look how everyone was so happy for her xd

SasuSaku Fest 2017
Day 4- Sasuke’s Regrets
I Should’ve Killed You
Summary: Sasuke’s rescue mission told from his point of view. They’re trapped in that sinful, life-saving embrace and all he could think of was how he regretted not killing that pink annoyance before.
A/N: Okay, first of all, I HATED THIS THEME! I mean, Sasuke barely has any regrets in his life, right? AHH! How annoying! Well, apart from that, I also have to thank @ tanubhatnagar for sending me a request that actually matched the idea I had. It’s not long and it’s basically all about descriptions, but I’m quite happy with the way it turned out in the end! I literally slept with three manga volumes this night, and I’ve lost count of how many times I kept looking at those beautiful SasuSaku panels XD Thank you, @ tanubhatnagar , I hope you and everyone else enjoy what I did to your idea! Please, leave me a comment with your opinion! Feedback is always important!
He knew he shouldn’t have done that.

He knew it, as soon as he laid his eyes on her, that he shouldn’t have done what he did. He shouldn’t have hoped, longed and certainly not struggled so hard to reach that closing opening created by Haruno Sakura’s absurd strength.

He shouldn’t have held her like that.

Blame the heat to which his body was exposed to just moments before, or even the sudden need to use his immature powers, but Uchiha Sasuke had done the one thing he could have never imagined doing during the war. He had his hand resting against the exposed skin of her arm, her body pressed against his chest and he could feel his fingers grazing a rough, wet bruise that he soon realized to be a scald.

Her perfectly pale skin was entirely ripped, as it burned red against his palm. His touch was probably stinging like hell, but in the state she was currently found, the Uchiha doubted she could even feel her arm at all. Whatever had happened to her during the time he was away, he could see her body and easily tell that she had gone through hell, barely coming out alive from it.

Sakura was sweating more than he was, as her pink hair was sticking to her head, only the end of her locks blowing with a passing breeze that hit their bodies. She was clearly defeated and vulnerable, as her entire weight was released on his chest. That girl couldn’t take a single step by herself without him, and the reason behind that was clearly the fact that she had depleted her chakra levels in order to bring him back.

He owed her a lot at that moment, and yet, he regretted being there by her side, holding her up.

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anonymous asked:

can u go in depth as to why you hate the pjo fandom this like legitimately interests me and i love u

thank u anon

i wont be talking objectively abt the books bc im tired and thats separate. this is fandom only

-theyre mostly 12 (not necessarily bad just. a factor)
-the solangelo tag
-garbage repetetive hcs that have no substance or worth bc theyve shown up a million times with slightly different wording
-PeRcY IS soOoOo SASSY!!!
-“dark percy balha blah ablag blah bfvjdjd”
-percabeth as a whole, being turned into the most 1D garbage pairings ever
-who is frank?
-hazel as Nice Dormant Girl #1
-reyna dont need no man
-solangelo (again)
-nico: hey will i feel like shit, will: shut the fuck up everyones been thru shit, nico: dam fuk im so happy now!! [intense makeouts]
-caleo garbage
-all da ladies luv leo!!
-caleo is suddenly angry and bitter for no reason. character consistency?? whats that lmfao
-nico is the Quirky Gay Kid
-this is a super personal preference but like. anime styled pjo fffff i literally am not abke to breathe
-annabeth: “wow percy is SoOoo STUPID!!!”
-everyone: look at how STUPID percy is!! HAHAHAHA!!!
-jason very creepily shipping will and nico, who for all intents and purposes, are in the 9th grade
-nico: *blushes*
-jrick, or whatever the fuck jason and the brick are
-simplification of characters to the point where i cant even participate in the fandom bc theres just. nothing there. the pjo golden age was 2011/2012 and unfortunately i was an embarrassing tween (told i was percy jackson sexual by a bully bc i talked abt it so much whfhdjdjdk who the fuck) and unable to fully appreciate burdge and the good hcs and virias music posts and shhfhd its so sad to see it go to shit and its not even 100% at the fault of the ppl in the fandoms its just?? the books got so bad im so disappointed

TRB in Chicago: My Experience

Hello! I had mentioned the other day that I would be documenting my experience at the BTS concert if anyone wanted to know about it! So here is my experience seeing the concert and also meeting our boys!

Ok….I wanna start off by saying that that has to be the best night of my life. BTS are such showmen and I can’t imagine a better performance from them. Not only was I in the pit, but I also participated in the hi-touch which I’ll get into later.

I just need to saw that the ARMYs at this concert were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. My best friend and I met a really nice girl who sat next to us in the pit and everyone around us was so nice. Every time we managed to bump into each other, everyone was so kind and apologized right away. There was no pushing or anything and I’m so proud to be apart of this fandom.

Now I’m gonna get into the individual members and my experience with them during the show:

Jungkook: Oh my. I have to start with him first because as soon as the lights turned on and I could see him, I lost it. He is soooooo much more handsome in person. Pictures do not do him justice. He loves to make faces and make lots of eye contact with the fans. He would wave and laugh and ugh he was such a breath of fresh air. His English was some of the cutest stuff I have ever heard. He kept telling us he loved us. He also was one of the members that lost in rock, paper, scissors so he had to do aegyo which was basically a lot of cute butt shaking. There were also many VKook moments so that is always appreciated.

Jin:….I don’t think there are enough things I could say about Jin. Being my bias, I was awestruck when I saw him. He may not be the best dancer in BTS but wow he can really perform. He did lots of aegyo and really shined during Just One Day. During that song, he brought out a rose and continued to play with it during the next song. He was shaking the rose to the beat of our light sticks and the rose stem broke in half! He was so cute and confused just staring at it xD He just ripped off the stem and continued his motions….that is until it slipped out of his hands and fell behind him. He is so precious OML. Also, during one of their talks, he mentioned how much he loves Chicago’s pizza. He said it was really delicious and thick…that boy has a way with words xD I could just talk about him forever no lie. I also swear he looked and pointed at me (probably because I was taller than everyone around me) but I could have been mistaken.

J-Hope: He was probably the most impressive live in terms of stage presence. He always hovered on our side of the stage so I always a pretty good view of him and he always looked smiling and happy to be there which really warmed my heart. J-Hope is my best friend’s bias and like I said I THINK Jin looked at me but I KNOW J-Hope looked at her. We both noticed and about died. Also, during Cypher Pt 3 and one other song I can’t really remember which, he sprayed his water all over everyone in the pit. We got hit both times and I really needed it considering how hot it was xD The second time he threw his bottle, I didn’t realize it landed on my seat until the girl in front of me turned around and reached behind me to get it. I was pretty sad but I still got sprayed so I am content. J-Hope and Jimin are like the Kings of fanservice too. Many many butt smacks and cuteness. They were super adorable together. The cypher had to be the most pumped up thing I’ve ever experienced because J-Hope really knew how to get the crowd going. I also about died because they started into cypher pt 2 which is my favorite BTS song of all time but they led it into another song. Such teases. Anyway, he was just an all around amazing person. He even managed to change my mom’s bias from V to him xD

Suga: Going into this concert, I’ll admit that Suga was one of my least favorite members, but after seeing him in person my whole outlook has changed. He is so much prettier in person! I was shocked by how different he looked in person rather than online. His bone structure is seriously no joke. Plus, him being blonde just added to his beauty. He completely slayed the cypher and I was surprised by how great his rapping sounded live. He was the other member besides Jungkook who lost in rock, paper, scissors and had to do aegyo. He was incredibly adorable oml. His English was also suuuper cute. At the end of the concert, when they all were talking, he said he loved us and not to forget him. It made me wanna cry ;-; I was really impressed with his whole performance, but I have more to say about Suga during the hi-touch which I’ll get to in a bit.

Jimin: I just wanna say, I don’t know what people are talking about when they say his abs are gone. They were very much there I assure you. They may not have been as defined as before, but I died all the same. I’m also super happy I got to see what was left of his red hair. He was just so pretty ugh. He is the biggest tease ever as well. He came over to our corner and started to lift his shirt but then stopped and smirked. What a butthead I can’t deal. Regardless, that boy was phenomenal. He can freaking dance. Him and J-Hope both were insanely good dancers. I was blown away. Also, those people that say Sehun has the best booty has clearly never seen Jimin in person. I mean…good lord that boy needs to stop wearing tight pants. It’s not good for my health. He was another member that made a lot of eye contact and smiled a lot. There was girl in front of me with a Jimin sign that had his face on it and he saw it and smiled real big. It was precious. Him trying to pronounce Chicago just made me really happy too. Even though they aren’t perfect with English, all of their English was on point. You could tell they really practiced to impress us.

V: This goofball was cracking me up. He kept awkwardly crab walking (I guess that is what I would call it) around the stage. He was just really fun. He tied his bandana around his head and under his chin to look all cute and omfg he was such a cutie. I’m sorry but he really was. He also was over on our side a lot so I got a good view of him and he is also really handsome in person. They were all incredibly handsome but he was one who really showed off his good looks. During Tomorrow, he was the only one I would watch. He absolutely slayed that choreography and anyone who has seen a fancam of it would agree with me. I was not ready for that at all. He also may smirk a lot in mvs but that’s nothing compared to him in person. That boy is a smirking fool. He just loves to tease everyone and he definitely accomplished that.

Rap Mon: He was so nice! Oh gosh he was so sweet to all of us. Considering he knows the most English, he spoke the most to us and talked about how much he loves Chicago. He talked about how he loved Chicago ever since he was little because of Michael Jordan and all of the other basketball players he looked up to. Suga agreed with him and did a little basketball pose which was adorable. Rap Mon was also another member that wasn’t my favorite before but I love and appreciate him so much more now ;-; He really does a great job performing. You can really tell he puts his all into dancing. Just watching his face will show you how passionate he is. It made me really happy. I also wanna mention that his dimples absolutely destroyed me. At the end of the concert, he laughed a lot because we were so loud and oh my gosh those dimples. Ugh. He is just so fabulous and he’s such an amazing leader. He proved that to us tonight.


After the show, we exited the pit and waited for everyone else in the theater to leave. We then sat in a group in the empty seats and waited as they sent in the group snapshot winners. After they were done, they sent us in in groups and we walked through in a single file line.

I just wanna say that all of the boys were super friendly and happy even after performing a whole concert. I have to applaud them for making it such an enjoyable experience for everyone. Now for the individual members. While the whole hi-touch was very short, I do have some things to note about the members.

Suga: Ok, I wanna mention Suga first because he was first in line and an absolute SWEETHEART. Normally, you think of Suga and you think of the laid back cool one that doesn’t care about much, but on the contrary, he was probably the one who cared the most. In my eyes atleast. He was very delicate with his handshake and he was so thankful for everyone there. I said thankyou to him and he grabbed my hand not like a normal handshake but like….how do I describe it….like you see in Disney movies when the prince grabs the princess’s hand? Ok that sounds really dumb but it was like that. A very delicate handshake but he had a heartwarming smile that just made me so happy. His hands are also super soft like wth do you use boy I need some of that. He also struck me as someone who really respects his elders because my mom went with us through the line and thanked them and she was in front of me so I saw her interaction with him. He held her hand for a long time and was really sweet thanking her a lot for coming. He just seemed really polite with her and it warmed my heart. He was the member that made the biggest impression on me in that hi-touch.

Jimin: Rather than giving a delicate handshake, he gave everyone a very friendly high five. Almost like one you would do with a buddy that you haven’t seen in awhile. It wasn’t just a boring highfive, it had some grab to it. He was very cute and smiled big. Unfortunately, our interaction didn’t last a long time so I couldn’t say more than a thankyou to him ;-;

Rap Mon: I knew he was tall but I didn’t expect that tall. I know they stood on an elevated platform but he was still very tall. He had a very nice handshake as well. We also smiled and the dimples happened and it was intense. He was very nice and sincere.

Jin: Aaaaah this boy will be the death of me. He also pulled a Jimin and did a high five. His was rather clumsy though because I almost missed his hand completely xD But he was still extremely cute saying little yeahs and thankyous to everyone. And, I know he may not be fond of his hands, but I thought they were so cute ;-; His flaws make him perfect.

Jungkook: He was another member that made a big impression on me. He was so bright and happy thanking everyone. He was probably the most vocal with his thankyou. He was very high pitched and peppy. He made me smile a lot. I also could barely look him in the eye because he was so attractive like….ugh.

J-Hope: Awwww this kid ;-; When they say he is sunshine, I mean he is literally sunshine. He smiles so bright and it brings light into your life. Not to mention he is a total sweetheart. My best friend was behind me in line and since her bias is J-Hope, needless to say she was nervous. But when we got to him, he shook her hand and called her an angel. IT WAS SERIOUSLY THE CUTEST THING. He just never fails to brighten up my day.

V: And once again with this kid and smirking. I can’t handle him at all. Not even a little bit. He slapped my hand and smiled while kind of scrunching his face in a playful way. Thank goodness he was last because I don’t think I could have handled much more after that. He was such a nice cutie.

All in all, the concert was such an amazing experience. Like I said, it was the best night of my life. I will never forget it. I’m sorry this is so long! I really wanted to share everything I experienced with all of you. I’m also sorry if there are any typos! I am typing this and it’s currently 2 am so I’m quite tired. I just wanted to type it while it was fresh in my mind. Please forgive me. But regardless, I hope you all enjoyed this and I’m so happy the boys had a good time in Chicago! I’m so proud of them!

My Reylo Cosplay Spoils from Comic Con

Disclaimer: I went to the MCM London Comic Con recently, and while my friends kept photographing all the undenialy awesome cosplays, I’m way too lazy for that (plus I can just get their pics afterwards), and decided I’m only getting my phone out to take pictures of reylo. Of course the popularity of reylo couple cosplays is nowhere near things like kirito x asuna, etc, I did manage to capture a few, but in other cases I just took photos of Kylo Ren and Rey cosplayers. So not all images may be intended as reylo by the cosplayer, but I think reylo fans will find them adorable or awesome anyway.

Additionally some of the pictures may be repeated from my earlier post of hug the Kylo Ren Challenge.

The first reylo image I shot is a genderbent version, but actually these two cosplayers didn’t know each other! They met just as I spotted them and squeed for a picture! It was hilarious. I guess it was a fangirl coincidence of fate.

The lovely fem!Kylo Ren in the picture is @thel-thalion . Thank you so much for the opportunity to get this awesome shot!

This was the first actual couple I encountered, so sorry for the image quality, I was just too excited.

These were a pair of siblings who were completely adorable. The tiny!Kylo Ren was actually really really shy and kinda afraid of me (oh no, a girl!), while the tiny!Rey was exactly the inquisitive brave little girl you expect her to be.

These two were there with a group of friends I believe, so I have absolutely no idea if they were doing a couple cosplay or not (probably not), and they were adorably shy and just so surprised I wanted to photograph them. Just look at how awkwardly ramrod straight that Kylo Ren is standing, bless him, way too cute.

Now these two had absolutely no illusions about what sort of trash shipper I was, and what was the picture I wanted when I asked “Can I take a picture of the two of you?” as they were chilling next to each other. Thank you kind souls for indulging me so much!

This shot is actually one of my favourites, a completely accidental delight. As I was just peacefully completing my hug all the Kylo Rens challenge, I spotted this awesome guy, who was actually taking a tiny!Rey with him (most likely his daughter, they looked completely adorable hand-in-hand, and the tall Kylo Ren with a bright blue child’s backpack on his back). As I went up to him and asked for a hug, my friend took a candid shot unbeknowst to me, and this beauty was captured. It was only when we looked at the picture in detail did we notice how adorably distressed the tiny!Rey was XD Gosh I adore her, now I want to hug her too!

Just as I got on my train to get home, my friend spotted this couple, and I ran after them to ask for pictures. They were incredibly kind, though mildly surprised until I explained I was at the con too, just didn’t have time to cosplay. (next time though!)

So all in all, I was one very very happy shipper, thank you everyone so much for filling my heart with love, and allowing to get all these lovely memories and pictures :D

Me with my OTP <33333

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you: The Greed Pair - Licht and Lawless!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) *cues some fangirls screaming here*

So~ one day I saw an online ad by a friend doodlenoodlemvp who is opening her art commission slots and decided to give it a shot. Now….. I don’t really commission people, but GOODNESS GRACIOUS! I WILL NEVER REGRET THIS DECISION IN MY LIFE!! \(^o^)/

Click more to read my review AND to know more details about her commission! *^*

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[FAN ACCOUNT] SNSD 3rd Japan "Love&Peace" Tour in Hiroshima (Day 1)
  1.   so much of hair porn from sooyoung tonight!!!
  2. when hyoyeon spins she kills!!!
  3. the way Hyoyeon got off the motorbike was TOO HOT!!
  4. hyo had in-ear feed problems ran really cutely backstage to fix it!!
  5. Seohyun doing that little dip from her chair in Karma Butterfly gets me EVERY TIME
  6. taeyeon during Karma Butterfly had to look cool on the chair but broke out into periodic 1-second long quick smiles
  7. sica forgot The Great Escape choreo. looked at yoong beside her, both smiled and then she followed yoong’s steps
  8. Sunny and Yuri were doing these butt dips during the first MC rofl
  9. Taeyeon screwed up her intro in the first MC XD so adorable
  10. Fany ditching choreo, sang the You-aholic part and pointed to fans in the arena lol
  11. Seohyun was the one chasing around the ice cream logo before My Oh My! Too freaking cute
  12. Beginning of My Oh My, during Fany’s part, Yuri gave a nod in her direction XD
  13. hyo kissing her own 효연 fanboard will always always always tickle me. hahahaha HYOYEON JJANG!
  14. sooyoung doing secret tiny waves to the crowd during Karma Butterfly
  16. The VCR changed today talking about love and peace insteads of the funny VCR we had before Time machine
  17. Second time during Girls and Peace she pointed at me and saw my Ban Ki Moon’s mask and bowed
  18. During GIRLS&PEACE, Yoona and Yuri were doing some weird dance together XD
  19. hyo pointed at a fan, bounced her index finger 3 times like saying “you you you”, and then blew a kiss with a really bright smile ^^
  20. Jessica ran to Tiffany and they hugged during Europa!
  21. Yoona pretended to aim for Sunny during GIRLS&PEACE with the ball bazooka lolol
  22. JeTi did a hug mid stage
  23. SunSic standing back-to-back. Sunny gave sica’s butt a darn huge smack before that rotating thing took off LMAO!!!
  24. fany singing along to Not Alone throughout the song ^^
  25. hyo saying something in Jap but didnt know the words. got stuck and everyone laughed. juhyun looked at her and gave an assuring nod.
  26. During the ballad MC, Hyoyeon forgot what she wanted to say for a bit XD so cute
  27. Taeyeon mentioned how pretty the penlights are and Seohyun said how happy she is during the ballad MC
  28. SeoFany played scissors paper rock during girls and peace and they both did paper and high five!!
  29. Before My Oh My, Seohyun was the one chasing after the heart on the screen omgggg damn a lot of ageyoooooo!!!
  30. She (Seohyun) pulled her arm back like a little kid and she went walking in mini steps in circle!!!!! T.T DAMN CUTEEEEEEEE
  31. SEOSIC MOMENT DURING DO THE CATWALK!!! At the last part seohyun has to step back, sica put her hand at Juhyun’s waist to guide her!!
  32. dont think hyo digs looking cute BUT SHE LOOKED CUTE DURING LINGUA FRANCA!
  33. HyoHyun moment!! When coming down from the carriage, Seohyun stretched her arm out to Hyo. Hyo held it and she walked down like a princess!
  34. taeyeon’s expressions during her adlibs is priceless.
  35. Yuri had her arm around Yoona during their part is PAPARAZZI!! Omfg
  36. Genie at the end was in Korean?!
  37. Tiffany shouted Yuri’s name before her part in the bridge to PAPARAZZI!
  38. Taeyeon in the video this time!! Omfg this dude…. D:
  39. during Mr.Mr soo was supposed to hold sica’s shoulder god knows what soo did sica burst into a sudden laughter flipped round to look at soo
  40. Today Taeyeon stole that arrow
  41. taeyeon during Karma Butterfly had to look cool on the chair but broke out into periodic 1-second long quick smiles
  42. Today’s criminal is Taeyeon :)))))
  43. Hyoyeon again rested on Juhyun’s waist during Paparazzi kekekekeke!!
  44. YoonSic sticking confetti on their cheeks like blusher ROFL fany sees it and sticks them over her eyes LMAO!!!
  45. They are saying that last time it was taeyeon birthday in hiroshima
  46. Jessica putting confettis on her face !
  47. Tiffany: I love Hiroshima
  48. They are singing into the new world. Acapella version of into the new world
  49. then they ended it changing the lyrics to 다시 만나 hiroshima
  50. Hiroshima just sang ITNW together with the girls :’)
  51. We voted Oh! Over GEE lolol
  52. uhyun stuck out her hand to Sunny during Everyday Love, accidentally hitting sunny’s chest. sunny covers her chest and looks at hyun LMAO
  53. and then sunny held maknae’s hand and they walked back to main stage swinging their arms smiling really sweetly :’)
  54. Short video has Jessica with the bow and arrow!
  55. girls had us choose which song to sing together thru cheering. Oh, arena cheered. Gee, entire arena kept silent LMAO!!! even the girls ROFL!
  56. yoona danced into sunny’s face during Blue Jeans. sunny tickled yoong with violent pokes HAHAHA
  57. Tiffany and jessica were imitating taeyeon, taeyeon hit both of them
  58. taeng said hiroshima was awesone. JeTi threw their thumbs up into the air dorkily and LOL-ed. taeng hit fany’s tummy in response CUTE
  59. JeTi butt-bumping while leader was speaking HAHAHA
  60. Sooyoung got teary eyes at the end of stay girl… yoona too
  61. At the beginning of IGAB, Yuri was tying her shoelace lolol
  62. Fail bow at the end for Yuri lol, everyone else was down, she looked around and then bowed XD lol
  63. Blue Jeans one-row formation, soo stood in front of Yul facing her reeeal close & gave her a wide geeky grin to shock her. Sica saw & LOL-ed
  64. Seohyun wanted to join the pointing part at the end but couldn’t synchronize with the other girls she ended up doing it by her self
  65. Tiffany put confetti on Jessica’s cheeks, and Hyoyeon put some on Yuri! XD
  66. fany dancing back facing maknae during IGAB. maknae bumps fany’s butt with her own sending fany into a huge laughter SEOFANY!
  67. During LOVE & PEACE, Tiffany was trolling Yuri with her pompom lol
  68. During the ending, Tiffany and Sunny had their arms around each other and were blowing kisses to the camera XD
  69. During Everyday Love, Seohyun and Sunny played fight before holding hands to get back to the main stage
  70. the final photo of the girls’ all-hands-in during Everyday Love finale had their fingers crossed under & over each others’.
  71. Jessica and Tiffany during the last MC were goofing off so much XD hip bumping and pointing up and whatnot lo
  72. that sunny fan is seriously funny LMAO
  73. Seohyun and Sooyoung held hands to the substage during Flyers!
  74. Tiffany thanked everyone for coming despite it being golden week, and said we’re all family :)
  75. Sunny and Yoona had a stare down in the beginning of Blue Jeans XD lol
  76. During Beep Beep, Yoona and Jessica were hip bumping each other XD
  77. Soo said “we are family” and “i am happy if this become with beautiful memory” in korean at end. then cried and wiped tears away during bow.
  78. During Beep Beep, Yuri sang her part and poked Hyoyeon’s head XD
  79. Yuri imitated Fany during an mc cut. Fany was bothering Yuri with the pom pom.
  80. Sooyoung really likes to hit the phone prop XD
  81. Overall, the sound messed up a lot… Fany and Hyoyeon lines got cut off, the music was too loud here and there.. Genie in Korean… o_o;
  82. TaengSic was standing next to each other and holding hands at ending greeting. actually not holding.. having other’s hand..? LOL
  83. Girls totally made up for that lacking sound quality tho. Each concert is getting better and better :) can’t wait until tomorrow!! XD
  84. taeyeon looked taery-eyed while thanking everyone during the finale. thank you, thank you, thank you :’)
  85. Sunny and Yoona then joined in and whilst they were all chit chatting they then went bang!!
  86. Seohyun told her to stop saying it was embarrassing…→ then she went “bang!” to the audience herself LOL
  87. Seohyun told her to stop saying it was embarrassing…→ then she went “bang!” to the audience herself LOL
  88. Taeyeon saw the girl wore minion costume and rushed to her saying “it’s minion~” then turn her mic toward the girl saying “scream!!”.
    Hyo saw the girl shook her minion goggles, then imitated it :)