look how cute the editing is on this one


kaneki + touka: then & now


what happens when hodong asks a shy joonyoungie to sing “you and me”

+ heechul mimicking his friend


distorts are nice

Why haven’t we talked about how…

This cute boy

Is voiced *and basically is this cute boy


Like ❤ I want more fanart of Arin as Bird please!!💕💕🌹


Douglas Smith actually voiced “Bird” Or rather Male! Bee and Arin only does the one line, which is, in true Arin style is; “ I GOTTA FART." 

Which was why it was in his Demo Reel. My apologizes! I know some people were telling me that it wasn’t Arin along but know one was saying who it was instead, and I didn’t want to make the change until I knew so thanks to


for clearing that up and telling me they confirmed who it was on twitter ❤

P.S: I am aware that he voices the dog and main voices the Elder Bird in the episode where Male Bee first appears. <3


#1177 Hanamaru Kunikida UR

『 ヒツジさん集め 』 彡☆

he’s very proud of his expensive grandpa sweater (x)