look how excited they were to see santa!


so let’s talk about Armin’s look there for the last three panels.  Remember how excited Eren and Armin would get when talking about the outside world?  It would always be Eren listening to Armin, with that bright look in his eyes taking anything that Armin had to say about this.  Mentioning the outside world seems to wake Eren up on multiple occasions:

1. When Armin is about to be eaten by Santa titan Eren has a flashback to when they were both kids, mooning over that book and dreaming about the outside world.  EREN GETS UP EVEN THOUGH HE’S MISSING A LEG AND JUMPS INTO THAT TITAN’S MOUTH TO SAVE ARMIN AND SAYS “we’re gonna see the outside,” or something like that. a;lsdkjf;alsdkfj

2.  Remember when Titan Eren kinda just sits there and doesn’t do anything, Mikasa isn’t able to wake him up by saying “we’re family” but ARMIN IS ALL EREN WAKE UP and Eren’s  first reason for wanting to join was to see the outside WITH ARMIN but when his mother died that dream was overshadowed by his utter rage, and need for revenge but in this scene ARMIN REMINDING HIM THAT HE NEEDED TO AVENGE HIS MOTHER DOESN’T WAKE HIM UP, HE WAKES UP WHEN ARMIN TALKS ABOUT THE OUTSIDE WORLD!!

So the “outside world” is a recurring theme here behind Eren’s motives, but over the last chapters he’s been all sad and hating himself.  No longer does he have that confidence of “I WILL KILL THE TITANS AND SEE THE WORLD” and as others have said, in this chapter Eren has seemed in a better mood, but I still think there’s  underlying depression, and Armin just wants to see his best friend happy again so he mentions the outside world, and Eren doesn’t wake up like he has in the past.  He’s just, “yeah you’re right,” all nostalgically.  AND LOOK AT ARMIN’S FACE, OH MY GOD HE JUST WANTS EREN TO SHARE HIS DREAM WITH HIM AGAIN, LIKE EREN WHY YOU BE NOSTALGIC THIS DREAM ISN’T BEHIND US, IT’S SO CLOSE EREN YOU’RE KILLING ME.

And I don’t know how to explain it but I think you know what I’m trying to say here.