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My honest review of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions

lai guanlin first meeting! AU

summary: in which you meet the new guy from taipei in your neighbourhood at the park playing basketball and you help him overcome his language barrier ft. seonho

length: 1.3k

a/n: i just saw wanna one yesterday at kcon and they are amazing. i have a fan account coming up soon basically i had hi touch with them (as well as monsta x, sf9, pentagon - i’ll explain why i got so many without spending any money) im also hardcore monobebe now rip me hyungwon was so smiley during hi touch omg and changkyun and kihyun are perfect. i wrote this a while ago lol so its not edited. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUANLIN (i told him this in chinese but no idea if he replied) im so hekjdqekjfheq post concert depression is peeking i stan all the groups that were at kcon now ;;; thats like 30 groups i stan in total now rip me 

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note: normal font is speaking in korean and italics is speaking in chinese 

  • you’ve been living in seoul for 2 years already
  • you were born in australia and from there you had lived in hong kong and france 
  • and hence you could speak 4 languages fluently; english, korean, chinese and french 
  • your mum was chinese and your dad was half korean and half french 
  • people were always in awe of how “cool” your ethnicity was and you definitely agreed it was unique
  • but you didn’t like how once you finally had settled into a new country, you’d have to move to another and try to adapt again
  • and it was also really easy to lose touch with the friends you’d made
  • anyways enough of that lmao
  • you are now living in the city of seoul in korea 
  • and you were lucky that you fitted in quite well and your neighbour was yoo seonho who was probably the most outgoing kid ever who knew literally everyone 
  • so he basically introduced you to everyone 
  • he was one year younger than you but very smart so you guys were in the same grade 
  • you two would often walk home together and crash each other’s houses to do  homework together

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An issue that needs to be talked about in the ㄴㅇㅅㅌ fandom

And this is the use of images out of context, misinterpretation of events and new loves not listening to older ones when we try to correct their false info. This is mainly on Twitter and most the new love blogs are doing great (keep up the good work).

HOWEVER, if this isn’t talked about, it could turn into a big issue. Some new loves overreact about little things-

  For example, fans are crying over SNS that from now on NU’EST won’t be using stage names cos Ren called himself Mingi, like they are exaggerating so much? People read the caption of “Ren called himself Mingi” WITHOUT EVEN WATCHING THE ATTACHED VIDEO, in which he said “NU’EST Ren Choi Mingi”, people love to jump to conclusions without thinking critically or looking for info at all!!

Basically people spread false info (new fans) BUT they get mad when old loves try to correct them? and accuse of creating a love hierarchy?? WTF?

ALL OF US OLD LOVES HAVE BEEN BEGGING PLL TO STAN NU’EST FOR YEARS, I look back at posts from 2 years ago and cringe at how desperate I am for people to stan NU’EST and buy their albums! (ofc it didn’t work cos they needed to go pd101)


And for gods I respect 2012 loves so fucking much it isn't easy staying in a fandom which was dying right in front of your own eyes! So at least listen when they try to guide you. We need new fans for NU’EST to live, and the new loves need to look at what our fandom name names- we need to spread love to heal all the pain we’ve been through. The NU’EST members are some of the most humble and genuine people in the industry, we need to reflect that. 

The Babysitter’s Club


You were in the kitchen cutting up some bananas for your one year old son, Minjun, who was currently occupied by oatmeal between his fingers.

Suddenly, you feel two strong arms wrap around your waist from behind followed by a tender kiss on your cheek.

“Good morning,” you respond to Leo’s sweet greeting.

Leo rests his head on your shoulder and whispers a quiet “good morning” into your ear.

You continue cutting the fruit when Leo reaches out his hands and takes the knife and sets it on the counter. He then turns you around to face him before creating a trail of kisses from your forehead down to your lips. Suffice to say, it was a great start to your morning.

Things were getting heated, and it wasn’t from the muffins you were baking in the oven. Suddenly, you hear Minjun whining and you break away from Leo’s lips.

“Wait…” Leo pleads.

“Sorry, Jagi. As much as I’d like to make Minjun a sibling right now, we need to focus on keeping him alive by feeding him.” You quickly scoop up the banana slices and scurry away to your whining son.

Leo follows after you to Minjun to help out. He gives his son a good morning kiss after wiping some oatmeal off of his face. You can almost feel Leo melting on the inside as he looks adoringly at his baby son while Minjun smiles back up at him, reaching his arms up asking to be picked up by his appa.

“Minjun-ah, who am I?” Leo asks as he points to himself.

“Bba!” Minjun coos, saying one of the first words he’s recently started spouting. To Leo’s delight, Minjun started saying “appa” before “umma” and he wouldn’t let you forget it.  

“You know, we haven’t really spent any alone time together since Minjun was born,” Leo seems to state out of the blue.

“Well, yeah. He’s here because we spent so much time alone,” you say with a smirk.

“I think it’s good to get some time to ourselves every once in a while.”

“I guess so, but then we have to get someone to watch him. My parents live far away and yours are out of town.”

“Well…I know a couple of guys…” Leo says, looking away.

“Jung Taekwoon, are you actually suggesting who I think you’re suggesting?” you asked, surprised at what was about to come out of his mouth.

“I know. Look, this shows how desperate I am, okay? Will you consider?” he pleads.

“You can’t be serious. No.”

“C’mon, please. I know you want this, too.” Leo inches towards you and starts massaging your shoulders. Damn that man, he knew your weak spots. “Look at it this way. N is basically a professional uncle, Ken and Hyuk are pretty much children themselves so they have baby instincts, Ravi has one on the way so he’ll be extra careful since he’ll be learning, and Hongbin is cautious all the time anyway.”

You sighed. You loved the members to death and it wasn’t exactly that you didn’t trust them. However, as long as you’d known them, they were always clumsy grown men, and as a mother you would always be worried.

Still, Leo really wanted this, and you did, too. So maybe you could try it out…

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basicwith-secrets  asked:

Hi Carrie! This will be a bit of a downer and I apologize for that. I guess I’m more disappointed than anything. My last year was gonna be my 4th and final musical at school. And that didn’t happen because I didn’t look like I could be related to Charlie Brown. Instead Sally went to a girl who DOES look the part but can’t sing for the life of her. Is this is how it is always gonna be? The color of my skin being the major thing holding me back from my dream of performing? Sorry for being sad btw


Firstly, you don’t need to apologise for being sad. Everyone is allowed to be sad from time to time! 

Secondly, and I’m gonna be honest, sometimes that will happen yes. But the good news is sometimes it won’t. One of the biggest, and I might even say one of the most brutal things about acting is that a lot of it is based on how you look. If you’re auditioning for a character, you need to look similar to what the casting directors have decided the character should look like. You need to fit into their pigeon hole. Unless there’s wriggle room like, for instance with roles like Elphaba in Wicked where they’ll never be able to find someone who is actually green or they have a very flexible idea of how the character should look.

I am desperate to play Nala in The Lion King but, unfortunately, I know I’ll never get the chance because…well…look at me. I’m a little bit too pale! BUT I was exactly what they were looking for in 2013 for Eponine! So sometimes, yes, there will be parts you miss out on because they’re looking for someone an inch taller than you, someone with blue eyes, or someone who’s got red hair. But there will be times when they’re looking for someone who looks exactly like you and then you’ll kick their butts with you awesome talents and they won’t believe their luck! ;)