look how blonde i am omg

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omg 6 with matt?

#6: “What do I care how he looks? I am good-looking enough for both of us”

Lunch time was your favourite part of the day, since it was the only time in between your shifts where you could hang out with your boyfriend. Matt greeted you with his wide goofy smile as you met him in the cafeteria, not caring if you got grease on you as you hugged him. You gave his blonde hair a ruffle, kissing him on his big nose before you turned to get your food.

The food was actually good today, fresh and delicious smelling. As you sat, you thought you might finally have a moment of peace with your love, until you overheard some officers talking about you from another table. 

“He’s ugly as hell, what does she see in him?” One whispered loudly, not caring if you heard. 

“He sure is punching above his weight. I mean, look at her, then look at him.” The other replied.

“Poor girl. She probably has to cover his face when they go at it.” 

“Yeah, he probably sucks in bed too.”

Matt slouched in his seat, hearing it all. He believed it all to be true, and a lot of your arguments stemmed from this idea that you were too good for him. You were a gorgeous high-ranking officer, and he was barely a mediocre technician. Even as Kylo Ren, his physical features were lacking, according to him. You noticed his body language, frowning slightly. You weren’t exactly a confrontational person, but you were sick of this. You knew that even when you weren’t around, people bullied Matt, feeding his fears about not being enough for you.

So when you heard another officer state that “you deserved someone better” you stood abruptly, snapping your plastic fork. To Matt’s dismay, you stomped over to the table, slamming your hands down.

“My boyfriend is the most beautiful person in this goddamn universe, inside and out. Even if I didn’t find him incredibly attractive, I am good-looking enough for both of us. You yelled, frightening the officers with your intimidating glare. “If I ever hear you talking about him in a degrading way again, I’ll have you all floated into deep space.” 

You finished your rant with a curt huff, turning back to your table. You smirked at the surprised look on Matt’s face, his delight showing in the sparkle of his wide eyes. You stopped before returning to him, turning back to the officers to add one last point.

“Oh and by the way, he’s fucking phenomenal in bed.” 

*request a book quote drabble*

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Wait you're biracial?! I am too!! Omg is it too personal to ask what your ethnicities are? (Idk how else to word that) xxx

I’m first gen off the res Shawnee and second gen in America Czech! 

…tbh I used to never use the term “biracial” when describing myself because I know I dont look it, but since my (Native) father’s passing, I’ve started not giving a fuck about “not looking x enough”. I like my native nose and my thick dark hair, just like I like my blue eyes and pale skin   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay, but

Okay, but, lately I’ve been digging in my country’s (Spain) Les Mis cast and have you ever seen one of the spanish Enjolras? HE IS FUCKING PERFECT, PHYSICALLY SPEAKING, FOR THE ROLE!!! I mean, Daniel Diges looks like he was made to play that role, just look, LOOOOOOOK

That luscious blond hair, i don’t even know if it’s a wig, buuuuuuut maaaaaaaan that hair is sexy and blond and exactly how i imagine Enjolras’ hair when I read the book. 


And his voice, so uuuuuuuuugh so fucking perfect i can’t even start i just love it. And he plays JEAN VALJEAN TOO I MEAN WHAAAAAAT <3 

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(yolanda anon) i feel like she looks like a stereotypical blonde soccer mum who obviously used Botox or smth and also is rlly bad at makeup. like when she compliments ur makeup, u realize u fucked up sorta thing, pls tell me how accurate i am

omg you are so far off but i like this version better 

Submit Anon: My IRLMadoHomu
Hang there friends, this one is a doozie. It happened really recently too. (I’m in 7th grade) I apologize that it’s so long.

Weeb: Twi

Me: Homura

Friend : Madoka

Tw: Sexual Harassment

My first run in with her was around the beginning of the year in first period. (This part is sorta slow, but bare with me) I remember I was trying to have a conversation with my friend Madoka when I feel someone’s breath on my neck. I turn around to see this tall, awkward girl who, in this high, squeaky voice exclaims, “Ahh! Kawaii! A real life loli!” Presumably she meant my friend, who is short and freckled with blond ringlets. Then, she turns to me and says, “Omg, are you Japanese?” Now, this was bizarre. I am half-Punjabi Indian, but at first glance I just look white. I said nothing to insinuate I had ever lived there, so I’m still baffled as to why she asked. I politely said no, and asked her name. “Twi nya!”Oh dear, I wish I were making this up. Judging by her looks and the anime pins on her bag, I just assumed she was in a mild weeb stage. I made a joke about how when I was new like her this school reminded me of Ouran to please her. She screeched at the reference and asked my favorite anime. I replied FMAB, only to receive a “NOOOOOO, not KAWAII AT ALL1!1!1!” I shrugged. Then, came the dreaded question. The question itself was not too bad: “Are you two yuris”(I’m bi) But what it caused, Jesus take the wheel it was bad. I told her no, we had been friends since kindergarten. She pouted and said we were just being tsundere, and that we were her little MadoHomu. Ugh, I should have just told her off then.

To be nice, we let her join our table. She really wasn’t that bad, besides the whole MadoHomu thing. She was constantly trying to force me on her, and vice versa, it was really annoying, but we felt bad for her. We let her come over to out house since she had no friends to hand out with (poor girl). We would watch anime and talk about it, and even though Madoka wasn’t really a fan she put up with it because she loved the style. One time, after she had been seeing us for a month or two, she invited us to her house. That’s when it all went to hell. We started watching this title we never heard of and…. oh Lord, it was hentai. She kept pointing to the two girls on the screen, yelling “Do that! Be like that! Homu-chan, you be the seme!” Madoka was very very innocent and just sat there in wide-eyed horror. I was having a huge panic attack, and I’m still mad at myself for not coming to her rescue. After poor Madoka fell asleep, Twi started forcing herself on me, trying to grope me and kiss my neck, saying all this shit about how “If the loli won’t take you, I will” I was freaking out, trying not to cry, completely frozen in fear. I finally came to my senses, used a self-defense technique I learned on Tumblr to flip her off of me and called her mom. Thankfully I got to go home and we didn’t see her for weeks. She kept spamming us on our social media and text with nudes and hentai; no matter how much we blocked her she kept making new accounts and even bribed other kids to do it. The nudes evolved into death threats, and there was a rumor that one day she brought a knife to school. Thank God she was expelled, good riddance.

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So. Last night I stumbled on your blog at like 4 am. And now I've gone thru the sub!steve, criminal!bucky, lactating!steve, nymph!steve tags and I don't know what to do with my life anymore, everything you write is A++ and my humble offering: Bucky's gang absorbs/beats another one, the Irish, and as a peace offering the Irish give Steve to Bucky, and Steve had just been the group toy, passed around among the men, and Bucky isn't sure he wants the guy until he sees him and then he's smitten (1/2)

(2/2) and he’s GONE from the first look when Steve steps into the office, dressed to the nines, and Bucky immediately declares that he’s not common property, he ain’t anyone’s. He gives him a desk job while he flirts with him at first because he’d be a liar if he said he didn’t want the blond in his bed but he wants Steve to want it too, and once they’re together the bullshit desk job gets thrown out the window.

omg ;_; <3 <3

and jesus. How did you know that I have a weakness for things like this??? Am I that obvious?!

Steve as a peace offering and Bucky wanting Steve to choose him and just. *_______________*

I want to write this. I have got to find time to catch up on some stuff so that I can write this.

BLESS you, Nani <3


Sorry the photo equity isn’t that good!! I have to say that Meryl looks amazing in pretty much everything  she does. Am I the only one turned on by how she looks here?! And she has tattoo and she sings. Omg so looking forward to this movie!!!!!


this episode looks so answer full 

it looks like dr sullivan on the opposition lol 

oo so intense!!

sturdy faces from all the girls and the man who tried to make himself look like a real life ken barbie in the right corner

how nice of varjak to grace us with his presence, see the blonde knows 

these pictures of ali are breaking my heart

tanner saf- shady as fuck

i think this picture truly broke my heart, look how scared she looks anyone who still thinks she is -A is more mental than radley put together, shes actually so vulnerable!!! omg i think i love alison more than emily! TEAM ALI FOREVER!!

but yeah this is day  of the trial

tanner ssaf- still shady as fuck

cindy and mindy turned up hmmm

loving this new bromance ezleb

ezra: somethings gonna happen quick into the pose from the incredibles

ezleb: oh

caleb: wtf ezra you said something was gonna happen, now we looked like idiots and -A probs has that on film

caleb: my mum brought me this car

ezra: hey i think theres something on your windscreen

ezleb: *detective shit while the liars are in court*

caleb: well that was productive

ezra: are you still pissed about the incredibles thing?

Day in the life of ezleb

is this another meeting mike and mona set up, mikes story line is so sad rn

more thrilling ezleb action

bad ass #TEAMEZLEB

mikes busted