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If you’re going to date a guy who writes, be prepared. Be prepared for the things he will say about you. For the words he will use to describe you. How you remind him of the morning dew drops , or the rain because he knows how much you love the scent and sight of it. How you crossed his mind when he drinks coffee because he remembers the first time he asked you out on a date. He will constantly write about you, because he pays attention to every details, to every minute he has spent with you. He has already memorized you features. From the moles on your face to the number of your scars - even the hidden ones. The way your cheeks flushed whenever he’ll read his poems for you out loud or how beautiful you looked with your eyes closed when he gives soft kisses on your forehead. But it does not stop there, so unless you’re sure, do not date him. Unless your only purpose is to know him and love him more, do not date him. Because out of all the people you’ll meet, he knows what goes in-between. The way you play with your fingernails when you’re lying and the way you act weird when you’re guilty. He knows how most relationship ends and it is not always beautiful. He may have written you love notes but if you hurt him, you know it’ll be the opposite. If you hurt him, his every sentences will stab and hurt you twice as much when he felt the intensity of you leaving him. His paragraphs will pierce your heart and the memory of you hurting him will serve as a cruel inspiration for him to write. He will bleed and the painful experience you’ve given him will forever be etched on the pages of the book he will write for the woman who was not prepared when she dated him.

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Can I request a thingy from the prompt list? Lukeyyyyy and 22, please!!

                                        “you look hot”

“This one or this one” you say holding up to dresses in front of you your best friends Luke. Today was your cousins wedding and Luke was going as your plus one. 

“the pink one” he says and points to the light pink lace dress. You dropped the other one and run into your bedrooms bathroom to change into the dress. 

Luke changed into his suit while you got ready in the bathroom. It took you an hour to do your hair and make up. But you were really happy with your look. 

“how do i look” you say walking out of the bathroom. Luke looked up from his phone to see you look more beautiful than ever. 

“oh my god…. you look ah, you look hot” he says, stunned at how beautiful you looked.

“i look hot” you ask him spinning around and making your dress spin with you. You felt good in the dress, and luke thought you looked good in it. Luke always thought you were beautiful. In the fifth grade he came to the conclusion that he liked you more than a best friend. In the eighth grade he got mad that it wasn’t him you were dancing with at the school dance. But now he knows he is in love with you. He figured it out at a haunted hayride he forced you into going to. The whole hayride you were on his lap sobbing. Holding you while you were scared shitless over some dudes in mask, made him want to always be holding when you are crying. 

“you look stunning” he says getting up from your bed and taking your hand walking down stairs to meet with the rest of your family.

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Big Bang reaction: you don’t like your smile but smile at them

Hey guys! So here’s this week’s reaction! I hope you guys like it, and please feel free to send in some requests! My ask is currently empty and I would really love to write more for you! Also, I’m thinking of doing a Halloween-themed drabble game starting tomorrow, so please look forward to that!) (Gifs used are not mine: credit to the owners! <3 )


He would just stare at you with a gentle smile on his face, unable to look away, telling you how beautiful your smile is, and telling you that he hopes you’ll smile around him more.

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He’d feel so honored that you would show him something you were so insecure about, and would end up having the biggest smile on his face as he looked at you. If he noticed you getting uncomfortable about it, he would glance away, but make sure to tell you how much he liked your smile

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He’d be a lot like G-Dragon with the gentle smile and encouragement to smile more, but I think he’d also encourage you to smile more in front of others as well. If he saw you trying not to smile in public, he’d just subtly catch your eye and silently encourage you to smile.

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This guy wouldn’t be able to stop staring at your smile and smiling back at you so widely. He’d be so honored that you showed him your smile, and wouldn’t be able to keep himself from gushing over your smile. He wouldn’t push you to smile in front of others, but he would encourage you to smile more in general, hoping you would eventually become comfortable enough to smile in front of others on your own!

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He’d sit there staring at you, before smiling back… And pulling out his phone trying to take a picture! If you REALLY didn’t want him to, like you were getting clearly upset at him, he would stop and apologize, but he would like seeing your smile so much that he wanted to be able to see it all the time. He would also encourage you to smile more, and do things to make you laugh/smile at random times.

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