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I recently got sucked into the black hole that is LOTR and am in desperate need of Legolas fics (I mean, who can resist pretty elf princes?). Literally anything is fine, but it would be great if it could be fluff. Or a crackfic.

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You mumbled some not so nice words at the overhanging tree branch, swatting it from your face.

You continued walking only to nearly trip over a root in your way. 


You jumped back, coincidentally right into a web and sighed angrily, shaking and trying to dislodge the silky, sticky entrails from your hair. When you looked up again a certain elf was observing you.

“What?” you said. Before you could say anything else you nearly jumped out of your skin in fright when you realized a vine was wrapped around your arm.

“Nothing,” Legolas replied. His blank expression did not change but there was a certain twinkle in his eyes that betrayed his thoughts.

“Yeah, yeah, ha ha,” You muttered, untangling yourself. “It is not my fault that nature hates me.”

“Nature does not hate you,” Legolas said, maneuvering his way through the forest as you struggled to keep up with his long strides. “You merely do not know how to properly co-exist with it. This is why it battles you.”

“So you’re telling me it is purposely messing with me?” You narrowed your eyes. Legolas sighed.

“You need to learn how to be one with your surroundings.”

“Well then teach me, oh so wise one,” You drawled, not having his mojo jojo.

Legolas glanced back at you. “First of all, attacking everything in sight will not help.”

You looked at your hand that had pieces of torn leaves that you’d ripped when you pushed the vine away from you and dropped them onto the ground sheepishly.

“Secondly, please do not frighten off the wildlife. They can hear you coming a mile away, what with your footsteps.”

“What’s wrong with my footsteps?” You asked indignantly.

The corner of his lip tugged up slightly. “You sound as if you are a herd of stags stamping through.”

You gaped at him, appalled at the insult. “Excuse me?” Legolas himself seemed to not make a blip of noise as he walked, almost as if he were gliding along the ground. Well it wasn’t your fault you were not a mystical elf now was it?

“You are excused,” He hummed. “Lesson number three, you need to listen to nature.”

Yeah ok.


“I’m serious.”

“Yeah right.”

At that he stopped entirely, and you almost ran right into his back. You spluttered, trying to balance yourself.

“Don’t just stop-”

He turned around so that he was looking at you and smiled. “Sit.”

You opened your mouth to argue but his smile intensified threateningly and you found yourself sitting.

Legolas folded his legs in and you replicated the action, growing suspicious when he placed his hands lightly on his knees. His bow and pack of arrows stayed in their position strung over his back, showing you just how ready he was at all times for a battle.

“Close your eyes,” He said.

“Don’t we have more important things to do-”

“This is important. Now close your eyes.”

You wanted to say that your appointment and reason for this journey was more important but you kept your lips shut. The world shut off to darkness as you closed your eyelids.

“Now what?”

“Patience,” he said with a tilt of amusement in his voice that made you even more agitated. “What can you hear?”

What. “I don’t hear-”


You pinched your side to calm yourself and attempted to hear something, anything to get him off your case.

“Fine. I hear uh, a mosquito. Also I think there is a stream somewhere nearby.”

“An orc has better senses than you, anyone could tell that. Try harder.” 

You bit your tongue to prevent yourself from lashing out. You considered running but knew you wouldn’t get very far comparing your speed to his. 

“Don’t just listen with your ears, listen with everything.”

Fine, you thought. Might as well.

So you waited. And waited.

And waited.

You sat there for about five minutes without hearing anything and was about to give up when something whispered in your ear. It was the wind, blowing through your hair and curving round your body. 

And just like that it seemed everywhere came alive. Slowly the stream nearby picked up in frequency, and you could hear the water rushing over stones, splashing the soil. A bunny scurried into a hole off to your left, debris and dead leaves crunching underneath its feet.

You had been too annoyed earlier to register the smell of the forest but now that you weren’t occupied it assaulted you. Fresh ozone, stinging pine, an earthy, dusty aroma filling your nose. It was so potent you could taste it on your tongue and at the back of your throat.

A hawk cried somewhere off in the distance. More creatures hurried along in the background. A trail of ants, the slow slithering of the belly of a snake, a cooing from a bird to your right, and the response from another bird up ahead. The leaves of the trees overhead rustled in the wind and you could feel the forest floor beneath you, hard from the countless travelers that had trekked its path before, but slightly damp from rain that had fallen two days prior. 

Without thinking your body let go tension and you heard even your own inner workings. You registered your breathing, chest moving up and down as air went out of you, mingling with the forest air that you drew back in. Your heart thudded inside you, the rhythm coinciding with the drip of a moist leaf far off.

Drip. Drip.

Your hands moved from your lap, burying themselves into the dirt around you limply, feeling it against your skin and clumping underneath your nails.

And somehow, you made the vague thought that you really were one with nature.

You didn’t know how long you had been in that state. Then you were being shaken gently, shattering your calm.

The first thing you saw when you reopened your eyes was blue. A sea of clear sky that had you drowning in their depths. It was only when you blinked you saw that you were really only looking into Legolas’ eyes. 

You got to your feet, jerking away from him. It surprised you when your legs turned to jelly. You would have fallen if not for the tall elf who had supported your weight, already up.

It felt as if you had just come out of a deep slumber. “W-what? I-” Even your voice sounded raspy.

“And that,” Legolas began and you saw all at once how close you were to him, your palms squeezing his arms for support and your head on his chest. You flushed when he spoke, his chest rumbling as he did. “-is what it is to listen to nature.”

You managed to regain your balance and let go of him, but he did not make an effort to put more distance between the two of you.

“Is that what you elves hear all the time?” You asked. Now that you weren’t listening, the woods had gone back to how you had perceived them at first, and you couldn’t get back those feelings you had. 

Legolas only gave you a close eyed smile.

“No wonder you all are like that,” You mumbled. It was like they were on drugs 24/7.

“I will take that as a compliment,” He raised an eyebrow.

“If you want,” you replied, now completely back to normal and smirked up at him.

Legolas closed the small space between you suddenly, making it nonexistent. You had no time to react when he spoke, now so close you could feel his lips brushing your ear.

“You have no idea what I want, Y/N.”

A rush of sparks tingled down your spine, blood hot underneath your cheeks. You were sure you were a statue when Legolas moved away and began walking yet again. 

He was already a far ways ahead when his voice drifted back to you. 

“I would advise you to make haste, Y/N. After all we have important places to be.”


The Isolated Islet

It was a warm soothing summer when our family went out for some break to one of the must-visit places in our town. The islet. The little one across the sea of Malajog was the place we’ve decided to visit.

My aunt – the youngest sister of my mother – just went home from Taiwan. Every time she goes back to town, we always do stuff we do not regularly do on normal days. Yes, I guess my aunt is the kind of person who always does anything new or things that are interesting to work with. She’s the dora the explorer in our tribe, probably, and that’s quite amazing to acknowledge. Anyway, the said Islet is very isolated and empty. When we went there, there was nobody else and the only thing you could observe is the sound of the waving sea – kissing the edges of beautiful rock formations which are naturally scattered all around - circling the islet.

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The Labyrinth Chapter 7

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Length: 1730

Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 || Jin Trailer ||

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From the kitchen doorway, your figure, unsettling the lights that come like ribbons through the gaping window. Me, the unsettled thing, gnawing at a box of tissue fluff left over from my sea the night before. You look at me with impatience, or sympathy. I can’t remember. I don’t know how to distinguish between what you call dark blue or black. The sky is red and while you look at me I am looking at the neighbor’s house, garden full of rabbits, cheery door with a light flickered on, waking sleepy people from warm beds. I wish it were my house.

I can feel your fingertips tucking themselves under my hair, revealing what your voice keeps hidden, my, my, this creature feels like an ocean. this creature is drowning me and I am an old boat. Is this what we do when the script detours? You were a small bark of tree fashioned into a boat by July rains and love, or so I told you, and I was a small mouse with a knack for turning deep collarbones into homes. I trusted the unsteadiness of old wood, and you threw me overboard. “But what can I do?”, you shrugged, “I am tired.” I looked over at you with the melancholy coming out of me like a sigh kept too deep. That is the thing about disappointment. It wrings its hands around you slowly, lets go, but never really leaves- a ghost waiting to be resurrected by neglect.

Feed me, feed me. Say her name with half the honey, leave the party early, embrace the room alone without her warmth. Cultivate a story inside your own head and cast her an anachronistic thing, “-ld”, “-ed”, “-t”. By then when I make you tea, all you taste is the dull tinge of a winter morning that never ends. My smiles annoy, my language is foreign. I am the unsettled thing and I unsettle you. did you know then, darling? all I can think of is how I look like a scarecrow, arms widespread in desire, with just enough agony in my arms from stretching. Everybody sees me and the crows mock. It is neither dawn nor dusk but the sun is very high and I dream-if I could only jump off the edge of this field and wrap my body around you. If I could only take that sun in your mouth and let it swallow, burn me whole.

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I wish you would write a fic where, naegami and Komahina switch. So Naegi is Nagito and Organic is Hajime, and vice versa

I’m assuming ‘organic’ is supposed to be Togami. I wrote this as sort of half character swap, half talent swap, and I really hope this is what you wanted! If not then I hope you enjoy it regardless! Thank you for reading!

Togami wasn’t panicking. Of course he wasn’t. Even though he had been thrown into such a bizarre situation, Togami wouldn’t let himself panic. He had to stay composed.

He could see palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze, framing the sea and the crashing waves and the sand as a bright blue sky stretched above him. There was no doubt about it: he was on a tropical island. He still couldn’t understand why, or even how, he was there. A classroom full of Hope’s Peak Academy students, a talking toy rabbit, the walls falling away as if they were made of cardboard–none of it made any sense, and thinking about it only gave Togami a headache.

“Togami-kun?” Togami turned. A boy with pale brown hair and kind eyes was looking at him. His name was Makoto Naegi, if Togami remembered correctly, the SHSL Luck. A pointless talent, but it suited someone whose face and personality was so bland.

But at least he can actually remember his talent, a part of Togami’s mind mocked. Togami grit his teeth.

“Are you okay?” Naegi spoke again, his expression full of concern. “You look pale. Do you need to sit down?”

“I’m fine,” Togami said in a clipped voice.

“Are you sure? You’ve been standing here for half an hour now…”

Had it really been that long? Somehow, Togami wasn’t surprised. He shook his head.

“I don’t need your help.”


Togami fixed Naegi with a cold stare. “Go pester someone else. Your very existence is irritating me.”

Naegi’s face fell. Togami turned away: as his eyes settled on the sea, he heard Naegi’s footsteps fade into the other direction. Soon Togami’s only companion was the sound of the waves, and the cry of seagulls.

Alone, Togami had no choice but to focus on his growing anxiety. At least Naegi had provided a distraction. He took in a deep breathe, closing his eyes. He would find a way off the island. He could stay calm as long as he told himself that.

“Um, Togami-kun?”

Togami held back a sigh. He would have thought even Naegi understood he wanted to be left alone. Was Naegi purposely annoying him now? He looked back, displeasure obvious on his face.

Naegi gave him a hopeful smile. He was holding two water bottles in his arms, and he held one of them out to Togami.

“There’s a market on this island,” Naegi explained in response to Togami’s puzzled expression. “I thought you could use some water.”

Togami wanted to turn down the offer and return to his thoughts, but at the mention of water he realised how dry his throat was. Reluctant, he took the water bottle and started to drink. He saw Naegi smile.

After a moment of silence, Togami sighed. “I suppose I should see the rest of this island.” He looked at Naegi. “You’ve already explore this island, right? Good. Then you can act as my guide.”

“Oh.” Naegi blinked, taken aback. “Um, yeah. I can do that.”

“Then let’s go. There’s no point in wasting any more time here.” He started to march forward, but stopped. He held up the bottle. “And… thank you for the water,” he managed to say. “It seems you’re more useful than your talent indicates.”

“Thanks, I guess.” Naegi seemed to accept his words as a compliment and smiled. He began walking ahead in order to show Togami around the island, and as they moved Togami made a mental note to keep Naegi around.

Komaeda entered the main hall and was met with the eyes of 14 other SHSL students, and for a moment he wondered if he had stepped into a dream. He worried he might stop breathing. Here he was, standing in a room full of Japan’s greatest and brightest. They almost seemed to emit an aura of talent and hope. There was no doubt in his mind that he didn’t belong there.

“Well?” a girl called, pulling him out of his reverie. He had seen her face many times in magazines—she was Junko Enoshima, SHSL Gyaru. “Are you going to introduce yourself, or are you just going to stand there?”

Komaeda hurried forward with an apologetic smile. Over the next few minutes, Komaeda learnt the names of everyone in the room and all of their wonderful talents. In his opinion simply being in their presence was more than he deserved. The fact that everyone was talking to him and smiling and treating him like someone who had a right to be with them… Komaeda wouldn’t have been surprised if he fainted from sheer happiness.

Eventually there was only one person Komaeda hadn’t introduced himself to. Even though they hadn’t spoken yet, Komaeda knew who he was: his name and face had come up plenty of times while Komaeda was researching his classmates. The SHSL Heir, successor to one of the most powerful families in the world, Hajime Hinata. Komaeda introduced himself with a smile. Hinata, however, was silent. He seemed distracted somehow, as if he hadn’t even heard Komaeda.

“Hello?” Komaeda looked at him, concerned. “Hey, can you hear me?”

Hinata blinked suddenly and stared at Komaeda. “Oh, sorry,” he said with an apologetic expression. “I’m Hajime Hinata, the, um, SHSL Heir.”

“I’m Nagito Komaeda,” Komaeda said, his smile just as warm as before. “My talent’s kind of… well, it’s definitely nowhere near as impressive as yours.” Hinata gave Komaeda a strange look, as if he wondered if he was mocking him. “My talent is luck. Hope’s Peak Academy chooses one ordinary student every year through a lottery, and this year it was me.”

“Luck, huh…” Hinata sounded thoughtful. Komaeda was about to ask if something was wrong, but then a monitor on the wall flickered to life. Everyone fell silent.

Komaeda had believed that the chance to be in the same room as so many SHSL students was an amazing act of good luck. But as he stared at the silhouette of a bear on the monitor, he wondered if the situation was actually bad luck. He glanced at Hinata, and he decided that whatever bad luck he had to face was worth meeting someone as wonderful as the SHSL Heir.


Luke: ”You got pretty eyes, but I know you’re wrong…”

Blue. Not like the sea, surely more like the sky when it’s a sunny day and there aren’t many clouds. You wouldn’t expect someone with such peaceful eyes to be so troubled. Yet, when you were looking at his eyes you forgot about his piercings, tattoos, attitude and drug problems. You forgot about how your parents would disapprove if they knew you had been sneaking out of your bedroom when you were supposed to be sleeping to meet with a guy. Specially a guy like Luke. “What are you staring at?”, he asked, his eyes lingering on you for a moment, before focusing on the road again.  ”Nothing”, you mumbled blushing. “Right, sure”, he smirked. “Where are we going?”, you asked, changing the subject. “You’ll see”, he shrugged, eyes locking with yours.

Ashton: ”You hope that, that boy will be alright…”

Ashton Irwin. You so desperately had a crush on him. And so desperately pitied him. He was that typical bad boy that inside was suffering from lack of attention from his abusive parents. And boy, was he hot. You’d watch his every step intently, watched as he picked on other kids, as he walked alone and light a cigarette. All you wanted to do was help him help himself. Today, he looked less angry, but sadder. He walked with his head down, pride hurt. “Did you hear what happened to Ashton?”, your friend whispered in your ear. “No, what?”, you asked her. “His mom died”, she said, “Police think his dad killed her”. As if listening to your hushed conversation, Ashton’s head turned towards you and your friends, eyes locking with yours. You suddenly felt the urge of running towards him and hugging him, telling him that it’d all be alright. But your friend pulled you away from him. away from everything you wanted to say and do. You just hoped he’d be alright.

Michael: ”Get in the shower if it all goes wrong…”

“I can’t do this anymore”, you yelled at Michael, tears in both of your eyes, “Fuck you!”. “(Y/N) come back here”, he yelled back, chasing you as you went up the stairs. You slammed your bedroom door, followed by the bathroom one as well. Without even bothering to take your clothes off, you turned the shower on and put yourself under the water, taking deep breaths and resting your back against the wall; sliding to the ground. The water calmed you, helped you to think straight. You didn’t want to leave Michael, you didn’t want Michael to leave you. You didn’t want this to be the end. “(Y/N)?”, you heard Michael’s voice softer asking, opening the bedroom door. “What?”, you bitterly asked. “I’m sorry”, he said, stepping in the shower and kneeling in front of you, “I love you”. “I’m sorry too”, you sobbed, “And I love you. I’m just too stressed”. “It’s okay, I’m just as stressed. We’ll find a way”, he mumbled, kissing the top of your head.

Calum: “Yeah, if you wanna find love then you know where the city is…”

There you were: at the heart of the city on a Friday night. The flashing lights welcoming you and your friends while you walked a random path. Weekend nights were the times when the center of town was filled with people - you loved it. “Sorry”, your granduous moment was interrupted by someone bumping into you. “It’s okay”, you smiled, seeing big brown eyes that belonged to a very handsome boy. ‘I’m Calum”, he stood his hand out. “(Y/N)”, you shook it. “So, (Y/N), where are you going?”, he asked. “Well, I was just walking with my friends. But I think they abandoned me” , you stated, looking around. “Great! Then I can take you to my favorite coffee shop”, he smiled taking your hand and leading the way.

Blue Tears

Jimin x Reader
 You showed me the stars in the sky. I’ll show you the stars of the seas.
Genre: Fluffy late night adventure
Word count: 4,794 words
A/N: Dedicated to all those feeling lonely on New Year’s Day. Happy New Year!

There you stood looking straight into the overwhelming darkness of the seas that laid before you. Your toes sunk into the wet sand as you forgot how long you’ve stood at the same spot staring at the same page of darkness. You were blind to the dark night, deaf to the lapping sound of the soft waves that have receded far from where you stood, numb of the cool sea breeze that caressed your hair and your exposed skin left uncovered by the simple tank top and shorts you were sporting.

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This is gonna be long ;)

Ooook, we came back. I’ll try to be as short as I can but there are so many things to say! When we arrived, the first day, we knew LT were going to arrive that day too, but we didn’t know when, so we went around with biiiig eyes looking for them. We took some workshops and we stepped in the hall hella tired. We rounded the corner and there they were. We lost our shit!!! We couldn’t make any sound but we were crying/screaming/dying inside. Before we could get them Larry went upstairs to their room and Lau got into the terrace. Needless to say, we followed him. Best. Scene. Ever. Imagine: a terrace, the blue sea, the sun shining in blue sky, the tall perfect shadow of Lau (wearing a black tank top) holding a “phon speaker” (sorry I don’t know how to call it) and dancing to Holy Grail. We lost our shit again. We greet him, gave him a letter we wanted them to read (he said “c'est pour moi??/it’s for meeee? in the most adorable way with a beautifull smile), took pics and he asked us how long were we going to stay. Then he went back into the hall. We stayed in the terrace trying to calm down and Larry came in. Again, greets, pics… there were "save me” played in the background and he was singing while taking pics! XD Luckily, we stayed in the terrace, because after few moment they were practicing their new choreo there. We watched them for all the time sitting on the floor and dying inside. When they do rehearsal they’re dead serius!! Expecially Larry, who was actually getting upset with Lau. (yes, they were constantly arguing). They were there with their sister and one of their brother and they played with one of the salsa/cuban teacher’s daughter. We saw them again when they were watching some salsa/cuban/idon'tknowwhat lesson playing “tonight” by Ludacris and again they were dancing on they’re own in the smoothest way. Needless to say, all of a sudden they did the same moove one behind the other. wow. The evening they made their performance. We lost our shit sooo much!!!! so fucking amazing! Before they started, Larry grabbed the mic to ask and scream if we were ready. We were not! O.O then, they showed up at the hiphop club. they did their thing. Their energy is so strong it actually hits you! Lay went really crazy, teaching musicality to everybody… his eyes changed when he went into the music… when he went beast mode he grabbed our shirt to throw his had back at us… no words. Really, seeing them in person is just breathtaking… they’re a way more perfect!! (oh, and he “protected us” from an opponent who hit us by smacking him in a funny way and smirking to us).

The next day they attended a lesson with all the other bigs in hip hop, p lock, fabbreezy, salah, swan… they were the showmen of the situation, making everybody laugh! we did a lil bit of their warm up and we went crazy! it was funny to see them in confusion doing some tutting sequence XD When larry was showing his steps, Lau was supposed to count… but he just made crazy sounds like ninja and cartoon XD so did larry after.In the evening, during the show, the presentator was holing her newborn daughter and obviuolsy Larry came on stage trying to get her and smirking at her. Then they did an unexpected performance, the wod choreo ending with a freestyle on brush off your shoulder. Fucking insane!!! They went in the “club” again and killed every body with gorgeous faces.

The last day we saw them even at breakfast. Larry pulled back his hair with his neckwarmer and Lau was wearing glasses… to gorgeous. And they were laughing all of the time with their bro and sis. The most adorable sound ever. In the afternoon we attended their workshop. maaaaaan they were great! Their warmup is just crazy… Even if they had really short time (lau didn’t make his part of the choreo) they argued all of the time, because when larry was trying to be serius showing the step, Lau was counting singing Macarena and saying Italian shit XD At the end, they made the coreo with everybody splitted in four groups and they did freestyle. Craaaaazy! They wanted us fucking close to them, I was shocked they could actually move. The energy was insane!!! It all ended whit larry singing the italian song “Ti amo” (I love you). Magical! <3

Finally, we were about to leave and we wanted to thank them. Se we did. We stopped Lau first. He was like “yeah, you want pic?” and we said no, we just want to thank you for everything and blabla. He tried to hide an aaaw face, he kinda smirk, grabbed our arms and slammed us into a tight hug. He was so huge we were both wrapped in his arms and pressed into his chest… we couldn’t breathe… And then we stopped Larry. He said some shit and then was like “you want pic? (they said the same thing) We come back, we not going” and we said that we were actually going and blabla, the same thing. He smiled and said aaaaaaaaw and opened his arms inviting us. Again, we were wrapped and pressed in a tigh hug that we will never forget.

I hope I didn’t forget anything… try to ignore my mistakes, I’m still emotional. It’s incredible how humble they are… it felt like we were all together (all the dancers, I mean), like one huge group. they were “one of us”… you feel like you always knew them and it’s heartbreaking to leave… You actually miss them… Sorry, I’m getting too long.

If you have any question, just ask :) Now I’ll try to post the video of their new choreo (even If I fear it will be too huge to post…)

Love you all, Ladies <3

shorty shitty thing im so rry

They both remember it differently.

If you ask Percy, he could tell you everything. He remembers the faint scent of lemon shampoo coming from her hair, the dusting of freckles across her tanned face, that one eyelash resting on her cheek. He remembers that she presented the blue brick of a cupcake with her right hand and did a little flourish with her left. He remembers how the evening air felt on his skin, how it smelt of salt. He remembers how the leaves rustled gently in the sea breeze, and the exact amount of golden-coloured clouds slowly travelling across Apollo’s realm. He remembers the time of day down to the minute. He remembers the moment that her soft lips touched his and the world went into hyperfocus. Every tiny detail, every blade of grass and dust particle suddenly visible in HD. Like the world had suddenly put on glasses and everything has sharpened.

If you ask Annabeth, she couldn’t tell you anything. She remembers the colour of his eyes and how both the sea and the sky had reflected in them, how she could see the sunlight casting shadows on his godlike features. She remembers that his hair was mussed from running his fingers through it. She remembers that he was wearing his camp T-shirt and he got blue icing on it. She remembers how his eyelashes looked so thick and dark the closer to his face she got, and how they fluttered like butterfly wings when they closed. She also remembers how everything else in the world disappeared, how their surroundings blurred as if they were in an oil painting and they were the subject of interest, not the trees. She doesn’t remember if it was midday or afternoon or whether she kissed him first or he kissed her first.

Together they paint a perfect picture of that perfect moment.