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Drogo x Female Reader

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Imagine owning a small bakery which is overrun by the Mafia resulting in the leader, Drogo, becoming infatuated with you.

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\ Request from anonymous /

Khal Drogo x Reader Modern au? Like he’s a UFC fighter or a mafia leader and reader is our fem Cinnabon bakery owner or student.

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: MODERN AU ♡ ♡ ♡

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Imagine being costars with Jensen Ackles and Chris Evans and great friends and they are both very jealous of each other.

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“So I thought that maybe some Marvel would be nice but-” Jensen stopped himself as soon as he saw you, proceeding to let out a heavy sigh “Really?”

“What?” you mumbled, glancing at him for only a split second but your attention didn’t stay for long on him as your phone buzzed with yet another message.

“What what?” he huffed, slumping next to you on the couch “And then you ask why I prefer DC.” he grumbled and you smirked at him, still typing.

“You prefer DC because you are a huge batman fan.” you said but he rolled his eyes.

“No I prefer DC because Captain America is Captain Jackass.” he grumbled, eyes focusing on the TV screen; stuffing a good amount of pop corn in his face “Besides you’re both a Marvel and DC fan yourself, why does it matter?”

You paused for a moment, turning your head softly and raising an eyebrow with a smirk “What was that Ackles? Is it jealousy I hear in your voice or-” he cut you off by scoffing but only made you smile more.

“As if! Need I remind you I had been asked for the role but denied for Supernatural?” he said but avoided looking you in the eyes and you bit your lower lip.

“I’m not talking about the role but the actor, Jensen.” you bit your lip to keep yourself from grinning even more.

“He’d wish! I’d like to watch Evans try to take down a wendigo first!” he rolled his eyes and you hummed in agreement.

“He’s taken down much worse but- that’s no the point here.”

“No.” he spoke up before you could continue “The point is that he can’t keep his hands to himself even when you are on the red carpet. What the hell is even wrong with him? Kiss you like that in front of so many people?!” his voice rose an octave and you would have laughed at how squeaky it actually sounded.

“He just kissed me on the cheek!” you exclaimed “You’ve done that numerous times!” you giggled as he shrugged.

“Yeah but I’ve known you for over eleven years!” he said as if that somehow was a valid enough reason but truth was he was trying to find anything he could to defend himself and not let it show that his jealousy was making him irrational.

“And he does for almost five! But we both know that’s not the problem here Ackles.” you smirked “Spill it Jens!”

“There is nothing to spill but I at least am allowed to: we are dating!”

“On the show.” you pointed out with a giggle but you couldn’t stop the flutter of your heart at the way he said it.

“Doesn’t matter, I still am more allowed to touch you like that than him!”

“Who knows- maybe there will be a scene with him in the new Avengers and he will have every right to!”

“Hell no!” he exclaimed “I need to talk with the writers!”

“J!” you giggled “Come on just admit it: you’re jealous because he flirts with me a lot.”

“I’m not jealous I am just… curious, and worried mostly. I mean all this fucking flirting yes is worrying and the fucking texts! Doesn’t he have anything else to do?”

“Well, he could always do me if you want.” you shrugged and he sht you a death glare.

“He’s not relationship material, (Y/n), and-”

“I didn’t say I had a relationship in mind but now that you mention it-” you shrugged and his eyes all-but-widened as he stared at you as if you had just grown a second head. You couldn’t deny it was the most adorable sight you’ve ever seen.

“What?!” he shrieked and you couldn’t help but burst into laughter at his expression. Never had you thought that a movie night with your costar, and you’ve had plenty of them before, would end up like this.

You opened your mouth to speak but the doorbell ringing cut you off. Jensen raised an eyebrow and you bit your lower lip. You’ve had had movie nights with only Jensen in the past but there had been times when someone would join, usually Robert Downey Jr or Jared and Misha, but Jensen didn’t have a single problem then because, well, they didn’t really flirt with you and actually mean it. This time though-

“Hey!” a bright smile spread on Chris’ face as soon as he saw you and you grinned at your friend. You didn’t even dare glance behind you to see the expression on Jensen’s face, you knew very well what that was.

“Chris hey!” you hugged him as you let him inside and guided him to the living room.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming.”

“Wanted to surprise my girl.” he kissed your cheek and you smiled when he wrapped his arms around you “I need to live up to my promises right?”

“Well such a shame you won’t be able to keep them tonight, Captain.” Dean’s voice held a kind of satisfaction mixed with annoyance you had not seen before.

“Jensen hey!” Chris smiled nonetheless, he loved annoying your costar a little more than he let it show but you could clearly tell “Good to see you here.” he extended his hand and Jensen shook it, maybe a little too strongly but you couldn’t say Chris was one to get intimidated by a handshake like that; not with the kind of muscles he’d built.

“Is it?” Jensen asked in a way that reminded you so much of Dean “Becaue you don’t seem all that happy about it Evans.”

“Oh you know, can’t really reenact every scene from Fifty shades of Grey with my girl with people in the house.” he made a face and you giggled at how for a split second you could see Jensen actually believe him.

“Yeah maybe you should go for Darker, mis America because your girl has already been through that. But I’ll tell you have a lot to live up to, considering what I did with her, so we don’t blame you if you can satisf-”

“Alright!” you exclaimed, cutting him off before he could get into more detail “Boys, enough will you?”

“Oh but we didn’t get started yet, (Y/n).” Jensen said, eyes not leaving Chris.

“True, but I guess this time I should take it easier. Hey, Jensen how does it feel to be so old and still hunting monsters? It’s a surprise how you’re nearly the same age as-”

“Chris!” you exclaimed, your eyes widening as he only shrugged.

“It’s ok, (Y/n/n), what can I say? It’s hard for little boys like you to understand lots of things, including what a woman needs. Tell me Chris, they chose you to play Captain America because you relate with him on the virgin part right?”

You almost choked on thin air, never had the two of them taken it this far. Usually you enjoyed their small ‘fights’ because they looked both so jealous of each other it was almost entertaining but certainly flattering. While now, well, this wasn’t PG rated anymore and it would definitely get worse.

“And you for Dean to know how it is to wear- what was it? Girl panties? Oh yeah, that was it.” Chris said with an easy smirk and you would have snickered if you didn’t see the look on Jensen’s face. You couldn’t imagine what was to come next but it was no good so you spoke up.

“Ok guys, enough with the greetings: I’m going to melt from all the love you show each other.” you breathed out, rolling your eyes “Chris, we were having a movie night. If you’d like to join-”

“Oh I’d love to join!” Chris said with a wide smile but you saw the glare he shot at the older man and you rolled your eyes. Of course he would and of course Jensen would have that sly Dean smirk on.

Boy it was going to be a long night.

Maybe We Can Be Friends - Uma x Harry x Gil x Reader

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Requested: I was just going to ask if you could write an imagine where Uma and her crew come to Auradon and they’re greeted by this really sweet and cute girl who ends up being Queen Clarion’s daughter? So at first Uma didn’t really like her but in the end they end up being really close because the girl revealed she didn’t really like Mal either and can you throw in a little Harry? I’m sorry and thank you <3

A/N alright this is my first time doing an Imagine like this and I’m quite excited to try this! Hope you love it (: thank you for the request @meiwasesu

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New Kid

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Request: My request is could you do a popular!dean×punk!reader were the reader is new and dean falls in love with her or something, you can use your imagination?

Pairing: popular student!Dean x punk student!reader (high school au)

Word Count: 7,700ish

Warnings: language, bullying aspects (mostly sweet fluff though)

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What about Harry talking about his wife or gf at one of his shows and he get super emotional, and like idek where this is going. But he starts telling her how much he loves and appreciates her and she’s crying in the audience and it’s just a really cute moment

Drabble #10

“Good Evening, I’m Harry, I’m from England”


“Could I get the house lights up please”

*lights go up*

“Wow, you all look incredible tonight, how we doing up the back?”

*cheers from the back*

“Wonderful, how about down the front”

*cheers from the front* *winks at you in the front row*

“And what about you guys in the middle?


“Hot? It looks hot in there *cheers*”

Harry was nearing the end of his tour and this is the first show that you had gotten the chance to see. You were very excited to be there, and he was over the moon to have you there. You had come by yourself, making sure that you were in the front row, which in hindsight may not have been the best idea because Harry kept getting distracted, so far, he had only performed three songs and spent the entire time making eyes at you.

“I’d like to thank you all so much for coming and spending time with me tonight, you being here means the absolute world to me. Now my job for the next hour and a little bit is to entertain you, your job is to have as much fun as you can, if you want sing, you want to dance, please be whoever you want to be, whoever you are in this room, this is for you my love *dimples at you*

The first few notes of Sweet Creature echoed through the venue and you felt yourself tearing up already, it was a song that meant a lot to you and Harry both, and although you’d heard him play it a thousand times before the album came out, hearing him sing it in a room full of people singing it back brought a whole new meaning to it and it was in that moment that you realised why he loved touring so much. When you arrived, you introduced yourself to the fans around you, some of them knowing who you were the minute they saw you, others, not really caring. All of them were lovely, especially Bob, who had also come alone and was thrilled to meet you and freaked every time harry looked in your direction.

*Only Angel Intro* You’re going to have to step it up now, I’m looking at you Y/N, I want to see you dance, I want to see you all dance!

When Only Angel ended Harry took the mic off the stand, and walked over to where you were standing in the crowd

“Now, are we having a good time?!”


“Good, I’m having a great time! I’m very lucky to have my beautiful girlfriend here in the audience tonight, she’s right here, in front of me”

*fans squish towards Y/N*

“Hey hey hey, don’t mob her, you break her, I break you, got it?”  

Alright, moving on, it’s very colourful out there tonight and it is truly wonderful to see so much love in the room, if everyone could please find someone to dance with for the next few songs, that would be great.

“Since I can’t dance with H, I guess I’ll have to settle for you” you said to Bobby

“I’m not going to say no!”

Seeing that you’d found someone to dance with Harry made his way over to your area of the crowd

“You sir, are dancing with my girlfriend, what’s your name? Robby? No? Bobby? Bob! Well, Bob you watch yourself there, I’m watching you”

*Woman* (During instrumental) “DANCE!” he screamed as he leant down and asked the security guard to let you come on stage, holding his hand out to help you up.

“Ladies and Gentleman Y/N Y/L/N!!” Normally, being on stage in front of that many people would have intimidated you, but with Harry there, dancing the same way that he does in your living room in nothing but his underwear, you forgot about the crowd and joined him, looking like an idiot but having the time of your life. When the song ended, he kissed you gently on the forehead and you made your way back to your spot in the audience.

For the next few songs you and Bobby had the time of your life, singing and dancing along. You knew how much Harry enjoyed performing, and seeing him up there having the time of his life made your heart swell with pride

After singing kiwi for the second time, Harry once again grabbed the mic and made his way over to you

“This is my last song”

*collective aww”

“I’ve only got 10 songs….” He shrugged “before I go, I would like to take a second to thank everyone for coming, because without you, I simply would not be here, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you and please drive home safely, I would also like to take a second, to thank Y/N, who has been the most incredible support throughout this whole thing, she came with me to Jamaica to record the album and kept my head screwed on straight when we were struggling to write good songs, she sat next to me as I wrote this next song, and without her to keep me going, the album probably wouldn’t have happened, she’s one of the nicest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing and she truly deserves the world, So Y/N,” he turns and looks at you “Thank you, for everything you are, I love you very much, this one is for you” Turning back to the rest of the audience “Here’s Sign of the Times”

I think about this way too much because it’s such a sweet thought, so thank you so much for the request! Please feel free to send more in!!  Special shout out to @hs-1dfan, @harold-can-fly @thisstylesguy @harryslittlekiwis  @harrywavycurly and the rest of my sweet creature crew who helped me find these GIFS and are just generally wonderful people, who I love dearly xxx


Master list 

Is it possible to be so proud of someone—even though you’ve never met them physically, that you actually start getting emotional?

Cause like words can’t even begin to describe how utterly happy and overjoyed I am for this man. @markiplier, you did an amazing job not only singing, facing your fear and I’m tearing up because—


Look at how far he’s come you guys.

Look at where he is and all he’s done for us and most importantly for himself. This is the fourth time I’ve watched him sing this and I still have this huge smile on my face, my heart hurts in the best way and my eyes sting. And just— ahhh I just love you and everything you’ve accomplished. ❤️😭👏🏼

I can’t help but see him singing this Amy and I get even more emotional.

Am I the only one who feels this way? @kellyplier how about you?

     feel free to change any pronouns & such & make it more like your muse would say it, if you need to ! <3

“ have you been writing those letters to yourself? ”
“ dear ____, today’s gonna be a good day & here’s why…”
“ can we try to have an optimistic outlook, huh? ”
“ can we buck up just enough to see the world won’t fall apart? ”
“ we’re not giving up before we’ve tried. ”
“ this year, we make a new start. ”
“ perfect. ”
“ i’m proud of you already. ”
“ another stellar conversation for the scrapbook. ”
“ i’m kinda coming up empty. ”
“ does anybody have a map? ”
“ anybody maybe happen to know how the hell to do this? ”
“ i don’t know if you can tell, but this is just me pretending to know. ”
“ i need a clue. ”
“ the scary truth is i’m flying blind. ”
“ i’m making this up as i go. ”
“ you are not missing the first day. ”
“ i already said i’d go tomorrow. ”
“ he doesn’t listen. ”
“ look at him, he’s probably high.”
“ he’s definitely high. ”
“ each days another wrong turn. ”
“ i’ve learned to slam on the brake before i even turn the key. ”
“ give them no reason to stare. ”

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Break Time Activities

Word Count: 1800ish

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Skinny dipping, public nudity (only Dean and Reader see each other naked), unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving), a shitty attempt at writing smut

Summary: The reader needs a break from a long night of researching, and Dean helps her unwind.

A/N: I dedicate this to my lovely friends @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and @melonshino…. I took a break from my Sam crisis to write this just for you guys ;-)


“Hey Sammy, you find anything yet?” Dean asked tiredly through the speaker of his phone. “Y/N and I are starting to exhaust our options over here.”

“I’m still at the library… it seems like I’m not going to be leaving anytime soon,” Sam answered tiredly. You could almost picture him rubbing his forehead as he talked. “You’d be surprised at how big the lore section of this library is. I’ve never been to a library that is open all night.”

Both of the boys sounded drained, as did you. The three of you had been researching for a case for nearly three hours now - Sam left for the library while you and Dean stayed behind to look online for information. So far you had come up with squat.

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Would you consider writing andreil with neil hating that people call andrew a monster and kind of blows up after keeping it bottled in and then maybe a littlr bit later they witness andreil being cute with each other mainly andrew being nice to neil (cause lets face it in his own way he is) and theyre kinda like fuck neil is right about how andrew treats him (just cause he doesnt like other people doesnt mean hes a bad boyfriend)

It’s been ages since I wrote Andreil, so I hope I’m not too rusty! Enjoy!

Neil loved his family. They kept him moving and let him be who he was, no questions asked. The treated him like he was their equal and like nothing from his past mattered. With them, all that mattered was who he was on the court. Neil Josten.

Which is what made it so fucking annoying when they didn’t extend the same courtesy to Andrew.

Andrew, who had saved their asses on the court more than a few times. Andrew, who kept Neil grounded when all he wanted to do was run. Andrew, who made promises and never once faltered.

Neil could take a lot. What bothered him more was the fact that Andrew didn’t give a damn what they said about him. Still, he knew Andrew didn’t want Neil to fight his battles for him, so he kept his mouth shut.

As finals drew closer, though, Neil felt his nerves growing thinner and thinner and he knew a break in his short temper was inevitable.

It came one day at lunch, as he picked at at his sandwich and reviewed some equations while trying to ignore the freshman at his table. His head snapped up, though, at the mention of Andrew’s name.

“I asked him to move his racquet off of my locker and he just stared at me until I walked away. It was so weird. What is his damage, anyway?”

Neil sighed audibly in what he hoped was a subtle attempt to get them to shut up, since he already didn’t like the attention that came from being vice-captain and didn’t want to attract any more.

True to form, though, Jack couldn’t resist opening his mouth at the worst times. If he wasn’t such an asshole, Neil bet Andrew would compare them. “You better just steer clear of him altogether. They don’t call him the monster for nothing. He’d probably slam your skull into the wall for fun if you gave him the chance.”

Neil didn’t look away from his book as he said, very civilly, “Shut the fuck up, Jack.”

Of course, though, Jack just smirked and went on, “Wow, Cap. I know you have a lot of problems, but I didn’t know Stockholm Syndrome was one of them. Or is it just that he’s the only one demented enough to enjoy looking at your fucked up face?”

Neil closed his book in a way that he thought showed great restraint considering how he was imagining Jack’s neck was between the pages. “Jack. I understand that your constant need for my attention stems from a lack of intimacy in your childhood. Honestly, though, that’s par for the course on this team, so it doesn’t give you any special privileges. So I highly suggest that you remember that if I or Andrew thought you were worth taking care of, we are more than capable of doing so. As such, you don’t even register on his radar because seven months in, you have yet to score on him. Find a new hobby. I’m bored.”

He didn’t bother to wait for Jack’s response before getting up and walking away.

Brynn walked quickly, cursing how far away the stadium was from the dorms. It felt like everyone on this team had a car except her, which usually wasn’t a big deal except for right now, when she forgot her phone at the stadium and didn’t realize it until 11 PM. She didn’t ask anyone because she figured if Neil ran there sometimes, how far could it really be?

She had seriously miscalculated.

Once she finally got to the stadium, she punched in the security code and headed for the locker room, hoping someone was in there cleaning or something so she wouldn’t have to break in. Before she made it there, though, she heard the sound of voices coming from the guys’ locker room.

“My hand is fine, Andrew.”

“Then you won’t mind me looking at it.”

Shit. She hadn’t banked on anyone being here this late, let alone them, but in retrospect, it figured. She pressed herself against the wall and stayed very still to listen.

A bored voice said, “Learning curve. Non-existent.”

“You knew that going in.”

“Why do I put up with you?”

“My pretty face?”

“Mm. Except for your mouth.”

“Really? I can think of a few exceptions.”

“Stop talking.”

At the sound of them kissing, she let out an involuntary squeak. They stopped as she clapped her hand over her mouth and scrambled to move away from the door. She trembled a bit as Andrew came out of the locker room, but he didn’t seem concerned with her so much as keeping a hand out to shield Neil in case of danger. She had never thought of him as needing protecting, but if this was the side of Andrew Neil saw, she could sort of understand.

Once Neil came into the doorway, he immediately switched into Captain mode. “Brynn? What are you doing here this late?”

“My-my phone. I, uh, left my phone in the locker room.”

Neil sighed. “I’ll unlock it for you and then we’ll give you a ride home.”

She expected Andrew to protest and leave her to walk home, but he just headed off in the direction of the parking lot. As they went to join him, Brynn timidly said, “I’m sorry for what we said about him at lunch the other day.”

Neil shrugged. “Jack’s an asshole. I’m not counting on him getting better. But it’s nothing I didn’t expect.”

She nodded and stayed quiet the rest of the walk. And if on the drive home, if she saw Andrew’s gaze turn to Neil thought to herself that she’d misjudged them both, she kept it to herself.

Running Scared

A/N: Drabble request with Juice for @dontblinkangelsinside. 34. He creeped me out. I’m not gonna lie. and 87. Run! You said you’d work out with me! I hope you like it lovey!

“Run! You said you’d work out with me!” Juice called out over his shoulder, seeing you fall behind.
He slowed down, waiting for you at a telephone pole. You caught up quickly, but your face was flushed and he chuckled.
It was true, you had said you would work out with Juice. He loved going running, and while you weren’t unfit, cardio wasn’t your strong point. Plus, as you liked to remind Juice, you had only been running for a week.
“We have been running for miles.” You panted out.
“It’s been twelve blocks!” Juice cackled.
“You know that we can get a better cardio workout at home, right?”
“Oh, I know, and how do you think I stay so good at it?”
“Well, that, and running.” He winked and you rolled your eyes.
“Alright, let’s head back home. Race ya!” Juice took off.
You groaned, but smiled. It wasn’t all bad. Being slower than Juice meant you got a great view, and that ass was a great distraction from your burning calves and thighs.
Juice was a fair way ahead, you having set a slower pace for the way home. He rounded the corner and you were running alone. Or so you thought.
“Hey there.”
You jumped and looked over to your left. A guy had come out of one of the side streets. 
“Running alone today?”
You hesitated to answer. There were a few people you’d seen running before, this guy included. He was vaguely familiar, having seen him a few times while you and Juice had been running. Had he been watching you?
“Nope. Boyfriend is ahead.”
You began to pick up the pace, not caring how bad the pain would be tomorrow. This guy was making you feel uncomfortable and you wish you hadn’t given Juice the okay to run a quicker pace.
“’Boyfriend’, huh? Lucky man.”
Glancing out the corner of your eye, you saw him looking you up and down.
You ran faster, really hoping Juice had decided to slow down. Rounding the corner, you could see Juice up ahead. You considered calling out to him, but didn’t know how this guy would react.
Pushing yourself harder and harder, you got ahead a little way. The guy caught up again.
“You know, if you’re looking for a harder work out, I could show you some things.” His voice was dripping with sleaze. 
“JUICE!” You yelled, and you saw him stop dead and whip around, before racing full speed back towards you.
You slowed as he got close but Juice ran straight by you and slammed the guy up against the high fence that ran along the pathway.
“You harassing my girl?” Juice asked, the creeper guy’s eye bulging as the barrel of Juice’s gun pushed into his stomach, his forearm pressed against his throat.
“Nah, man, I was just chatting, fellow runner and all.” He was sweating, but it didn’t have anything to do with running.
“You don’t follow ladies around like that, especially my lady. I ever see you again, it won’t be the gun to your ribs, it’ll be a bullet to your head. Got it?”
The guy nodded, and Juice let him go. He sped off, rivalling Usain Bolt.
“You alright?” Juice turned to you, pulling you close.
“He creeped me out. I’m not gonna lie.”
“I shouldn’t have left you, I’m sorry babe.”
“No, it’s fine, honest. Couldn’t have known it would happen.” You tilted your head up towards him. “I told you that running was dangerous. From now on, all cardio is to be done at home.” You joked.
Juice laughed, tucking your hair behind your ear.
Pulling back, you looked Juice up and down, all of a sudden grinning and laughing.
“I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Where did you pull that out from?” You pointed to his gun that was still in his hand.
Juice lifted his baggy shirt, not only exposing defined abs, but a stomach holster. He slid the gun back in.
“I’m always packin’.”
“Don’t I know it.” You winked at Juice, glancing briefly to his running shorts and back up.
“Wanna finish this cardio back at home?”
“Race ya!” You said, taking off, hearing Juice laughing and running behind you.
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Viktor’s Love

Ok I have to get to work so this is gonna be rushed af and incoherent and all but like can we just take a moment because

Like Yuuri being precious smol innocent sinamon roll as always, just happy to finally stand by everyone and share food and drinks and all, ever so grateful that he’s come this far, and met the love of his life in the process, which he couldn’t even get the nerve to talk to before. But we now know that’s not true because he basically declared his love via interpretive dance. Exhibit A:


Ok so it goes without saying that this is where Viktor fell in love. He’s just like omg this quiet meek guy is not what he seems like at all and by god just marry me already. And THEN, this darling little Katsudon goes on, after they’ve already parted, goes on to perform Viktor’s very own Stay Close to Me:

WHICH I’M PRETTY SURE VIKTOR INTERPRETED AS SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF: I haven’t forgotten; please come back to me, please be my coach. Look how well I skated this piece, just for you. This is me proving I’m worthy to skate with you as my coach.

Which leads me to this. Viktor’s priceless reaction:

Because like, ok. Imagine being Viktor. You share this amazing night with this guy and you fall in love at first dance basically, and it’s just so so great because again look at how much FUN they’re having together and the way they’re smiling at each other and it’s like Viktor says in this episode, love and life were something he’d ignored for far too long. But here comes Yuuri to change all that. 

And now imagine, showing up at that hot spring. Like tada here I am! Aren’t you glad! And Yuuri freaking the fuck out. And Viktor thinking how endearing that is because aw he’s shy. 

Aw he’s embarrassed from everything that happened when they were drunk

Aw he just needs to open up his walls and he’ll be the same guy he met on that night. 

If you ask me I think this explains Viktor’s boldness throughout the series. Because it’s like he’s been in love all. this. time. and he’s just going around assuming Yuuri is the same way. The whole ‘let’s sleep together’ and ‘be my boyfriend’ and ‘tell me all about yourself’ at the beginning isn’t just Viktor being a cocky bastard. It’s Viktor being in love. In complete and absolute love. 

And it sort of explains the whole Eros thing too. Because it’s not just on a random whim or even the fact that Viktor wants Yuuri to step out of his comfort zone. It’s because he KNOWS he’s more than capable, because he’s SEEN it before. 

Which he follows with something along the lines of ‘you’ll show it to me soon, won’t you?’ 

Which basically now I’m gonna interpret as Viktor trying to get Yuuri to understand that what he did on that night was a hell of a lot more seductive than Yuuri himself might even realize, and if he can control that, then it’ll be the hook line sinker that’ll get him to finals. 

Also a bit of revenge since, I’m assuming this was probably the first time Viktor was ever caught off guard. I mean seeing Yuuri doing things like that was probably enough to catch anyone off guard. And so maybe this whole time Viktor was just trying to get even, trying to prove that he could seduce Yuuri just as much as Yuuri had seduced him (and not exactly in the sultry way).

And I just. I’m so happy. 

Please excuse my rambles. I’ll try to edit this after I get home.

Hyakuzawa Yuudai, Hinata Shouyou + Chapter 217

yo okay, i’m feeling pretty emotional about hyakuzawa (and his interactions with hinata) right now so i couldn’t not say anything.

okay, any character who feels so obviously insecure like that, to the point of sitting alone on the ground looking sad, is going to have a hold on my heart. hyakuzawa is the most inexperienced player at the camp, and i’d bet he’s aware that some of the other boys there don’t really want to play with him. on top of this, he must be painfully aware that there are a lot of players at this camp who not only attend powerhouse schools, but are regulars - in short, he knows that he is surrounded by extreme talent, and it serves to make his insecurities about his playing even stronger, as he has some of the best players in his year to compare them to. the 2-on-2 matches have become a source of misery for him, he dreads them and wants them to end as quickly as possible, because these in particular really drive home how far behind he is in comparison to the others. 

now of course, this isn’t really his fault, he’s only just started playing and his teammates likely relied purely on his height, if their match with karasuno is anything to go by. it’s completely understandable that he isn’t on the same level as the others, but it’s also understandable (and heartbreaking) that he is so upset by this. no one wants to spend a week in intense training with people when you know your skills are far behind everyone else’s. 

so then what happens?

well, in comes hinata.

holy shit, i love hinata shouyou.

not only does he immediately validate hyakuzawa by making it clear that he thinks hyakuzawa belongs at the camp, he then proceeds to be the most vocal and enthusiastic supporter anyone could ask for. of course, this is hinata’s nature! he’s a lovely ray of sunshine who lights up everyone’s lives, but it’s important to remember that hyakuzawa doesn’t know this, so it probably makes hinata’s words even more important and special to him. hinata’s vocabulary choices aside, it’s clear how surprised and relatively moved hyakuzawa is by hinata’s praises. they aren’t overly complicated, hinata tells it like it is, but these earnest compliments reach hyakuzawa. i’d put money on it being the first time anyone has ever complimented him like that, especially considering he’s still at a low skill level.

so, imagine being at a training camp full of elite first-years, feeling like you’re still in middle school in comparison, and then having a virtual stranger go wild praising your abilities and potential, completely validating your presence when you felt like you didn’t deserve to be there? hinata did something truly fantastic this chapter and i love him for it. because he’s right! it’s not hyakuzawa’s fault he started volleyball so late, and his potential is phenomenal! with his height, and the right training, hyakuzawa could be an utterly formidable opponent, and he deserved to know that he belonged just as much as everyone else did. major shoutout to hinata for being so utterly sweet and telling hyakuzawa, else he could easily have wallowed in his insecurities for the rest of the camp.

and on the topic of hinata: i am so insanely proud of him. he has grown so much at this camp, even without playing all that much! he’s learning so many things from looking at the games and training from off the court, and it’s blatantly obvious in this chapter that it’s paying off. he’s thinking of game strategies and watching the other players closer than ever - things he didn’t really do all that much before. when hyakuzawa rembered hinata’s in depth explanation about a possible play and how it could affect the rhythm of a game, i could have cried. hinata has come so far, you guys. he’s improving so much and i just know he’ll be fantastic at nationals, even better than he already was. he took a situation that wasn’t really in his favour and made it work out insanely well for him. hinata is an inspiration, honestly, he makes friends so easily and helps others (just to simply “beat them at their best”?? such a simple, endearing motive. also he’s way too attractive in that panel), and he’s never once been bitter even when he had every right to be. like hyakuzawa said, no one knows better than hinata that he deserved to be at that camp. but he’s never been cold towards any of the other boys there. hinata is just such a wonderful, warm person, and i’m so proud of how far he’s come.

It’s been a hot minute since I posted art so I wanted to show you guys how far along I’ve come with human drawing stuff, as well as give you a little “mod post” on what’s been going on with me recently and why I haven’t been able to get around to posting much pony art.

First of all I think I’m improving really quickly with human stuff and I’m very excited about character design things these days. I’ve been really inspired by just people in general recently, for instance I really want to draw my grandparents all of a sudden just because they have so much character (and old people look so unique. I know that that sounds weird but you can change so much about body type to create such interesting looking characters and yeah yeah alright sorry I’m digressing).

I haven’t been making much pony humanization though, mostly just because I feel like I have a basic standard of quality I need to uphold for you guys and my human stuff understandably hasn’t met it yet. I’m getting much more confident with it though so I think you’ll be seeing some of that very soon.

Another reason for the lack of post frequency these days is just that I’m finishing up my degree now. Doing my senior engineering project and everything, two other group projects going on, hell I’m actually posting this whole novel partially as a way to procrastinate studying for the fluid dynamics exam I have tonight. Life happens.

I applied to a couple conventions for the summer already though so I’m dedicated to getting back into pony art despite how much I’ve enjoyed the past couple months of experimentation and hobbyism. If my ask inbox is any indication then there were a number of people that were worried I was bailing on all of that, but don’t fret. Ya boy will be back.

To be completely transparent with you all, the past couple months of just learning and experimenting and just hobbyism in general have been some of the most fun I’ve had with art in years. I’m pretty bummed that I’m going to be going back to the status quo soon in that regard, especially because I haven’t really been interested in MLP for a couple of years now. Sweetie Belle is still my favorite character ever though so drawing her again won’t be much of a hurdle, the people deserve cute belles after all. Hopefully I’ll find a good balance of it all soon, but damn it sure has been nice not worrying about what people think of my art.

and I *think* that’s about all I have to say for now. Congratulations if you made it through that whole block of text lol. I’ll try to make good on the “more pony soon” promises, but in the meantime I hope you all have an excellent rest of your day/month/year.

Sacred Ink - Roman Reigns x OFC

Author’s Note: Hi beautiful people! This is my entry for @thewriterformerlytaggedas & @fan-fiction-galore ‘s 31 Little Wrestling Fic’s October Challenge. It’s my take on some of the Native American stories that I grew up with, with some changes to fit my concept. I’m focusing mostly on Navajo myths, but there’s a mixture of tribes all over. I hope you like it!!

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Then Again P10  Peter x Reader

Author’s Note:

I have maybe good news, maybe bad news:

I might update again tomorrow! Honestly, this will depend on how much time I’ll have to edit and how motivated I feel. (Feedback from you guys might help here 😉, particularly about the fic as a whole since this chapter is so short) 

So: maybe this weekend will be back to double updates! If you’d like to be tagged, let me know :)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 11, Part 12

Without further ado, the last angsty part (well, kind of, it’s complicated):

Then Again, Part 10

(Words: 730)

I know Peter won’t be back, not after everything. That’s the worst bit. Even after we finally confronted each other, things aren’t fixed - if anything, they’re worse than ever.

I love my friends, all of them, beyond words… yet even though I’m overjoyed to know that I still have Ned and Michelle, my friendship with Peter is undeniably in immediate decay and it’s almost unbearable. I’m half in love with him and he can’t even stand to be in the same room as me. Not to mention, I still don’t know why they were all ignoring me in the first place.

Like a child, I’m sitting on the floor with my back against the bed, the sound of the door slam echoing around in my brain, replaying over and over and over. My thoughts are reaching and clawing at every insecurity I have. Within minutes my head is aching again and I have to wipe the tears leaking from under my eyes. I’ve stopped shaking for the most part at least.

It’s not the end of the world, I tell myself.

I won’t be able to go to May and Peter’s anymore though, I realize. I push that thought away immediately. I can’t - I really can’t - think about that right now.

I glance at the clock. It’s 11:13 p.m. I might as well try to sleep.

I change into some pajamas, fingers still trembling. I turn out the lights and climb into bed. The air is a bit too bitter, so I pull as much of the comforter around myself as possible. If I close my eyes and focus enough, I can imagine the weight of the blanket is my mom’s embrace. I wish I could call her. It’s not too late that she wouldn’t answer, but I’ve kept this Peter-crush a secret from everyone and it would be too obvious if I tried to explain what’s going on. Plus, I just don’t want her to worry about me - especially when I’m away from home.

Part of me wants to call May. That’s certainly off the table, too, and for the same reason. But man, I really, really want to.

A sheltered part of my brain nags me, whispers that I should reach out to Peter or Michelle or Ned. Again, off the table for obvious reasons. I can’t talk to anybody about this without making it complicated. Plus, I’ll start crying again and I don’t want to deal with that twice. The urge alone is driving me insane.

Why is Peter still the first person I wish I could talk to right now?

I need to stop thinking if I’m going to fall asleep.

I huddle deeper into the blanket and pick up my phone. I tap Instagram to numb my brain.

Dumb idea. Most of the team has already posted something from today and Peter and I are often in the backgrounds. We look miserable in the majority of them. There are a few that aren’t too awful. A handful are of the entire team and all of us look rather happy. (It’s impossible not to smile and laugh while Ned is being petty enough to put bunny ears on Flash.) Then there’s one from the pool, taken by Cindy. It was when Michelle first called Liz. Peter’s got this look, this expression, as he stares at the phone leaning against the wall. Some sort of longing. I know he must miss her. It’s been almost a year and he’s probably missed her every day since. I know it.

All of my insecure Reasons Not To Keep a Crush on Peter Parker are confirmed by this photo. Peter is still hung up on Liz. He likes Liz. He likes people like Liz. I’m not Liz. I’m not even like Liz.

I’m halfway in love with my best friend and he’s halfway in love with someone who isn’t anything like me. The little tiny piece of hope I’d kept hidden away like a lightning bug in a bottle is now extinguished. Or dead. Whichever makes metaphorical sense.

I zoom in on the picture and force myself to stare at it. This is reality. It’s time to let go and accept the fact that my friendship with Peter is nearly finished. Nothing will change as I blindly imagined; it will only get worse from here.

I exit the app and set my phone on the nightstand. Arms wound tight around a wet pillow, the night is swallowed up by black, heavy, deafening silence.

Part 11

Next Update: Maybe November 4, maybe November 10

As always, please let me know what you think! I haven’t gotten many responses the last couple weeks, so I have no idea how you guys feel about these updates. Yikes.

Thank you to my new followers and those who have commented, I really appreciate you guys! Also, if anyone ever just wants to talk - whether it’s about Then Again or anything else in the world - I’m always available!

Tag List: If you’d like to be tagged, you can reply to this post or send me a(n) message/ask!

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BTS Reactions | He Sees Your Ex At A Family Gathering

Not sure if I was directly on point with the request, sorry xx

requests open


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Shawn and Alex’s first time at an event after they go public with their relationship.


“I’m scared.” Alex said, looking over at Shawn, he was tapping his fingers against his thigh. They were getting closer to the building.

“Just think about it like this… We’re walking around the city and people take pictures and ask questions. Don’t be scared baby.” Shawn smiled, patting her lower back.

“Okay but like… Ed and Niall are gonna be there. You know how much I love them!” Alex giggled, Shawn chuckled and kissed her forehead.

“You suck. You know I’ll introduce you to them! They’ll love you.” He smiled, knowing his friends will adore Alex.

A few minutes later, the car stopped and they walked out, Shawn intertwining their hands.

She heard ‘awes’ and blushed a bit.

Once they walked into the actual building, Alex was blinded by flashing lights and so many people conversing. Famous people as well.

Sure, Alex was known by many. But not by as many as Shawn or Ed or Harry Styles, god. Alex loves Harry. She loved no loves One Direction. Anyway, harry isn’t here though.

As they waited to walk onto the red carpet, Shawn was conversing with Geoff and Andrew.

Alex, though, was looking around, for Niall and Ed. She was then surprised by seeing a hint of red hair from the corner of her eye. She turned to look so quick but saw nothing. Fuck.

“Alex baby, you ready? You look amazing.” Shawn smiled, taking her hand again.

Once they stepped out into everyone’s view, flashes started going off and people started screaming. Shawn, though, kept an arm around her waist.

“God damn there’s so many cameras.” Alex muttered, making Shawn chuckle.

“I know, baby. Don’t worry. I’m right here.” Shawn smiled, looking down at her for a second. They took a caught that.

After they got off the carpet, it was time for interviews, Alex got pulled to a lady, that she didn’t know the name of.

“Hi, how are you?” Alex smiled, hugging the lady.

“I’m great sweetie! You look beautiful as always! What are you wearing?” She questioned, already knowing Alex was going to give off a smart answer.

It’s what she’s known for.

“Um… I am wearing… A dress, with flats.” She answered, seeing Shawn smiling, talking to some other interviewer.

“Well you look great!” She complimented.

“Thank you!”

“So you were recently titled ’Worlds Sexiest Woman’ for Maxim but after Gigi Hadid. Do you feel accomplished?” She asked, Alex chuckled and shook her head.

“It’s pretty cool, yeah. Gigi seems like a nice girl, but um that’s not why I’m in the entertainment industry. I really just want to make people smile. You know?” She answered.

“Of course! So this is your first public appearance with your boyfriend Shawn Mendes! How is it so far?”

“Um, pretty cool. He calmed me down the way here cause apparently Ed Sheeran is here! And I love Ed. So yeah, that happened.” She giggled.

“Have you met him yet?”

“No, but Shawn said he can introduce us later. Looking forward to that.” She smiled.

“Awe he’s such a sweet guy.” She smiled, “So you started your career on vine, then moved onto Instagram… I’m sure everyone’s wondering, how did you guys meet?”

“We met in LA, I was coming out of a store with tons of bags in my hands, and me, being the clumsy person I am; ran right into Shawn. He was with his friends Matt and Brian. I dropped my stuff and he helped me. I had no idea who he was and we talked for awhile until he got called in from Andrew, his manager. I thought I wasn’t gonna see him again, but thankfully he gave me his number. The rest is history.” She explained.

“You didn’t know who Shawn was?”

“I didn’t know what he looked like, but I found out eventually.” She laughed.


“How is it so far baby?” Shawn asked, sitting next to his girlfriend for the first time tonight.

She hummed and leaned on his shoulder, “Fun. Just missed you.” She smiled.

“Me too bub. Now we just relax and be a cute couple.” He said, squeezing her bicep.

“Like we always are.” She giggled, looking up at him, he smiled and nodded.

“Like we always are.” He repeated, kissing her cheek.

There’s gonna be pictures of that everywhere tomorrow. But they couldn’t care less.

A couple speeches and awards later, Shawn notices Ed coming towards them. He smiles and motions for him to come over there. Alex talking with Geoff about a show.

“Babe!” Shawn exclaimed, tapping her arm.

“Yeah?” She smiled, turning towards him, her eyes immediately flew to the ginger haired man behind her beautiful boyfriend.

“Holy fuck!” She squealed, getting up and hugging him.

“Hello! How are you hun?” He asked, oh my god. This is actually happening!

“Great now that I finally met you! Shawn was like ’no i promise you’ll meet him’ Haha.” God damn it, she’s so awkward.

“And you did! Probably should’ve warned you Ed.” Shawn smirked, teasing Alex a bit.

Alex playfully rolled her eyes and turned back to Ed.

“Congratulations on your three awards! That’s awesome.” She smiled.


After they got in the car, Alex groaned and slipped off her flats. She doesn’t like heels all that much.

“It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.” She smiled, placing her legs on Shawns lap.

“You know what I like about our relationship?” She questioned, rubbing Shawns neck.

“What’s that?” He smiled, biting his lip.

“How we don’t kiss out in public. Like, there’s not one fucking picture out there of us kissing!” She explained, making Shawn laugh.

He rubbed up and down her leg, nodding in agreement.

“It is pretty cool… We’re in a private place right now. Wanna kiss?” He smiled, puckering his lips.

Alex giggled and leaned forward, pressing their lips together.

“Mwah.” He said after, making her giggle in response.

“You’re a dork.”

“But you love me.”


BTS At The Grocery Store With Their S/O

Request:  bts scenario grocery shopping with their girlfriend please and thank you!

A/N: I’m gonna just do a little something for each member like a reaction if that’s ok :)

Namjoon: The two of you going grocery shopping together would definitely be a late night trip. He’d come home late or call you up late and the two of you would decide you were hungry. Getting to a store that’s open late, he would push the cart and you would probably lose him in the store about ten times. I honestly imagine him in a pair of glasses and a cardigan or sweater as the two of you fill up your cart with snacks and other food. He wouldn’t have a list but he would always want to try something new that he found at the store. He would also bump you a lot with the cart on accident the first time and on purpose the other hundred times. On your way home he would definitely be the one to have food fall out of the bottom of one of the bags and you would just laugh at him as he tried to pick up everything from off the floor. He’d just be soft boyfriend who would make grocery shopping cute and easy.

Originally posted by ksjknj

Jin: He would have a long ass list. That’s for sure. I think you’d go late at night or in the late morning with him. He would know where everything was and you bet you’d be pushing the cart. You probably wouldn’t mind though because you’d be getting fed later on. Since he loves a lot of different kinds of food, your cart would be FULL, sometimes with stuff you’d never seen before. He would also make sure to ask you if there was anything you wanted and so the cart would be extra full. He’d make puns about the food on every isle and most of them you couldn’t help but crack a smile at. He was too cute! He would also be that guy that when you get to the cash register, he would see the total price and just laugh in amazement at how much it’d come out to be. Shaking his head, he would look at you and you could see the little hint of regret in his eyes. I mean, he’s old enough to know that stuff costs money but he gets so into the shopping that he doesn’t realize he went too far sometimes. It would be worth it still though because he’d have ingredients to cook with and it would be spectacular.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga: Like Namjoon it would be late at night. Although I’m positive Yoongi goes grocery shopping for himself, if the two of you really went together you’d either live together or you’d be there for you. Either way, there would be a list that he either made you write or he wrote himself. He’s practical. He would find all the best deals in order to not splurge too much and I feel like he could calculate sale prices in his head. The two of you would switch out who was pushing the cart and honestly if you were shopping for you, he would remind you of things you may need when you passed them in the aisle. If he could he would sneak a little snack that he would share with you later because he can also be soft and cute. Not only that but at the cash register he would be the type to try and pay for it all when you were looking for your card or something and would have to push him away so you could pay instead. Grocery shopping with Yoongi would be you buying everything you need and sometimes a little something extra and honestly he’d be a great person to go grocery shopping with. Just watch Bon Voyage.

Originally posted by syubto

Hoseok: The two of you would go in the middle of the day or in the morning and honestly it would take FOREVER. Not because neither of you were prepared but because he would be going back and forth throughout the store. Like, he would need salt so go to that aisle to get it and then decide he needed bread and after that would realize he also needed pepper so go back and get that. He would do this with or without a list. He would push the cart and as you guys went in depending on his mood he would either tell you to get in or stop you from getting in the cart so he could push you for a little bit. I think he would only get things he needed and for some reason I feel like he wouldn’t really get snacks and other stuff like that. He would get food he can cook or prepare whether it be from scratch or something you just slapped together and heated up. So, if you wanted snacks, you would have to give him some puppy dog eyes depending on what it was. He would also embarrass you everywhere. Although I know Hoseok isn’t loud and hyper ALL the time, when he is, he would embarrass you. He would sing songs for you and do little dances send hearts your way and just cute stuff. When you guys left, he would be super friendly to the cashier and ask how their day was before splitting how many bags you both carried equally. It would be a fun and tedious trip to the grocery store. 

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

Jimin: He seems like a night owl so it would for sure be at night that the two of you went. He would probably text you telling you he needed stuff from the and store and would want you to go with him and if you asked him to go with you he would definitely show up if he could. The two of you would swap who pushes the cart and I can just imagine him being there in a big sweatshirt with the hood up, looking cute and soft. He would have a list 50% of the time but either way I feel like the two of you would take your time but also not take too long there. He wouldn’t buy a lot of food and sometimes you may have to remind him that he needs to get stuff for this and that meal or for this or that upcoming schedule. He would find the foods you like and ask if you wanted it and would always try and get things for you but sometimes you would have to resist and tell him you didn’t want it so he didn’t spoil you too much. If you were paying, at the register he would just hug you tightly as he waited for you to finish. If he was paying, he would ask you for hugs. Let’s be real.

Originally posted by marikit257

Taehyung: Oh lord this boy. He would have an idea of what he wanted but also have no idea. Late night grocery shopping for this one and there would no doubt be someone pushing someone else in the cart. It would switch every trip. SNACKS! and fruit! I seems like a fruit guy. He would sneak weird and unnecessary stuff into the cart to see if you’d notice and once you did he would just laugh at your reaction. There would also be games of hide and seek throughout the aisles. He would also get useless stuff but he would find use for it somehow. He’s Taehyung. Also, if there were samples, he would eat them because it’s free food and yes. At some point you’d have a debate over something in there that either ended in Taehyung looking it up and smiling his box smile when he discovered you were right or him shoving google in your face when he was right. At the register he would always insist on paying no matter if it was for only him, only you, or both of you. He would race to the machine to pay and you would have to wrestle him if you wanted to pay. 

Originally posted by hypetae

Jungkook: Again, the whole maknae line would be going at night tbh. The two of you would be doing something together and decide to get some grocery shopping done. You’d switch between who was pushing the cart every once in a while and he would know where everything was. He would also take advantage of those buy 1 get one free! deals especially on his favorite snacks. like Tae there would be so many SNACKS. He would also get motivated to cook something when he saw a shelf of cook books and decide to buy a bunch of other stuff so he could cook something from scratch. The two of you would decide on something you both wanted to eat and get everything for it so you could make it later. He would always stop when he saw stuff he knew you liked and ask if you wanted to get it but he wouldn’t just buy it for you if you said no. Like Namjoon, he would bump you with the cart for laughs but unlike Namjoon, even the first time was on purpose. At the register, I feel the two of you would just rock, paper, shoot to see who pays tbh. And he would carry all the bags because he’s Jungkook and that’s what he does. 

Originally posted by nnochu

“you know, we’re gonna have to be convincing for her to actually believe us, right?”

“obviously, you dick. what makes you think i don’t know just the right things to say?”

“well, anyone can just say anything they want, even if it’s not true. hell, i went around saying straight things for so long, and you guys never believed a word of it!”

“that’s because you are the least straight person we know, asshole.”

“that’s my point. you can say what you want, but no one’s gonna believe it unless what you do matches.”

“okay… and how do you propose we do that?”

“here, come sit next to me. no - come a little closer, that’s too far. it’ll look weird to her if our legs aren’t touching.”

“yeah, good point, i guess.”

“dude, relax, you’re so stiff. do you want her to think you have something up your ass?“

“uh, no? wait - maybe! what if she thought it was a butt plug, that’d be good, right?”

“what? no! god, why would you even be thinking about butt plugs right now? here, i’ll put my arm over your shoulder, and you put your arm around my waist.”

“like this?”

“yes, exactly. give me your other hand.”

“…what are you-”

“wouldn’t it be weird if we said we’re a couple, but we didn’t hold hands?”

“oh. i guess you’re right.”

“yeah, i know i’m right. now come here.”

“what now? mac - what - mmmph-”

a beat.

“all couples kiss, dude. why do you look so surprised?”

“um. show me again.”