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Pidge is so precious!!! I love how you draw her, specially I love how fluffy she looks with long hair <3 I thought she would look stunning with that hair and a dress but, maybe she's not comfortable using one (but for some reason she has to), so everyone also uses one to support her :D

Wait.. what?

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U

Too Subtle (Part 1)

+ Prompt: Hi there, I’m new to your blog but I’m enjoying it. Can I request numbers 62 and 94 with Spencer please? 😉 Thank you. Xx

62: It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.

94: I bet I can make you scream my name.

Requested by: tippy06

a/n: omg so this is sooooo supposed to be smutty but my laptop broke, i’m writing this from the communal computer here at home and honestly, it feels weird. plus i REALLY want to write smut, but i need more time and patience and i just wanted to write something tonight and publish it already. anyways, there you go +

Part 2

(Y/N) wasn’t tired. Quite the opposite, actually. She couldn’t help but think about the case they were working on on this small town in Illinois, her mind racing with several thoughts and theories on the recent murders. Sighing, she got up, put on the hotel robe and went downstairs to ask the kitchen for some coffee. She was all out in her room. 

Spencer, however, was very tired. He drove all the way to the hotel that day, having lectured that morning at the University of Chicago. He was grumpy, sleepy, exhausted, and the last thing he wanted to hear from the receptionist at that moment was that they had lost his reservation due to his tardiness and there were no available rooms left. He groaned, placing his hand on his head, asking the woman in front of him to check again.

That was when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Hi, Reid,” she said, a small smile making way on her face, holding an empty mug. He was upset, angry even and had very little patience for anything at that point, but couldn’t help but think how cute she looked on that fluffy robe. Spencer shook off the feelings bubbling up inside him. “How was the lecture?“

“It was good. Garcia filled me in on the case while I was driving here, but I should really wait until the morning to talk about my theories. That is, if I ever manage to find a room.” He sighed, looking at the apologetic woman behind the desk.

“I’m sorry, sir. The Newton Hotel Chain will refund you promptly and we’ll make sure that as soon as there’s a room available, we’ll contact you. There’s an inn in a nearby town, it’s just thirty minutes away. Would you like me to call them?,” the red-headed woman asked.

Spencer sighed and was about to say yes when (Y/N) interrupted: “No, it’s okay. He’ll come with me. Thanks for your help.” She grabbed the genius’ arm and made her way to the kitchen. “I’ll just grab a cup of coffee and we’ll go to my room, okay?”

He gulped. ‘Not okay’, he thought. The insane crush he had been harboring for the agent in front of him for the last few months would make it impossible for it to be okay. The nice, intelligent, fierce, kind agent smiling at the waiter who was about to fetch her some coffee. The agent who could probably break him in half and who still looked cute as hell in a fluffy robe. ‘Shit’, he thought to himself.

“Your room,“ he stated.  



“You will stay in my room until there’s a vacant one, silly. How is your genius brain not picking up on that?,” she said with a laugh, and Spencer could swear his heart skipped a beat. ‘Shit’, he thought again.

“Oh, (Y/N). That’s, um… That’s very nice, but I couldn’t possibly impose this on you. The inn is only a half hour from here, there’s plenty of…,” he began, while she just stared at him through her kind and stubborn eyes.

“Spencer,” she interrupted. “It’s fine, you’re not imposing. Plus, it’s like, super late now and I can see you’re beyond tired.” She took the coffee from the employee’s hands with a thank you and grabbed Spencer’s arm one more time, taking him to the elevator. He laughed to himself at her demanding ways. “It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.

“Share the WHAT?!“ 


“Jesus Christ, man.” She laughed, staring at him. He was still standing in the doorway. “Come in, Reid. It’s fine.“

"How is this not imposing, (L/N)? You were gonna sleep alone in this tiny bed and now we’re gonna s-share it.” He tried really hard not to stutter. Really hard. 

Spencer never called her by her last name, it was always (Y/N), and she really liked the way her name sounded coming from his lips. Now she just thought it was weird. Like he was trying to distance himself. Maybe they weren’t as close as (Y/N) had imagined. 

“First, it’s not that tiny. Second, it can fit us both, come on,” she said, taking the bag from him and pulling him towards the room. When she closed the door behind him, Spencer was sure he was gonna have a heart attack. “Third, if you are so uncomfortable, we’ll make a wall of pillows dividing us both. But I honestly have no problem sharing a bed.” She shrugged her shoulders, taking two of the four pillows and placing them right in the middle. “The last time I slept at Garcia’s, I woke up to her cuddling me and having a dream about Chris Evans and it only bothered me when she tried to kiss me.” She laughed and could see Spencer’s expression lighting up. “I mean, as long as you don’t have a dream about your celebrity crush, we’ll be fine.”

Spencer didn’t have a celebrity crush. He only had one crush and right now she was making their bed. For them. So they could sleep there. Together.

“That chair looks quite comfortable…” He pointed to a chair in the corner and (Y/N) laughed out loud. Spencer was yet to find something that pleased him so much as when he made her overtly laugh.

“Spencer, it does not! Come.” She laid down and patted his side. Spencer sighed and mumbled something about taking a shower, but she couldn’t quite listen to him. (Y/N) thought it odd, but said nothing and just rolled her eyes.

While the genius was taking a shower, he couldn’t help but wonder about what was expecting him on the other side of that door. (Y/N). Probably just in her pajamas, which he had no idea what looked like. Maybe it was a cute two-piece with an animal print. Maybe it was her Harvard T-shirt and tiny shorts. Maybe, just maybe, she slept naked. 

“No, Spencer. Stop,” he thought, staring down on his member and seeing it harden lightly. He took a deep breath and thought of something else. He thought he was being rude, thinking of (Y/N) like that when she had done nothing to make him think she was remotely interested in him. The frustration that took over his mind also took over his body, and he sighed in relief. Well, part relief, part sadness.

When he left the bathroom, Spencer started tidying up his things, thinking she was already asleep. She was lying with her back facing him. He couldn’t help but look at her figure longingly. Thinking about he’d never touch her, he’d never feel her skin on his fingertips, he’d never taste her. 

“Do you ever regret taking this job?,” she asked startling him. (Y/N) turned around, facing him. Spencer was taken aback. What did she mean by that? Did she regret working with them? Was she going to leave the BAU? Was she going to leave him?

The doctor became nervous for a whole different reason. 

“Wh-why are asking me that?” Spencer inquired, fearfully. She seemed to ponder the question, and he got even more afraid of what her answer might be. 

“I don’t know,” she said, now staring at the ceiling. (Y/N) sighed. There was a long moment of silence. 

“I-… I don’t think regret is the right word.” Spencer sat down on the bed, his back to her. “But I do wonder what would I be doing had I not accepted the BAU’s offer.” He could hear her sigh lightly.

“I don’t mean that, I mean… Do you ever think about leaving?”

He could feel the moment his heart stopped and completely ignored her question, instead asking: “Do you?”

There was a long moment of silence.

“Sometimes,” she stated, and Spencer’s heart dropped. Again. It was about to happen again. Someone he loved dearly was going to leave him. Someone he loved not only as a part of the family, but also as a person with whom he could see himself sharing his future. The only person for him. Her.

Spencer started to make a list on his head of everyone that has ever left him until she spoke again: “But then other times, I think it’s selfish to leave.”

“I don’t think so, (Y/N)”, he said, and she was glad to hear her name coming out of his lips once again. Spencer mentally cursed himself. Why would he say that? It is selfish, and awful, and she should not be thinking about it, he could hear himself scream. But then again, he wanted to make her feel better. Spencer laid down next to her, both staring at the ceiling.

“Will you?,” he asked, and (Y/N) turned her face to young man next to her.

“Will I what?”

“Leave.” He pursed his lips, his mind going a million miles an hour. 

(Y/N) saw the fear in his eyes. The nervousness while he fidgeted with his hands. The sadness dripping from his mouth. She couldn’t bear seeing that, someone who held a special place in her heart shouldn’t be suffering like that. And specially not at her hands. (Y/N) knew Spencer had lost too many people to count, he had gone through a lot of suffering, and yet she found herself reading into his reactions. Was he sad because they were friends and to see a friend leave is a horrendous thing? Was his reaction a mere reflection of thinking about having to adjust again to a new agent? Or was it something more?

As a woman of science, she decided to test her theory. For the last time.

“No,” she stated simply, and could see Spencer’s entire body relaxing. “I don’t think I could do that.”

Spencer scoffed, recalling their entire conversation. It was then he turned his face to her, both staring at each other. 

“Why not?”

(Y/N) had been dropping subtle hints, not wanting to invade his personal space, for a while now, but he seemed unaware of her feelings. She had been too subtle. She didn’t want to be blunt, or too forceful. She thought she might scare him. But maybe a combination of subtle and blunt was the way to go.

“I have… I’m…” She stopped and sighed, readying herself. “There’s something, uhm, very special about the uhm… BAU. And I-I… I quite like it there. I’ve grown very accustomed to being around the BAU and uhm… to experiencing what is like to be very close… To the BAU, I mean. To seeing it grow and become this amazing… uhm, thing. And I’m quite proud to consider myself a… a part of the BAU. And-and, uhm… The BAU is very, very special to me,” she said, carrying as much importance and significance in her eyes as she could. “I’m not ready to let go of you-I MEAN, it yet.” She let it slip, but it didn’t matter.

Spencer knew. 

He knew what was probably on the back of his mind these months. The teasing from Morgan, the looks from JJ and Emily. 

The young doctor had scoffed at them, dismissing it much too quickly. Low self-esteem can sometimes make you blind.

But then. Then everything fell into place in a matter of seconds. The stolen glances he sometimes caught her doing. The way she seemed to gravitate towards him. The beam on her eyes every time she listened to him.

He knew. At that moment he knew it, because he could see it, he could hear it. He could almost feel it.

And it was that almost that made him get closer to her, throwing the pillows on the floor, and kiss her.

He could feel it the way she reciprocated his feelings, by deepening the kiss that was at first so fearful and chaste. He sensed it in his skin, by the way she sent her arms flying towards his hair. And the best part was that he could hear it, when she sighed into the kiss.

A happy sigh. A longing sigh. A this-took-too-long-but-I’m-so-glad-it’s-happening sigh.

When they separated for air, much to their dismay, Spencer kept his forehead to hers.

“I-I… (Y/N), I…” He began, sighing and grinning widely.

(Y/N) smiled. “Yeah, me too. At one point I thought I might have to scream it to you.” Both laughed. Spencer kept his hand on her face, caressing her cheeks, the feeling burning his hands in the greatest way possible. “It’s a good thing we’re sharing a bed then.”

(Y/N) immediately regretted it. She tried to lighten the mood, still nervous at what had just happened. Still fearful. And now she had been forward in a way that Spencer would not like. And specially now, when they had finally, finally kissed.

Spencer could see her face overcome with worry and just shot her a smile.

“Yeah.“ He laughed, kissing her cheeks and moving slowly towards her neck. "It is a very nice thing we’re sharing a bed.” His lips could feel the pulse of her heartbeat rapidly increasing. He smiled, still kissing her neck and moving up to her ear. “You don’t have to scream it, I should’ve known it.” He said, and then whispered: “But I bet I can make you scream my name tonight.”

The sound that came out of her mouth, that lovely, hasty, impatient and surprised sound made it obvious she would be screaming it in a matter of seconds.

When the phone rang at the bedside table, Spencer groaned lightly and stretched his arms to the object, his eyes still closed trying to shield him from the glaring sunlight of the new day entering the room through the curtains.

“Good morning, Sir. This is Barb Danes, from the reception,” said the perky voice on the other side. “And I’m pleased to inform you that there has been a check out this morning. We can accommodate you in a room.”

Spencer looked at the naked figure of (Y/N) at his side, her arm stretched across his torso, messy hair on her face and observed intently the steady and calming rhythm of her breathing. “Um, you know what? It’s fine. I don’t think I need it.”

303 Her boys. Back in happier times.

Fris and her boys, Thorin and Frerin. I didn’t put Dis because shes not born yet. Based on determamfidd awesome  fic Sansûkh. I based her design on jeza-red’s version of Fris, because ever since I saw her, that’s how she looks like in my mind. Needed something Fluffy after a hard day.

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Maybe a bit of an odd one, but it's been stuck in my head for a few days :p RFA (+ V & Unknown) finding out MC use to race sled dogs? *u*


  • MC never ceases to amaze him tbh???
  • he probably doesn’t know much about sled racing with dogs so he’s surely going to be super curious
  • he loves snow!! sledding has snow!! 
  • he also asks a lot about the dogs
  • did MC own them? where are they now? how where they called??
  • he’s equally as amazed as he is curious and wants to know all about it


  • she’d seen it on TV- it looked….
  • well
  • fast and probably difficult
  • those dogs looked fluffy- she couldn’t help but wonder how much hair they shed
  • still, she was super intrigued by the whole thing
  • probably asks MC if they have pictures of when they raced
  • honestly, imagining how hard it must have been, combined with taking care of the dogs and such, she’s amazed by MC’s abilities all in all


  • makes a surprised “oh!” when MC tells him
  • promptly asks for more
  • he loves dogs and when MC shows them a picture of them, their sled and their dogs he kinda
  • cuteness overload
  • MC looks adorable in the outfit. snug and warm. ready for winter
  • and the dogs are adorable
  • MC is smiling in the photo, holding a trophy from the race they won


  • it’s one of those Wine and Talk evenings where he adores to sit by the window with his favourite wine, Elizabeth nearby, and MC next to him
  • somehow the conversation ends up in MC’s past and they mention it
  • immediate curiosity
  • he isn’t into dogs- not really- but he must admit there is elegance to MC’s dogs
  • could cats pull sleds…?
  • MC manages to convince him to not invest in that kind of thing by talking about how cats were not strong enough to pull sleds and could hurt themselves
  • Jumin decides to just listen to MC’s stories without suggesting to add in cats


  • dogs are Cool and Awesome!!
  • racing is Dope!!
  • so sled dog racing is INHERENTLY AWESOME
  • honestly, he’s kinda bummed he hadn’t found out when looking into MC
  • why doesn’t MC have anything on the internet about that??
  • MC just shrugs and says it was in the past, they no longer do it
  • still, they do have photos not on the internet
  • he’s seriously in awe. MC is amazing. those dogs clearly loved them. it was a team effort and goddamn did MC look proud and the dogs happy
  • he is super happy as MC tells him all about their racing days?? like yes plz tell him more 


  • at first he really didn’t get the point
  • he just, didn’t understand why MC had done it. did MC need the job? did they end up there?
  • and when MC says they just liked racing with their dogs, it just clicks on his mind
  • this is a chance to learn about something MC likes
  • he probably starts researching into it, because he feels like displaying knowledge on a subject MC knows will show he loves them??
  • he starts talking about all his newfound knowledge to MC, who can’t help but smile and take his hand bc he’s so adorable without realising it


  • This man is sure MC is amazing at everything
  • so he can’t help but smile when he hears MC talking about their racing days
  • he just feels the happiness through MC’s voice as they talk
  • there’s photos, but he can’t really see them; the white blurs too much to make out anything in the picture for him
  • so MC describes the feelings
  • he imagines MC, and the feeling of cold nipping at their skin and the wind hitting their face, and smiling
  • he wishes he had met MC back then and taken a photo to capture that joy
Wasting Time (Matthew x MC NSFW)

(Finally done! This is for faeintwilight because it’s her birthday today! Happy birthday again, Fae! She’s very sweet and lovely so follow her if you haven’t! 

This is not as long as some of my others, but still fairly lengthy. Starts with fluff, goes to smut, and ends with fluff lol. Hope I did Matthew justice!



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I commissioned matchallama to draw baby haddiyah with her sweetheart josephine and IT’S IMPOSSIBLY CUTE?!!!?? meet the knight and her princess at the tender age of 10 something uwu

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The gaping maw of the seven hells opens wide, and the legions of Voidsent march forth to conquer Eorzea. There's just one thing you hadn't expect, for their forces to be comprised solely of Phurbles. Can your muse turn the tide, or will they fall like countless others 'neath the inexorable march of the fluff?!

[OH NO!  The cutest voidsent invasion!   She’d grab her bow and start shooting, but it would not take long before the creatures overwhelmed her beneath their fluffy-looking faces.  How can she kill something so adorable!?

And then she’d die, because they might latch onto her like a parasite and try to suck the aether out of her body.  Yes really.]

I just wanted to show off this precious and adorable gift from @yuruya (with her permission)~♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

LOOK! HOW! SWEET! EVERY PIXEL IS!!! Look at Jiru’s smile! Look how pretty and happy she drew Liefe!!! AND LOOK AT DA FLUFFY CHICK!!!!! I love everything about this art~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Don’t worry Jiru, I’ll share the chick with you if you want to~ ^ω^)♥ Also from now on it’s canon that Liefe got that chick plushie and keeps it in her room (in routes Jiru and Liefe can be friends ;v;)~

Thanks again for the wonderful gift, Yuruya/Jiru~! Both Liefe and me (also Liefe lol) are very happy for it heheh ♥

Strictly Professional [Part 10]

[Business!Dean x Reader AU Series]

You thought you had everything you wanted in life. You were the boss of a well-established company, you had great friends and family around you and you were engaged to your dream man. Everything in your life felt like it was going amazingly. Until, one night you answer an unexpected phone call which completely changes everything. After that, things just seem to go from bad to worse- will you get another shot at happiness?

Part 10 Summary: You help out with the final preparation at Meg’s wedding venue. Meanwhile, Dean is involved in an awkward encounter at the bar.

Pairings: Dean x Reader [mentions of]

Word Count: 2791

Warnings: none

A/N: This part also contains Dean’s POV, it is all clearly marked out though :)

Tagging: @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki @spnfanficpond @whosafanimafan2194 @isabelaelisa @readingissupernatural @dontcallmebabe-ok @deandoesthingstome

[let me know if you would like to be tagged/or not in future parts]

Part 1- Part 2- Part 3- Part 4- Part 5- Part 6 -Part 7-Part 8- Part 9

By the time Saturday came around, it was all hands on deck to help prepare the final touches for Meg’s wedding.

You spent half the day helping your Mum finish off the wedding cake. It was a beautiful three-tier, fruit cake which was neatly decorated with white icing and blue and pink ribbons. It was topped with icing figures of a bride and groom, you had to admit- it looked stunning.

Once the cake was finally put together and very carefully boxed up, you and your Dad set off to the venue to help with the final decorations and setting up the tables.

“Your Mum mentioned you were bringing a plus one tomorrow?” your Dad queried, the curiosity written over his face as he drove down the long country road towards the wedding venue.

“Yeah, he’s my business partner from work. His name’s Dean,” you replied, trying not to sound suspicious.

The memory of the kiss with him last night was still playing on your mind. It was soft and gentle, nothing like the heated one you shared after your argument. For some reason, you longed for Dean’s touch, you wanted him. The thought of spending the whole day with him tomorrow at the wedding sent butterflies through your stomach.

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Maybe it's a little bit early but which costumes would wear Eves and Servamps on Halloween? c:

Both of y’all were ready for this.What you need to know is that it’s never too early to start celebrating Halloween.  I have been considering costume ideas for the Servamps since like, the start of August:

Mahiru: He goes as a witch; he’s got the black cat and the broom already, so it’s only fitting for him to keep with the theme.  Mahiru rocks the pointed hat.

Kuro: A dog.  Everyone is so prepared for him to go as a black cat, with just a pair of black ears and a tail, and he fools them all.  Instead, he’s rocking the floppy ears, fake plastic snout, and brown fluffy tail.  He’s so proud of himself.

Tetsu: He doesn’t have a lot of time to throw together a Halloween costume, so last minute he’s wrapping himself up in towels and toilet paper for BOOM!  Instant mummy costume.

Hugh: A vampire.  How could you expect any less of him?  Why would he want to pretend to be anything else?

Mikuni: He thinks he’s funny, so he goes as Indiana Jones.  He even has his phone queued to play the theme music at any given opportunity.  Jeje is hardcore judging him.

Jeje: He draws a little lion face on his paper bag, and that’s what he wears for his Halloween costume.  Everyone’s just proud of him for participating.

Wrath: A werewolf.  It’s close to her animal form, but not quite the same, and she likes how fluffy she looks with the costume on.  She’s the nicest werewolf to ever exist.

Licht: You know he rocking the angel costume for Halloween.  He’s got no shame; he’s an angel and the world needs to know it.

Hyde:  Hyde is all about partner costumes, so to match with Licht he goes as a devil.  He’s even got a tiny plastic horn headband and a fake set of wings.  Kranz confiscates his pitchfork however; he’s not trusted with a weapon, even a fake plastic one.

World End:  His Eve really wanted to go as Belle, so he agreed to be the Beast to match their costume.  They are absolutely adorable together.

Misono: Misono’s rocking the pirate look for Halloween.  In retrospect, that may have been a bad idea, because the eyepatch isn’t making it any easier to walk and he’s not that graceful to begin with.

Lily: He goes as a fairy.  Misono thinks he’s cheating, because he looks almost like a butterfly and he’s a butterfly like 90% of the time.  Lily says it’s not the same thing, and he’s beautiful both ways so it doesn’t really matter.

Tsubaki: He is ready, he is Frankenstein’s monster and he is going to rock his costume so hard.  Belkia helped him make it, and went all out on the face paint