look how fiercely she grabs his hand

Okay, but just imagine Leo invites the seven, Nico, and Reyna to a Dia De Los Muertos party at his aunt’s house, I have theory that Leo changes a lot after his death and resurrection bc dude dying hurts and he has a lot more to live for now, so when they show up Leo introduces his family to his family, but then Leo’s grandmother hobbles over.

She’s looking straight at Hazel while pushing past everyone and when she finally gets to her she says:

“I knew how much he loved you. Even on his death bed he never stopped talking about you”.

And Hazel grabs her hand like she did to Leo and she sees how sad and lonely Sammy was after she left. How some nights he would drink his life away. How he would visit the stables and remember how beautiful Hazel was mounted on her horse, her curly hair bouncing, her eyes fierce with excitement and joy, her lips and how they parted into a smile just for him.

She sees how lonely he was, until one night in his early thirties, he was sitting at a bar, drinking like usual, and he hears a familiar voice “excuse me where’s the bathroom?” He turns thinking he would see Hazel, but instead its someone else.

She’s medium in height, long curly brown hair, tan skin, thick in body, dark brown eyes, and a familiar smile. She was so beautiful, she had this warmth to her that could brush out the cold. She was like a Latin version of Hazel, but he knew she wasn’t.

They spent years together. They got married, started a family, had beautiful kids, beautiful grandkids. They were happy. They started a tradition: every year Dia De los Muertos they made one gold cupcake with one gold candle for Hazel.

On his death bed, Sammy was hysterical. He had Alzheimer’s, but nothing had changed. He spoke about Hazel every minute of everyday. How they meet, how she left, and how he had never recovered. Sometimes when his wife came to visit he would call her Hazel, and drop down to the floor trying to run to her. On his last day, Sammy was holding his wife’s hand and said “I loved her, but that never meant I didn’t love you”.

Hazel returned, still holding Leo’s grandmother’s hand, and saw tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry”, said Hazel

Leos grandmother hobbled over to the nearest table, grabbed something, and hobbled back. She was holding a gold cupcake with a gold candle.

“Feliz Dia De Los Muertos” she said.

“Feliz Dia De Los Muertos”.