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If Jellal would get drunk how do you think he would be? would he be like erza when shes drunk or?? just wondring

I’d prefer go straight that Jellal has to hold himself from falling into being drunk very very much, for god sake when we could see almost of FT’s girls went utterly wild when they’re drunk and look how their partners were struggling to calm their craziness down. He’s an adult now and sober mind is his friend. There’s small chance we’re able to see how Jellal react when he’s drunk, but maybe he will get a small corner outside of the parties, gaze and stare somewhere along with thoughtless head. 

And he sleeps a-lot after then LOL


Finally finished! XD A set of Rumples that I started weeks ago to go with my Belles! These were super fun to draw and I love how they came out! 

My personal favorite is little Spinner!Rum but I still can’t decide if I love or hate his crazy disco shirt in the fourth one! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Enjoy!

how my eight year old brother recognises seventeen:

he’s started recognising their faces really well, but as one might assume, names are still difficult. thus, he gave him his own names to help him remember and we test them out every day when he asks to watch seventeen videos w me. he really wants to see them in concert when they next come to nx rip me. bonus: everytime we watch them hes like ‘how are they always so hot jeepers!!!!’ or ‘hes so good looking its crazy how are they all so hot’ or ‘that’s my boy!!! my boyyyy’ and laughed his ass off during the boom boom santa version @ dk’s costume. that’s how dokyeom got his name.

s.coups: monkey guy ( at first he said sweaty haired guy bc we watchted the u suju special stage together and then somehow it became monkey ? i dont make the rules he does )

jeonghan: JEONGHANNNNNNN, long hair boy ( his first and forever bias. he has liked him since mansae era bc he has longish hair too and thought jeonghan looked unique and really cool. he also always calls him ‘my boy’ its wonderful ) 

joshua: so josh’s is a new one for him, but it’s america guy or TEXASS even though josh isnt from texas at all the first thing he said when i told him jisoo was american again they aint my rules

jun: cool guy, the hottest guy ( as soon as he saw him he was downright ‘hes the hottest one’ and i cried thats right luka he is )

hoshi: mate guy ( *watching highlight choreo vid* ‘why do you call him mate guy’ ‘cuz… i think he looks like he might have good mates’ i hate this nz slang kjshfjsa )

wonwoo: book guy ( does this need explaining. he saw him with a book and asked if wonwoo liked books the rest is history )

woozi: the cute one, THE CUTEST ONE THERE, HES EVEN CUTER THAN THE OTHER CUTE ONE /dino/, similar praises about him being cute ( again, no explaining needed. he squeals every time woozi appears )

dk: reindeer guy, nice guy, happy one ( he freaked during the boom boom santa vers. no kidding ever since hes pointed him out first he lowkey loves him slfkhs his bias wrecker one might say )

mingyu: tall guy, smiling guy ( mingyu is always smiling every single stage so it just stuck. the tall thing explains itself he was amazed by mingyu’s height at first he said *watching the show me your love stage* ‘HIS LEGS ARE RIGHT NEXT TO HIS BODY’ which in lukas language was his legs go all the way up to the fucking sky wtf’ yk )

the8: pink guy, bb-8 ( he also recognises him easily, remember hes just started recognising them during boom boom era so in the choreo vid for highlight he’s bb-8 and everywhere else he’s pink guy. he sees the red hair as pink, as we’re redheads and he considers that to be pink?? idk either )

seungkwan: bond guy ( bond came from blonde. he recognises seungkwan damn fast and thinks hes also very cute, but cool, too )

vernon: face guy, your bIAS, HES SO HOT its ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE /HE JUST LEARNT THOSE TWO WORDS AND LOVES THEM,, I SHIT YOU NOT HE SAID THIS I BURST OUT LAUGHING HES GENUINELY A FANBOY I COULDN’T BE EXAGGERATING IF I TRIED/ ( face guy bc i explained to him that whenever i see his face my heart flutters so he gets that from there. :’) 

dino: DINOsaur, other cute guy, ‘dancing team bias’ ( he immediately chose him as his perf team bias in the choreo vid and reitirated it many times i. cried. ‘yup hes definitely definitely my bias. hes so cool’ also he loves dinosaurs still so it was natural . )

add on: he knows pledis girlz as ‘seventeen’s sisters’ and his bias is shannon. :’) ive raised him well

Oral fixation

Newt has oral fixation but he’s not aware of that. Like he just has things in his mouth, pen, his wand, some random object. Percival wants Newt to stop because it’s driving him crazy on how cute he looks with things in his mouth.
They were at a bar celebrating a recent case. Percival was drinking a beer and Newt had a more fancy drink it came with a cherry. Percival listen to his aurors talking but could not stop staring at Newt. The man had his face on his hand elbow on the table. After eating the cherry he played with the small stem. Percival was about to loose it seeing his tongue stick in an out a bit. After what Percival thought was entirety Newt took the stem out his mouth it was tied in a knot. “Hey nice Mr. Scamander! You know people say if you can tie a cherry stem in your mouth that means you’re a real good kisser”
After that Percival got up rushing to the restroom saying he drank to much. He did but he had another thing to worry about like thinking about Newt’s tongue doing things Percival can only imagine at the moment. Merlin help him


Yuzuru Hanyu - Let’s Go Crazy | Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2016

To be honest, insensitive “I’m checked out until I’m finished this task” Rob is nothing new. He’s crazy ambitious and tunnel visioned. Look how he was with the whole Andy thing. He lives and breathes it for weeks and Aaron even had to take his phone out of his hand so Rob would speak to him for a moment…

It’s who he is and why they shouldn’t work but it has never really been an issue before because Aaron knows what Rob’s like and they can both be a little snippy and unafraid to piss off the other.

The reason it’s an issue now is because it’s confirming Aaron’s own worries and it involves Rebecca. If it didn’t, I can guarantee Aaron would have said something more but he didn’t and why? Because they’re ‘not talking about it’ and they’re horrific at communicating which is how they’re in this sorry mess… and so 💥

Game of Flags Score Selections
  • Game of Flags Score Selections
  • Brian H. Kim
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Game of Flags

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Game of Flags. Sorry for the delay, folks. My wife gave birth to our son Sebastian early Monday morning and life has been a bit crazy. BUT LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS.

Anyway, here’s a collection of cues from Game of Flags. I love all the action and emotional beats in this episode, so I wanted to post a bunch of cues in one convenient, easy-to-share package. Included are “Ready Set Flags,” “Rain Zone,” “Star vs the Volcano,” “Queen Moon,” and “Perfect Blend.”