form, in pastel filter form, in all other filter forms, everything. Is this the 15th time I’ve reblogged this, no actually idc I’m reblogging it again, along with the frame-by-frame analysis of it

11. The stealth shipper: y e ah,, ur right I’m like suddenly reblogging all these pictures of peaches and the italian scenery, but what do u mean /sweats

Papyrus will fight you

I think it also needs to be mentioned that for monsters, fighting isn’t some kind of last resort thing, nor is it an (inherently) aggressive act. Fighting and magic are fun! They’re forms of self-expression! Your attacks are a way to say exactly who you are and show off what you value.

So, someone like Papyrus, who wants everyone to know his name, and who he is, and how strong and cool he is, is going to LOVE fighting. I don’t think he would EVER turn down sparring or training or learning a new technique.

I’ve seen AUs where Papyrus is way too much of a sweetie to ever learn magic attacks or whatever and that feels so WRONG to me. Papyrus would LOVE learning new things to look extra cool.

His overall pacifism and gentleness isn’t in how likely he is to fight, it’s in how much care he puts in to making sure he doesn’t lose control of the fight. It’s the way he tells you you need to jump if you’re getting hurt too early. Is giving you extra invincibility frames to make it easier for you to recover. It’s the way he summons a feild of bones but changes his hold on your gravity so you can clear it. It’s the way he makes a GIANT 2 STORY BONE but lowers it if he sees you aren’t going to clear it. It’s stopping when you’re hurt, it’s having perfect control over his damage output, it’s waiting on his special attack (almost definitely blasters) because pulling them out too early isn’t fair.

During his fight, he really wants you to think he’s impressive and cool, between “you’re blue now” and all the antics he gets up to. He’s trying hard to play it cool, he’s trying to treat it like it’s just a sparing session, just showing off, and willfully ignoring what comes after. 

While I’m trying to make a general rambling point about Papyrus’s pacifism being misrepresented, I want to propose something a little different:

How about instead of showing Papyrus as somehow reluctant to fight, you show him as excited to learn? Not just training from Undyne, but learning from anyone. Healing, orange attacks. soul modes, bombs, fire magic, cool patterns, new ways to use his magic. He’s clearly a student of the craft. Why take that way? Gimme a Papyrus that tries to learn as much as possible to have even more ways to show off (and even greater control to ensure things never get out of hand)

This is what a blessing looks like. 


Look at his paws and how big they are in comparison to Belle’s face.  They have claws, and they’ve just been used to nearly kill someone, yet she leans into them because she’s not afraid, even after what she just witnessed.

And look at how gentle he is with her.  Those paws could seriously injure her, and yet he caresses her all the same because he trusts himself enough to know that he’ll never harm her.

That’s true love, right there.

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I just had a thought: What if when Noctis goes inside to face the old Lucian kings and queens while the other bros + Sora are fighting off the daemons, Sora suddenly becomes overcome by the Starscourge and they have to fight him off too? ;A;

AGHHHHHHHHHH *clutches chest*

I headcanon that Sora joins Noctis and the chocobros when they travel back to Insomnia to take back the light.

Sora knows he doesn’t have much time left– but he just has to hang on long enough to save this world that has been his home for 10+ years. So even though his body aches and his heart races and throbs and stutters and he’s experienced more and more lapses in his memory that always end up with him somewhere he doesn’t remember traveling to, he puts on the Kingsglaive uniform and sets out with the boys.

I’ll let you guys decide what happens to Sora in the end hahahaha. I’ll leave it ambiguous– like whether or not the other chocobros survive after Noctis makes his sacrifice.


Poirot gets a rose named after him at The Chelsea Flower Show 1935

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Hii, I'd love to see the RFA + V and Saeran that have a baby with MC, and the baby is around 6 months old (so they can play with him/her) Thank you! <33

This is such a cute request that I had fun writing! I honestly love babies so much- especially playing with them and looking after them so this was great to imagine. I hope you enjoy it!~ H x

RFA and MC with a 6-month-old baby:


-He was really scared about harming their child at first
-So for the first few months, he thought it would be safer to leave her with you
-But you want your little girl to know her dad more now that she’s older
-Yoosung realises he’s making you suffer all on your own
-So he does help out
-Only he turns out to be a really good dad
-Never mind LOLOL, Yoosung has a child to play with now
-You can’t help but smile when you walk into a room and see your husband building towers out of bricks with your little girl
-Until she knocks it over and Yoosung nearly cries
-He’s sensitive, ok?
-Yoosung is the only one who can make her giggle
-Because he pulls funny faces at her
-You’ve made a mental note to record it next time and send it to Seven
-You’re pretty sure the hacker boi will be able to use it for some kind of blackmail
-Leaving your daughter alone with Yoosung in the house is a bad idea
-Because he forgets that she eats baby food
-And tries to feed her Lais chips
-Please, Yoosung, don’t
-Other than the feeding issue, Yoosung is a really good dad
-And he loves his two girls very much


-Zen is the most overprotective dad™ that there ever was
-From the age of four months old, he was drumming it into his daughter that all men are wolves
-Zen, please chill she can’t even speak yet
-But you can honestly tell how sincere he is
-And how much he longs to be a good, supportive parent
-He grew up with parents that expected way too much from him so he’s definitely going to be the most encouraging person ever
-However, he does get nervous when playing with her
-What if he hurts the precious child??
-He usually lets you play with her toys with her but he’ll do other things
-Like teaching her the piano
-Zen, she is six months old
-He’s determined to make her a prodigy, though
-And she loves listening to him play
-He uses his acting skills to play silly games with her
-And she always giggles
-He’s just so protective over her, constantly pointing out danger
-Sings her to sleep every night
-It makes you shed a tear
-He just loves the two most important girls in his life so much


-It took a little while to talk Jaehee into adopting
-But you knew she’d be excellent with kids despite her protests
-“MC, what if children just don’t like me? I’ve never really been around them before”
-Shut up, Baehee, we all know you’d make an amazing mum
-You adopt a little girl that’s six months old in the end
-Because she’s so young, it doesn’t take long for her to adapt to her new home
-And Jaehee is the best mum ever
-She’s bumped her head? Jaehee’s there with a cold compress and paracetamol
-She’s upset? Jaehee’s got her favourite toy and a blanket already there
-She’s sick? Jaehee’s handled it
-There’s a spider? Ok, Jaehee can’t do spiders so that one’s down to you
-But honestly, she’s so prepared and is so good with children
-Teaches her to write her own name ridiculously young
-Jaehee’s favourite is the tea parties
-You can bet she’s got matching plates and cups for every single teddy your daughter owns
-And she plays along perfectly
-You can’t get over how cute it is when she does voices for all the animals
-Honestly, why was she ever worried about kids? She’s an amazing mum
-You can always count on Baehee


-This poor man was so scared
-Like, how do you look after a child?
-What do you mean I can’t hire a nanny to be here 24/7, MC?
-You’re pretty sure that you’re just gonna raise this baby by yourself
-I mean, you do get to just stay at home all the time
-But no
-Because when he realises that you’re excluding him
-He is upset
-“MC, this is my child too. Please let me raise him.”
-So you slowly start teaching him how to look after a child
-He is so gentle
-But you can bet your son is being introduced to Elizabeth the 3rd immediately
-Jumin cries when their son gets scared of her
-He gets loads of really expensive toys
-All cat related
-And actually loves to play with him
-But the crying stresses him out
-“Why is he crying? What did I do? MC, help I think he’s going to die!”
-Jumin, chill. He just needs his nappy changing
-Is actually very willing to help out when it comes to nappy changing
-Which is a relief to you
-He finally relaxes when your son goes to sleep and he can spend time cuddling his lovely wife
-And then the crying starts again


-Do you really want to trust this guy with a kid?
-Or more, two kids
-Yup, that’s right, the twin gene runs in the family
-And you’re now stuck with two red-headed, mischievous, crying babies crawling around the house
-Did I say two? I meant three
-You have to force Seven to baby-proof the house because we all know that bunker is not safe for children
-But he’s actually so good with the twins
-He always knows exactly what they need when they cry
-And he wants to get them a cat
-You quickly shut down that idea
-Will always take them for rides in his baby cars
-Despite your fervent protests
-Is the dad that’s always like, “Calm down, it’s not like they’re going to injure-” BANG *crying sounds*
-But he does really care about them and constantly shows them love and affection
-He’s the silly, fun dad
-Ain’t those kids ever going to know about how dangerous he can be
-He will only ever be 707 for them
-They love Uncle Saeran too
-Meanwhile Saeran is like, “What are these two small humans trying to climb my body?”
-Saeran honestly can’t stand his brother mocking him because of his nephews
-But he secretly loves them
-You actually can’t trust Seven with the twins by himself
-But you know that he loves them so much
-Just like he loves you


-Haha nope
-That was his reaction to kids at first
-But you got through to him and now you have a really quiet, gentle daughter
-And Saeran loves her
-Of course, he still pretended to be edgy when anyone else is around
-But when it’s just him and your girl
-He becomes the most precious, soft bean ever
-You can bet he’ll be coo-ing and playing with teddies etc.
-But she isn’t very outgoing just like her dad
-Saeran actually loves that about her because it means he can just quietly sit with her
-Uses your daughter as an excuse to get out of social interaction
-She’ll always cling to her dad whenever she’s upset
-And he loves to carry her around, clinging to his side
-You’re pretty sure Saeran acts the exact same way as her
-Because they both cling onto you
-And they’re both small, introverted babies
-Good luck trying to take these two anywhere outside of the safety of your home


-The second you even suggested children he agreed
-Because he will do literally anything to make you happy
-He’s just so happy that you want to form a family with him
-Especially since Rika had never wanted children
-It had always been a dream of his to start a family
-Naturally, he loves your little boy so much
-Thousands of photos of him
-V is such a good dad
-He’ll always help to feed him, change his nappies, go shopping for clothes and everything else you could even want help with
-Raising a child is a breeze with V by your side
-He’ll happily let your son play with pretty much anything
-Even a cactus once which you hurriedly sorted out
-Your once tidy, aesthetic house gets coated in toys and other baby related items
-You’re worried V will be disappointed that it isn’t picture perfect anymore
-But he loves it
-The toys and mess around the house just remind him of how incredible his life is
-He’s constantly asking if you’re stressed from looking after a child or if there’s anything he can help with
-Why is he so kind and gentle?
-If your child’s crying, V will have him calm again in an instant
-All it takes is a few gentle words and a cuddle and he’s happy again
-That method also works with you, too
-V’s honestly just so happy to have a family that he would do anything for his son

Mr. and Miss. Prefect | Pt. 2

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Jungkook Imagine/Scenario

Genre: hogwarts!au ; fluff ; angst-ish ; some harry potter good shit

Blurb: You have become head girl of the Gryffindor house while your close friend, Jeon Jungkook, has become head boy. The thing is, is that you have liked Jungkook for five years, and one night, you had caught Jungkook with another girl. Now you are stuck as his partner in leading the Gryffindor house. What are you going to do if you can’t control your emotions?

Word Count: 5,600

Reader x Jungkook

Part 1  Part 2

A/N: While writing this story, I scream endlessly while creating it cause I feel like all the characters are actually alive and their actions mess me up I FUCKING LOVE THIS STORY AND I HOPE YOU DO TOO OKAY BYE.

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Seventeen: Flirting

S.Coups: pretty obvious in his flirting. Will do cute things like buy you coffee, give you his jacket when you’re cold, or try to initiate skinship as possible. It’s so obvious that everyone teases you for it. And he blushes and smiles, not even denying any of their accusations.

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Jeonghan: subtle most of the time unless he’s trying to make you blush. He might pack your lunch or tuck away stray strands of your hair but while his actions are sweet, they’re not overly obvious. What make his crush clear is the gentle way he looks at you or how if the boys point out that “Why are you acting so nice to Y/N?” He’ll reply, “How could I not be nice to someone so lovely?” to make you blush.

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Joshua: Can be too shy sometimes to even look at you but if he’s feeling brave, he does sweet things like offer to make you tea or pick you up a treat when he’s going to the shop. Skinship is accidentally brushing shoulders with you and blushing furiously.

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Jun: His flirting is pretty obvious but cute. Likes to show off around you or flex then ask you to squeeze his arm. Will also compliment you as if you were an exquisite creature he’s never seen before: “Wow, your eyes! I’ve never seen anything more beautiful in my life!”

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Hoshi: So soft and fond of you. Often cuddles up to you or pats your head and praises everything you do. His affection is hard to read as he’s like that with all his close friends. So you might not immediately pick up on his flirtation.

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Wonwoo: Mostly was just overly kind and thoughtful. If you mention loving a certain book, he’ll read it asap then talk about it to you. The same goes for a movie or tv show or CD. Sometimes ups the flirting by sitting really close or winking when you look at him

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Woozi: Let’s you do things he won’t let the boys do, like cuddle or tease him. Is also super sweet to you, trying his hardest to portray a good image of himself when you’re around. Shyly compliments you sometimes, but mainly just keeps those thoughts to himself.

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DK: Says the cheesiest things and will act like such a dork, only wanting to see your smile. However, that’s him always so the flirting is hard to pick up on mostly. When he’s alone with you, however, his flirting is more noticeable. He’ll do things like playing with your fingers and staring into your eyes.

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Mingyu: Cooks things for you often. Shares his food and feeds you with his fork. Also compliments everything you do like “Oh, your clothes match! Good job! You’re so great at things! :)”

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The8: Flirts but in a way that’s hard to read. Like, if you’re cold he’ll throw his jacket on you and say “You’re so stupid! How could you walk around in the cold with no jacket?” He’s aggressive with his affection too, ruffling your hair and annoying you as much as possible.

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Seungkwan: Will take every opportunity to compliment or praise you. “aegyo? do you know who’s good at that? y/n” “oh, breathing? yeah y/n’s great at it!” “walking? have you seen how coolly y/n walks?” He’s open about his admiration but too shy to even shake your hand so most of his flirting is through words.

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Vernon: Spends his few dollars on you every so often, like for your birthday. Let’s you win in video games and laughs a lil too loud at your jokes. Might bravely fist bump you but that’s as far as skinship will go

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Dino: lol flirting? what is that? while the boys pick on his longing glances, he never actually makes a move on you.

“Do you want big brother Jun to show you? You flirt like this,” Jun jokes, trying to plant a kiss on Chan’s neck.

He frowns, evading the puckered lips. “I want a date, not to be slapped!”

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