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headcanon that eddie steals all of richie's big hoodies and the losers club starts to notice.. <3

• the first time Eddie wears one of Richie’s sweatshirts it isn’t because he stole it. They were all hanging out and it got colder than Eddie had expected and the nerd didn’t even bring a jacket. He didn’t want to say anything but Richie noticed his shivering so he took of his sweatshirt and shoved it into his chest

• Richie is basically a human heater so he doesn’t miss the sweatshirt and he loves how cute Eddie looks with the sleeves rolled up

• Eddie loves the warmth and how it smells like Richie

• cue Eddie stealing Richie’s sweaters constantly. Every time he goes home from a sleepover he has a new one to add to his collection, they’re practically a staple of his wardrobe now

• at first some of the losers think he’s just buying sweatshirts that are way too big for him but then more questions start to arise

• Bill is pretty sure that he’s seen Richie wear that one before and he feels a bit hurt because he remembered the one time he tried to borrow it Richie refused because he said it was his favorite, but when Bill sees the look that Richie has when Eddie shows up to school in it he forgives the heart-eyed trashmouth

• Ben didn’t really think that Eddie was a huge AC/DC fan and when he asked Eddie about the sweatshirt with the bands logo on it in the library while they studied with the other losers his embarrassed face confirmed his suspicions. “I like some of their songs.” He mumbled with red cheeks. It wasn’t a lie, he loved the ones that Richie put on the mixtapes he made for him.

• One day Eddie did wear a sweatshirt that looked more like his size but Stan knew better. He recognized the sweatshirt as one that Richie had worn one fall almost every day when they were younger before Richie had hit his growth spurt

• “Is that Richie’s sweatshirt?” Mike was a lot more blunt about it. He had asked while they were waiting for the others to grab snacks as they found seats in the theater. Eddie blushed and nodded as they sat down, saving the last seat in the row for Richie.

• Beverly had found the full drawer of Richie’s sweatshirts in Eddie’s dresser during a group study session. “Richie do you even have any sweatshirts left at your house?” Richie didn’t even look up from his comic book to comment. “Why would I need to, I get dressed here most of the time.” Eddies face was the reddest it had ever been.

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for the headcanons,,, maybe the losers + walking in on reddie? like little snapshots of them kissing, cuddling, asleep in each other's arms, etc? <3

(losers are about 17-18 in this okay okay)

let me tell you which couple is absolutely terrible at being discreet………reddie. they just don’t understand how you can be together?? and not be touchy always??????? baffling

so of course the rest of the losers often found them in cute positions or ones that required holy water eye drops but anyway

(warnings for drug mention, and some relatively slight sexual themes)

+the first time the losers saw them being outright cuddly with each other was at a sleepover at bill’s. richie and eddie were the last ones awake, sitting on the couch together and watching movies. eddie probably would have been asleep but richie kept talking and making him laugh so they stayed up together, and eventually both fell asleep on the couch

+ben woke up first and rushed to wake up everyone except reddie because OHMYGOD GUYS LOOK HOW CUTE and the entire losers club giggled at how richie and eddie were tangled together on the couch, richie’s mouth open and leaving a tiny puddle of drool on eddie’s chest (that he would definitely never hear the end of)

+they all took bets on when they’d end up together

+once they actually did get together, richie and eddie thought they were being sneaky most of the time but they never were

+the windows on richie’s truck used to get steamy for one reason: hot boxing. bev found out the other reason when she thought she’d join her friend and found out he 1. was not smoking and 2. was not alone

+”richie you didn’t tell me we were smoking tod- OH MY GOD uh hi eddie i’m just gonna go away now bye guys have fun”

+we all know the losers were always either in the theater or at bill’s watching movies okay. they’re in the theater one day and mike sits next to eddie, with rich on eddie’s other side. about halfway through the movie, he feels a hand bump his shoulder. it’s richie’s, and eddie is leaned into richie’s side, his legs swung into the taller boy’s lap, and richie is giving him a shy and apologetic look for bumping him as he swung his arm around eddie. and mike just beams at him because his friends!!! are so precious and happy!!!! wow

+bill just,,,,,, needed to borrow eddie’s history notes,,,,, and instead…. he was the first to find out that richie often spent the night at eddie’s. he walked in and said hi to Mrs. Kaspbrak and went upstairs and let himself into eddie’s room

+and there was eddie, fast asleep, hair tousled

+bill didn’t even notice that there were clothes on the floor (eddie would never leave clothes on his floor) (especially not a metallica tshirt and worn out jeans that really should’ve been thrown away a year ago) or that eddie by himself would not make such a big lump in the covers

+until he heard the trashmouth himself say “wassup big bill, come to join the party?” and bill jumped from digging in eddie’s backpack so fast that he hit his head on the nightstand and saw stars

+the commotion was loud enough to wake eddie up, who looked at bill and blushed

+bill grabbed the notes he’d come for and, upon noticing that both of his friends definitely didn’t have shirts on and deciding he didn’t want to know anything else about the situation, blushed and stammered and practically flew out of the room

+stan was going bird watching by himself because he wanted some peace and quiet. he decided to go in the evening so maybe he could even catch the beginnings of some owl activity. he biked down to the quarry, ready to sit at the edge of the water until dark.

+but richie and eddie were already at the water’s edge, on a tattered old blanket that stan personally would have never touched. eddie was laying against richie’s side, and richie was hugging him close and kissing him on the top of the head and stan could hear him talking but couldn’t make out the words. 

+as the two leaned their faces toward each other and started to kiss, stan slowly backed up and left as quietly as he could, smirking to himself

(((aaaaand that’s all folks)))

reddie matching halloween costumes

  • the first year they go as salt and pepper. they’re 13 and they argue about who is the saltiest. it’s eddie.
  • the second year, they go as peanut butter and jelly. they’re 14 and richie has to battle his girlfriend at the time because she wants to match with him. not on my watch.
  • the third year they go as ketchup and mustard. they’re 15 and richie thought it would be really funny to squirt real ketchup at people whenever they interacted.
  • the fourth year they go as shaggy and scooby doo. they’re 16 and richie thinks it’s the funniest idea they’ve ever had and eddie likes it because richie was forced to be on all fours for the whole night.
  • the fifth year they’re an angel and a devil. they’re 17 and eddie is the angel, obviously. people constantly tell them they look like a couple and richie goes as red as his devil costume.
  • the sixth year richie finally convinces eddie to go as sandy so they could be sandy and danny. they’re 18 and have been dating for 3 months. eddie pretends he hates it when richie sings ‘you’re the one that i want’ to him in front of everyone.
  • the seventh year they go as ash ketchum and pikachu. they’re 19 and eddie hates how cute richie looks in his pikachu costume. they sneak off into the bathroom to make out and eddie constantly worries if it is some kind of furry situation.
  • the eighth year they go as mario and luigi. they’re 20 and eddie refuses to kiss richie all night. he says they’re brothers and he doesn’t want to ruin the illusion.
  • the ninth year they go as jessica rabbit and roger rabbit. they’re 21 and richie insisted on being jessica. he goes all out, shaves his legs, buys the perfect wig and bev does his makeup. eddie pretends he’s not turned on for the whole night.
  • the tenth year they go as blue and steve from blue’s clues. they’re 22 and when richie gets down on one knee and proposes, eddie can’t help but laugh through his tears as he says yes, because richie is dressed as a fictional blue dog and of course he chose now to do it.

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I need An angsty/fluffy mini fic/HC/fic JUST SOMETHING with reddie including the lines "why are you looking at me like that?" And "oh my god just shut up and kiss me already" bonus points if one of them is shoved against a wall THANKS

I love me some bonus points 

Richie had a problem, like a big one.

Him and the rest of the losers were gathered in study hall, books splayed out across the large round table they had claimed. All of the others were working on various subjects.

Bev was leaning back in her chair across from him lazily flipping through her Spanish textbook, smiling down at her phone and glancing at Richie occasionally. Stan had Headphones in and was working on an English essay. Ben and Mike, who they had snuck into the class, as they usually did during study hall, were helping Bill with a history Diorama.

Eddie and Richie were partnered together to do a social studies presentation. Something about climate or something. Richie didn’t really remember. He was to focused on his partner to even think about the project.

Really it had all been Bev’s fault. She had a weird fetish for getting under Richie’s skin, he swore it.

He had made the Drunken mistake of mentioning to Bev how cute Eddie looked when he nervously pinched his bottom lip.

He honestly didn’t even remember saying it but she definitely remembered it.

It had been a week and almost every time the three of them were together she would point out something quietly to Richie that he would, of course, find adorable because he found almost everything about Eddie adorable.

At first, it had only been a minor inconvenience. Like at bills when she pointed out how he brought his knees up to his chest whenever a part of the movie would scare him. or how when he waited at the bike racks for the others to get there he would stand holding the straps of his backpack. Or how his eyelashes fluttered slightly when he was confused.

It had gotten worse as the week went on. During English, she had reached towards Richie’s paper and wrote on the corner of his page.

Eddies Pen

Richie was confused… until he looked up and noticed Eddie. Who was sitting at his spot across Bev. He had the tip of his pen hanging between his lips. He would suck on it every once in a while absented mindedly.

Richie’s eyes widened as he craned his neck to look at her. She slammed her face down into her backpack to keep from laughing out loud.

Richie had thought that had been the worst one she would do, but she had blown that one out of the water during study hall.

Richie’s phone was sitting on the table between him and Eddie. Eddie saw the name flash and looked across the large table to Bev confused.
“why is Bev texting you?” he asked leaning forward to read what she had said. Richie didn’t know what the text said but knowing her, and he did. It was definitely not something Eddie should see. He threw his hand over the screen and slid it off the table. Bev held back a giggle as Eddie looked over at her even more confused than before.

Richie took that distraction to quickly read the text, he almost dropped his phone when he read it.

Molly: Have you ever noticed how Eddie’s shorts ride up when he sits?

Richie slowly lifted his head to stare at her. She had her hand covering her mouth as she “innocently” looked around the room. Richie and Eddie both stared at her, completely different expressions on their faces.

Richie couldn’t help it. He had to look. Without turning his head, he moved his eyes to look down to Eddie’s shorts, which as Bev had said, were even shorter than they normally were. Sitting high on his thighs.

Richie held his breath as his head slowly turned to fully stare down at Eddie’s thighs, his eyebrows lifting and mouth dropping open slightly. Bev must have caught the expression change because she let out a loud laugh, drawing the attention of all the boy around the table, minus Richie who was basically mesmerized.

“I think she’s broken,” Eddie said turning his head to look at Richie. His confusion doubled when he saw Richie’s face.

“Why are you looking at me like that.” Eddie, more stated than asked. Brow furrowing.

Richie’s cheeks flushed when as he looked up to meet Eddie’s eyes. He opened his mouth to say something when the loud class change bell rang. Richie jumped from his seat grabbing his bag and sprinting for the door. He heard a chair scrap behind him but ignored it. He was not down to explain Bev’s little “game” to Eddie right now.

He ran until he was outside of the school leaning against the brick gym wall, huffing for breath.

“RICHIE.” He heard Eddie call from around the corner, he sounded out of breath as well. Eddie turned the corner and they both stared, breathing hard.

“Sorry, Ed’s… I just really… felt like… going for a run.” Richie joked, “speaking of… running I should get back… to it.” He took a big breath and turned from Eddie. He had just moved his left leg when he felt Eddie’s arm reach out and roughly grab his shoulder. Richie was pulled back by the shoulder and shoved until his back hit the brick wall.

Still holding onto his shoulder Eddie stepped in front of Richie, he leaned his hand onto the brink on the other side of Richie’s arm. Completely blocking anyways for Richie to run again. His breath coming out hard onto Richie’s neck.

“What the hell was that!” Eddie exclaimed. Looking up at Richie confused. Richie thought back to what Bev had said about his Eyelashes. And she was right. And Richie thought it was the cutest thing. He couldn’t help it. Bev had created a monster. He watched as Eddie’s lashes fluttered. Leaving his question without an answer.

“you’re doing it again,” Eddie said in a low voice. Richie, looked at him for real this time and noticed how close Eddie had moved to him. “did you seriously think I wouldn’t notice you staring?” Eddie questioned voice even quieter than before. He didn’t give Richie the chance to answer this time as he raised himself up on his toes and pressed his lips to Richie’s.

Richie had no clue how to respond to this new development so he just stood there like an idiot. As soon as Eddie broke the kiss Richie’s mouth started at a mile a minute.

“ImsosorryBevmadethisstupidgameandshekeeptellingmeaboutallthecutethingsyoudidbuteverythingyoudoiscutesothenshestartedsayingthesexythingsyoudidand- “

“Richie, would you shut up and kiss me, you complete idiot,” Eddie interjected grabbing the front of Richie’s shirt and pulling him down to meet his mouth this time. And this time Richie kissed him back, he wrapped his arms around the smaller boy’s waist and turned them around so Eddie’s back was pressed against the wall.

That was how they had spent the rest of sixth period. Richie explaining all of the things Bev had noticed and Eddie blushing like crazy the whole time.

And that was where Bev and Ben found them at the end of the school day. Richie ran over to Bev and picked her up, twirling her around.

“Bev, that was the best games you’ve ever come up with.” He exclaimed. He put her down and leaned to her ear. “I think the next target should be Ben.” He whispered so only she could hear. Bev shoved him to the ground and blushed. Richie laughed as Ben and Eddie looked on confused.

“Good luck.” Eddie said patting Ben on the shoulder. “you’re going to need it.”

Sorry if it wasn’t angsty enough but I really liked the idea of Bev teasing Richie and I had to run with it. Hope you enjoyed.

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Ok I know everyone loves trans!richie but I think trans!eddie would be so adorable?? Because he’s so afraid that being so small and petite will give him away but his friends are so supportive and they reassure him all the time!! Can you please give me your headcanons on trans!eddie?


- so before he came out as trans eddie was always wearing pastel skirts and floral dresses because his mother wanted him to look exactly like her and he hated it

- “my gorgeous girl” was a personal favourite nickname of Mrs K’s

- richie always flirted with eddie when he was a girl and said he was the most beautiful girl in the world, and even though it made eddie’s stomach flutter he knew he didn’t like it

- eddie told bev first, and asked her if she could cut his hair for him (it was past his waist at this point)

- bev happily cut and styled eddie’s hair so it was now his signature parted look and he nearly cried because he actually felt pretty for the first time

- beverly also helped him throw away all of his girl clothes and make up and helped pick out new outfits for him, still liking some feminine colours and looks, including those adorable red shorts and his pink shirt

- eddie and bev walked to school the next day with eddie’s new look and literally NO ONE recognised him

- bill and stan both frowned when bev and eddie walked up to the table together and sat down, then stan recognised eddie’s eyes and he choked on his milk

- “you look amuh-muh-mazing, eds”

- “oh god, don’t start calling me that now i’ve changed my name”

- ben and mike started fawning over eddie and how he looked so cute and how the new clothes suited him so well

- ben was in awe of bev’s work on his hair and asked her to cut his from now on

- richie is the last one to see eddie and because he’s dim he doesn’t even recognise him

- “hey bev, who’s the new guy, he’s cute”

- “richie this is eddie, your best friend”

- richie’s eyes bulged out of his head and eddie panicked thinking he was gonna hate him now

- “holy shit, i thought you couldn’t get any hotter!”

- richie adored eddie even more because he could finally be his true self and eddie thanked every god for giving him these best friends


(I hope you don’t mind that I made this a Modern AU and I’ve put two prompt requests into one as two had the same request! No.8 )

Send me more prompts either here or here

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Eddie had no idea why he was so nervous. It was just Richie. His Richie, his best friend. Trashmouth. They’d hung out countless times before. However even Eddie knew that this wasn’t like any of the other times they’d hung out. For starters, none of their other friends were going to be there, it was just the two of them. Second they were going out for dinner to the new Pizza place that opened up and then they were going bowling, and third, it was a date.

Richie Tozier, his best friend since fucking pre-school, and the guy whom he’d had feelings for since he was at least fifteen had asked him out on a date…and it was not followed up by some rude joke about his mom.

He checked himself in the mirror again, making sure that everything was perfect, and he glanced at the clock on his bedside table. 6.55pm. In five minutes Richie would be knocking on his door to take him out. He was picking him up in his car that he’d spent all summer saving up for. Personally, Eddie thought it could use a good clean with extremely strong disinfectant but he didn’t say anything because the car had meant so much to Richie. It was something had he’d gotten all by himself, all because he worked hard for it.

He was broken out of his thoughts by the doorbell ringing and he reached into his pocket and pulled out his inhaler, taking a puff. Even though a few years ago he’d found out that he actually didn’t have asthma, having the inhaler there to use was a comfort to him. He was also very touched to find out from Bill that Richie keeps a spare inhaler in his bag, just in case Eddie loses his.

He heard his mother answer the door and a familiar voice float up the stairs, “Hi Mrs K! Looking stunning as usual, is that a new dress you’re wearing?” Eddie rolled his eyes as he heard his mother scoff and warn him to have Eddie home before midnight.

He took that as his cue to head down the stairs and when he saw Richie at the bottom, leaning against the wall with his trademark smirk, his glasses just falling down his nose slightly, Eddie swore he felt his heart stop. “Wow Eds, you brush up nice, hoping to get lucky?” He teased, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Instead of Eddie smacking Richie, or glaring at him like he usually would, he just blurted out, “Did you know that when hippopotamus’ are upset their sweat turns red?” Eddie could swear his face was bright red at this point. What was wrong with him? He cleared his throat, as Richie let out a very light laugh.

“Good to know Eds, you really are full of surprises aren’t you?” Richie fixed his glasses and opened the front door, “Ready?” Eddie just nodded and followed him out of the house and towards where he’d parked the car.

Eddie stopped short as he took in the vehicle in front of him, as it was spotless. Not a single ounce of dirt that Eddie had noticed before could be seen and he realised that Richie had cleaned the car out completely just so Eddie would feel comfortable sitting in it. This fact alone made him fall just that little but more in love with his best friend, not that he’d tell Richie that, not yet anyway. They had to get through this date first.

The ride to the restaurant wasn’t as awkward as Eddie thought it was going to be, they talked about school, and the football tryouts, and Ben and Beverley’s new found relationship. Hell they even talked about Stan and Bill who’d been together since the beginning of Sophomore year. Richie even made his fair share of ‘your mom,’ jokes that earned his glare from Eddie.

When Richie pulled up outside of the restaurant however, the nerves from before came back, setting in the pit of his stomach. What if he messed up? What if he said something and Richie realised it was all a big mistake asking him out? There was too much riding on this date, Eddies heart was literally on the line and it scared him a little.

“-arth to Eds?” Richie’s voice broke through his thoughts and he glanced up to find Richie mere inches from his face, prompting another blush to rise up his cheeks. “You’re such a cutie when you blush Eds,” he offered him his arm, “C’mon.”

“Did you know that in 2015 more people were killed from taking selfies than from shark attacks?” He blurted out and Richie blinked, looking perplexed for a moment before he grinned.

“Better not take any selfies then huh? Wouldn’t want to deprive the world of this awesomeness would I?” He winked and gestured to himself, pulling Eddie into the restaurant and they were led to their table.

And that was how the rest of the date went from there on in. Whenever Richie made a comment in regards to how Eddie looked, how cute he was or even mentioned one of the many nicknames he had for him, Eddie would blurt out another random fact.

“Did you know Heart Attacks are more likely to happen on a Monday?”

“Did you know bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun?”

‘Did you know that movie trailers were originally shown after the movie, which was why they are named trailers?”

Yeah, you get it.

Also not to mention he got pizza sauce all over his shirt, spilled a glass of water and tripped over his shoelaces when he went to use the bathroom. Richie was never going to want to come out with him again and they hadn’t even made it to the bowling yet.

Richie however, was taking it all in his stride. It had taken him to when Eddie started rambling about bananas to figure out that his best friend was nervous. Extremely so, and Richie thought it was the cutest thing ever. Damn, he had it bad. Once he’s paid the bill, much to Eddie’s protest - “I asked you out Eds, therefore I pay.” - they headed back out to the car. They stopped by the door and Eddie looked at his shoes again. “Ed-“

“Did you know that a baby-“ he was cut off by Richie’s finger on his lips, effectively shutting him up. He held back the urge to comment on how many germs would be on Richie’s finger that was now pressed against his lips as Richie looked as though he was going to start talking.

“You don’t have to be so nervous Eds,” he said simply, no joke behind his words as he removed his finger

Eddies mouth opened and closed a few times before he sighed, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Richie- it’s just I tend to spout out random facts when I’m nervous.” He pressed his back up against the car and looked down.

Richie frowned and reached a hand out to tilt Eddie’s face back up, so he was looking at him, “Don’t be sorry,” he said softly and Eddie couldn’t look away. Richie face was so close to his and all he desperately wanted to do was lean forward and close the distance between them, but he didn’t.

A comfortable silence stretched out between them before Richie spoke up again, voice much softer than Eddie had ever heard it before, “Forgive me if I’m misreading things-“ he stopped and Eddie’s eyes widened, opening his mouth to ask Richie to finish the sentence, when a smirk broke out on his face, and in pure Richie fashion he finished, “But do you want to make out?

Eddie’s jaw dropped as he registered Richie’s words and could barley manage a nod before a pair of chapped lips were covering his own. Now no mental preparation or discussion could ever have prepared him for the way Richie’s mouth felt on his, and he didn’t even think about how many germs would be in mouth, on his tongue that was-oh- that was running along his bottom lip, coaxing his lips apart so he could give Eddie a proper kiss. None of this closed mouth shit.

When the need for air was too prominent, they slowly pulled away, but instead of taking a step back, Richie pressed his forehead to Eddies. Eddie opened his eyes- when had he closed them?- and met Richie’s with a soft smile on his lips. They stood their in silence for a while longer, enjoying each others company before Richie spoke up again, “You’ll come with me to homecoming right?” He asked and Eddie’s stomach did flips because he knew that Richie hated all those school dance things, but Richie knew that Eddie loved them.

“Yeah,” he whispered, “Yes of course.”

“Wanna skip bowling and make out in the back of my car? Maybe if you ask nicely you’ll get to see how long my wang really is!” Richie suggested with a waggle of his eyebrows, earning him a smack to the arm from Eddie. “I’m kidding! I’m kidding!”

Eddie just rolled his eyes and got into the passenger seat, “If you beat me at bowling I might just let you kiss me goodnight Tozier.”

“Oh it’s on.”

basically just on this earth rn to gif every single adorable buster moon moment in sing

reddie hc: eddie always carries around extra supplies in case richie gets hurt

so i thought of this earlier today when i was submitting a headcanon to someone else:

- we always read about richie carrying the extra inhaler for eddie, but what about eddie carrying extra things for richie?

- granted, richie doesn’t really need them, but it makes eddie feel better knowing he’s better safe than sorry (and that he can take care of richie just as much as richie takes care of him)

 - so eddie definitely always carries extra bandaids and disinfectant for richie when he does stupid shit and gets cut or scraped up 

- and eddie definitely wouldnt let richie get away with swatting him away when he’s trying to address richie’s wounds

- (not that richie really minds anyway because he likes having eddie so close to him)

- (plus he finds it really endearing that eddie cares so much about his health like nobody else really had before)

- so one day they’re fooling around in the barrens right? running around, chasing each other, boys being boys and all that - when richie trips and falls into some jagged rocks he was trying to jump over

- “FUCK!

- there’s cuts all up the front of his leg and knee, eddie obviously comes running over clutching his fanny pack, hand already on the zipper

- tears well up in richie’s eyes when eddie sprays the disinfectant on his scrapes, because ‘Fuck, that shit fucking stings’ but he can’t let eddie think he’s a bitch so he tries to stay chill

- eddie is quietly concentrating on covering all of the exposed flesh on richie’s leg with fifteen bandaids, and richie admires how cute eddie looks all focused, and notes how his tongue pokes out of his mouth a little bit. he thinks its so fucking adorable

- once he’s all fixed up, his leg heavy with bandaids and still kind of stinging, he puts on his posh british accent, “Another incredible surgery if I do say so myself, Doctor K! Tally-ho!” and gets up to go run back in the water again

- “Don’t go back in the water, the bandaids will come o-!” eddie tries to warn him, but richie is already knee deep once again

- “Oh fuck,” he registers what eddie said and looks down at the bandaids, now floating away in the water

- “I’m sorry, Eds,” he apologizes, trudging back up to where eddie was still kneeling on the ground

- eddie just sighs and rolls his eyes, trying to hide his smile, opening his second fanny pack and pulling out another box of bandaids, motioning richie over to come sit again

- (richie looked like he was genuinely distraught over ruining eddie’s carefully placed bandages, and eddie thought he looked like a sad puppy and that it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen)

- he reapplies the bandaids just as carefully, failing to hide his smile

- he just really loved taking care of richie and was complimented by the fact that richie tozier actually let eddie take care of him

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Headcanons of going to an animal shelter to play with puppies w/the losers club? You’re blog is amazing!!

(thank you, lovely!)

  • you and the losers were riding down town when you spotted the animal shelter
  • you suggested for all of you to go check it out
  • “No! Those animals might be filthy”. “Oh, come on Eddie. What could be so bad about a couple of puppies and dogs?”
  • as soon as you walk your eyes land on a little puppy pit in the middle of the shelter
  • all of you shrieking at the cuTENESS
  • eddie just standing back for a bit while you all jump in the pit and start playing with the puppies
  • “oh, come one eds! look how cute they are!” 
  • eddie thinks over for a moment
  • “are they are clean?” he would ask a lady. after a satisfying nod he goes in to the pit
  • you hand him a puppy and he immediately falls in love with this little ball  of fluff
  • ben having so many puppies on his lap and just casually talking to them
  • “personally, i find bacon a dinner food. what about you?” okay ben, you keep talking to the puppies. you do you
  • mike giving the puppies belly rubs ahhhh so precious and cute
  • richie deciding which puppy he thinks would grow up to be a beast
  • “no not you. you’re too adorable”
  • eddie forgetting about all the germs shit that he worries about and just playing with all these cute puppies
  • bev cuddling the puppies and giving lil’ kisses. kisses for every. single. puppy
  • “you need a kiss too, no puppy is getting left out!!”
  • bill would be tossing a ball back and fourth, spending his time with only one puppy. he seems to have made quite the friendship
  • stan seems to be in his own little corner with a few puppies
  • he’s having his little moment with his new furry friends
  • you didn’t realise that you all have spent the whole day at the animal shelter until the lady told you all that they were closing soon
  • “oh no, i don’t wanna leave!” eddie would say
  • you looked at all the puppies. you wanted to take them all home. but maybe, just start with one
  • “hey guys, look at this one?” holding up a gold retriever puppy
  • “i think we could use another member of the club”. “hell yeah”
  • the next day everyone bought in some money to pay for the puppy
  • “welcome to the losers club pup”
  • now the losers have a very, very, vERY important job to do
  • what should they name their new club member?
For Richie (Reddie Fic)

Summary: Richie won’t stay home to rest while he is sick so Eddie stays with him. 

AU: Richie is sick and Eddie takes care of him

Word Count: 665

“I think I am dying, Eds.”

“You aren’t dying. Shut the hell up.”

“No look, blood, I think I just coughed up blood!”

Eddie quickly looked over his shoulder, eyebrows furrowed together. He was not even trying to hide his obvious announce. Richie was expected at least a little more sympathy from his current nurse. But no, Eddie was treating him and his jokes the same as if he wasn’t coughing his lungs out. What a shame. Richie was expecting more of him.

Richie had been sick for a few day now and didn’t seem to be getting better. To be fair, he was running around town with his friends as if his health wasn’t a factor. Each day Eddie would scolded Richie for not resting and spit out some facts Richie didn’t care about. Finally the day before, while Eddie and Richie were walking home, Eddie asked, “Why don’t you take my advice? Stay home and rest!”

Richie’s mood dropped while he said, “I don’t want to be alone…My dad is out at work all day and my mom can’t even take care of herself, more less me.” Eddie felt embarrassed. He knew Richie didn’t like to talk about his parents. Here he was getting annoyed that Richie wasn’t doing what he was telling him to; but he never even took the time to figure out why he wasn’t. Then a thought came to mind.

Without even thinking Eddie blurted out, “I’ll stay with you.” Richie looked over at him slightly amused.

“You are voluntarily going to stay in closed quarters with a sick person? Funny.”

“I’m not joking.”

Richie stopped in his tracks and stared at Eddie, “Seriously?”

Eddie made eye contact with Richie and nodded. He was starting to have doubts. Richie was right, the thought of being in a room with a sick person was repulsive.

‘It isn’t just some person, it’s RIchie. Do it for Richie.’

A smile crossed his face while he nodded, in turn Richie smiled back. His mood seemed to lift immediately and any type of awkward tension from before was dropped.

“One condition.”

“I am doing you a favor. What the hell do you mean you have a condition?”

“You gotta wear a nurse’s dress.”

“Fuck you, Richie.”  

So now here he was, taking care of Richie while his mom was downstairs passed out. Eddie had to lie to his own mother when she asked what he was going to do that day. He knew there was no way his mom would let him help Richie if she knew he was sick. She already didn’t like his friends, adding an illness to that would not help the situation.

He couldn’t tell who had the worst deal: him or Richie. While he had an overprotective mother, Richie had one who probably didn’t even know her own son’s eye color. Eddie sighed while walking soup over to Richie—who was wrapped up in several blankets.

Eddie hated how cute Richie looked while sick. It went against everything he believed. Someone contagious could never be appealing in anyway but here Richie sat: sick, sniffling, and adorable.

Richie smiled up at Eddie as a thank you once he was handed the bowel. Eddie had to turn around and bite back a smile. His face flushed and his heart fluttered. He could hear Richie blowing on the soup and muttering ‘ow’ after he tried to eat it.

“I have to be honest,” Richie said.

Eddie turned back around to face him, forcing down his feelings.

“I am kinda disappointed you didn’t show up in that nurse’s dress I requested.”

Eddie rolled his eyes and a slight smiled appeared, “Stop being a fucking idiot.”

They both laughed but Richie ended up coughing. Eddie went to go get some water but was stopped by Richie saying, “Hey Eddie… Thank you… You are a good friend.”

Eddie smiled and replied, “No problem.” But what this really meant was “I would do anything for you.”

Cold (Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader)

Pairing: Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader

Requests: “1 and 8 with Eddie spaghetti”


Prompts: 1. “Give me your jacket, I’m freezing.” 8. “Why are you blushing?”

A/N: Ahhh Eddie Spaghetti :)


The cold, winter wind blew through Derry, Maine. The Losers Club had decided to ride their bikes to the quarry.

As the eight friends sat over ledge, peering down at the water below them every so often, the air got colder and colder.

Y/n, who was sitting between Eddie and Beverly, shuddered.

She bumped Eddie’s shoulder with her own.

“Give me your jacket, I’m freezing.” Y/n demanded.

Eddie laughed but complied.

He shook his jacket off his shoulders and wrapped it around the girl.

Beverly smirked, watching the two interact, then silently got the attention of everyone else.

Richie furrowed his eyebrows as Beverly started making hand gestures pointing behind her. He looked behind her to see Eddie blushing bright red and Y/n wearing his jacket.

“Why are you blushing?” Y/n giggled, poking Eddie’s red face.

“I was just thinking about how cute you look in my clothes.” Eddie smirked, poking Y/n’s side.

She laughed, kissing Eddie’s cheek gently, then laid her head on his shoulder.

Eddie kissed her forehead as the two looked over the quarry.


Thanks to my gc which is currently named DEMOGORGEOUS™ for inspiring me and also for these great gc fanfics on Ao3, 

-Hypochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

-richie does not eat dog poop

  • Mike is the one that pops in sometimes and states his opinion/makes sassy remarks and shocks the others because they forget he’s in the groupchat. He also sends uplifting advice when someone is ranting about their problems.
  • Stan is the one that always hooks the groupchat up with homework answers. He will say random jokes and no one will respond. He’s always the one to change the gc name cause he makes the most iconic names. Stan also corrects people on their grammar and will always be like “*their*”
  • Beverly is always active and will respond within 2 seconds of someone else sending something. She always sends random pictures of baby animals and the losers always responds with aweee. She tries to acknowledge everyones texts cause she doesn’t want anyone to feel left out.
  • Bill is there like half the time and when he does say something every one responds cause his texts are iconic. Like the “Wow I’m so not straight, but i don’t think I’m gay either?” Everyone just flipped their shit cause like !!!!! They didn’t know this! He is very nonchalant and will sometimes text the gc at like 3 a.m. just to confuse people.
  • Eddie is a very active fire ball in the gc. He is constantly ranting about idiots like stupid teachers, bowers gang, his mom, richie… Just to name a few. He bickers back and fourth with the trashmouth until someone(ben) removes the more idiotic of the two(richie). Eddie will reply with a gif even when it doesn’t apply to the context.
  • Ben removes people(richie) from the groupchat. But always adds them back in a couple hours later once he has cooled off. He is poetic and has the most clever responses to texts. Ben never lets a fight go on for too long because he removes the problem(richie). He gets pretty grumpy because he will leave his phone at home while he goes to the library and comes back to 427 texts.
  • Richie is active like way too much. He is the one that never shuts up. He also changes the subject soOo fast. He will send in like a meme then start talking about how cute eddie looked in his pink polo. He teases the losers(but mainly eddie) just to STARt drama cause he wants to keep the gc alive. He is always the one to reference a vine and no one knows what he is talking about and he is just like “are you fucking kidding me? Hurricane tortilla is iconic your all uncultured little shits.” And stan is just like “*you’re*”
Rebel Without a Cause

Here is a fic I wrote to go with my Rebel! Eddie HC. I plan on writing more one shots like this and put them in a collection on here and AO3. Also I am trying to get back into writing and if you have any pointers feel free to message me.

Disclaimer I do not own these characters or the story of It

Eddie paced around the room back and forth, going between states of pure rage and utter despair. After the fight with Pennywise he had told the Losers that his mom had been lying to him his whole life. That his medication were all gazebos (Ben tried to tell him they were called placebos but he was too mad to listen) and that he had never actually been a sickly kid.

“I-I-I JUST CANT BELIEVE SHE WOULD LIE LIKE THAT TO ME!” Eddie screamed in a fit of rage turning toward Beverly and Richie, then went back to pacing. They had gone back to Richie’s house because they knew his parents wouldn’t bother them and Bev wasn’t quite ready to go back to her empty home. “Like, she’s, she’s, my mom ya know.” He turned back towards Richie and Bev, tears starting to roll down his face, clinging tightly together in thick quiet streams. “She is supposed t-t-to love me. To help me gro-grow,” He choked back a sob trying to at least get the words out from the open vent that his mind had turned into. “and help me learn, not lie to me.” At the last word he managed before he fell to his knees, hitting the carpeted ground so hard that Richie was sure he would bruise.

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anonymous asked:

bev being the only one who knows about richie being gay because they're best buds okay THEYRE BEST BUDS and she is always there to listen to him talking, with a cigarette on her lips, about how hot bill looks when he's just sitting there being bill, how cute stan looks with his kippah and how eddie forgot his inhaler THAT DUMB FUCKER cutie baby and how he just wished to date all three of them but he knows he can't and at the end of the day it's bev holding a crying, gay, very gay richie

Listen guys. guys. 
I know I’ve already said it a thousand times, but listen. this ask is literally my favorite thing in the Whole World

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Yuh um Eddie staying over at Richie's wearing Richie's clothes to bed and they CLEARLY don't fit. Richie also absolutely losing it over how cute Eddie looks.


eddie’s sleeping over richie’s and richie goes to the bathroom or whatever and when he comes back to the room, eddie’s in one of richie’s button up’s. the shirt is incredibly long on eddie’s body, and even though eddie is wearing shorts, the shirt comes over to cover them. the sleeves are long and eddie’s eyes are tired and richie is 100% completely in love. eddie smiles when he notices richie’s blush and they fall asleep together, arms and legs completely intertwined

anonymous asked:

poly relationship with Richie and Stan would include...?

this was done really fast and might suck sorry

  • well, we all know richie has no problem with being open
  • he just knows he loves you and stan and doesnt give a shit
  • he’ll grab your hand one day, stans another, or if he feels like it, he’ll hold one hand in each
  • stan hates the PDA, so its mostly you
  • but neither you nor stan can say no to richie if he wants to hold hands, he usually has a death grip on you anyway so you dont have a choice
  • cuddles sandwiches with richie in the middle bc that boy is nEEDY
  • you give stan cheek kisses and he gives you forehead kisses
  • you attempt to give richie cheek kisses two but hes like nope and will full on kiss you in front of anyone/everyone
  • stan is shy about him and richie in public (mainly due to bowers gang) but he gets so jealous when you and richie are unfazed
  • you realized somethings wrong and you comfort him and richie does too and its such a cute night
  • lots of bullying from bowers
  • not giving a shit about bowers
  • shy but passionate kisses all around
  • study dates at the library
  • stan does most of your homework tbh
  • richie finishes it all sO FAST then just goes to the arcade
  • stan tries to teach you, but he fails
  • you just do whatever the hell you want cause he cant bring himself to tell you to do it yourself
  • sleepovers!!
  • bev and ben and mike and bill and eddie ALL fangirl so hard.
  • like sO HARD.
  • you three run that town
  • such a badass couple