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I saw your post earlier about not feeling so great :( so i told myself i soon as i get home i’mma draw you something and here it is.

I hope it makes you laugh. Truth be told Scarecrow can pull off a boa scarf quite well, i think it should be an accessory in the game he can hit you with XD

HWTR to Having A Spa Day

Max: He’d literally be 100% up for it, oh my god. He wants the whole spa treatment, though: massages, mani-pedi, face mask, etc. Becomes more feminine than you when it comes to having a spa day. He’s one that would let you try out nail polish colors on his nails before you buy them to see if the color looks nice, so he ends up leaving the store with each nail painted a different color. The face masks would be his personal favorite, he’d get all giddy whenever you buy exfoliating face wash or face masks because he likes feeling his face tingle as he scrubs. Max would also dedicate an entire video on his channel on the products that you have bought and would try them out as well. A lot of the products would actually be surprising to him, like the face wash. The second he feels the the tingling from the scrubbing, his eyes would get all wide and he’d ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’. I feel like it’d go along the lines of, “Oh my god, it’s burning! Wait! No! It’s like…tingly. This feels so good…like a giant mint for my face.” Besides him being clueless about a majority of the stuff, he would still love it and enjoy spending time with you. Would actually end up stealing all of your products like he already does with your shampoo and if you think he doesn’t yOU’RE L Y I N G. Max would literally want one of those cucumber thingy masks, like with the cucumbers over his eyes and everything. He’d get so high maintenance with it.

Joji: You wanted to have a little “me day”, where basically you have downtime for yourself and spoil yourself a bit. Joji thought it would be a good idea if the both of you do it together because he wanted to bond, so you decided to do to him what you did to yourself. You had done your hair nicely, pampering yourself, and due to Joji not having cut his hair yet, he wanted you to do his hair, so you gave him small buns/mini ponytails that stuck up out from his head. He would watch you wash your face and then mimic you once you were done. When it came down to the charcoal mask, you told him to shut his eyes as you smeared the dark substance all over his face except for his eyelids. You instructed him to open his eyes as you smeared the product on your face yours. He was shocked at first, wanting to touch it but he knew that it would ruin the mask since it wasn’t dry yet. “Is this going to hurt me?” he’d ask you at one point in a really quiet tone because he was genuinely concerned since he couldn’t really move his facial features. You didn’t know how to tell him about the pain so instead you told him it was time to remove his mask. Ripping a piece of his face mask off before he stopped you by firmly grabbing your wrist, he screamed. You giggled at his response, “What the fuck!” he would yell. Joji wold already know the weird shit girls do for beauty but this would actually surprise him. You would literally take your mask off in two seconds and it would take him more than forty five minutes to take off the whole thing because he’d be so focused on the pain and he’d whine to you about it. He’d actually laugh and scream while ripping the mask off tbh. Would DEMAND you paint his nails and do little designs on them too. He’d get too spoiled, oh my god. “No! I want that design not that one.” he would say. You would say, “Okay, I’ll do it on the next nail.” Then he’d tell you to take the nail polish off and start from the beginning once more. He’d even want you to give him one of those full body massages with those expensive ass oils, smh.

Ian: You recently had done a lot of online makeup shopping and all of your products came in when you weren’t home, but Ian was. He made sure everything was there and when you came home you wanted to immediately try everything because you wanted to see how it left your skin looking. You thought to yourself about how long the process was with putting on makeup and making sure you were on point with everything. But because you were tired, you didn’t feel up for it so you decided to ask Ian if he wanted to be your model. He’d turn into the biggest smart ass about applying make up as if he knew what to do, fight me on this. After an hour or so of him talking circles around you for fun, he’d say yes, not that he was going to deny you in the first place. He would actually end up reminding you about some steps like the contouring and the highlighting, leaving you to ask him how he knows those terms. “Make me look fab.” “Beat my face.” “Bake me like a cake.” were all the terms he would end up saying in order to try to ‘act like understood’ but in reality you would just shake your head at him and wonder why he was such a goof. Personally, I feel like Ian wouldn’t care who made fun of him, he’d actually make fun of himself, tbh, because it wouldn’t make him feel less masculine since he’s comfortable with his sexuality, so he wouldn’t make derogatory jokes at all. He would tell you not to do his eyeliner because he’d want to try it out for himself and it’d actually come oUT GOOD?! Idk but I feel like Ian would do a great ass job with doing a sharp cat eye, sharp enough to slice anyone in half. Would refuse to take his makeup off, and would actually want to do yours because he thinks he’s a ‘guru’ now. Goes through every lipstick you have to find the right shade. He’d be so confused about liquid lipstick, not understanding why it would dry and not smear.

anonymous asked:

who is this dHoot being shipped with dobengal? XD

Alright my dear anon, allow me to explain~ So the last episode of Fairy Tail, the end of the Tartaros Arc, they showed Sabertooth welcoming Minerva back which is this scene. *Also grumpy ninja <3*

And being the Rufus fangirl I am, I made this my Skype icon because I mean…look at how fab he is~

And then @tooironictohandle pointed out the guy behind Rufus

And named him dHoot. And we ship him with Dobengal? Because Dobengal was the only available one XD *Actually, I don’t know XD I got lost when the Sin Squad was talking about it*


When Dobengal meditates, dHoot likes to lay his head on Dobengal’s lap!


Imagine asking Stiles why he cares so much about you.

“You’re one of my best friends, (y/n). I’ve known you since I was six. You’ve always been there for me. I’ve had a crush on you since I was eight. I care, (y/n). I care because I love you.”

*Not my gif

aaanddd another background elf (✿◕‿◕)