look how bouncy he is

kibum is so beyond stunning that this video doesn’t even do him one (1) percent justice. also please look at jonghyun being tiny and bouncy and excited

Ok ok OK. Guys.

So i just re-watched the “ask the sanders sides” video and noticed a thing.

When Thomas asked how everyone felt (and to answer with a song title) the responses were:

Logan: comfortably numb

Roman: All I do is win

Virgil: I’m not ok (I promise)

And what about Patton? : I am the walrus

This all seemed fine and dandy the first time i watched but now? I finally get it. He was actually struggling with pretending to be happy. The others (logan and roman) had already told him “don’t mess up” and he looked sad but soon got all bouncy again, but when asked how he felt all he could say was something random and silly that didn’t reveal anything.

I believe it was validated again when Roman said “the question was how do you feel????” and all patton did was repeat himself.

Thomas Sanders is an amazing actor and writer. And with the help of his amazing friends, Joan and Talyn, he achieved better foreshadowing than most tv series I’ve seen. This boy never stops impressing me.

Jet Lagged (Lin/Reader)

Prompt: I’ve got 26 prompt requests and this isn’t one of them lol I’m the worst. Thanks so much to @hamimagines and @god-damn-it-miranda for reading it over and giving feedback. I think you’re the best.

Author’s Note: I know I haven’t posted anything in like two months and truthfully I’m in the middle of 25 things that are all on their way soon… but this came first. That was a sex joke.

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader

Summary: Lin has just returned home from 7 months in London and is due to present an award at the Tony’s that night. Exhaustion is hard to avoid, but you know exactly how to help.

Rating: M for explicit oral sex

Warnings: Yeah there’s a blowjob that’s about as explicit as it gets. Fair warning.

Words: 1304


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“Hey, Y/N,”

The faint sound of Lin’s voice pulled you out of a deep sleep. You groaned, barely opening your eyes to find him kneeling by your bedside, fully dressed.

“I’m leaving,” he whispered, planting a soft kiss on your forehead. “I’ll be back around three, okay?”

“Don’t go,” you protested, pulling him closer. “Stay in bed with me. You haven’t even been home for twenty-four hours.”

“I have to go to rehearsal.” he insisted, kissing your lips this time. “I’ll be home in a few hours. I promise.”

He kissed you one more time before leaving your bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Lin had returned from seven months in London the previous afternoon, a fact that had you nearly bouncing off the walls with excitement. You picked him up from the airport, had dinner, gone to see Waitress, and headed home only to pass out a few minutes later.

Today was the day of the Tony Awards. While he wasn’t up for any awards this year, he was expected to present the award for Best Musical. Rehearsal started at 7 am, which explained why the sun had barely risen when he kissed you goodbye.

As much as you wanted to stay home with him catch up on all of the physical activity missed while he was gone, you knew he had a responsibility to be there. Instead of hoping, it would be best, you figured, to be productive.

You got up, started the coffee maker and began rifling through his things in an attempt to put them back where they belonged. Clothing that had been washed before he flew home was promptly put away, the dirty clothes placed in the hamper to be washed later.

You managed to get a few loads of laundry done in the basement of your building and put some other household items back in their place. Things Lin could have (and would have) easily done himself, but you were feeling particularly generous due to his return.

When you glanced at the clock after getting a large amount of work done, you realized it was just after three. He was due home any minute.

As if on cue, the front door opened and he stepped in, looking visibly exhausted.

“You look more exhausted now than you did this morning.” you pointed out, greeting him with a brief kiss.

“I’m fine,” he insisted, though you could tell he was clearly lying.

“Why don’t you try to take a nap?” you suggested, slowly nudging him toward the bedroom. “You’re gonna be out late tonight, you could really afford the extra sleep.”

“I should help you.” he insisted, catching sight of the stacks of clean laundry waiting to be put away in the living room.

“I don’t need your help. I need you to take a nap.” you insisted. “I’ll wake you at five.”

Though he still didn’t seem to agree with you, he headed into the bedroom anyway.

When five rolled around, you made your way to the bedroom only to find him already awake, typing away on his phone.

“You didn’t even try to sleep?”

“I got maybe an hour,” he assured you. “I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just started responding to emails.”

“Well, it’s five,” you reminded him. “You should probably start getting ready to leave.”


You could hear the faint sound of the shower running from the bathroom as you relocated the clean clothes to your bedroom. You’d managed to put most of it away by the time he got out, instead focusing on your attention on watching him get dressed up. A fact that he found rather amusing.

“Am I distracting you?” he teased, staring in the mirror as he tied his bowtie.

“A little bit,” you confessed, a small smile on your face. “You clean up nicely.”

“Yeah?” He smirked at you.

“Your hair is a little flat though,” He turned to you as you stood up and adjusted his hair slightly so it rounded a bit more. “There. Better.”

“Is it good?” he asked, glancing at himself in the mirror again.

“Your hair looks fine. You still look really tired though,” you admitted.

He seems slightly defeated by your words. “I guess I can’t fight jet lag.”

“I can help.” you offered with a sly grin.

“Wait how can you—” he stopped mid-sentence as he watched you kneel in front of him. He stepped back, pressed against the wall, watching you reach up and unzip his dress pants.

You smiled up at Lin, meeting his eyes while you pulled him out of his briefs and took him in your hands. You cupped him in your hands, loving the feel of the soft skin, gently running your fingers along the base. You offered him a wicked smile before you licked the tip, swirled your tongue all over the head, and kitten licked up and down his length. You paid special attention to the bundle of nerves right below the head before swallowing him down.

He groaned, running his hands through your hair; not forcing you down, just holding you as you wrapped your tongue around his dick and sucked and licked and—

“Oh god,” he moaned, arching forward, fisting his hands in your hair. You took all of him, swallowed him down to the hilt. You chuckled with him still in your mouth. He breathed heavily, “Fuck, this is so go… good.”

As you bobbed your head back and forth, you could feel him tensing up. You moved your head slower, grazing your tongue slowly along the bottom of his dick.

“I’m close,” he managed through staggered breaths. You glanced up at him again, winking when your eyes met. That sent him over the edge.

With a long groan, you could feel him spill onto the back of your throat. You swallowed with ease, pulling him out of your mouth and licking him once more for good measure.

He was out of breath, wiping a few beads of sweat from his forehead as you stood up.

“Feel better?”

“I uh… I’m awake.”

“I know, you look it.” You tapped him on the shoulder once, kissing him on the cheek. “Alright, go get ‘em.”

He was gone within minutes, off to meet his parents downstairs before heading downtown. After finishing with laundry, you pulled your laptop out and sat in front of the TV, waiting for the awards to start.

It was a while before they started and even longer before he was on to present the final award.

When he did come on the stage you headed to Twitter, where there a large were a number of people discussing Lin and how good looking he was considering he’d flown in from London less than 48 hours before. Some mentioned how young he looked, another person added that he looked rather ‘bouncy’. Even you had to agree they were right, he looked much better on stage than he did after rehearsal a few hours ago.

You were at least partially responsible for that, you figured, which gave you a small sense of pride.

You pulled out your phone, typing a quick text to him knowing he would see it after the show.

Everyone says you look really hot… I guess I saved the finale 😏

I’m taking full credit. My blowjobs are magic

It was a few minutes before you received a response.

That’s probably true, but maybe we should try a few more times just to make sure? 😉

You smirked at your phone and quickly typed up a response.

I hope for your sake you get home before I get to bed


After a few minutes, he responded.

I have never wanted to leave the Tonys so quickly in my life.

Ian’s hair

Ian’s looking very school-mastery, neat and presentable in his first appearance. 

But this is what happens to your barnet when you spend time with a bunch of cavemen and an old man that’s kidnapped you. Looks good though!

Usually Ian’s hair doesn’t move much but its required to in The Daleks to show there’s a breeze on Skaro- so we get a little Elvis quiff briefly. Uh-huh-huh.

On Marinus Ian’s about to face trial for murder but hey at least his hair looks good. All that running his tense hands through it have given it extra lift.

Ian knows he’s worth it in The Aztecs, he stops to run his hand through his hair to get rid of his helmet hair (it could also be the guilt after throwing Ixta off the pyramid)

Dishevelled Ian in Dalek Invasion of Earth. Started off as dapper school teacher in a suit and ended up just as scruffy as the rebels.

We now come to the defining moment of Ian hair- The Romans. Ian pouts and doesn’t take kindly to Barbara making his ‘do’ more Roman.

He liked it in the end. What was all the fuss for man? 

But by the time he’s rowed in a Galley, he’s a little sandy and seaweedy with a little bit of stubble going on. Lookin’ good and rugged there Mr. Chesterton. 

Nice and fluffy and big hair in The Crusade.

But again its a history outing so he has to look right for being knighted later on in the story. 

By the time he makes it home to London he probably doesn’t care what his hair looks like but its as happy and bouncy as he is! Look how cute he is.


Haylijah Appreciation Week

Day One: Favourite Haylijah moment in general.

To be perfectly honest, this whole opening sequence is still my favourite scene in the whole series so far, but since this is Haylijah week, I’ll be focusing on their bits.
Let’s start with when Elijah enters the room. Look how bouncy and lightweight he is, how he looks nervous and excited at the same time. He’s so nervous around her. The last time we saw these two alone together, she slapped him, taking him completely by surprise (which I’ll talk about more in one of the upcoming days). What’s he expecting this time? Probably not that soft little smile, and then when Rebekah walks in, we get to see how Hayley acts with other people, aka completely differently. And we get to see Elijah watching from the background, trying to get to know her.
Then, like he always does, he asks her how she is. And she tells him. She completely rants away at him, as she is wont to do from time to time, because honestly, he’s the only one who ever bothered to listen at this point. And he’s so amused by her indignation at this strange world into which she’s been thrown, by the vivacity with which she complains, basically just how passionate she is about something which, after his thousand-year life experience, amounts to nothing. It’s an openness and worldview that he hasn’t experienced often, and he finds it endearing and enchanting.
And then, of course, Elijah makes her cereal, because obviously ice cream is far too unhealthy for a pregnant lady and maybe perhaps Hayley has a teensy bit of pregnancy brain going on, even though she would never admit it. It’s such a small, normal gesture, so far from the “I’m an Original, show me some respect” arrogance we were first shown in Elijah, and what’s more, he’s totally okay with waiting on her. There is no arrogance here. And Hayley is just completely taken aback. It may be a small gesture, but it’s so kind, and honestly, how much kindness has she experienced in her life? We still know so little about her childhood, and what we do know isn’t good. These little moments, Elijah asking how she is, making her breakfast, always making an effort to make her feel included, like part of the family - not just, like he said, a walking incubator. These moments are the things that Hayley will remember decades from now when she looks back on the beginning of her relationship with Elijah.
And that’s what this is. This is the beginning of their relationship. It’s still new, they’re feeling each other out, getting to know each other. It’s sweet and bright and shiny and new, and I’m so glad we got to see it.
And we can’t leave out Elijah’s joke at the end of the scene. It’s the first time he showed humour around Hayley, the first time he made her laugh, and the first time he discovered that he really liked it. It was the beginning of his perisistent need to make Hayley smile.
Let’s not forget, either, the fact that Hayley is smiling - and it isn’t one of her little smirks, or something intended to manipulate someone. It’s a real, genuine, cheek-to-cheek smile, because she’s making a friend - granted, a friend who gives her butterflies and makes her heart beat a little faster, but a friend nonetheless - and because she’s finally, after so, so long, not alone. Finally, for the first time she can remember, she’s building a real, longtime family.
This is the beginning. Beginnings are beautiful.