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To The Ends of The Earth

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1147

Warnings: a little on the angst side, fluffy, cussing (when can I ever write something that doesn’t drop an F-bomb or two)

Request: @leenasleena-blog  asked:
First off I love your work and also I was wondering if I could put a request in for a Dean fic with the song With or Without you by U2?

A/N: This is actually the closest I think I have ever come to really embracing Dean’s true character. I’m guilty of writing OOC but oh well lol. I did actually make that attempt in this one though, it still ended up fluffy as fuck even though I TRIED so hard for pure angst lol. Thank you as always to my forever beta, @avasmommy224

This gif is the way I seen him saying to the ends of the earth…you’re welcome ;) lol​

This is freaking pointless. Why the hell am I going after her again? I would do this for anybody I’m close to, right? Yeah, that’s it, it’s just in my DNA. I’m a protector. I had to look after Sammy our entire lives and now I feel like I have to do the same for her. How the fuck am I even supposed to find her? Her phone is off, no GPS signal, I can’t track her that way. I guess you’re just going to have to stop by every cheap motel until you find her. Fuck, Winchester! You’re really losing it now, get it together and stop talking to yourself! After all, she’s just a girl. Just another strong, smart, beautiful…fuck, I’m in trouble.

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Thievery is Unacceptable!

Rating: K+

Word Count: 1960

Summary: Dia is suspicious about what Mari was doing while the third years were at the aquarium. Whatever it was, it keeps squawking.

Link: (FFN)

“Mari-san, what exactly is going on here?” Dia’s eye twitched with restrained annoyance. Mari flashed her a big smile, putting her hands behind her back and shrugging her shoulders. A suspicious squawk sounded from behind her legs. She closed her legs together tighter.

“Absolutely nothing, Dia.” She dropped her smile, adopting a more stern tone. “You know, you shouldn’t come into a poor girl’s room uninvited. What if I had been naked?!”

“Eh?!” Dia faltered, startled at the sudden change in tone. Then she remembered who she was talking too, and all she could do was sigh and try not to immediately lose her cool. “Since when did you care about someone seeing you naked? And poor? Hardly. I came here because I was suspicious of your activities at the aquarium, and now I know that I was correct in my assumption.” Another squawk caused her to narrow her eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Question. have you ever seen hit the floor? because I just got into it like three weeks ago, and i figured you might like it?? lots of racial diversity. there's like one or two white characters

A couple of people recommended it to me, like, a while back (idk how long ago, but…), but I never got around to it. I might watch an episode or two to see if I like the general premise first, and then I’ll go from there.


Noah Foster  ➤ Betrayed

‘’I always believed Audrey was capable of murder, but, like,  in an “Isn’t my best friend badass, I’ll never lose a bar fight” way.’’

I ran for two minutes straight!!

Look - I know how intense the Fitblr community is, and how far “behind” I am terms of 1) weightloss or 2) eating healthy or 3) being fit or 4) having a great before/after – but I will 👏🏻 clap 👏🏻 for 👏🏻 my 👏🏻successful 👏🏻 small 👏🏻 steps 👏🏻

I got in 30 minutes on the treadmill - I can usually only run for about a minute before I need to walk, but I pulled off 2 minutes tonight 🙌🏻

I’m proud of myself. I’m not perfect and I’m not a 5k-er, but I’m on my way to improving. Thanks for sticking around with me!

if you think thorin wouldn’t try to do that ~very impressive muscle display at age 215 all like ‘look how young and strong I still am ghivashel’ with bilbo standing behind him looking completely disinterested, sipping on his tea and proclaiming ‘please stop showing off’, following which thorin probably slips a disk and has to go lie down then idk what to tell u

look at how i am so behind the akakuro week,here is prompt for day 3: childhood,so its sibling akkr  (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Kuroko want to bring the plushie to entrance ceremony but their parents only let him bring it until the front gate,so akashi hold his hand throughout the ceremony so that he won’t breakdown to tears   _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_  kill me

my headcanon for sibling akkr is that akashi is the tiniest one and kuroko is the tallest by 5cm,but then akashi gradually become taller even if its not much XD


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Walking into Sherlock and John’s shared apartment at 221B Baker Street, closing the door you turned around to see John sitting in a chair staring at you. You looked if anything was behind you but there wasn’t , so you tried to move and gave John a confused look after his eyes never left your face. “Is there something on my face or why are you staring at me?” you asked clearly confused and embarrassed with this whole situation. John only shook his head, looking like he’s trying to read your mind, “There is nothing on your face, I’m only trying to figure something out..”, he mumbled. You let out an embarrassed chuckle, not liking that John stares at you like you murdered someone. “What are you trying to figure out? Maybe I could help you…?” you asked. “Ur..maybe you could…” John said, his eyes left your form as he now glanced around the room. “So…” he traveled off, “why are you in love with Sherlock? How does it come that you, the nicest and most normal person I know, is in love with Sherlock who, I mean, is Sherlock?” You shifted slightly, looking at something behind John. “How do you know that I am in love with Sherlock and why do you care?.. It’s just.. He’s Sherlock and I like the way he thinks and acts. His weirdness is adorable and I cannot stop my heart from beating so fast whenever I see him.” You sighed. John opened his mouth to say something but closed it after a few seconds, lifting his finger to his mouth and watching you. Still not understanding how someone can be in love with Sherlock.