look how excited they were to see santa!

“Oh, were those cookies for Santa?” -- DEAN AMBROSE

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Here’s another holiday drabble (that is really more of a short one-shot) based off the prompt “Oh, were those the cookies for Santa?” “Yes!” “Well, what’re you gonna do about it?”. Thanks to the anon who sent this one in. Hope you guys like it! xx


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Sebastian Stan x Hemsworth!sis Request

hello!! :) can you maybe write an imagine with sebastian stan where him and the reader (his wife) spend xmas with their little boy (like one or two) and her family (she’s a hemsworth, liam’s twin)?

You walked into your brother, Liam’s house, carrying your one year old son Austin. “Merry Christmas,” you yelled as you walked into the house.

“Y/N, Sebastian,” your Mom greeted and hugged you both. “Merry Christmas.” She grabbed Austin from your arm and held him close. “Merry Christmas my baby.” It was early Christmas morning and the three of you came back to your twin’s house to spend Christmas with the whole family.

After partying here last night and having a big dinner with everyone you three went home, got some sleep, and came back early to see what presents Santa had left under the tree for Austin and your nieces and nephews.

“Aunt Y/N, Uncle Sebastian,” one of your nieces said as she came into the living room, “look! Santa came!”

“I know,” you grinned and scooped her up. “We came because Santa left Austin’s presents here so he could open them with you guys.” You hugged your brother’s and sister-in-laws as they walked out of their rooms and kissed your nieces and nephews as the ran towards you and the tree. “Morning sis,” you turned and saw a sleepy Liam coming out.

“Morning,” you hugged your twin. “You look exhausted,” you laughed.

“The kids were hyper all night after you left and they started screaming as soon as they woke up.”

“It’s Christmas, their excited,” you shoved him. “See how happy they are?” You two watched as the kids tore into their presents. Sebastian sat on the ground with Austin in his lap as they helped open his first present. “I’m excited to see you two with kids,” you told him. “Maybe then you’ll understand what it’s like to be exhausted all the time,” you clapped his back and walked to your husband and son.


The kids were sprawled out on the floor, half of them playing with their new toys tiredly and the other half passed out. Everyone else was sitting on the couch talking lowly and watching the Christmas movies that played on the TV.

You sat on the end, cuddled into your husband with Austin sleeping in between you two. “You think he had a good Christmas?”

“I think he did,” he kissed your forehead. “Did you have a good Christmas?”

You looked down at the necklace Santa had brought you with Austin’s name on it. “I did,” you nuzzled into his neck. “Thank you.”

“Merry Christmas, babe.”

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The heater in the car was turned up high to keep out the cold as you and Sam drove around your neighborhood and neighboring ones to see the beautiful twinkling lights that decorated the houses. Sam couldn’t say no when you suggested the activity because of how excited you were to do it. 

You pulled up to the first house rimmed in lights with inflatable Christmas characters scattered on the lawn. 

“Oh man, I love the colors!” you exclaimed as you looked all about you. It was quite a pretty sight to see. “And look at the little Santa Clause that pops out of the chimney!”

Sam smiled as he watched you gaze at the spectacle. “What would you rate this one?” he asked. You two had decided to create a rating system of 1-10 to make things interesting. 

You thought a moment; is was pretty good. “I wouldn’t give it a full ten, but it is up there,” you said.

Sam pulled back onto the road to find another one that could possibly top that. You passed several house that just had a few lights here and there and a few expensive two story houses that were outline in pure white lights. They were okay, but you loved the different colored lights so much more; there was something about them that made you feel like a kid looking on in amazement at them.

You both turned down a pretty dark street that didn’t look too promising, until you saw a lights flashing in the darkness. 

“Oh, look!” you said as you pulled up to the house. There was a sign out front that said to turn your radio to a certain station and as soon as you did you could see that the lights were synced to the music. 

“Now this is pretty cool,” Sam said as he looked on at all the lights.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town was playing over the radio as you snuggled into Sams arms as you watched the show. 

“What’s your rating on this one?” he asked quietly. 

You look up at him and smiled. “A perfect 10,” you said before he leaned down to place a kiss on your lips. 

90 Days of Autumn (Part 12)

Title: Christmas

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5,175

Warnings: A couple swear words, but all fluff

Prompt: Sam and Y/N spend their first Christmas together, complete with silly pajamas, many of presents, and special confessions. 

Master List

A/N: Well, this was supposed to come out on Christmas, but I failed. I’m just getting back into writing after my mini break, so forgive me for how long this is. And you’re welcome for all the fluff that’s come from this.

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You woke up with Sam by your side. Per his request, and to your excitement, you spent the night. He was still sleeping when you woke up, which surprised you because you were the one who rolled in late.

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You met him on the first day of your daughter’s kindergarten, because he was the only other single parent there in a room full of couples. And ever since then, you and Luke had been close friends, your kids even closer. Your daughter went over to play with Luke’s son at least twice a week, but you never minded because that meant you got to see the man with twinkling blue eyes who made you weak at the knees.

Now, the two of you had decided to forgo the misery together and wait in the never-ending line to see the mall’s Santa, your kids both chattering with excitement. Your daughter was rattling off a list of all the toys she planning on telling Santa she wanted, while Luke’s son was gazing awestruck at all the giant candy canes and wondering aloud how long it would take to eat one of them, apparently unable to realize that they weren’t eatable.

The two of them were about to burst with excitement when you finally reached Santa, both eagerly climbing up onto his lap and posing for the picture. You and Luke exchanged smiles, looking back to see Santa asking your children what they wanted for Christmas.

As you’d seen them do many times before (just not on Santa’s lap) your daughter and Luke’s son looked over at each other and smiled, obviously in agreement about something, before your daughter leaned in and whispered something into the older man’s ear.

His eyes widened for a second before he chuckled, hand stroking his beard in thought.

“Well,” Santa looked up at you and Luke, his mouth turning up in a grin, “it seems that they’ve wished for the two of you to be together this Christmas.”

Luke’s brow furrowed. “Together?”

You blushed. “As in…”

Suddenly, a high voice belonging to Luke’s son piped up, yelling so loud you swore people across the mall would be able to hear it, “I want her to be my mommy, daddy!”

And as you looked at Luke, whose face held a small smile as he halfheartedly shrugged his shoulders, you started to believe that hey, maybe Christmas miracles did exist.

For alreadymissings and featuringluke’s holiday!5sos blurb night!

Merry Christmas, Meg!!

This took forever to make, so I hope you like it. I drew Mark and Jack for you since you seem to reblog stuff about both of them haha. (I accidentally made Mark look like an edgelord. Woops. Hehe.)

To be honest, this is more of a thank you gift than a Christmas one! I’d like to thank you for hosting this Secret Santa event and bringing tons of people together! You’ve worked so hard, and I honestly don’t know how you did it! You deserve more than just a simple gift! 💓

This is actually my first year in the Markiplier and Jacksepticeye communities (well at least those were the fandoms where I found your post), so I was excited since it was a chance for me to get to know others more! (I’m a very shy person lol). Seeing the people bond over this and make new friends shows that you’ve done a lot of good to a lot of people!

Okay, this is getting pretty sappy hahahaha. But really, you’ve sacrificed a lot of time and effort for us—only a handful of people would do that nowadays! So, I know that this simple drawing doesn’t equal the amount of time and effort you’ve sacrificed for us, but if it gives a small smile to you face, then I’ll be happy to know that I made such a wonderful person happy! You deserve lots of love! I salute and applaud you, friend! 👏👏

Luke imagine/smut

[This was inspired by a dream I had about Luke, just the “I’m in love” and some of the smut part happened though. I needed to write more for the story to make sense. I’m really proud of it, it took me forever to write! :)  

- 3372 word count.

- Mention of Arzaylea, slight swearing, slight drinking and explicit smut near the end.]

*beep*beep*beep* Morning already? You open your eyes to see the sun shinning through the transparent curtains. *beep* beep* beep*. ‘Alright, alright, I’m awake’ you think to yourself as you reach over to turn off the alarm. 7:30 am. You were so tired you almost forgot today was the day you were leaving for Santa Ynez Valley. You roll over to see your best friend Jess sleeping beside you. She looked so peaceful, you didn’t have the heart to wake her up yet. You turn back over and slowly make your way off the bed. Just as your feet touch the ground you hear Jess let out a big yawn behind you. You turn around to look at her, she meets your eyes. “Are you freaking excited or what?” She asked with wide eyes. You were just amazed as how someone could have so much energy first thing in the morning. She continues to say “I could barely sleep I was so excited.” You give her a smirk and say “Could have fooled me!” She gives you the stink eye and says “Ya, ya, we all know I sleep like a beast, let it go….anyway, but really can you believe we have our own private spot, just a walk away from one of the best beaches in California!” she exclaimed. You answer,“Ya, I still can’t believe it, I probably won’t want to leave!” Jess goes on to say, “It was so nice of Luke to bring us with him. He is a true friend” Ahh, Luke. You have been friends with him for about 5 years now. You met him around the time his band was getting popular, just before the fame. It warmed your heart that he still kept in contact with you. Even though, you did think he was hot, you would never want to ruin this friendship you have by trying anything. Plus, it’s not like he was up for grabs any way. You’ve gotten to know his girlfriend Arzaylea over the past year and have become close friends with her. Nothing like besties, but you do get along. You continue on to say “Ya, he is great. Should we start packing now?” Jess looked confused because it was like you completely ignored her comment about Luke, but she shrugged it off and said “Ya, sure…where are our suitcases again?” You walked towards the closet door and said “Just in here” As you were just about to open the door and reach for the bags, your phone starts to ring. “Can you get that?” you ask Jess as you point to the end table beside the bed. Jess reaches over, looks at the screen and says “Lukey, awwww” you give her a look as if to say, just answer the phone dumbass. Jess puts it on speaker and lays it on the bed. “Good morning!” you shout from the closet to your phone. “Hey girls!” You were surprised to hear a girls voice answer the phone, but of course it was Arzaylea. You were a bit disappointed that it wasn’t Luke who answered. You continue the conversation “Hey, how’s it going over there?” Arzaylea ignores your question and asks, “Are you guys ready? I’m so excited, I want to leave now!” You and Jess look at each other like 'is she crazy?’ You say, “It’s really early, we just woke up and are starting to pack. Is Luke even awake yet?” Arzaylea says “No, the little shit is still sleeping, but not for long. I’m going to go wake his ass up.” You felt bad for Luke because you knew he hated getting woken up. She was probably bugging the hell out of him and that bugged you in return. But you let it be and replied saying “Ya, wake him up, it’s better to get there sooner than later.” “Hell yes,” Arzaylea exclaimed. Jess popped into the conversation and said “More time to party!” All 3 of you shared a laugh and Arzaylea finished the conversation by saying “Alright bitches, hurry up and text me when you’re leaving.” Before you guys could even say “Bye” she hung up.

“Clothes, bathing suit, tooth brush, hair brush…” You were doing a last minute bag check, making sure you had everything. “Don’t forget about this!” Jess was dangling a bottle of spiced rum in her hand. “Jess, I’m sure they have a bar there.” you said. “Ya, but it’s better to bring your own supply.” she replied. You shook your head, but giggled. Oh Jess…so full of life. Just then, you heard your text ringer.  It was Luke.

Luke: [Ughhhh, she woke me up. Hope she didn’t wake up you too.]

You knew that he wouldn’t like that

You: [Good morning grumpy ;) kidding. Luckily she called just after we woke up. We’re just getting all our stuff ready and about to leave soon. Are you all packed?]

Luke: [I was smart and packed last night! I knew I wouldn’t be up for it this morning lol alright, I’m just going to get in the shower and I’ll see you guys soon :-)]

Jess caught you smiling at your phone. “Luke, isn’t it?” she said with a grin. You defended back “Ya, it’s Luke, what? My friends can’t make me smile?” Jess laughed, “Y/N I know you have the hots for him. Hell he is an extremely attractive guy, I’d jump on that for sure. But anyway, you should totally make a move.” You denied, “Ya right, are you forgetting about Arzaylea?” Jess shook her head “Pffft, whatever, you would totally make him happier.” Jess’s comment almost put a smile on your face but you hid it and changed the subject “Should we leave now?” Jess slapped her thigh in disbelief and said “Ya sure….let’s go then.” Just as you were locking up your door, Jess says “I wish you would just admit your attraction to him…you never know what could happen.” In your mind you think, 'that’s what I’m afraid of..’ But you keep quiet as you’re both walking down the hallway of you apartment, suitcases rolling behind you.

It was about a 2 hour drive west. When you got to the destination, you notice Luke and Arzaylea unpacking some thing from their jeep. You pull up beside them in the empty parking space. You hear Luke’s voice say “You made it!” as he was peeking through the passenger window. His big smile. Oh wow, was it contagious. You continue to say “Looks like we got here not long after you guys.” Luke continued to say. “We’ve actually been here for almost an hour, me and Arz were just coming back to the car to get the rest of our stuff.” Luke was about to say something else before Arzaylea popped up beside him. “I’m so glad you guys are here!” She exclaimed “I need some female company, no offence babe…” She looked at Luke and they shared a kiss. They were both already in their bathing suits, Arzaylea wearing a flowing beach skirt around her waist. “Ok guys, let me show you to your cabin, you’re going to die it’s so beautiful.” Arzaylea stated. Everyone grabbed their stuff and walked towards the resort. There were palm trees and sand everywhere. It was a tropical heaven, The smell of the ocean, and the crashing waves could be heard in the distance. All of you were quickly approaching a beautiful cabin. There was a big wooden deck, leading to tall glass doors. There were lots of palm tress around that shaded the deck, but just faint sunlight that gleamed on the wood, enough make you want to lay on it. “Oh my god” you mouth. “Right? it’s paradise.” Arzaylea sounding pleased. Jess turned to Luke and said “I can’t thank you enough for this, it’s amazing.” Luke got bashful and said “It’s nothing, now that I have money, I feel like I should treat my friends right.” Luke looks right at you and you catch his gaze. Luke breaks the moment and says “Well I’ll let you guys get settled in, meet you later!” He put his arm around Arzaylea and they walk off the deck to their cabin.

 You open the huge, sliding door to right away find a king sized bed, with white blankets and pillows. To your left, there is a mini kitchen and on the far wall there is a wooden door, you guess is for the bathroom. Jess puts her bag down and pounces on the bed, you join her and lay beside her. You are both in silence as you are still trying to figure how you guys got so lucky, living in paradise for the next 3 nights. Jess breaks the silence, turns to you as asks “So, what was with that look between you and Luke?” You knew exactly what 'look’ she was talking about, but you went on to ask, “What look?” “Oh, don’t play dumb with me Y/N, you know exactly what I’m talking about, the one right after he called you his friend.” You had no idea what to say. Finally you go on, “You saw that huh? Ya, ok, maybe we do have some chemistry..” Jess exclaims, “Ya you do! Stop denying! I’m your best friend, I can see it.” You were both startled by a knock on the glass door. It was Arzaylea, signalling as if to let her in. You get up and slide open the door. “I don’t want to disturb you love birds, but why the hell are you just laying there? We have a whole beach out there to explore!” Arzaylea was ready to go. Jess got up, and opened her bag “Not without a welcoming shot!” she held up the rum in her hand. Arzaylea got excited. “I was just about to go to the bar but yaaaass bitch, I love you!” Jess poured 3 shots for everyone. You stayed sitting on the bed, while the others stood up. You all cheered and swallowed back the harsh liqour. “Alright, I’m ready!” Jess shouted. She hadn’t even unpacked her bags yet and was already following Arzaylea out the door. When she noticed that you weren’t following behind her, she went back and asked if you were coming. “Go on, I’ll catch up with you guys in a few.” Jess knew that you were the type that had to get organized before  any fun could be started. “Alright you organized freak, unpack your shit and hurry on out” Before you could even say “ok”, Jess was already out the door and caught up to Arzaylea.

Instead of unpacking, you had the urge to sit out on the deck and bask in the magical view. The palm trees were swaying in the warm, breazy air. The sky was so crazy with colours of orange, yellow and some purple, you could drink it. Soon you had lost your concentration because you heard footsteps coming closer from behind you. It was Luke. Without even asking, he sits right beside you and stares into the distance. You notice he’s not smiling anymore. He doesn’t look upset, more distracted with something. Finally, he uses his words and says “I’m in love.” This shocks you because you’re not sure if he’s talking about Arzaylea or the scenery or what. The way you catch him passionately looking at you, you’re starting to think it’s none of those at all. You were about to break the awkwardness by saying something stupid like “Ya….I love the view too.” But before you can even open your mouth, Luke’s lips met yours. Luke badly wanted you, and he would not spare anyway of showing you. His kiss was rough and deep, you could just feel the emotional build up. His hands were pressed against your face, drawing you in closer. You had no idea where to put your hands, this was all so sudden. You knew it was wrong but your body urges were more powerful than what your mind was telling you right now. You mimicked his moves and placed your hands just under his jawline. Feeling his soft beard. His hands quickly moved from your face, to the back of you head, down your back and onto you ass. Luke put his hands just under your legs, pushing them in an upward motion. He took a breather from your lips and moaned “Up.” You jumped and he caught you, wrapping your legs around his waist. You could feel the smile from his lips on yours. That’s exactly what he wanted and was so turned on that you knew exactly what to do. You couldn’t actually believe that your body did that. Never would you have thought, that would actually work, but it’s crazy what you will do for love. It’s a good thing you left the cabin door open because that’s the next place he was carrying you. Inside, hoping to get inside you.

He placed you down on the bed, quickly turned around to lock the door and close the curtains. “Don’t want any 'intruders’.” You knew exactly who he meant by 'intruders’. You had so many questions to ask him right now, but you decided that was best saved for later because there was no way in hell you would want to ruin this moment. Especially when he was looking at you like he wanted to eat you up. Luke was biting his lip, standing over your body. You could now see his dick imprint though his swim shorts grow bigger. You were so ready for whatever he was about to give you. Your body getting warmer, you can feel your pussy beginning to pulse. Luke got down to his knees and grabbed your shorts from your waist and pulled them down gently, your panties coming off with it. His baby blue eyes, concentrated on yours. His eyes widened and his lip bites got deeper as he gazed down at you and your wetness. He gave your eyes one last look before lowering his head into you, his tongue, loving every taste and curve of your vagina. It didn’t take long for your back to arch, oh my god could he ever use that tongue. He was sucking, licking, kissing, every inch of your bits. You wanted something else to  grab on instead of the blankets. Your hands move down onto his hair, his soft, thick, blonde hair. He took a breath and swallowed quickly moaning “Yessss Y/N, I like that.” You noticed he was only using his one hand to penetrate you, and were curious to know what the other one was doing. You shift your head over a little to the right and notice his arm moving in a slow jerking motion. You move your gaze down his arm, to his hand in which he held his hard dick. Luke  was slowing stroking it up to the tip…..and slowly down.  All while pleasuring you with his mouth. There was something about this that made you so hot. Your breaths were getting deeper and louder, until you couldn’t resist but to let out a little “Oh god, don’t stop.” Luke loved making you feel this way “It’s alright baby, let it out, cum for me, I wanna taste it.” With his fingers inside of you and his tongue sucking on your clit, your body can’t help but let out some more liquids for Luke to taste. “Fuck…” he moaned, licking his lips, looking up at you. “I’m not finished with you yet.” He stated. Before you could even say anything, Luke picked you up again, wrapping your legs around his waist. This time, the skin to skin contact felt even more amazing, Your bare, warm bodies against each other. Luke pressed you to the wall just beside the door. He was strong, it made you weak. You could feel the tip of his hardness just rubbing against your ass. Luke was admiring your body, as you were his, before he adjusted himself to meet your entrance.”You ready?” He looked you deep in the eye as he slowly slid himself into you, bringing you into complete euphoria. He had to put his head down because of how good he felt. Every inch felt better than the next. Your deep moans intertwined with each others. “Oh fuck Y/N, I’m not going to last long when you feel this tight.” Your arms around him, with your back against the wall. You never knew before, but you like it rough. Luke’s mouth met your neck, giving it little bites, some a little harder than others. Thrusting in and out, in and out. “Does that feel good? I’m not hurting you?” He was very vocal, and concerned about your pleasure. His dick was quite big, but you liked a little pain. “Everything about this is perfect” you say in between breaths.  You could feel his hands firmly grasping your ass, pushing with every thrust. You can hear Luke’s breaths getting more rapid, you knew it was almost his turn. “Fuck, I’m going to cum so soon, you make me feel so good.” Then he asked you something you’ve never been asked before. “Do you swallow?” He asked quickly. You’ve actually never tried before, but something about this was making you feel naughty. And we were running out of time before he was ready to release. You whisper in his ear “I’m always up for trying new things.” That thought excited Luke to the point where he pulled out of you, your feet touched the ground and you kneel before him. His stroking was very rapid, he grabbed the back of your head and pushed you closer to his dick, that met your mouth. Almost every inch of him was inside your mouth when he said “Ok, I’m cumming, fuckkkk.” You felt the sticky substance rush down the back of your mouth, down your throat. It wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be, just pleasing Luke is your top priority.

“Fuck I’m dizzy.” He mumbled as he crashed onto the bed. You could just imagine all that pleasure plus using all of that strength would make one almost fall to the ground. You join him on the bed and cuddle next to him as he pulls you in closer. “So, wanna tell me what that was?” You finally can ask. “That was……some of the best sex I’ve had in a while.” He proudly says. You give him a disgusted look, and are actually starting to get a little angry at him. “So, what about Arzaylea, are you actually in love with me? Did you just say that to sleep with me? Are you a player? What’s going on?” Luke pulled you on top of him and held your hands to his chest. “Y/N I promise you that when I said I was in love, it was…it is with you. And I don’t know how I’m going to tell Arz. I act very compulsively and I know I’m an asshole for it.” You go on “Luke, I really like you too, and that sex we just had was bomb as fuck, but I don’t like the way you cheated…” Luke proceeds to say. “I know, I’m not proud I did it either, but it’s done. I needed to show you how I feel.” You let out a sigh, “Well what do we do now?” Luke says, “We will figure something out, but we can’t tell anyone about this. I’ll tell Arz after this trip is over. Please don’t tell Jess. As I can see, she’s getting really close to Arz.” If there was anyone you wanted to tell, it would be Jess. She would be so proud of you. But Luke did have a point, they were getting closer as friends. And even as your best friend, it’s still too risky. “Well I would love to just snuggle naked with you all evening, but the girls are going to wonder where we are and we don’t need that kinda of suspicion right now.” Oh man. This was supposed to be 3 days of paradise. Now it’s just going to be 3 days of awkwardness and sexual tension…

Calum would feel pretty guilty for not being at home most part of the year. He’d feel like everytime he comes back he’d have to create a bond all over again with his kids. So for before Christmas this year, he’d ask you to have an afternoon with his little boy and girl while you went out with some friends. The moment you left the house, he’d go running to the kids who were sitting in front of the tv and be all like ’who wants to try to look for what mommy got us?’ You see, there were gifts that were brought by Santa at house, but there were gifts you liked to buy to everyone just to let them know how much they mean to you. So all afternoon, I feel like Calum would go around every corner of your house trying to find the present, being followed by two very giggling toddlers who were really just excited to be spending some time playing with their daddy. By the time you got back to your house, you’d find the three of them collapsed in your living room. Your babies would have their heads resting on Calum’s chest lightly sleeping with smiles on their faces and Calum would turn his head to you happiness and excitement all over his face, just like a kid. ’We’ve had so much fun babe!!’ And honestly, you weren’t even mad they’ve found your gifts.


so let’s talk about Armin’s look there for the last three panels.  Remember how excited Eren and Armin would get when talking about the outside world?  It would always be Eren listening to Armin, with that bright look in his eyes taking anything that Armin had to say about this.  Mentioning the outside world seems to wake Eren up on multiple occasions:

1. When Armin is about to be eaten by Santa titan Eren has a flashback to when they were both kids, mooning over that book and dreaming about the outside world.  EREN GETS UP EVEN THOUGH HE’S MISSING A LEG AND JUMPS INTO THAT TITAN’S MOUTH TO SAVE ARMIN AND SAYS “we’re gonna see the outside,” or something like that. a;lsdkjf;alsdkfj

2.  Remember when Titan Eren kinda just sits there and doesn’t do anything, Mikasa isn’t able to wake him up by saying “we’re family” but ARMIN IS ALL EREN WAKE UP and Eren’s  first reason for wanting to join was to see the outside WITH ARMIN but when his mother died that dream was overshadowed by his utter rage, and need for revenge but in this scene ARMIN REMINDING HIM THAT HE NEEDED TO AVENGE HIS MOTHER DOESN’T WAKE HIM UP, HE WAKES UP WHEN ARMIN TALKS ABOUT THE OUTSIDE WORLD!!

So the “outside world” is a recurring theme here behind Eren’s motives, but over the last chapters he’s been all sad and hating himself.  No longer does he have that confidence of “I WILL KILL THE TITANS AND SEE THE WORLD” and as others have said, in this chapter Eren has seemed in a better mood, but I still think there’s  underlying depression, and Armin just wants to see his best friend happy again so he mentions the outside world, and Eren doesn’t wake up like he has in the past.  He’s just, “yeah you’re right,” all nostalgically.  AND LOOK AT ARMIN’S FACE, OH MY GOD HE JUST WANTS EREN TO SHARE HIS DREAM WITH HIM AGAIN, LIKE EREN WHY YOU BE NOSTALGIC THIS DREAM ISN’T BEHIND US, IT’S SO CLOSE EREN YOU’RE KILLING ME.

And I don’t know how to explain it but I think you know what I’m trying to say here.

Liam- It Kinda Makes Everything Worth It

Request-  Prompt #1 and can the character be Liam and can SCOTT be the one who still believes in Santa

A/N- So I didn’t make Scott the believer, but only because I had already been planning on it being Malia. Next up is an Isaac imagine.

“How much longer do we have to wait?” Liam groaned as he stood next to you in the seemingly endless line.
You peered past Scott who had been standing on your other side, and you saw that the line of children waiting to see “Santa” was slowly dwindling. Besides the parents of the children waiting to see the mall Santa, you and your friends seemed to be the only ones in line over the age of ten. It was  more than a little embarrassing and Liam hadn’t stopped stating that fact since you got there, but it wasn’t like you didn’t have a good reason.
You, Stiles, Liam, Scott, Kira, and Lydia would never have even considered going to see a mall Santa had it not been for one member of the pack. Since the last time Malia had been human was when she was nine, that Christmas was going to be her first one after being a coyote for eight years. She was incredibly excited and you were all happy to make the holidays good for her, but there was just one tiny little problem.
Having been living in the woods as an animal until very recently, Malia had never learned that Santa wasn’t real. It made sense considering that most nine year olds still believed in Santa, and her father hadn’t had the heart to tell her the truth when she came back. Mr. Tate had openly admitted that he hadn’t wanted to be the one to tell her and he had begged Stiles and Scott to help him out.
While Scott was a good alpha and an amazing leader, dream-crushing just wasn’t in his skill set. As an alternative, he suggested that you all help keep the magic alive for one more year and go with Malia to see Santa at the Hill Valley mall. None of you really had the heart to say no, so here you were, standing in line for over forty minutes as children cried and parents gave you dirty looks.
“Probably not long,” you told Liam as a little girl a few spots in front of you sat on Santa’s lap. “The line’s moving up.”
“I still don’t know why we had to come and do this,” Liam complained. “Why couldn’t Scott and Stiles just take her?”
“Because we’re a pack,” you told your boyfriend. “And besides, look how excited she is. It kinda makes everything worth it, don’t you think?”
Liam tilted his head and looked over to where Malia was practically bouncing where she stood. Her shoulders bobbed up and down as she shook with excitement, and her wide brown eyes gazed around at the other kids sitting on Santa’s lap. Suddenly her brow furrowed, and she turned to Stiles.
“Why is no one our age here?” Malia asked him. “Everyone else is like ten years old.”
“Uh…” Stiles said, his eyes narrowing as he scratched his neck. “There’s no one else here because, because, uh-”
“Because the older kids go earlier,” Lydia lied smoothly. “We’ve just been so busy that we came late.”
“Oh,” Malia said, a smile breaking out on her face. “Okay.”
She turned back to watch Santa, only to find that the line had moved up. She reached out and grabbed Stiles’ hand so hard he flinched. “We’re next!”
Liam smiled softly, looking over to you and squeezing your hand. “I guess you’re right.”
“So have you decided what you’re going to ask for?” you asked him softly.
“Hmm, I don’t know,” he said as his fingers intertwined with yours. “I’d say all I want for Christmas is you, but I already have that.”
You rolled your eyes, playfully shoving him at his cheesiness. “You’re such a loser. You’ve been waiting all day to say that haven’t you?”
Liam grinned at you. “All week actually, but it’s still true.”
You giggled and rolled your eyes before looking back over at Malia and the others. A boy hopped off Santa’s lap, and soon an elf was waving Malia over. The coyote’s eyes widened, and she quickly shoved Kira in front of her in fear.
“Malia, wait-”
Before the kitsune could finish protesting, the elf was ushering her up to Santa. You suppressed a laugh at her wide almond eyes and Malia’s sudden nervousness.
“I really don’t want to sit on his lap,” Liam insisted as he listened to Kira nervously tell the Santa she wanted a new katana.  
“Oh come on,” you told him. “Do it for Malia.”
“Fine,” he said, then he looked over at you and wiggled his eyebrows. “But only if you sit on my lap later.”
You rolled your eyes, playfully smacking him in the chest as Scott coughed loudly. He shot you guys a look, no doubt noticing the glances you two were earning from some of the parents.
“Guys,” he muttered. “Keep it PG.”
“Hey this was your idea…” you told him.
You looked back over to Santa, where Malia was now proudly sitting on his lap and grinning for the camera. Stiles stood in front of Malia, raising his phone to take picture after picture as Malia rattled off her Christmas list. You couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm, and it almost made you wish you could have that magic back again.
“…but it was definitely worth it,” you finished.
Liam smiled and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, giving you a playful squeeze as you all looked at Malia’s excited face. Some pretty awful things had happened in Beacon Hills, but there was no denying that the Christmas spirit was alive and well, even for the pack.

Sally and Paul Christmas Miracles: No matter how bad the year had been, something always went right on Christmas. 

This is kind of a continuation from the Percabeth story from two years ago found here

This can get a little dark TW for mentions of death/miscarege

The best part of the year was always Christmas. It meant a bad year was almost over, or it gave her a chance to celebrate a good one. No matter how a year had been, Christmas always brought small miracles to the Jackson home. 

The year Percy was 8 was the second Christmas with Gabe. The year before he threw one of Percy’s few gifts into the fire when Percy dropped some cheep disposable ornament. That year though, he went out with his friends and got so drunk he forgot to come home. Sally and Percy were able to enjoy Christmas on their own, without any melted plastic. 

The year Percy was twelve, they had gotten rid of Gabe forever, and even though they didn’t have much cash, they had some blue cookies and a modest tree, covered in home made ornaments. That was all they needed. They didn’t have Gabe and Percy was alive, that was all Sally needed for the perfect Christmas.

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We’ve spent this entire season crying over every handhold. Twitching with excitement when they just barely touch. Internally screaming when those two finally hugged. We laughed at Twelve’s comments about Clara’s looks, but we didn’t truly appreciate them. We wanted the Doctor to actually show his affection for Clara. Actually show a scrap of who he used to be. We accept him as a same/different man, but we all needed something…more.

And tonight, we finally got it. On this Christmas night Whouffaldi shippers got their wish.

Because it wasn’t as much a ‘declaration of love’ as it was a revelation. We saw how Twelve really sees Clara - young and beautiful. We saw how Clara really sees Twelve - Her hero. Her own Santa Claus.

And the fact that they were both so excited to discover their reality. The way they held hands and ran off into the moon light, time and space just waiting to be eloped in.

We saw the Doctor and Clara’s true colors tonight.

And for that, Moffat, we are grateful.

Christmas Morning Michael/4 [5sos]

I’ll do the other two in the morning. I didn’t realize how late it was here, aha xx Anyways, enjoy! I thought this one was super cute.


It was early Christmas morning when something small plopped itself down on your stomach and started to bounce. You groaned and slowly opened your eyes to see your 5 year old son smiling down at you, green eyes blazing with excitement.

“Get up mommy!” Austin exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air. “It’s Christmas! I wanna see what Santa got me!”

Your eyes shifted over to the alarm clock on the bedside table. 6:25 AM, flashed back at you in bright, annoying red letters.

“It’s too early to open gifts, Aus. How ‘bout breakfast first?” you bargained with your son, smiling tiredly up at him. He nodded his head eagerly, messy blonde locks flying everywhere.

“Can we have chocolate chip pancakes?” he asked, doing his signature puppy dog look. You were putty in his hands whenever he did that, and he knew it.

“Sure, baby.” you sat up and peered over at your sleeping husband, a wicked idea forming in your mind. You grinned evilly at your son. “How about we wake up daddy first?”

Austin’s mischievous smile matched yours and he grabbed a pillow from behind you, urging you to do the same. You both stood up slowly on the bed, quietly laughing as you two leaned over Michael with the pillows.

“One, two….THREE!” Austin yelled, and both of you started smacking Michael with the pillows.

Michael cried out as you two laughed and sang “IT"S CHRISTMAS!” as loud as you could. Austin threw his pillow to the ground and crawled into Michael’s lap.

“It’s Christmas!” he yelled, throwing his arms around his daddy’s neck.

“I know, buddy.” Michael chuckled, smiling down in adoration at the little boy sitting in his lap. You lied down on your side next to Michael, cuddling in to him as your son babble away about presents and pancakes. Michael looked at you with bright eyes, a grin on his face.

“Merry Christmas, Mikey.” you laughed.

“Merry Christmas, baby.” he leaned down and pecked you on the lips before picking his son up.

He looked at Austin with a childlike expression and spun him around. “Who’s ready for pancakes and to see what Santa brought?”

“I am! I am!” Austin cheered, giggling as Michael continued to spin him.

Michael put him down on the floor. “Race you to the kitchen!”

You could follow behind them and laugh as you watched your two favorite boys run off.