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Decided to do a little bit of fanart cus I was in the mood to draw, and I just so happened to see this cutie patootie on my dash. So ye, have this cute little guy named Chris. I’d totally give him a hug if his BF didn’t try to kill me for it X3

Chris belong to this cute person right here: @pixel-satan
You should totally check out their stuff, cus goodness, they are an art senpai if I ever saw one. And a dang cute lookin one, too. =u=b


So… some people I know irl made a game! Holy cow! 

The alpha juuuuust came out, so if you like old 2D side scrolling platformers and beating down some fish people with magic cat-weapons, then this is the game for you!


yuri!!! on ice instagram: phichit chulanont, leo de la iglesia, & guang hong ji

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Celaena Sardothien | Throne of Glass : 

‘’There was good in people— deep down, there was always a shred of good. There had to be.’’ 

If he could, he would stare at her all day. He thinks that this—scrunched face, untidy curls, and bitten lips—could not get any better, any more beautiful, but then she turns her head, eyes gleaming and locked with his, and she chuckles at his empty parchment spattered with lazy blotches of forgotten ink, she sighs: “I doubt Snape counts that as an essay,” and he feels himself falling, right before he flies.

For an art trade with talented @littlechmura! Go check out the Dramione piece she did for me and do it now!

                                            “Their Minds Are Open”

Originally designed for students, can be used with family members or friends who need that little nudge to think about things. It doesn’t cause a fundamental shift in views, simply makes the mind more able to think about new ideas and suggestions without bias. 

A mix of things I love: summer, beaches and Lance ☆

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Your.. your keith is.. too cute.. i love ittt.. i cant.. my heart cant take this... @.@)!! And he looks alot like shizuka? Y know, doraemon?

i’m gonna cry anon, this is quite possibly one of my favorite compliments of all time, i’m not even joking

pls accept this doodle as a token of my thanks

I feel the Ether flowing through me!

Watercolor of Melia Antiqua, my favorite character from Xenoblade Chronicles! She had maxed out affinity with everyone as she was always my main, and the one I defeated the final boss with too! 


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Nothing is going to dissuade me from the visual of Allura, sitting alone at her kitchen table. A cup of tea in her hand as she reflects on the news she had received from Vox Machina. The room is silent, calm as she watches the steam slowly rising from the cup. 

All is peaceful until the door slams open, rattling on its hinges, to reveal Kima standing in the doorway. She’s breathing heavily, her cheeks pink from her mad dash from the castle, her eyes glowing as she practically vibrates with barely suppressed excitement.