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Writing is Hard, part 6: SEX

Summary: Dean and the reader have sex. Finally. FINALLY.

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Warning: Smut

Word Count: 4250ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. And the quotes are from my own Faking It series, in case anyone was curious. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

“You knew he didn’t quite understand why you found it so hot, but Dean had never seen himself leaning over the engine in a tight, sweaty t-shirt, hands and forearms covered in grease as he worked.”

Dean’s outside working on the Impala, and you’re reading fics about just that. Apparently, Dean working on the Impala is the hottest thing to ever grace the fandom (aside from his lips…and his green eyes…and his cocky swagger that is really just hiding adorable and unnecessary insecurity…and Jesus, these people are thorough), and you’re curious. In your actual experience with Dean, working on the Impala is just a nuisance. You have to wait longer to get on the road, Dean takes forever to scrub himself clean afterward, and for the next few hours, everything smells like metal and oil covered up by motel soap. Why do people find that so hot?

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Under Your Spell: Jimin (SMUT)

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Witch!AU: You attend the same school as Jimin, but you’re rivals. (Or at least that’s what you tell yourself). He pulls a prank on you and you decide to get your revenge on him by giving him a potion. But the potion backfires when you accidentally mess it up. 

Warnings: rough sex, daddy kink, thigh riding, spanking, unprotected sex, oral (male receiving), foul language, choking, and hair pulling.

Word count: 4,276


Your school was flooded with toads. Slimy little reptiles croaking and jumping around in the classrooms and halls. One of the little creatures hopped from the top of your head and you shrieked, messily rummaging your hair. You knew this prank was meant for you. You hated reptiles, especially toads and frogs. Only two people knew of your fear for them: your best friend and your sworn enemy, Jimin Park (who was unfortunately a super handsome upperclassman with a knack for spectacular pranks).

You regretted the day he found out about one of your greatest fears. You had been too careless when it slipped past your lips, not noticing his presence until it was too late. With your wand, you zapped the toad to who knows where, you just wanted it away from you.

You continue to use your magic to clear a path for you.

“I swear I’ll kill this idiot when I find him.” You grumbled to yourself. When you came into the hallway, you could see some of the teachers getting rid of the toads and for this you were extremely thankful.

“Now, if I were Jimin Park, where would I be?” You thought aloud and had an “aha!” moment. You knew just where he was.


As soon as you opened the doors to the school’s roof, you saw him leaning against the railing. You roll your eyes when you see a smug smile settle on his handsome face.

“Took you long enough, princess.” You approach him with your hands balled into fists. He doesn’t even look slightly fazed when you send him your deadliest glare. “Did you like my little gift?” He chuckles and continued, “It’s your birthday, right? Consider the toads a present.”

He eased his hand into your slightly messy hair, effectively untangling the strands and causing you to blush. “You still had some frog juice in your hair.” Your face is now beet red and it only causes him to laugh harder.

“Reverse the spell and apologize. If you do, I’ll consider forgiving you.” You offered him to which he only smirked.

“And if I don’t?” He inches closer to you, his minty breath fanning your flushed face. His eyes flickered to your full lips and you almost didn’t catch his pink tongue swiping across his own puffy lips. You wanted to back away because his scent was so damn intoxicating. Somehow the gap between you two was closing and you weren’t sure which one of you were leaning in closer.

Just as your eyes began to droop, you came to your senses and out of instinct, you slapped him. Not hard, but you’re sure it left a little sting.

“R-reverse the spell or else!” You threatened with a cracked voice, probably from how embarrassed you were. Your blush would probably never go away. You rushed away from him and back into the warmth of the school.

He was left there, stunned. His gaping mouth slowly closed and raised, settling into his signature smirk. Was he a masochist, because he wasn’t sure that slap should have turned him on. Or maybe he wasn’t a masochist, instead it was your fiery attitude that set him off. Kissing you crossed his mind as soon as your plump lips turned into a snarl that only you could make look sexy.

Gosh, you made him want you so much. The little feud between you two only added fuel to his fire. He chewed on his bottom lip, thinking of your embarrassed yet cute face.  

Oh, how he’d love it if your pretty face was covered in his cum. The thoughts running through his mind were far too dirty for him to be having about a girl who was his junior. But damn it, he couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t stop thinking about the way you were so effortlessly sexy.

So much sexier than the girl who threw themselves at him every day. He never bothered with them because you entertained and occupied him enough. He hated how other guys gawked at you when you wore the short uniform skirt. Your legs were nice and long. Smooth and silky. He imagined his hand caressing your legs with his strong hands and his head buried deep between your thick thighs.

God, he was getting too carried away, almost wanting to jerk his hardening cock on the school’s roof. His next class didn’t have you in it and he wasn’t sure if he could go without taking care of himself. What if he saw you in the class after next and came in his pants at the sight of your mesmerizing body.

‘Fuck it.’ He thought before rubbing his cock through his jeans. ‘It’s now or never.’


You were in the lab where the students were free to use the equipment to practice spells or potions. You were the only one in the lab, focusing on making a potion for Jimin. Since he hadn’t stopped those ugly toads yet, you were cooking up something special for him.

Although you weren’t great at making potions, you looked up a simple one that would cause the drinker of it bad luck. You were mad at him for almost ruining your birthday but at the same time, he made you want to suck him off until he shot his load down your throat.

You hated how wet he made you every time he touched you or how you thought he was so sexy when he bit his lip out of concentration. Your mind was foggy as you grabbed the cup of rose petals. You almost screeched when you dumped the whole cup into the brew because the recipe only called for ¼ a cup. Then a sparkling pink poof came from the brew shortly after. Uh oh?

You blamed Jimin for distracting you with these lewd thoughts. You groaned and sighed. The petals were the last step to the potion and you didn’t want to start over. You didn’t think there would be any bad side effects…uh, at least not any serious side effects.

You poured the potion into a small vial and put it in your pocket. You hurriedly cleaned your station and made your way to Jimin’s locker. You made sure the coast was clear before tapping his lock with your wand. It easily unlocked and you pulled the metal door open. You searched for a drink that he might have inside his locker and you were ecstatic to see that he kept a bottle of raspberry tea in it. You twisted the cap open and quickly poured the contents of the potion inside of the bottle.

You twisted the top back tightly and closed the door before securing it with the lock. You avoided stepping on toads as you made your way to the cafeteria and slid into your seat next to your best friend, Sam.

“Hmm…you look suspicious,” Sam chuckles and touches your forehead with his cold palm, “And you’re sweating. Did you do something naughty?” He smirks and winks. You blush, knowing exactly what he was insinuating and you shake your head.

“Shut up, it’s nothing like that.” You elbow him softly.

“So, these frogs…Jimin’s doing?” You immediately groan and nod.

“He says they were a birthday present.” Sam just chuckles and shakes his head.

“You two seriously need to fuck and get it over with. How did he even know it was your birthday?” Sam pulls his lunch from his bag and you follow suit.

“I don’t know. I haven’t told anyone except you. Maybe he found out just to play a prank on me.” You take a sip of your juice, feeling a little bitter about the situation if that was the case.

“Speak of the devil and he may appear.” Sam nods his head to where Jimin had just entered the cafeteria, his raspberry tea in his hand. You can’t help but to bite your lip when you see just how disheveled his clothing is and the prominent bulge in his pants. His hair was messy and you wondered which of one of these girls had the privilege of fucking Jimin Park.

His eyes locked onto yours and you could have sworn they were shining with a mischievous glint.

“Damn, there is so much sexual tension between y’all. I think I’m gonna be sick.” Sam excused himself and left you sitting alone. Jimin had the perfect opportunity to slide into the seat Sam left.

You had no idea what to say to him as he stared at you. Something unfamiliar swam around in his chocolate brown orbs and you were mad because the more you stared at them, the longer you wanted to ride his face. You finally found your voice but it was so small, you surprised yourself. “What do you want, Jimin?”

“I was just wondering how my princess was doing.” You clamp your thighs together. You were used to him calling you princess but this time it was different. He had never called you his princess. Something was different about him. You looked to the half empty tea bottle and furrowed your eyebrows. He was supposed to be stumbling around this place, tripping over his own two feet. Jumbling up his words and slipping on invisible water.

Maybe the rose petals added a different affect to the potion. Damn it, you really should have started over.

“You really are something else, Y/N. The things you do to me.” He sucks in a breath and scoots his chair closer to yours. “Makes me lose my mind.” You were so thankful the two of you were in the back of the cafeteria, someone may have noticed how his strong hand rubbed tiny circles on your smooth thigh.  

You wanted him to stop, but at the same time you were oddly curious as to where this would lead. Jimin was never this forward and you knew that this was partially your fault for messing up the potion and giving it to him anyway.

“I knew there was something wrong with me the moment I drank my tea. A feeling erupted inside of me, one that I’ve been trying to push a side for the longest time. Lust.” His voice was ten times deep than normal and every time he spoke against your neck, it sent shivers down your spine. “I can’t seem to control myself. All I can think about is how much I want to bend you over and spank you for tampering with my drink.”

‘Shit. He knows.’

“You’ve gotta be more careful, princess. I saw you leaving my locker, but I hadn’t known what you did until it became clear.” He pulled you up by your arm and led you out of the cafeteria. Some students stared, bewildered to see Jimin using such force with you.

“Where are you taking me, Jimin Park? I demand to know, right now!” You were startled when he slammed your body into the lockers, creating a loud bang.

“You don’t get to demand anything, I’m the one in charge. You just suck my cock and look pretty when you swallow my cum.” He cupped your face in his hands and licked your lips. “You’re so sexy, but you already know that, don’t you? That’s why you always seem to make me hard with one glance.”

He grabbed your arm again and dragged you to the empty labs where you had first made his potion. Once you were inside, he locked the door and sat in one of the chairs. “Strip for me, princess.”

You found yourself moving fluently, like you had done this every day for him. His voice held so much authority over you. You wouldn’t even question him anymore. Your shirt was already on the floor and your skirt followed quickly. You went to unhook your bra before he stopped you.

“Not yet. I want to see you dance.” He began to palm himself through his pants and you didn’t know if you could wait any longer to have him down your throat.

Your hips began to sway to a beat that was in your mind, but you knew that he could hear it too. He was mesmerized by the beauty of your exotic dancing. You bit your lip when you could see him unzipping his jeans. Your hands teasingly brushed over your clothed breasts and traveled down towards your soaking pussy.

You turned around and bent over, your ass high in the air. You hooked your thumbs into your lace panties and pulled them down your thick thighs ever so slowly. You could hear him groan when he got an eyeful of your ass. You finally took off your bra and turned to face him.

Your nipples were more erect than you thought, probably from the cold air conditioning mixed with anticipation.

“Come here.” He beckoned you over to him with his index finger. When you were close enough for him to reach you, he grabbed you tightly by the waist and you came crashing down on his lap. His erect dick rubbed right against your clit and you moaned simultaneously. Still gripping your waist, he rolled his hips and it created a lot of friction that was just making you wetter.

“You’ve been so bad, putting something in my drink. But you’ve been good too, listening to daddy like the good girl you are. Daddy doesn’t know if he should reward or punish you.” He hungrily kissed you and moved his muscular hands down to your plump ass. He slapped it and kneaded it like it was dough. Kissing your neck, he mumbles, “I think you should suck daddy off.”

You nodded eagerly and dropped to your knees. You were way more excited than you should have been. He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his glorious abs and his broad chest. You marveled at the sight of the veins running through his sculpted arms.

You quickly pulled his trousers and boxers down his legs and moaned at how beautiful his cock was. His hand tangled itself in your hair as it guided you to his cock. “Suck.” He commanded and you instantly obliged.

You took his red tip into your mouth and licked over the slit slowly, tasting the precum that began to build up. He sucked in air through his teeth and grunted. Your tongue traced over the most prominent vein, making him moan. You giggled after seeing his reaction. “Did you like that, daddy?”

His eyes were glazed over as he nodded, tightening his grip in your hair. You sucked at the base of his shaft and grazed over it with your teeth. His body jerked as you gripped his cock tightly, using your tongue to pay special attention to his sensitive tip.

He was already wide enough and it didn’t make it better when you felt him growing harder in your hand. He tugged on your hair and guided your mouth down his dick, his tip hitting the back of your throat.

You let out a strangled cough as your burning throat began to get used to his massive girth. He pulled you up for air, his chest heaving heavily. When you regained your breath, he slid himself down your throat again, trying to let you get used to deep throating him. “You take my cock so well, baby.” He felt his orgasm building and quickly pulled your mouth from his dick.

You were slightly saddened but the feeling was quickly replaced by him lifting you up and onto his thigh. His thigh tensed when your slick met it. You moaned and moved your hips on his thigh. He groaned and pulled your hair, revealing your neck to him. He bit and sucked on your neck, marking you as his.

His strong thigh tensed and you threw your head back, mewling in pleasure. “Does that feel good, princess? Do you like riding my thigh?” You nodded and moved on his thigh quicker.

“Fuck, it feels so good.” You whimpered and yelped as he slapped your ass. He rubbed your clit as you grinded against his thigh. He toyed with your clit, bringing you closer and closer to your inevitable orgasm. Jimin brought his thigh up and dug it into your slit harder, clenching it against your pussy that was growing wetter as he continued to please you with his taut muscle.

Just when you felt your orgasm near, he stopped and lifted your hips off him. “You’re so fucking sexy, princess. I’m so glad I have you all to myself.” He bent you over the table and spread your ass cheeks. “Look how wet you are, glistening for me. For my cock.” He slapped your ass again and rubbed the area where it was growing a crimson red.

“Fuck me, daddy.” You whispered against the table top. You felt his fingers sliding smoothly up and down your wet folds. His finger slipped inside of your wet cunt and you covered your mouth with your hand, afraid of someone hearing you if you were too loud.

“I want to hear you.” He added another finger into your wetness, scissoring them while trying to spread your folds so that the stretch wouldn’t be too overwhelming when he was inside of you.

You didn’t want to risk getting caught, but you didn’t want to disobey him either. You moved your hand and he quickly grabbed your arm, guiding your hand to your ass. You could feel his tip prodding at your entrance and you instantly got the gist.

You held your ass open for him so that he could easily slip his massive cock inside your warm pussy. He grabbed his dick and coated it in your slick by running it up and down your slit. He smirked when you started to beg for him to fuck you already. He used his thumbs to open your slit and slowly slide his dick in.

You couldn’t help the loud moan that erupted from your throat when he filled you to the hilt. He massaged your hips and let them rest there. He groaned when he felt just how tight you were. You were clenching around him and he had barely even moved. He slowly pulls out just to hear you whine.

Jimin pushes back into you fast, no time being wasted. Your pussy was throbbing around him and he smirked, “Already, princess?” He chuckles as the sweat starts to collect on his forehead. You can’t even for coherent words as he thrusts inside of you deeply. He couldn’t gain a lot of speed because of how you were gripping onto his shaft so tightly.

“F-faster. Please!” You were on the verge of screaming because his dick was stretching you out in the most delicious way. You groaned as he gripped your waist harder and began to pound into you at a quicker speed.

The more he fucked you, the more he grew animalistic. Your hot cavern was sending him into a world that was purely intoxicating. He pulled you up by your hair and immediately attached his lips to your neck. He growled in your ear as you pulsated around his girth.

“Tell daddy just how good he’s making you feel.” He squeezed his free hand around your throat while the other was gripping your hair. You gasped and moaned at the sensation. The feeling was new and absolutely amazing.  

Your airway was getting cut off as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. “Tell me!” He grunted and let your neck go before sending an ear shattering smack down onto your ass.

“Oh, fuck daddy it feels so fucking good!” You yelled when your neck was finally released from his restricted hold. His thrusts were getting relentless, never slowing as he claimed your throbbing pussy as his.

Before you could register what was happening, his cock was gone and you were turned around. You could barely stand on your own and you were more than grateful when he picked you up by your thighs and set you on the table.

Jimin grabbed you by the throat and pressed a smoldering kiss to your lips. They were most likely going to be swollen for a couple of days. He spread your legs wide with his own and slipped his cock back into you.

You broke the kiss by letting out a loud mewl. “Make me cum, daddy.” You whispered as you saw white spots begin to cloud your vision. He went back to fucking you hard and rough, snapping his hips into yours mercilessly.

He watched you intensely, loving the way you bit your lip so hard it looked as if you were going to chew it off. Or how your neck was littered with love bites that he put there. As he thrusted into you, his hands traveled down your chest and groped your tit into his hand. He suckled one of your nipples into his mouth and pinched the other between his thumb and index finger.

He moaned against your chest as you praised him and tugged on his roots. He growled when your nails scratched his scalp lovingly. Your head flew back when he bit down onto your sensitive bud.

Jimin groaned when your nails dug into his back, indicating the start of your climax. Your body trembled and shuddered as it was taken over by your pent-up orgasm. You dragged your nails down his glistening back and let out a guttural moan.

You were throbbing more erratically around his cock and it brought him closer to his spine shattering orgasm. He growled loudly and gripped your throat again, tightening his hand around it slightly as he pulled out and desperately shot his seeds all over your stomach and chest.

You breathed deeply, a crimson tint suddenly covered your cheeks. Jimin collapsed on top of you and panted loudly, his heaving chest moving to the same rhythm as yours. As much as you wanted to stay like this, you knew this was only a one time thing.

“Jimin…class is going to start soon. We should leave.” You pushed on his shoulder but he didn’t budge, instead he just groaned.

“I want to stay like this…” He mumbled against your skin and nipped at it, causing you to shiver in delight.

“That’s just the potion talking.” You assured him and lifted him off you with the little bit of strength you had left.

“The effects of the potion wore off a while ago. Great job by the way.” He chuckles and gathers his clothing.

“I should have started over. If I did when I had the chance, this wouldn’t be happening.” You tugged your panties up your legs after wiping yourself clean with the napkins that were in the room.

“So, you regret doing this?” He feigns hurt but you can see his eyes are betraying him. You knew deep down he was really hurt by what you said.

“No offense Jimin, but I’ve heard about how many of the girls here have done things with you.” You pulled your shirt over your head and ruffled your hair.

“C’mon, Y/N. Those are just rumors, I promise I’ve never done that with any girl here.” After he was fully dressed, he stepped closer to you and captured your lips in a chaste kiss. “You’re the only one I can think about. Why do you think I tease you so much? Haven’t your parents ever told you that if a boy messes with you, it’s because he likes you?” He smiles cutely and you weren’t even sure if this was the same guy who had just fucked you into oblivion.

Jimin sensed the uncertainty in your movements and he pecked your forehead, “Just give me a chance. If I mess up, you have every right to beat my ass and break up with me. Just know that I won’t stop until you’re mine again.”

You searched his eyes for any source of a lie and you were so thankful you couldn’t find one. “Fine. I guess I could give you a chance.” You were nonchalant about it but on the inside, you were jumping with joy.

“You won’t regret it.” He kissed you and spun you around. Once he set you down, you gave him a genuine smile.

“I can’t believe I just had sex with my arch nemesis.” He laughs at your comment and corrects you.

“Former arch nemesis. Oh, happy birthday by the way.” He pecks your lips and grins.

“Toads…really?” You hit his chest and he pouted. “That was your first strike!”

“What?! That happened before we started dating.” You fixed the collar of his shirt and brought his face closer to yours.

“Well then, I guess you’re gonna have to earn that strike back.” You winked at him and made your way to the door and opened it.

Jimin’s weight forced it closed as he blocked your path. “Why don’t I earn it back right now?” He smirked, picking you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

What were you going to do with this boy and his excessive sex drive?


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NCT 127 + Ten reaction to their crush hiding their face in their chest when they get shy/embarrassed


Anon: Hello! Your blog is really lovely! Could you, please, do a NCT 127+Ten reaction to their crush hiding their face in their chest when they get too shy/embarrassed? Have a great day, by the way!~

Thank you for requesting! This was literally so adorable to write omg shame it’ll never happen with me because im a tall person and taller than most of these guys i need like an 8ft guy to do this but thats another matter


Originally posted by nct127

He’d get so embarrassed and shy when you buried your head into his shirt. Almost immediately his cheeks would flare up and he’d start feeling very hot and awkward. Laughing quietly, he’d let you wrap your arms tightly around his waist and would lazily snake his arms around your frame. You might think he was already quite stiff and awkward as it is, but in his head, it’d be much worse. He wouldn’t be able to think and his heart would be racing, completely shocked by your adorableness and spontaneous skin ship.


Originally posted by withsuh

this gif has nothing to do with the actual reaction but he looks hot here 

Johnny was be so hyper whenever you did this. You were the type to never really initiate skin ship or like doing anything cute, so this would be a surprise for him. He’d literally start screaming and pick you up, twirling you around. You both would get super dizzy really quickly and he’d end up falling onto the sofa, your smaller frame on his. Laughter would escape your lips and he’d laugh along, staring at you quietly and wondering if it was possible for you to get any more cuter and precious.


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Gasping, Taeyong would lose his balance slightly stumbling back as you continued to keep your head buried in his chest. He wasn’t expecting you to do this so wouldn’t be prepared at all. He’d get over the shock quickly though, but his heart would continue to race and his palms would get slightly sweaty. Even after dating for months, you still managed to have this effect on Taeyong which made him nervous - just like when you first met. He’d lean down, his hands holding you warmly, and nuzzle is face into hair, enjoying the moment.


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

holy fuck this gif omg

He’d immediately start smirking, his confidence rocketing, when you did this. He’d continue teasing you, glancing at the other members who were laughing along and cooing and your behaviour. Despite looking pretty calm, his heart would melt, his sensitive side coming out secretly. After a while, he’d stop teasing you and tell the others to shut up or leave (all whilst holding you as tight as you were holding him), wanting some alone time with you where he could basically gush about how cute you were and embarrass you some more.


Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

He’d try to play it off cool, not allowing himself to be tricked by your cuteness and fall for it. Cracking another embarrassing joke or a dirty one, you’d groan, cheeks hot, and nuzzle your face further into his chest. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t trying to get a reaction out of him. He wouldn’t last long either, the initially cool-headed persona immediately falling and a more awkward and shy one taking over him. Giggling shyly, he’d wrap his arms around you and sway you side to side slowly, liking the skin contact.


Originally posted by sassyjungkooks

When you threw yourself at him, burying your face in his shirt, he’d be confused at first. But upon seeing ears slightly tinted pink and your groans of annoyance, he’d piece things together. Unlike the other members, he’d try to make it up to you by embarrassing himself and doing something stupid so you could forget what initially made your embarrassed in the first place. Although he loved the fact that you had hugged him like that, he’d still be a little worried that he had actually offended you so would try making it up to you.


Originally posted by nctinfo

Like Johnny, he’d get a little bit too happy that you had done this. He’d start squealing and cooing at you, his hands waving frantically in the air. His cheeks would be flushed bright red and to be honest, he’d now be just as embarrassed as you. Wanting to savour the moment and prevent you from leaving, he’d grab onto you tightly and smile into your hair. He probably would find everything you did cute but this would really be an adorable moment for him and his heart wouldn’t be able to handle it.


Originally posted by nctinfo

He’d be a mix of Taeyong and Doyoung. At first, he’d be a stuttering mess, trying to peel you off of him - and failing. But then he’d try to act as normal as possible, trying with all his might to ignore his racing heart and forehead snap with sweat. But, again, this would fail, and he’d wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you. He’d bring you into a tighter embrace, not uttering a word out of an embarrassment, which would make you smile and hold him closer.


Originally posted by nct-marklee

Let’s be honest, Mark was probably not the reason as to why you were hiding your face in his chest. Another member probably Yuta or Jeno or Haechan were teasing the both of you, and you were hiding your face in his chest because you were embarrassed for him not yourself. You sometimes could get a little worried that you were a burden to Mark and not good enough and would secretly hate it if the other members teased your relationship. Mark would notice this very quickly, since he’s an observant kind of guy, and would also bury his face in your hair, whispering you sweet nothings and to ignore them.


Originally posted by donghyukslee

This little ray of sunshine would start stuttering, utterly embarrassed and shocked at you. At first, he wouldn’t understand why you were doing this and would continue to tease you and laugh. But once he felt your arms tighten even more around his waist and a slight dampness of your tears, he’d immediately stop and remove you from him. “Y/N? Are you okay? Was it me?” He’d ask you, his voiced laced with worry. It’d be a rare time where Haechan was being serious and sensitive, which would warm your heart. You’d explain to him how you were embarrassed and he’d apologise and I think out of all of the members, he’d be the one most apologetic for teasing you, despite his usual self.

  • ’ I believe if you were dead the world would be a better place. ’
  • ’ You are not my knight in shining whatever. ’
  • ’ I’m not sure we’re worth fighting for. ’
  • ’ I’m gonna eat candy in the dark and pretend I’m home alone. ’
  • ’ Sometimes it’s actually painful to be around you. ’
  • ’ They say if you talk out loud while you look for something, you find it faster. ’
  • ’ This is your love day. ’
  • ’ I’d lose that crazed smile before you start cramping. ’
  • ’ It’s harder to love someone than walk away from them. ’
  • ’ No, I choose me. ’
  • ’ We’re adults, we’re going to fight. ’
  • ’ Everyone said I was ready. You said I would be okay, so I thought I should just do it and get it over with. But I wasn’t ready for…to be… ’
  • ’ I met a puppy once that was half German Shepherd, half teacup Chihuahua. And all I could think was…how did you happen? ’
  • ’ You should go. Cause I’m about to nut punch you. ’
  • ’ Found it. It’s so old, it’s not even in the computer. ’
  • ’ I wasn’t sure what you’d be in the mood for, so I kind of got everything. Champagne, tequila, pinot noir — pick your poison. ’
  • ’ You are not a person who makes promises he doesn’t keep. ’
  • ‘ I only dance it out when something bad’s happened. ’
  • ‘ People aren’t always who you think they are. You learn to see through it. You learn fast. ’
  • ‘ You’re a surgeon, we make mistakes. We need to be forgiven. ’
  • ‘ You don’t teach by shoving someone else’s face in the dirt. That’s just being mean. And small. ’
  • ‘ Did he say anything to you before you killed him? Can you tell me what his last words were. ’
  • ‘ I’m happy and I never thought I would be again. But I am, and that’s all I need. ’
  • ‘ Aw sweetie, this is about me, this isn’t about you. ’
  • ‘ THIS is what feminism looks like, sir. ’
  • ‘ I think you’ll be a good dad. Your babies will be so foul-mouthed and dirty and cute. ’
  • ‘ I am qualified to tell you how to survive. ’
  • ‘ My husband is dead. Yeah, I’m gonna play that card. ’
  • ‘ Why do people constantly feel the need to kill their arteries. ’
  • ‘ Optimism for the win. ’
  • ‘ I told you to keep that baby in. ’
  • ‘ All my orgasms are gonna be self-made, hand-crafted ones. ’
  • ‘ Just because we can live without something, it doesn’t mean we have to. ’
  • ‘ You want to be a mess, be a mess. I don’t care, I can take it. ’
  • ‘ I just got here. I haven’t had a chance to screw anything up yet. ’
  • ‘ Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll snip out the part that makes her kinda bitchy. ’
  • ‘ It’s her song, so get off the stage and let her sing it. ’
  • ‘  I love you in a really really big, pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you. ‘
  • ‘ I’m not good at relationships or talking about stupid feelings. ’
  • ‘ I’m still in love with you. I tried not to be, but it didn’t work. ’
  • ‘  You’re my sister, you’re my family, you’re all I’ve got. ‘
  • ‘ Everyone needs help from time to time. Someone to look out for them. Make sure they’re okay. ’
  • ‘ There comes a point when you have to suck it up and stop whining and start living. ‘
  • ‘ You died in my arms. You freakin’ died. ’
  • ‘ That’s where love exists. In delusional fantasies. ’
  • ‘ Ah, tonight I have things planned that don’t include her screaming your name. ’
  • ‘ I take things personally. I get too emotional. ’
BTS reacting to their girlfriend trying out a Pin-up girl look.

You felt like you wanted to try something new, so you looked up some looks on the internet and the pin-up girl look caught your attention almost immediately


Originally posted by yoonseok

Namjoon would be in the middle of watching tv in the living room and he’d hear you coming down the stairs with your high heels on. He’d whip his head around to see you in those high-waisted shorts and polka-dotted bikini top. He never saw much of the style until you came down the stairs in all your glory, but he would definitely be into it. The red lipstick made you even more irresistible than when you didn’t have it on. He had a hard time keeping his hands off you before, but now it would prove to be even more difficult.

“Woahh~ You look really good!”


Originally posted by kimthwriter

Boy, oh boy, Taehyung would love this look on you. He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you. He would steal glances at your body even though he didn’t need to. He would love the way your legs looked paired with that sailor dress, and those white thigh-high stockings. It would definitely drive him crazy. He would absolutely be rendered speechless.


Originally posted by nnochu

The poor boy would probably die from shock because you look so cute. Sure he already thought you were cute the way you were, but let’s face it, if you decided to dress that way from now on, he wouldn’t mind one bit. Although, it’d be hard for him to make eye-contact because of how cute you looked. He’d turn into a blushing mess.

“How are you so cute all the time?!”


Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

Yoongi would definitely appreciate that look on you. Of course, he’d have some dirty things going on in his mind but he wouldn’t say them out loud. You would strike cute little poses, and he’d be thanking the heavens he managed to reel someone like you in. After a while he’d tell you to go change because he wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore.

“Aiya~ Go change. I’m starting to think bad things!”


Originally posted by jjilljj

Jin would really like this look on you. So much so, that he’d whip out his camera and start a whole photoshoot. What kind of pin-up girl would you be if you weren’t actually ‘pinned-up’ anywhere, right? You wouldn’t put it past him if he decided to make a calendar book with different pictures of you every month since he seemed to like this style so much.


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

Jungkook normally wouldn’t be into this kind of look, but something about you in those clothes has got his mouth watering(i’m cryin rn). He knew you weren’t really the type to dress that way, or even wear heels. So it caught him by surprise on so many levels. He’d stare at you until it made his eyes sting.

“Well, hello there. What brings you to this part of the house?”


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

You would tell Jhope that you were trying out a new look and that you wanted him to see it. So, you’d have him go in a different room while you got ready. Then once you were finished, you’d walk into the room he was in. Boy, would he be surprised, also a bit mesmerized that you could pull off such a look.He would definitely want you to try out new looks more often if it meant you’d have to put on a show for him.

That’s My Jam: Snowing Finale Edition

Snow & Charming (and Charming family stuff) I enjoyed in the finale.

Baby Neal gets a fairytale look! Complete with beanie, because of course.

Snow and Charming desperately calling out Emma’s name.

The loving way she touches his face before trying a TLK on him. Bonus: Slightly wet and slightly dirty Charming is a good look. I am just saying.

Snowing TLK. Always my jam.

The way he looks at her.

The way she looks at him.

Banter and exchanged love yous. YES.

How frequently she initiates the kissing.

Smooching. Always and forever my jam.

The way he leans his forehead against her as they think it might be the end.

Intertwined hands.

Being as close as possible when facing the possible end.

Full on Charming family hugs. MY JAM.

Grammatically correct adorableness.

Smooches again.

Cuteness with baby Neal.

WILBY. Also, Charming the farmer again. Aww.

Snow White is still Snow White.


Happiness. So much happiness.

Together, with their now extended family too, facing their happy beginning while holding hands. YES PLEASE. Bonus: Knowing Josh & Ginny are doing the same.

Monsta X as your boyfriend

I decided I wanted to do a head canon for what MX would be like as your bf because I’m bored and I feel bad about posting my Hyungwon smut late.


Originally posted by lostinmonstax

☞ This adorable fluff ball would be all about that PDA, he would want the whole world to know how lucky he is to have you by his side

☞ He would be one of those boyfriends to talk nonstop about how amazing you are to his friends

☞ Would always see if he could help you with anything in any way such as carrying grocery bags or shopping bags

☞ He’d love to see you get flustered by something he said. He might even go as far as to whisper dirty talk into your ear while you two are in public, just to see how cute and adorable you look when your face gets all flushed

☞ If you ever had a problem or were going through a tough time, he’d be right there by your side to help solve the problem. He would hate seeing your pretty face scrunch up into sadness

☞ He would probably get a jealous if other guys flirted with you in front of him. He would make it very clear to the guy flirting with you that you were already taken

☞ If you were ever sad he would instantly try (and succeed) to make you smile with his aegyo. He would do just about anything to see you have a cute little smile on your face, even if you weren’t sad

☞ Lastly, I think he’d love to give you hugs. Whether it be sneak attacking you from behind with back hugs, or bear hugging you when you needed comfort, or just a simple greeting hug. Overall he’d treat you right and be an adorable boyfriend


Originally posted by mybabyoppa

☞ Okay ma fellow Pisces boi would be all about that fluff and loyalty

☞ He would be so adorably cheesy all the time that it’s almost too much to handle

☞ Whenever he would take you out for a date he would make sure to think it through really well and always make it more special than the last. He might take you stargazing with a picnic, a romantic dinner on a ferry boat in the evening, or any other really cheesy dates that you can think of

☞ He would always be pretty happy and playful but if you needed him to be sensitive and to be serious he’d be really good at it. He would listen to you and try his best to understand how you’re feeling so he can be there for you. If you started crying while talking about your problems he would definitely start empathetically crying (it’s just how us Pisces roll man lmao)

☞ If you didn’t pay attention to him or didn’t respond to his text he would probably get a little needy. He might text you three or four more times, call you, or bug you until you do finally pay attention to him

☞ He would always make sure that he would never hurt you in any possible. He could never forgive himself if he made you cry or even a little bit upset

☞ Like Jooheon, he would talk about you a lot but in a different way. He would talk like some romantic poet talking about their soulmate. (His friends would instantly sigh or roll their eyes the second he started talking about you like it was some Shakespearean play)

☞ Lastly, he would love holding your hand. Everywhere you two go together, he would just love the feeling of your soft hand in his. It would make him feel almost safe and secure especially if he was feeling anxious. Overall he would be cheesy af, would express how much he loves you at an almost annoying consistency, and would always make sure you’re happy


Originally posted by queenofweirdnes

☞ This shy thicc boi would be quite the cutie (they’re all cuties tho tbh)

☞ Unlike Jooheon and Wonho, he would probably be more nervous or shy about PDA. A peck on the cheek, a small hug, or holding hands is probably as far as he’d go when it comes to PDA

☞ However, if he felt that you were in some sort of danger or if a guy was checking you out he would wrap his arm around your shoulder, bringing you close to his body. He would feel the need to protect you from any possible threat to you (or to him for that matter)

☞ He would take you out on simple but sweet dates. Maybe a classic movie date, some food at a nice restaurant, or even getting some takeout and having an afternoon picnic at a park

☞ He might be a bit hesitant at first to open up to you about emotions and what’s really bothering him when he’s upset, but once he did let you in, he gave you full access. He would tell you anything and everything you wanted to know about him

☞ Just as you’re there for him when he needs you, he’s always willing to talk and to be there for you. Even if it was 2am and you called him because you had a bad dream and wanted to hear his voice to calm you down, he would be there. He would probably even drive over to stay with you for the rest of the night

☞ He would love to goof around with you. You would both embrace your inner freaks and just dance like idiots if you guys were listening to music together (he might even switch to sexy dancing just to throw you off your guard). Or if you two were watching a bad movie you would both mock the poorly acted scenes and then burst into giggles

☞ He would love to show off his dancing skills to you. If he was practicing a choreo and he wanted a second opinion about how he’s doing he would consult you. He might even throw in a few body rolls and hip thrusts to make you blush. Overall he’d be a pretty shy, kind hearted, goofy boyfriend


Originally posted by themonbebewhostolemyramyun

☞ Our adorable maknae would be the most memey of the bunch, especially when he’s around you

☞ Kind of like Wonho I think Changkyun would always love to see you laugh and smile because of him. He would do it in a different way than Wonho though, he’d be as memey as he possibly could be. He sometimes might even embarrass the crap out of you in public because of it

☞ He would be a total sweetheart and very flirty with you, even after he got you to go out with him. Sometimes he might just casually wink at you out of pure instinct

☞ He wouldn’t be extremely vocal or obvious if he was jealous of some other guy. He would go really silent for a while, just listening and that’s how you would know something was up. He wouldn’t want to voice that he was jealous because he didn’t want you thinking that you didn’t trust him

☞ He would love going on dates where you picked out what you guys were doing. He loves pretty much everything you decide and he wouldn’t want to make a fuss over something as small as a date location

☞ He would be very cautious to not make you upset, he wouldn’t want you to have any reason to break up with him anytime soon. He cares so much about you and loves telling you just how much everyday

☞ This guy would absolutely adore snuggling with you. He would be coming over to your place all the time just so he could lay down and snuggle with you, maybe lightly sniffing your naturally an amazing scent every once in awhile.

☞ He might be a little bit more squeamish than the others about talking about emotions and things like that. It would scare him a little bit to see how serious or hurt you looked while speaking. He would be so appreciative that you shared your emotions with him and that you opened up to him. But what would make him squeamish would be seeing you look so sad and worn down. He might try to make light of the situation in a tasteful way to make you smile again.

☞ He would open up to you because he wants there to be an even bigger bond between the two of you. He would feel so happy after talking to you about his serious issues or problems. He would love knowing that you listened and truly cared about how he was feeling. Overall he would be a very flirty, appreciative, and respectful boyfriend


Originally posted by jacbm

☞ This cute little savage would be all about teasing you

☞ He of course would mean it lovingly but he might playfully make fun of you for something and you two would play a small roasting game of who’s the bigger savage

☞ He would be a little over exaggerated sometimes. If he was worried that hot guy at your workplace was trying to get with you, he’d come over during your lunch break with an expensive bouquet of flowers, a box of your favorite candy, and offer to take you out for an expensive lunch

☞ He would be possessive at times, getting worried that you wanted to leave him because he thought you were too good for him. If he thought a guy liked you, even if they were a close friend, he would be VERY obvious about showing his jealousy. He would get really clingy and start talking about how much he loved being with you and what’s so amazing about you. He might even get so jealous that he would touch you very teasingly. Like he’d start massage your thigh with his hand, slowly creeping upwards, maybe brushing-oKAY THIS IS GETTING TOO DIRTY I APOLOGIZE. bASiCaLLy, just trying to get you excited so he could take you back home and clarify (more to himself then you) that you were his

☞ He would take you out on two kinds of dates: classy and casual. It all depends on what kind of a mood you both were in. Maybe you wanted to just wear a baggy t-shirt and some sweatpants and go to that sushi place close by. Or maybe you two wanted to be fancy and get dressed up to go to a nice restaurant

☞ As far as emotions go, he probably wouldn’t really open up to you about his emotions until he knew for sure that he was in a loving and safe relationship. He would have a lot he would want to tell you, it might even become a little too much at times. He’s pent up so much for so long, just waiting for the right person to come along and unlock the key to what’s really inside of him

☞ He would recognize how amazing it was that you listened to him so much about his feelings that he would be sure to be just as good of a listener. He would want to make sure that you knew you were loved, cared for, and not alone. Whatever you’d be going through, he would be there every single step of the way

☞ He might get a little bit insecure at times but he would make sure that you would know that that’s all him and not your fault at all. He would tell you he might get jealous because of his insecurities and he would hope you would understand. Overall he would be a teasing, loving, and passionate boyfriend


Originally posted by minhyuk1

☞ My turtle’s turn :,)

☞ Hyungwon would be the surprise romantic. He’s even more romantic than Wonho. (What do you expect from a guy who writes poetry)

☞ He would be really fluffy all the time, like REALLY fluffy. He might not take as much initiative to do PDA because he’s more reserved, but he would secretly pray that you would grab his hand and hold it while you two walked through the mall.

☞ He would find the most romantic and sentimental places for the two of you to go on dates. He would make things special just for you because of how much he adores you. He would give you your favorite flower at the beginning of each date, urging you to tuck it behind your ear so it could sit against your hair

☞ If he ever needed comfort he would instantly call or text you, asking you to come over. He loves feeling comforted by your warm hugs that you always give him, he would never want to let go of you. He could stay locked in your arms forever, the soothing feeling of your hands slowly massaging his back as you hugged him made him want to die in your arms.

☞ He would live for hugging, snuggling, and cuddling with you. If it could be a career to do that all day, he would gladly do so. The feeling of you wrapped around his back as you spooned him right before he fell asleep would be heavenly.

☞ Speaking of sleeping he would love sleeping with you too. (No not like that u pervs) He would love taking naps with you since you’re both bears at heart and would much rather sleep all day and stay in the warm comforts of your bed rather than getting up and doing things

☞ He would get jealous easily too. He wouldn’t be clingy like Ki would but if you two were hanging out with a friend and said friend was flirting with you, he would try and come up with an excuse to get the two of you out of there so he could spend some time with you alone. He wouldn’t try to make it obvious or anything because he wouldn’t want to embarrass you or anything like that

☞ He would of course be a living meme and use his normal quirkiness to make you laugh. And you’re quirkiness would make him crack up too. You two would just be ‘The Living Meme’ couple. Overall he would be romantic af, shy, and very loving


Originally posted by monbaobao

☞ My other savage over here

☞ This little bitch would be as sweet as apple pie to you. Didn’t matter where or when, he would just always be a little bundle of happiness and screams 

☞ It would probably be pretty embarrassing to go to an arcade with him. He would probably start screaming for no reason and make everyone think he was some weird ass guy. So you would have to make sure to steer clear of places that could make him competitive

☞ He would take you out on nice dates, similar to Shownu, they’d be simple but sweet. He would give you a red rose or even a bouquet a lot before or after your dates

☞ Very similar to Ki, he would get jealous. Like really jealous. If the threat to him was talking to you while he was there, you can bet that he would straight up walk up to you and make out with you. This guy has nothing to hold back, and he’s not about subtlety. He might even tell the guy some snarky comment like “You can go use your hand instead of trying to use my angel.”. He would DEFINITELY be teasing you hardcore in public. If you two were at a dinner with friends and he got a little bit jealous because your waiter was checking you out, he might slip his hand underneath the tablecloth where no one could see so he could trace his fingers up your thigh and he would dig straight into palming at your clothed-OKAY I CLEARLY FAILED AT TRYING TO NOT MAKE THIS SMUTTY…YOU GET THE IDEA

☞ He would be very open with you about his emotions and would probably want to hear more about what was up with you and why you might be feeling sad that day. He would gladly provide his shoulder for you to cry on if you needed it. He would pull you in close, hugging you to his chest as you sobbed lightly against his shirt. He would tenderly rub your back as you cried and stroke your hair, the touches making you feel a million times better

☞ I think it just goes without saying that he’d be all about that PDA yo. You two would be that couple that everyone has to tell to get a room like 24/7. He’d be all over you whether it be hugging, kissing, or holding hands, he would somehow find a way to make it so exaggerated that everyone would be disgusted by how cute and romantic and horny you two were. Overall he’d be a sweet, affectionate, and extra af boyfriend

Hotel Sex with Park Jimin

It’s finally happening. You finally get to go to KCON for the first time. Your heart starts racing as you think about seeing your bias, Jimin, up there on stage tomorrow, but soon your concentration is broken by the sound of some rowdy KPOP fans down the hall from you. You arrive at your room and unlock your door.
A couple of hours go by and the obnoxious sounds you heard earlier are gone. But while you’re getting undressed you notice another sound. Something as beautiful as it is familiar. You put your ear up to the wall in an attempt to hear it better. Is this a recording? It wasn’t a song you’d heard this voice sing before…
“Oh, God, could it be?” you wonder aloud. It couldn’t be him. Wouldn’t he be in a suite in some lavish hotel or something? The voice you knew to belong to Jimin continued. Pure honey. But of course, you’re too scared to see if you’re right so you just lay there and listen to him sing.
You wake to hear knocking at your door. “Who the heck could that be,” you mutter to yourself. You finally decide to roll out of bed and put your robe. You walk over to answer the door and freeze when you see who’s on the other side. It was Jimin. Practically naked, to be more specific. Disbelief begins to scramble your brain from seeing him in just a robe. ‘Don’t bite your lip…’
“Annyeonghaseyo!” He says with a smile. His lips look so much more soft and bitable in person and stars seem to have taken up permanent residency in his eyes. “Sorry to disturb you, but I don’t seem to have any towels and I was wondering if you had any I could borrow. I’d ask the front desk for some, but I didn’t want to bother them over something so small.” While waiting for your response, he looks you over and finally seems to notice you’re in just a robe. A blush quickly washes over his face. ‘How cute, he’s bashful,’ you think to yourself with a smile.
“It’s no problem. Come in.” You and your dirty mind have been racing since you first saw him and now he’s half naked in your hotel room! You search for towels facing away from him as to try and desperately hide your bright red face. You could swear you heard him giggle at you.
“I know I have some left. How about you just shower here and I’ll go ahead and find a towel for you?” Your attempts to come across as cool and genuinely helpful are failing miserably and he’s caught on. Your voice only betrays you in your embarrassment. “O-or, you know, I could just drop some off at your room…”
Never, in a million years, could you have been prepared for this.
“I’m sorry, I don’t think got your name. I’m Jimin,” he says as a coy smile spreads across his face.
“I’m (Your name),”
“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” So smooth. “It’s nice to meet you,” he walks closer to you, so close that if you reach out you’d be able to touch him. “I’ll just shower here then.” Some part you just died, you are certain of that much.
“O-okay,” you stammer. Boy, if he couldn’t see your beet-red face before there was definitely no hiding it now. In your mind, the joke is on him though, because you have no intention of finding him a towel. ‘I wanna see the water drip from his hair n trickle down his skin…’ More dirty thoughts, more blushing.
Jimin disrobes in the doorway of the bathroom. 'Holy shnikies! Don’t look, don’t look!’ But let’s face it you can’t not look. “Perfect ass, too?” Of course. Because the situation isn’t painful enough already. You let out a small whimper. While he’s showering you call in to him, “Sorry, but the bathroom door doesn’t latch, I hope that doesn’t bother you.” Reality is, it works just fine, but before he went in you managed to slip an old folded up receipt in the latch so the door wouldn’t be able to close. Setting this up this far, you start feeling pretty confident about the situation and creep up to the bathroom to steal his robe.
After a while the shower turns off and you hear the shower rings scrape against the rod. You start getting nervous and your heart is about to leap out of your chest.
He doesn’t even bother looking for his robe or the towel you said you’d find.
'Oh, God. That body…,’ you find yourself thinking. Completely naked and drenched he makes his way over to you as steam rolls off his perfect skin. Broad shoulders, fit chest, strong arms, honey thighs and chocolate abs. Nothing escapes your notice. You find it impossible to contain yourself and end up biting your lip and throbbing from being so uncontrollably turned on…
Surely you’ve died and gone to heaven. Yeah, that must be it. Or, at least, you’re lost in an extremely vivid dream. His body is glistening in the dim light cast from your lamp. Embarrassed at yourself for staring this long you look up and, to your extreme mortification, find him staring back at you, grinning smugly. Jimin stops in front of you.
“'Perfect ass’, huh?”
'Oh shit! I said that out loud?!’
He just laughs and says, “You know, you make it very hard to be good.”
You can’t. You just can’t. Heck, you can’t even say anything. All you can do is look up at him, flustered and confused.
Taking advantage of your flustered state he grabs your hand and slides it up his thigh, around his hip and holds it on his ass. His skin is so soft over his hard muscles. The feeling of your hand trailing over his skin causes him to lick his lip and bite it.
“How can I be good when you keep misbehaving?”
“Wh-what do you mean,” you stammer. The fact you got that much out was nothing short of a miracle.
His grin widens. “Where’s my robe, or towel, (y/n)-ah? By the way, you left this in the door.”
'Ah, fuck it. That smug.., gorgeous.., naked..,’ your thoughts trail off. 'Just own it, (y/n). That’s all I can do now.’
Despite your sort of self-“pep talk”, the reality of the situation overwhelms you, making you dizzy. He helps you over to the bed and lays you down.
“Careful now. We can’t have you–”
The only things that had been keeping your robe closed were your hands. In the midst of bracing yourself against him and laying down on the bed, you had let go and your robe no longer covered your body.
He sits next to you slowly, staring the whole time. His eyes, hungry, take in every inch of your exposed skin. Your body betrays you as you recover; your breathing quickens your heart pounds, and your blood begins to boil beneath your skin.
Jimin traces up your neck to your earlobe with his soft, warm lips and whispers, “Are you feeling better?” His hot breath dances across your skin, sending shivers down your spine.
You open your mouth to answer, but no words would come out. “Yes,” is all you can mouth in response. He’s clearly got you where he wants you, because he flashes you a devilish grin. His hand weightlessly glides across your stomach, feeling every tremble, and grips your waist before he bites up your neck.
“Good. Now I have to punish you for being bad and making me worry.”
'Oh God… What’s going on? Am I even awake right now?’ Your mind races again, but he’s got you so turned on you can barely think. His lips linger near yours. 'Come on…,’ your thoughts beg. As if reading your mind, he kisses you softly and bites your lip.
Jimin’s hair is still wet and cold water keeps dripping down onto your chest. This only adds to the pleasure and the agony. You run your hand up his back to his hair, and tug gently causing him to bite his lip and straddle you.
“There you go making it hard to behave myself again. Close your eyes.” You obediently do so only to feel him kiss and lick up your stomach, between your breasts and bite your neck. Sighs escape your lips. He kisses back down your chest slowly. Slipping his hand up to one breast, he runs his thumb over your nipple, and swirls his tongue around the other.
You bite your lip and let out a moan. Breath quickens. Eyes stay closed. Yet somehow with him teasing you and your mind being scrambled, you swear you can feel him staring at you, feeding off your pleasure. And then you feel him get off of you. You know Jimin told you to close your eyes… But you wanna look at him so badly. What to do?
Nothing. You decide to be good and lay there, vulnerable to his body and desires. It was then that you felt his hands, gentle at first, grip onto your knees and lips on your leg, kissing and biting hungrily up your thighs. You gasp and shiver each time as he gets closer… 'What’s he going to do when gets there? Can I handle it?’ But your mind is so destroyed from this agonizing euphoria that you can’t even begin to think about it.
You can’t take it anymore. His lips are so incredibly soft and gentle you just have to look, so you peek down at him leaving a hickey on your thigh. All of a sudden he catches you and runs his tongue over your clit and sucks on it. His tongue is so wet and warm you lose it, quivering each time he flicks you with it. Jimin climbs up between your legs, hikes them up around his waist, and starts grinding hard into you and saying you were “being a bad girl” again. You slide your hands up his back, lean up, and bite his neck making him moan in your ear.
There’s no mistaking it now. Jimin is hard. As his hips ground into yours, he’d been getting harder and harder and was now using his dick to rub against and further stimulate you.
'Enough of this teasing. I can’t take it anymore!’ you scream in your head. “Just fuck me already!”
“Aww is my (y/n) feeling impatient,” again flashing you that satisfied, devilish grin.
You find your hand sliding down his body slowly feeling each and every defined muscle, …oh the abs…, and eventually grabbing his dick.
“Mm it’s so big and hard…”
You can’t keep these thoughts to yourself anymore. With him in your hand you start teasing him by rubbing him against your soaked pussy, slipping in a little then pulling back out n rubbing him against yourself again. As you do this you kiss him intensely and bite his lip.
“Come on, (y/n), let me in… I’ve gotta have you. You’re so warm and wet…”
He’s so cute when he begs. You can’t help it. You know you want it, too. You slide him in and a pleased sigh escape your lips.
“Mm,” he moans, “you feel so good, Y/n.”
You begin to moan from the pleasure; from the way he fits perfectly, tightly, inside you. You’ve been craving this for what seemed like years now, but never imagined it would happen. Park Jimin. In your hotel room. On top of you. In you. Thrusting, over and over, slowly building in speed and roughness. Biting you, kissing you, and now pinning you down by your wrists. He tells you to open your eyes and look at him. Obviously, he didn’t have to tell you twice. If you’re going to die, you may as well die to the fullest extent, right? He seems to get off even more now knowing you’re watching him.
Jimin starts powerfully body rolling into his thrusts, making them even more powerful and enjoyable for you. You’re both moaning, but he decides he wants to make you louder and starts rubbing your clit with his fingers while thrusting faster. You get so loud you almost scream. He feels your legs and pussy tighten around him as you’re getting so close. He smiles and bites his lip.
He stops rubbing before you go over the edge. “Not yet, (y/n),” he smiles again, knowing he’s tormenting you. “Just relax.”
'Relax,’ he says. Yeah, okay. Not bloody likely. He starts moaning into your neck, exciting you even more. You take the fingers he used to rub you and start sucking on then.
'How much time has passed?’ you wonder. Both his moans and yours again have gotten louder and are now peppered with each other’s names and whispered curses. 'An hour? Two?’ You didn’t care. You never wanted this to end. He bites and sucks on your neck leaving hickey after hickey and soothing them with his tongue. You can feel his urgency and ever growing need. He kisses you then goes as fast and rough as he can, nearing his climax. He moans your name loudly and you resume rubbing your clit to intensify your orgasms, which, with loud moans, a scream of his name, and sighs of pure ecstasy, you manage to reach near the same time.
Jimin stays on top of you, in you. Riding out the orgasm with you. Nuzzling your breasts and nibbling on them. The sweat glistens on his body. You catch him staring at you, smiling.
“Nothing… I just love how good you look when I’m pleasuring you.” He bites your lip n kisses you. Too exhausted to go back to his room he curls up the sheets with you and holds your head to his chest.
“Hear that?” His heart still pounding. “This is what you’ve done to me.”

Kitten- Morgan Rielly

Originally posted by nugent-hopkinks

I love Mo and right now I’m definitely not in a good place so a happy Mo is helping! So enjoy guys!!!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Can you do a Morgan rielly one? I’m no picky it can be about anything I just love him and need more


              You were making dinner, waiting for Morgan to get home, your 60 lb yellow lab lying across your feet.

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BTS Reaction: Their gf nuzzling her face in their neck because she is cold.

Kim Namjoon: He would find is sexy. He might take it kind of sexually. Because of his dirty mind, you might have to move your face. He would definitely want you to give him a hickey even if it is in front of the other members. He would end up grab your butt or whispering dirty nothing into your ear.

Park Jimin: He would get flirty when you nuzzle your face in his neck. It would catch you off guard probably because he doesn’t act that way in front of the other members normally. He would kiss your neck softly and grab onto your waist. It doesn’t matter to him once your lips brush against his neck. No more shy mocha.

Jung Hoseok: He would find your action so adorable. He wouldn’t be able to get over how cute you look when you nuzzle your face against his neck. He wouldn’t make it completely sexually. He might have some dirty thoughts but he would just take pictures of how precious you look. He would show them to all the members and crew people onset of the music videos and variety shows.

Jeon Jungkook: He wouldn’t be the shy teenager he use to be. He would be the flirty man he is now. He would flirt and play with your hair. He might even give you neck kisses in front of the members. He would find what you do unbelievably adorable and would take advantage of that to kiss and touch you. He might whisper some things in your ear when the members aren’t around.  

Kim Taehyung: He would be all smiles. He wouldn’t be able to get enough. He would want you to do that 24/7 none stop. He would be a lot like Hoseok and take pictures of you but he wouldn’t show them to anyone because you are his. He might carry you around so you wouldn’t have to move face from his neck and he wouldn’t get tired of it. He might even have some dirty thought. Not too bad.

Min Yoongi: He would be flirty but not as much as Jungkook, Jimin, or Namjoon. He would only kiss you here and there sometimes. He wouldn’t want to show off how naughty he really is in front of the members. He seems like the one to not care if the boys see your two make out but he is. So when you nuzzle your face in his neck he is holding back a lot of dirty comments.

Kim Seokjin: He would be the only one that doesn’t have dirty thoughts. He would find just cute adorable precious and lovable. He would wrap his arms around your waist and just hold you. That would be his way of taking care of you onset of a music video, variety show, or at BigHit. He would just be happy to have you comfortably wherever he is. Whether its next to him or with your face nuzzled in his neck. 

For anon! I got this done before tonight and I hope you are very happy with it. ~Kisses<3~

Good Boy, Bad Boy? | Taehyung (m)

Prompt: Taehyung was always seen as the good boy, but you quickly realize that that is not quite the case.

Word Count: 7.4k

Genre: Smut

Warnings: This piece contains sexually explicit details. Read with discretion.

Disclaimer: An intoxicated person cannot give sexual consent. I have chosen to include a party scene that includes drinking but the characters portrayed are NOT drunk. I do not condone behavior that includes a person under the influence giving ‘consent.’ Also: always use condoms, kids.

A/N: This is literally 100% unedited because I’m posting this while I still have wifi at this café. I’M SORRY FOR ANY ERRORS IN GRAMMAR AND OR SPELLING.


Originally posted by myeong-su

Kim Taehyung was always seen as the good boy. You saw him that way, and frankly, so did everyone else. He had straight A’s, a kind demeanor, and a smile that could brighten anyone’s day. To everyone on the outside looking in, it was a mystery how he had ended up with the six other delinquents that he was always surrounded by.

However, things had drastically turned around in the span of one night, and as Kim Taehyung himself plowed into you from behind, whispering dirty little things into your ear, everything seemed to make more sense and things clicked into place.

Kim Taehyung was not the good boy that everyone had always thought.

So how exactly had you gotten yourself here?

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Bts Reaction | Finding Out You Write Fanfics About Them.

Request: hi hi im backkk *evil laughter* i would like to request a bts reaction to finding out you wrote fanfics about them!

I totally don’t worry about this on a constant basis. I would be so embarrassed omg.

Warning: Smutty references



Originally posted by gotjimin

He would stumble across a fic you wrote about him back before you knew him (or the other members) while looking for a new book to read. 

At first, he didn’t realise it, that was until he saw his name, to which he slammed the book shut and looked at the title. It read Spring Day by Y/n. He looked around before reopening it and continued reading a little further, he ended up reading it in one shot, before quickly placing it back up on your bookshelf, like he never touched it. 

When you finally came home he would try to act normal but you could tell something was off, he kept glancing over at you nervously. You finally brought it up to him and he told you he was fine and that it had been a long day is all. 

After dinner he went to take a shower, you sat down on the sofa only to notice your bookmark on the sofa, the bookmark that was in your fanfic that you had written about Jin. 

Panic would set in as you realised that is why he was acting weird is he found what you had written. He probably thought you were a crazy fan now, you went into your shared room and place the bookmark back in the book right as he walked out, his eyes opened wide when he saw you placing the bookmark back into the book. 

“Yah! Y/n I am sorry I thought it was just a random book I didn’t realise it was something personal!” he would frown worried that you would be angry and you couldn’t help but laugh. 

You told him you thought he would think you were a crazy fan. 

He smiled at your and kissed your forehead, and explained how he wasn’t angry or weirded out at all, but said he actually really enjoyed it and wanted you to write about him more often. 


Originally posted by remartins97

He knew his way around the internet, so you should’ve known better than to make it so obvious for him to find your website with your fics on it.

At first, he glanced over it thinking it was just a fan site that someone had created of the two of you, but he stopped and looked back at it closer, to see exactly what it said.

-Hi! I am Y/n and I write Bts Fanfics- 

He would chuckle and open it to find you hadn’t been active in a few years, even before the two of you had met a small music shop. 

He would start reading some of the ones about the other members and smiled at how good you could write, the stories were fluffy and cute and he liked them a lot, that as until he saw in bold the word SMUT. To which he smirked, he knew you were usually too shy to talk about that sort of thing with him so he was surprised to see that you wrote such dirty things.  

He opened it up to find a lot of the stories were about Namjoon and him. He clicked one about him and started to read it, his lip licked his bottom lip as it started to get into the details of the story. 

Just as he got to the good part you walked in quickly apologising for being late, he would jump and close down the screen and lock his computer and turn to you, with a composed look on his face. 

He would talk to you for a moment asking you about your day before he bit down on his lip and hummed “What do you think of people who write fanfics about me?” 

You eyes would open in panic for a moment before you reassured yourself there was no way he had found that old website, you hadn’t posted on it in so long you wouldn’t be surprised if the website had been deleted. 

You replied that you didn’t have a problem with it, to which he smirked sexily “well in that cases would you like to explain this then?” he said as he opened up his computer to show one of the stories you had written about him. 

You blushed cherry red and started to apologise over and over again to which he chuckled “i’m not mad, but I am really wanting to know how the sweet and shy y/n that I know can write out such dirty things online. You have been holding out on me baby girl” He would say as he inched closer to you and lick his bottom lip again. 

You would be embarrassed for weeks and begged and pleaded for him not to tell the other members about it. He promised not to say a word. (Ps, your bedroom life got very interesting from there on out haha)


Originally posted by rapmonabiased

He knew already. You admitted it to if not long after you started dating that at one point you had written fanfics about him and his fellow members. 

He had always wanted to read them but every time he would bring it up you would blush and tell him no.

One day he was going through some old boxes in your bedroom and stumbled across a huge binder filled with paper, he opened it thinking maybe it as your old school work only to see a photo of all the member. He smirked and looked around making sure you were still in the other room and opened it and started to read one of your angst filled stories about him. 

He gasped at how well your writing was and smiled wide at the fluff that followed. You walked in to see him reading it and stood there watching him as he engaged so heavily into your stories. 

That was until he came across one that was dirtier than the rest, he groaned quietly as he read it, you blushed and finally spoke up, his eyes slowly looking up to face yours, his eye was dark and hooded until he suddenly he snapped back into reality.

“Ay! I am sorry y/n I didn’t mean to find it!” he would hand it to you and practically run out of the room from embarrassment. You smirked as you looked down to see the part he was reading, a dirty story about him and you. 

You chuckled and closed it and went to go comfort him to find him on the sofa, you sat on his lap and kissed him sweetly apologising to him for not showing him earlier, but that the reason was because of that story. 

He would grip your hips firmly before looking back up at you, his eyes filled with lust, his cheeks still slightly red from his embarrassment. “You won’t need to write out that sort of thing ever again sweetie” 


Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

He would find out through a crazy fan that wanted you both to break up. They would post on social media about your fics trying to expose and embarrass you. 

You would see and try to call him to explain before he saw it, but you were too late. He would seem a little upset at first asking why you were writing these things about him and the other members. 

Once you explained that it was back when they first debuted and you didn’t know them he would feel a little better about it, he would ask to come over to your place later to talk about it face to face. 

But, he read all of it, and as much as he wanted to be angry at you, the fluffy stories gave him serious feels, that was until he saw the one you wrote about him. It wasn’t like the rest of the members. It was dark, angsty and very very sexual. 

When he arrived at your home he closed the door and pinned you up against the wall “you like it when I call you daddy huh?” he would say as he smirked down at you.

You would blush bright red at the fact that he had seen the one fic you worried that he would see, you looked at your feet to embarrassed to reply.

He wasn’t having it, he would put his finger under your chin and make you stare him in the eyes, his eyes dark and lustful. 

You would stammer over your words and he would smirk knowing your answer, kissing your lips hard and roughly until you finally pushed him away and asked if he was angry.

“I am furious, but that doesn’t matter right now, I think my baby girl needs to be punished.”


Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou

He would ask to borrow your computer to email his manager about some choreography he has been working on since his computer was broken. 

You protested at first because you knew your fics were on it but finally caved when he gave his signature pouty face.

He got to work emailing his manager as you jumped in the shower. He went through your files to look for the one he had saved, making sure it was saved properly before he got off your computer when he saw a folder labelled fics.

Of corse being the curious boy that he is he opened it to find a folder of each of his fellow members, including him. His eyes went wide as he looked at the bathroom door before opening a file about him, reading the fluffy content that was inside.

When you came out you saw him staring intently at the screen, a smile spread across his face, he didn’t even notice you had walked back into the room until you cleared your throat.

He would jump and look up at you. “YOU WRITE FICS ABOUT US!” he would blurt out before placing your computer to the side and jumping up to hug you and kiss your cheek.

He would gush over how good your writing was and say how cute it was and how he wanted to be like the Jimin you wrote about. 

You explained to him that they were really old and that you preferred the Jimin you were in love with now over that Jimin to which he would blush and kiss your lips sweetly and pick you up and snuggle you into his chest.

“I love you y/n”


Originally posted by helendrv

He would ask you randomly about it. 

“How do you think people write me in fanfics?” 

You would be caught off guard because you hadn’t told him you used to write fanfics about him before you met him in person. 

You would shrug and told him that they probably wrote him as cute a bubbly Taehyung. 

He would lay down on the sofa and look at you as you walked over, ruffling his hair before his face went serious. “Do you think they write dirty things about me”

You replied out loud that you did before you covered your mouth realising you said it out loud instead of thinking it.

He smirked and looked up at you “what did you say?”

you rolled your eyes and tried to shake it off but he wasn’t having it, he protested until you told him that you used to write about him and the other members.

He would ask to see them and you showed him all the stories, even the dirty ones. He would get turned on when he got to his dirty story and you would end up moving things into the bedroom soon afterwards. 


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

You were at home watching a live interview that your boyfriend, Jungkook and the rest of Bts where on. When the Mc asked Jungkook how he felt about how his girlfriend wrote fanfics about him and his members.

His eyes would fill with shock, giving off his signature Jungshook meme look before composing himself and replying that you didn’t write such silly things.

You face palmed, you knew you should have deleted that blog you used to write Bts fanfics on. You never imagined that first you would be dating Jungkook and second that it would ever be found by any of the members ever. 

The Mc chuckled and handed him a paper with what you assumed was one of the fics you had written on it. The members crowded around and all started to snicker as they started reading, more so at Jungkooks face then at the story itself. 

His ears turned bright red the embarrassment written all over his face. 

Namjoon would speak up and move passed the situation quickly before Jungkook could reply.

He didn’t speak much after that and just nodded and would glance daggers at the camera, he knew you were watching and you knew well that those were meant for you and no one else. 

After the broadcast ended your phone began to ring, you picked it up and apologise over and over again. 

“So you really do write that stuff about me….” before you could explain he said he wanted to speak with you in person and more privately. 

He would meet at your house the next day and you both would talk about it, he would be calmer and collected about it. He asked you to take the blog down and he said he did read the story and he said you were a good writer but she didn’t want anyone else to see those stories.

He secretly loved them but he didn’t want either of you to get any more media backlash about it so he had saved them privately to his computer and once and while would pull them up and read them from time to time in private. 



It’s a Long Flight

Harry and Y/N really know how to join the mile high club, don’t they?

You would think having a private plane wouldn’t be so boring, but with Harry falling asleep only 45 minutes into the 5-hour flight things aren’t exactly wild. Y/N has spent the last two hours attempting to read, play candy crush, and even watch a movie but her eyes keep going back to Harry. His shirt is undone all the way down with the exception of two meaningless buttons, his hair is wild from the beanie he was wearing earlier, and finally, his tight jeans that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

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anyasdimitry  asked:


title taken from the tree ring’s brushbloom glow. anyway, here’s a story of how dmitry came to (sort of) enjoy pooka’s company.

the faces of these people grow more dear to me.

Dmitry met his arch nemesis in the late summer days of July, when Anya wandered in through the door of their apartment in the Latin Quarter with a four legged friend following in tow.

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First Kiss Pt. 2


Ethan, bless his heart, was always so nervous around new people. So of course the pattern continued when you showed up with Amy one day, coffee in hand and a laugh on your lips.
“Hey everybody, this is my friend Y/N. I hope you don’t mind him hanging around.” You smile nervously and wave at the group of familiar faces. Since knowing Amy, you’d taken an interest in her boyfriend, Mark, and all of his friends. That includes a cute blue haired boy that was blushing almost as much as you were. You duck your head bashfully and hide behind Amy to avoid the gaze of everyone.
“Aww, he’s shy! How adorable.” Mark’s deep voice taunts from across the room and you can’t help but giggle and throw him a playfully dirty look.
“Maaaark, be nice to the new guy.” Ethan piped up from beside Mark, giving you a kind smile.
“I’m always kind to the new guy!” Mark yelled defensively.
“Oh bullshit! You were awful to me!” Mark gaped at Ethan, a hand over his heart.
“How dare you insinuate that I was anything but the utmost gentleman to you?”
“Alright alright, that’s enough bickering for now. I brought food.” Amy holds up a large Chinese takeout bag and everyone cheers.
“I like her Mark. Keep this one around.”
“Oh shut up Kathryn!” Amy shoves her playfully as she walks into the kitchen, the gang in pursuit. You catch up to Ethan and take his arm gently.
“Hey. Ethan, right?” Ethan turned to you and smiled nervously.
“Yep, that’s me. The old Etharoo.” You laugh a little before realizing you’re still holding his arm. You let go quickly, blushing.
“I uh just wanted to say thank you for sticking up for me earlier. I wasn’t upset or offended by Mark or anything but I still really appreciate that.” Now Ethan was the one blushing.
“Oh um that’s no problem. Tyler stuck up for me when I was the new kid so I figured I should do the same for you.”
“Well thanks. I appreciate it a lot.” You look up at Ethan, craning your neck slightly. Even though he was considered short for a male, you were shorter and had to look up to meet his gaze. Biting his lip, Ethan took your hand and squeezed it. Your breath caught in your throat as you noticed how close the two of you were. Neither of you giving it much thought, you met the blue boy in the middle for a shy kiss, just a quick brush of the lips. When you pulled away you heard cheering from the other room.
“I called it bitches!” Mark’s deep voice rumbled. “You owe me ten bucks Tyler!” Tyler groaned as you hid your face in your hands.
“Thanks guys! You owe me lunch for the bet I just lost.” Ethan laughed and you hid in his shoulder. So much for going easy on the new guy.

Stealing/Wearing KNK’s clothes

these are the things i ponder about in english whoops

i actually wrote these in my agenda but yeah hope you tinkerbells enjoy :)


  • prob doesn’t even realize that you’re wearing his shirt at first
  • “hey, where’d you get that shirt?”
  • “your closet”
  • “oh ok” then he’d just go back doing what he was doing before
  • would then backtrack back to you
  • “waIT so that’s mY shirt??”
  • “yeah do you want me to put it back?”
  • “nO you can keep it, you look cute in it anyway…”
  • prob kinda has this cute blushy face like this : -//3//-
  • unintentionally gives you his entire wardrobe 


  • ok let’s be real, his shirt is gonna be hella long on you cuz he’s a freaking giant even compared to me and im like 5′7″ /171cm
  • you’d prob be walking around in just his shirt and it looks like a dress
  • would get all blushy when he sees you wearing his shirt cuz he’s just a baby and his heart wouldn’t be able to take it
  • him hiding his hella red face in his hands but peeking through his fingers because he still wants to see
  • you’ll be the end of him cuz he’s gonna think it’s absolutely ADORABLE
  • it’s simply too much for his innocent heart
  • “Seungjun i see you staring at me”
  • “no you don’t” he’s just a child plz protect him
  • would def take a picture, frame it and put it with other framed pictures on his shelf cuz those pictures are of his loved ones (i.e his little bro and the other members)


  • the one putting his clothes in your closet so you wear them
  • might take your clothes so you can only wear his
  • when he sees in his clothes, he’ll run up to you, engulf you in a bear hug and smother your faces with kisses cuz you look cute af
  • “Inseong, as much as i love wearing your clothes, i can’t wear the coat you wore for performances to work”
  • “why not??”
  • “it’s dragging on the floor, people will step on it and it’ll get dirty. How about i tuck one of your dress shirts into my pants ok?”
  • “dEAL YES take my clothes take them all!!1!”


  • probably doesn’t notice at first like youjin
  • but when he does, he’s gonna be really casual about it
  • “hey is that my shirt”
  • “yeah”
  • “oh ok”
  • would actually really enjoy it but he wouldn’t let it show
  • would def sneak a picture and set it as his homescreen but doesn’t tell you
  • you would later hear about it from like Inseong
  • “you know that he looks at that picture before he performs?”
  • “what picture?”
  • “the one of you in his flannel” does jihun even wear flannel idk i just think he’d look cute in flannel
  • “when did he get a picture of that??”
  • you’d go to confront him and he’d get all blushy like his boyfriend seungjun


  • he could be a bit irritated at first because i feel like he doesn’t like it when people take his stuff especially without his permission
  • but he’d get used to it since you’d be wearing a real “boyfriend look”
  • would def share accessories tho like you need a hat? necklace? bracelet? he’s got you
  • couple hats ftw
  • would tell you how to style your outfit with his clothes cuz he’s a fashionista
  • there’s gonna be a lot of “who wore it better”
  • EVENTUALLY really likes you wearing his clothes cuz you look hella cute
  • would take a picture of you together in a really trendy looking couple outfit and then set it as his lockscreen
  • “where do you think you’re going”
  • “going to school/work”
  • “not in that outfit”
  • “why not”
  • “tuck the front it and here’s a hat”

i tried to keep them all the same length but some are a bit longer than others :’( 

Hope you enjoyed cuz this is my first time doing something like this!

Friends with Benefits | Seungri x You

About: Seungri & You.
Cameos: Taeyang.
Point of View: You, the reader.
Rated: M for extremely crude mindless and rough smut. Be warned.

Summary: You and Seungri had a friendship dipped in gold. You have been the best of friends your whole lives, but… There was something that made your friendship unlike most. It may have been the fact that it came with benefits.

Note: I just kinda went with this one, lol. I tried to explain things without getting into too much detail, seeing as this is just a one-shot (idk though, for some reason I like this relationship?? I might do more one-shots with this specific relationship. If I do it’ll be part of the FWB plot henceforth) but there were important things I wanted to make sure were known. Be warned though, there is EXTREME mindless sex in this, lol. There is some sort of a storyline, but it’s mostly straight up smut, not gonna lie. I really hope this makes sense to others as it does to me, haha.

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NCT U/127 Reaction to: Dating a Noona

Taeil: is quite and discreet about it. he doesn’t want everyone to see the relationship like “oooh, sweet, he’s dating an older chick” so he keeps it on the dl. his family and friends know but he’s careful about the media finding out and hounding you. he treats you well and has a great deal of respect for you

Originally posted by byunmoons

Taeyong: he’ll often go to you for help, since he sees you as more mature and experienced than himself. so if he’s having difficulty with a certain dance or if he doesn’t know how to deal with the hatred towards him, he’ll ask you for help. still tries to do the old school boyfriend thing of giving you his jacket if you’re cold and paying for your food

Originally posted by 10795

Yuta: will probably make stupid jokes like “I seen a documentary on t.v about a war in the 1500’s the other day. what was it like living through that?” or “noona! is that a grey hair?” but is actually the sweetest and uses his humour to cover up insecurities over the age difference. even if you’re only a year older, he’ll worry that he’s not worldly or experienced enough for you

Originally posted by y-ta

Doyoung: this precious rabbit boy gets so bashful and shy whenever the boys joke about it. “guys, stop it. she’s still my girlfriend. what does age matter?” and someone (jaehyun) throws out a pervy joke like “is it true that older girls have more … experience? :^) ” and he’s gone & died of embarrassment. r.i.p doyoung

Originally posted by sweetlyoriginalthing

Ten: can’t believe his luck. I’m torn between thinking he’s an innocent angel or a pervy devil so I think he’s a bit of both? like, he’s overjoyed that you’re with him and he doesn’t care about the age difference. he’ll still treat you like he would any girl. but if one of the others makes a dirty comment he’s grinning and looking proud af. but he wouldn’t reveal anything personal, except maybe to bff doyoung

Originally posted by taeyongitslow

Jaehyun: giggles like a schoolgirl if anything remotely intimate happens, even if you’re just kissing his cheek. he’s watched too many 18+ movies to not have dirty thoughts. he’s still a caring boyfriend though, always looking out for you, even if you don’t need looking out for. lbr though he’s going to brag to all the boys about anything you two do, whether it’s going on a cute date or fulfilling his 18+ fantasies

Originally posted by jinhwansdoft

Winwin: sometimes the other boys’ comments go over his head due to language barriers. so he’s blinking at their grinning faces, not knowing what they’ve said. and he thinks it’s something about how cute of a couple you are. but he’s not sure so he just nods along

Originally posted by bubbleflexe

Mark: is pretty mature for his age. so he gets defensive if the other guys push it too far. “hey, she’s my girlfriend, despite her age. it’s not right to say stuff like that, you know?” he doesn’t like that people assume things or call you names for dating a younger guy. so while he’s not ashamed of the relationship and is open about it if anyone asks, he doesn’t exactly thrust it in everyone’s face either.

he respects that you have more life experience than him so he asks you for your advice but will do it cutely. like, he’ll show up with food and ask for help then kiss your cheek in thanks before leaving

Originally posted by duwbu

Haechan: he’s a jokester, through and through. but he’s not as dirty minded as some of his hyungs. so he gets embarrassed and annoyed whenever they say weird things. and he’ll sass them until they learn not to do that anymore.

he tries to act more grown up than he really is. but the second you go to hold his hand, he’s blushing and giggling and acting his age. the relationship is sweet and innocent and full of laughter

Originally posted by zeusmayo

Supernatural season 11 gag reel highlights

Here comes the last gag reel look-over as observed from under my shiny hat. This is going to be a long post… this flick is just stuffed with coupley cuteness. Let’s get started.

Originally posted by nothingidputbeforeyou

Ah, the dirty jokes! Jensen is trying to be grumpy in the last gif, but his poker face fails. Well, it’s true, isn’t it? Surely he’s good at it, too.

Originally posted by acklescackless

(psst, it’s about Jared’s hair. How I wish it was the other secret ;) )

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

That smolder impresses me, too.

Padabooty time! I wonder if that’s Jensen in the background, totally oblivious of his boy’s silliness?

This is definitely my favourite moment from the gag reel, even if it’s not as shippy as some of the others. Jared’s face beams with absolute glee and Jensen just goes along with the joke. This is all too cute.

Jensen messes up a line and goes into heart-eyes mode. Seeing Jared crack up can do that to a person.

“You’ve seen Lady and the Tramp” says Jensen, while Jared is prepared to demonstrate. For the record, I haven’t seen Lady and the Tramp, so do go on and let me see what you’re talking about. ;) 

Okay, be prepared for the final push. Here comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for - complete with slow-motion milking.

(something about mosquitos that I didn’t quite catch)

How f*cking reverent Jensen looks here. Those are not just heart eyes, they’re eyes filled to the brim with love, adoration and arousal.

This here is the perfect ending to our story, don’t you think?

See the gag reel here! I hope you enjoyed my series and had a good time this holiday season. 💝