look how cool my friends are

What I’m thinking my friend who introduced me to B.A.P must look like during my stage of falling in love with them


Stage 1:

Friend : Hey check it out, I really like this band

Me : oooh that’s a cool MV, I like how badass they are !

Friend : :3

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Stage 2 :

Me: Ok can you give me more videos, I’m curious and I think I’m falling a bit for this guy

Friend : sure !

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Stage 3 :

Me : ok now I remember their names and I know who is who and I know more about their personalities and they are very cute dorks

Friend :

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Stage 4 :

Me : oh my god I love them so much they are so great I hate you now I’m having feels about them :

Friend :

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Stage 5 :


Friend :

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I like Andy’s closest friends.

There’s young Voltaire, already with a computer installed in his body by the looks of things. (Did Collette get the miniaturised version, the laptop to his reel-to-reel?)

There’s the woman in the binary dress and cool hat. I like her. She also looks familiar in a way I can’t put my finger on.

There’s the guy with the eyepatch and the very eastern looking hat. I wonder how far east people felt threatened by Heterodynes?

And, of course, the guys in such elaborate animal themed helmets I thought they were constructs at first. I approve of the hippo-helm especially.

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Hey girl(?)! I loved your sapphic!Silena moodboard,and loved that she's black. It's a kinda rare to see black!Silena without a hijab... Am I the only one who imagine Silena being a black girl from New Orleans? Okay,maybe it's because she has a French surname. Besides,I really want her and Hazel to become friends,and talk about how New Orleans changed. To be honest,I imagine Silena being a light brown black girl... It'd be cool.

I honestly like most hcs for silena to be fair, I tend to just save photos that I think look like how a pjo character could look! I hadn’t considered the surname idea though, that’s interesting!
I’m really glad you liked my aesthetic, thank you for messaging me about it!! (Also girl is fine haha!)

watched p&p with a group of friends who had never seen it before and i honestly had to hide my crazy a little bit because i just wanted to shout out random facts like “look it begins and ends with a sunrise” or  “pay close attention to the evolution of darcy’s outfits and how they correlate to his feelings for elizabeth” and literally quote the movie verbatim but you know, i had to play it cool

My favorite trope in the miraculous ladybug fandom for fanfiction is when Adrien Knows™ that Marinette has The Crush™ on him but he’s still an awkward cup of butter and he doesn’t know how to actually handle it bc he just wants to be “Friends” and
“no Nino I do not have a crush on Mari I just think she’s super cool and I want to have the Friendship™”
“wait why is she laughing at what Nathanael said, my puns are funny, oh golly gosh she sure is cute when she laughs”

“Oh boy a lot of Ppl have crushes on her, I can see why…I mean I DONT have a crush on her but I mean she is really pretty and super nice and did you see how many freckles are on her face? Even the sun loves her! Look at all those sun kisses….I’m a little jealous ….”


“I just want her to like me..wait no I mean I want her to like-like me..WAIT! I mean I know she likes-likes me bc she has the Crush™ and I just want her to like me so we can be talk and be friends bc I like her and NINO STOP LAUGHING YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”

And finally they become friends and its him just spending all this time being in denial about his crush on her until Adrien looks at her one day and she just gives him The Smile™ and his heart does the Thump-Thump-You-In-Love-Bud™

“Nino, I have made an error”

secret relationship starters

Feel free to alter to fit muses.

  • “I am not ready for them to find out about us!”
  • “It’s cool, [name] promised to cover for me.”
  • “My roommate’s out of town. Want to stay the weekend?”
  • “We’ve got to stop being so careless.”
  • “Look, if we get found out, I could get fired!”
  • “It’s hard to believe you actually care about me when you’re so hellbent on keeping this from all your friends.”
  • “I can’t tell them! Do you have any idea how they’d react?”
  • “Jesus, with all this sneaking around, it’s like being closeted all over again.”
  • “We have to tell them sooner or later.”
  • “Let’s tell them the truth. Tonight.”
  • “I’m only dating [name] as a cover. You’re still my baby.”
  • “[Name] agreed to ‘date’ me until we’re ready to tell everyone.”
  • “Are you ashamed of me?”
  • “I spent two hours hiding underneath your bed until they left!”
  • “Shit! Someone’s coming! Get in the closet, get in the closet!”
  • “Let’s just tell them! What’s the worst that could happen?”
  • “No one can know about us.”
  • “Let’s just keep this between us for now, okay?”
  • “People wouldn’t like it if they knew, you know that.”
  • “I’m not ashamed of you, I’m just not ready to tell anyone yet.”
  • “You still haven’t told your parents about us? But you promised!”
  • “It’s kind of fun, having a secret.”
  • “Let’s go out of town. Somewhere where nobody knows us.”
  • “Yeah, so… I may have accidentally told [name] about us…”
  • “I don’t care what you do, just get [name] to promise to keep quiet. Pay them if you have to.”
  • “I’m tired of being your dirty little secret!”
  • “Once I break up with [name], then we tell people.”
  • “But you’re going to divorce them soon, right?”
  • “This isn’t a relationship! Relationships don’t involve one party climbing down a fire escape because the other is too ashamed to admit they’re dating them!”
  • “Okay, fine, but can I at least tell [name]?”
  • “If I don’t tell someone, I’m going to go crazy!”
  • “Shhh, be quiet. Remember, someone’s still downstairs…”
  • “Fuck it. Let’s get a motel.”
  • “Either we’re open about this, or I’m ending it.”
  • “When I said I liked you, I didn’t expect to be sneaking around all the time.”
  • “I can’t do this anymore.”
  • “Why haven’t you told your friends about me? Is it because I’m not as well-off as you are?”
  • “This was fun at first, but the novelty’s worn off.”
  • “It just feels really shitty, to be the secret boyfriend/girlfriend.”
  • “Look, either we date secretly, or we don’t date at all.”
  • “I’m not supposed to be dating, period!”
  • “If my parents found out about us, they’d go ballistic.”
  • “Just one more year until I’m out from under their roof and I can date whoever the hell I want.”
  • “Dating in secret never works out.”
  • “Where are we even supposed to go for our dates?”
  • “Just once, I’d like us to go on a date that didn’t end in us having to get a motel room out of town because we don’t want to get caught.”

Hi my name is Jesse McCree and I have a gun called Peacekeeper (that’s how I got my name) and a cool hat and a serape and brown eyes that look like the dirt and a lot of people tell me I look like Clint Eastwood (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!) I’m not related to Gabriel Reyes but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a cowboy but I’m like a cool cowboy. I have tan skin. I’m also a member of Overwatch and I go to a secret base called Gibraltar which is in Spain where I’m a veteran (I’m thirty-seven). I’m a cowboy (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly western. I love Country Outfitter and I buy all my clothes there. For example today I was wearing my red serape with my hat on my head and my super cool belt buckle. I was smoking outside of Gibraltar. The sun was setting, which I was very happy about. A weird japanese man on a cliff stared at me. I shot a bullet at him.

hamilton song asks (1)

alexander hamilton: are you proud of where you come from?

aaron burr, sir: who do you look up to most?

my shot: what motivates you most?

the story of tonight: describe your friend group

the schuyler sisters: do you have siblings, and if so, what’s your relationship with them like?

farmer refuted: do you find it easy to stand up for what you believe in?

you’ll be back: is there anyone you miss right now?

right hand man: tell us about your best friend

a winter’s ball: tell us about your first kiss

helpless: how do you act when you have a crush on someone? do you play it cool or are you awkward with them?

satisfied: have you ever made a big sacrifice for someone else?

the story of tonight (reprise): do you have a group chat? what’s it called?

wait for it: what’s your motto?

stay alive: do you make plans or do you go with the flow?

ten duel commandments: do you follow the rules?

that would be enough: what is your idea of happiness?

guns and ships: can you rap?

history has its eyes on you: if you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would you pick?

yorktown: have there been any moments in which your life has changed completely?

what comes next: where do you see yourself in five years?

dear theodosia: do you want kids?

non-stop: are you a hard worker?


@nekophy gggHhheGEGEGEGEGEH.

I love you so much, you don’t know how happy it makes me to know you call me a friend holy shIhgsgsgsgssgGSGSGAGA💜
If you want and have any time, maybe we could do a collab or shIyHDHDHDehGG????? I DUNNO
i just think our styles would look kinda cool side by side hhhHhHhHHhhhHH


Hi friends! Consider taking a look at my Emoji Commissions page if you have a discord server and/or twitch channel and would like some sweet custom emotes. :D Prices start at $15 USD for 3 emojis.

Check out how cool they look in action!!! DANG

It’s a real struggle for me to draw anything beyond small emotes right now, so any and all support is appreciated. Thank you so much!

I present you NCT kink...


Noctis and his bodyguards friends.

I don’t even know how canon it is, but me and my sis came up with our own characterization for Noctis, and the game hasn’t done anything to challenge it yet. We immediately switched him to his casual outfit (superior outfit) while his buddies are in their cool ass black clothes. Noctis is gifted and sweet, but also a shy and uncomfortable lad. VERY uncomfortable. Odd, removed, incapable and difficult to some, but his friends understand his needs and cherish him. And they mean the world to him.

That’s our headcanon anyway and we enjoy it very much. 

Being Gender Critical Is Not An Excuse To Be A Monster To GNC People

I was in a local bar about a month ago, with a friend who knows Im gender critical/radical and is herself very liberal.  Despite this, we get along quite well, and were out for a drink when we noticed a GNC male in his 40s-50s being harassed by some townies by the pool tables.  He was short, maybe 5′1, and very heavyset wearing a red tank top and a black skirt, sort of done up like how a 12-year-old would try to imitate a “sexy grown up woman”.  They were generally giving him a hard time, pinching at his midsection, calling him ugly, etc.  I asked my friend to hold my drink, walked over, told the guys off.  Not anything snappy or heroic, just sort of awkwardly slurred that people in the bar were aware of their behavior and they didnt look cool, and they were like “fuck it, this bar is full of fat bitches” and bounced.  

I talked to the man afterward.  I complimented his efforts on his makeup.  I asked where he got his skirt, we bonded over how hard it is to find women’s clothing in larger sizes.  I addressed him by the name he introduced himself with.  It was a short, pleasant interaction before I went back to find my friend.

My friend, who had been watching, was shocked that I would stand up for a MtF.  All I really said about it was that I was bullied bad in highschool, and didn’t like seeing it, which was pretty much the beginning and end of my thoughts about the situation.  

But afterward, it bothered the fuck out of me that she thought that just because I was gender critical, I have a problem with GNC people.  I don’t.  I support them fully, and am one myself.  

Like holy shit, this trend has to stop with calling MtFs “ugly” and picking on their physical appearance and bullying people for being GNC and using words like the T-slur.  That doesn’t make you radfem, that makes you a bigot.  

GNC people are wonderful, and brave, and deserve protection.  
Bullying them for being GNC is NEVER okay.

Lucky Us Ch. 16: Juleka's Story
  • Marinette: *walks into Cafe Reflekta on Sunday* Hi Juleka!
  • Juleka: Hey. ((Long time no see!))
  • Marinette: Listen, I've got a friend coming here tomorrow and I want to treat him to something nice. Will you help me?
  • Juleka: Sure. ((HIM?!))
  • Marinette: Thank you so much! *puts envelope on the counter* If a guy walks in asking for the Ladybug special, give him a number three in that red polka dot mug, and this letter.
  • Juleka: Cool. ((What's in the letter?))
  • Marinette: And if he asks for any information about me, DON'T GIVE IT TO HIM. Not my name, what I look like, or how you know me.
  • Juleka: ...ok. ((Is Marinette involved with the mafia?!))

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I love your art so much I want to know how to draw the flannels you put on Dark it looks so cool

Thank you so much! My way to draw flannels is pretty simple tbh!

First we draw a simple square pattern. Make sure you got your Darkiplier ready!

Now, we paint some squares with black, you need to skip one and leave it blank. Like this:

Now, with a thinner pen, we need to paint (not completely) around the black squares. I usually draw little stripes



I Hope this works, my friend!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Ok just a random thing but I never realised how incredibly dorky miles edgeworth actually is, like in the main games (when he’s around) he’s usually quite serious, makes a slight mockery of phoenix but is still like ‘he’s my friend and has helped me through a lot so’ (aside from how gay they r for each other in between) but then u play ace attorney investigations and oh boy, miles edgeworth everybody, the man who carries spare cravats, has a loud probably high pitched scream, is a total nerd, secretly loves working with Kay despite the fact he appears to find her annoying, tries to keep his cool but ends up looking like a dork anyway, freaks tf out whenever he sees Wendy (who wouldn’t), doesn’t believe in gender stereotypes and also canonically slides down a drain pipe and gets puffed out after running 10 metres, there r honestly times when I can’t believe this man even exists in the ace attorney world, if only phoenix could see him in the game I’d think he’d have a fit and tease him for the rest of his life