look how beautiful the sunset is

“I know he loves her now,” she said, “and I’m only a memory that he tries not to visit too often.” She paused, looking so at peace, but in the saddest way possible. “I guess I just hope that he thinks of me from time to time. When he sees a sunset too beautiful for words, or when our favorite artist releases a new song, or when he passes my street. I just hope that sometimes he remembers what it felt like to be nineteen and so in love that it was almost like your heart might burst. I hope that he smells my old perfume and he can’t shake the picture of me running outside of my house, barefoot, to jump into his arms. I just want our love to still be important, you know? I just… I hope it lingers.”

“It sounds like a beautiful memory,” I told her. “How could he forget?”

She smiled. “Darling, everything fades with time. Even the most vivid of moments — realizing, for the first time, you’re in love, or your first kiss, or even the day it all came crashing down around you — fade as new moments pass. I just hope I was important enough to last a little while longer.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #136 // Thinking of you because Ed Sheeran released a new song
when I was 17 the first girl I’d ever loved told me if her parents found out about how I looked at her she’d be homeless. 
we cried for 2 days straight, 
and I told about concrete counter tops.
I told her about dark hardwood floors
with at least three knit blankets on every couch.
Our bedroom facing west 
because even though I love the sunrise, 
you look the best in our bed 
covered in nothing 
but the deep purple of sunset.
The library that would smell like our books 
had been there longer than our home had been standing on solid foundation, stone, reliable.
Sweet girl, I know they say not to make homes out of people 
but I don’t want anyone else’s dirty dishes on my counter.
I don’t want to take the trash out for anyone else at 11pm.
You’re the only person I’d race to kill a spider for in the shower.
How could you ever be without a home 
when every time I look at you I’m building ours.
—  anonymous
She asked me, “How do I look?”
and I swear, “You look beautiful”
was the biggest lie I’ve ever told,
because she didn’t look beautiful, 
she looked like a dance of sunsets 
and galaxies, she looked like fairy 
dust and spring mornings, 
she looked so much more 
than just beautiful.


~girls are magic

fhdghdjkd but just imagine Clarke coming back to the bedroom at the end of the day and finding Lexa asleep in the bathtub. Submerged from the neck down, face completely relaxed and deprived of the usual tension she carries, hair pulled up in a messy bun that leaves her neck exposed. The light from the sunset bathes her with a warm, orange glow, and she’s so beautiful it hurts. So beautiful that Clarke’s first instinct is to want to draw her. Her fingers itch to immortalize that beauty on paper. But then her care and concern prevail. She places a finger in the water and notices how it’s barely even lukewarm anymore, and she doesn’t know whether to be more annoyed at Lexa for falling asleep in the water and risking to get her ass frozen, or more moved by how soft and vulnerable lexa looks like that, passed out after what was most definitely an extremely exhausting day. the latter wins. So she walks up to Lexa and gently, wakes her up. Fingers tenderly brushing her cheeks and jaw, her name uttered softly, maybe even a little kiss on her temple. And finally when Lexa stirs and her eyes heavy with sleep open and meet Clarke’s, Clarke smiles, warm and comforting. “Come to bed with me?” Lexa just nods once, turning her face of barely an inch to nuzzle at Clarke’s palm. After Clarke has helped her out of the tub and she’s dried herself up, they settle on the bed, wrapped around each other. Lexa falls back asleep immediately, and Clarke isn’t far behind her, wondering how it’s possible to fall in love with someone all over again every single day.

“Sweet mother, I cannot weave. Slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl.”

A girl whose nose crinkles when she laughs, whose brown eyes gleam in the sun.

She smiles into kisses and hugs me from behind.
She likes to dance.
She’s not too good at it, but she looks so beautiful when she tilts her head back and giggles at her movements that I love to watch her anyway.

She is sunflowers, lazy mornings, reading books aloud.
She is boardwalks with too big a sweatshirt pulled over her bikini, watching the sunset, hair pulled sloppily into a bun, a mess of half-dry hair.

She is mine.

Sweet mother,
“Sweet mother, I cannot weave. Slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl.”

—  O.R.E. {how did I get this lucky to hold her in my arms}
You loved sunsets. All the shades of reds mixed with the blues and yellows. How they washed the buildings and trees with a gentle, golden glow. You always took pictures. You loved how messy they were. How there was no ‘right one,’ yet each one was as beautiful as the last. You loved that no matter how bad your day had been, you could always look at them and ease your mind, and warm your heart. You loved how they just did their thing, no matter how many people noticed. So while you looked on, I took a picture of you. Because you were my sunset.
—  Daren Colbert, Sunsets
real talk

otabek is definitely the most Extra™ and over-the-top romantic dude?? bro waited for five years until the perfect opportunity presented itself to steal yuri away on his bike and take his to a beautiful place where he confessed to admiring him and telling he has the “eyes of a soldier” with the fucking sunset on the background because why not

so don’t try to tell me that when he’s planning on how to ask him out he doesn’t pull all the stops to make it be the most ridiculously romantic thing that won’t look like he actually Put In The Effort because yuri is permanently fed up with those because of victuuri, and that they’re probably progressively ruined by interferance from others and random incidents, until when he finally has things settled and is ready to take yuri to the star-lit frozen pond or whatever the fuck he decided on and he’s Very Casually leading him to the bike to get this show on the road

and instead yuri just goes “are you going to date me or not??” with a super pouty expression, and welp - fuck romantic settings and petal showers and all that comes with it

otabek just can’t say no to that

Headcanon that one day, while they’re driving home from a hunt, Sam comments on how beautiful the sunset is, with all the oranges and yellows, and Cas asks him what orange and yellow look like and that’s how the brothers find out that angels see in something similar to inverted colors/infra-red.  Something like this:

While it answers the question of their superior eyesight, it’s not nearly as pretty as what humans see.  So Sam and Dean burn some cheap glasses with holy fire because they already know it lets them see things they normally can’t.  Then they take Cas outside when the sun starts setting and Sam slides the glasses onto his face.

Dean watches closely, asking if things look any different.

But Cas doesn’t seem capable of answering.  His mouth is hanging open and his eyes are wide behind the glasses, snapping this way and that, landing on the dirt under his feet and then the gnarled tree growing close to the bunker’s entrance and then up at the sky where the sun is sinking behind the trees, and Dean knows that the angel is seeing things like they d now, in vibrant, warm colors, and he can’t stop the grin from spreading over his face, huffing a laugh when Cas reaches up to push the glasses higher on his nose.

The soft sound draws Cas’ attention and Dean’s laugh catches in his throat when the angel turns wide, ocean blue eyes one him.

Castiel blinks slowly, one corner of his full lips pulling up in an awestruck smile as he stares into Dean’s eyes.

Castiel reaches up and Dean can feel the soft pads of his fingers flutter over the skin just under his eye.

“Green…your eyes are green.”


 The view was appreciated by me and David V. so i took the second photo of him to remind me how even if not every sunset looks this beautiful you can always find something in the evening to be grateful about. Best friends are not meant to be with you forever, but rather to share the best memories with them until life tears you apart, which is totally normal. You don’t replace them, because you can never replace the sweet moments you had with them, you just find a new person to keep your memories and secrets in because keeping everything inside you can be a bit too much sometimes.

“If I could give you just one gift ever for the rest of your life, it would be confidence”, she said to me.
That would be the best gift ever.
“I just can’t understand why you don’t fcking love yourself, I look at you and I just see everything in you, the starry sky, the birds singing, the sunrises and sunsets, the rainy days, the sunny days, everything, do you understand it?”
But I couldn’t understand, I just couldn’t.
“In order to fall asleep, we have to pretend to be asleep, same goes with confidence. You should at first fake your confidence, then one day you’ll wake up and be like ’‘wow, I love myself, I love my body, I love my lips, my voice is lovely, my nails are so nice, my eyes are so sparkling.”
What if she’s right?

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Peter Parker + social media headcanons plz?

Snapchat is Peter’s favourite social media platform by far.

His username is “forpetessake” (your idea)

Whenever he knows you’re feeling down, he starts sending you funny selfies of him using Snapchat filters

As a result, your wallpaper on your phone is him with the flower crown filter trying to look silly but actually just looking really cute

He’s a lot less confident about putting selfies on his story, but if he takes a nice photo of the two of you then it’ll definitely be posted

Peter is a hopeless romantic, so he’s always posting pictures of you that he took when you weren’t looking with captions about how beautiful you are to him

You’ll never stop taking the piss out of him for that one time he posted a picture of you with the caption “she’s looking at the sunset but I can’t stop looking at her”. He’s a smol innocent nerd in love, what can I say?

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Can you do headcanons for how the rev set (plus Aaron) propose to you?

you bet ! i love proposals soooo,, let me know if this is what you wanted!

i’m sorry i took so long answering this one,, i was thinking about it and answering other stuff! 


  • alex does it in a very,,, wordy way
    • it’s just in his nature to have a lot to say,, so the way he conveys his feelings,, may or may not be a couple pages??
      • if you wrote it on paper
    • so after he finally gets the ring, he takes you to the park,,
      • his reason being, he loved the way you could actually see some stars at night,, 
      • and the fact that the sunset looked beautiful from there
    • and while you’re just talking as the sun sets
      • about anything and everything really;; the way the park looks, about his newest projects, how you feel about kids and puppies
    • he suddenly says, “i wanna marry you,”
      • he does it in the coolest way possible,, but as soon as he pulls out the ring,, he loses any cool he has
      • “i just think you’re the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen; your eyes light up the night, your smile is brighter than the sun, you have the cutest mannerisms and i just,, i really love you. i love the way you talk, the way you smell, the way you walk,, and most of all, i’d love to see the way you walked down the aisle in a wedding dress, walking to me and,,,”
      • you have to stop him by saying yes and kissing him,
    • lord knows he would’ve kept going..


  • john’s idea of a perfect proposal was at the carnival
    • although he’s been fumbling with the box all day in his pocket,, he’s glad to see you were so happy to be at the carnival 
      • which only came around every once in a while
    • his nerves sort of dissipate once you get to the ride that he wants to ask you on
      • he’s kinda scared of heights,, and since it’s a ferris wheel,, well,,, you know
    • once you’re on there, he grips your hand and just lets you lean against his shoulder as the cart goes up
      • he’s actually kinda freaking out, but once he feels you grip his had a little,, he’s okay
    • for just a moment,, as customary, the ferris wheel stops and you can see the rest of the area
      • he of course brings you closer by wrapping his arm around your shoulder 
    • “you know,,” he comments after a small moment of silence, “as beautiful as this is,, you’re definitely the beautiful-est thing i’ve ever seen,,”
      • when he says it, he’s looking down,, so your eyes follow and you see him staring at a diamond engagement ring
      • “john…”
    • he’s smiling so big as he asks you if you’d marry him,, and once you say yes through your tears,, he gets so bubbly
      • like, he’s actually bouncing in his seat and smiling so wide his cheeks hurt
      • he’s also peppering your face and head with kisses so much that you don’t even notice the ferris wheel moving again
    • once you get off,, he just lifts you off the ground in the biggest hug he can manage,,,
      • he’s adorable,, and so so happy


  • hercules mulligan chooses to not propose with a ring,, but a dress
    • he spends a few weeks making this white dress
      • of which you can’t see until he’s close to finishing because reasons
    • when he finally lets you into see it, he asks your opinions on it,,
      • “i mean, i’d wear it,, but it is a wedding dress,,”
      • he then nods and smiles extremely widely, “i know. that’s why i’m asking.”
    • his hope that you catch on is soon replaced with joy because you caught on 
      • the stare you’re giving him is something he really wishes he could get on camera
        • it’s goddamn priceless
      • you then ask if this is what you think it is,, and he nods
    • you whispered yes and he just immediately went for it
      • he gripped your hips and pulled you as close as possible,,
      • his kiss took every bit of your breath away,, and you had to remind yourself to breathe because damn
    • then he picks you up bridal style and carries you to the bedroom,,
      • the entire time he’s laughing and smiling
        • that adorable gap is being shown off proudly by the big man
      • he really couldn’t believe you let him propose with a dress but 
        • you did and my god he’s grateful


  • laf decides to take it traditionally
    • which of course means taking you back to,, you guessed it,, france
      • he didn’t want to do it in paris,, “too cliché” as he dubbed it,,
      • so he took you to the house he inherited from his family out in the country
    • the sight was beautiful,, with all the rolling hills and such
    • and he waits a few days,, taking you out about town and showing you all the nice things in france
    • and then,, while you’re standing in the town square,, he drops down to one knee,,
      • when he pulls out the ring,, he doesn’t speak for a minute,,
      • he’s literally in tears and he doesn’t know why?? but 
        • when you start crying too,, he feels validated in a sense 
          • at least he doesn’t look like a baby
    • so he says all of these things in french,,
      • half of which you understand and half of which you don’t,,
    • then asks, “will you be mine for eternity?”
      • you only nod because words are difficult right now
      • then he slips the ring on your finger and pulls you in for a,, well,, deep kiss
        • it’s so passionate and loving,, my god it almost hurts
    • everyone that witnessed it starts clapping,,
      • then laf is laughing
        • and you’re laughing,,
          • and people are congratulating you two
      • you tell laf,, basically, that as thankful as you were for being able to be engaged,,
        • you hate crowds
    • he only kisses you and takes you back home,, all the while the two of you are smiling softly and constantly sharing soft kisses

bonus! aaron

  • aaron actually,, well,, he tried
    • he got dressed up,, real fancy
      • even had the ring tucked in his pocket
    • took you to a nice restaurant and made sure everything went right
    • but then,, he got,,
      • he got nervous,,
        • he thought you would reject him and walk out
        • or maybe you would tell him that the relationship wasn’t working anymore
        • or maybe you would just throw your food in his face
        • the possible outcomes were endless
      • so he just stuck the nice meal, paid for dinner,, and you went home
  • later that night, though,, he finally mustered up the courage
    • it was when you were lying in bed
      • the television was on, playing some show aaron couldn’t focus on because his heart was racing and his fingers were brushing over the velvet of the ring box underneath the covers
      • you were on his chest,, a smile on your face and your fingers tracing mindless patterns across his ribs
    • clearing his throat, he drug the ring box up his side,,
      • it was kind of a shock to his system,, letting him know that this was real, and it was happening
    • with everything he had in him, he whispered, “will you marry me?”
      • he literally could not get anything else out
        • the poor guy was so nervous he was practically shaking as he displayed the ring
          • he almost forgot to open the ring box
      • his eyes were scanning your face, searching for any reaction because,, my god,, he was terrified
    • you rose up and looked at the ring, then back at aaron, and whispered, “yes,”
      • you knew he was nervous
        • that’s why he didn’t give you a monologue
        • and that’s why he could only smile when he started slipping the ring out of the box
          • he dropped it because he was shaking so bad,, which emitted a giggle from you 
        • once he slipped it on your finger, he started crying
          • fear had gripped his heart that much
      • “oh my god,” and then “beat that alexander”
        • you were laughing hysterically at that point, burying your face in his chest and sniffling because you too were crying 
          • out of happiness of course

The sky is really beautiful, once in a while go out and look at it. It will smile you back in stars, sunsets, sunrises, grey clouds. Nature is fuel for the soul. Studies show that spending time in nature makes people feel more alive. So, if you’re feeling sluggish, you know what to do. Don’t settle. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do, if it doesn’t make you happy, like really-really happy, don’t even think about doing it. Also, if he makes you more sad than happy, trust me with this, you’ll be better off alone. Remember to compliment people if you like their smile, make-up, clothes or voice. Seriously, don’t lose the chance to brighten somebody’s day. People don’t change, believe me, maybe I generalize, but never give someone the opportunity to waste your time twice. It’s not “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but it’s “I’ll see it when I believe it”, our thoughts are very-very-very powerful. Honestly, you’re what you think you are, if you think that you’re beautiful and you look great today, everybody will think the same about you, I promise you, our thoughts can change our life, so pretty please, think positive & positive things will happen. Don’t worry about your past or future, just seize the day and don’t hurt yourself by thinking negative thoughts, because no amount of anxiety changes the future. If you’re feeling down, watch youtube videos with cats/dogs, funny videos, write down your crazy ideas, write down a to-do list, a bucket list, write things you like about yourself, write things you don’t like about yourself and try to change them or change your attitude. Find a new passion, I really like playing the piano on virtualpiano.net, it just makes me happy and I like learning new songs and playing them when I want to be in peace with myself. Take photos, a lot of photos, take photos of everything, of your mother, you, your brother, that pink flower, that beautiful girl down the street, your books, your diary, everything. You know what the say? “When a flowers doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower”, so, think about it, maybe you need to change something in your life in order to grow? Be brave, be yourself, be kind, be happy, help people, go for what you want, believe in karma, be proud of yourself, smile, cry, but never give up, please.

i have this friend who i don’t talk to every single day but when i’m sad i text him and ask him to tell me something good and without a doubt, he always tells me something good and happy he found in the day. sometimes it’s his dad lifting with him and sometimes it’s the sunset. he told me i needed to find the good in every day, especially the bad ones and that in order to do so, i should start by writing them down so when i’m sad i could go back and look at them and it’s just been the most helpful thing because he reminds me that the good is still out there. he taught me that there’s more to life than people and there’s more people to life. he always reminds me of my kind heart and how beautiful the world is and i really just think he’s such a kind gentle soul and i appreciate him so much.