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On one hand killing off Toffee that easily would be seen as “anti-climatic” or “Too soon” and we still have another season after this one, and he was so far the best villain and will be difficult to top, but on the other hand that was the most epic and most fitting way to kill him off.

is it just me or like. i can’t visualise the faces of fictional characters (or real people, for that matter). like no matter how specific u get with me it’s still a murky, vague, intangible blank space in my head where their features should be, so i rely heavily on personality & demeanor or a trademark physical trait/habit to help define & identify the characters for me, or else i literally can’t picture them


1940s beach babes


Ten Years of Ten: Evolution of the Daleks (April 28, 2007)

“Oh, Tallulah with three Ls and an H, just you watch me. What do I need? Oh, I don’t know. How about a great big genetic laboratory? Oh look, I’ve got one. Laszlo, just you hold on. There’s been too many deaths today. Way too many people have died. Brand new creatures and wise old men and age old enemies. And I’m telling you, I’m telling you right now, I am not having one more death! You got that? Not one. Tallulah, out of the way. The Doctor is in.”


“Somehow none of it seems to matter when we’re in Dublin. Class and all that just fades away. I’m Mrs Branson and we get on with our lives like millions of others.”


Drew the Braid Squad for @leyroad‘s birthday yesterday!

I just wanted to draw something sweet after the newer episodes tbqh


Local lesbian attempts to find good lighting and angle to show off her, hand-me-down-from-her-6-feet-tall-cousin, pants. Fails.


I actually had this ‘done’ a few months ago but when I tried to line it properly…it looked bad, so I just gave up on it for a while.

But since drawing’s still difficult for me these days I figured I’d try and fix it up a bit? Colouring is probably the most fun, I swear.

Confession: Tiki is half the reason I started playing Heroes, her design’s way too cute!

Tiny Sides 4/4 (Tiny Virgil)

A/N: Ahhhhhh this took me forever and im so sorry my life has been insane but I’m really proud of this so i hope you all like it. again all credit for this idea too @tinysidestrashcaptain


While it had been adorable seeing the other sides as children he didn’t want to become one himself. Virgil refused to go on any adventures with Roman, no matter how much he liked playing the snarky villain. The thing that terrified him most was that they didn’t know what happened to Patton. He could avoid dragon witches all he wanted but the fact of the matter was that he could still randomly turn into a child and it terrifies him.

So, when Virgil wakes up swimming in his hoodie he lets out the loudest scream he ever has. Suddenly he can’t breathe and his hands are buried in his hair. His entire body is shaking as he sobs, screams, and cries. He can’t breathe. God why can’t he breathe? He’s dying that has to be it he’s dying and god he doesn’t want to die. Its scarier than he thought it would be. He was crazy he didn’t feel okay what was happening he was alone and he was going to die. He was so scared. He didn’t think he would be this scared of death.

The scream had sent Patton sprinting to Virgil’s room. The minute he saw his tiny emo son he ran forward and pulled him into his lap and unlaced his fingers from his hair.

Suddenly Virgil found himself being held by a warm pair of arms and that shade of blue he associates with safety and home and the strong familiar scent that always made him feel as if he belonged surrounded him. He hands were slowly unlaced from his hair and another softer, more comforting hand is running through his hair. It helps, he feels grounded.

Eventually a comforting voice tells him calmly, “it’s going to be okay Verge. In for four, hold for seven, and out for eight. Your doing so good sweetheart. Good job. Keep breathing darling,” he continued to stroke his hand through his hair. Virgil whimpers and burrows deeper into Patton’s warm chest.

Patton is calm and comforting on the outside and but on the inside, he’s screaming. His sweet emo child is cuddling into him. Look how big that sweater looks on the tiny boy. he’s so small. He’s got sweater paws. Ahhhh! He’s so adorable.

Once Virgil had calmed down Patton scooped him up and carried him out to the commons.

Before either side could say anything Roman jumped up and screamed, “I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!”

“We know,” Logan said.

Virgil squirms the minute he sees Logan. Finally, Patton puts him down and he toddles over to Logan looks up and reaches up to him with an evil smirk on his face, “Hi momma.”

“Not again!” Logan exclaims picking Virgil up and putting him in his lap. Virgil proceeds to burrow into his chest and make himself comfortable.


They learn that Virgil has the most adult memories which helps him not panic less because he knows he can still help Thomas. Although having these memories isn’t all good. Every time they hug him, let him cuddle with them, or even just do something kind it sends a stabbing pain through his chest because they would never do this if he was grown. They only like him now because he’s small and cute. Despite that he couldn’t stop, he’d constantly ask to be held or snuggled with. He desperately wanted it even if it meant having to take advantage of his smaller size.


Patton was walking into the living room when Virgil came up to him and made grabby hands up at him, “Up?”

Patton refrained from squealing, but only barely, but look how adorable he was. So small and of course he could have all the cuddles he wanted. So, Patton picked him up and carried him to the couch holding him close. He sat on the couch and he placed Virgil in his lap and held him close. Virgil happily snuggled closer even though it hurt knowing he would never get this again when he was grown. He guessed he would have to savor it while he could.

“You okay buddy?” Patton asked seeming to sense the worry and sadness coming off him.

“‘m fine,” he said snuggling closer.

“What’s wrong?” he said running his hands through Virgil’s hair.

Virgil continued to snuggle into Patton’s chest. Patton looked down concerned, “Not that I don’t love the snuggles but what’s wrong? You’re starting to worry me.”

“”m sorry,” Virgil mumbled.

“It’s okay buddy,” Patton said holding him close, “You don’t have to tell me,” he said sounding sad.

“Nothing’s wrong. I promise,” Virgil said, “I’m just trying to soak it up while I can,” he said the exhaustion and safe feeling making him a little less masked.

“What?” Patton asked suddenly confused, “Soak up what?”

“affection,” he mumbled falling asleep.

“W-what?” Patton stuttered his heart breaking. Was his little shadowling so deprived of love that he felt he needed to get it while he was little? What had they done to make him feel so alone? How could they possibly fix this?


From that point on Patton made it a point to hold and snuggle and give Virgil as much affection as he possibly could. He couldn’t fix years of neglect and touch starvation but he could try.


Couldn’t breathe can’t breathe dying help save me help don’t want to die help help help. His chest hurt and he was overwhelmed what was happening was he going crazy? Why can’t he think? He knows how to deal with this worthless failure why couldn’t he do this right? Can’t do anything right.

His door shot open and in came Patton who immediately scooped him up in his arms, “It’s okay buddy. Just try to breathe for me, it’s okay. In for four, hold for seven, and out for eight. you’re doing so good honey just breathe.”

Eventually Virgil’s breathing calmed and his panic lowered, “I’m sorry,” he said softly.

“You don’t have to apologize dear. It’s okay,” Patton said running his hand through his hair. Virgil melted into his arms and it wasn’t until later that he wondered how Patton knew he needed him.


Virgil is a surprisingly particular child. He likes grape juice in a purple sippy. The first time Logan makes the mistake he expects a full-blown Patton melt down. All Virgil does is shrug and take the cup and say, “Is okay you try momma,” and go back to the living room to watch black caldron.

Logan is stuck standing there shocked. Somehow that was so much worse. What had happened to make him so excepting of less than what he wanted. That’s when Logan vowed that he would protect Virgil at any cost.


They all wake up to a horrible screaming one night. It is clearly Virgil because it sounds like a child. Patton and Logan both shoot out of bed and sprint down the hall. Roman shoots out of bed but stops himself from running down the hall because he’d probably just make it worse.

Patton is the first to arrive at Virgil’s room and he carefully opens the door to find the tiny side thrashing violently and screaming, obviously still asleep. Before he can rush forward to hold his child he feels a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t,” Logan says sounding calm but looking distressed, “If you try to wake him you could make it worse.”

So, they both stood there, Logan with his back straight face emotionless but eyes saying it all and Patton with tears streaming down his face eyes wide and a hand covering his mouth. Finally, the screams stopped suddenly and Virgil sat straight up right breathing heavily and sobbing.

Patton practically sprinted forward and scooped the child into his arms holding him in his lap and although Logan would claim he didn’t sprint he wasn’t far behind Patton. They both held the sobbing child in their lap.

Virgil looked a little alarmed, “Momma, dada?” he asked softly.

“Yes, baby it’s okay we’ve got you,” Patton said holding him.

Logan just kept running his hands through his hair and alternating between apologizing and whispering, “It’s okay momma’s here. I’ve got you. It’s okay.”

Virgil buried his face in Patton’s shirt grabbing fistfuls of it and sobbing. Finally, it seized to occasional whimpering but neither man let their child go.

“I’m sorry,” Virgil whimpered.

“For what?” Logan asked looking confused.

“fo’ waking you. I normally am quiet, sorry I woke you up,” Virgil said looking at his lap.

“Why are you apologizing for that?” Patton said eyes filling with tears, “You shouldn’t have to deal with that alone.”

“I always hafe,” Virgil said shrugging.

The tears began to fall down Patton’s face, “Oh baby,” he sobbed playing with his hair, “You won’t anymore.”

“You don’t hafe to do that,” Virgil said looking sad, “Just because I’m ‘ittle doesn’t mean I can’t deal with it.”

“Honey look at me,” Patton said lifting his chin, “You never should have had too, big or small. I’m just trying to right that wrong. You can sleep with me or I’m sure momma would be okay with it too.”

“Fank you,” Virgil mumbled burying his face in his chest.


Roman and Virgil still weren’t on the best terms so Roman isn’t surprised when Virgil is weary around him, hurt yes but not surprised.

One-day Virgil is coloring and watching black caldron when Roman sits next to him. He glances briefly at him but doesn’t stop coloring.

“What are you drawing there little dark prince?” Roman asks. When Virgil looks up at him it surprises him. He looks so grown up. He seems to be searching to see if Roman is making fun of him and if that doesn’t make Roman’s heart break.

“Favit animal, trash panda. See?” he holds up an adorable drawing of a purple and black racoon and searches Roman’s face to see if he’s going to laugh at it and it feels like someone has stabbed the prince through the heart. Virgil is looking up at him with so much fear and a need for acceptance.

“Virgil, that’s amazing! Truly I love it, it reminds me of your new jacket,” Roman exclaims.

Suddenly Virgil looks very sad and before the prince can ask what he did Virgil says, “To ‘ittle for my jacket now. Don’t fit.”

And that just can’t stand so with a flourish of his hand Roman produces an exact, albeit smaller, version of Virgil’s jacket, “Will this do until you’re big?”

Virgil’s mouth drops open and he drops his crayon and goes to reach out for it before visibly stopping himself, “Why? You hate me. You’re only nice because ‘m small. You’ll hate me when ‘m big again.”

And oh, how that statement shatters Roman’s heart. What had he done to his dark and stormy knight?

So Roman sits forward looking much more serious, “Virgil, I have NEVER hated you. I have disagreed with you, disliked how you have made Thomas feel from time to time but I have never hated you. I misunderstood you and it was easier to paint you as a villain than admit I misjudged you. That was my failing, not yours. If I ever made you feel lesser or unwanted you have my most sincere apologies. You are quite extraordinary, Virgil, and I assure you, I will like you even more when you are big again.”

Virgil’s lower lip quivered and his eyes swam with emotion, “Promise?”

“You have my most solemn vow,” he said sticking out his pinky.

Virgil hooked his pinkie with Roman’s before lunging into Roman’s arms. The tiny hoodie became his favorite item of clothing. He refused to part with it, even sometimes to sleep.


Two weeks later Virgil wakes up normal size and although he is happy to be back to full size he isn’t sure he is quite ready to go back to being unwanted and unloved. So, he is shocked when he steps out and Logan smiles at him, actually smiles, and Patton hugs him tight.

But the most surprising is when Roman walks over and hugs him so hard his feet leave the ground, “It is good to have you full sized again.”

Virgil blushes and acts embarrassed but is relived because maybe they don’t hate him after all, maybe they even love him.

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Making a Fat Piggy

Charlie licked his lips as he scanned the computer screen. He scrolled through the many pictures of his friend, Tom Nevin. Charlie had a crush on Tom. He loved Tom’s slightly chubby belly. Charlie come across a picture of Tom where he was on the floor with his belly showing. This really turnt Charlie on. He just wanted to fatten Tom up and play with his belly. Charlie smirked. He knew exactly what he was going to do…

Tom was sat at his desk, trying real hard to ignore the fact that he had work to be done. He sighed and turnt to talk to his friends.
‘Im so bored’ moaned Tom.
'Same’ replied Jack, who was sat next to Tom. 'I dont understand anything on this sheet’
'You can say that again’ Groaned Charlie, who was sat behind the two. Suddenly, the bell rang. All the students started to pack up and leave.
'Make sure you finish the work at home. I will be checking next lesson’ said Mr Ford as the students started to leave the class. It was time. As Tom placed his backpack on, Charlie turnt to him.
'Hey Tom’ Charlie gulped 'Doing anything tonight?’
'No, probably going to play Fifa or something, why’ Replied Tom.
'Do you wanna come round mine?’ Asked Charlie.
'Sure, why not!’ Smiled Tom as he left with Charlie, unknowing of what is going to happen to him…

Charlie and Tom reached the house. Charlie opened the rusty gate and reached the door. He placed his key into the lock and pushed open the door.
'Cheers’ said Tom as he entered the house. He threw off his bag and Charlie shut the door.
'So, want something to eat?’ Asked Charlie, trying to hide his smirk.
'Yeah, go on’ Charlie gestured Tom into the living room.
'Just sit on the sofa while i go see what we got’ Said Charlie as Tom sat down.
'You sure your Mum and Dad wont mind?’ Asked Tom as Charlie stumbled into the kitchen.
'Nah. They dont care.’ Charlie smirked as he started to fill a wheelbarrow with cakes, pizza, cookies and other fatty foods. Tom glanced round the living room. He pulled out his phone to see a text from his girlfriend Becca:
-'Hey Babe. You up for meeting tonite? Xxx’-
Tom replied:
-'Sorry babe. At Charlies house. Text yah when im home. XX’-
Tom locked his phone when he saw Charlie enter with a wheelbarrow full of food.
'Isnt that going overboard Charlie’ Asked Tom, dazed by the sight.
'Nah. You’re going to eat it all though’ Smired Charlie as he stuffed a cupcake into Tom’s mouth. Tom tried hard to resist swallowing the food. He whacked Charlies hand which allowed Tom to spit out the food.
'What the fuck Charlie!’ Screeched Tom as he tried to sit up. Charlie quickly pounced on Tom, pinning him down onto the sofa by sitting on his legs.
'Oh calm down’ said Charlie as he started to unbutton Tom’s shirt. Tom tried to push Charlie off, but failed.
'What the actual fuck!’ Screamed Tom as Charlie ripped the shirt from Tom’s body to reveal a small plushy belly. Charlie squished the roll of fat.
'Oh im going to make you so fat!’ Laughed Charlie as he squished the small squishy belly.
'Charlie!? What the hell is wrong with you!’ Cried Tom as Charlie continued to run his hand across his tummy. Charlie shoved a cupcake into Tom’s mouth with a larger force than last time. Tom tried to hold back from swallowing the food, but failed. As soon as the cupcake was swallowed, another was shoved into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as he continued to try and free from Charlies tight grip, but it was too hard. Charlie smiled as he continued to fill up Tom’s mouth with food.


Tom groaned as Charlie squsihed Tom’s belly.
'Look at it! It’s getting bigger!’ Smirked Charlie as he poked Tom’s flabby belly. His belly was now bigger. It took on the size of a small soccer ball. It was flabby and started to hang over Tom’s tight trousers. Tom now started to grow moobs, which took the shape of small mounds. He also started to get large love handles. Charlie got off Tom’s lap and made Tom stand on all fours on the floor. Charlie placed a large chocolate cake infront of Tom. Charlie sat on Tom’s back.
'Eat all of it’ Said Charlie as he spanked Tom’s round butt. Tom groaned nd took a large bite out of the cake. The chocolate icing smudged around Tom’s face as the moist texture of the cake melted inside his mouth. Charlie rubbed Tom’s bubble butt which strained against the tight trousers. Suddenly the Trousers ripped down his backside. Tom groaned at the feeling, which caused cake crumbs to fall out his mouth.
'Oh my…’ Blushed Charlie. 'My piggies gone and ripped his trousers! You are getting so big piggy!’ Charlie spanked Tom’s bum, which caused a ripple across his body.
“Im getting so fat” thought Tom as he continued to demolish the cake “Why is Charlie doing this to me?”
After another ten minutes of Tom eating, the cake was completely consumed. Tom spluttered as he started to breathe heavilly.
'Well done my giant piggy!’ Smiled Charlie as he got off Tom’s back. 'Hope you up for more’ Charlie place another four large chocolate cakes infront of Tom.
'No. Please’ Spluttered Tom as he started to pant heavilly.
Charlie sat back on Tom’s back 'Eat them now piggy’
'Too. Full’ Groaned the bloated piggy.
'Eat them now or im going to call over your entire family to see what a fat pig you’ve become’ Charlie smirked. Tom sighed as he took a bite out of the first cake.
'Good piggy!’ Laughed Charlie as he ran his finger down the rip of Tom’s trousers.


'Wow!’ Squealed Charlie as Tom’s trousers completely ripped from Tom’s body. Tom groaned as the trousers ripped from his body, leaving only his underwear as the last piece of clothing on his body. Tom turnt to see his large butt was on show which had a pair of boxers so tight on his body. They were so tight, his fat cheeks started to flow over them, looking like his ass was eating them.
'Damn piggy!’ Charlie blushed as he squished Tom’s butt 'They flew off! Looks like you’re boxers have become a thong! They look so tight on you Piggy!’ Charlie smacked Tom’s right butt cheek which caused Tom to moan. 'Continue eating your cakes piggy! Only one and a half left!’ Tom moaned as he continued to fill his mouth with cake.


Tom took the last bite of the cake in front of him. Crumbs fell from his mouth as he chewed the last bite.
'Well done piggy!’ Exclaimed Charlie as he sat on Tom’s back. 'I knew you could eat all them cakes!’ Charlie got off Tom’s back. 'Sit up piggy!’ Tom struggled, but managed to sit upright, leaning his back against the sofa. Tom’s belly hung over his underwear and his thighs. Hhe had a few rolls on his belly which rolled like a rolling pin. Tom’s moobs now took the appearance of a girls pair of boobs. His thighs nearly tripled in size, they were now soft and squished on the floor. Tom also had a number of chins which hung under his original.
'Look at you know piggy! You’ve gotten so fat!’ Charlie grabbed Tom’s love handles and shook, causing Tom’s whole belly to bounce. Tom moaned as Charlie continued to bounce. Then there was a knock at the door.
'Be back in a sec my piggy’ smiled Charlie as he stood up and left the room.

Two minutes later, Charlie returned with eight pizza’s, eight portions of fries and tons of burgers.
'You ready for more my piggy?’ Chuckled Charlie as he placed the food on the floor.
'No. Please’ Tom tried to get up, but struggled.
'No point trying to escape my piggy!’ Said Charlie as he sat infront of Tom. 'You are going to eat and thats it’
'Too. Fat’ Moaned Tom as he placed a hand on his tummy. 'Im so. Big’
'Thats it, touch you’re body. Look and feel how fat you’ve got. Look how big you’re belly is. Look at the way it sags down over your underwear. Look how big  you’re tits are, they are bigger than your girlfriends!’ Charlie moaned 'You are getting so fat! But not fat enough!’ Charlie picked up a slice of pizza and shoved it into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as the cheese flavour spread across his mouth.
“Im so fat” Thought Tom as Charlie placed another slice into his mouth. 'Ive gotten. So big. I cant even. Move. Im too. Big.“ Charlie continued to stuff food into Tom’s mouth. Tom was now helpless. He was too fat to move, being stuffed non stop and was being sat on the lap by his 'friend’. Tom moaned as Charlie smiled.


'Last burger piggy!’ smirked Charlie as he placed the last burger into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as he chewed and swallowed the meaty burger.
'Well done piggy! You ate everything!’ Smiled Charlie. Tom groaned. Tom was huge. Tom’s belly now pushed his legs apart and was touching the floor. His moobs were now the size of a large breasted woman. His moobs sat ontop of his flabby belly. His thighs were thick and huge and were squished against the floor. Huge love handles formed on Tom’s hips, followed by rolls up the side of his body.
'Damn Piggy. You are so big!’ Charlie grabbed Tom’s belly.
'Ooh’ moaned Tom 'Stop. Please.’
'Look at you! You’ve gotten so fat!’ Charlie moaned. Suddenly Charlie lunged ontop of Tom and kissed him. Tom pulled back and their lips disconnected.
'Whats wrong piggy? Dont want to be my piggy?’ Charlie leaned in to Tom’s face 'Kiss me back now, or else’
Tom sighed and leaned in towards Charlie. Their lips both connected as they kissed. Charlie’s tongue broke into Tom’s mouth and danced around. Tom moaned as he did the same with his tongue.
"Why is he doing this” Thought Tom “And why am i kissing him back?” They continued to kiss as Charlies hand squished and played with Tom’s fat, moving around his fat body. Charlie pulled away from the kiss and smirked. His cheeks were red and he was sweating 'Ive been wanting this for years Tom’ Tears started to fall slowly from Tom’s eyes. He is now Charlie’s piggy.

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Night after night, the desert king is haunted by visions of a sacred triangle in the eastern sky…