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“How To Study.”

A tale told by a physics student. I am really bad at studying. Which explains my somewhat average grades. But i know how to study effectively and realistically have success with studying. Nobody ever teaches you HOW  to study, they just tell you to study. So here is how i do it (most of the time)

There are two ways of going at it.

  • Stress studying. (studying for exams just the day before and putting as much information in your head as possible just to forget everything right before the exam)
  • Actual studying. (taking the time you have and study at least 4 hours a day 3 work days a week, and actually get the success that you deserve)

Stress studying

It’s bad for you, your health, and a big cause of bee colony collapse disorder (Don’t ask why). Realistically you’re gonna pass your exams  1 out of 3 or 4 times, and it is just not worth it. It doesn’t just reflect on your grades but also on your work ethic. (which is real bad for your future)

Actual studying

What you need is:

  • Time.
  • Studying utensils (quality notebooks and good pens).
  • A clean and tidy Studying environment.
  • Discipline.

Time - It’s really simple, plan 4 hours a day of studying 3 work days a week. Don’t be like “But dude! When will i have time for my personal stuff?” seriously. A typical day has 24 hours, If you go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 7 or 8 (that’s 7-8 hours of sleep) you have 17-18 hours left to your day.

4 hours of that is just 23%, taking in account you’d do it at least 3 work days a week it would be just 7% (and a little more) of your precious workday time. So it’s worth it. Totally worth it. Don’t ruin your work ethic just because you want to spent 7% more time on tumblr.

Studying Utensils - I cannot stress enough how important good notebooks and good pens and stuff are. I suffered a lot from this, i wouldn’t take notes, and write down stuff because of how awful it looked on cheap paper with bic pens (no offense bic, your lighters are awesome tho).  

It’s not cheap tho, but at least buy good notebooks with that metal round thingy holding it (i.d.k the name of it in English). And go Black instead of Blue, Black pens all the way. Use sharpies instead of the usual stuff, or at least gel ink pens, the smoother it goes the better, and blue pens are an abomination, every knowledgeable person in the past ages has written in black. Oh, and fineliners.

A clean and tidy Studying environment - You have a desk? Yes? Good. Throw everything you have on it to the ground (except you laptop, you wouldn’t drop a baby, would you?). Get a desk lamp, no matter how bright your room is, you need a concentrated stream of light allowing the photons reflecting from the ink on your books to transfer the information successfully to your brain, and desk lamps boost concentration. Make that a working environment, only use that desk when you’re studying (no exceptions) and once you do that, every time you sit by your desk you will automatically start to work.

Discipline - You want to be full on motivated :D ??? Well f*** you cause that’s not happening >:D

Discipline is what you’re looking for. Full on military stuff, just like back in good old communism. Discipline guarantees you success, motivation leads to incoherent success which includes utterly common instances of failure.

I mean look at the definitions:


mōdəˈvāSH(ə)n/ - noun

  1. the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.
  2. the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Will you rely on luck and willingness or reason? No, luck and willingness pass, they are not consistent and for every reason there are at least 10 excuses. Don’t be a silly excuse for your failed academic success.


ˈdisəplən/ - noun

  1. The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience[1].
  2. A branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education.

[1] - The only punishment you’ll receive is academic failure, and not reaching your true, deserving recognition for your true intelligence and social worth just because of laziness caused by day to day stress is punishment enough, i think.

Discipline yourself, push yourself. Don’t wait for something so relative, so passing as motivation. If you’re gonna do something, STAND THE f*** UP AND DO IT.

Just remember RWSR.

  • Read
  • Write
  • Study
  • Repeat




I got a really cool shirt in a hot topic clearance section! Hot topic is exotic to me, they don’t exist in Alberta didn’t exist in Alberta until recently and are more expensive x’D

Also featuring Puke’s mystery cryptid hand

  • Jim Morrison fans: I want to do acid with him in Yellow Stone.
  • David Bowie fans: He's my weird dad and he's made of light.
  • Jimmy Page fans: I'm smoking weed right now.
  • Paul McCartney fans: What the fuck did you just say? No, what the fuck? Don't TRY me bitch!!!!!!
  • John Lennon fans: He was so smart :) he knew so much :) he was so enlightened.
  • Bob Dylan fans: I don't mind the sound of glass breaking. I love the noise of nails on a chalk board. I like the smell of cheap weed.
  • Brian Jones fans: AHHHHHH look how cute AHHHHH.
  • Keith Richards fans: Here's grandpa. He's immortal and we love him.
  • Iggy Pop fans: *Naked, covered in glitter and screaming.*
  • Lou Reed fans: This is our Lou. A naughty bucket of sin but we love him nonetheless.

So in my defense au Miles is poor most the things he owns are hammy downs from his father.  His suit is pink not because he likes the color but because it’s such an unwanted color by the dress shop he got it at that the tailor was practically giving it away. 

I was trying to learn how to draw cheap suites looking and I thought more folds would work so I grew this doodle to test it out. I’m not quite sure it makes it look any cheaper but I liked how it came so here it be. 


Best of Real Got7 S2 1/: Markson (for tuansandwich❤)

About the darkness

Someone did ask Bryan why the show was so dark - literally - commenting we were worried by season 4 it would be completely black. 

He literally doubled over in laughter. 

And then answered that Hannibal had a very small budget, so often when they made things dark, it was to hide how cheap they looked with the lights were up.

Hugh added that it actually takes more work and time to strip the light out than when you just blast with light. 


Shou was raised around kind of a ‘simple but stylish’ ideal; when he got a piercing he only got one, and he only got enough studs to always have an appropriate one (silver, gold, diamond, and his birthstone - turquoise).

It started with just the occasional broken pair, but by now Shou probably has like, 35 different earrings from Teru pinned to a banner in his room. Wears a different one every day.

Sometimes Teru buys pairs just so they can match.

Hot Mess

*Laundry Mat AU inspired by this fabulous headcanon by @ronanlynchamiright. Thank you so much!!! The world needs Ronan in brightly colored briefs.

Adam is a hot mess by the time he’s biked to the laundry mat. His shirt doesn’t have a single inch of dry fabric, all of it soaked through by sweat. He locks his bike out front and plucks at his shirt self-consciously. His laundry—all of his clothes except the ones he’s currently wearing—is shoved in a large canvas bag he bought at the thrift store. His cleaner clothes are at the top of the bag and his grimy shop clothes are shoved to the bottom. Adam’s got laundry day down to a science, knowing exactly how much he can stuff into a single load, how much detergent will be required, how many quarters it will take to wash and dry two loads.

The laundry mat is almost empty, something else that Adam has planned out; Wednesday nights are the best time to do laundry because half the town is at church and the other half is too busy not being in church to swing by the laundry mat. As Adam shoves the door open he notices the only other person inside is a guy who looks to be about his age but that’s all they have in common.

The guy is sitting on top of one of the washers, his head tipped back against the wall, expensive headphones sealed over his ears. He’s totally still, except for his feet, which are braced on the wall of dryers across from him. His heavy black boots tap along to whatever he’s listening to. He’s about the most visually interesting guy Adam’s ever seen in Henrietta and he looks like danger personified: shaved scalp, tattoo ink visible from where his cutaway black wife beater hangs open at the sides. He’s kind of scrawny but not weak looking.

Adam eyes him warily before setting down his bag and pulling the bottom of his shirt up to wipe the sweat off his face; it barely makes a difference. When he looks up the guy is staring at him, well, staring at his stomach. Adam feels the back of his neck heat. He knows that his toned body looks nice but it’s still a surprise to catch people looking, especially when the person in question looks like every bad decision he would make if he ever went to any of the parties his roommates keep inviting him to.

In clear violation of social norms the other guy doesn’t look away and Adam feels his blush creeping to his ears. He picks up his bag and walks forward, pretending not to notice, trying to focus on finding an available washer. The first three are taken, two of them are still running while the third has stopped but the clothes have been left inside. The guy sits on the fourth washer, staring at Adam. It feels like intimidation and Adam bristles. He can see that the fifth washer is available and he waits for the guy to put his legs down so he can get by. Adam makes eye contact and the guy just smirks at him.

“Hey man,” Adam says, his voice cold but civil, “can you move your legs?”

The guy pulls his headphones down around his neck. Adam can hear loud electronica, like what his roommate Chris constantly listens to.

“You gotta pay the toll first,” the guy says. His voice is low, a seductive snarl that makes Adam’s chest feel warm.

“What?” Adam can’t believe this guy. A toll?

The guy cocks his head and gives Adam another appraising look, like he’s trying to decide what he should charge, what Adam can afford. It’s obvious that this guy has money: Beats headphones, Doc Martens, fancy jeans that look beyond distressed, the back piece alone would have cost more than Adam makes in a month working his summer job.

“Your name.” It isn’t a question.

Adam stares back, the heat spreading to his throat. Anger wars with attraction but it’s his pride that wins.

“Fuck you,” Adam shoots back. He puts every ounce of meanness into his voice.

“That’s a hell of a name,” the guy replies, grinning. It makes him look even more handsome. “Your parents must really hate you.”

“Oh, they do,” Adam answers. “You gonna move?”


It’s that damn smile that pushes Adam over the edge. He hates bastards who think they can do what they want because they’re good looking, because they have money. Adam doesn’t think twice before he knocks the guy’s boots down. They thud against the washer, hollow and loud in the empty laundry mat.

The guy laughs and kicks his heels against the washer in rhythm to the beat of his music. He smiles as Adam squeezes by and starts loading his clothes in the washer.

They don’t speak but Adam can feel the other guy’s eyes on him and it makes him feel flustered. His hands shake a little as he feeds quarters in the machine and he drops one. It rolls behind the washer and Adam knows, even as he gets down on his knees to look, that he’s never getting it back. In the narrow space between the machines he sees nothing but dust bunnies. He wants to smack the washer in frustration; it shouldn’t matter but he had brought exactly the correct amount for two loads, washed and dried. He’ll have to forego drying the second load.

Before he can climb to his feet Adam feels something cold touch the side of his neck, by his ear. That smoky, raspy voice says, “I think you dropped this.”

Adam looks up and finds the other guy leaning towards him, holding a quarter between his thumb and index finger like he just pulled it from Adam’s ear. He’s still grinning like he’s been told a dirty joke, but something about his vibe has softened, enough that Adam doesn’t immediately smack his hand away.

Adam palms the quarter, noticing the silvery scars on the guy’s forearms, an out of character detail that nags at him.

“Thanks,” Adam says, adding the quarter to the total in the washer. He selects the wash cycle, load size, and temperature and presses the start button. The washer surges to life and Adam settles against it feeling more tired than he should.

The guy kicks the toe of his boot against Adam’s thigh, demanding his attention. Adam sighs and turns to him, already regretting accepting the quarter.

“So,” the guy asks, “you come here often?”

Adam snorts a laugh. “Really dude? You’re trying to pick me up at the laundry mat?”

The guy continues to stare. It’s unnerving.

“Why not?” he asks. “My name is Ronan, by the way.”

“I don’t remember asking.” Adam’s pleased by the harsh frown the guy—Ronan—gives him. “I’m going to go do my homework. Have a nice life.”

Ronan gives a surprised or affronted huff but doesn’t bother Adam as he settles into one of the cracked plastic chairs near the entrance. Adam pulls his textbook out of his battered backpack and starts reading over the week’s assignment. Taking online summer courses seemed like a good use of his time when he signed up for them at the beginning of May but now he’s regretting it.

Adam shifts in his seat, trying to get comfortable. His sweaty shirt is cold against his skin and the seat is murder on his spine. He leans forward, the large textbook open on his knees. From time to time he steals glances at Ronan. The other guy has gone back to listening to his music. He looks better when he’s not being an asshole. Adam finds himself staring too long, thinking too much about Ronan coming onto him. Ronan looks over and catches Adam in the act and Adam flushes before ducking his head and going back to his book. When he looks again Ronan’s eyes are closed but he’s smirking.

After about thirty minutes Adam’s first load is done and he gets up and puts it in the dryer and starts his second load. Ronan intentionally ignores him and Adam tries to not let it bother him. After all, he shut the guy down, what was he expecting? While he’s pulling the last of his dirty clothes from the bag Ronan’s dryer buzzes, the cycle finished.

Ronan hops down and grabs a mesh bag that unfolds neatly. Ronan hip checks Adam as he moves to open the dryer. Adam grits his teeth but before he can come up with a scathing comment he sees what Ronan’s pulling out of the dryer: handful after handful of vibrant, neon-colored briefs. Adam’s mouth goes dry. The brand name, printed on the wide, elastic waistband reads Kalvin Clein but that’s not right. Adam’s never owned Calvin Klein anything but he knows how it’s spelled. The briefs don’t look like cheap knock-offs, though. In fact they look obscenely luxurious.

Ronan leans further into the dryer, digging around for the last of his briefs. Adam doesn’t mean to ogle him but he does, and he sees that custom brand peeking above the top of Ronan’s low-slung jeans, catches a flash of brilliant fuchsia fabric before Ronan pulls out of the dryer, a pair of lime green briefs twirling from his index finger.

Ronan winks at Adam and tosses the last pair on the veritable mountain of undergarments.

“See you later, Fuck You,” Ronan calls over his shoulder as he walks out of the laundry mat. Adam watches as Ronan climbs into a sexy BMW and smoothly whips out of the parking lot.

Later that night, when Adam strips out of his clothes to take a much-needed shower, a scrap of paper falls out of the pocket of his jeans. Adam stoops down and picks it up. Scrawled on the back of an ad for a psychic hotline is a number and a name: Ronan Lynch. Despite himself, Adam grins and tucks the number in his textbook.


[This was originally intended to be a one shot but folks wanted more and I’m always happy to write more Pynch! Also on my AO3: justdk]

Homemade laundry detergent recipe!

For those witches who are on a budget and want to save a LOT of money on laundry detergent, and also want to personalize their laundry scents and ingredients, this is for you!

I decided to start making my own laundry detergent two years ago when I got into college and couldn’t believe how much money I was dumping into laundry soap. So I looked up how to make it myself, and couldn’t believe how cheap and easy it was. For about $10-15, I could make myself a HUGE amount of detergent. To put it into perspective how much money you’ll save, I bought my supplies for it two years ago and still haven’t run out! I highly recommend this for college witches or witches on a budget.

I wanted to share this with you all, and I’d love to hear how you guys decide to make yours!

Recipe to Make 2 Gallons of Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent:

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup Borax
  • 1 cup Washing Soda (both can be found in most grocery stores, such as Meijer or Walmart)
  • 1 bar of soap, any kind you’d like!
  • Optional: an essential oil of your choice 


  • The largest pot you have
  • Something to stir with
  • Cheese grater 
  • Two empty gallon containers (milk jugs work great for this)

How to Make: 

1. Grate your one bar of soap with your cheese grater. Personally, this is my favorite part! Its always so pretty. 

2. Fill up one of your gallon jugs with water, and pour into your pot. Turn the heat on high. You could also add infused water, moon water, snow water, etc. 

3. Pour your grated soap into the pot and stir until the soap is completely dissolved. This might take a few minutes!

4. Add the 1 cup Borax and 1 cup Washing Soda and continue to stir until all ingredients are dissolved. If you have any other ingredients you would like to add, such as herbs or other laundry-safe substances, this is where I would do it. 

5. Bring the mixture to a boil. Be warned though, watch this closely! Turn off heat as soon as you see the mixture boiling and starting to rise. I’ve walked away from this before and came back to a overflowing mess due to the bubbles that start forming. If this starts to happen, turn off the heat and blow on it.

6. Make sure the heat is turned off and fill up a gallon jug with cold water. Add the cold water to the pot and stir well (clockwise for the witches in the northern hemisphere!). If you have an essential oil you would like to add, allow the detergent to cool slightly and then you can add 15-20 drops, or more if you’d like a stronger smell. 

Your detergent should be bubbly and smell wonderful at this point! 

7. Allow the detergent to cool enough so that if you spill it, it won’t burn you. Then carefully spoon or funnel the detergent into your 2 one-gallon containers. If you spill any on your skin, rinse it off with water as soon as you’re done, especially if you’re someone with sensitive skin. 

Allow up to 24 hours for your detergent to thicken completely. It will be thick upon first use once it has cooled, but if you can’t pour it easily, you can stick the end of a wooden spoon into the container to break it up a little. Shake well before each use and you should be good to go!

To Use: 

Pour between ½ - 1 cup of detergent into each load. Sometimes for extra dirty loads I just pour in as much as I want. It’s so cheap to make I never worry about using too much! 

I really hope that everyone finds this as amazing as I do! I love this wonderful stuff. I really enjoy adding some witchy element into my laundry. 

Blessed be, my loves!

Witch tip #2

There are a lot of witchy posts saying things like “don’t feel bad if you can’t afford super expensive crystals or nice journals for your grimoire or gourmet shit for your potions!  Just use what you have in your cupboard, or find a digital version or get an app.”  Which is super important to know; witchcraft isn’t just about the tools and materials.

But it also strikes me as weirdly exclusionary and elitist, like if you can’t afford the stuff that’s featured in fancy aesthetic posts, you don’t deserve to have materials of any kind and you’ll have to use grocery store cinnamon and keep everything digitally on apps, even if that’s not what you WANT to do.  

If materials and physicality is important to how you envision your craft (like it is for me), that’s OKAY.  You’re allowed to buy cheap shit.  There’s a happy medium between the shit you see on Tumblr and being told that you’ll have to get a crystal app because you can’t afford a $200 sphere.  

Shop for sales.  Get discount codes.  Buy second-hand. Get cheap shit from online, as long as you’re aware of what you’re getting.  Invest in your craft with what you have and what you’re willing to spend.  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.   

You shouldn’t feel bad because you don’t have a fortune to spend on witchy things. But you also shouldn’t feel bad because you can’t grow in your craft because you feel bad about how little you have to spend, or the quality or quantity of materials you can afford.  

Go get that tiny ass crystal, or even a mediocre cloudy crystal.  Get the smallest possible quantity of that weird obscure herb you want.  Keep a wishlist and wait for sales and discounts.  Get a faux leather grimoire from Barnes and Noble.  Get the tarot cards you want, even if they have Chinese on them because they’re cheaper from China.  Get Harry Potter trademarked shit if it’s cheap and you like how it looks.  Get the world’s tiniest cauldron off Ebay.  And don’t feel ashamed. 

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  

have more faith in people. we can be very good. it’s fear and misinformation that tend to lead others against each other. People aren’t inherently anything, but I do see that in our society we truly do care about helping each other when we are able to, and feel we have the power to. 

Cheap examples involving money: 

look how high poor people on average tip in the united states

look how much money we’ve raised on the internet for people in need

many people want to do good, they just don’t know how or where to start. Do not think all people are evil, and that humankind is inherently selfish, we are not, we are social creatures, we rely on each other for existence. 

Re: Rules to Date a Hockey Player


This is just my perspective, but I think you genuinely don’t understand why people had a problem with your post, so I’m gonna go through it. And let me just say that not all of it is awful

1. this is a-okay, most of us don’t want to talk about our jobs at home
2. It’s one thing to respect your boyfriend’s wishes, but this can easily become controlling behavior that you later warn a hockey player’s partner against.
3. There isn’t a problem with this until the last line. Nobody’s value and/or input in a relationship should be reduced to their looks/being pretty not paying the bills. If that’s all one of these guys sees in you, they’re shitty, it’s not an equal partnership and their ass should be dumped.
4. It’s human to be disappointed by plans with your guy being cancelled. The line gets crossed when you throw a tantrum over something out of his control.
5. This is what I was talking about in #3. If he’s supposed be trusted around random women whose intention is getting him to cheat, he should be able to trust that you won’t let his teammate who doesn’t understand boundaries go too far if you speak to him.
6. I think you worded this one badly. There’s a difference between trying to communicate with that person while they’re hundreds of miles away from you, and harassing someone and expecting an immediate response 24/7.
7. I don’t know many people who have the time or money to do this in the first place.
8. Yes, but not every situation is the same. If you’re unhappy with the amount of time you’re getting to spend with your hockey player during the already limited amount of free time they have, you should be able to communicate with them— and I’m not talking about nagging, I mean productive communication.
9. Your two personalities are not one in the same. A woman and a man can be friends without her pining for attention outside of her relationship, even if Mr. Hockey Boyfriend doesn’t want to be buddies with him. Having friends who happen to play hockey with him doesn’t make you look cheap (never mind how misogynisitc this idea is).
10. People can wear what they want. Point blank. And a lot of women walk very well in heels without looking like Bambi.
11. I get what you’re trying to say because we all get exhausted, but again, communicating about something you’re unhappy with is important between two adults. Especially if, assuming you’re not married and living with this person, you’ve gone out of your way to go see them and they don’t value it.
12. I agree with the last piece, but 9 hours of anything without acknowledging the person spending time with you is ridiculous. Both people need to try something the other likes to do.
13. This is pretty common with athletes at all levels, but he shouldn’t turn into the Hulk if you don’t know better and make a mistake trying to talk about the game. Anybody who does that is an asshole immature.
14. The good job in the game piece if part of being supportive. But if they’re asking for an honest opinion on their outfit, there’s no need to tear them down, and there’s no need to lie either. And if he likes what he’s got on, that’s all that matters anyways.
15. He’s working, there’s no problem with this.
16. Every person should have an independent life outside of their relationship, no matter who the guy is and you shouldn’t feel guilt for not devoting your life to him 100%, especially if “you tell them not to go out with their friends, it’s not happening”.
17. If this is someone you’ve decided to be together with — you’re not “talking” or in any other not-a-committed-relationship status — making plans a couple months ahead isn’t unheard of.
18. This is a complete mess. You can’t defend this post as adult behavior and then follow in #19 with telling someone not to act like they’re in a high school relationship. Teasing is one thing when both parties have an understanding that, that is what’s being done. GROWN MEN AND WOMEN gossiping about a woman cheating, which they didn’t know for sure according to you, isn’t the same. Especially being that there’s an idea that “hoe” behavior by men in professional sports is okay. She was being slut-shamed for something that she may not have even done. And even if she had, her guy had no business telling everyone he works with what goes on within their relationship when he chose to continue being with her.
19. Again, I find this ironic following #18. And also, no person is disposable. That’s fucked. Nobody is a Barbie to entertain a man and nobody is a novelty item. And bimbo is just another gendered insult that I don’t think you would use against a man like the others throughout this post. What does it take to be a bimbo, anyways? Speculation that you might have cheated? That’s a little harsh, no?
20. You’re right, don’t throw away your life for anyone. Especially because most of the people reading this are young with a lot left in life to accomplish. But both people should be making efforts to spend time together, even if it’s just getting on FaceTime for the five overlapping minutes you both have.

I’m 100% not trying to shit on you or talk down to you, but what you wrote came across poorly. These are only things that I, personally, had an issue with. I can’t speak for anybody else. They may even think I’m wrong about some of this. What you wrote reeked of an unbalanced, unhealthy relationship with one person in control. I had to write this because it irked the hell out of me tbh.

Also, I noticed you changed your avi after your post got around. I hope you didn’t feel the need to do this because people were attacking you for a mistake.

@bisexualnylander I’m tagging you because you’re how I found out about this and I want your opinion.