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A cute lil blurb about Ni and his tummy.. where he feels insecure or he just gained sympathy weight?! 😍💖😘

“What are you doing?”

Niall frowned in the mirror.  He hadn’t realized how pudgy he looked until someone on Twitter said it and now it’s all he could see.  He’s lifted his shirt with one hand, the other poked at his belly fat,

“I think I need t’go on a diet.”  He states, his voice quiet.

You stumble out of the closet, your eyes huge with confusion and a little bit of incredulity,

“Why?!”  You say, your tone a bit more demanding than you meant.

Niall poked his fat again,

“See that?  It…moves.”

You step over the pile of dirty clothes and approach him, trying like hell to see what he was seeing but unable,

“I see nothing.”

“Better get yer eyes checked.”

Your mouth turned down in a frown again,

“Niall Horan, if you go on a diet…I’ll-”  Your words stop, unable to think of a credible enough threat that he’d let go of the idea.  

Niall’s body was your favorite thing in the world.  He was so soft and cuddly at night.  After a rough day at work the only solace was knowing you’d be snuggled into him like he was a huge body pillow while you both watched TV together.   And it wasn’t just that.  His soft middle meant you didn’t have to kill yourself at the gym every night.  His pudge on his hips meant you could both go out and have a good time and not worry about the extra five or six or ten pounds you might gain.  His cushy sides were where you grabbed when he was buried balls deep inside of you and you were about to come but wanted to make it last just a bit longer.

You perked up,

“If you go on a diet, I’ll stop having sex with you.”

Niall pulled his shirt down immediately,

“Want some dinner?  Thinkin’ of gettin’ Chinese delivered.”

You walked over to press your lips to his,

“That’s much better.”

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UF and SF bros asking their crush why they look so down and crush replies "THE UNIVERSE WONT LET ME BE A HO!" and proceeds to rant about how they havent been able to get laid.


Red notices pretty quick that something’s up. You’ve barely responded to any of his crappy puns, and your answers were all short and a little detached. He finally demands to know what’s wrong, and you practically burst. It takes him a few moments to actually understand what you’re saying as you go into a lengthy speech about your non existent sex life, and when he finally gets it, he’s a little miffed. On one hand, he’s kind of glad you haven’t had sex in a while (he’s a possessive little bastard, after all, and if anyone touched you he’d probably kill them), but on the other, he’s kind of pissed. You’re rattling on about how you haven’t been able to get laid, when he would do freaking anything to be able to touch you, don’t you get it? It isn’t like he hasn’t been dropping hints or anything, so either you thought he was just joking or you were just genuinely not interested in him.

He shakes off the notion and pulls a wolfish grin onto his teeth as he slings his arm over your shoulder. “i can change that,” he offers with half lidded sockets and a crook of his teeth.


When Edge finally gets tired of your inexplicable sulking and demands to know what’s wrong, he isn’t really expecting the reply he gets. You’re upset because you haven’t had sex? Why the hell would you be frustrated about that? First off, he thinks it silly you want to get laid (you don’t need it to function, do you?), and second, that’s a disgusting thing to talk about in public and he doesn’t want to hear it. Secretly he may or may not be a little sore that you want to sleep with someone who’s not him. You didn’t say explicitly that you don’t want to screw him, but he’s pretty sure you don’t discuss your sex life with people you have a crush on. Or maybe you do. He’s kind of in the dark on that. Either way, he doesn’t want to hear it,’

He’s also kind of confused at to why you’re having trouble getting laid, as you’re the most incredible human he’s ever met. Maybe everyone else is blind, or just stupid. Yup. Definitely stupid.


Nope. Nope, Blackberry is not having that. That’s dirty, human. You aren’t allowed to think those things, okay? Especially not about other people. Black’s quite the jealous bastard, and will grow exceedingly frustrated if you rant about wanting sex. He’ll finally just snap at you. You want to get laid? Fine, why don’t you two go right now? It obviously isn’t a big deal to you if you’d just rant about your sex life to him (even though it’s certainly a big deal to him). 

…Well of course he’s joking, idiot! It’s not like he actually likes you or anything. He certainly doesn’t want to kiss you. Or hold your hand. Or hug you. Or brush your hair. Or tie a collar around your neck and throw away the key.

Nothing like that at all.


Russ is somewhat an empath, and he can kind of tell you’re upset from the beginning. He doesn’t say anything about it, because that’s your business, but if you tell him you’re upset because you haven’t been able to get laid-?

He wants to change that. Right away. Through any means necessary. Heck, he probably would have fucked you good right then and there if he hadn’t liked you so much. He doesn’t really want to get involved with you, because he knows you deserve so much better. You’re certainly more then a faceless one night stand. He needs to stay away from you. However, that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have the urge to mumble something exceedingly filthy into your ear. He’s barely keeping it it, but eventually calms himself enough to just shrug a little and make a casual innuendo through a puff of a cigarette. ‘”ya’d think  a face as pretty as yours wouldn’t have a problem with sex, wouldn’t ya?”  he remarks, shooting you a sideways glance.

Your blush makes up for it all.

bts reaction in a haunted house

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-Entered just because you wanted to even if his face was saying otherwise

-Would try to act all confident by walking without holding onto you or moving slowly

-Then scared out of his wits when a jump scare occurs

-“It’s not that sc—I’M SORRY DON’T COME NEAR ME”

-Apologizes to and for everything to the ghosts/zombies

-When you guys finally make it out, he’ll claim he wasn’t scared

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-Would be interested on how some things were created

-“Is this all made by hand?”

-Would stroll leisurely while looking at the props

-Finds it entertaining and cute if you flinch from a scare, maybe even laughs

-“Did that scare you?”

-Same expression throughout

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-Entered to show his manly side even if it was highkey obvious he’d rather jump into ice cold water in winter

-Would want to hurry to the exit but moved slowly cautiously

-Talks a lot, especially after every scare

-“Are we going to make it out alive?”

-“What if that thing comes to life?”

-Denies any fact he was scared once you guys are out

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-Commenting on everything the place could’ve been better

-Or just commenting a lot in general

-“They should’ve made this light dimmer”

-Not affected by any of the scary props

-Probably would focus on if you guys are going the right way to the exit

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-The first time you asked him he’d said he doesn’t like things like that

-He’ll give in the second time you insist

-Though he’d be dragged in rather than just walking in

-After every scare he’ll say it really surprised him over and over

-“I better get a whole day’s worth of cuddles after this”

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-Acts like a tough guy once in the place

-“Y/N, if you are scared you can hold onto my arm”

-Comments on how cool everything is

-Says hello to anything that moves

-Would laugh everytime he gets surprised

-“Is that it?”

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-“Don’t worry, if I see a ghost I’ll punch it”

-“It’s a ghost, Jungkook”

-No flinching whatsoever

-Would turn his head to wherever the jump scare came from

-“Wanna go again?”

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Do you accept anons for the ficlet prompts? I'm feeling angsty so, what about How to Save a Life (The Fray) for Viktuuri?

you wanted angst? -cracks knuckles- it’s been a while since i did some two worlds au eh @exile-wrath @forovnix @chessala @nicaforov and wow i think i can finally tag @kazliin in these since you’ve seen this arc already

Viktor looks up at the building of History Maker Couture, taking a deep breath. What a strange dream he had last night, he thinks. A new intern that he married. At least the intern was cute, though. 

But as with all dreams, he knows he will forget it soon. 

He thinks about the intern from his dreams sometimes, a stray fancy that crosses his mind in the middle of a busy afternoon. The story moves on in a way, somehow. They might not be any closer to catching the saboteur, but Viktor renews the search with vigour, trying to work away this gnawing sense of loss in his chest.

During those sometimes when his mind drifts to the intern, he doesn’t ever notice a new set of eyes watching him. Brown, behind blue-framed glasses. The man they belong to is invariably caught in sportswear, his expression pale with longing. 

Yuuri remembers two times in which he’s brought back into the world of his own fic. Once, when Viktor is working at his desk, gaze occasionally drifting out towards the New York skyline. Once, when Viktor is walking through Rockerfeller Centre, his expression downcast as he watches the skaters out on the ice, gliding and laughing as they skid around the rink hand-in-hand. 

He doesn’t say anything, either time. Just turns away and is pulled back to the real world, not entirely sure why there are tears running down his face. When he blinks and sees the bright lights of the Ice Castle locker rooms again, sees the concerned expression of the other Viktor, he tries to smile and convince himself that this is what he wants. This is the life he’s supposed to lead.

But the new Viktor isn’t his Viktor. He looks at Yuuri with that newfound love blooming in his eyes, and Yuuri has to swallow down the bile of guilt that rises in his throat every time. Has to try to pretend that his heart isn’t being tugged in two different directions at once. 

He still wears the ring. The other Viktor doesn’t question it, though his shoulders seem to slump every time he sees it. But what does it matter, Yuuri wants to say. It’s a ring from you. But you don’t know it, and he doesn’t remember

One afternoon, he’s heading down the street, slowly jogging home in the winter twilight. Thin patches of snow linger against the trunks of frozen trees, and he had just removed his ring as he rounds the corner – only to bump into a well-dressed man with silver hair and a megawatt smile.

“Oh,” Yuuri says. “I thought you were at Ice Castle?”

“Ice Castle?” echoes the man, quirking an eyebrow, and Yuuri realises a little too late that it’s his Viktor, million dollar suit and everything, and he takes a step back, fumbling with his ring. 

Viktor’s gaze drops to Yuuri’s hand. “Nice ring,” he says. “Maria Dolores’ Eternity Snowflake collection? The one who gave you that has good taste.”

Yuuri feels something inexorable well up in his throat at that as he looks at his Viktor. His mouth works, a little uselessly, before he snaps it closed and puts on a smile that feels too wrong, too ill-fitting for his face. 

“Yeah,” he says, just as a sleek black car pulls up and Christophe and Mila poke their heads out. 

“Viktor, come on, we’re going to be late to the gala,” Mila shouts, and Viktor nods, scrutinising Yuuri for a moment longer before stepping into the car. It peels away from the curb, smooth and silent, and Yuuri wordlessly watches it before reaching up to scrub at the wetness in his eyes. 

“Who was that?” Christophe asks. “He looked pretty cute, despite the tracksuit.”

Viktor laughs, though his own smile doesn’t reach his eyes. 

“No one of importance,” he says dismissively, waving a hand. “Let’s go to the gala.”

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i just gotta share with someone! tonight i had my tarot deck out to shuffle for the first time ever and after shuffling a few times the first card was the same as when i first took them out of the box so i figured it would mean something. i looked it up in the lil guide book that came with the deck but i couldn’t find it so i googled it and found out it’s a spare card that’s just a little extra from the artist that says “to all believers” and i feel like it was the deck welcoming me i’m so happy

Aweeee, that’s so sweet! I love hearing tarot stories, I’m sure your deck is very excited to meet you. How cute. 🙈💞

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Hello! I would love to keep a personal study journal (about gardening) and I was just wondering how you got your to look so damn cute? How? Thank you!🍓

Hi there lovely! I think that’s a lovely idea - good luck with that! ♥ I do think, however, that you meant to send this ask to someone else, because my bullet journal isn’t at all decorative, more functional, like so:

Perhaps you’ll find the last four bullet journallers I reblogged photos from -  @ubestudies, @seduloustudy, @studyquill and @studyingsenseless - more helpful? xxx

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i've been loving yoongi even more than usual and i don't think my heart can handle it, especially with this comeback. he looks so cute with his blue hair (i missed it) i'm happy i get more smiles from him in videos and his existence just makes me really happy ♥️ -yoongi anon

I know what you mean! his blue hair is always so amazing, I loved it before and I love it now. and I agree, I love seeing a smiling, happy yoongi. it shows just how adorable he is and it makes my heart swell up so much. I want to see him happy all the time. this boy deserves all the world’s love~

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Can I please have an AU where all 8 kids fall down at the same time and live happy life please thank you I need this after the friggin memorial scene that destroyed my heart (what the heck even is patience's name)

yES this would be VERY CUTE

idk how all these kids would end up in the mountain at the same time, but it would be rly cute if they were a little team, all looking out for each other

I have seen many an AU that works with this concept and they’re all good

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i really dislike the post you reblogged where it was like saying all these nice things about different types of men but then it went "trans boys you're pure and wholesome" it reminds me of the whole like "aw trans boys are so cute what a soft boy uwu" like ugh i hate how immediately trans boys are looked at as "cute" and "pure" like i'm a very strong masculine trans guy and i'm strong and handsome and hot not "pure and wholesome"

I can see how you’d see the relation between that for sure. It’s categorizing a whole community to a few adjectives.

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demon danny being an amazing singer?

yes of course!! That’s how he seduces people hehe. he sings for arin all the time and arin gets blushy and flustered. then danny thinks he looks cute and is like “wtf why do I get all fluttery when I see this human blushing at my singing”

(ur in love danny boy)

• send me magic!au headcanons based off of @drawy-things au! •

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So I started watching produce 101 and I find it highly amusing how Daniel is just happy to be here and is literally trying to give everyone an A (in episodes 1 and 2) lmao little does he know he wins it all

HAHAHAHA, this is so true. He was such a cute little bunny (and still is). It’s really cool and amazing to see him grow throughout the show to the confident person he is now. (and I hope he always will be.) 



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Hi 2 questions why all women perfect and how can I get a girlfriend? 😭😭😭😭

Answer to #1: After years of staring I’m still not sure but they really are, aren’t they?

Answer to #2: Hang out in LGB places if there are some near you! Go on dating apps! Ask a girl out and see if she says yes! Wait until your life becomes a meet cute and run into her on the sidewalk! I’m sure there are ways, anon. I’m looking for them as well, but I’m sure there are ways :)

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hello cutie anon! lmao omfg this is SO CUTE lmao i know its a typo but i laughed at expedia and then ALL THAT CUTE RHYMING AT THE END. what an adorable message to wake up to aw <3 kajdlajsd listen we are all in the same boat. like @kpopfanfictrash and @the-porcelain-doll-xo and i are so into BOTH universes we cannot stop screaming. we honestly like dont know how all these things keep happening or where they come from. but were all gonna suffer together ok? just know that any time you feel wrecked or attacked, we have come for ourselves and are suffering too <3

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